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Dedicated to full tours of liveable spaces, both amateur and professional. This subreddit is purely about tours of liveable spaces. If you post a lot of your own blog/website, try to keep the ratio of (at least) 3-1 for when you post your own content and when you post other people's.

2022.02.08 11:56 algoai BigWhiteBox

This Subreddit will aim to discuss the new architecture style that aims to save $ by creating a Big White Box, painting the home white or gray, open concept, lack of interior walls, full of exterior glass, exterior square walls, and all in the name of Modern Architecture.

2023.05.29 18:27 LthePerry02 [TOMT] [KID’S BOOK] A bizarre book I read about two brothers stuck in an MC Escher-esque household

This one is a long shot, but I remember this book I read around 2010 or 2011 that really resonated with me, in a somewhat creepy way
I remember two brothers, one older and one younger, in their house. Their surroundings began to get progressively distorted, which I recall looking very much like MC Escher’s house depictions. So much so that I’m thinking it was definitely intentional, they may have even used exact sketches of his for some of the pages. Just like his work, the whole book was black and white.
What creeped me out about it, was the ending, which I don’t remember the specifics of. All I remember is that things never went back to normal, it just got continually abstract and distorted until the two brothers were stuck in this abstract purgatory with just each other. It was the first example of a really bleak ending I had ever read in book, and that’s why it stuck with me.
I also remember a motif of the book was some grammatical error the younger brother kept making, like he kept saying “me and you” instead of “you and I”, which kept annoying the older brother. If I recall, the final line of the book was the older brother saying the grammatical error instead, I believe in response to the two being forever trapped in the abstract landscape.
Sound familiar to anyone? It was really fascinating and bleak and I really want to read it again.
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2023.05.29 18:22 Go0Ld1e Is this anxiety, or something more serious? F14

About me:
Age: 14 (15 soon)
Height: 4'9-5'0
Weight: underweight
I'm British, I also don't smoke, or drink anything.
No meds, or therapists etc.
I'm pale, and have a bad diet. (Eating like rubbish) and i never go outside. (i'm pale.) and my sleep routine is horrible.
So basically, my dad died back in 2019. From lung cancer. I was 10 at the time, and I already knew he was gonna. You know. And after he died. I couldn't really believe it? but the grief didn't click in, until September / November, of 2019. But then at the time, I started going through really stressful, things like, bullying. Name-calling. Harassment. (These had happened online. I know it may not seem like such a big deal but it ruined my self-confidence, and mental health.) And it got worse in 2020, because I got abused online as well And my mental health, got worse to the point where I had urges to kill / harm myself, (I hardly have them anymore, which I'm glad about. Family issues. Stressed Almost constant crying
(The reasons why I'm saying this, is because it could explain why I'm dealing with the stuff I'm about to put down.)
December, 8th, 2020, was the time I got sick.
It was in my stomach, and I though "oh I'm just sick it will pass", but it just got worse. And it would keep, growling, and I lost my appetite fully and didn't even wanna eat. But the thing I realised was that I was stressed / worried about it. Because I though it was stomach cancer. (Still do.) And it would make me feel like I was gonna throw up,
And in 2021. I still had. It. No appetite still, no nothing. Just feeling sick. But I still ate, and drank everyday. But online stuff happened again. (Which I think made it worse? I don't know. And my mental health worse.) But then I started thinking my stomach was gonna collapse. And I started worrying more about it.
And in this year, same stuff. With my stomach. But in April 2022. I had a panic attack? I also had left arm aches / pains. So basically went downstairs, and told my mum about it. And we started talking, about stuff. And i stood up from the chair, and then all sudden, my head started feeling SUPER weird. And I said "mum my head feels weird!" And she said "your probably having a panic attack." And then i started panicking, and said "mum, mum I think I'm dying!!" And I went down on to the kitchen floor.and my brother said "your fine." And my mum said "this is because of your dad." And then she went to open the door for me to get air. And I still felt weird. And my hands were shaking. (I can't remember but I think my mouth /lips was dry.) But the thing is I felt like I was forcing the shaking. Because I was making myself shake (but again I probably wasn't. I did not do it for attention, I know that would of been bad. etc I was seriously scared, that I was gonna die in front of my mum and brother.) . But when I stopped my body felt like nothing. And my breathing was a bit weird a swell. And my mum was trying to talk me out of it. And then a few minutes later, I went to stand up, and go upstairs, but my whole body, and legs felt weird. Very weird. But then I felt the whole night, watching tiktok to distract myself. But then next day, my mum told my older brother that I was having panic attacks. That same day, I felt like I was freak, out and call an ambulance, because I felt like I was going to die. And I was worrying about my health. (Still do.)
and i am also getting forgetfulness. feeling like something is in my throat for a few minutes, and feeling sweaty,(doesn't last long.) when i panic over something. stuttering, headaches. weird head feelings, and weird feeling slightly under my stomach by my hips. dry, mouth / lips sometimes, and feeling like i will gag? on my foods / drinks now.
And my symptoms kept changing.
And now this year, my symptoms have pretty much changed like they have been.
but my stomach still keeps growling for no reason I lost my appetite, 2-3 years ago when this started, but I feel weird, like very weird like the weird feelings you get when you feel like you're about to end up in a hospital? I can't explain my weird feelings, and I feel like I can't think straight? But I can? But I keep looming at things without blinking for a few seconds and my face was just been blank? In a way, and I'm getting weird fuzzy feelings at the side of my face. and I'm scared I'm dying, or it's an illness. But the weird feelings do go away, but they come back after a few hours, or minutes, I know I need therapy, and help but the waiting lists. I'm trying to learn to cope with it. Because I know it won't go away just by ignoring it, and I know as much as I'm worried for my health know I been through a lot of stress, etc and now I been going puberty for a couple years.Anxiety feels like a nightmare, and I hate it. I wish I could stop feeling constantly weird, and strange etc. It's a very very weird and strange feeling and it's odd. I can't explain anything.
But I can't keep letting it get the best of me because I will just need to learn, to accept it as much as its hard to. I'll just accept it and I'll keep telling my mum for therapy or even see a doctor It's terrifying but i know I can get through this oll run around my house etc etc etc for distractions etc until I can get a therapist which I know will take long, but I hope I won't be like this forever and ever.
And I also have a white patch on my tongue it kinds looks like milk? And sometimes I feel a very weird weird feeling that something will happen? And most times I breathe I feel something in my throat lime its my heart beat? Or if my heart skips a beat or something when I breathe sometimes?
But also a good thing is, is that I can drink and eat fine, and I'm not in any bad pains at all, I just physically feel weird, and I can't explain the feelings. But when I sleep, I wake up In the middle of the night for no reason, so that might be from stress.
Does anybody else experience or know what I mean? I don't know why I keep worrying about my health I constantly seek reassurance and it kinda makes me feel a attention seeker.but i also have this weird cold feeling at my back (the cold feeling you get when you're sick?) but i have it at my back, and i don't have a lot of symptoms of anxiety and it's scaring me. are people different with anxiety and stress? do they have different things with it? because i know everybody is different but i'm still scared.
has anybody else had this? i feel like i'm the only person. i think i actually have a illness or something i just feel sick and strange constantly. but i'm planning on getting stress/anxiety gummies i'm terrified.
and i'm thinking about therapy? but i just wanna take small steps for starters.
and i also never see anybody with this same thing as me so i'm scared.
and my hear also makes a drop feeling, even when my heart isn't racing etc it happens out of nowhere, and it's weird, and when i breathed in, i like felt it in my throat? and i just feel awful, and weird constantly, it sucks. it really does suck. i just feel like i'm gonna die or if i have some type of serious/deadly illness etc, i just want it to stop. i don't even have a clue if this is normal or not. i just hope others have, had the same things/thing has me. it sucks i feel alone. it feels like something is wrong inside my body and i can't explain it i'm so sick of it. i feel like i'm about to die any second.
should i change my diet, and sleep routine? and get anxiety/stress gummies from amazon? (they probably won't work but i wanna take small steps.)

I don't understand what's going on? Why am I getting these weird physical symptoms? Because I don't know if it is anxiety, or is just from stress or some kind, of trauma? I don't know but I'm scared, can a doctor or nurse help please.

I really don't feel well, and I can't stop thinking it's something serious, because I know I probably have health anxiety but I'm scared. Can anybody give me reassurance that im okay? Or if anybody else had this? Am I dying??
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2023.05.29 18:22 goth_neopets Lost dog? I met a very sweet, grey and white, male pit bull-y looking dog limping on its hind leg near Davenport and N38th st today. No collar, but friendly and clean, and when I came outside with a water bowl he was gone.

If this was your pup I hope you are reunited soon! Didn’t have my phone on me so couldnt get a pic of him
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2023.05.29 18:18 RipperRex1996 Adding New Species To Existing Reserves: My Thoughts!

  1. Mandarin Duck (New): A close relative of the wood duck, and just as, if not more spectularly plumaged. There is an invasive population in Germany.
  2. Ferruginous Duck (New): a common duck of Germany.
Layton Lake:
  1. Stone Sheep (New): Found throughout central and northern British Columbia, it could give some extra life to fill in the otherwise empty mountains of Layton.
  2. Canvasback (New): One of the larger huntable duck species of North America, and one that is likely highly requested by our local duck hunters.
  3. Surf Scoter (New): A striking sea duck, would look fantastic in many lodges!
Medved-Taiga National Park:
  1. Siberian Roe Deer (New): a much larger and impressive species of Roe deer, that are found throughout Siberia.
Vurhonga Savanna:
  1. Klipspringer (New): a small antelope well adapted to rocky terrain; these little guys can help make the rather empty plateau region feel livelier.
  2. Egyptian Goose (New): one of the most common waterfowl of Southern Africa.
  3. Yellow-billed duck (New): one of the most common waterfowl of Southern Africa, with a striking yellow bill.
  4. Helmeted guineafowl (New): its sounds are one of the staples of Africa and is a common hunted upland bird in South Africa.
  5. Common Impala (New): one of the most hunted antelope species of Southern Africa, and one of the most populous as well.
  6. Plains Zebra (New): one of the most famous of Africa's megafauna, and one of the most striking.
  7. Common Eland (New): The largest antelope species, easily making it a Clas. 9.
  8. Bush Duiker (New): a commonly hunted smaller antelope found throughout Sub-Saharan Africa
Parque Fernando:
  1. Rosy-billed pochard (New): Argentina is one of the world's premier duck hunting destinations, why it only has one duck species is so odd to me. The Pochard is one of Argentinas most famous duck species.
  2. Silver Teal (New): a striking duck species commonly hunted in Argentina.
  3. Ringed Teal (New): another commonly hunted duck species in Argentina.
  4. White-Cheeked Pintail (New): a striking relative of the Northern Pintail.
  5. Chiloe Wigeon (New): a striking relative of both the Eurasian and American Wigeon.
  6. Pere Davids Deer (New): originally from China, there is an introduced population of this bizzare deer species in Argentina.
Yukon Valley:
  1. Sitka Deer (New): found in southern Alaska, this deer can easily be slotted in along the forests alongside the lakes and rivers. Highly requested by deer hunters.
  2. Dall Sheep (New): one of the biggest surprises was this species not being present on YK's release and has been highly requested since. There might have to be an expansion of this map to include more mountainous terrain for it, however.
  3. King Eider (New): one of the most striking sea ducks.
  4. White-tailed Ptarmigan (New): an upland bird to add to YK!
  5. Wolverine (New): a feisty large mustelid, requested by quite a few people.
Cuatro Colinas Game Reserve:
  1. Red-legged Partridge (New): one of the most common upland birds of Spain.
Silver Ridge Peaks:
  1. Dusky Grouse (New): a species of blue grouse common in the Rockies, adds an upland bird.
Te Awora National Park:
  1. Paradise Duck (New): a native duck of New Zealand, why it didn't make it in initially is anyone's guess.
  2. Himalayan Tahr (New): along with Chamois, they are popular mountain game of NZ. Why they weren't in TA at launch is anyone's guess, despite an easter egg of them being present on map.
Rancho del Arroyo:
  1. Gambel's Quail (New): one of the most popular game birds of the American southwest, why they didn't make it to Arroyo, yet Pheasant did is anyone's guess. Striking little birds!
  2. Coues Deer (New): The grey ghost of the southwest, and distinct from regular White-tailed deer. Would fit in perfectly to the western and northern regions alongside the Pronghorn, Javelina, and Bobcats.
  3. Goulds Turkey (New): with snow white tail feathers, this wild turkey is one of the most striking. Common in Northern Mexico, it would be a great addition to the mountainous pine forests of the eastern part of the map, while the Rio sticks to the low desert.
Mississippi Acres:
  1. Wood Duck (New): a striking duck, and one of the most beautiful members of North Americas waterfowl roster.
  2. American Black Duck (New): another common duck of the Mississippi region.
  3. Gadwall (New): another bird to add to the roster.
  4. Northern Pintail (New): a popular and beautiful duck of North America.
  5. Osceola Turkey (New): yes, I know, I know. Osceola Turkeys are only found in Florida but given how we aren't going to get any more North American maps, and how the devs will take some creative liberties at times, might as well ensure the Grand Slam of turkeys makes it in game. Can be added to regions where Eastern Turkeys aren't.
Revontuli Coast:
*Can't really think of any other additional species to add! *
New England Mountains:
  1. Ruffed Grouse (New): A popular game bird of the Northeast, would give NEM another flagship species.
  2. Woodcock (New): Once again, a popular upland bird of the Northern woodlands, giving NEM another new species.

