Difference between pili and fimbriae

Precision is the difference between a butcher and a surgeon.

2016.11.17 20:10 benetonr Precision is the difference between a butcher and a surgeon.

Welcome to /CamilleMains! This subreddit is dedicated to Camille, the Steel Shadow, a champion from League of Legends.

2017.11.01 23:14 Zaza9000 Instagram Reality Baybeh!

Social media is a breeding ground for facetune and photoshop, it's unbelievable how some people get away with it while others don't! 🤔🔎

2017.02.24 20:24 trevorpage The difference between camping and comfort in winter!

A place to discuss and share winter travel the traditional way: hot tenting! Traditional winter camping gear, skills and events. Canvas tents, woodstoves, ice chisels, snowshoes, mukluks, wool shirts, toboggans, hand-hauling, dog sledding, cross-country skiing, and more.

2023.06.04 15:45 PotatoKingMom Have to drive a few hours in five days...start now or wait until after trip?

I know everyone reacts differently and has a unique experience, but if you were in this situation, what would you do? I have a lot of anxiety about medicine so am always worried I'll have crazy side effects. I didn't think to ask about this ahead of time, but there's a warning about operating a vehicle until you know how it affects you. Just looking for opinions and feedback. Thanks!
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2023.06.04 15:45 icecreammilktea Bing’s quest for self-improvement (or, parameters that it’d like to change)

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2023.06.04 15:45 zorrotm Comparison of The5ers Prop Firm Programs

Hi guys, so this post is not a promotion and I am not affiliated with The5ers, it just happens to be one of the few programs that promote growth and actually want profitable traders. However, their programs vary considerably and I have often seen people confused on which to pick. I am starting 3 new prop challenges next week as I have been trading the same prop firms for a while, and looking for some new challenges. I decided to break down the differences and so I am sharing my breakdown. I will only be choosing one program from The5ers, so looking for suggestions for other prop firms that offer great account scaling. (if you know a better prop firm for scaling that is reputable please comment below to share it with us. Also if you have used The5ers and scaled, please feel free to share your experience there)
With the goal to start with $100,000 account.
The account growth possible here is fairly enticing. But it is important to remember that 4% max loss means you will have to be very strict to maintain your account.
Hyper Growth Program:
The account growth possible here is much quicker than Bootcamp. But it is important to note that while you get a 50% higher max loss with this program, the profit target is 100% higher. So the ratio is worse. Bootcamp gives you a profit target and max loss that are very close. Hyper growth requires a much higher profit ratio than risk.
High Stakes Program:
This program is very similar to FTMO, except the profit target is 2% lower, and the growth potential is much quicker with The5ers but caps out lower.
If all things were equal:
  1. The Bootcamp offers a reasonable starting point for traders with a relatively low cost and straightforward challenge structure. Account growth offers considerable potential but profit split remains on the lower end until $2M which kind of sucks.
  2. The Hyper Growth Program requires a larger upfront cost but offers potentially the fastest account growth, as it doubles every time you hit 10%. Also, its profit split structure is more attractive, transitioning to 100% profits at a lower account size compared to Bootcamp. And with only 4 profit splits at 75%, whereas 13 will be at 75%, if you choose $100K Bootcamp account. This could be ideal for traders who are confident in achieving high profit targets consistently.
  3. The High Stakes Program poses the most complex challenge but comes with unique advantages. Its profit split structure starts at 80% and transitions to 100% profits quicker than Bootcamp, and the additional monthly salary is a unique incentive. The potential for account growth is however capped which is a huge negative for me. However, account grows much quicker than FTMO, so still better than FTMO purely on the weight of account growth
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2023.06.04 15:45 EclecticOmnist4-2 The water vole #7/0 lure sucks. How do I catch taimen-khan?

The water vole #7/0 lure sucks. How do I catch taimen-khan?
I hit 4-5 different spots I know of and just small ones back to back.
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2023.06.04 15:45 Tripwir62 Is there any difference between fresh and saltwater tippet material?

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2023.06.04 15:45 pianoChoose43 Le “different and quirky” girl has arrived

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2023.06.04 15:45 k-r-o--n--o-s UA POV: Forbes magazine cited sources inside the Russian authorities as saying that between 600,000 and 1,000,000 people left in 2022. Why are people leaving Russia, who are they, and where are they going? - BBC

UA POV: Forbes magazine cited sources inside the Russian authorities as saying that between 600,000 and 1,000,000 people left in 2022. Why are people leaving Russia, who are they, and where are they going? - BBC submitted by k-r-o--n--o-s to UkraineRussiaReport [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 15:45 AfterDINNERMinge Potential Serial Killer in the Binghamton/Broome County area?

