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Run the picket fence at em'!

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2022.04.03 15:39 Jolly_Gur6755 W`A`T`C`H High School Basketball Live @ High School Basketball 2022 Live On @!rEddIT

W`A`T`C`H High School Basketball Live @ High School Basketball 2022 Live On @!rEddIT.Boys All-Canadian Game,Boys All-Canadian Game 2022, HBCU All-Star Game,HBCU All-Star Game 2022,High School Basketball,High School Basketball 2022 Live .

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This Subreddit was made purely for High School Basketball. Here we will share photos, articles, videos and anything regarding basketball from 8th grade to senior top prospects. College decisions and talk will also be accepted but this is not a thread for College basketball. BALLISLIFE

2023.06.04 17:13 RobinWuzz Rakuten is the telco edge cloud leader

By Partha Seetala
President, Cloud Business Unit Rakuten Symphony
Industry analyst firm STL Partners issued a report on the momentum behind telco cloud and identified Rakuten Mobile as the leader – by a long shot – in edge cloud deployments.
And with that, Rakuten Mobile is crowned the current telco edge cloud deployment leader with Rakuten Symphony's right technology to extend that leadership – and help other mobile network operators (MNOs) to catch up.
The report, We Are Entering the Next Phase of Telco Edge, written by Matt Bamforth, STL senior consultant, depicts the importance of telco cloud. He notes that “where data lives matters,” referring to the fact that data location impacts the ability to deliver services as well as to recover from faults and to deliver high QoS.
MNOs that don’t embrace this trend will have challenges: “For telcos to compete in the future, they need to adopt cloud-native operations at the edge,” Bamforth writes.
Telco Cloud or Public Cloud?
Distinguishing between telco cloud and public cloud is important. They are entirely different and built to solve different problems. Whereas public cloud centralizes compute into a few massive data centers, telco cloud distributes compute in thousands of small data centers spread geographically close to where processing is needed at each base station. This telco cloud is what provides the flexibility and scalability needed for future competitiveness.
We spend a lot of time talking with our customers about the value of telco cloud and differentiators from public cloud as we feel that MNOs need to cut costs significantly to compete, and a software-based network built on edge-cloud servers is a critical step.
The report reflects this value by exploring the question: “Is 2023 the year a new phase of telco cloud begins?” Bamforth notes 11 telcos that are telco cloud first movers. These MNOs have embraced telco cloud to support three workloads in:
As a result of its nationwide Open RAN-based 4G and 5G networks in Japan, Rakuten Mobile is the telco cloud deployment leader with nearly 57,000 edge cloud sites – three times as many sites as the next MNO in the report.
Managing this network without expanding the network support team to unsupportable levels requires very advanced automation. An advantage of this software approach is that it provides the ability to automate the management of infrastructure at scale, delivering remote zero touch provisioning and life cycle management that minimizes human installation and updating time and reducing total cost of ownership for MNOs.
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2023.06.04 17:12 MeandMe_Monkeyape900 City Life Objects For NR2003 Part 1

City Life Objects For NR2003 Part 1
City Life Objects Part 1 v1.0.0.0 Read Me
Note: Anything that also applies to GPL has (GPL Note) Next to it. Ignore these for NR2003
After I saw what was possible with object conversion with the Zanarkand and track, it inspired me to do my own conversions. I know any conversion is now possible to NR2003, especially since it was not even a windows game, and was extracted via a PS2/3 emulator.
This came about by working out: how I can use a ready-made object for NR2003.
All my objects and materials are free to use, as they were free in the first place.
Terminal Reality’s TRI_Team_Death created the objects.
-Never seen before objects. (See Images).
-Already well mapped (There are no bits of transparent areas sticking out).
-Low Polygon count under the limit (4x4 Evo 2s might be lower or around the same as NR2003s) this does not mean a reduction of quality, these now corrected by using Make3do and Meshlab, where possible.
-Priority is upped to 4, for a sharper image via WinMip2, and seen at all distances is ticked. I have kept the original encrypted file name for posterity.
-Mip files with same 3do where possible (name easier to find), although this time, most had different names.
Examples in 3D Sim Ed
(Please check EFR or Armory Digital for the full showcase of the objects)

Notes on Objects:
This time all objects are at the correct scale, and extra help from Cynon and Mystical, which are included in the credits. All objects seem to be working on NR2003.
Park Meter
You might want to lower it by 0.2 meters or so.
This time, most of the buildings worked for GPL, and are relatively low poly, some objects got increased vertices too much however by ase2-3do. These are:
Jack-knifed Truck
Values Inflated Too High For GPL - Not Included (GPL Note).
Spcar1 Hot Rod
Values Inflated Too High For GPL - Not Included (GPL Note). For NR2003, this wanted to be split into two objects, which need to be placed in the same place and elevation.
1stcoch Stage Coach
Values Inflated Too High For GPL - Not Included (GPL Note).
Aupizza Delivery Car
Values Inflated Too High For GPL - Not Included (GPL Note).
Works but a poly or two may have split. (GPL Note).
Bus/Luxury Coach
Only the textures are not working for GPL, a 256BMP is included if you know how to do it; appears black. (GPL Note).
ASE not working, but there is one very similar building. (1awhr2). (GPL Note).
ASE does not work – but maybe not split (GPL Note).
Only the textures are not working for GPL, a 256BMP is included if you know how to do it; appears black. (GPL Note).

How I did my objects
I used Mystical’s tutorials; I watched mainly parts II - (Part 2) and III - (Part 3) which was the most important, save to 3do format. I worked out that I did not need to make an object from scratch; I just needed to learn to save it to the correct format.
In addition MeshLab and Make3do to lower vertices, where possible. I might also redo some previous objects.
I also had Zmodellerv1.07b, which extracts .bin models into 3DS files, which is very readable by 3D Sim Ed.
I will release a full tutorial on how I did it in the future forum, under Tips Tutorials and How To, including a FREE 3D Sim Ed 3 to use (sorry if you have already purchased it).
- (Use To Get Free 3D Sim Ed (Search was 3D Sim Ed Crack))
Please read the comments.
Please let me know if the objects are not working correctly and I will try to redo them.
Enjoy them!
I am now going to try to design a track of the same name using the objects I’ve made for NR2003. If you do not here from me, then I couldn’t do it.
-Cynon (Mentioning/Recommending Make3do + Help)
-Dave Noonan (3D-Sim-Ed 3)
-Make3do (Nigel Patterson)
-Mystical (AD Designs now AKA NR2003 Network Video on 3dos and also & How to use Make3do help, on
-Oops (I got the objects from here:
-Phil Flack and Phil W. (Ase2-3do for GPL)
-ProJektCarModZ (3D-Sim-Ed Crack)
-Terminal Reality (4x4 Evo 2)
-TRI_Team_Death (The Objects)
-K. Hörbrand (WinMip 2 Creator)

Download available on Stunod
Download Was Also Advertised Here (Armory Digital) (EFR)
(The Race Department)

GPL Version

Also Here

Thanks for downloading, and I will catch you in the next one.