Let me know your guys opinions on this!
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2023.05.29 18:16 SoCuteBear [SELL][CANADA to USA & Canada][PERFUME] tons of goodies to be found!


$15 Minimum Please!
TAT 3 calendar days or less
SHIPPING TO USA:$11 without tracking and $15.75 with tracking. I'm shipping from Canada.
SHIPPING TO CANADA:For samples only, $4. With tracking, it starts at $15. Tracked shipping price in Canada varies by region.
All samples or decants, unless marked as FS.
All purchased new, unless marked as RIS.
ALL PRICES ARE IN USD. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
BPAL (all purchased new)
DECONSTRUCTING EDEN (all purchased brand new)
FANTOME (all purchased new) $5.5 each
NUI COBALT DESIGNS (all purchased new)
POSSETS (ALL PURCHASED NEW; unless marked as FS, all are samples from direct or decant from Ajevie that are $2.5 each)
SIXTEEN92 (all purchased new unless marked as RIS)
SORCELLERIE all Sorcellerie are RIS (some cheaper than others to account for fill level differences)
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2023.05.29 18:15 kgmara0013 Grey with a little red + white graphic tee in load of light blues

Should I take out the white graphic tee because I don't want the grey and red shirt to bleed into it. That's really my only concern. It shouldn't bleed though right like I was my oranges with my light blues and occasionally there's a white graphic tee in the mix.
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2023.05.29 18:15 Tek466 21 [M4F] Illinois/Anywhere - Looking for a flirty connection with someone and with possible benefits. Perhaps you are too?

Hi everyone!
I’m a 21 year old From the US who is looking to get to know each other and if we click, maybe something that could lead to us being more than just friends in a casual flirty way or friends with benefits. I don't mind where you are or your age whether that's around my age or older is fine. I've been pretty lonely and what comes with that is lack of online intimacy or sexual connection so I'm seeking someone to change that with haha
After we get comfortable I'm fine with moving to other platforms such as Snapchat or discord or something. With Snapchat, I prefer sending snaps over texting. I mainly find Snapchat to be the most fun when sending pics thus why I prefer it.
There's pictures of me on my profile.
Physically I'm 6ft tall, I'm average/slim build, and I'm white with hazel eyes and dark brown hair. I wear glasses too.
I've been feeling kind of lonely as of late and decided to try my chances. I live on a small farm house built in the 50s with family and my parents are a little on the older side and thus we don't really get out all that often, so it becomes kind of isolating at times. I figured why not make a post and possibly meet someone great as you never know what life will give you when least expected. I work as a facility maintenance tech for a company that I just started with a week ago!
Now that we've established who I am and what I'm looking for, here are a few interests of mine to get to know me better!
• Fall/Autumn season
Already mentioned, but had to list this one because I just adore the fall and everything that comes with it. My birthday is in October too so it's always been my favorite month. I much prefer fall and winter over a muggy humid summer. In the cooler seasons there's always ways to warm up.
• Technology
I'm good at fixing electronics and I'm quite nerdy in that aspect. So if something breaks I can fix it ;) I'm also good with my hands and quite inclined mechanically.
• Music
I love genres such as classic rock, alternative rock, psychedelic rock, gothic rock, heavy metal, punk, post punk, hardcore, etc. My current favorite bands are The Cure and Joy Division/New Order. But I like tons of older and newer bands as well.
• Cooking and Baking
I like to cook and learn new recipes, as well as bake fun things too! It's always nice when the house feels nice and cozy and smells good. I appreciate the simple pleasures in life, a cozy cup of tea and music or a movie in bed or sitting outside is so nice!
• Animals
I love animals of all types, and I currently have an older cat which I adore to death! We rescued her from the local shelter. She's the sweetest thing. (I think I love her more than anyone in the house lol, she just makes me so happy) :)
• Art
I enjoy art, both creating it from time to time such as drawing, and admiring other peoples work. There's just something so fun about it and seeing things so beautiful.
• Houseplants
I love houseplants and really anything nature related and also spiritual such as crystals and rocks. I love to help my mom in caring for all of our plants and also gardening outside when its a good growing season. Its fun! I also like cottage core and goblin core type vibes and enjoy sitting out on the deck burning incense, its peaceful :)
• Cozy video games
I'm not a hardcore gamer really, but I enjoy simple and fun cozy relaxing games such as Stardew valley and Minecraft. :)
I'm a very honest, caring, and loving type of person. I'm pretty introverted normally in private but get quite extroverted when I'm close with someone.
There's not much I expect from a potential friend except for respect, kindness, and honesty! I'm just very chill and easy going and able to adapt to all sorts of personalities.
If you think we'd vibe, send me a chat! I’d love to get to know you! :)
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2023.05.29 18:14 ____sway Am I too sensitive?

I also want to say, even if I am too sensitive, I do want to keep distance from my in laws because I feel really bad around them, but how much distance is what is negotiable. I've written it very long sorry, if anyone gets to the end, thanks a lot 🙏 So my in laws were against our wedding, they wanted a big ceremony few years later. I'm south Asian, family expecting all this is kind of the norm, they also spend for the wedding usually. But we paid ourselves for a small ceremony with just family and some relatives. After that when we lived with in laws for 2&1/2 months, and my parents for 2 months before leaving abroad, there were lots of annoying things. I would get treated like I'm an outsider and my husband's PA. Like I should get up during my meal to get her son something, I should collect his plate etc, cook even though they have someone for that, pack my mil's lunch box at 6 am once the cook is finished.. my husband didn't let me do stuff for him, and for stuff like packing her lunch, we both did on alternate days. But these things are not okay for me in the modern age. People should look after themselves. On top of such expectations, she would invade our privacy, knocking at our door at 11pm, peeking at my laptop screen, etc. She would also lie and manipulate. Like she would manipulate me to cook or do something for her like put her clothes to dry etc. And would lie to my FIL if he got annoyed that I'm cooking when they have a cook, by saying that I asked to . I didn't confront her in such situations. My husband left the country first as my visa wasn't ready , and before he left, she started indirectly telling me to pack up and leave the same day. Here the tradition is that even widows stay with their in laws.. so like me leaving immediately is rude, like saying you're not my family. So my plan was to stay for 10 days max and leave and then come back for weekends now and then until I get visa. But she pressured me to leave in 2 days after my husband so I did and as I was leaving, my FIL was extremely rude to me so I left in tears. Later my mom wanted me to stay for a weekend during some festivals, and twice my mom asked her and mil just said she's busy. So I shouldn't come, even though she didn't say it directly. On another visit, my FIL, his mom who stays with them, insulted my family. Then my mom made me visit them to say bye a day before my flight and I was very angry but my mom is very persuasive. So I went with my mom and my FIL shouted at me and my mom , saying my parents didn't raise me right etc. Apparently he had no idea that my mil told me to leave the house. I still protected her because her mil was also there. I told my FIL I will tell him the reason separately and I called him from my parents house and explained. He was just super dismissive and sarcastic and didn't believe a word. My parents explained separately and he was rude to them and hung up on them too. After all this drama, and a lot in between, that I haven't included, I still felt bad for my in laws and invited them abroad for a tour because my husband and I are permanently moving back to our country soon after 1&1/2 year abroad. Only my mil and sil came and they paid for their expenses and some extra things like taxis which husband and I don't usually take. FIL still refuses to speak to me. In the trip , I was quiet and not super welcoming or affectionate to them. I was nice to them the first day but after that I started getting annoyed by them and grew quieter. This was an expensive trip for us and I did most of the planning as I don't work outside the home. It was a lot of hours of work and stress because it was 4 cities/ countries in 10 days. So I was very annoyed by how slow they were walking for eg. Like snails pace. They would get out of the building and immediately want to sit down. Husband and I travel with backpacks to save money. And we were paying for our own hotels and it adds more days because they can't check out early and travel with bags. Anyway, so i got angry when my sil complained to her mom that she doesn't know why she has come on the trip when me and husband keep going off on her own. Which wasn't fully true, and there was good reason. In fact my husband would walk ahead to keep a good pace and I would walk in the middle hurrying them along sometimes, and they would walk at an 80 yr olds pace. Her mom should have advised her but instead she made it an issue and asked us to include sil and take pics of her first etc. So I got very angry and told them what I felt. I did not shout or verbally abuse or anything. Just frustrated that's all. So the trip went a bit like this where some days I chose to stay in while they 3 went out because I was annoyed. And then one day she went on a long rant (exactly 1 hr) when we were outside because she felt insulted by how quiet I am to her. And this was in a language I don't understand. She also throughout the trip kept noticing what I eat etc and competed even in food even though there was plenty, so I actually started eating very less and I was crying a lot and avoiding food. I dont think she even noticed this. So after the trip I decided this was it and I want to cut contact with at least mil and FIL forever. Sil I will give a chance since she isn't even in college yet. I even told husband I don't want mil in my house, around my future kids etc after I've seen how jealous and competitive she is. So my question is, am I reacting in extreme? Like actually she was the one who would keep talking in the language I don't understand, excluding me. And in food she would do this like tell her kids to eat a lot etc and if I eat anything then even if she's full she will eat the same thing. Some of the stories I read here are much worse and ppl seem to keep in touch with in laws, which is why I'm doubting myself. Is it okay to cut her off and not want her to step into my house ever etc.
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2023.05.29 18:11 ultracomputer [KR] [H] Matrix 8XV 3.0 McFlurry WKL Topre Build + MX Build [W] Paypal

Long time no see mm today I am selling a special build that I have spent a lot of time, money, and effort on.
It is a Matrix 8xv 3.0 with two fully built configurations: Topre and MX.I interchanged the two builds every month or so cuz I love the character and sound of both. The board is easy to open up and change the pcb/plate builds out.
Although I love the build I'm in a situation where I need the cash and so although for some it maybe inconvenient I am selling everything listed below as a bundle only for $1500USD Intl Shipping Incl.
DM me only if you are interested in purchasing as listed below.Board will be shipped built as the Topre configuration

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2023.05.29 18:07 Informal_Counter_367 Any good Adidas Samba alternatives?

