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Breaking free of the work/spend/borrow cycle in order to live more fully, sustainably, and cooperatively.

2023.05.29 17:31 Best-Respond-1026 49F Minimal make-up. Last photo... it was darker in my house when it was taken

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2023.05.29 17:31 Kontosouvli333 What is the most interesting House ? As in you wouldn't mind reading an entire story based on historical figures of said House.

My vote would be House Dayne and House Reed.
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2023.05.29 17:31 Admirable_Aardvark58 How to deal with a breakup when you have no one?

Yesterday I (28f) lost the man (35m) that I care about so much. I am just so devastated. I didn't want to lose him, but sadly it was for the best in the long term. But it still hurts like hell. I already miss him so much. I made some mistakes and I have a lot of healing and growth to do before I settle down with someone else, but yesterday I was absentmindedly browsing the site where we met, and I found him on there, already making a post looking for someone new. It makes me feel like he's already moved on and he never actually cared about me as much as I thought.
I don't have a single person in my life to turn to. My family is a bunch of strangers and I don't have a single friend. I live in a small, empty town with nothing to do, so nothing to distract myself. It's just me and my empty, dark apartment where I always am. I have no idea how to even begin to heal from this. I feel so lonely and broken and like I'm destined to be alone forever because everyone I've ever cared about has abandoned me or not been there for me.
Yesterday after it happened I tried to keep myself occupied by listening to music and doing some spring cleaning around the house, and it helped a little bit to distract me, but today I am just fully unmotivated and can't do anything besides lay in bed and cry. Wtf do I even do? All I want is some comfort and love but there isn't a single person in this world that can give that to me right now. Part of me just wants to give up completely. I lost the one person in my life that cared about me and now everything feels pointless.
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2023.05.29 17:30 DreamilyContent I (F30) need to talk to my friend (F29) about her behavior on our trip

Last week, a group of 8 of us (4 couples) went to the beach. Most of us had a great time, but my one friend, M, was in a terrible mood the entire week. I need advice on how to talk to her about it. Sorry, it's really long, but I think the details are important.
It started with her messaging me repeatedly the week before about how it was going to be too cold at the beach. I kept assuring her that while it sucks, we would still make the most of the trip. We drove in 3 separate cars, and had a group chat to notify each other if we needed to pee, etc. Our friend who planned the trip, C, preferred if we stopped for breaks together, as it's just more fun that way. At one point, M and her boyfriend, D, decided not to stop with the group and to keep on going, which was no big deal. Because of that, though, they ended up stuck in traffic later on, while our GPS rerouted the rest of us to a quicker route.
M was texting me and C privately, freaking out about the traffic, complaining how she had to pee, and saying she's bawling her eyes out. I felt bad for her, and C and I tried to be reassuring about her situation. She ended up arriving about 45 min later than the rest of us, and she stormed into the house and straight to her room and didn't come out for a while. She did send a text to me and C to say she's sorry but she's been crying for the last hour so she needed a minute. Again, completely understand.
However, her mood did not really improve the entire week. At every opportunity she went to her room. She never ate when other people were, and was always irritated and hungry. There was one day that D came out of their room after me, C, and our partners had gotten breakfast, so he walked to a coffee shop to get a muffin for M and coffees for the other 2 who were still in bed. They put their coffee orders in the group chat, which were complicated, and D forgot the muffin. M basically threw a fit, and D offered to go back to get her a muffin, but she said it was too late and almost lunch time (it was about 11 and we were planning to go to a place that C really wanted to try). The whole exchange was really awkward and kind of a tantrum - I think she was hangry. Finally D was like "we're going to breakfast" and they left. They ended up doing their own thing after that for most of the day. Then they met up with us later while we were getting henna tattoos, but once again she was really hungry so they left to go find her food.
Another day we played some drinking games designed by another friend on the trip, S. M doesn't drink, although they offered ways for her to play still (replacing alcohol with ginger ale, her favorite drink). Her not drinking has NEVER been an issue before, by the way. She doesn't mind being around people who drink and we do not pressure her to drink. She usually participates in some way. This time she chose to sit on the porch, but then she did get hungry, and spent an hour searching on her phone to find the exact meal she wanted. She kept trying to chat about it while we were running around and shotgunning beers and whatever, so I will admit I wasn't very attentive to what she was saying.
Anyway, she finally got her meal but it wasn't right (the chicken inside the wrap was cold which she hates). After the drinking games we went to the beach, and the 65 degree temps were much more tolerable after drinking. She tried to stay behind but we talked her into going with us. She was pleasant enough on the beach. There are more examples but I think you get the picture.
We left Friday, and everyone was sending pictures and videos in the group chat and making jokes, etc. M did not participate nor respond to a single group message since we got back. She shared a bunch of memes about being sad to her Instagram story, but hasn't discussed wtf is going on with anyone (except D, who C and I both asked about it and he said he didn't want to offer an opinion bc he didn't want to end up misconstruing info). If I text M privately just to chat she does respond normally.
I'm trying to be braver and more confrontational/ assertive and not let resentment build in my friendships. I need to talk to her about this. C also really wants answers. How do we talk to her about this? Can we do it in a group chat? I want the 3 of us to have this discussion, but I don't want her to feel like we are ganging up on her. Also, how do I start the conversation? I've seen her completely ghost people rather than have a hard conversation, so I am worried about even bringing it up.
TL;DR My friend was in a sour mood for our entire beach trip and I want advice on how to talk to her about it.
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2023.05.29 17:30 loseroftheyear2023 What if this was the solution? The Equitable Prosperity and Progressive Affordability Act