More coming soon! :)
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2023.06.04 17:12 Schnikies I don't do anything.

I often feel like there's this "She can't do anything" vibe in our marriage. He says otherwise. He says he knows I'm smart.
I'm nothing like his mom. His mom, rest her soul, was always super quiet and very slow in all of her movements. She's a sweet, kind, quiet woman. I'm a loud complainer. He jokes that it's my favorite thing to do but I think he hates that about me. I've gotten angry and I have broken things before both in anger and in accident. I seem to clatter, like if I put one dish on top of another for example it will make a clattering noise. I don't know how to stop things like that! If I'm looking for something in a cupboard I'll take everything out to try and find that thing, and I probably won't put them back until after I've consumed what I found. Things like this I think have turned my husband off to letting/having/wanting/liking me to do anything, anything at all. When we were first dating, he would take me to all these crazy adventures. But they'd get to be too much and he wouldn't listen to me... I'd say "Let's turn back before it gets dark" but nope, we'd be out in the woods all night without a flashlight, trying to get back using our cell phone light, or he'd leave me out in the middle of the desert alone, while he wandered off, thinking I'm fine and that I'd just magically feel OK and know the way back. He'd also keep janky friends around that I knew were bad news long before him, I'd say "We have to just cut ties" and he'd say "no no no it'll be fine" until we have to call the police on someone and I give him a death stare and 10years of "I told you so"... All of this has lead to him never pushing me to do anything, with any one, at any time. And me saying "You have to listen to me!" about things has lead him to listen to me so much, that if I so much as clatter a dish he jumps up and tries to do it himself.
I've tried to be more slow and quiet, but he'll stand there and watch me, making me super nervous. Or he'll ask if I need help so many times that I'll be defensive and angry toward him. I've made the claim "I AM ALLOWED TO ...." about a million times now, and it will be mundane things, vacuum, wipe a counter, whatever. Sometimes while being told not to do something, I'll get determined, get into a frenzied hurry, and then I will break something. I have a window crack proving to me every day this new rule in our house of "She can't do anything" and it makes me feel bad. The story behind that, is I wanted to stop, wash the front of the car. He kept telling me no and kept driving. We were by a hose, but he wouldn't pull close enough to it, we were by a car wash but he wouldn't let me, he pulled the car away. Finally the next time we stopped I grabbed a pitcher of ice water from the fridge, tossed the water onto the front of the car and of course the heat of the car + extreme cold of the water (the only water I could get my hands on) cracked the window and serves as probably the most prominent example of "I'm not allowed to do anything" or "I'm stupid" in the whole house. It makes me feel really really depressed. Not just the crack, but all of it. How did we go from being pushed too hard to do too much (He believed we could walk the Las Vegas strip, and kept me walking for 12 hours, I complained so much about my feet hurting and ended up having to get orthopedic shoes for foot pain for years.) all the way to me being treated like a fabriche egg?
Is there no in between?
Now-a-days I don't drive, fix things, clean, cook, nada. My life has become video games and movies, and sometimes I'm very sad about it.
I'm 43 years old. When I met him I had a nice place with a swimming pool, I did step aerobics. I had lots of friends and a few cats. I went and sang karaoke. I had thousands in savings and two jobs. We bought properties together, I painted the entire inside and outside of the house and did all the yardwork. I hired people to handle certain things. I downsized relentlessly. For work I handled food, cleaned, used computers, handled money, was highly trusted,
Now we are retired together, we are travelling in an RV. It's great. He was an engineer But I don't drive, I don't move, I don't clean, I don't do projects, I don't have friends, I don't sing karaoke, I don't do aerobics. I don't swim. I don't cook. I don't anything!!! How did this happen!!! How do I fix it?
I make these attempts to do things, and they get instantly shattered. A good example is I was trying to open a ketchup bottle. I had to look in the drawer for something to help me. My husband was instantly "I can get that. Do you want help with that?" I said "no" and went into how I just don't do anything around here, how I feel stupid, how I feel like he thinks I'm stupid / incapable. I feel like I'm treated like a handicapped person mentally and physically. He says he doesn't feel that way, and he'll make an effort to try to "treat me like I'm smart" but now I've just put more stress on him...
My husband has been trying to quit smoking for years. Lately he's been popping Nicorette worse than it's candy. If he's not popping Nicorette he's sneaking cigars. He always blames me. He says I stress him out.
So there you go, I tried yesterday, to prove I could do something -anything- opened my own ketchup bottle, and stressed him out.
I asked him to please just wait 60 seconds before asking if I need help with something, and to please not just put down what he's doing and stand over me, staring if I try to do something. But then, that's putting everything on him, i.e. am I stressing him more?
I just want to start doing things. I'm doing dishes now, but he's asleep, and trying to be quiet about it. And I let these thoughts over take me while doing them, so I came on here, to let it all out... and hopefully I haven't wasted so much time.
It's like a catch 22. I want to do things, but doing things causes negative feelings, so I stop wanting to do things. I'd LOVE to get back to a point where our relationship has some excitement. Where we actually go out, see things, meet people, etc. But it kinda feels like a pipe dream. I've gotten so depressed about this concept.
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2023.06.04 17:11 Neat-Lawfulness9586 anyone know anything about a school flagging a substitute teacher?

I signed up for a pre-k center back in April for one day. The payroll secretary (don’t know her name she never introduced herself) got my number off of subcentral i guess and texted me to ask if i can work 2 days in June. I said yes. I got asked to stay in a different school for the rest of the school year in May, but I felt bad to cancel these 2 days I committed to so I went on Friday and I did not like it. at all. I won’t get into details but I did NOT wanna go back on Monday. I cancelled yesterday. Giving them 2 days notice. I canceled via subcentral with a reason. I checked the handbook and there is nothing wrong with that, in fact it says to cancel up to 2 hours before the assignment on subcentral. Then you must call the school if it’s less than 2 hours before. Doesn’t say you must tell the school directly prior to 2 hours before.
I get a text from this woman telling me she is disappointed I didn’t reach out to let her know I was going to cancel and it’s messed up the kids would’ve had no teacher on Monday and the only reason she knows is because she just happened to go on subcentral. “Subcentral doesn’t alert for a cancellation” I highly highly doubt that is true. Why would they not? I’ve canceled plenty of assignments during my time subbing. I have NEVER once had someone reach out to me to one ask if i canceled and then two to complain!! Also bold of her to assume I even saved her number…
I am worried she will report me. However, I didn’t do anything wrong. You are allowed to cancel. Plus I canceled via subcentral 2 days prior. Do you think she can flag me for any reason she wants? Like lying and saying I was bad or something?
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2023.06.04 17:10 AutoModerator [Download Course] Cody Wittick & Taylor Lagace – The Influencer Marketing Blueprint (

[Download Course] Cody Wittick & Taylor Lagace – The Influencer Marketing Blueprint (
Get the course here: [Download Course] Cody Wittick & Taylor Lagace – The Influencer Marketing Blueprint (
Our website:

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“Because of the strategies laid out in this course, we have already scaled the company up to a $2M brand. In the first three months, we were able to lean heavily on these tactics to become a part of Shopify’s top 1% of growing companies in 2020.” Paul Jackson – Founder, Animal House Fitness

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“Through the help of the Kynship course, we were able to scale our influencer marketing efforts while reaching 7 figures in revenue just 8 months after we launched our brand. Highly recommend the course that Cody & Taylor put together.”