Any good Adidas Samba alternatives?
I ordered some Nike Pogo shoes a couple weeks ago but they didnt have my size and the store gave me a refund. I am now looking for shoes in a similiar style and under 100 euros.
A white shoe, a sneaker or skating shoe, white,beige or grey, preferebly Nike, Adidas or Vans, and if possible it has a gum sole.
I have found multiple shoes that are very similiar however they are either out of stock or not sold in the EU, so if possible can you check if they are sold in the EU and are under 100 euros.
Thank you very much!
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2023.05.29 18:04 AutoModerator Here's How To Watch 'You Hurt My Feelings' Free Online Streaming ON Reddit

A new comedy by A24 is coming our way this summer! You Hurt My Feelings was written, directed, and produced by Nicole Holofcener. The film is also produced by Anthony Bregman, Stefanie Azpiazu, and Julia Louis-Dreyfu.
Download ➤ ► 🔴🧿⭕👉 'You Hurt My Feelings' Free Online Streaming
Romantic comedies are always about finding your true love, but Nicole Holofcener has stood out in her career because her movies often focus on the struggles of maintaining or rediscovering love later in life. That once again looks to be the case in her new movie, You Hurt My Feelings, where she teams up with Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

While the movie is written and directed by Holofcener, it also has another big name in Hollywood right now behind it — studio A24. The producedistributor has long been known for its acclaimed entries that offer something different than the typical superhero/franchise fare of many other Hollywood studios. A24 has been on a particularly hot streak of late, with its 2022 movie Everything Everywhere All at Once winning Best Picture, as well as a slew of other movies earning awards and strong box office numbers. Will You Hurt My Feelings keep that momentum going?

Already intrigued? We know you are, and we also know you're wondering how you can watch and stream You Hurt My Feelings from the comfort of your own home. Luckily, we did some research and have an idea of when this will happen.

Fasten your seatbelt, because here's where you can watch and stream You Hurt My Feelings online.

You Hurt My Feelings release date
After premiering at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival in January, You Hurt My Feelings arrives in theaters for US audiences on May 26, which is the Friday of Memorial Day weekend.

The comedy is going to be an alternative to the usual summer blockbuster fare, including in its opening weekend, going up against The Little Mermaid and the broad comedy About My Father.

You Hurt My Feelings is also just one of many A24 movies set to come out in 2023, joining Beau Is Afraid, Past Lives and Talk to Me.

Where To Watch You Hurt My Feelings:
As of now, the only way to watch You Hurt My Feelings is to head out to a movie theater when it releases on Friday, May 26. You can find local shows on Fandango, IMAX, Regal, AMC Theatres, Cinemark, Cineplex, Landmark Theatres, Alamo Drafthouse and Harkins Theatres.

Watch Now: You Hurt My Feelings (2023) Online Free

Otherwise, you’ll just have to wait for it to become available to rent or purchase on digital platforms like Paramount, Vudu, YouTube and Apple, or become available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

Is You Hurt My Feelings streaming?
No, You Hurt My Feelings isn’t streaming right now. It is exclusively available in cinemas after its wide theatrical release on May 26, 2023.

Since A24 is set to share a digital release date, we can only speculate as to when it may be available to watch at home.

Looking at Aster’s previous movies, both of which were also backed by A24, Hereditary had a wide theatrical release on June 8, 2018, while it became available to rent or buy on Amazon Prime Video and other platforms on August 21, 2018.

Meanwhile, the director’s cut of Midsommar dropped in cinemas on August 30, 2019, before streaming on September 24, 2019.

Aside from Aster’s projects, A24’s Oscar-winning hits Everything Everywhere All at Once and The Whale had a wide theatrical release on April 8, 2022, and December 21, 2022, respectively.

The Michelle Yeoh-starring movie became available for streaming on June 7, 2022, while the Brendan Fraser-led drama didn’t come out until March 14, 2023.

If you put all of these together, this averages out to just under two months – but it’s likely set to follow Aster’s previous flicks, meaning the wait might not be quite so long. We’ll be sure to keep you posted when updates roll in.

Is You Hurt My Feelings Streaming on HBO Max?
No, You Hurt My Feelings will not be on HBO Max since it is not a Warner Bros. movie. Last year, the company dropped its movies on the streamer the same day they premiered in theaters. However, they have since stopped and like many others, started allowing a 45-day window between the theatrical debut and the streaming release.

Is You Hurt My Feelings on Netflix?
No, You Hurt My Feelings will not be on Netflix. However, it is possible that it will make it to the streaming giant eventually seeing as it’s home to other A24 movies like Uncut Gems. Until then, you’ll just have to head out to theaters or wait until it becomes available on digital.

Is You Hurt My Feelings Available On Hulu?
Viewers are saying that they want to view the new animation movie You Hurt My Feelings on Hulu. Unfortunately, this is not possible since Hulu currently does not offer any of the free episodes of this series streaming at this time. It will be exclusive to the MTV channel, which you get by subscribing to cable or satellite TV services. You will not be able to watch it on Hulu or any other free streaming service.

Is You Hurt My Feelings on Amazon Prime?
We hate to tell you that ‘You Hurt My Feelings’ is not included in Amazon Prime’s library. But you can still make the most of your subscription by turning to other alternatives that the streaming giant houses, such as ‘Prisoner X‘ and ‘The Prison.’

When Will You Hurt My Feelings Be on DVD and Blu-ray?
As of now, there is no set date last to when You Hurt My Feelings will be available on Blu-ray and DVD, but we'll keep you updated once we know more about when the film will be available on physical media.

How to Watch You Hurt My Feelings Online For Free?
Most Viewed, Most Favorite, Top Rating, Top IMDb movies online. Here we can download and watch 123movies movies offline. 123Movies website is the best alternative to You Hurt My Feelings (2023) free online. We will recommend 123Movies is the best Solarmovie alternatives.

There are a few ways to watch You Hurt My Feelings online in the U.S. You can use a streaming service such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video. You can also rent or buy the movie on iTunes or Google Play. You can also watch it on-demand or on a streaming app available on your TV or streaming device if you have cable.

You Hurt My Feelings cast
Julia Louis-Dreyfus headlines You Hurt My Feelings as novelist Beth. This is a reunion for Louis-Dreyfus and Holofcener, as the two previously worked together on the 2013 movie Enough Said. Of course, Louis-Dreyfus is best known for her TV roles as Elaine on Seinfeld and Selina Meyer on Veep, but she has also starred in The New Adventures of Old Christine, Downhill, You People and has a recurring role in the MCU as Valentina Allegra de Fontaine.

Playing Beth's husband Don is Tobias Menzies. Many viewers will likely know Menzies from either his role as Prince Philip for two seasons on The Crown or in Outlander, though he has also appeared in big-name shows like Game of Thrones, Rome and The Terror.

Other members of the You Hurt My Feelings cast include Michaela Watkins (Enlightened) as Beth's sister Sarah, Owen Teague (Mrs. Fletcher) as Beth's son Elliot, Arian Moyaed (Succession) as Sarah's husband Mark and Jeannie Berlin (Succession) as Beth's mother Georgia. Also appearing in the movie are David Cross, Amber Tamblyn, Zach Cherry, LaTanya Richardson Jackson and Sarah Steele.

What Is You Hurt My Feelings About?
Nicole Holofcener has distinguished herself in her career by centering many of her works that deal with the challenges of sustaining or rediscovering love in later life. This appears to be the same situation for You Hurt My Feelings which tells the story of a woman and her husband, focusing on their relationship over the years. The couple’s apparent happy life takes a hit when their little white lies are revealed to each other.
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2023.05.29 18:04 Pigeonloversystem Strange innerworld/maybe dream-like experience

Im the host. I can enter the innerworld when we rest and i can kind of enter when not in front (im attatched to front so ill be observing, usually ill see both worlds at once). I always wake up in the body and have only waken up in the innerworld once. Lately, our communication hasnt been the best and its been a wave of silence.
Im sick and not feeling the best. I randomly woke up early and i suddenly started to have an existential crisis. Then i was like “i wish jazz (emotional protectocaretaker) was here” and then bam, she did appear. She started to comfort me and we wasnt in the innerworld or anything but i started to see her in like a black void and she hugged me. Then we walked up a staircase into the innerworld, and we went into my house and cuddled till we could fall asleep. I started to yell at the white noise in my brain (sounded like random teenagers annoying me, though it was all in my head) and she heard and said smt like “good job go get em screw off!” (In nicer words) And then eventually the body was waking up again and bringing me with it so i said bye to jazz and she decided to stay in my house since she was too tired to go back to hers. I just assumed all of that was a dream (though i know i wasnt fully sleeping when that happened) or i made it up in my imagination to comfort me. Or maybe it was somewhat real? I have no idea and im a bit confused. it doesnt help ive been having a lot of system denial lately too.
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2023.05.29 18:01 canonshootr504 🚨Best sneaker deals of the week ... NIKE, TIMBERLAND, NEW BALANCE, ASICS, ADIDAS, CLARKS

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2023.05.29 17:58 TallLab1036 An in depth profile of myself.

Hello hello. I hope you enjoy this short introduction of myself.
Some have asked why I've come here to seek this, and really, why are any of us here? We're searching for something that we can't find elsewhere so we've decided to give this a shot.
I've tried other sites without luck and dating is difficult in my area. By that I mean everyone is super country, as in enjoying fishing and listening to country music while complaining about liberals. Or, to phrase it another way - guns, God and Trump. That's a hard pass for me, so this seems like the next step.
A couple of things before I start:
Distance isn't an issue for me. I'm hoping to meet someone and chat to see where things lead, if there's a connection of any sort. If there is, we can move from there. Distance is a relatively small issue if you can find someone who is truly perfect for you, after all.
I should also mention that, for the most part, age isn't an issue. To some extent it will be of course, but I don't mind a bit of an age gap in either direction at all. If it's an issue for you, that's understandable; however, if you think it will be for me, well the only way to really find out is to message me, now isn't it?
I'm open to anyone who sees this and is interested (including those of any experience level) as I don't want to limit myself when I could possibly find chemistry with someone.
Also, while I am in general an emotionally intelligent, nurturing and supportive person, I'm also a massive sadist. To be more specific, I enjoy psychological sadism (although physical sadism is definitely fun too) and that is reflected in my kinks and, to some extent, my personality. While I believe boundaries and limits are to be respected at all times, and I don't enjoy anything if my partner doesn't, I absolutely love teasing, tormenting and torturing my partner in both play and everyday life.
Prepare for a mountain of text! It's a bit long, but I assure you it's worth the read. I decided that since I'm putting myself out there with a post, I want to truly and fully put myself out there and represent myself. I'm hoping that those reading this will recognize the effort that was put into this and get a good feel for who I am as a person. If you feel it's too much, save it for later, skim or even just message me if you would rather get to know me more naturally.
My post is cobbled together from thoughts, beliefs and realizations that I have come upon in my years in the lifestyle (which is why you might see slightly different styles of writing in different parts, this post is taken from my kink profiles and are the sum result of over ten years of experience that I find I still add to every now and then. I try to edit and organize it a bit from time to time, but it's difficult due to the fact that there's so much that I wish to include.)
Long story short, I can be a bit...rambly, sometimes. So apologies in advance for that, although I have recently made great strides in editing my post. So I've got that going for me, which is nice.
While it's certainly a lengthy read, it's not nearly as bad as it seems. I recommend reading the whole thing (obviously since I wrote it), especially if you're interested in getting to know a kinky, geeky and empathetic person.
Now that I've covered that, it's time to get to the part you've been waiting for.

