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The Little Mermaid

2023.05.02 18:00 The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is the beloved story of Ariel, a beautiful and spirited young mermaid with a thirst for adventure. The youngest of King Triton’s daughters, and the most defiant, Ariel longs to find out more about the world beyond the sea, and while visiting the surface, falls for the dashing Prince Eric. While mermaids are forbidden to interact with humans, Ariel must follow her heart. She makes a deal with the evil sea witch, Ursula, which gives her a chance to experience life on land.

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2023.05.30 21:39 ValuableAcceptable92 Watch The Little Mermaid 2023 Full Movie Online Free - Reddit

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2023.06.04 17:11 M3ntallyR3tarded ToTK crashes after playing for about a minute

after I have ran the game for a little bit the frame rate drops from 30 to 0 fps and freezes my computer
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2023.06.04 17:11 Historical-Snow-6086 A lucky find for me

A lucky find for me
I was at the flea market looking for cassettes, cds,records....you know, old vintage stuff. Then at another stall with some dolls, plushies (some of them creepy af) and right at the center this cute little mottionette santa was chilling there. I never saw singing/dancing santas at that specific location over the 2 years I went there. So, what did I do? As fast as possible I grabbed it, asked the price and bought it. 2 euros! I like to collect these because some of them are hard to find and cost a lot of money Another one for the next Christmas 2023 decoration display! That's how it looks like
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2023.06.04 17:10 cwardlaw7 [TotK] Getting a little exploration in during the Honeymoon (Amalfi Coast)

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2023.06.04 17:10 AnonymousAngel-333 Do people not check where the piercer put down the placement?

I’m actually wondering if some of the people who post in here just let there piecer, pierce whatever and wherever without checking where they have marked is down properly.
For me personally, ALL of my piercers have marked down exactly where they were going to put the needle through and if the placement was okay. I have corrected them before saying more in the middle or more down etc. and they have fixed it up every time or given me a good reason why they placed it there. Now if it was pierced wrong after the markings were correct then yuh big fuck up on there part.
Now the reason I bring this up is because of the amount of fucked up belly button piercing I see everyday in this community. I got my belly button pierced almost less then a year ago and I stood there after he had marked it, checking myself out for a whole minute or two. Moving around, checking the angle, lifting up my belly and squishing it to make sure it was where I wanted it. I even mentioned how it might be slightly, a little too over to the right and he ensured me that it’s bc my belly button kinda goes “ \ “ he’s going to piece it just slightly over the the right so the jewelry would sit in the middle and not to the side.
So do y’all really not see that the piercer marked like 4 inches above your belly button?? Or do you really blindly let them do there thing?? Even if they made a shitty excuse that it’s because you’re “chubby” why sit there and get pierced by someone like that?? I just don’t get it
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2023.06.04 17:10 Impressive_Line7974 Does my Betta have the jumping gene?

Does my Betta have the jumping gene?
Please let me know what you think!!
First photo: Day of adoption Second photo: present day, flash showing vibrant sheen, ***see reflection showing scales changing color Third photo: present day, no flash showing transparency in fins
I took home a beautiful male Betta (Hades) a little over a month ago, and he has been changing colors gradually and consistently all this time. He was mainly black and blue/green the day I added him to the tank, with a single white stripe going down one of his ventral fins. As of today, he has a large group of scales on his head that have lost their black color and are instead white, red, or something in between. The scales have NOT fallen off, and are instead slowly changing to light hues. His fins are also clearly transparent under the tank lighting, but still appear very colorful when looked at with direct (flash)light. He is also developing an adorable little mustache. He also appears very healthy, he doesn't have any rips or splits in his fins, recognizes me approaching, eats readily, swims excitedly, and loves to explore the tank.
When I first noticed his appearance changing, I was concerned! I kept a close eye on his behavior, the temperature, water parameters, and removed any questionable items from the tank.
Hades is currently in a 7.5 gallon tank with two nerite snails. There is one artificial plant, one moss vine, one live plant, one hide, and I like to add one or two catappa leaves after water changes (usually positioned as a hammock). He's got a low flow filter and a fully submersed heater that keeps the water temperature at about 78° F. I use test strips and a separate ammonia test (I know test strips aren't ideal, but as of today it's what I have), and water parameters are all within ideal levels if strips are accurate. No ammonia, no nitrites, very low nitrates. I change the water about 50% every 6-9 days, vacuum the sand/gravel, and replace the filter in between water changes. Hades is fed twice a day, and it's a mix of small pellets, flakes and bloodworms, though mainly pellets. The tank was cycled before adding him. I have not attempted any type of medication for him, because although I was concerned about his color change... his behavior has only improved since taking him out of his sad little cup, and I have not seen any other concerning issues. Again, his fins are gorgeous and very whole, he does not rub against any side of the tank, gasp for air, nor does he spend long periods of time on the tank floor, and his scales are NOT falling off. (See the reflection in one of the photos)
Though after tons of research I am hoping he's very healthy and merely changing colors, I am seeking any opinions and advice regarding my handsome fish!!
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2023.06.04 17:10 Novel-Negotiation-94 If Asha is alive, (though it’s most likely impossible), if she had a kid would that lead to her. being found?

