Kegs and eggs albany

Been a little upset about not seeing my patio jumping spider after noticing she was laying her eggs. Then this little fella showed up and was hanging out with me.

2023.05.29 18:25 bunnyrut Been a little upset about not seeing my patio jumping spider after noticing she was laying her eggs. Then this little fella showed up and was hanging out with me.

Been a little upset about not seeing my patio jumping spider after noticing she was laying her eggs. Then this little fella showed up and was hanging out with me.
I was able to hold it for a bit before deciding that was enough.
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2023.05.29 18:24 nizzery Not the Usual Boiling Egg Question

I eat two boiled eggs for breakfast most days. I have no problem at all with the process, and I offer no advice since everyone has their own way apparently. But I had an odd situation recently. I got a rather rustic dozen eggs at a farmers market and when I boiled a couple up as usual, the whites had a fine taste but very strange texture, almost crumbly. Tried another two and they were the same. Anyone know what gives?
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2023.05.29 18:23 theholypurepath Least jacked team3dalpha enjoyer Rate the physique and diet. 5’11”, 81kg, 20 years old

Least jacked team3dalpha enjoyer Rate the physique and diet. 5’11”, 81kg, 20 years old
Fucking love this community and the information gave out. Biggest things I’ve learned from here and the YouTube videos are the hormonal knowledge and the ins and outs of a proper diet - eating certain foods to correct micronutrient deficiencies, foods that aid digestion, what nutrients have which effects.
My diet: brutishly stupid amounts of; red meat (500-800g), eggs (6), raisins (~200g), milk (litre). Ox heart and liver both twice a week. Good amounts of greek yogurt, bananas, oranges, kiwi, pineapple, blueberries, raw honey. Dark chocolate (40/60g). One raw carrot. Lot of butter and coconut oil. Occasional rice and potatoes. Salmon few times a week. 4 litres of distilled water with electrolytes added. And then tbh some icecream here and there, mostly post workout. I supplement; 10k vitamin d3/k2, 800mg elemental magnesium, black seed oil
Feel free to recommend anything else I should think about adding to my diet.
Per week: gym 4x (upper lower split), sauna 6x, footy 4x, sprint session 1x. 20min jog and at least 15k steps daily.
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2023.05.29 18:21 MonsieurKennedy (Co-)Parents to be