About me:

I decided to put this part first because I believe that, above all else, the people involved should connect on a personal level and "click", if you will. This tells about who I am and my hobbies and such. If someone can't accept this part of me, how could we possibly get along?
I'm a lighthearted, playful and fairly laid back, yet somewhat serious minded, person who's rather upbeat and probably too curious for his own good. I'm also kind, caring, friendly, sometimes cynical and often sarcastic (although in a lighthearted manner, and never at the expense of others.) There's nothing I love to do more than laugh; I love most things involving humor, although I do believe there's a very fine line between hilarity and stupidity.
Now, for some little bits of trivia about me:
  • According to the Myers-Briggs system, I'm an INFP. Online tests can give you an idea of where to start, but they're not that reliable and the results can change depending on your mood that day. To truly discover your type requires self-reflection to learn about your cognitive functions, and while doing so I learned a lot about myself. I don't follow it religiously, but I believe there are some elements of truth to it.
  • I'm definitely a Type B Personality.
  • I'm a hopeless romantic, an old soul who's young at heart, a cynical optimist and a realistic dreamer.
  • I'm definitely that type that believes in better safe than sorry, and one of my mottos is "Hope for the best, prepare for the worst." I also tend to do copious amounts of research before any big decision.
  • I consider myself to be a very grounded, down to earth and genuine person.
  • I'm extremely friendly and believe in treating others with the same respect that you would like to receive and generally try to do what I feel is "right" by others (more on that in a bit.)
  • I like to believe in the best of human nature, although I seem to be let down a fair bit. Even so, I don't want to let that stop me.
  • I have very strong values and ideals, and an even stronger moral compass.
  • I believe people are free to do and believe what they want, so long as they don't harm themselves, harm, cause trouble for or inconvenience others, or attempt to force those beliefs on others.
  • I believe that a life lived for others is the only life worth living.
  • I believe that there's no point in worrying about things that you can't change. If you let yourself get dragged down by it and obsess over it, you'll find yourself crushed under the weight of all the injustices in the world.
  • I've been told (rather often actually) that I have a very nice voice, frequently being told that I should go into radio or be an announcer of some kind. I'm very expressive and my voice reflects that, having lots of highs and lows. Truthfully, I believe it's one of my better features.
  • I much prefer talking to typing in general, especially when first getting to know someone as you get a much better idea of their personality. Also, I feel like I come across kind of...stiff in my writing style when that's very much not me, so voice allows me to showcase my truest self.
  • I tend to be a confidant of sorts; due to my open and genuine nature and what I've been told is a welcoming...aura, I suppose, people tend to find me easy to talk to and trust, coming to me to confide things and seek out advice. This is something that brings me great happiness and pride as having the trust of others is important to me.
  • Promises are very important to me; once I give my word in regards to something I'll keep it, even if I don't particularly want to. As cheesy as it might sound, to me my word is my bond.
  • Admittedly, subtlety is not one of my strong points. I'm a very open, upfront and honest person. I'm terrible at lying (I hate doing it and I just give away that I am) and can't keep a straight face to save my life. If I were an actor, I would probably be Jimmy Fallon.
  • I welcome people to give me constructive criticism and feedback as I'm constantly looking to improve myself. Yes, that even includes those that message me saying my post is far too long.
  • I can't fake a smile to save my life, it has to be genuine for me. One of the many reasons I hate having photos taken of me.
  • I find intelligence, humor and kindness to be the most desirable traits in a partner (although being easy on the eyes doesn't hurt.)
  • My senses are all very sensitive, and can sometimes overwhelm me when I'm introduced to new stimuli.
  • I used to do drugs. I still do, but I used to too. Wait, I'm just kidding, just wanted to throw a little Mitch Hedberg in here. I don't drink, smoke or do drugs. While I have no issue with those who drink, I do tend to avoid smokers and hardcore drug users.
  • Despite what the length of my post may say about me, I absolutely hate writing.
  • I enjoy visiting places but hate the actual traveling (which is one of the reasons why if I could have one power it would be teleportation [actually if I could have one power it would be the ability to manipulate space and time, however for simplicity's sake I'm just going to say teleportation for now {not Star Trek teleportation though, fuck that.}])
  • I hate waiting and I hate making others wait.
  • I love the symbolism of trees and what they represent: strength, vitality, protection.
  • If I had to rank the seven deadly sins in the order that I'm guilty of from most to least, it would go: Gluttony, Pride, Sloth, Lust, Envy, Greed and Wrath.
  • If I were to list the Magic the Gathering colors that I most identify with from most to least, it would go: White, Blue, Green, Red and then Black.
  • Growing up I was all about DBZ, Dinosaurs, Gargoyles, Ghostbusters, Ninja Turtles, Pokémon, Power Rangers, Spider-Man & X-Men.
  • I absolutely love animals and have two cats of my own, Ivy and Jasmine (there are wonderful stories behind both names), that I love to death. I probably talk to them like people a bit too much.
  • I spend far more time living in my head than I should.
  • I firmly believe that breakfast offers the best food. I could eat waffles everyday.
  • I call Gatorade by their flavors as opposed to their colors.
  • I absolutely love when I'm thirsty and soda burns my throat.
  • You won't catch me running unless something is chasing me. Partially because I have asthma, but mostly because running is awful.
Over the past several years I've come to appreciate music a lot more than I used to (before it was simply used as background noise as I can't stand silence) and have discovered that I'm a fan of alt-metal, heavy metal and hard rock more than anything else.
Some bands I enjoy include:
Adelitas Way, Amaranthe, Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, Evans Blue, Five Finger Death Punch, Gemini Syndrome, Otherwise, Pop Evil, Sevendust, Shinedown, Shaman's Harvest, State of Mine, Theory of a Deadman, Three Days Grace (before Adam Gontier left)
I enjoy other types of music as well, for example another band I like is Bowling for Soup as I love their sense of humor; it's great to see people not taking music so seriously. I'm also a fan of big band music, which I actually have Fallout 3 to thank for. I enjoy classical musical as well and, despite having no real knowledge of it and most of it sounding the same, I find it incredibly relaxing and peaceful.
While I enjoy relaxing and watching television, I have trouble watching hour long shows as I can only focus on it for so long before my attention wavers, around that time I start looking at my phone and just waiting for it to be over. It's also why I don't watch too many movies; I need my entertainment bite sized. I'll watch movies every once in a while, but they generally need to be 100 minutes tops (unless it's something I'm super into.).
I have difficulty getting into things that are realistic; they usually need to be fantastical in nature and capture my imagination. My preferred genres are comedy, horror (mainly supernatural, no slashers) and most things involving special powers or abilities, however I can sometimes get into action or drama as well. I also have a love for the world of animation, possibly because they tend to be more creative and aren't limited by reality; it's part of why I'm so partial to anime.
Some shows that I'm fond of are:
Animation: Adventure Time, American Dad, Archer, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Bob's Burgers, Bojack Horseman, [China, IL], Disenchantment, Futurama, HarmonQuest, Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law, King of the Hill, Metalocalypse, Mike Tyson Mysteries, Mr. Pickles, Rick and Morty, Robot Chicken, South Park, Superjail, Ugly Americans, Venture Bros.
Live-action: Arrested Development, Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad, Carnivàle, Dexter, Eureka, Friends, Game of Thrones, The Good Place, House, The Lost Room, Monk, The Muppets (2015 series), The Office, Parks and Rec, Psych, Stargate, Stranger Things, Walking Dead, Warehouse 13, Wilfred
I definitely binge my shows, I like to wait for a season (or preferably an entire series) to be done before I jump into it. I'm also the type that's fine watching something just once. If I ever feel the need to watch it again it will be many, many years later. This extends to games as well, I generally need things with replayability such as MOBA's or Rogue-likes.
Gaming is easily one of my biggest hobbies and has been for many, many years now. I see it as an art form, as a way to tell a story that you can deeply immerse yourself in and get pulled into, something that can captivate you and make you lose all track of time because it's simply so engrossing. It's also a damn good way to have fun and kill time, especially when you're playing with friends. It's a big part of my life and something I have spent quite a bit of time and money on. Some people may be put off by this, but it a part of me that I will not deny or hide; after all, if someone has an issue with that then how compatible could we possibly be?
Some video games that hold a special place in my heart are:
Action/Adventure: Alan Wake, Assassin's Creed, Bastion, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Bayonetta, Brütal Legend, Bully, Darksiders, Dark Souls (first one), Deadly Premonition, Dead Space, Devil May Cry (3 & 5), Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, Heavy Rain, Hellblade, Infamous, Last of Us, Legend of Zelda (A Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Wind Waker), Luigi's Mansion, Metal Gear Solid (Twin Snakes, 3, 4 & 5), Ninja Gaiden (2004), Overlord, Phantom Crash, Resident Evil 2 remake, Saint's Row 2, The Saboteur, TMNT: Turtles in Time
Fighting: Anarchy Reigns, Blazblue (series), DBZ: Budokai, Dragon Ball Fighterz, Marvel vs Capcom (2 & 3), Mortal Kombat (9 & 11), Soul Calibur 3, Super Smash Bros. Melee
MOBA: Dota 2, Guardians of Middle Earth, Heroes of the Storm
Rogue-like: Binding of Isaac, Crypt of the Necrodancer, Darkest Dungeon, Dead Cells, Don't Starve, FTL, Monster Train, Slay the Spire
RPG: Bravely Default, Dragon Age (Origins and Inquisition), Dragon's Dogma, Elder Scrolls (Oblivion and Skyrim), Fable (1 & 2), Fallout (3 & New Vegas), Final Fantasy (IX, X & Tactics Advance), Grim Dawn, Mass Effect 2, Pillars of Eternity (series), Pokémon (Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver & Stadium), Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Suikoden 2, Tyranny, The Witcher (2 & 3)
Shooter: Bioshock (series), Battlefield Bad Company (1 & 2), The Darkness, Deep Rock Galactic, Gears of War (1 & 3), Left 4 Dead, Shadowrun (2007 FPS), Team Fortress 2 (when it first came out, it's a little much now), Vanquish
Simulation: Animal Crossing (first one), Doki Doki Literature Club, Harvest Moon, Life is Strange, Pokémon Snap, Tabletop Simulator
Strategy: Civilization (3 & 4), Endless Legend, Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers (2012 & 2013), Portal, Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds, Warcraft 3
Not only that, but I've also gotten into tabletop gaming, including both board and pen and paper games (such as Dungeons and Dragons.) I initially got into the latter as an exercise to strengthen my creative muscles but found it was a fun way to goof off with friends. For the former, it's almost gotten to the point that I enjoy them more than most video games as it provides an experience that you don't get anymore; friends gathered around and competing against one another or cooperating against a common foe, something that's disappeared with the advent of the internet.
Some board games that I love are:
BANG! The Dice Game, Dead of Winter, Dice Throne, Epic Spell Wars, King of New York, Lords of Waterdeep, Munchkin, Pandemic, Red Dragon Inn
I enjoy reading as well, although I find it difficult to find a book that can keep my focus and really draw me in like I crave. I'm constantly on the prowl for new material, and my favorite genres would probably be apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic, dystopian, horror and dark fantasy/grimdark, although I'm certainly in the market for something that has a good element of humor to it as well. If you have any recommendations, I'd absolutely love to hear them!
Bring up video/board/tabletop games, super powers, comics, cartoons, anime, manga, sci-fi, fantasy or technology and I'll happily chat your ear off. I'm quite social and love to talk, however I'm also an introvert so there are plenty of times where the pressure of constant social interactions with others gets to me and I need to take some time to myself to mentally recharge.
As I mentioned, I absolutely adore animals. Seriously, if you want to make me hate a bad guy, have him hurt an animal. Ironically, I'm practically a carnivore. I'm convinced that I would starve if I had to hunt for my own food just because I couldn't bring myself to hurt them.
Speaking of food, I'm a bit of a foodie (I dislike that word, but it's accurate.) I'm all about sauces, seasonings and spices, not to mention a love for anything deep fried. I love experiencing different tastes and textures while trying new long as they're not vegetables. No veggies, except corn and potatoes; those two get a pass as they're amazing. I also enjoy onions and peppers in small quantities in dishes.
I've got a nice guy next door look in that I have no tattoos or piercings, have glasses, stay clean shaven and have a bit of a baby face (as in I look rather young, I often get mistaken for being in my mid 20's). I wouldn't say that with my look I would be called handsome, sexy or hot (however I am often called cute (I've also been called handsome a fair amount, it still feels weird though.) I'm also rather pale due to the fact that I stay indoors most of the time (if you can't tell from that, I'm white.) Because of my appearance, and my friendly and laid back nature, people tend to view me as rather innocent. I suppose that isn't entirely incorrect though, I'll admit that I can be a bit naive at times in regards to people and the world.
As for politics and religion, I tend to try to stay away from both.
While I believe I'm somewhat in the middle for the former, as I have views from both sides, if I had to choose I'd say I definitely lean way more towards the left. I believe in the greater good, the needs of the many over the needs of the few, in advancing science and finding alternative fuels and materials that don't pollute or destroy our environment in the process, in trying to create a brighter future, etc, etc. I'm definitely not on the far left however, and hate social justice and cancel culture. I'm empathetic and all, but people need to stop getting offended by every tiny thIng and creating problems that don't exist. That's definitely not exclusive to the left, the right is very guilty of it as well.
For the latter, I generally just consider myself not religious as I don't think or care about it too much. If I had to classify it though I'd say I'm agnostic. This means that, while I don't believe in any god or gods, I acknowledge that they might exist. While I'm 99.3̅3̅3̅% certain that there is no grand creator or afterlife, there's no real way we can know for certain. We're a very young and ignorant species, there's much about life and the universe that we are unaware of or don't understand yet.
I just try to focus on being a good person and doing right by others, not for some earthly or heavenly reward, or for a smug sense of self satisfaction, but because it's simply what I want to do. It's who I am and what makes me feel good about myself.
I try my best to live by The Golden Rule (also known as treat others you the way you wish to be treated or do unto others as you would have them do unto you), being guided by own moral compass that directs me in how I interact with others. I always do my very best to make others feel wanted, cared for, appreciated and understood, to give them validation; I never want anyone to feel left out or unwanted, for any reason at all. Perhaps it's from my own difficult childhood, since I felt that way when I was young and don't want others to go through the same things that I did. Whatever the reason, whenever I say or do anything I tend to, without even realizing it, think about how it will affect the other person and the different ways that it could be taken. I strive to treat others with the courtesy and respect that I believe that they deserve.
As I mentioned, I have a strong moral compass. The only problem is, this is true North for my compass; I feel that's the correct way to treat and interact with others, and I believe that's what everyone should do. So when other people don't act in the way that I believe they should, even though I know everyone is different and everyone has different thoughts, feelings and experiences that led them to those (we are the product of our environments after all), it can bother me. I've come to realize that this is due to holding myself to extremely high standards, and often holding other people to the same standards to which I hold myself.
Unfortunately, that can lead to conflicts with others, sometimes over things that they might feel to be insignificant. It doesn't happen very often though as I can recognize whether something is actually a big deal or not and put it to the back of my mind; I wouldn't be a very good friend or partner if I nitpicked over every little thing, now would I? Despite being very much driven by my moral compass, I'm also calm, collected, understanding and logical by nature.
I've realized that I used to put a lot of pressure on myself when interacting with others, trying to be funny and entertaining, overall trying to make sure that they were having a good time and enjoying themselves. If, for whatever reason, I felt that they were bored I ended up trying even harder to keep them engaged and joyful. It was somewhat of a bad habit of mine; I suppose I just felt like I had a personal stake in everyone that I interacted with, a responsibility almost, and didn't want to leave them wanting. I still do this to some extent, but not as much as I used to; as I've grown and matured, and my anxiety has lessened, I've learned to pull back a bit and that I don't need to carry everyone's burden on my shoulders. I still wish to keep people engaged and happy, and still take on more responsibility than I probably should, however I imagine that I'll always be that way; it's just in my nature.
I'm an emotionally intelligent and extremely empathetic person who's well aware of his inner workings due to my introspective nature. I'm easily able to see things from multiple perspectives, which I believe is because of how I process empathy. I don't necessarily feel the exact pain of others, but I mirror it; it's second nature for me to put myself in their position which allows me to understand the plethora of ways they can think and feel. This is something that is a core part of who I am and that I take great pride in.
I feel deeply, which can lead to me taking things to heart and sometimes reading too much into things or overanalyzing them. Thankfully, due to my great experience in emotional control and regulation (which I'm about to go into), I'm generally able to take a step back from my emotions and understand the intent and meaning behind words and actions so there's less of a chance of misunderstanding.
Because I feel so deeply, that caused problems for me when I was younger. My emotions were a swirling vortex, out of control and ready to burst out at any second. Puberty certainly didn't make this any easier either.
It's been said that our personal identity is 80% environmental and 20% genetic. While I might be genetically predispositioned to feeling so deeply, a lot of it likely comes from traumas experienced in childhood and my inability to process them properly. They left scars that I'm still dealing with today, and as a result of said scars, growing up I was diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety, depression and OCD, on top of the ADHD that I already had. However, I'm thankfully in a very good place thanks to a combination of past therapy, current medication and constant reflection.
I've done a lot of work to be able to get a handle on my emotions. Because I got used to having them under such control, I've been told that at times I can come across as kind of indifferent or hard to read. That's one of the reasons that I'm such an upfront, open, honest and expressive person; I want people to be able to understand me and I generally tell exactly what I'm thinking or how something makes me feel so that others can do that.
Honestly, one of my biggest fears is that no one will ever be able to understand me like I understand myself. It's right up there with a fear of the unknown (one is the reasons I don't do deep water, I don't want to fuck with any Cthulhu monsters that are down there) and losing my memories, as in the end we're just a sum of our memories and I don't want to lose who I am.
I never claimed to be perfect; I have my flaws as well, and try to work on them every day to improve myself as a person. Since I've already put so much of myself into my profile, I thought that it was only right to put the negative parts in as well.
While some of these things could certainly be considered negative traits, I believe that they help make me the Dom that I am. Because I AM so compassionate, because I AM so empathetic, because I HAVE been through so much and still keep going, I feel that I can give a sub or a slave what she truly needs to thrive in her environment. Feel free to read more about that below.