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Finally Data-Driven Influencer Marketing Strategies That Work For Any Business

We know you want to be a brand with a successful influencer marketing strategy. To be that, you need influencer marketing to generate meaningful revenue for your business. You’re tired of watching other brands crush it with influencers, while you don’t have a strategy or the time to execute one for your brand. We believe you deserve to have a blueprint for success in influencer marketing. There is so much noise (options, agencies, etc.) trying to “help” only leading to more confusion and we know how paralyzing that can be. Leaving you asking the question, “Where do we even start?”
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Course Overview & Details

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2023.06.04 17:10 NiggieCock Reasoning and update

Hello. My allius is jiri so just call me that,this isnt my first time posting here but i left my last post vague so im here to clearify. I'm 25(M) and I live with my family atm. Ever since I graduated high school ive been realizing how unwanted i am in life.I've been tossed around by life pretty often at 17 I was diagnosed with diabetes that after left me in pain in my feet and legs also a non healing wound on my toe. myself around from job to job working literally from sun up to sun down only to make 300$ for two weeks and sometimes never being appropriated. Finally I'm treated like a joke by my family. Im the only male amoung a family of women so you can say live in a hen house. They would use everything in the book to make a fool outta me even gaslight me into thinking problems they caused were my fault. Recently they made fun of me for not answering a door in the place of my sister, where they questioned my masculinity and said they should probably start growing dicks and I should start peeing sitting down.
Currently it my birthday and I'm the loneliest ive been in my life and I feel as if life doesn't want me. At the risk of sounding unhealthy but I've real bad social anxiety where even those I do get close to and who ik who are nice to me feel like they hate me.
I feel really done. I've been giving myself a chance before I make rash decisions but I'm at a limit. I'm tired and I just want it to be over.
I ordered a cheap handgun but I'm hesitant maybe. they were right I'm not a man at all
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2023.06.04 17:09 lavenpuffin Why would a 35-year-old incel say this?

Nearly a year ago, when I was 18 and fresh out of high school, I met some older guy online who happens to live on my island. I'm not friends with him, but we are online acquaintances.
He has given me actual decent advice about the current city I just moved to. However, he suggested to meet up for coffee (obviously platonically), he suggested shwoing me how to get to places within the city, and has said that my appearance is reminiscent of a girl he had liked when he was in high school.
However, he always complains about women in a deeply misogynistic manner, and he has said that he hasn't managed to go on a date in 12 or 13 years, despite his efforts. He has also stated that he is a virgin.
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2023.06.04 17:09 TopDoggo16 My ideas for features in GTA6. Thoughts?

  1. Gangs : the best feature so far in any GTA game. control territories, sell drugs, smuggle weapons, all within your territory and look to expand to others. to add to it, partner up with other gangs as a "truce" to either ensure peaceful operation or to take down other gangs together. In the online feature, partner up with players worldwide and form your own gang.
  2. Functional Airports : derived from the train systems in RDR2. Unlike GTA 5 where the only time you fly using an airport is during the "Bury The Hatchet " mission. GTA 6 is rumored to have 3 cities : 1 main, large city and two smaller sub-cities. It'd be great if Rockstar added one large airport to the main city and two smaller airports and allowed players to fly in between them, just like RDR2 does with stations. These functionable airports would also allow for smuggling missions. A player could either fly as a passenger or complete flight school missions to become a pilot and fly jets. These airports also have hangars, which can be purchased and allows players to store Jets, and carry out smuggling operations or rent their jet out for charters.
  3. Karma System : This should be a must feature and we've seen it work pretty well in RDR2. In GTA 6, a player who commits too many crimes gets randomly followed by the police, or FBI, is denied access to certain weapons, and has police spawn faster the next time he commits a crime. Also, certain properties are outrightly made unavailable for purchase to the player, or are made more expensive. The only way a player can "increase" their karma is by either doing community service, which will serve as a side mission similar to "Strangers and Freaks" in GTA 5, serve prison time, or risk trying to bribe their way out.
  4. Dating and Relationships : prominent in San Andreas and GTA 4. Player must be able to ask women out for dates, and their success of scoring one depends on the player health, fitness, crime record and money. These dates would again be similar to all three protagonists hanging out post epilogue (Option C) and would involve playing tennis, going for a drink, etc etc.
  5. Player Health and Stamina : It was annoying how in GTA 5 players could not eat or exercise and have stamina and health remain pretty much the same. In GTA 6, a player must sleep from time to time, eat regularly, and has a stat bar in the menu show if the player is underweight, healthy or overweight, depending on food intake and sleep and exercise. A player must have an option to join a gym and workout, which would subsequently affect the players appearance (becomes shredded, buffed, or slim depending on the type of exercise). These exercises and the body type the player choses must in some way affect some missions which involve scuba diving, running, parkour, hand to hand combat, etc. Mind you, RDR2 portrays these features very well (Health Stamina, sleep and weight) so Rockstar should not have an issue replicating it.
  6. Haircuts : Yea GTA 5 took a massive L with regards to this feature. Heavily inspired from RDR2, a players must be able to grow hair organically and get haircuts accordingly. The lazy GTA 5 logic where a bald haircut could transform into an afro shouldn't exist in GTA 6. same applies to beards.
  7. Cars running out of fuel : makes the game actually realistic. Must include at least one mission in which you're in the midst of a police chase and you run out of fuel. Also, assuming we have robbery missions in GTA 6, the more cut your getaway driver takes, the more fuel is made available to you for your escape.
  8. Stock Market : The stock market system in GTA 5 was good enough but one thing that was bothersome was that you couldn't affect the stock market in ways, except for the missions Lester had for you. For example if you blew up the planes of an airline, the stock market would remain unaffected. I feel GTA 6 should introduce more ways to affect the stock market. Rob stores to see a slight fall in the selling price of the franchises value. Crash your car into a cab to see their value drop as well. You get the idea.
  9. Festivals : not sure if any Rockstar game has had this feature. But It'd be nice if GTA 6 had a calendar system that let's you tracks days and months and along the way, the people of Vice City celebrate major festivals like Easter, Halloween, and Christmas. Bonus Easter egg where you see Santa Claus flying across the sky at 3 am on Christmas eve.
  10. Multiple Choice Dialogue System : it's pretty boring where in GTA cutscenes all we've done so far is sit and watch. It'd add to the immersive experience of the game if you were to be provided with multiple dialogue choices, and they affected the story or the mission in a very minor way.
That was all I've got for now. What are your thoughts?
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2023.06.04 17:09 MrCensoredFace I think i might have found it, the root cause of my suicide attempt.