Hello! My title is a bit confusing, I apologize for that. This is one of the cases that made me get into true crime and unsolved mysteries, and this case is truly mind boggling with tons of mysteries. I personally don’t believe Asha is alive. But, hypothetically, if she is alive and has a child, would that lead to her being found? I know it’s a weird question. I live in NC, a bit close to where from Asha disappeared, and there is this little girl at my church who is a foster child, who has many similarities to Asha, in looks. She looks very much like Asha did when she disappeared. I know it’s unlikely, and I’ll take this post down after a day, but is it possible? Thanks!’
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2023.06.04 17:10 PicassoPie Snail Garden - What: a demo about a gateway drug. Full demo is free but you can donate if interested. Little to no singing within the demo. [Math rock,Midwest emo,Experimental,Prog]

Snail Garden - What: a demo about a gateway drug. Full demo is free but you can donate if interested. Little to no singing within the demo. [Math rock,Midwest emo,Experimental,Prog]
Check out my YouTube channel as well where I post random/short guitar riffs that are usually just freestyles: https://youtube.com/@snailgarden1999
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2023.06.04 17:10 myliferollercoaster My depression - another day

Today I got up later than normal. I walked a little today. This helped relax me. I had anxiety today. I felt depressed today. I felt tired all day. I wasn’t productive today. I didn’t do any chores today. I planned on going to bed earlier. I planned on getting up earlier. I planned on exercising today. I ate throughout the day. I ate mainly junk food. This helped relax me. I got less sleep than normal. I went to bed later than normal. I socialized a little today. This helped distract me. I drove a lot today. This helped distract me. I exercised today. This helped distract me. I went home. I watched tv. This helped relax me. I ate a normal amount of food today as well. I will try and meditate before I go to bed.
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2023.06.04 17:10 SanDimas1988 Dragonrot Question

I’m new to the game, I’m awful, dying constantly, lots of dragonrot. I read a little about how it effects NPC stories.
My question is, should I worry about it at all at this point? I’m sure Unseen Aid is helpful, but for right now I feel like I could just reacquire that lost experience and money by killing some enemies? I’m guessing I’ll only need to actually cure rot when I eventually want to progress NPC storylines?
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2023.06.04 17:10 82524632 3 mo after initial OB and I still have constant irritation

I had a hell of a first month, contracting this from an asshole, also getting BV, also getting a yeast infection FROM HELL and then things finally settled.
Except I feel a constant discomfort at the entry to my vagina. It hurt a lot at first and was purple with bruising, but I thought that’s just because he sucked at sex (🙄). Eventually the pain went down but I was still uncomfortable. 3+ months seems like a long time for that area to be healing?
It feels like cotton or a hair is stuck and just constantly irritating, like sand in an oyster. No pain, no itch, just irritation. If I cough or sneeze or sit wrong or move wrong in tight jeans it’s a little worse.
Also I tried to use a dildo for the first time since everything and that HURT to stretch me, it’s not even that large and mostly hurts at the top of the opening (towards my stomach). I was fully lubricated and I’ve never had an issue like that before.
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2023.06.04 17:09 throwaway_22236589 Am I pregnant