Executive Summary
The Equitable Prosperity and Progressive Affordability Act is a ground-breaking economic proposition designed to transform the socio-economic landscape of the United States, based on principles of equality, shared prosperity, and the profound goodness that forms the core of the American spirit. This Act proposes to realign economic dynamics, advocating for progressive pricing of goods and services, progressive taxation, universal healthcare, affordable education, and fundamental housing rights.
Concurrently, we remain steadfast in our commitment to curtail greed, eliminate bribery, and reduce lobbying in our politics, realigning the focus towards public welfare. Recognizing the power of technology, this Act encourages adoption, implementation, and education of advanced technological systems to ensure a smooth transition. It is time we actualize the vision of our Founding Fathers and foster an America that isn't just great, but fundamentally good.
1.0 Progressive Pricing and Progressive Taxation
1.1 Progressive Pricing System
The proposed Progressive Pricing System (PPS) is an innovative, equity-focused mechanism that directly addresses the prevailing wealth disparities in our society. Under PPS, the cost of goods and services increases proportionally with a person's income level, establishing a system where essential goods become more affordable for those who are less affluent.
1.2 Progressive Taxation
Mirroring the principles of PPS, the proposed Progressive Taxation model seeks to alleviate the burden on the less wealthy, requiring a proportionately higher contribution from those with higher incomes. This ensures that everyone contributes their fair share, based on their ability to pay.
2.0 Universal Healthcare and Affordable Education
2.1 Healthcare for All
Believing healthcare to be a fundamental right, this Act proposes a healthcare system where access and affordability inversely correlate with income. This ensures that every citizen, regardless of their financial situation, can receive quality healthcare.
2.2 Accessible Education
Similarly, the Act ensures that quality education isn't a privilege but a right accessible to all. Lower-income families will have free or subsidized access to education, while wealthier families, with greater resources at their disposal, will pay more for the same services.
3.0 Basic Housing Rights
Embracing housing as a basic human right, this Act ensures secure, safe, and affordable housing for all Americans. We propose a comprehensive strategy that includes expanding low-income housing, providing subsidies for affordable housing, and implementing rent controls to protect against predatory pricing practices.
4.0 Clean Politics: Reducing Greed, Bribery, and Lobbying
A core tenet of this Act is a commitment to clean politics, free from the influence of greed, bribery, and lobbying. Through stricter campaign finance regulations, greater transparency in political donations, and strong anti-corruption laws, we aim to create a political landscape that truly serves the public interest.
5.0 Embracing Technology for Implementation and Education
We believe that technology is a crucial ally in our pursuit of equity. By leveraging advancements in technology, we can design and implement efficient systems that make this socio-economic shift seamless. Further, digital technologies can be instrumental in broadening access to education, helping us bridge the digital divide and create more opportunities for all.
6.0 Rationale and Justification
Drawing from the profound words of Alexis de Tocqueville, "America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great", this Act is a commitment to ensure that America remains great by being fundamentally good. We propose a model that resonates with the Christian virtues of charity and compassion, creating an economic environment where the less privileged are uplifted.
This Act aligns with the vision of our Founding Fathers, who aspired to form a nation where freedom, prosperity, and opportunity were the birthright of every citizen. Our proposal is a testament to their dream and to the sacrifice required to uphold these ideals. As President John F. Kennedy famously stated, "Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country."
7.0 Conclusion
The Equitable Prosperity and Progressive Affordability Act is a significant step towards realizing the dream of an America that is not just great, but fundamentally good. It calls for shared sacrifice and a collective commitment to social justice, laying the foundation for a brighter, more equitable, and prosperous future for all.
8.0 Next Steps
As we forge ahead on this transformative path, we invite all stakeholders to join us in refining and implementing this Act. We encourage dialogue, feedback, and shared commitment to turning these principles into action. Together, we can build an America that not only embodies greatness but exudes fundamental goodness, ensuring life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all its citizens.
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2023.05.29 17:30 Silver_Ice7586 What’s the matter with her? (Peace Lily)