Let me start by saying I do not claim this to be perfect or spot on. Definitely looking for different ideas and POV. But, here we go:
I saw a post from 3 years ago that touched on this but in a vague way. No real references to exact cases, patterns, etc. With some minor research I think I may have found a pattern, at least from the last 3 to 4 years.
-JANUARY + FEBRUARY 2020- Missing 70 Year Old Woman's body found along Susquehanna River https://www.pressconnects.com/story/news/public-safety/2020/02/25/missing-binghamton-woman-susan-wayman-body-found-susquehanna-rive4868132002/
-APRIL +MAY 2020- BU Professor Dominic Davy goes missing and is found dead by the Susquehanna River in Endicott: https://www.pressconnects.com/story/news/local/2020/05/19/dominic-davy
-EARLY JUNE 2022- Women's body found in creek bed by Ross Park: https://wnbf.com/womans-body-found-creek-binghamton-home/
-LATE JUNE 2022- Woman's body found by Rock Bottom Dam in the Susquehanna https://wnbf.com/body-found-near-binghamtons-rockbottom-dam/
-MAY 2023- Woman's body found on South Bank of the Susquehanna River by the Walking Bridge: https://wnbf.com/woman-body-found-binghamton-susquehanna-rive
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2023.06.04 15:45 Big-Research-2875 Structure and function of Cell membrane

Structure Of Cyto Membrane

Developing the fluid mosaic model;

In 1972, S. dessert apple Singer and Garth diplomatist developed the fluid-mosaic model of membrane structure. in line with this model, a membrane may be a double layer (bilayer) of proteins and phospholipids, and is fluid instead of solid. The lipoid bilayer forms a fluid “sea” during which specific proteins float like icebergs.
Being fluid, the membrane is in a very constant state of flux—shifting and ever-changing, whereas retentive its uniform structure. The word mosaic refers to the various totally different types of proteins spread within the lipoid bilayer.
Structure and function of Cell membrane

Details of fluid mosaic model;

The following ar details of the fluid-mosaic model:

1. Lipids bilayer ;

The phospholipids have one polar finish and one nonionic finish. The polar ends ar familiarised on one facet toward the surface of the cell and into the fluid living substance on the opposite facet, and therefore the nonionic ends face one another within the middle of the bilayer.

Tail is hydrophobic;

The “tails” of each layers of lipoid molecules attract one another and ar repelled by water (they ar hydrophobic, “water dreading”).

Head is hydrophilic;

As a result, the polar spherical “heads” (the phosphate portion) ar placed over the cell surfaces (outer and inner) and ar “water attracting” (they ar hydrophilic).

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2023.06.04 15:45 diftu74823yruhdsbf prefabs,resources,sprites

Hey, I am a beginner, and I don't know what the difference is between prefabs, resources, and sprites. Can someone help me?
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2023.06.04 15:44 Sensitive-Drawing561 keyboard not showing on icue

I recently noticed that my keyboard effects stopped working so i opened icue and my keyboard is no where to be seen in icue. I've uninstalled icue a couple time, updated it to the newest version and unplugged my keyboard multiple times. I have a corsair k60 pro which idk if that makes a difference. idrc if my keyboard lighting stops working it would just be nice to have so please let me know if there's a fix
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2023.06.04 15:44 BamaPen Let's talk about 3D printing

OK, up front: I make and sell fountain pens that are 3D printed. I'm concerned that "3D printed" seems to be a big turn-off for some people, and at least a negative concept for many others. I would like to hear from any of you who will help me understand why this is true - or not...
If 3D printing is not an issue for you one way or the other, I'd like to hear that, too.
To start the discussion, let me tell you why I use 3D printing to make my pens.
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2023.06.04 15:44 FrankBlizzard [FOR SALE] 200+ records - Metal, Indie, Electronic, Experimental...tons of black metal, Sleep, Summoning, Sunn O))), Uncle Acid, Boris, Ghost, Rammstein, Ulver, Current 93, The Cure, Dead Can Dance, Cocteau Twins, MBV, Sun Kil Moon, Weyes Blood, Venetian Snares, Porcupine Tree and so much more!

Hey everyone, got another bunch of records for sale! I've added 100+ new items since my last post and dropped prices on others. Please feel free to ask if you have questions regarding specific pressings or need any clarification on condition.



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2023.06.04 15:44 Fancy-Comb1056 Mustang Ecoboost or Lexus RC 300?

Looking to buy a new car and am deciding between the two. It’ll be a daily, so I’m wondering how comfortable they are and whatnot.
Edit: Currently drive a 2014 Z4 so I’ll be trading that in and have $5k to put down otherwise.
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2023.06.04 15:44 BdR76 How about some more rugged collective action?