Hi all! This is my first post here and it's largely prompted by a wish to seek advice from people who are truly objective regarding my situation compared to family and friends of myself and the mother to be of my child. Some background - I am from the UK and currently live in northern England. Last Autumn I spent a few months in France teaching English. Two days before returning to the UK I had a date, we hooked up and two weeks later (and back in the UK) E contacted me to tell me she was pregnant and very likely to go through with the pregnancy. I have never wanted or planned to have children (though enjoy looking after other peoples' when I've had the opportunity), but made sure to put no pressure on E re her decision. She gave me the opportunity to be involved or not and I couldn't really imagine having a child out there and having no involvement. We're now nearing the 3rd trimester and we have been in contact most days and visited each other a couple of times. For various reasons, a couple of planned visits have been cancelled, which means we haven't seen each other since February, which has caused strain between us at times and feels quite surreal. We agreed on attempting a romantic relationship, not just co-parenting, even though I think most people we both know have advised this raises the stakes a bit and potential problems if that side of things go wrong. Our relationship has been quite up and down - sometimes it feels really great, healthy and nice, others utterly toxic and highly emotionally reactive. My feeling is, I don't know how healthy it is to maintain the romantic side of things given how we can both behave towards one another when we're at our most fearful, immature and weak, especially for the sake of the child. However, when I broached this with E recently, she was quite surprised and told me she's not willing to give up on the romantic side of things. This is in response to me telling her I can't handle the ups and downs between us, her very regular criticisms and unnecessary mean comments and my feeling I have to walk on egg shells all the time to avoid big emotional reactions. As I've alluded to, my behaviour also isn't perfect, but I can't remember making negative comments about her personality traits (even if I've wanted to during arguments etc) as I feel this is a bit of a read line and just leads to undermining the other person and making them feel smaller, insecure and even a little bullied. I've also had friends (mostly women, plus a couple who are therapists) and relatives suggest I'm quite probably being gas-lit and a bit bullied at times, but also that this is probably in part due to fear on both sides and not a great deal of trust given we've only known each other for 6 months and are embarking on a (hopefully!) decades long journey together. Anyway, I often struggle to bring up important issues surrounding how we will parent when things are calm and good between us because I want to keep the peace. The problem with this is that I'll then sometimes let worries and frustrations out when we argue, in a crappy way, because there's a feeling of 'what difference will it make?' when things are already bad. There are a couple of things I want to get people's thoughts on, so I can gauge how reasonable they are... Firstly, something I've felt a bit down about is that E made the decision, with no discussion, that the child will spend 'her first few years' growing up in France. For many reasons, I think this probably makes sense. What upset me a bit was the fact this has never been discussed properly, but presented to me as a fait accompli. Maybe it's silly of me, but I would even just preferred a bit of lip service paid to me, if E had made up her mind, but had a discussion around it, so I could ask some questions and also suggest some alternatives (and how long baby /child will spend in the UK if fully time based in FR). Secondly, early on in the pregnancy my thinking was to move to France after the birth. E owns a flat, her family and friends are there, so as a new mum, it does make sense she's there and if baby is there, it would be good if I am. However, in the last few months, given how intense and extreme we can blow up, I feel the two of us in a one bedroom flat could be a toxic environment for the baby (and ourselves). My mum, brother, closest friends all feel I shouldn't move there, which would involve giving up my job, family, general life etc here, to possibly move to France, then things maybe go wrong and I'm coming back again, but to nothing. Obviously it could work well, but it's a big risk. Leading on from this - Part of the reason I've never planned to have kids is I've never been very comfortable financially and it would be a major struggle for me on this front. E isn't rich, but she owns her place and has inheritance from her mother passing away and has said she can take care of herself and the child by herself if necessary. She has a good career as a teacher, so I kind of put forward the idea of us trying out my being a stay at home father, so she can continue with her career whilst I do the daily work of raising the baby (which our society should regard as work which deserves monetary support, but that's another issue). During one argument a few weeks ago E was incredibly spiteful and told me I was out buying clothes and not spending a cent on my daughter. Other than this being quite an unpleasant thing to say, it was in reaction to my sending her a picture in some new work clothes I bought for cheap in a sale as I didn't really have many (and have to wear to be able to work and earn money!) and months before the baby is even born. She has made comments like this which I feel are quite extreme, like using my anxiety against me during arguments and telling me I should do something about it as if I don't, it will impact our daughter. She's saying this as someone who has had suicide attempts in the past and is being treated for depression, both things I would never dream of throwing in her face during an argument to infer it's a risk to the baby... E seems to be of the opinion I should move to France and that I could easily get a job working in a bar or cafe. To me this seems kind of bizarre as I've never done that kind of work, currently work in a law firm and my French is sort of intermediate level. It seems pretty blase and a matter of just kind of throwing out things I could do and I'm fairly sure if I don't go along with this stuff, it will be read as not being bothered or taking responsibility, but I see it as wildly irresponsible to give up my job here, to just turn up there with not much savings in the hope I might get a badly paid, exhausting job, whilst trying to raise a child (having been raised by a single mum working several jobs at once at some points, I know this isn't great for anyone). My current thinking is that for the sake of my mental health, well-being and given the advice I've received from people who care about me, I should stay in the UK, maintain my job (and income) to help financially and we have an agreement for regular visits. I did mention this weeks ago and E immediately went to what, looking back, feels a bit like emotional blackmail by saying if I didn't move there, we couldn't have a relationship as she didn't want a long distance one. Paranoid me wonders if she wants a relationship now as she's worried about me abandoning ship if I meet someone else etc (especially at a time when she's less likely or wishing to whilst heavily pregnant), but non-paranoid me knows she does genuinely want one. Living in the city I currently live in, doing the job I'm doing has lead to my having the best mental health I've experienced in years (discounting the anxiety caused by the baby stuff). I'm really nervous about just throwing that away, even though I'm aware it's always possible to try moving to France and coming back if it doesn't work. Anyway, I appreciate this is long, but at times I'm feeling that my life is now kind of running on someone else's timeline and to their preferred life wishes and kind of fantasy existence. Another aspect to all this is that as a queer (bi) guy, who has my issues with the nuclear family and is interested in alternative ways of raising kids (more communally, less in the spirit of biological mum and dad sort of 'owning' the child), it can feel a bit frustrating as I think E is thinking more traditionally on this stuff. That's of course completely fair, no one way is right or wrong, I'm just concerned about the differences in approach. This post is largely born of a feeling of being 'unheard' and being aware of an inability (probably of both sides) to discuss big things like this calmly and rationally, without quickly descending into rows. I also want to give the caveat that I'm aware this is only one side of the story. E is a good person and there are lots of wonderful things about her, but like me, she's impatient and emotionally reactive (and has suffered some pretty major trauma from a couple of horrible life events). She's been going through her pregnancy with the support of friends and family, but without a close partner, which is pretty amazing, but also saddens and frustrates me that I've not been there to do basic things for and with her. If you have any thoughts or advice, I would greatly appreciate it. Please be nice! :)
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2023.05.29 18:18 RipperRex1996 Adding New Species To Existing Reserves: My Thoughts!