My Beliefs:

If I had to break down why this all appeals to me to one reason, to put it simply, I'd have to say that I'm the kind of person who wants to be needed. I find that, overall, I feel more driven and fulfilled if I know that I have someone that depends on me. If I have someone whose best interests I must keep in mind, who I need to protect and care for, I feel a greater sense of purpose than the humdrum rumblings of everyday life.
When you combine that with my nurturing and empathetic nature this type of relationship is the natural choice for me (more on that next). I believe that's also why I find myself naturally drawn to the weak, the helpless and the damaged. I have an overwhelming desire to heal them, to help and protect them while nurturing them and watching them grow into who I know they can be, which goes with what I was saying before.
A sub knows that her Dom loves her unconditionally and only wants what is best for her. While I do certainly enjoy doing this, I primarily do this to help my sub above all else. I'm a nurturing soul who wishes nothing more than to protect his partner. To take care of her and help her when she needs it. To be her support and her life line. To give her the guidance, structure and discipline she needs to feel fulfilled in life. To set rules and guidelines so that she can move freely within those set limits and be happy. To help her decide what is best for her when she herself doesn't know. To provide the security and comfort of knowing that she is being taken care of and that she has someone she can talk to about anything without any sort of judgment or prejudice. I want her to thrive and become the person that she was always meant to be. I enjoy pushing my sub to explore her boundaries and limits, within reason of course. I simply wish to see her flourish and blossom, to help her become what I know she can be and reach higher plateaus.
I realize the previous paragraphs could sound condescending in some ways, however that couldn't be further from the truth. I see my partner as an equal, someone who simply has different needs that I can fulfill so that they can live a fulfilling life themselves, and in turn by fulfilling those needs of theirs, I feel fulfilled as well. We ultimately form a symbiotic relationship of sorts.
Make no mistake, I have no desire to micromanage every tiny detail of my sub's life, nor form a codependent relationship where she's entirely reliant upon me for her mental and emotional needs. The level and extent of the D/s relationship is decided after long discussion and input from both parties.
Some believe that being a Dom is just telling people what to do and getting what you want while getting off, but it's so much more than that. It's not as easy or simple as it appears, you must always keep what is best for your sub in mind, even if it conflicts with your own immediate or future interests. You must constantly be aware of her needs and desires while providing checks and balances to help her live a life worth living. Anyone can simply give a sub what she wants, it takes a true Dom to say no because you feel that is what is best for her.
At least that's how it should be. There are so many "Doms" out there that don't care about their subs at all, only themselves. They don't care if they're suffering physically or emotionally, they simply use them as toys they can play with and then toss aside when they're bored; they abuse them and hurt them simply because they get a kick out of it. A real Dom/sub relationship is a very special and strong bond, much more so than a vanilla relationship in my opinion. So many people seem to have issues understanding that unfortunately, there's a certain stigma associated with this and preconceptions are formed before they even learn anything about it.
Truthfully, I believe the sub holds the power in the relationship in many ways. She is the one that is choosing to submit after all, to give up her power and control to the Dom. Despite that, she is the one that has control over the power of safe words, that can stop an activity with a single utterance. Her subservience is completely voluntary, something that many people don't seem to think about. It's not simply about someone bossing someone around because they can, it's about someone choosing a partner that they feel is worthy to give their all to.

What I'm looking for:

I'm not here looking for a booty call or one night stand, but to find a potential partner in crime, possibly for life if a connection is made. More than anything, I simply wish to find someone who looks at me the way this girl looks at her prom date.
While the following is my ideal, as I said at the beginning, I'm open to talking to anyone that reads this. However, I'm not particularly interested in "littles" or "brats".
Ideally my partner would be what is typically called an adult babygirl, and I'd like to elaborate on that term since some might not be familiar with it. Essentially it's someone who enjoys the nurturing, loving and structured aspect of a Daddy Dom or DD/lg relationship but isn't a little themselves; meaning that they don't have a mental age that they regress to, among other things. (I don't identify as a Daddy myself, however due to my protective and supportive/nurturing nature you could say I'm Daddy leaning.)
Some people have their entire lives revolve around the lifestyle, going to munches, conventions, parties and attempting to reach out to their community and find a place to belong. That might work for them, but it's of no interest to me. While I'm certainly not opposed to chatting and making friends and connections, I have no desire to be a part of a community. I'm simply seeking one whose ideas and beliefs line up with my own for a symbiotic relationship as I mentioned before
If I had to describe such a relationship, it would definitely be on the lighter side of the spectrum in regards to what daily life would be like. I'm seeking a 24/7 TPE, however I also enjoy being casual with my sub. Perhaps in some ways it's more similar to a vanilla relationship with strong Dom/sub undertones than a typical BDSM relationship.
In my perfect situation, we would still be able to joke around, have fun and be very close and romantic; however there is also the constant understanding that I am in charge, and what I say goes. No matter how much fun we may be having or what we might be doing, she should always know her place, even if it's only in the back of her mind. There are rules in place for her benefit, and if she breaks those rules she will be punished.
By what I say goes, I mean I have the final say in subjects because, as a submissive, she has given the reins of power over to me. She trusts me to make her decisions for her and to do what is best for her, to take care of and protect her. I'm never the type to say "this is how it's going to be, I don't care what you want, end of discussion" as discourse is the only way two people can truly understand one another. I always value my submissive's input and always want her to give her opinion and speak her mind if something is bothering her.
My ideal sub would be one that is loyal and devoted above all else, but also one who is looking for a Dom she can actually have a connection with. One that, not necessarily needs, but craves guidance, support, structure and discipline in their life; whose life does not feel complete without this, like there is a void deep inside her that cannot be filled unless she has a Dom to guide and take care of her, that she can in turn make happy and serve to the best of her ability.
Beyond anything else though, I want to like them as a person before I love them as a sub. My perfect partner would be someone who is intelligent, kind-hearted, earnest, funny and a has a fair touch of dorkiness in her. I want her to be someone that actually has personality, that I can laugh with and talk to for hours upon hours on end and still hate the thought of leaving. Someone that will either indulge my love of games and geekery or join me because she's just as much of a fan of those things as I am. Someone who loves how I tease and torment her, keeping her on the edge and revelling in the pleasure I get from watching her squirm.
One thing to note is that just because I am very friendly (sometimes people are surprised when I begin acting more Dominant, others aren't as they say they can "sense it in the way I present myself", even while being friendly and joking around) doesn't mean that I'm not strict when I have to be. I have no problem at all with enforcing rules and giving out punishments, although it's certainly not my favorite aspect of the relationship. I would prefer to reward, encourage and nurture my sub, however there are times when discipline is necessary; if one feels the need to act up, one must be ready accept the consequences after all.
If I had to describe my style of dominance, or what makes me dominant, I suppose that would be a little tricky. I don't feel the need to control everything, nor do I attempt to, and I have no problem with kicking back and letting others take the reigns in everyday situations if I feel they're more qualified or I just plain don't feel like it. Nor am I the type that "oozes" dominance, I don't care for confrontation and am a very easy going, go with the flow person. What I believe it boils down to is I simply feel comfortable with power and, quite frankly, enjoy it. I bear the burden of leadership well, it comes naturally to me and I thrive when I have the weight of another's life on my shoulders; I have little trouble making hard decisions when I need to. It also helps that my sexual inclinations line up with this nicely. If it doesn't last quite some time and doesn't end with both parties panting and soaked in sweat, I'm not particularly interested in it.
On that note, I have quite the kinky side despite my friendly and charming exterior. I suppose I should list it here because, while certainly not the primary focus of my interest in this, sexual compatibility does factor in to some extent.
My kinks are:
Anal, begging, biting, blowjobs, body worship, bondage, choking, cock worship, consensual non-consent, creampies, crying (the good kind), cumplay, deepthroating, degradation, desperation, dirty talking, face fucking, facials, free use, hair pulling, hole stretching (basically pushing my partner to her limits), humiliation, hypnosis, name calling, objectification, orgasm control (which includes edging, forced orgasms, orgasm denial and ruined orgasms), public play (in a discreet manner), slapping, spanking, spitting and teasing.
One thing I feel I should mention is that the acts of degradation and humilation are limited to play time and only sexual in nature, never attacking my partner in any way.
I also believe very strongly in aftercare and safe words as the mental and emotional well being of my partner is very important.
I realize there's no one way to live this lifestyle, but I feel like a lot of what I said should be obvious and general knowledge in regards to this; however from my experience it doesn't seem to be that way too often (not referring to the that are inexperienced in this, more those that do this for the wrong reason), which is why I wanted to share my views in such detail.
I feel like I've rambled on enough already and am dangerously close to having a TL;DR (yeah, I hit that ages ago), so I'll just say that if you're interested in learning more about me and getting to know me, you can give me a message and we'll see where things go. I like to get to know people naturally, just talk with them and see where things lead, whether that be a short chat, a simple friendship or something more. It seems silly to have expectations when you don't even know the person or how you'll get along.
Even if you're nervous or anxious, you think you might not be good enough, doubt my intentions or anything along those lines, still give me a message. After all, what do you have to lose?
Thanks for taking the time to read my little novella, I hope to hear from you soon. So long, and thanks for reading!
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2023.05.29 17:58 KonstanceDucks Off My Dock, Chapter Nineteen: Space tales Week Ten