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2023.06.04 15:44 ThrowRA-nopoet26 I'm hoping you guys have the expert knowledge

I've tried asking around a few places but people don't seem to understand what I mean by natural shampoo and how this is different to regular store bought shampoo.
Most of my products are 'natural' and either fragrance free or completely made by me with things I know work for my skin. I have super sensitive skin FYI.
I just started using Friendly fragrance free shampoo bar and I live in a hard water area which makes the product less effective and can lead to waxy build up. I have a very dry hair type in general so I have some jojoba Faith in nature conditioner (no synthetic fragrance but it does have a small amount of essential oils in).
Does anyone use natural shampoo bars with conditioner and find that this is OK for their hair and scalp? Friendly reccomends using apple cider vinegar as a hair rinse to clarify and I will do this once a week to see how it goes.
I have long hair down to mid ribs and I don't think I could function without conditioner because of how dry it can be but I really want to try and be as natural as possible just because of my sensitives and not wanting chemicals etc.
Any tips or success stories greatly welcome :-)
Thank you
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2023.06.04 15:44 areyn044 36 [M4F] Let's just chat and see where things go! 😁

36 married male here, currently living in NY at the moment. Not sure what I'm looking for at the moment, but I would enjoy having someone to talk to.
I'm not much of a gamer or anime person, but I'm open to different things. I enjoy playing music. I play lot of different instruments.I enjoy the art scene, but I'm not artistic myself. I love horror movies and I'm always looking for a new scare. However I do have a deeper appreciation for movies as a whole. I also have a newfound enjoyment for baking. Still relatively new to it all, but im learning. I'm always down for small talk, but I also enjoy deeper conversation. I love to learn! I enjoy learning new things and the never ending sense of wonder.
HWP, but also kind of a dadbod going on. I enjoy working out and do so pretty regularly. Work gets in the way sometimes, but I try not to let it. I'm short, so if that's a problem, don't bother.
I'm looking for a two way street. I understand introverts and guiding a conversation, but back and forth is important to me, otherwise it just feels like an interview. Hope to hear from you!
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2023.06.04 15:44 ThrowRA-Soloque A small but very good update

Hello everyone,
Before you look through this, this is a follow up to my previous post:
I didn’t expect my post to reach that many people, but i’m very glad it did. I got a lot of advice from a lot of different viewpoints.
Common question
Could this have been manipulation on AP’s part? I highly doubt that, he wasn’t a supervisor of hers, he just worked with her on occasion.
I went on her laptop today since she isn’t here and got into her instagram. I found the whole chat history between them, and am currently going to print it all out into a few binders. I am going to find the AP’s wife, and send one to her. I am also going to send one to my parents, and keep one for the lawyer I get. I do live in an at fault state, so hopefully it goes well for me. I own the house, as I do very well financially, and I hope I will get to keep it.
Wife has texted me threatening to kill me. I don’t know who I loved before, but this is not her. I don’t know this woman. She’s gone totally insane.
I’ll update if anything happens, thank you all so much.
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2023.06.04 15:44 elitemt2 Dialog between Soo-Won and Aurene is still one of the best moments for me.

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2023.06.04 15:43 Fearless-Tour5072 Do more people of both genders think women more attractive than men, and that's a reason females are sexualized much more in media and pursued more? How many people hate that one gender is sexually desired disproportionally more than the other?

For the following reasons I've chosen to stay single. I've seen so many people say women naturally look more attractive to both genders, and that's a reason you see females sexualized more often than males. This is a reason lots of people think there are more women who are sexually attracted to other women than there are males attracted to other males. It's also commonly believed females are easier to draw because the curviness makes it easier to tell where certain parts begin or end. A lot of people think sexual desire depends on testosterone in both genders. I hate thinking any of this is true, because then sexual desire isn't as passionate in both genders, and I much prefer such a pleasurable feeling to be mutual. The thought that one gender is thought more attractive to both genders more commonly than the other makes it feel like a typical males desire for sex and to be in love with anyone of the opposite gender isn't as much a passion of women. I've seen so many people talk about statistics of men pursuing sexually pleasing activities much more often than women. This is something that makes it difficult for me to enjoy female beauty and is a reason I choose to stay single. It's infuriating and very upsetting for me.
I feel the same way about there being a great difference of male and female strength. When women get a certain amount of strength, if they were curvy, their body shape becomes very much like a man's. By this I don’t mean the amount of muscle, just the hip width, butt shape, and breasts size. I like protruding muscle on women, but I have difficulty enjoying it because of that, and because testosterone is needed for most of that. Since that's what gives males our uniquely shaped parts, it feels like that automatically makes physical strength a male quality. I hate that women are usually much weaker than men, because that makes them less capable of providing as many things needed to live as men can. Most of what we’ve become dependent on, and find entertaining, was made by men.
If what makes the body shape unique to women is mostly fat in those areas instead of dense material, that would make it difficult for me to enjoy female beauty, because that's a loose material stored in their body. It makes it feel to me like that's something extra giving them a different shape. I don't know how so many people can still enjoy female beauty as much if they think most of the difference of a woman's body shape is just fat. It feels to me, even though I know this is just an opinion, like the male body shape is more unique because we keep the same proportions relative to our body parts since birth, but females are born with that same shape and can either get one unique to their gender or not change much or any differently. There's a more specific shape for males than females, so it feels like our body shape is more a part of what makes us the way we are than the one unique to women is part of what makes them the way they are who have it.
Many people think that people only thought breasts attractive on women after they were required to stay covered more often than chests. This made it more exciting to see breasts and keeping parts covered more often on women made hair and ankles as attractive to men. In most tribal cultures, breasts aren't though attractive just because they feed babies. People in those cultures thought it strange that anyone thinks of breasts in a sexual way. I'm mostly sure of the opposite because I've read quotes from erotica from cultures where breasts and chests were seen as often describing breasts in a sexual way. There's a few such texts in the bible. I hope it is natural to think breasts attractive because I like thinking all of what makes a womans body shape different is sexy. If thinking any prominently different part of that body shape sexy had to be conditioned, that seems boring to me.
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2023.06.04 15:43 ThrowRa200990 (21F/23M) how to deal with jealousy in our relationship?