  1. Mandarin Duck (New): A close relative of the wood duck, and just as, if not more spectularly plumaged. There is an invasive population in Germany.
  2. Ferruginous Duck (New): a common duck of Germany.
Layton Lake:
  1. Stone Sheep (New): Found throughout central and northern British Columbia, it could give some extra life to fill in the otherwise empty mountains of Layton.
  2. Canvasback (New): One of the larger huntable duck species of North America, and one that is likely highly requested by our local duck hunters.
  3. Surf Scoter (New): A striking sea duck, would look fantastic in many lodges!
Medved-Taiga National Park:
  1. Siberian Roe Deer (New): a much larger and impressive species of Roe deer, that are found throughout Siberia.
Vurhonga Savanna:
  1. Klipspringer (New): a small antelope well adapted to rocky terrain; these little guys can help make the rather empty plateau region feel livelier.
  2. Egyptian Goose (New): one of the most common waterfowl of Southern Africa.
  3. Yellow-billed duck (New): one of the most common waterfowl of Southern Africa, with a striking yellow bill.
  4. Helmeted guineafowl (New): its sounds are one of the staples of Africa and is a common hunted upland bird in South Africa.
  5. Common Impala (New): one of the most hunted antelope species of Southern Africa, and one of the most populous as well.
  6. Plains Zebra (New): one of the most famous of Africa's megafauna, and one of the most striking.
  7. Common Eland (New): The largest antelope species, easily making it a Clas. 9.
  8. Bush Duiker (New): a commonly hunted smaller antelope found throughout Sub-Saharan Africa
Parque Fernando:
  1. Rosy-billed pochard (New): Argentina is one of the world's premier duck hunting destinations, why it only has one duck species is so odd to me. The Pochard is one of Argentinas most famous duck species.
  2. Silver Teal (New): a striking duck species commonly hunted in Argentina.
  3. Ringed Teal (New): another commonly hunted duck species in Argentina.
  4. White-Cheeked Pintail (New): a striking relative of the Northern Pintail.
  5. Chiloe Wigeon (New): a striking relative of both the Eurasian and American Wigeon.
  6. Pere Davids Deer (New): originally from China, there is an introduced population of this bizzare deer species in Argentina.
Yukon Valley:
  1. Sitka Deer (New): found in southern Alaska, this deer can easily be slotted in along the forests alongside the lakes and rivers. Highly requested by deer hunters.
  2. Dall Sheep (New): one of the biggest surprises was this species not being present on YK's release and has been highly requested since. There might have to be an expansion of this map to include more mountainous terrain for it, however.
  3. King Eider (New): one of the most striking sea ducks.
  4. White-tailed Ptarmigan (New): an upland bird to add to YK!
  5. Wolverine (New): a feisty large mustelid, requested by quite a few people.
Cuatro Colinas Game Reserve:
  1. Red-legged Partridge (New): one of the most common upland birds of Spain.
Silver Ridge Peaks:
  1. Dusky Grouse (New): a species of blue grouse common in the Rockies, adds an upland bird.
Te Awora National Park:
  1. Paradise Duck (New): a native duck of New Zealand, why it didn't make it in initially is anyone's guess.
  2. Himalayan Tahr (New): along with Chamois, they are popular mountain game of NZ. Why they weren't in TA at launch is anyone's guess, despite an easter egg of them being present on map.
Rancho del Arroyo:
  1. Gambel's Quail (New): one of the most popular game birds of the American southwest, why they didn't make it to Arroyo, yet Pheasant did is anyone's guess. Striking little birds!
  2. Coues Deer (New): The grey ghost of the southwest, and distinct from regular White-tailed deer. Would fit in perfectly to the western and northern regions alongside the Pronghorn, Javelina, and Bobcats.
  3. Goulds Turkey (New): with snow white tail feathers, this wild turkey is one of the most striking. Common in Northern Mexico, it would be a great addition to the mountainous pine forests of the eastern part of the map, while the Rio sticks to the low desert.
Mississippi Acres:
  1. Wood Duck (New): a striking duck, and one of the most beautiful members of North Americas waterfowl roster.
  2. American Black Duck (New): another common duck of the Mississippi region.
  3. Gadwall (New): another bird to add to the roster.
  4. Northern Pintail (New): a popular and beautiful duck of North America.
  5. Osceola Turkey (New): yes, I know, I know. Osceola Turkeys are only found in Florida but given how we aren't going to get any more North American maps, and how the devs will take some creative liberties at times, might as well ensure the Grand Slam of turkeys makes it in game. Can be added to regions where Eastern Turkeys aren't.
Revontuli Coast:
*Can't really think of any other additional species to add! *
New England Mountains:
  1. Ruffed Grouse (New): A popular game bird of the Northeast, would give NEM another flagship species.
  2. Woodcock (New): Once again, a popular upland bird of the Northern woodlands, giving NEM another new species.