I’m 22 and my cycles are usually regular around 31 days. The only time they’ve ever gone weird is when I’ve taking the morning after pill which will push it out a week or so, anyway my last two cycles have been shorter than usual my last being 25 days and then one before that 27 I was a-bit confused but I chalked it down to just cycle changing, anyway I’m now on day 30 of my cycle and still no period, I don’t track ovulation only with an app which I know isn’t reliable but the app calculated that I ovulated 2 weeks ago today, I had unprotected sex that day and 3 of the days leading up to that day. I have taken two pregnancy tests one when I was about a week after the last time I had sex and the last being about two days ago both were negative. Yesterday and today I have been feel very nauseous and have vomited everything I’ve eaten, my boobs are a little tender but not too much which is also strange as they usually ache before my period anyway.
Might be good to add that the tests I took are quite cheap strip tests as I’m broke, I’m trying not to worry yet as my cycle hasn’t gone past 31 days yet, I’m just wondering what you guys think or am I good?
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2023.06.04 17:09 deftoner42 Original Looney Tunes still holds up.

The plot lines are short and simple perfect for a busy 3 year old. Not to mention the nostalgia factor! I probably watched them all when I was a toddler and now I'm sitting with my little girl watching them!
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2023.06.04 17:09 Antique_Passion_4198 Still bothers me today.

Working at a smaller retail store when this old man (70's at least) came in. I was at the counter with my coworker (18-19f). He came up to the counter and asked why there weren't very many business signs for the company. I (30's m) joking said yeah I know what you mean, maybe I should go out there with a sign and twirl it. That got a little laugh from both of them. Then he said even better idea, pointer at my coworker and says put her out there in a bikini and have her dance around. We both just stood there dazed. I didn't know what to do or say and neither did she. He leaves the counter after seeing that his comments put us off and were no longer smiling. He walked around the store for about 5 minutes then left. My coworker and i went to talked to our manager and assistant manager (both 40s f) about the incident, and they asked me why I didn't do anything about it. I explained that I was completely caught off guard by the old man's comment and didn't really process what he'd said. Still bothers me that I didn't stick up for her.
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2023.06.04 17:09 osikalk "Red" and "yellow" flags. Behavior, body language and appearance language as signs of infidelity.