Hello guys.
So for the last two years, my life has basically gone to shit. Before it all started, i could say that i was mentally very healthy. I was scoring great grades in school, and i also had a lot of hobbies which i invested all my time in. I had dreams, and i had a profound sense of direction. I was blessed with comfort, wealth, and a lot of privilege. I had nothing to complain about.
Fast forward to the present, and well, im fucked. For one i tried to commit suicide 4 months ago, i was standing on a ledge, but stopped by self last minute because i didn't want my brother to get sad. And i also felt like i could fix myself if i lived. Other than this, i have been severely lost, and i have lost all motivation to do anything with my life. I fucked up my 12th grade exam, which has caused me a tough time with finding a good college (indian here). I became severely depressed, and i started sleeping for hours morning in night as it was as good as being dead, i.e. i didnt have to think about my situation when i was asleep, kind of like temporary suicide.
Now, up until 3 months ago, i was struggling to figure out what could have been the problem causing all this. After suffering so much, i had decided that it was time to investigate the root cause of all this myself. And last week i think i have come very close to my solution.
Now, ofcourse self diagnosis isnt the best way to go about this, but its all i have for now, as my parents dont believe in therapy. But one thing which i have become sure of is that my problem is way more complex and serious than i had initially thought it was, and after i have a bit more freedom, one day i will surely go to a therapist who i hope will be as competenet as doctor k, who has helped me a lot with helping myself.
Anyways, so what's this root cause you might ask? Well, it might have to do with severe trauma. You see, i have been watching the videos of the world leading psychologist named "Gabor Mate", who specializes in dealing with trauma. I avoided the topic of trauma up until that point because i believed i was to privileged to be traumatized. I had everything, my family is filthy rich, and unlike other indian parents, who beat their kids for not getting good grades, my family is super supportive. For this reason, i avoided the topic of trauma. And yet, when i started to listen to Gabor's videos, it all made sense.
You see, what i learnt is that trauma isn't confined to highly negative events of high intensity, like assault. Trauma is also a result of choosing attachment over authenticity. This means to quell your desires for your life to prevent the loss of attachements.
This sparked a big aha moment, my life finally started to make sense. You see, my mother... she loves me. BUt she is VERY VERY possessive of me. She always told me "I will give you everything, but do not ever leave me. Live with me forever in the same house, and never choose your dreams over living with me." However, this was a massive problem, as the biggest dream of my life was to move to the usa. I am a us citizen (Parents are ex immigrants) and i have longed to come back to the us one day for various personal reason and aspirations. My desire to go back to the us was one of my BIGGEST desires, i had practically aligned my entire life around going there. However, throughout my childhood, whenever i would bring this up with my mother, she would threaten me that she would stop loving me and would never look me in the eye. ANd as a kid, these words terrified me. Still, the desire to go to the us was big, and around 2 years ago, when i decided to confront her. SHe started screaming and howling and told me that she was gonna kill herself. Now, i was a very naïve 16 year old back then, and so when i saw that reaction, i promised her that i wasn't going. WHen i did this, i felt like i lost a piece of myself. Following this incident, i watched as my life slowly fell apart. I lost all direction and all my dreams. And i saw myself lose all my self control. I fell into many severe addictions, and almost daily suicidal thoughts began to pop off due to my insane depression. ALso, i started to slowly lose all my love i had for my mother. Consciously, i was still aware of the fact that she was responsible for the loss of my dreams, and with each day i lost a shred of affection for her. Now i barely feel for her. Soon afterward, when i couldn't handle any more of it all, i decided to try to end it all. I didn't, and instead i began to watch a lot of self help videos. Those videos eventually lead me to the likes of Gabor Mate and doctor k and now i am here.
There is some good news tho, if you could call it good news. I tried to apply the whole authenticity thing, and realized that my desire to go back to america was still very much intact. And she came to know of it through my father, and try to go all hysterical, but i sharply told her that i will go whether she liked it or not. I was no longer the naive 16 year old, i was 18 and a lot more wiser. She threatened to kill herself, but i think because i was no longer naive and also because i had reduced affection for her, i ignored her and tol her i am going. SHe is no longer talking to me, and even though this fact would have devasted my 16 year old self, my current self is apathic.
Anyways, so yeah, this is my situation. I feel like shit. I know there are others who have it way way worse than me, but even still a part of me feels like this is injustice. Now im pretty sure i have a bunch of messed up baggage and it is going to fuck my life up for the following years. I have been watching doctor ks videos, and his videos have been helping me a lot, but i know that i wont be able to fully get over my shit unless i talk with a competent therapist. My heart wishes it would be doctor k as this man has managed to help me in so many ways while never hearing a single word from me. But im pretty sure he doesnt take personal therapy sessions anymore, so that fantasy can remain one.
Anyways, so yeah. IM fucked. And i also feel bad about being fucked. I had many lofty dreams of achieving so much with my life, but due to the sheer fuckery that my mental state is in right now, i know i probably wont be able to achieve any of those dreams as i will probably be spending the next few years healing from this trauma. I had so much potential but i feel like its all a waste. I write this post with the hope that dr k might read this and make a video on it, even though it is probably highly unlikely. I would really appreciate advice tho.
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2023.06.04 17:09 DreamlessNights91 (Re)Starting Out - Devices

Hi. I used to do a bit of photography back in high school. I'm wanting to get back into it but I'm a bit limited. I currently have a Moto G Stylus 2021 phone I use. I'm wanting to get a point and shoot while I save up for a DSLR. I have a modest budget of 100-150 right now.
Alternatively I also thought of just buying some lenses for my phone camera instead.
Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you.
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2023.06.04 17:09 lawschoolplsaccept Adele Tix 6/23 Sec 406 Row A Seat 617-618 for sale

Hello everyone! I purchased Adele tickets last time and unfortunately had to sell them in this reddit page before to another nice reddit user because I had exams. We facetimed and transferred one ticket by one and it went very smoothly! He transferred the money through zelle to my bank so that I knew he was not scamming me and then I sent over the first then he sent the second payment and I sent over the second. Sadly although I am out of law school for the summer I got a summer internship but they do not pay and I can not afford to go to Las Vegas. I spent $750 a ticket so that is what I am asking for. I need to be able to facetime you to make sure you are not a scammer! I am also willing to bargain for slightly lower esp if you are a true adele fan. I want someone to be able to enjoy it even though I cannot.
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2023.06.04 17:09 JWTom 2023 Waking Up Checklist (Updated!) - My Cake Day Gift to You (June 5th)