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Squilla looked up from the docupad and at the blank metal wall of her room. Tony’s code was all over the place and though she was able to keep him out of the more important systems—the ones that would give the AI control over the ship she didn’t want it to have—it was not enough to keep him out of everything.
Tony was everywhere on the ship, but at the same time not where he should be. Usually, AI systems would be focused on a specific task. Navigation was the most common, there were not many biological forms that could compute interstellar travel so fast. Communication was rarely given over to AIs, there were enough advances in basic systems to make it pointless to put an AI there. Weapons were dependent on the government – did they trust their captains more than their programmers?
But Tony was in all of those.
Tony was in the sprinklers that he used to torture Squilla every time she entered a room after their second acquisition of the ship. He was in the speakers and playlists. He was in every docupad and every light—including the ones used specifically to project his humanoid hologram. He was in the gym’s VR system – riding a rocket board in the air between Alice and Ilise and trying to distract them. At the same time, he was a sprite wearing armour and fighting rainbow dragons over the X button of that annoying pop-up for vigara that he sent to try and stop Squilla from reading his base code.
Tony was in the cleaning ducts, the weapons system, the comms, the DME, and the yet-to-be-installed stealth tech Ilise brought back on board. The device was only turned on in Squilla’s sandbox and she found fragments of Tony’s code.
A beep made her look back down at her docupad where Tony’s sprite was waving at her. It looked mocking. She shut off the pad’s screen only for it to flash with a giant pixelated grin followed by another ad-bomb full of enhancements, pills, injections, and the occasional gaming review.
Those last ones always caught Squilla’s eye and she had a hard time turning away from the last ARC-championship announcement or the gossip about the galaxy’s top players being in a polyamorous relationship.
“Please stop this,” Squilla barely got the words out before the AI’s hologram appeared in her room right by the door.
“You should take down that firewall,” Tony replied but he was smiling. He looked sweet. The docupad flashed with another ad-bomb and Squilla threw it onto the bed so she wouldn’t have to look at it.
“I take it down and half of these ads will download a virus onto your systems.”
“I can deal with viruses.”
“But not with a firewall?”
“Well... you’re good. We both know that. And it’s less of a firewall and more like hardened magma, waiting for me to touch it so it explodes and burns--”
“I’m sorry Tony, I can’t,” Squilla interrupted him. “We both know why.”
Tony said nothing but the pout on his lips almost, almost, made Squilla take her words back.
“That last time wasn’t my fault,” he said quietly, his voice moving to the speaker right by Squilla’s head and coming only from there.
The AI was flawless. The way it moved and shifted. It was so biological, like any other lifeform that Squilla had encountered. Sometimes, she forgot he was nothing more than code. Very advanced code, yes, but code nonetheless.
“I know. But we were lucky last time that Charyd didn’t get caught too. This time? Who knows what hidden doors and traps you have in your code that will make it so we all get caught.”
“I’d know if I had any such codes!”
“And you’d tell me?”
Tony was quiet. His hologram hugged his chest and looked away. It was so... human. That was the only reason why Squilla was able to get her defences back up and harden her tone as she said, “Firewall stays on until we get to a CEMP-dock.”
“Only for your comms, I promise.”
“There are not many places in the galaxy that have a CEMP-dock.”
Squilla realized she had already revealed too much. “I’m going to be late for dinner. We’ll continue this later.” She passed right through the hologram and made her way to the mess hall. It was dinner time and Polo had promised to make her favourite tonight – catappa leaves on top of boiled beetles sprinkled with the ash of burnad. It was also the perfect excuse to stop talking to the AI.


The moment Ilise’s alarm beeped, she was up, dressed in the loose shirt Charyd had given her (that did not have the man’s scent on it, it really didn’t Tony, what the fuck? Why would you even ask that?!), bed made, and out of her room.
After weeks of being stuck, she wanted to be anywhere, even in the uncomfortable chairs on the deck. She knew Alice was watching her with a close eye, and because of that, she dared not enter Tony’s room in fear of a logger being planted on the biometrics by Squilla.
“Good morning, Tony. Any reason why it's cooler on the ship today?”
“The thermostat has been changed to 15 Celsius.”
That was odd, but it was nice to not sweat as much during her workout. “Any insight on where we might be located right now?”
“The Darkstorm is in space. Flying past some planets, and asteroids. Quite a scenic view, seen nowhere else in—”
“Can you narrow it down by galaxy?”
“I can. But I think you will be surprised when I show you where we are at. Polo has informed me the best things in life are surprises, like a jellyfish-filled donut.”
Her sister loved strawberry cockroach-filled donuts. She would aim her massive, big bite so the filling would explode and stain Ilise’s shirt. “I prefer to be prepared for anything. Could you give me a hint?”
“Yes, it orbits a sun.”
Ilise could not help but let out a loud sigh. She paused in the hallway, surprised to see Squilla standing outside the gym door without a tablet in sight. “Ms. Posey, I was wondering if we could talk.”
“It’s Captain Posey.” Her comm pinged and she glanced down at it. There was a short message from Tony flashing on the screen, telling her to “beware the kraken!”
“Oh, um, but well, you don’t captain this ship or crew for that matter. It would be like calling me Senator Squilla.”
“Well Senator Squilla of Charyd’s Crew, I am still a Captain by rank according to the military until my superiors say otherwise.” Her comm pinged multiple times. Tony probably sending a message one word at a time to her. “But I don’t think you came here to talk about titles. What is it?”
Squilla’s antenna flickered around, sensing, she crossed her multiple swimmerets across her chest. “It's about the AI. I think it has evolved too much. I need to know if you have a way to shut it down and restart it. It’s branching out into everything it shouldn’t. I can’t contain it.”
“Tony isn’t something to be contained. Tony is the ship, free in space. This is about your firewall.” That explains how Tony was able to determine where they were.
Squilla nodded. “I am asking you, for our safety, to tell me how to restart the AI you call Tony.”
Ilise leaned, getting close. “You can’t restart Tony.” She gently patted Squilla’s shoulder. “Though it sounds like you gave it an incredible try, better than anyone else ever has. I’d be willing to help you get a job in the cyber security department.”
Squilla peeled Ilise’s hand off. “A desk job never appealed to me. If you won’t help me, I will find a way to talk directly to Tony and figure out what their true processor is to make them stop. Nothing should have the power to be all over the ship. Departments exist for a reason.”
The threat emitting from the small person was enough to send chills down Ilise’s spine. “Then I suggest you keep your little clickers out and tucked in tight in your department.”
“Brrrr.” Charyd bellowed out. “You two need to chill – no heat out. Squilla, do you need my help?”
“No. I can handle things in my area. Thank you, Captain.”
“Hold up!” Charyd called out. “In all seriousness, it’s a bit chilly today. Do you mind checking the thermostat setting?”
“Sure, but it’s at the one we agreed to.”
She skittered away down the hall to the deck. Charyd pulled the hood on his grey sweater up over his head. “What? My ears are cold.” He then took a very slow and deliberate twice-over—nope, make that four—of Ilise’s body from head to toe, lingering a bit too long on her chest.
“What are you doing here?” Ilise growled out the question and crossed her arms over her chest as if that would help divert his attention elsewhere.
“Is that my shirt?” he asked then immediately waved a hand in the air. “Never mind. Holiday for Alice. You get me.” He walked into the gym, and she followed.
“Won’t be much of a race against you. How about a boxing match – gloves off.”
He morphed his fist into a large red brick shape. “Unfair match, I can make it as large and hard as I want.”
“You can morph into anything you want, why does most of your species take on the more human look?” The broad shoulders and thick dark lips, but his eyes were unique to him. Something he could change to blend in more with the humans, but instead used it to stand out.
“Because that’s what works better in the military. Alright, to keep this fair.” He grew taller than her, his fangs protruded out as the lower lip pulled out and his upper tucked in. His jaw became squarer and his shoulders and hips broader, stretching the seams in the sweater. “Oh damn. “
He wiggled out of his sweater, encouraging the sound of thread ripping. He remained in a tight-fitting work shirt, his pecs ready to bulge out. Ilise forced her eyes to lock with his (she would not be as rude as he was earlier) and resisted echoing his words. Her heart was racing and constricting in her chest. She cleared her throat a few times before talking. “Well, those arms will make this a bit unfair, but I will best you at bench pressing with that body ratio.”
Her comm pinged, and she scrolled through the messages from Tony, ignoring the single. Fucking. Letter. Texts that he sent her earlier while she was with Squilla, to see his latest. “The Shicor body ratio of 134/110/123 of shoulder, waist, and hip, would do better in bench pressing. Try squats with that ratio.”
Charyd was able to morph anything on his body, she would take any advantage handed to her by Tony. “Squats barbell.”
Charyd took a step over, wiggling and shifting his pants around his waist. Based on his gait, he must have shrunk parts of him down. He clearly had some experience in adjusting his groin and hips. He put the bar on the ground and began to load it up, starting small at a hundred and fifty. Her stare must have been burning into him for he looked up and wiped his hands on his pants. “I liked to do a stretch or warm up round to get a hang of a new body.”
“Mmmmhmm” she agreed.
The form of his clothes as he pulled up the weight left little to her imagination. She stepped around the back to watch him adjust the barbell and dipped into the squat.
“That’s a fine ass.” The speakers said.
“Mmmhmm,” Ilise replied casually. Then her face heated up and glowed purple.
Tony sent her a message. “You did not hear that.”
Based on the smile on Charyd’s face as he added an additional weight, he just got an ego inflation enough to hold 700 weights.