Every investigation of infidelity ("the search for truth") begins with suspicion. On Reddit's subs, so-called "red flags" are described in many posts and comments. For many people, suspicion manifests itself originally in the form of "gut feeling", which in principle is a reaction to certain features of the behavior and appearance of the suspect, i.e., a reaction to the same "flags", but not realized by the victim as signs of cheating.
Below I will try to summarize the experience of betrayed partners (BPs) based on the materials of Reddit subs devoted to infidelity and my own experience.
Unlike all other authors, I have identified "yellow flags" in a special group, that is, signs that indicate the potential danger of cheating or the pre-affair stage.
  1. Yellow flags
1.1 The partner's tendency to excessively intensive communications on the Internet and on the phone with different people, including strangers.
1.2 The absence of "closure" of relations with the exes, the presence of contacts with them, their inclusion in the lists of friends in social networks.
1.3 The presence of a large number of "friends" (especially "close friends") of the opposite gender. Or vice versa, the presence of some specific "close friend" of the opposite gender, often a "childhood friend", "family friend".
1.4 Partner's infidelities in past relationships.
1.5 The partner has a child (or children) from a previous marriage (marriages) when the biological father / mother (fathers/mothers) is (are) alive and especially when he/she (they) takes part in the life of the child (children).
1.6 The partner's propensity to partying, to visiting pubs and restaurants with colleagues after work. The partner's desire to lead an independent entertainment life without the participation of someone with whom they are bound in an exclusive relationship.
  1. Red flags
2.1 Behavior
2.1.1 You find yourself talking and getting one- or two-word answers.
2.1.2 They barely respond to your text or jokes.
2.1.3. Sex can increase or decrease.
2.1.4. They stop calling you pet names, sweet talk disappears.
2.1.5 They cannot seem to touch you; they can't even hold your hand or even sit beside you.
2.1.6 You feel the distance between you and suspect.
2.1.7 When you ask them about it, they say you're paranoid, jealous. This person is just a friend, like a sistebrother. They get angry when you don't believe them.
2.1.8 Their friends are sketchy around you.
2.1.9 Constant conversations about a "colleague", "neighbor", "gym colleague", etc., and then a sharp cessation of mentioning them.
2.1.10 Joint lunches with "friend" at work, walks, visits to sports and entertainment events, joint occupation of some hobby.
2.1.11 Constant hanging in companies where there is a suspected "friend".
2.1.12 Sometimes they started drinking more - for example, from one sip of wine once a week to almost every evening.
2.1.13 They lose their cool because of the little things that usually happen in life.
2.1.14 In some cases, they explicitly or implicitly offer BP to open relationship (marriage), to sleep with someone under a fictitious pretext (in fact, they want to ease their guilt and "equalize" their partners in the number and severity of their own sins).
2.1.15 Sometimes they begin to scold the "friend", sometimes accuse them of some misdeeds, talk about their shortcomings, how disgusting they are. This is, of course, for disguise. (In one post, BP said that his wife complained about sexual harassment by her boss and even discussed hiring a lawyer. She even quit her job! Later it turned out that he was her lover).
2.2 Electronic contacts of the suspect
2.2.1 Constant increase in the time of communication with someone of the opposite gender visa electronic communications, most often by phone. (In my opinion, if outside of work contacts last more than 30 minutes a day, in aggregate, then it is necessary to be alert and conduct some more investigation).
2.2.2 They start locking their phone or change their passwords.
2.2.3 Besides phone, don't forget about any other electronic devices, too. If they have a tablet or laptop or desktop, you need info from them as well.
2.2.4 They begin to hide the screens of the phone and devices, immediately destroy messages, photos and videos when you ask to show the phone or other devices.
2.2.5 Be sure that opening any kind of new account on anything - whether it be a new email account, credit card, or a new bank account - without informing you first will also be a red flag that they are cheating. Any app where they can communicate 1-on-1 is a possible avenue for cheating. Also remember this includes work apps. If they have a work phone or computer, you'll need to monitor that as well (if you can).
2.2.6 Do not exclude the possibility that the suspect has a hidden phone, a disposable phone (very often such phones are hidden in the suspect's car).
Always remember that the absence of electronic evidence does not mean the absence of an affair.
2.3 Changing the body language.
It is necessary to observe the dynamics in comparison with the time before the alleged affair
2.3.1 Lack of gestures of affection for BP. Cessation of intimate and friendly touching.
2.3.2 Wayward partner’s (WP’s) expression of joy during telephone conversations and texting with an alleged AP.
2.3.4 A special intimate language of closeness when interacting an alleged AP at parties and events. Especially revealing are the dances - their hugs and intimate conversations.
2.4 Changing the appearance language.
It is necessary to observe the dynamics in comparison with the time before the alleged affair
2.4.1 They are more interested in their looks and hygiene.
2.4.2. Women sometimes begin to do epilation on the skin of their legs, hands and even shave intimate places.
2.4.3 WPs start buying revealing underwear (women - thongs, etc.).
2.4.4 They start buying new expensive outerwear and shoes, the frequency of purchases increases.
2.4.5 Hair care is being intensified. New hairstyles.
2.4.6 New intensive manicure and pedicure for women.
2.4.7 In the morning, a lot of time is spent on putting them in order in the bathroom.

Dear redditors, please correct and supplement me. This is important for all of us.
Thank you for reading my post.
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2023.06.04 17:09 Desdemona11 Months of sobriety and now back to day one 😣

So, yesterday I went on a complete binge/bender. I don’t really know why, lots of little stressful things, old traumas resurfacing all at the same time…perhaps?and the good weather?
I feel truly awful today. I’m embarrassed, ashamed and disappointed in myself. Self conscious of how people may have judged me.
I’m anxious and just wish the world would swallow me up. I can’t believe I endangered my life the way I did, but luckily I was ok 😰
Im at such a low point today, why did I get like that? I know better 🤦‍♀️ I have no idea what comes over me, I become a totally different person, possessed even. I hate this other character 😩
Anyway, I just needed to write this and share my frustration with people who get it 😣
Definitely not drinking today!!! Time to get back on track
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2023.06.04 17:09 MilkbottleF New Exercises in Style

For reference,


In the S bus, in the rush hour. A bloke about 26, felt hat with a cord instead of a ribbon, neck too long as if someone had been tugging at it. People getting off. The bloke in question gets annoyed with one of the passengers standing next to him. He accuses him of bumping into him every time someone goes past. A whining tone which is meant to sound menacing. When he sees a vacant seat, he grabs it.
Two hours later, I come across him in Cour de Rome, in front of the gare Saint-Lazare. He’s with a friend who’s saying: ‘You should get another button put on your overcoat.’ He shows him where (at the lapels) and why.