If you have learned "the truth about The Truth" (TTATT) then this post is for you. TTATT is learning or awakening to the reality that Jehovah's Witnesses are a harmful organization. Many of the teachings are simply false, misleading and in many cases organization policies cause outright harm to people. If you are trying to figure out what do as part of your waking up journey then please consider these things:
Keep TTATT to yourself: Your first thought may be to talk to a spouse, family member or close JW friend about what you have learned. DO NOT do this. There is so much risk to discussing anything with anyone....see next two points.
Take time to process this: Don't make any quick decisions. Take a breath, relax and promise yourself you will not act rashly or lash out in any way. Acting quickly or rashly will likely cause more problems than be helpful. Try to keep anger, emotion and action on-hold as you process.
New Info - Waking Others Up: This is incredibly hard and you may not be able to do it! The best approach is not to say anything when you are newly awakened. If you do decide to say something to a friend or family member - be careful! Research and investigate what may resonate with them before you say one word. Dealing with family members as you wake up is incredibly difficult. Post on Reddit EXJW asking for help since this list is not intended to help with waking others up.
Educate yourself and get help: Many, many existing JWs are in your same situation (like me). Read the Wiki here, read JWFacts and other sites suggested by ones here. Consider registering a generic anonymous email address so that you can logon to Reddit to benefit from all the help here. The more knowledgeable you are on how to proceed once you have TTATT - then the better life you can have as you execute a plan. New Info: Consider learning about other religions to confirm that Jehovah's Witnesses do not have "the one true religion". When you realize JWs are not much different from all other religions it is easier to accept the lies.
See a therapist: If possible, see a therapist to get help with processing your new reality. This can help in the short-term and the long-term as you reset your life. New Info: Find a therapist with experience in religious trauma or that has worked with ones leaving high control groups in the past. Or at least wants to be a part of your journey and be supportive. You may need to invest some time in finding a therapist that is a good fit for you.
Pursue Education: At the youngest age possible, you must, must, must learn and pursue education that will enable you to take care of yourself (getting a job). If younger and still at home, take advantage of any assistance your parents will allow towards getting additional schooling. If not that young, you may still need to pursue education to have financial stability. Focus on learning things that will eventually allow you to live without the support of family or JWs. Many items on this list will require a measure of financial stability in order to succeed.
Realize this is an enormous challenge: If you are realizing TTATT, then this is a fight for your life!!! Your family and friends likely have not embraced TTATT. You need to understand, this is going to be hard. You may need to be fake and play games to make things manageable in your life. You will need to work hard to successfully adjust your life with your desire to extract yourself from the Jehovah's Witnesses organization - in some cases it can take years to do this.
See things from a long-term view: Your goal is to escape from this harmful organization and have a good life. So you likely need to live with some difficult circumstances now to reach that goal. Try to leave too fast before you are prepared for success can leave you in a very difficult place. As opposed to confronting and trying to awaken your friends/family - consider being more passive and simply changing the subject or agreeing with what JWs in your life say. Confronting friends/family about TTATT can backfire in a major way and make your life more difficult.
Make a plan/Ask for help: You are not alone. Many, many JWs are struggling with TTATT. Start to do some of the things in this plan and you may find it is easier than you thought. People here will help you plan and will support you. Do not be afraid to ask for help. There is a wealth of knowledge on this site, far too much to include in a post like this.
Value yourself: Embrace that you need to value and focus on yourself (and your immediate family). If you are younger, get an education and seek out the best employment you can find. If you are an adult, save your money and seek out the best financial situation possible. Take care of your health. Get a job with healthcare coverage. It takes money to live! Jehovah's Witnesses are not going to save you when you are broke and 80 years old (I know this since my parents are in this situation). You need a measure of financial security and the org will never help you with that.
Build social connections of non-JW friends: Seek out friendships with people that can help you succeed in life. Escaping is just a first step, you ultimately want a good life. Having friends that want this too will be a HUGE help! Being smart/educated, being a person with a good job/income, being a person that values and respects others. These are but a few qualities to look for in friends.
Find a good job: Having money to survive is critical to successfully escaping. Learn to work hard and save money. I learned to work and get paid at a young age - you can too. I cannot say this too much - if you do not have enough money - life is going to be very tough as you try to leave. Making good friends can also help in this area.
Do not get baptized: Stall, delay, defer, cry, kick, scream, etc. Within reason, do anything you can to avoid getting baptized. Being baptized makes escaping more complicated and makes future family relationships more difficult. If you are not baptized then you immediately escape many other "special privileges" that make it harder to escape. This likely only applies to younger ones on this forum - but should be followed by anyone not yet baptized.
Stop donating money: Pure and simple - stop giving money to JW Land. Every dollar you give to the Jehovah's Witnesses organization perpetuates the lies and allows the deceptions to continue. Every dollar you give means less financial security for you and your family. You likely need the money and do not have it to give away. This is one of the fastest ways to impact the org.
Stop volunteering: Say NO! to mowing the Kingdom Hall lawn, No! to building maintenance, No! to cleaning toilets, No! to the endless things that Watchtower wants you to do for free. It may be hard the first time you tell a brother this (that is trying to guilt you into providing free labor) but it gets easier each and every time. Learn to say NO....the brothers and sisters cannot do anything to you if you just say NO.
Stop being an Elder or Ministerial Servant: If you enjoy a "special privilege" such as CO, Bethelite, Elder, MS, Pioneer, etc. - then please consider making a plan to "stop serving" or "step down". Jehovah's Witnesses cannot survive without huge numbers of volunteers to enforce the rules and regulations of the JW way of life. Every person that leaves a "special assignment" makes it more difficult to preserve JW structures. It takes courage to do this and can be scary. However, once you have TTATT there is one main way to stop the lies, deceptions and endless peer pressure - simply stop supporting an organizational structure that harms people. Those with "special privileges in the truth" enable the JW organization to continue harming people.
Consider Moving: If you still live with your parents, then moving out is likely a necessity and you should make a plan to do this. Being able to move out and share expenses can be an enormous benefit to your overall plan if you have a roommate that is a good friend. For those that are older, a move can simply make it easier to no longer be "on the radar" of your PIMI friends/family.
Fade: Simply put, do less and less with anything related to being a JW. Fading is an art and is very specific to your situation. There are :hard fades" and "soft fades". How to do it right is different for everyone. Ask for help here and you will get a multitude of ideas that may apply. New Info: Fading is listed last for a reason. You cannot really fade if you still have JW privileges. Fading while also trying to carry out congregation responsibilities is a recipe for pain and suffering. Young people may not be able to fade successfully until they can move out from living with family. Doing as many things on this list as possible before you start fading is the best approach.
For more information on any of these topics please visit the Wiki for Reddit EXJW, located here:
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2023.06.04 17:09 chthonic1 Airport queues and data transparency

Anyone else tired of waiting for rides that never happen while in these queues? Im continuing to gather data in my local markets but if anyone has the time or willingness to help hold up a mirror, please join in.
I don't think the rideshare companies recognize the problem they have. It's either improper geocoding of a riders request from on airport grounds or some other system glitch thats the cause. I do not believe it is intentional because they want us to work for them. I have reported the issue multiple times to support, with both companies, and been told nothing is wrong. (Hence why I would love them to be more transparent with their code aaaand algorithms!) Don't call airports 'first in, first out' if it can't truly be managed that way successfully. Call a turd a turd.
Sat in DCA airport queue 7am to 9am to collect data for a local news piece about this issue. Approx 5600 passengers landed between 7am and 9am.
UBER: 16 - 20 drivers ahead of me in UberX queue. 5 - 10 drivers ahead of me in Comfort & Green queues. No bonus or surge. 4 uberx or green rides, all < $15/hr. < $5 each for over 20 minute drives. 1st ride came 8:15am with rides 2, 3 and 4 each 10 or 15 minutes later. Underestimated trip times by 10 - 15%.
LYFT: 12th driver in queue. No bonus or surge. 1st ride came 9am, ~$24/hr. ($7.89) Accurate trip time estimated.
Did 3 airport drop offs between 11am and 3pm. Two of the three times, got ride requests through the same app (1 uber & 1 lyft) that paid better and were longer trips before leaving the airport grounds. No bonus or surge for either. Unknown queue populations at those times. Unknown flight data.
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2023.06.04 17:08 Confident-Ad-746 Behold the Elder!