Let me know your guys opinions on this!
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2023.05.29 18:18 StockPrint5475 Roti Sarang Burung - Sungai Petani, Roti Canai Legend

Roti Sarang Burung - Sungai Petani, Roti Canai Legend
Roti garing, mix some of the dahl into the egg yolk and scramble them! Best way to eat this.
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2023.05.29 18:12 caught-n-candie 👀

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2023.05.29 18:09 antoxworld Hi! I made my first indie mobile game in Unity. I used a custom shader with Blin/Phong lighting + Fresnel on eggs, and Unlit shaders on arena( 35000 vertices each ). In this game you need to Smash Eggs in the arena, crash bosses and upgrade characters! 60 Levels + infinite mode. Do you like it?

Hi! I made my first indie mobile game in Unity. I used a custom shader with Blin/Phong lighting + Fresnel on eggs, and Unlit shaders on arena( 35000 vertices each ). In this game you need to Smash Eggs in the arena, crash bosses and upgrade characters! 60 Levels + infinite mode. Do you like it? submitted by antoxworld to Unity3D [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 18:09 Bailak Pokemon X Y theory

My theory on the origin of the design and idea of the legendary Pokemon (Xerneas, Yvealtal, and Zygarde) I believe they are based off genetics and chromosomes, Xerneas representing the X chromosome and Yvealtal representing the Y chromosome, and Zygarde representing a Zygote, my theory is further reinforced by the fact that depending on which game you play, you see the two legendary Pokemon in cacoons, which I believe represents the chroion of an egg. When it comes to Zygarde representing a Zygote, my theory of that is reinforced by the fact that Zygarde (depending on which form) is made up of tiny cells, similar to a zygote, a zygote is when the egg fertilizes and begins implantation by first dividing the cells within the zygote to create the embryo.
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2023.05.29 18:08 AbbreviationsNo3922 Oh- everything bagel!