In that meridian S, besides the usual smells - those of priests, the deceased, eggs, jaywalkers, drunks, snorers, nutters, wings, hate-filled flatulents, unpopular songs, empty verses, French letters, and impetuous kebab eaters - there was a distinct odour of long juvenile neck, of the sweatiness of plaited cord, a pungency of anger, a certain loose and constipated stench, smells that were so unmistakable in combination that when two hours later I passed in front of the gare Saint-Lazare I recognized them at once and traced them to the cosmetic, modish and tailored perfume which was given off by a single badly placed button.


Buses are soft to the touch, especially if you take them between the thighs and caress them with both hands, from head to tail, from the engine to the platform. But when you find yourself standing on the platform then you notice something a little rougher, a bit more abrasive, which is the bodywork or the handrail, sometimes something a bit more curvaceous and more elastic which is a buttock. Sometimes there are two of these, in which case you put the sentence in the plural. You might also lay your hands on a tubular and quivering object which disgorges idiotic sounds, or a tool with plaited spirals softer than a rosary, more silky than barbed wire, more velvety than a cord and thinner than a cable. Or then again you might touch human stupidity with the end of your finger, slightly viscous, and sticky, due to the heat.
Then if you wait an hour or two, in front of a clattering station, you might just get the chance to dip your sweaty palms in the exquisite freshness of a corozo button which is out of place.


Taken in at a glance it’s green with a white roof, elongated, with windows. They’re not easy to pull off if you’re a beginner, windows. The platform isn’t any colour, a featureless potpourri of grey and brown, like the background to a cubist painting. More than anything it’s composed of curves, a conglomeration of esses you could say. But at midday, in the rush hour, how it is is a bloody mess. To get any picture of it you’d have to first conjure out from the magma a cube of pale ochre, place an oval of pale ochre on top of it, then on top of that paint a darkish ochre hat surrounded by a plait of burnt Sienna, all topsy-turvy to cap it all. Then you’d throw in a blob of duckshit to represent rage, a red triangle to express anger, and a pissworth of green to portray repressed bile and yellow-bellied jitters.
Following that, a street artist might draw you one of those pretty little cutesy blue overcoats decorated at the top, just beneath the neckline, with a pretty little cutesy button done with a very fine brush.


In the Y bus, in the Russian salad. A blood count around thirty-two years of grace, hatchet with a cordon replacing the riboflavin, necrology too long as if someone had been tugging at it. Peppercorns get off. The blood count of Quetzalcoatl gets annoyed with a nematode. He accuses it of jostling him every time someone goes past, in a snorting tone-row which is meant to sound menacing. When he sees an empty seaway he grabs it.
Eight houseboats later, I see him again in the Roncq Courthouse, in front of the Saint-Dizier station wagon. He’s with a frigate bird who’s saying: ‘You should get an extra butt weld put on your overdrive.’ He shows him where (at the lapsus linguae) and why.


Midnight. It is raining. Buses pass by, almost empty. On the bonnet of an SUV by the Bastille, a hatless old man with his head buried in his shoulders thanks a woman standing some distance away for caressing his hands. Then he props himself upright on the knees of a man who doesn’t move from his place.
Two hours earlier, behind the gare de Lyon, this old man stopped up his ears so as not to listen to a tramp who denied himself the opportunity to say that he should have the bottom button on his shorts lowered by a hole.


In these buskins. Russia. A black abbot, wine-dark socks, felt hot weather called him - steed of Arab, bone neck too long, as if Samson had been tugging at it. People ghettoing Orff. The black (inquest!) soon gets a nude with one of the pass engineers stranded, next to hymn. She accuses him of bursting into hymns every time some Hun goes ‘Psssst!’. A waning tune - ‘Witches’ Lament’ - to send men a song. When she sees a vacant seat, she grabs it.
Tauruses will hate her. I clone a cross hymning cowards of Rome, in for the hunt of the garrison’s lazy ease, with a friend who’s a Ying. ‘You hood! Get a heather buttonhole put on your lover’s coat!’ he says. ‘Hmm, where? At the lapel? Zounds, why?’