What’s the matter with her? (Peace Lily)
For me, peace lily’s have always been hard to keep healthy.. I don’t know why! I repotted her about a week ago and she wilted for a day, came back to life, but is now in a constant state.
  • I water when the top inch of soil has dried (maybe every 3 weeks)
-It’s summer here so the room temp is about 15-18 C
-Gets some indirect sunlight
  • I repotted with some standard peat free house plant soil and watered right after
Does anyone have any advice on what to do here? :(
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2023.05.29 17:30 MystikIncarnate Diamond SG7000

Hello fellow hams.
I picked up a Diamond SG7000 antenna from a recent local hamfest and it appears to be broken in some way. I didn't have equipment to test it when I was there, so I just picked it up and brought it home.
I first put it on my SWR meter to check it, I didn't have a ground plane for it immediately, but I expected something resembling the SWR curve advertised, even if it was higher than it should have been due to the ground plane missing. I didn't get any change when I attached it to my meter. It was no better than an open connection on the meter. So I brought out my multimeter, and tested resistance between the center pin and what should be the radiating element; nothing again. I checked every metal surface on the antenna and got nothing on my meter, it's just showing an open lead. Then I checked from the ground on the connector to the rest of the antenna, and there's a connection.
I discovered that the upper part of the antenna with the radiating element unscrews from the base, and it appears that the post it screws into is grounded for some unknown reason. My current theory is that something happened internally, which broke the connection from the center pin to the post, and the wire made contact with the outside casing. Unfortunately, the lower part with the SO-239/M-type? connector up to that post is solid. There's no obvious way to pull it apart at all. Likely this was by design, to keep the internals protected away from the elements and prying eyes. The lower end of the antenna seems to be a single piece of metal for the connector threading, right up to the pin, which is insulated. at the top near the post, there's a black plastic insulator which does not have any apparent way to dislodge it from the rest of the lower housing (the metal part).
So, I'm wondering if someone maybe has a SG7000 that can confirm that the middle post should be connected to the center pin on the connector; if so, what are my options here?
Does Diamond have some special circuitry/wiring in the base (maybe to adjust the inductance?) that lives in the base of this antenna? or can I just fashion a connector to the post and screw the upper part of the antenna onto a custom base with a ground plane and the center pin straight to the radiating element/post?
Am I screwed? should I just toss it, take the loss and go buy something else?
Opinions? Anyone have one of these that they can test to verify that it should be connected in another way? The way that power would currently flow through this, doesn't seem to be helpful at all, and I don't think it would work for radiating any energy; unless there's something I've massively missed and this thing just doesn't respond well to my SWR tuner?
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2023.05.29 17:29 TypeMidgard People forgetting how civilization works.

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2023.05.29 17:29 Practical-Mud-1 Toilet makes clicking noise when flushed. Any idea what it is?