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2023.05.29 18:07 Significant93 ❤ MEGA LINK ❤ sextape Hannahowo videos Snapchat leaks free Young leak Ass amateur twerking Discord hardcore statewins Blac Chyna Celebrity nude chick nudes pics Slut real Snapchat MEGA milf video nude Snap leaks vids MEGA Boobs ebony ANAL

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2023.05.29 18:07 Sir_Rule [Homemade] Potato Pancake Breakfast 2 w/ Onion, Egg and Bacon

[Homemade] Potato Pancake Breakfast 2 w/ Onion, Egg and Bacon submitted by Sir_Rule to food [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 18:01 Big-Research-2875 Activation of Egg Metabolism

Activation of Egg

Although fertilization is commonly considered solely the suggests that to mix 2 haploid nuclei, however it's AN equally necessary role in initiating the processes that begin development.


A series of morphological, physiological, and molecular changes that occur within the egg in response to fusion of the spermatozoon with the egg is named is named Activation.
Activation of Egg Metabolism

Mechanism of Egg Activation:

All the activation events happen within the protoplasm and occur while not the involvement of the nuclei. The mature egg may be a metabolically inactive cell that's activated by the spermatozoon.The spermatozoon act sort of a massive secretion, binding to receptors on the egg membrane in all probability via G macromolecule that activate Srckinas, that activate PLC, that via IP3 and DAG increase animate thing factor IV add increase hydrogen ion concentration (alkaline) severally that activate egg.This flux of Ca across the eggs starts a programmed set of metabolic events.

G Protein:

G macromolecule conjointly called G ester binding macromolecule, ar a family of macromolecule that acts as a molecular switches within cell and ar concerned in transmittal signal from a spread of stimuli outside the cell to its interior.

Srckinase Function;

It is non receptor macromolecule amino acid enzyme,that ar concerned within the management of a spread of cellular method like,Proliferation,Differentiation,Motility andAdhesion.

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2023.05.29 18:00 herbal-genocide [Discussion] - Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin: Our Infinite Days, Ch 3 to the end