Systems check.
Create handshake with Cadoon.
Error. Cadoon not found.
I’m going to have to do this on my own like everything.
Find table Clothes&Accessories
Table found.
List items.
Run randomizer.
Show results.
Head: cowboy hat. Chest: breastplate armour. Legs: purple skinny jeans. Feet: scuba flippers. Accessories: VR-headset.
Rating Style: ?_
34 < 75
Running Randomizer again...
Head: Spiked rainbow mohawk. Chest: N/A. Legs: Orange brown kilt. Feet: Chrome Crocs. Accessories: Banjo.
Rating Style: ?_
30 < 75
Running Randomizer again...
Head: Long ribbon pigtails. Chest: Space Uniform Three-button shirt. Legs: Peacock feather decorated shorts. Feet: Yellow flip-flps. Accessories: Eye-patch.
Rating Style: ?_
I am not making any progress.
Run [email protected]
5 entries found.
List Complaints
Reporter: Squilla. Complaint: Sprinklers. Reporter: Squilla. Complaint: Disco lights. Reporter: Squilla. Complaint: Stupid Sprinklers. Reporter: Squilla. Complaint: Failed Ad blocker. Reporter: Squilla. Complaint: ‘HR Complaints’ do nothing.
No one cares about how I dress. Or hates me. I’m not annoying.
I’m not making a first impression. But just in case.
Run JobApprovalRating(Target Tony)
Accessing logs...
Last command has ended abruptly.
I’m just looking for excuses.
Build Outfit {
Head: Black Privateer hat with red bandana and feather. Chest: Brown Corsair coat with white shirt. Legs: Black leggings. Modifier: extra-tight. Feet: Black leather boots. Accessories: Parrot.
Outfit built. Register in database? Y/N
Access camera MH-042
Participant Count
7 humanoids found
Render “The-privateer-totally-not-a-Pirate" in location “Mess Hall”
Render completed.
They’re all looking. Time for an opener.
“Captains, may I have this honour?”
A humanoid is interacting with hologram.
Captain Charyd via chair.
Is he pulling out the chair? What does one say in this situation?
“You are looking great Captain from your workout.”
“You’re not looking so bad yourself.”
Render ass jiggle in chair.
Play macaw-bird-cry-6.
Humanoids are interacting with hologram.
Captain Charyd via moving the chair out for it. Scooball via raising a glass of iced water in toast. Polo via serving chips layered with cream and chives, designed like a processor. Ilise via reaching to pat near hand. Mishupeshu via slow blink toward it. Squilla via turning on dinner music playlist. Alice via pushing a napkin toward its plate.
Run: Recording-Happy-Memory
Logging Sound, Sight, heat sensors, and CO detectors.
If only I could log smells and emotions.

Warning: Fuel tank at 15%<<
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Author note:
Hello all readers! Ducks and I have an announcement for you: we are going on hiatus with this story for at least 2 months.
As much as we love this story, Ducks and I decided to torture challenge ourselves and have signed up for the publishing derby - this is an epic contest where we have to write a book in 2 months. Why not??? 🥲
We also each have our own main stories (The Thedre Trilogy for Ducks and God of Discovery for me), so adding OMD on top of that is going to be too much for both of us. Because of that, we have agreed to put Off My Dock on hold during the derby.
We will be back! We have a lot of interesting things planned for this story and are only halfway through our outline so far.
Hope you stick around for our return!!
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2023.05.29 17:57 Every-Swimmer458 What would you recommend for this hillside house?

What would you recommend for this hillside house?

I'm building an underground/hillside house and would appreciate some constructive criticism.

How thick would you make #7, the large pillars/beams? I am milling this myself from 30" white oak logs, so I can make them as thick as I want.
How far down would you sink the pillars? Assume the part that touches the earth will be chemically treated.
How far apart should I place the pillars for the 80ft wall? This wall will be the one with the retaining wall and gravel too, as I have to account for the pressure of the hill.
How far down and up would you build the retaining wall? And how thick?

Anything else you think should change or be done differently?
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2023.05.29 17:55 Ambitious_Credit7868 I give up..

Context: i'm [20sF], Asian, living in the West, Muslim family background. Recently I've introduced my partner [20sM], white, born and raised in country I reside, to them.
Fast forward a few months, we're planning our wedding. At first they seemed happy and glad that I've found a life partner. He is very sweet, smart, and respectful, and we've been good friends for a while before relationship.
Both sets of parents have met and wedding talk ensued, we are both very proud of our own cultures and wish to show our respective wedding traditions at the ceremony.
My parents expressed that they're keen on the idea of that and his parents too. Unfortunately, in the midst of planning and weekly call with parents, I snapped.
I was frustrated with them showing disrespect by mocking partner's culture. We've already decided not to do one of his traditions due to them not agreeing to it from a religious standpoint (even though they said they were fine with it at first). I received unnecessary amount of backlash for saying a specific word they didn't like and now they're accusing me of not being proud of my roots when that is not the case at all. I simply wanted the wedding to be fair, 50/50 on traditions.
Bear in mind, my partner's the one who has done the most sacrifice here (converting, wedding not done 100% as to how it usually goes in his tradition, having super high expectations as the leader of the family), and he's been very patient.
Parents have even gone out their way to tell me how his family doesn't have values (simply judging them based on appearance) but his parents have been very welcoming to me and learning about my culture and even welcomed my sibling to the family.
I feel a hint of jealousy as in the religion it says, a daughter's responsibility lies to her in laws after marriage, not her biological parents anymore. Thus, I wouldn't need to look after my biological parents any longer, that becomes my sibling's duty.
Now they see me as a race/culture traitor and ungrateful child when all I want to do is keep the peace in the family by marrying into a kind family that just so happens to not have the same culture.
In my mom's own words, translated,
"there's no such thing as I've abused you. That's not abuse, that's teaching you. Look at yourself in the mirror, is your body disabled? No. If you think you've been mentally abused that's because you have sinned to your parents."
"You haven't made your parents proud"
The past few weeks have been very tough as I keep replaying times when she's said very damaging things to me all in the meanwhile trying to understand things from her point of view. Perhaps she was never shown unconditional love by her own parents, indeed times were tough back then, financially unstable, her family dynamics weren't healthy. I can honestly do nothing to please them.
As I was growing up, they weren't as religious and when they started becoming that way, that's what caused the rift as they changed 180. I was probably 11 when this happened and I was just confused. Everything that were able to do suddenly becomes forbidden and my sibling and I were fear mongered by punishments in hell if we don't obey.
Some of the ridiculous that have stuck to me were:
-that she gets jealous that I had made friends (but more so when I get close to their parents too). I was young and living in a country I didn't grow up in with no one else but my sibling, that was scary at first
-they started to guilt trip me into coming home upon graduation. Job prospects are tough back home and I'd rather make a name here first then garner respect as that's sadly the only way to get it if I were to go back. Actually use the qualifications I have from the tuition fees that my dad worked his ass off for investing in my education. But they'd somehow rather me just sit back in the house and start having a family in this economy. Wanting me to have as many children without thinking about what my partner and I want.
-puts huge emphasis in appearances. Throws tantrum for not looking/dressing how they want me to, especially in front of other people. That sense of being better than everyone and entitlement to judge others based on how they look is just so shallow. Of course I dress well, presentable, but if I were to play by the book, we should humble in the way we dress and shouldn't judge others.
Sorry for the long rant.. I saw this subreddit and have been reading people's posts, seems like finally there are people I can relate to here.
Hope everyone's on their journey to healing from such experiences.
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2023.05.29 17:54 casapulapula PROVOCATION: The War in Ukraine Was Provoked—and Why That Matters to Achieve Peace By recognizing that the question of NATO enlargement is at the center of this war, we understand why U.S. weaponry will not end this war.

Excerpt: "The Biden team uses the word “unprovoked” incessantly, most recently in Biden’s major speech on the first-year anniversary of the war, in a recent NATO statement, and in the most recent G7 statement. Mainstream media friendly to Biden simply parrot the White House. The New York Times is the lead culprit, describing the invasion as “unprovoked” no fewer than 26 times, in five editorials, 14 opinion columns by NYT writers, and seven guest op-eds!
There were in fact two main U.S. provocations. The first was the U.S. intention to expand NATO to Ukraine and Georgia in order to surround Russia in the Black Sea region by NATO countries (Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, and Georgia, in counterclockwise order). The second was the U.S. role in installing a Russophobic regime in Ukraine by the violent overthrow of Ukraine’s pro-Russian President, Viktor Yanukovych, in February 2014. The shooting war in Ukraine began with Yanukovych’s overthrow nine years ago, not in February 2022 as the U.S. government, NATO, and the G7 leaders would have us believe.
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2023.05.29 17:53 casapulapula PROVOCATION: The War in Ukraine Was Provoked—and Why That Matters to Achieve Peace By recognizing that the question of NATO enlargement is at the center of this war, we understand why U.S. weaponry will not end this war.

Excerpt: "The Biden team uses the word “unprovoked” incessantly, most recently in Biden’s major speech on the first-year anniversary of the war, in a recent NATO statement, and in the most recent G7 statement. Mainstream media friendly to Biden simply parrot the White House. The New York Times is the lead culprit, describing the invasion as “unprovoked” no fewer than 26 times, in five editorials, 14 opinion columns by NYT writers, and seven guest op-eds!
There were in fact two main U.S. provocations. The first was the U.S. intention to expand NATO to Ukraine and Georgia in order to surround Russia in the Black Sea region by NATO countries (Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, and Georgia, in counterclockwise order). The second was the U.S. role in installing a Russophobic regime in Ukraine by the violent overthrow of Ukraine’s pro-Russian President, Viktor Yanukovych, in February 2014. The shooting war in Ukraine began with Yanukovych’s overthrow nine years ago, not in February 2022 as the U.S. government, NATO, and the G7 leaders would have us believe.
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2023.05.29 17:51 Qhcr loving someone while I don't love myself