Toilet makes clicking noise when flushed. Any idea what it is?
I have three toilets in my house. They’re all connected with plastic push on fittings + PEX.
Here are 3 pictures of the connection.
2 toilets are perfectly quiet without clicking, but one does this very slight clicking noise after flushing it.
Attached is a video of clicking noise.
There are zero leaks. I’m just wondering if this is something to be concerned about or that needs to be fixed?
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2023.05.29 17:29 Round_Bandicoot5572 How to calculate dutch salary?

I am a bit confused about calculating the salary in the Netherlands. A company offered me a 3900 EUmo gross salary including an 8% holiday allowance. I am an MSc graduate from abroad. 30% rule applies. Some websites have an option (young employee with masters) and my net salary calculation results in 3500 EUmo. For those who do not have such an option the result is 3100 EUmo. Which one is correct?
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2023.05.29 17:29 ondehinterwebs US States by prevalence of Palm Trees (subjective)

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2023.05.29 17:29 Haku_Houtarou How do i get back to being active ?

So i am a 20 years old male and i spend all my time in the house playing games 24/7 and i wasn't active for a long time and now i am having difficulty walking long distances and i can't run that much anymore because my legs will end up hurting a lot and can't stand still on my legs for a long time either . I want to be more active again but i am not sure what exercises and warmups i am supposed to do , i want to exercise at home with no equipment required
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2023.05.29 17:29 ag_333x Have I been turning my friendship into a romantic relationship dynamic without realising?

Ok so long story short I realised I had a crush on my straight bsf in march and it had already been going strong for 9 months (so June 2022) and it’s still going now. Looking back at the signs I missed I realised I may have possibly slowly turned our friendship (which is extremely close) into a romantic relationship and not a best friend situation. The reason for context of why it took so long for me to realise was bc although I had a feeling I was bisexual 4 yrs ago I didn’t face it and question and come out till this year in march so a lot of realisations happened that month.
Onto the point, basically I started getting REALLY touchy with her after October which was when we started meeting up outside of school (we both graduated earlier on and had only daily FaceTimed in summer this was when we first started to hang out at my house and shopping etc) like I would want a hug from her which is pretty normal and that’s how it started but then it quickly progressed into me holding hands with her spontaneously and taking photos of it, snuggling into her and feeling really shy when she’d jokingly put her head on my shoulder bc she was tired. I started sitting right next to her on the sofa like not even millimetres were between us. I also felt myself blush often when we were this close and couldn’t hold eye contact and her skin is SO soft and I crave it. Moving on from touchiness I also started telling her to stop constantly teasing me and joking around. I’d been fine with this for a year of our friendship as it was a funny thing we both did but I’d stopped bc clearly I liked her and I’d developed romantic attraction now so I wanted real love from her. I didn’t want her joking around about me I wanted her to be soft and sweet and tell me she loved me. I also said I love you to her so much which kind of became a habit. She started saying it bc she does with all her friends at night and then I started saying it 24/7. I didn’t want to do funny videos and friendship things with her anymore there’s a lot of examples I can give such as watching tv shows, simply hugging, doing sentimental TikTok’s about how much I love her etc one main example I can give is I suggested even watching the sunset and stars together last year but I can’t tell if that’s romantic attraction or the fact I was obsessed with astronomy but let’s just say I think it’s both bc I didn’t envision us joking and laughing I envisioned us lying or sitting next to each other and even holding hands. There might be more I don’t remember but from this does everyone think I’ve made it very obvious to her aside from physical attraction and have I been making my friendship into a romantic relationship bc quite honestly it really feels like it something has shifted and we don’t act like bsfs anymore in what we do and I know that’s bc of me. MY BSF IS ALSO STRAIGHT
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2023.05.29 17:28 Tag365 How come when PaRappa finishes baking his cake in Bad or Awful mode he still has to try again? He baked his cake fully, didn't he?