Our Infinite Days, 3
Sadie was supposed to oversee an expansion pack for Master of the Revels, but she felt unable to return to the office due to both grief/fear and pregnancy symptoms. She also was unreliably responsive via phone. Sam had been sympathetic and supportive at first, but after a while, he went to Sadie's house to try to rouse her. He told her she wasn't the first to experience grief or pregnancy. She cried, and instead of comforting her, he told her to snap out of it and get the work done. She asked him never to return to her house, and she finished the game.
Our Infinite Days, 4
Sadie's baby, Naomi, was born, and Sam didn't know if he should visit or not. Marx's voice in his head advised him to. He didn't, but he still checked on Sadie from a distance.
Our Infinite Days, 5
Sam threw a party for the company to celebrate the completion of the senior year Counterpart High, and the party planner he hired had decided it should be graduation themed. During the party, Simon told Sam that Marx had seen something in their game proposal because he had asked them to tell him how they saw it. Sam and Ant both went to Sadie's office to take a break, and they found Our Infinite Days concept art on her desk. They decided it was worth working on. The DJ made everyone go up to the rooftop and throw their caps, and Ant and Sam reflected that they both missed their senior years of college because of their debut games. After the party, Sam asked Sadie if she wanted to take a look at Our Infinite Days, but she said she couldn't.
Sam met with the Our Infinite Days creators, the Worths, and asked them to tell him how they saw it.
Our Infinite Days, 6
Charlotte Worth showed Sam an Easter egg (a hidden reference of inside joke in a game) in Sadie's expansion pack. Sadie had included Marx as Macbeth doing the "Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow" soliloquy as a nod to his idea to call Unfair Games "Tomorrow Games" because of his love for this speech. Charlotte worried it had been inappropriate to show him, but Sam was actually glad to see Sadie was still making meaningful games. He played Oregon Trail and talked to her in his head about making an MMORPG inspired by it.
Emily B. Marks arrived in a town called Friendship. The editor of the newspaper tried to pressure Emily into a more traditional lifestyle, but she silenced him and moved on.
Friendship had a gift culture, but Emily pretty much only had rocks to give. Finally, she grew a carrot. She wrote a poem about the carrot and left it at her neighbor Alabaster Brown's house. Alabaster came over and shared her disinterest in marriage and invited her to smoke and drink to pass their "infinite days."
Emily opened a bookstore, but it was unsuccessful because the people of friendship didn't read. She added cards and games at the urging of Alabaster, but she still struggled to make a living. She told Alabaster that she had a pain entirely in her head, so they recommended she go to the optometrist, Dr. Daedalus.
Dr. Daedalus also crafted glass objects. Emily found a figurine of her horse, Pixel. Emily paid for the glasses with a board game, Go, she crafted by hand at Dr. Daedalus's request. Dr. Daedalus crafted a glass heart to be a prize for the most charitable person in Friendship.
Dr. Daedalus advertised a game night of Go, and Emily was the only one to show up. Emily lost all three times.
Daedalus and Emily continued to play Go together. Emily was beyond 9 months pregnant. Emily said she lost her partner and her grandpa. Daedalus proposed to Emily, who was unsure because she barely knew Daedalus. Alabaster suggested Emily may be unable to have her child unless she were married. Daedalus built a portal from Emily's house to her store. Emily and Daedalus finally got married when Emily was 2 years pregnant, and Emily's son, LQ, was finally born.
Emily and Daedalus continued to live in separate houses, now with a portal between them. LQ grew quickly and wanted to swim to the edge of the ocean. Emily was bored with her life.
Daedalus went missing after she tried to go to a school to perform eye exams. Emily tracked her down, but she had a hand injury which required amputation. Emily suggested they make board games together since Daedalus couldn't go back to optometry. Daedalus and LQ surprised Emily with a custom board game for Christmas, and Emily discovered that Ludo Quintus was Latin for "fifth game."
Via chat, Sadie confronted Sam for being Daedalus. She felt he deceived her. He found her using her IP address.
Emily rode to Alabaster's house, only to discover that Alabaster was also being controlled by Sam.
LQ swam to the edge of the ocean and feared he couldn't make it back. Emily told him he couldn't die because he wasn't real.
Emily took Pixel to a shop labeled Breaker of Horses which she had passed on her way to trying to find Daedalus. It was Marx as an NPC. He quoted a relevant passage from The Iliad. Sadie chose to have Emily die, and Emily left her belongings to Alabaster and Daedalus, admitting she felt restored by her time in Friendship.
Freights and Grooves, 1
Dov met Sadie for lunch and said she must have known it was Sam all along. He encouraged her to grow up and move past her issues with Sam for good. He announced he was getting divorced again and going back to Israel, so he offered to recommend her for his teaching position at MIT.
Freights and Grooves, 2
Sadie did indeed take over the class. She showed the students her old game from the same class, Solution. One student asked her how she improved so rapidly between Solution and Ichigo. Sadie knew it was largely motivated by her insecurities about her validity as a female game designer and her (at the time) fresh breakup with Dov, but she wanted to ask Sam what he thought because he tended to view things more optimistically. She had come to realize that she had never thanked Sam for keeping Unfair Games afloat after Marx's death and that he had made Pioneers as a coping tool for both of them. She sent him a Magic Eye book in an attempt to reconnect.
Ant visited Sadie and told her that Sam's grandpa had died very recently and that Sam was shutting down Pioneers and stepping down as mayor of Mapletown. Sadie realized her memories of Marx were slipping away. She tried not to see Marx in Naomi, and in fact, she saw Sam more than Marx because both Naomi and Sam were part Asian and part Eastern European Jewish. She called Sam to express regret at Dong Hyun's death.
Freights and Grooves, 3
Dong Hyun's death was long and drawn-out. Sam debated whether the opportunity to spend time with family was worth the suffering. Dong Hyun said Sam was lucky to have Marx and Sadie, and he encouraged him to reach out to Sadie.
Sam depersonalized at the memorial to deal with the long stream of people offering condolences. He saw Sadie, and she waved and left.
Dong Hyun left Sadie the Donkey Kong machine, which forced Sam to call her. They caught up, and Sam asked for advice on dealing with sadness. Sadie made Sam view the Magic Eye book until he could see the images. Sam said he wanted to make a new game with Sadie, but she said she wasn't sure she was a designer anymore. Naomi declined to talk to Sam because she didn't know him.
When the Donkey Kong cabinet shipped, it lost its memory of the scores, but Sam's high score was burned into the monitor.
Freights and Grooves, 4
A French company reached out about making a third Ichigo, and they had even drafted a demo of a level for their proposed concept. They got lunch and caught up, and Sadie showed Sam a picture of Naomi. They played the demo in Sam's hotel room and reflected on feeling older and being limited creatively by their experiences. Sam asked why they never got together, and Sadie said it was because collaboration is more rare than sex. They went for a walk and discussed the suicide that Sam witnessed with his mom in New York. Sadie wondered why Sam never told her and reflected that her students were much more open about their suffering than they had been. She said they had the ideal timing for their debut in the game world. Sam theorized that Sadie allowed herself to recognize him in Pioneers at the time she did because it would make a good end to the game after Sadie thanked him for it. She realized she had been wrong about a lot of things and therefore wasn't entitled to call herself "old."
As Sadie boarded her plane, they exchanged "I love you"s and she handed him the game she had been working on, called Ludo Sextus, and asked him to give her his ideas.
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2023.05.29 17:56 THEBONEONWHEELS I rejoin the game. Does anybody know if the spearhead background Easter egg still works and can one do it solo?