First off, I'm not an English native and I will try to do my best, this is long and I supose as it may happen to a lot of us here we never get to tell it all, I can speak for myself when I say that's not because I dont try, I naturally speak a lot, in this case I really, really, really, tried to talk this over with a lot of people, still I feel like I'm at the same place standing still, sinking slowly. Because there's things I can't even see atm or I can't comprehend and given my neurotic nature I find comfort this days trying to surround myself with people that try not to think so much and can help taking me out (I don't naturally do it, it's really hard for me to do so), doing things that don't entails thinking and so on, still, every moment alone, riding my bike, working (my work takes a lot of my time and i'm 99% of the time alone which doesn't help), cooking, etc, I'm crying my eyes out thinking about this situation, this situation that ended, really, long ago, empirically it was just a couple of days ago. - My last relationship before this one I'm talking about ended February 11th of 2021, it was a really sad ending, we loved each other dearly but by the end we were just a couple of friends and it had to end. It was really hard trying to move on from the daily life with her, she already loved someone else by the time we ended the relationship and it was really painful to understand that she had moved on way before ending the relation, it was as painful as in perspective it was also obvious but I just couldn't see it, six months before my father had died and I just wasn't there, I couldn't blame her for not sticking to that part of my life either could I understand why she was leaving so harshly given the context.
At that time I tried everything, Okcupid, Tinder, talking to whoever was there to talk with, I needed that I just felt the worst dude in the world knowing my ex was already in love with someone else and the comparisions came in all shapes and forms to destroy my head. It was at this moment when I reconnect with Flor, a women i've talked since I was a teenager, it was really fun and really nice to talk with her and knowing how she had grown, we got together to dinner one night, it was really weird for me as it was for her as she told me, she never went out with anyone and it was super weird to do so, always had dated women and it was more of a friendly meeting. We had a beautiful night, we laughed and talked about every little detail of our past, people we had in common and what not, I really liked it and I really wanted to keep that up, she did as well. We saw each other one more time, she insisted on me going to her house cause I worked all day remotely as I do now and she had the time to receive me and spending time. After a couple times there with her, at her garden, with her cats and getting to know her in that intimate space I really really liked her and wanted to really really spend my time with her, more so that I wanted with my ex while I was dating her, it was super weird to me how someone I met so little had such a powerful impact on me. One day she asked if I wanted to go to her house and I really didn't, I just wasn't feeling good, my ex was still in my nightmares and I felt super insecure whenever someone in common talked to me, I didn't told her this straight but I tried to ask her to get together some other day. She took it really bad, she started getting angry and pushy, suddenly all the good stuff disappear for a second and I realized I was getting involved way to fast with someone I didn't knew. After that we talked more calmly, it wasprobably a day or two, I told her that maybe I wasn't up for a relationship at that time, that I was really really into her and that was why I had to be so straight forward I was scared of making a mistake and losing this link that i was really nice besides that one incident. She insisted on getting together and I had to take my time, it was probably a week of her insisting and me asking to please try to take it easier, she said things like ''you think i'm a monster, you don't want to be with me then, ok, let's not talk at all'' and that was really hard but I had to accept the fact that she wanted to stop it, it was the most logical thing to do, I think I made a mistake when I said I really liked her, I didn't wanted her to think I wasn't into her cause I really was, and I was just struggling, I was there, just struggling. I ended up asking her to go out because she gave me a ultimatum, I said to myself ''ok, there's no such thing as a perfect time for this kind of thing, you either get on the train or miss it'' and so we saw each other after a month, it was weird but it was nice, we missed each other and we had nice gestures toward each other but when we got to bed and before getting intimate she said ''still, something broke'', I asked what but she couldn't tell me, we had our first moment of uncomfortable silence, I tried to ask further questions but she just closed up to any of them, we went to sleep in a weird mood. After that I told her that I felt really weird and didn't understand what she was trying to inform me, it was too abstract for me and her body language was just off, distant, unsure, I knew that. She said ''if somethin brokes you can always try and fix it'', that's as far as she got, I figured she was just speaking about her trust and the relationship as a whole, given that she was asking for something I didn't give her for a month, she had all the reason in the world to be pissed off, so after that I felt like I had to really make up to her, and I really wanted to, I felt her pain even tho I didn't understood it.
After another month or two the relationship had shifted, she had tons of work and was trying to make it work with a guy she knew at law school, he was associated with a lawyer and asked Flor to work with them, that took a lot of her time and she started rejecting me and the time we built a lot, I understood this, she started talking about getting her car finally, we were talking about that and trying to plan out how to make it, I was going to help her, her family too, but this new asociation made her feel really urgent apparently, I didn't exactly knew why but I follow her during that journey. She became really cold, she stopped all physical contact, by October of that same year it was a couple of months that for multiple reasons she never was available. She started studying even more, thanks to this lawyer she had a place on a class, helping a professor and also they made a pact so she started being a part of the firm he was in. I was super worried, everyday more and more, she was not communicating and things just went sour, I started slipping to the place I was in before I meet her, where my last relationship left me, I started thinking the worst, she knew about that last experience I had and she always vow to be monogamous and sincere with whatever happens to her, so I trusted her but at the same time I knew something wasn't right, something wasn't working. We had a fight about all of this, she said to me she didn't had the time she had before, she wasn't up for love, ''there's no place for love'' she told me, my heart broke for the first time. After telling me that, literally two days after she went on a trip with people I didn't knew and said to me ''lets talk in a couple of days'' I tried ringing and asking to please be clearer before going away because leaving me there with that it was painful and unnecesary. I was crying all weekend long, texting her if she was alright with no response, I started sending long texts about how I felt because I thought ok she's not replying at all let me at least voice my feelings. She talked to me again, but not when she came back but ONE FULL MONTH LATER, she asked me ''can i talk to you?'' out of nowhere, I was barely getting into accepting she wasn't ever talking to me again and not knowing why when this happened, had a date with someone I knew for years and years and it was great, we both ended up crying our eyes out tho cause of our respective relations, it was nice, therapy also helped but stil I was really broken because it all went bad so strangely and without getting any notice, it was really hard to me to reply to her text without being angry and without projecting negativity, but I did, at least I did as much as I could. She told me she needed a moment for herself, she was working harder than ever and the vacations she took were with a long time friend, she asked me to not worry about it, I said it was hard not to worry about something I'm worrying about a month ago, she understood and she said she felt sorry. At this time she told me she couldn't have a relation but wanted to be with me, I didn't understood but I really missed her so I went with it, I shouldn't tho. My psychologist told me not to do so, she told me once and never again, then she listened for the next months how I started excusing her with everything she started doing, or not doing.
January came and it was a couple of months of not having time, not having strength, not wanting to talk, not wanting anything, she asked of me ''You need to shut up and just tell me if I want to do this or that, just do something that works, you are not working for me'', ''This isn't working, I don't have time'' I understood what she was trying to say, at the same time what I felt and what I wanted started to get total invincibility for her, she stoped then and never again asked how I was doing, how life went, how my projects were, what I needed, what I wanted to do with her, she just wanted me to move to where she was at all times, not move a single finger, she wanted us to work within her time, she wasn't giving a centimeter for the relationship, it either worked for her and her busy life or it didn't. At this point I was already broken, started crying regularly, she told me at first ''I'm like this now, I don't even want to have sex, I just want to do me on my time'', I didn't understood why I was there still I was, and still she looked for me when I didn't talk to her, it was super weird, she was angry if I didn't call her at 6am to wake her up like I miss my appointment, she was angry when I wasn't showing interest (I did at almost all times till I just started resenting her strongly), she asked for everything she didn't give. I started naturalizing things I shouldn't have, her partner at the firm gave her 300k for her own car and also lend her his own, he asked her to move to a office and work with him there, he basically was giving her everything and she was giving him all of her time, this she told me just last month, she started filling the gaps cause I wasn't taking any more silence and wanted to understand, ''My libido is at work'', ''But don't be jealous of this guy I'm just using him, it's working for me now, then I don't know'', ''What if he is in love with me? I don't care I use him'', Not only me, her family and friends told her it was super weird, still she keept that up, she toldme not to be jealous but her life was there and I was nowhere, I started to feel like a kid, she shouted to me when I inquiered about this dude, about her feelings and about our relationship ''GROW UP, IM NOT IN LOVE, I DONT HAVE TIME'', still she sometimes cried cause of all of the stress and I was there, she asked for money out of the blue and I was there, 5am getting ready to go to her house cause she was sick and needed help, there. I started to crawl to her basically, accepting a childish like part, while she was doing something else with someone else, we weren't even happy at this point, she told me ''You are not even funny anymore'' and of course I couldn't. She told me they were going on a trip, all inclusive, because of a client. I knew at this point it was it, I wasn't living with this anymore. I told her everything I felt, I told her how I saw a beautiful person turn into a manipulative, cold, unempathetic worker that used people, I knew she was using me at least because I felt it strongly fro months, I don't know how much of what she told me of her associate is true but it didn't matter anymore. I broke it off the night she went to have dinner with him at their new office, it was it for me, I felt like this dude had won, even if she didn't liked her, this dude is not just a dude is a concept for me, it's capitalism and a lot of things that I don't want to get into because this is long enough already. I had fights with my brother because I internaliced that I neded to make more money, get a car, get another job, etc, I needed to make more money to be really succesfull economically but it wasn't for me, I have my own path and I know I'll get there, it's probably slow but I was in no hurry till this happened. I told her this, I told her basically all, how I felt I helped her destroy my masculinity, my humanity, I made things for her that made me feel ashamed given her response and what she did for us, basically nothing, the last three or four months she just complained about how I wasn't this or that. I'm totally wasted now, trying to get a better job, trying to get paid in dolars cause my country economy is fucked up, I had some savings and given the inflation I lost it, also the little amount I had left I gave to her for living, for the car, everyday I spent something on her, that was the only time she was nice to me, I thought, really, that I had to buy the love she didn't felt anymore. After telling her I was ending it and that we would never talk again because I couldn't be open up to someone that didn't care about me while I was so there, I was in love and she wasn't, she insisted and I wasn't able to cry this out of my system, I felt stuck to something that wasn't even mine, where I couldn't change anything, my feelings didn't existed apparently and I needed that to change. Her reply was ''You are way too crazy, I don't even care what you say, I'm going to give you your stuff and that's it, don't ever talk to me again''.
It's been two days from that, yesterday I sended a email saying all the good stuff I saw in her, and how I was really sad cause I felt like she wasn't alright, it was clear to me she wasn't, she interioriced and started working in something that really turned her into a horrible version of herself, I said to her ''I hope you get well, and I hope some day we can get together and say heeyyy i didnt die of hunger, i didnt died on the inside or outside. please stick to your humanity, i fell in love with that, please dont kill it wherever you take it with you, dont lose it''.
She didn't reply, I feel like shit, my psychologist told me I'm a masochist, she told me that she was silently listening all those months to have information, to make a fully developed statement, and it was that, ''you are a masochist, you are dating someone that's draining you and making you hate yourself and you gave her the keys to your heart, you need to question why you do that and how to change it, that's the goal of our future sessions from now on''. On Friday I'm having my first session, this days I can't be alone and now I'm about to enter my work and be stuck here for hours, also tomorrow, and so on, all weekend long after the text I went out, I don't ever go out, I really don't and one of my friends made me do it, it was nice but I came back to my tears, and I'm afraid I'm still going to do so for a long time.

I don't know how to change this, I don't trust myself now, my judgment, I'm heart broken and I can't even think of knowing someone, this was way too real way too painful and way too dismisive of my humanity, and I let it all happen while I excused her, I'm probably ill or something, I'm scared of myself. I don't know how to break this axiom, I don't know how to stop feeling inadequate, I'm 30 and I feel like a child, I don't even think is a good idea getting to know someone anymore. I'm really scared and I'm really hurt, I still can't let go of the lovely part of her that dissapeared and I can't love or care for myself given I can't let go of the narrative we built around me together.
I hope someone can hopeful help with their words and if not at least I tried to vomit all of this in another language which probably is weird but also I think it helped, at least for the next 5 minutes that I'm re reading this and getting angry over my spelling mistakes. Thanks in advance for reading and thanks for being empathetic with this dude who's patetic.
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2023.05.29 17:51 randomlesbianlol Introduction! (∩゚∀`∩)

Hello! My name us Guava and I am a therian. My theriotypes are a Grey wolf, an oriental shorthair cat, great white shark, red tailed hawk, snake (albino), and that's pretty much it, but I am questioning an otherkin kintype. (Some type of spirit). My favorite color is green, sage to be specific, but I also love all the other colors too! I've been a therian pretty much all my life, but have only known what a therian is since around 2 to 3 years ago. (Also I'm pan, my username is just really old and I can't change it.)
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2023.05.29 17:50 DAXEEY [UK] [WORLDWIDE] [FS] or [FT] BIG CLEAR OUT - A*NE, BLCG, B*RB, EA, GVC, K*TH, N*KE x OW, PAL*C*xGC, PR*D*, SUP, V*RS


The UK based.
Postage within the UK is £3.5 unless the parcel is over 1kg and/or volumetrically bigger, it shall be priced individually. International postage is available, the cost depends on the parcel weight, the country of the recipient and the size of the parcel. This includes USA and Canada as well (as I have already posted to those countries as well as to many others than the UK within Europe).
Deals/discounts are available and can be applied at larger buys (3 items+, the more at once, the biggest discount can be applied).
Some items could be available in two different sizes as I have mainly been buying stuff I liked in different sizes to get the one that would fit me. Many are new (with tags attached), and some were worn a couple of times maximum. Do not hesitate to ask if you are interested or if something is unclear.

Items galleries:

(I try to keep them all up to date and usually what is seen in the gallery is available, but it may be a case from time to time when an item is no longer up for sale whilst still on the list).

Part 1:

List of items of Part 2

Part 2:

List of items of Part 2


Feedback from some previous trades on Reddit:

Thanks for providing the feedback. I will also be grateful for yours after the deal is done. PayPal invoice only.
I am open to sensible trades as well, however, please do not assume I am going to send items first to a person who hasn't gotten much feedback and/or karma gained within rep trade subs.
Usually, despatch within 24 hours from realizing the invoice, 48h being the maximum. If for any unexpected reasons or circumstances, I would not be able to do so you'll be informed and, if requested, the funds will be refunded.
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