How come when PaRappa finishes baking his cake in Bad or Awful mode he still has to try again? He baked his cake fully, didn't he?
Or maybe Cheap Cheap personally tells Sunny Funny that his cake was poorly baked so that she wouldn't accept it - she does run off and have a baby chicken scold him in his place.
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2023.05.29 17:28 ToughAuthority1 "Remember, childfree women, stay locked in the house until menopause, because, what if you go out and fall in love with someone of the opposite gender?" - Get fucked, dipshit.

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2023.05.29 17:27 MommySunHelp My [37f] partner [34m] wants to have sex with other people. How can I understand this lifestyle

The more I read about monogamy and polygamy I'm so confused. It's like self diagnosis on Google. I get anxious and panic and just give up. I want real actual people who practice that can give me some sort of insight. I'm lost and confused.
I'm a 37 female and my partner is 34. We have known each other for 8 years and dated off and on for two and recently two years ago went all in and committed to each other other (with a cheating scandal or two). I have been working towards relocating and changing jobs to move in but recently my partner mentioned a sexual issue (the need to have sex with others), to a commitment issue (he loves multiple people) to now he's using terms like monogamy (being unable to, period).
We have a child together. We are both committed to our child. We believe our child needs both of us, he has many health and mental issues and it will take two full time parents to raise him. I come from a conservative family and he has only been my 2nd long term relationship. I come from a family where loyalty and love are extremely important. When you're committed you work hard to make it work and I will be the first to admit my anxiety and stress and honestly lack of street smarts and life can be frustrating for my partner but at the same time he has told me many times my loyalty and the effort I make to get to know him made us really good friends when we first got to know each other. Baby wasn't planned but co-parenting and realizing what our son needed made us try to really bring that relationship to the next level of living together. When we co-parent it makes us happy. That identity of being a parent, the common goals we have for our child and just the love he has for both of us really deepen our love for each other.
My partner has some past relationship trauma and has express in his life women have used him and he has a tendency to handle stress and depression with sex. He has told me he has had over 40 sexual partners. I accept this about him. Up until he wasn't honest when he slept with others while sleeping with me.
We tried to work through it. Stay focus on our child. Time was good and again he cheated. With therapy and counseling he now uses terminology like not being monogamous and saying he is not able to. He has express to me he will have sex with who he wants when he wants. How can I understand his needs and what can I do to support him?
The more I read about it the more overwhelming I get. The more I ask him the more he tells me very bluntly he is not able to have sex with one person. I'm not giving all the details because he was able to identify a previous post of my asked me to take it down.
But he is basically told me he is not able to have sex with only one person and that's a person he is having sex with is just a fantasy. He has been having sex with this person since 2020. He assured me she was just a fantasy and nothing important. Then as they spend more time together and communicate with each other. He told me she was just someone who he f**** with. Now he has recently told me that he loves two people, me and her but I am the one he is committed to because he has asked me to live with him permanently. Is this polyamory?
I'm incredibly sad. Is this what my life will me. I have met this woman and she is rude to me. He now has her around our son. I'm depressed and trying to understand what is he thinking? I am just old school and lot understanding all these new lifestyle and terminology everyone has these days? I feel naive and foolish. I thought I was committed loyal and loving and now he says I'm obsessive with him. I don't demand all his time or anything red flag behavior where woman want access to the phone or the location on. I feel I have been very flexible and understanding.
I love this man. I love our child. I love this family. I want to continue working hard and working on my anxiety and depression but I just want to understand my partner and what it is he is thinking. I know reddit you cannot tell me what it is he's thinking, but maybe you those who are in this lifestyle and those who are familiar with been intimate with multiple people and loving multiple people is this how it goes. I feel naive and dumb for my lack of experience.
Every time I ask him to talk to he swears he will set aside time but when we do talk he then changes the subject. He constantly says I need to work on myself. I try to think of things where I lack but I work full time and pay my own bills, any and all free time is spent with our child and I do everything needed in the home (all errands and chores with no complaints). I treat his family with respect, treat his ex wife with respect and accept his crazy work schedule and multiple jobs, sure I'll ask him to set time aside where we can do a family activity or a group outing but that I feel isn't asking too much. Even in the bedroom, I want him all the time. I'll do any sexual activity he askes. Because I'm comfortable with him and trust him and yet he still wants sex with others. My anxiety is when he's always on the phone with the other lady or when she comes to visit (she tells me happily they have sex). I hate that he's now telling me he loves me and her. Shouldn't there be a hierarchy of things?
What questions should I be asking so I can be coherent and clear of my boundaries and intentions. I love our family. I don't want to lose our family. I accept his sexual desire to be with others but can't be with someone I don't know, someone who doesn't come to the house? Help me understand this lifestyle.
Tl;Dr: My partner wants to have sex with other people. What is this lifestyle and how can I learn to accept it?
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2023.05.29 17:26 Redsmoker37 The relationships that really fail from the female perspective, it's b/c the chicks are used to the guy having NOTHING else to do in prison and expect the guy to shower them with attention. Once the guy gets out and want a life, they're pissed. Cheryl, Big Mo, Johanna, Glorietta, Heather, Shavel