I rejoin the game a couple of days ago because from the sounds of it battlefield 2042 season five will be the newest battlefield. Contant will have for a while until the next game and I heard about a Easter egg background you can get from the spearhead map and the process reminds me of the battlefield 4 phantom assignments, and the battlefield one peacekeeper Easter eggs. Does anybody know if this Easter egg still works the reason why I doubt it is because 2042 is a life service game and a majority of its continent is based on its seasons if I understand correctly. If it still works can I complete this on my own or will I need other players to do this?
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2023.05.29 17:55 Robloxgoesbananas Looking for AMP

Paying in RHD or RHI
Not offering!

Offering for any eggs however i'm mostly looking for multiple cracked eggs, fool eggs, pet eggs, Christmas eggs, and southeast Asia eggs,

looking for the following pets -
Any low tier legendaries, cuddly candle, golden penguin, Nessie, naga dragon, snow owl, squid, Skele-Rex, sugar glider, yule log dog, white amazon, flamingo, chicken, wild boar, capybara, drake, silly duck, swan, rhino, pig, lynx, elephant, cow, bear, yeti, zombie buffalo, original penguin, llama, queen bee, king bee, sunrise duckling, crocodile, arctic fox, Grinmoire, lion, pink cat, blue dog, polar bear

Looking for the following pets but only neon or full grown version -
Koala, frog, ghost bunny, Salamander, st. Bernard, reindeer, stingray, bunny, crab, seal, corgi, giant blue scarab, ginger cat, Irish water spaniel, Pomeranian, robot, sheeeeep, snowball pet, starfish, hyena

Also looking for diamond lavender, golden bone, golden goldfish, golden leaf, Golden clam, fly potion, ride potion, Christmas gift, golden gift, premium gorilla box, premium monkey box, rbg box, rat box, gorilla box, monkey box, duckling box, mummy cat box.
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2023.05.29 17:54 Moliterno38 Hunger Games Underway

Had my 4th retrieval yesterday with the lowest number of eggs retrieved. Really hoping for quality over quantity. Results so far have been:
ER 1: 9 retrieved, 6 mature, 5 fertilized, 1 blast, 0 euploid
ER 2: 14 retrieved, 10 mature, 10 fertilized, 5 blasts, 1 euploid
ER 3: 17 retrieved, 13 mature, 10 fertilized, 4 blasts, 1 euploid and 1 non informative (retesting with this cycle)
ER 4: 7 retrieved, 5 fertilized
Really hoping for one more euploid and we’ll move on to transfer.
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2023.05.29 17:54 Robloxgoesbananas Buying/Trading for AMP

Paying in RHD or RHI
Not offering!