Been a fan for 6 years now and last night was my first time seeing them live. They absolutely tore the place up, the energy was INSANE, and I LOVED IT!!! Their music is fuel and I highly recommend!
Keep doing what you’re doing!
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2023.06.04 17:08 RobrianTiriis Recruitment is open for Comply or Die (CODIE)

Comply Or Die corp opened in 2006 Discord Server : CEO- Tiberiusric
Recruitment - Robrian , Skallebank , Twitkne Evingod , Jon B Fletcher
Here is an opportunity to join one of the most prolific top PVP Alliances in eve. With years of history of being one of the best groups with almost 2 million kills, WHO ARE WE We are an experienced corp with players of up to 17 years, some have played since 2003 when eve first started we have been involved in major null wars, piracy and lowsec and faction warfare. Our ethos has stayed the same, bring in good people who want to be part of a close knit corp, have fun, make friendships and a few explosions on the way. We are PVP focused but we offer PVE and Industry gameplay also.
What we can offer Miners and Industrialists ✪ The ability to have access to a wide range of mining and industry capability to build what you want. ✪ Access to corp exclusive R64/R32/R16/R8 moons ✪ Corp owned exclusive -1.0 sec security system and rare AO Blue system ✪ Exclusive corp access to High end ores such as ABC ores and high levels of Mercoxit ✪ Corp owned Tatara and Azbel for reactions and capital building TAX FREE ✪ Corp owned POCOS and access to excellent PI to PI 4 Materials ✪ Access to Ice Mining ✪ Support from corp to expand our operations. ✪ Significant amount of Nullsec space across multiple regions, with an extensive infrastructure and jump bridge network ✪ Forums, Discord etc WHAT DO WE OFFER OUR PVP PLAYERS ✪ Be part of a well established corp and alliance thats has years of experience ✪ An amazing group of experienced supportive players, that help each other and fight with each other ✪ Be part of Pandemic Horde Alliance, one of the biggest and best in eve ✪ Be able to use those capital ships ✪ Access to corp exclusive R64 moons ✪ Great amount of PVP/PVE Content, small to large fleet fights ✪ Many different specialist interest groups (SiGs) like Pochven, Black Ops, Incursions Hunting, High Sec work etc etc ✪ Ship Replacement Program ✪ Significant amount of Nullsec space, with an extensive infrastructure and jump bridge network ✪ Forums, Discord etc
** Before you apply please note : MUST have had an active recent pvp activity and be pvp focused, unless you come with significant indy experience and capability ** WHAT PLAYERS ARE WE LOOKING FOR ✓ MUST have had a recent active killboard ✓ Experienced players welcome ✓ Active Players - MAINS MUST BE OMEGAS ONLY - Be Self sufficient ✓ No Drama Queens, Mature ✓ Chilled, likes to have some fun and banter! (edited)
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2023.06.04 17:08 itsbigtoe Stay in incheon or explore seoul, or stay in japan?

For a little bit of context, i’ll be in fukuoka japan for 3 months this fall for school and have a 4 day weekend available for a trip. I’m debating between visiting another japanese city, or going to south korea. I’m leaning much harder towards going to korea which is my main reason for coming on here. If I was to visit korea I would like to visit seoul, but it seems inconvenient for a 4 day trip to have what appears to be a hour and a half trip from the airport to seoul. My thought process was I could still get a good experience of south korea if i stayed closer to the airport and stayed in incheon, then maybe for a day go to seoul. My main concern is that being far away from the airport will add more chances for me to miss my flight back and take away from time actually enjoying korea. It’s a short trip so i understand i wouldn’t rly be able to explore much anyway but any input is greatly appreciated.
If any of you have recommendations for other korean cities more worth a visit too i’m all ears! Not super set on seoul just thought it would give me an abundance of things to do.
Also, other japanese cities aren’t off the table if any of you have recommendations. Tokyo has this same issue with the long time to get from the airport to accommodation, but i’m interested in any city anyone can recommend!
I’m also 18 and traveling alone and not interested in drinking etc. if that helps with recommendations.
Appreciate anyone’s help in advance, thank you!
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2023.06.04 17:08 Winter_Roof_2006 Afraid to move out and he may follow through on his threats

Using an alternate account as he follows my main. Also not sure if I used the right flair as we aren't technically renting.
I'm currently living with my child's father. We all live in his childhood home, which is still currently owned by his parents but we pay for all utilities, and landscaping.We've been together 10+ years, although it has been more of a situationship in recent years. We have had a lot of problems, and fight a lot, and he has often said he wants to move on. Most of the problems are my fault according to him (ex: not meeting his needs, me stonwwalling him during his 45 min+ rants about everything I'm doing wrong ), although he refuses to acknowledge his wrong doing (ex: name calling, not supporting me emotionally). A big issue is me apparently not doing enough for our child, that he's the only one doing anything and our child is behind in certain things because of me. He decided he wanted our child homeschooled (entered first grade right at the beginning of the pandemic) and it was decided mutally that he would be in charge of schooling and being home with our child doing all those duties (as it was more finacially doable for us as my parents are not reliable and his parents dont live close, plus babysitting is super pricey). He became a stay at home father. I am a full time worker so most of what I provide is financial and taking care of materials and paperwork for school, appointments, etc. We are with her all the time. He now works part time but is still a SAHD full time, and he wants me to do more homeschooling with our child even though I have explained to him that I am not good teaching everything she needs to know that isn't the basics (in 3rd grade now).
He wants me to change, parenting and relationship problems, and has made threats if I don't change immediately (as it's been so long I should've changed by now) he is going to take action. His threats are calling CPS about my "lack of involvement" with our child, and reporting me for the times I was physical. To explain that it was many years ago, he had gotten in my face and I pushed him away, and a second time I was cleaning and he wanted to do it and was grabbing my supplies and I grabbed his wrist to get it back. I also a few years ago once moved my child out of the way while I was frustrated and it was a little too hard so they tripped. He is also saying since he and our child are minorities this can be looked at as a race thing. These threats were made more so if he ends up kicking me out and outs me to his mother (who has sole ownership of the house currently, father still on the deed).
It's been a long time coming us breaking up, and I'm afraid if I move out he'll make good on these threats, and in turn I'll lose my job, daughter...everything. Do I have any options or is there anything I should do to prepare?? For reference we reside in New york state
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2023.06.04 17:07 yakhinvadim Sunday, June 4 — 5 significant news stories