In the S in the hurs uroh, a belok tabou 62, how had a gib nith cenk dan a tha rounsurded by a droc tineads of a nibbro, tegs yannoed whit noe of the gernpasses who he cuesacs of pingbum toni ihm no pospure. Hewn he sese a canvat teas, he brags it.
Owt horus alter, I come sacros ihm in Cuor Ed More, in tronf of the rage Tsian-Zalare. She whit a refind show aysing: ‘You holdus teg heranot nuttob tup no your coveroat.’ He whoss ihm hweer (at the pellas).
-- Raymond Queneau [recreated by Philip Terry.) These translations published in The Penguin Book of Oulipo (Penguin Modern Classics, 2019), perhaps the most comprehensive English anthology of the movement (includes one hundred selections, this is #6). I cannot post them here because they never quite cross that "super-normal" boundary, but I also recommend Terry's "Exercises in Translation" (collected in the same book, part #72.) Previously: Twelve exercises from Barbara Wright's classic translation.
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2023.06.04 17:09 CDTyphol_ Will Pip-Boy replacers conflict with the Vault-Tec workshop DLC?

E.G: Pip-boy 2000, Pip-Pad, Pip-Boy 3000A, etc. By the end of the DLC, Pip boys spawn inside a little crate near the entrance, which you can assign to your vault dwellers. I just want to know if any Pip-Boy replacer break those pip-boys.
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2023.06.04 17:09 Swiftie697979 AITA for telling my boyfriend he can’t sleepover at his friends house?

I know the title sounds bad but I don’t think i’m in the wrong here. My (F15) boyfriend (M15) wanted to sleepover at his friends (F16) house. Normally i’m alright with him hanging out with girls but this made me extremely uncomfortable. Let’s call him Brandon and her Emily. Now i don’t know anything about Emily. I don’t even know her name. All i know is he has been friends with her sense he moved here 2 years ago. This all started last night when I was busy for about 2 hours and I told Brandon this. After i was done I received a snap from him that he was drinking. I brushed it off and didn’t really care. Then he brings up Emily. I’m totally fine with him being friends with girls. Then Brandon told me he was sleeping over at Emily’s house. I flipped. I didn’t say anything for a bit but i was crying hysterically in my room. I started talking to my friends about this and they told me that Brandon is in the wrong and I need to break up with him. I don’t want to breakup with him. So i tell him how I feel. He tells me that it was platonic and he wouldn’t cheat on me. I tell him I understand but what if i slept over at Jakes (M16) house and started drinking with him alone. ( Jake is my friend that he is jealous of). He says he wouldn’t care because He trusts me. I called bullshit. Then i ignore him for a little while because i’m so upset. He goes on to tell me he is walking home and it’s fine but it’s an hour walk. I told him it’s fine he can stay and I don’t want him to get hurt. But he doesn’t listen. He got home and said he wasn’t upset. My friends told me I wasn’t in the wrong but a part of me feels bad. (Context/ him and his friend where drinking so Emily couldn’t have drove him home). Am I the asshole for not wanting my boyfriend to sleep at his friends house?
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2023.06.04 17:09 Mad-Hour-Gaming How LEGO Island became abandonware (Short Documentary, because you likely already know.)

In 1997, Mindscape in collaboration with LEGO released a little game called LEGO Island. You all know about the game, and probably wonder why I'm making a documentary about it.
You see, the game sold 323,085 units in 1997, making it the eleventh bestselling PC game (in the US) and seventh bestselling worldwide when you add the amount of copies it sold everywhere else, given that it adds up to ALMOST ONE MILLION.
Sadly, though, success means money, and money can lead to corporate greed. At one point, one of the devs revealed that Mindscape fired the ENTIRE TEAM instead of paying the bonuses they were offered, causing the rest of the trilogy to be given to another company.
In 2009, Mindscape went defunct (likely as karma), meaning that LEGO Island was officially considered Abandonware (Note that the other two games are also abandonware, but the second one is shit so I don't really fucking care). Unfortunately, LEGO Island isn't free to use all willy-nilly, since the IP is owned by the LEGO Group, who have left it to die.
What a sad way to end the story... Guess I better lighten the mood...Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh... I just sold pizza to a dangerous criminal and indirectly helped them escape jail? No wait that's a bad thing... Oh well they probably caught him by now.
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2023.06.04 17:09 NotYourGa1Friday Urgent help needed for highly aggressive situation