Offering for any eggs however i'm mostly looking for multiple cracked eggs, fool eggs, pet eggs, Christmas eggs, and southeast Asia eggs,

looking for the following pets -
Any low tier legendaries, cuddly candle, golden penguin, Nessie, naga dragon, snow owl, squid, Skele-Rex, sugar glider, yule log dog, white amazon, flamingo, chicken, wild boar, capybara, drake, silly duck, swan, rhino, pig, lynx, elephant, cow, bear, yeti, zombie buffalo, original penguin, llama, queen bee, king bee, sunrise duckling, crocodile, arctic fox, Grinmoire, lion, pink cat, blue dog, polar bear

Looking for the following pets but only neon or full grown version -
Koala, frog, ghost bunny, Salamander, st. Bernard, reindeer, stingray, bunny, crab, seal, corgi, giant blue scarab, ginger cat, Irish water spaniel, Pomeranian, robot, sheeeeep, snowball pet, starfish, hyena

Also looking for diamond lavender, golden bone, golden goldfish, golden leaf, Golden clam, fly potion, ride potion, Christmas gift, golden gift, premium gorilla box, premium monkey box, rbg box, rat box, gorilla box, monkey box, duckling box, mummy cat box.
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2023.05.29 17:54 ThrowRA908763 I (M26) have come to a realization in my relationship with my girlfriend (F25) and I hate it.

For some backstory, my girlfriend and I have been together for almost 4 years. I love everything about this woman but recently there has been something that has come up that has made me rethink our relationship situation. My girlfriend is a Vegan and has been for years now. I respect the hell put of that. Here is the issue. I can never see myself becoming a vegan as I love meat too much. She has mentioned before that if we move in together that it will be a Vegan household (No meat, dairy, eggs). I thought nothing of it back when it was mentioned but now as we are getting closer to the 4 year mark, I am now realizing that I do not want to live In a Vegan household. I want to be able to cook bacon and barbecue steaks when I feel. She says that this makes her feel guilty if there is meat being cooked or even being kept in the house. She has mentioned I would be able to have a spare fridge in the garage to keep my non Vegan meals but I still will not be able to cook (unless she goes for a walk or is out of the house for longer periods of time). I feel like this will be a deal breaker in her eyes, and I'm not mad, I have actually accepted the fact that this may be the case and I have come to terms and learnt to be at peace with it. This is her first relationship and I want to be as respectful as possible as I do love this woman and I want to take everything into consideration. I don't want to make her feel uncomfortable in anyway, especially at her own house. And I don't think I can cut meat and dairy from my diet. How do I bring this up to her in the nicest way possible as I want to make this go as smoothly as possible?
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2023.05.29 17:53 Street_Mango2254 Suggestions f/this week's league deck?

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2023.05.29 17:52 Trogdor8403 How’s this for Memorial Day deal

How’s this for Memorial Day deal
Hey everybody,
Lurked here and the KJ forums forever, been waiting for the right deal to pull the trigger on either a KJ or BGE purchase. I have a family of 4 and we entertain a lot so large or XL BGE seem like the only options.
My local ACE has the deal attached. XL egg, Acacia table, convEGGtor, ash tool, and grid gripper for $1399. This will be my primary grill as my kettle Weber finally bit the dust so i really want the warranty.
This seems good to me, but what is everyone’s opinion on bang for the buck here?
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2023.05.29 17:47 raoreddits 37M #Albany for Female [M4F] - Fun with a Stranger

Name is Matt. In Albany looking for some fun. 6'4 fit and in shape professional guy. Open to any scenario. Can host, travel, get a hotel, my office, whatever works.
mattriley2324 is my snap if that's easier.
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