Sunday, June 4 — 5 significant news stories
Today ChatGPT read 916 top news stories and gave 7 of them a significance score over 7.
After removing duplicates and repeats, here is today’s significant news:
[8.5] Earth's energy imbalance due to human activity causing global warming and climate change — JARA News
The Earth's energy imbalance, caused by human activity through the emission of greenhouse gases, is leading to global warming and climate change, according to a recent report from the World Meteorological Organization. The excess energy accumulates in the different components of the climate system, with the ocean storing 89% of the excess heat, leading to coral bleaching events and other negative impacts on marine ecosystems. The imbalance also has negative impacts on humanity and ecosystems, with between 3.3 and 3.6 billion people living in contexts vulnerable to global warming. The solution is to reduce emissions to zero, with individuals able to contribute by using active transportation, consuming less meat and dairy products, reducing food waste, and improving the energy efficiency of homes.
[8.2] Draft for first international treaty on plastic pollution to be produced by November — FRANCE 24 English
Negotiators at the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee for Plastics have agreed to produce an initial draft of the first international, legally binding treaty on plastic pollution, on land and at sea, before their next meeting in Kenya in November. The treaty aims to end plastic pollution altogether by 2040 by slashing production and limiting some chemicals used in making plastics. However, countries with big petroleum industries like the US, China and Saudi Arabia are focusing instead on plastic recycling, and want country-by-country rules instead of across-the-board limits. Humanity produces more than 430 million tons of plastic annually, two-thirds of which are short-lived products that soon become waste, filling the ocean and, often, working their way into the human food chain.
[8.2] Human-made climate change causing Earth's surface to warm and upper atmosphere to cool dramatically — Innovation Origins
Researchers have confirmed that human-made climate change is causing the Earth's surface to warm, while the upper atmosphere cools significantly. This phenomenon, called an atmospheric paradox, impacts orbiting satellite, the ozone layer, and potentially alters Earth's weather patterns. Increased levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere are affecting these layers differently, warming the lower atmosphere (troposphere) but cooling the upper ones (mesosphere and thermosphere). If CO2 levels continue to rise, these trends are likely to intensify, posing increasing risks to satellites and delaying the recovery of the ozone layer. Further research is needed to fully understand these long-term effects on the climate system.
[7.7] Superbugs pose significant threat to modern medicine and human life expectancy — Sydney Morning Herald
Superbugs, or organisms that have evolved to become resistant to medicine, are on the rise and pose a significant threat to modern medicine. Microbes evolve quickly because they multiply so rapidly, and only those with the best defences against evolutionary pressures survive. Superbugs can be resistant before they infect someone, develop resistance inside a person who is taking antibiotics, or be resistant before they infect someone, swirling around in the world with inbuilt protection against the drugs we would usually throw at them. A drug-resistant form of golden staph, or staphylococcus aureas, is the most dominant superbug in Australia, and a drug-resistant form of extended spectrum beta lactamase (ESBL) E. coli, an enzyme made by bacteria in the gut, is the second-most common superbug. The World Health Organisation has warned that returning to a pre-antibiotic era would lead to the average human life expectancy plummeting from 70 years to 50 and could undermine developments in cancer treatment.
[7.0] Strikes increase in Russia's Belgorod region as Ukrainian forces prepare for counteroffensive — Newsweek
Strikes have increased in Russia's Belgorod region as Ukrainian forces prepare for a major counteroffensive. The governor of the region claimed that around 850 missiles and other projectiles were launched at Shebekino, injuring 16 people and killing two women. The shelling has also caused damage to numerous buildings in the region, leaving Shebekino without food or water. Pro-Ukraine Russian rebel groups are reportedly still active in Belgorod, despite previous claims from the Kremlin that they had been successfully repelled.
Want to read more?
See additional news on
Thanks for reading us and see you tomorrow, News Minimalist
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2023.06.04 17:07 Coffee_In_Nebula Friend is distancing herself possibly? What could I say to her when my feelings are hurt?

my friend posted on her Snapchat hanging with friends, but says she’s too busy/ is working, etc to hang out with me.
We’ve been friends since we were small, but it’s always me reaching out first to text her otherwise it’s weeks of no texts.
Here’s the dilemma:
She recently got a job taking over for a teacher for the rest of the school year (she’s finished teachers college) M-F 8-3, and she also works casual as a DSW with clients, but says she’s taking on lots of shifts.
In the last two weeks, she’s only visited for an hour on my birthday (though she legit had to work), and when I text her to say hey we should get together sometime (about once a week) she always says she’s getting ready for work, super busy so can’t, she misses me etc.
She posted on Snapchat a half hour ago a photo of her with five other girls, with drinks and games on the table. My mom was nosy and went and asked my aunt who works with her, she doesn’t recognize any of them from work.
It kind of hurts that it seems she made time to hang out with others but not me?
She’s been there for me through really tough times, and has dropped everything to come see if I’m ok in the past. Maybe she’s just really that busy? I don’t know. How can I tell her I feel like she’s drifting apart and how it feels like I’m a lower priority without hurting her feelings?
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2023.06.04 17:07 Flimsy-Union1524 The FAB documents about gigantic UFOs that flew through the Brazilian skies - Archives of the Brazilian Air Force record the appearance of giant UFOs over Brazil. Objects measuring 100m, 1,500m, 3,700m and even larger ones, over 10Km in length.

Records by the Brazilian Air Force detail giant objects
On May 19, 1986, on the so-called Official Night of UFOs in Brazil, more than 50 objects, some gigantic, were seen in 10 Brazilian states and neighboring Uruguay. One of the objects seen by people on the ground, from aircraft and captured by Brazilian Air Force (FAB) radar, was approximately 1,500 m long, being, at various times, accompanied by other smaller objects.
This was not the only episode recorded by the FAB, of colossal objects in Brazilian airspace. Ten days later, on May 29, 1986, another object, even larger, was sighted by people on the edge of the city of Santos (SP). This object was also captured by CINDACTA and APP-SP radars and its size was estimated at 11 km in length.
According to statements by flight controllers on duty that night, there were several other smaller objects, at different points in the Southeast region. At one point, such objects headed towards this larger object, on the high seas, which possibly collected them, disappearing at high speed, towards the sky.
Years later, on April 26, 2003, around 3:00 am, people in the southern region of Campinas observed a gigantic flying object, circular in shape and reddish in color, crossing over the region, heading towards the city of São Paulo. This object would have the approximate size of 1,500m in length and moved at high speed.
The Brazilian Air Force recorded the fact on a standard UFO sighting registration form. The official documentation is already publicly available on the National Archive website and on the Fenomenum Portal. Less than a year later, on March 1, 2004, another case involving colossal objects occurred. Around 06:15, an object, with an estimated size of 3,700m, was observed 46Km south of the city of Goiânia (GO).
The object, which remained in the region for approximately two hours, was observed with the naked eye and with the aid of binoculars. It was shaped like a raindrop and white in color. At the same time, radars at Anápolis Air Base (GO) captured another UFO, to the right of the first, which had an estimated size of 10Km, having a semicircular shape. A TAM pilot, passing through the region, visually confirmed the presence of the object and provided additional details. The UFO had three spikes on its bottom and two lights at its ends.
This fact was also registered in the registration form of ufological facts, adopted by the Brazilian Air Force. Official documentation on this incident is also available on the National Archives of Brazil website and on the Fenomenum Portal.
These cases are not unique. Several similar cases were recorded by the Armed Forces of different countries throughout history, confirming the unequivocal reality that part of the ufological phenomenon is of an intelligent nature, supported by very high technology not yet available in our humanity.
By Jackson Luiz Camargo
Google Translation
Source: (Portuguese)
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2023.06.04 17:07 hnqn1611 12 Survival Hacks That Could Save Your Life