The relationships that really fail from the female perspective, it's b/c the chicks are used to the guy having NOTHING else to do in prison and expect the guy to shower them with attention. Once the guy gets out and want a life, they're pissed. Cheryl, Big Mo, Johanna, Glorietta, Heather, Shavel submitted by Redsmoker37 to loveafterlockup [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 17:26 Exato1337 🚀🌍16+ Frontier Adventures RP Serious RP Custom Cars Maps Jobs Clothing Casinos Robberies Heists Drug-Systems Rims Gangs 💥🎮

🚀🎮Get ready for the exciting world of FiveM Roleplay with Frontier Adventures RP! Our server, powered by the robust QBC Framework, is primed for launch, promising an unparalleled gaming experience. Having successfully concluded our “Under Development” phase, we are now putting the finishing touches to refine your gaming journey.

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Join Frontier Adventures RP today and immerse yourself in the ultimate frontier adventure in FiveM Roleplay. Don't miss the thrill—join us now!🚀
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2023.05.29 17:26 lunaticz0r What can I improve?

What can I improve?
Have had this tank for a few mo ths now, bought it second hand because I had a fishy in my pond and it was cold out... ended up with a boatload of other fish and a telescope fish (not sure of the English translation for it, but it has huge funny eyes lol). Loving the whole proces of scaping and redoing it but now it's time to ask some feedback :)
Was wondering what I could change/improve upon. I would love some idea about the flooring, it feels so dark, maybe some short moss/grass could make it better for the lower fish (algea eaters always chill on the lower end of the tank while the colorful fishes tend to be up and at the middle parts).
thats why I added that big drift wood piece: it has holes for them to swim through, a vulcano type of hole on top (see pictures) and loads of hiding places. Also made a "gate" with another drift wood piece.
maybe adding some green ON THE wood would make it flow better? any ideas?
Still working on making a good tube for the air bubbles, they get clogged up pretty quick right now and the tube is too visible for my liking, working on that still!
edit: wanted to add video but can't sadly
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2023.05.29 17:26 IThinkImFeelingTaco What Do I Do? What's the next step?