Urgent help needed for highly aggressive situation
Please help me figure out what to do. This is long and rambling, and I’m on mobile, so I apologize.
In September I adopted/inherited my grandmother’s two cats after she passed away.
The two cats spent one month quarantined in our three season room as they were treated for fleas and worms.
Our original three cats were allowed limited time in the three season room after our newbies were cleared of worms and fleas. We integrated everyone slowly and things seemed okay.
Until about two months ago. We started finding accidents and the smallest cat (pictured in a diaper) was the culprit. She is 7ish years old and in good health but the vet suggested it may be stress related incontinence due to all of the recent changes. We made changes so she was able to spend overnight in our daughter’s room as that is her favorite place to be. If you have ever tried diapering a cat you know it is very difficult so, obviously, we love her 😂
Around that same time our Stripey Long John cat, also pictured, started attacking the little cat. Full on ball of claws and fur and hisses like a Looney Tunes cartoon.
We have tried everything to bring the peace back. We don’t know what started the issue but I personally think the cats didn’t like that we switched to Crystal litter.
Things we have tried/how things are set up:
We have five cats total
We live in a two story 1500sq foot house so there is room
We have five cat trees for playing
We have three Litter Robots and three Crystal cat boxes
All cats have their own food dish. Cats are fed three times a day (dry and wet food in mornings/evening, dry food in afternoon) food is measured out so they aren’t over fed but we added the lunch time snack so there was never a feeling of food scarcity.
There are three water fountains in the house
I have plugged in Feliway Optimum in the living room, the kitchen, and the upstairs hallway as these are popular spots
I have tried the Feliway collars on all cats
I have given both Little Cat and Stripey Long John (SLJ) homeopathic calming meds with meals
All cats are spayed/neutered
All cats HAVE claws
Front claws are trimmed
The meds seem to work in that SLJ seems less anxious when he has them. He is a rescue and we were told he had a rough life before us. He was in really rough shape and needed medical care when we got him. He has been with us for just over a year and has turned into a real sweetheart EXCEPT when he sees Little Cat.(LC)
When he sees LC he attacks her. Even after meds, even with the Feliway collar, even with Feliway plug ins. She defends herself by scratching and usually peeing.
So, right now LC is staying in “her apartment” the three season room. We spend time in there with her and we bring her out/put him in so no one is cooped up for long.
But this isn’t tenable. These two cats co-existed before. They gave their clay litter back. (Getting rid of it seeeems to have been the catalyst) and they have everything they need.
How can I get these two to coexist again?!?!
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2023.06.04 17:09 itsgotimekramer Bridal makeup advice needed

Bridal makeup advice needed
I’ve never been very into makeup. I own a lot of great high quality products, but I’ve never actually used them properly and I feel like I somehow make myself look worse with makeup on.
I’m doing my vow renewal in Machu Picchu soon and it’s too difficult to get a makeup artist out there, so I’m desperately trying to pull together a look.
I would really appreciate any advice you guys can offer here!
Also, I usually use Lashify lashes (I just threw on a little mascara for the picture) and have purchased a set of lashes for the day, so I have that part covered.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.04 17:09 yopp_son Keep breaking out in acne since starting Humira last year

I started Humira last August. That November, I started to get little acne-like infections in the hair follicles of my lower legs. After about two weeks, they *covered* both of my calves and were starting to become painful. I was put on a two week course of antibiotics, and when the results came back they said it was folliculitis caused by staph bacteria. Not MRSA thankfully. I also have eczema which interestingly enough, people with eczema tend to have more staph on their bodies. Anyway, the acne cleared up, and I was good to go.
Unfortunately, it has come back over the last week, this time in a big patch in and behind my left armpit, on my left lat muscle, and on my left shoulder. It is also coming back on my calves. Last time, the doctor said I might have to go off of Humira, which would be devastating because Humira has completely erased my crohns symptoms which I've dealt with for years. Does anyone else have experience with something like this? I've tried treating it on my own with benzoyl peroxide ointment, which I cover my entire body with and then shower off. I also then apply moisturizer all over, which helps my eczema. Despite these efforts, it seems to be getting worse, and am planning to call my doc tomorrow. TIA
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