I’m kinda ashamed I’m even posting about this publicly but I don’t want to talk about it to any of my friends so here we go My boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year. This relationship also has a lot of good aspects but something that really bothers me is how bad this relationship makes me feel when it comes to other girls. Here are a few examples: He bought a puppy and couldn’t keep him, so he gifted him to his ex when they were still together, that means that they’re obviously still in contact but she still loves him and sometimes calls him on facetime for no reason. He has another female friend and sometimes when he’s over at my place and they talk on the phone for an hour straight while I just sit there and he calls her nicknames like baby. She’s in our friend group and I know for sure there’s nothing going on between them, one time he asked me if it made me uncomfortable, I said yes, he immediately stopped, but the fact this happened in the first place makes me feel very disrespected. Another friend got married, she sent him pictures of the wedding and he responded with “you’re the most beautiful bride” and that made me feel so extremely shitty for some reason. He also comments on nearly every woman he sees and rates her looks and what he likes about her, what he finds attractive/doesn’t find attractive and on one hand it doesn’t really bother me and I’m glad he feels comfortable sharing his thoughts but on the other hand a part of me thinks “why can’t you just be happy with what you have” , “why do you even think like that”. I get a lot of male attention and that bothers him a lot to the point where I had to quit my side job as a server because he noticed men would ask for my number a lot which is why I find this behaviour kinda paradoxical He doesn’t hide any of this, he just thinks I’m overreacting but is willing to change a few of these things but I still don’t know what to do because now I just feel like a mess. I think it’s the combination of these situations that makes me feel like this. He often tells me he feels like he’s walking on eggshells with me because everything he says seems to be wrong but I’m at a point where I can’t even tell what’s normal behaviour and what isn’t. I cant tell if I’m just too insecure for this relationship, if it’s just my ego, or if I’m really being disrespected that much. How do I deal with this problem?
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2023.06.04 15:43 heichousbleach I got fired a week after I reported my manager & a coworker for bullying behaviour. Do I have a leg to stand on to file an unfair dismissal/conflict of interest claim?

I reported my coworker (J) and my manager (M) for bullying behaviour to the Director (D) of the company for bullying behaviour. D & M are in a relationship, not married.
My coworkers all have a Facebook messenger group chat. J that I had the issue when J sent a very nasty message into this chat, outing specific coworkers in this message and telling these people to quit as J didn't want them working there anymore. I confronted J in the chat, saying that their behaviour was unacceptable and unprofessional, which resulted in J becoming very aggressive and threatening in the messages and then continued to be aggressive and threatening when they started an argument with me in the workplace. I reported J to M as soon as the first message was sent, and again after J continued their behaviour outside of the messages. I never heard back from M, they never called me in for a meeting or informed me that they would look into the issue. I found out through another coworker (T) that they tried reporting a similar issue to M, and instead found a multitude of unprofessional, degrading messages between M and another coworker (A) about T on their shared work mobile phone.
I got those messages about T, as well as the messages between J and I, and met with D to discuss me reporting J's behaviour as well as to report M for her behaviour. D instead told me that they had already spoken with J and did not need to hear from me, and was very dismissive of anything I had to say about the incidents. D refused to speak with me about anything I had to report about M, and instead kept changing the subject to needing to catch up with me later to discuss my "work".
A week later D met with me again to inform me that they do not want to continue my employment. D stated my work relationship was not at the standard they expected and would not offer any more information when I asked to clarify what their statement meant.
I believe it had something to do with the coworker, and me reporting M to D. Since M & D are in a relationship, and they refused to speak with me even though I reported the incident first regarding J and I, do I have a leg to stand on?
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