Throwaway account cuz I don't want anyone I know to recognize me. I (15 M) live with my Mom and my Sister (12). My story is basically about us as a family, including my dad. We aren't an unhappy family, but we are very distant from my dad. I love my old man, but I only see him maybe once or twice a year. He's a really nice guy and doesn't do any negative things you would think about like being some sort of addict. But my mom seems to think of him as some sort of villain, as anything related to him she ignores. Of course she loves me and my sister, but when it comes to controlling her anger, she's not really the best at it. I think this sort of passed onto my sister as she has a very short fuse. But anyway, this is really affecting me mentally, and it makes things worse that my mom doesn't have a care in the world about it, to the point that even my sister is ignoring his texts. It's really affecting my dad too, he's had a heart surgery, and high blood pressure related problems because of the stress this is causing. And it's not like this just started happening. My parents have been separated for as long as I can remember, and I have faint memories of things a father and son should do like playing catch or learning how to ride a bike. But I'm finding it more and more difficult to find things to relate with him now, in the present, when I call or text him. It's either all about work or about my sister and mom. And when it is about my sister and mom, he texts how he cries alone, thinking about the way they treat him, which leaves me in a very, pessimistic situation. All my aunts on my mom's side are either neutral or on my dad's side about this, and to add, I don't even know my uncles and aunts on my dad's side all that well, I have a faint memory of talking with them, but I've forgotten them so much that I don't remember their names. I met my cousins on my dad's side a few years back and I couldn't believe how many I had. I had only interacted with my cousins on my mom's side and seeing how I had a lot more on my dads side, just made me feel surprised. But anyways, I don't have anyone I can talk about this with, anyone I can talk about with THIS personally anyway. And it's not like he's not making an effort, he sends gifts, money, etc, everything you can think of. Even as a kid he got me stuff like a 3DS and a Switch (I lost the 3DS but I still have the Switch, and I love it and use it almost every week). But these things were given to me behind my mom's back at my friend's house. My friend's house is where I would ride the bike he got me, or play ball right outside. I did all this because I know what my mom's reaction would be. This was proven further when I got caught with my Switch. I let my sister play on it for the first time, and of course, she didn't put it away fast enough, and my mom saw it and got angry at my friend's mom for keeping it without telling her (she's a good person, she did this out of the goodness of her heart). I then went home, leaving the switch there, where she wouldn't talk with me for a good week before I couldn't take it and apologized. I tried to reason with her that if I told her she would have thrown it away like she's done with other things from my dad. Money? Ripped right in front of me. Water Gun? Cut open and trashed. New phone? Fell asleep with it and when I woke up it was gone. Please do not get the wrong idea, I love my mom, and she loves move, both ways 100%, but I just wish she could see the error of her ways and admit when she's wrong. My sister is no better. She ignores me sometimes as well, but unfortunately my dad gets the worst of it. So Reddit, what the hell do I do? How can I get my sister to talk with my dad? How can I get my mom to not get mad every time he's brought up. In 2021 I only saw my dad once. For 15 god damn minutes. And when I came home, she was livid and just kept saying things like "why don't you go live with him". For 15 god damn minutes. How tf do I fix my family? I'm two years away from graduating high school and I'm blank as to what I'm going to do from there regarding this situation. I need massive help.
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2023.05.29 17:26 I_Only_Post_NEAT Should I cluster shrubs or keep them separate in a mixed hedge?

Came here to ask here as well as in landscaping:
So I been thinking back and forth on this for a few weeks and can’t really decide. Im looking to put in a mixed border hedge of native northeast shrubs for a 120foot stretch between a front lawn and sidewalk/road. Not really looking for privacy, just a nice buffer that will replace the deer eaten arborvitaes and also feed the birds. So my goals are to plant inkberries, bayberries, clethra, beach plums, winterberries, and red twig dogwoods. Maybe spread out here and there will be a small flowering tree or a conifer
What I’m trying to decide on is if I should cluster like species together, or spread them out individually in the hedge? Behind the house is a forest so I guess there’s a woodland sort of aesthetic going. And the front has no large shade trees and is very sunny.
If I cluster it’ll be something like 3 beach plums, then 3 inkberry, then 3 bayberry, then 3 winterberry, and in between the different species cluster would be a small tree or sort. If I do mixed then it’ll be just alternating shrubs.
I’m leaning toward the clustering of like species but I dont know if it’ll make my yard look like some kind of arboretum/nursery..
Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.29 17:26 wetdog9 Budget BT with Wired Option

Hello! Can you help me find a good set of budget headphones?
Budget: €50 or less preferred, but could go up to €80ish for the right set.
Must-haves: Over-the-ear, Bluetooth, USB-C charging, wired option, comfortable for at least a few hours of wear
Nice-to-haves: Noise cancelling, light weight
I'll mostly be streaming via BT from a phone or laptop, but occasionally will be wired into a small mixer or laptop. I prefer a flat or balanced tone as they'll sometimes be used for casual recording. I'm replacing a couple cheap sets of MPOWs that sounded OK, but haven't held up. I used to have a pair of [semi?] open-backed, wired Sennheisers that I loved. Comfortable, great range, perfect sound profile. Unfortunately, I don't think I can drop that kind of dough these days.
I'm located in Ireland, so the EU market or are available to me.
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