12 Survival Hacks That Could Save Your Life
12 Survival Tips That Could Save Your Life!
Life is unpredictable! You never know what could happen at any time. There are times when you find yourself in situations that are confusing and you just don’t know what to do. So it’s wise to be at least somewhat aware! Here are some survival tips that could save your life one day!
Number 1 - The Bystander Effect There’s a strange psychological phenomenon that happens when an accident occurs in a public place with many people around. People tend to stand-by and watch rather than help out as they don't want to become involved when they think someone else might help out, and so everyone holds back. This is called the 'bystander effect'. Should you find yourself in a situation like this, don't cry out for help to the greater masses but point at one person and plea to them. This increases your chances of getting help and people are far more likely to acknowledge you.
Number 2 - Parked Car At Night If you’re heading towards a vacant parking lot especially at night or when the area is not particularly safe, walk with the car keys in your hand. This will reduce the amount of time it takes you to get into your car and start it, thereby reducing your exposure to any sudden attack. In fact, a key held in your fist and protruding between your knuckles can also act as a makeshift weapon in case of any emergency.
Number 3 - Swarm of Bees If you ever find yourself being chased by a swarm of bees, don’t jump in a lake. Even though you’ve seen it in cartoons, don’t do it. The bees will wait above the water, ready to attack you. What’s worse, if you do jump into a body of water, you slow down your movement and you can’t breathe as well. You may even swallow a bunch of bees gasping for air. If you are being pursued by a swarm of bees, just keep running. They tend to defend their hives to a large proximity, so just keep running until they feel they’ve won and they stop chasing you.
Number 4 - Stranger in Your Car If a stranger gets in your car and orders you to take them somewhere, crash your car. Yeah, this sounds a bit crazy, but it’s far better than the alternative. You will no longer be useful to them because the car is damaged and you’ve drawn attention to them by crashing the car. So the only thing they can do at this point is run.
Number 5 - Being Roofied This usually happens to women. Some asshole will try to roofie you so he can do things with you that you probably wouldn’t want to, or who knows what else. There is a way to know if you’ve been roofied. Well kind of… When dissolved in alcohol, roofies give off a salty / bitter taste. So if your drink suddenly tastes strange, bitter, or different, then stop drinking it immediately. Be sure to pour it out so that nobody else grabs it and drinks it either.
Number 6 – Escape a Sinking Car In this situation, you've got to be quick! Start by rolling down the windows instead of opening the door. Opening the door is very difficult against the water pressure and it also allows far too much water into the vehicle which will only speed up the sinking process. You'll have about 30 seconds to a minute until the water rises to the bottom of the passenger windows. After that, the water pressure will force the window against the doorframe, making it just about impossible to roll down. Since most vehicles these days have electronically controlled windows, the circuits probably will short before you have a chance to roll them down. If this happens, you'll need a tool to break the window open. Two of the most popular are the LifeHammer, which has a hardened-steel point to help crack open the window, and the ResQMe keychain, which uses a spring-loaded mechanism to shatter glass. Make sure these tools are within reach, otherwise you'll never get to them in time. If you've failed to get the window rolled down or broken, you still have a small chance to escape. Once water fills the car, the pressure will be equalized and you’ll be able to open the door. However, doing this will be quite challenging because you will need to hold your breath in a highly stressful situation.
Number 7 - Save Yourself From Choking If you’re choking and no one is around, you can actually perform the Heimlich Maneuver on yourself! Place your fist above your navel while you grab your first with your other hand. Lean over a chair or counter and push your fist towards yourself in an upward thrust.
Number 8 – Wait at a Green Light Try to give yourself 2-3 seconds before you go through that green light, especially if it's a busy intersection. A large percentage of deadly vehicle accidents occur because some driver wanted to beat the red light. Waiting those precious few seconds makes sure you don't take that risk.
Number 9 - Sharp Object in Wounds Medical experts say that you shouldn’t remove a knife or any other sharp object from a wound. It sure sounds uncomfortable, but in the case of a knife, if you end up being stabbed by someone, don’t pull out the knife because it actually prevents bleeding. To further minimize the bleeding, tie a cloth around it until medical help arrives.
Number 10 – Getting Lost On A Hike Hiking through the wilderness can be a great way to relax and get away from it all. You get to enjoy fresh air, nature, beautiful scenery, and it’s also good for your body. But, if you ever get lost out there, it can be scary. I’m sure you’ve seen those TV shows where people get lost in a large landscape. They literally lose sense of direction! If this ever happens to you, try to find a river or fence. River streams always flow downhill and will always join a larger body of water that may help you regain your bearings. If you find a fence, this usually means buildings and roads are nearby and should lead to civilization.
Number 11 - Stop Using Your Cell Phone While Walking This may sound obvious, but there’s some serious science behind it. According to some health and safety consultants, the combination of walking and using your cell phone puts a huge strain on your brain, even if you think you're a lot smarter than others. Using your phone while walking can make you lose track of your surroundings and can result in an accident. This is especially true if you’re texting while walking! So the next time you have to use your phone somewhere in the middle of the road, I suggest you stop first, and then use it. Of course not in the middle of the road, but move aside so you're not blocking traffic or find a bench where you can relax, focus on that phone call or text and once you’re done, you can resume your walk.
Number 12 - That Gut Feeling If you feel something is not right with a person, situation or a place, you are probably right. Do not ignore these instincts. In these situations, do not be afraid to be rude, just leave. By being aware of these simple tips, you can help save your life or someone else's. Do you know any other useful survival tips? Share them in the comments below!
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2023.06.04 17:06 jmr0511 Advise for Second Airbrush

I got back into the hobby about a year and a half ago and picked up my first airbrush, a Paasche Talon. It has worked well for the last year and a half, however recently I have felt that it could be lacking for detail work, but I had no good reason to upgrade.
Today I was being impatient and broke part of the internals while disassembling it. I could probably source a new part, but thinking this might be an opportunity to look for an upgrade.
I hear good things about Iwata, and the Eclipse seems to be highly recommended although it's a bit pricey. Any thoughts on this airbrush or other recommendations? For context I primarily build 1:48 aircraft and occasionally sports cars.
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