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2019.11.09 00:40 Kezika Helluva Boss

For the VivziePop animation property Helluva Boss, set in the same universe as Hazbin Hotel!

2021.01.29 15:04 Helluva Boss Fanart: For all to enjoy!

This is a community for us to share fan art inspired by Vivienne Medrano's Helluva Boss series. There are so many talented artist out there! I hope that people through this sub will find new artists and support them! Each week I will also be adding a featured comic to this site.

2021.12.29 04:05 thenamesdomino HelluvaBossCrossovers

This a subreddit for HelluvaBossCrossovers, you can post anything related to that here.

2023.06.04 16:48 Dry_Hope2405 I have made an HB (Helluva boss)oc because the show is good (Left is an edit right is pure gacha)

I have made an HB (Helluva boss)oc because the show is good (Left is an edit right is pure gacha)
Xe is very neutral despite xe's very Chaotic nature
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2023.06.04 16:47 Khan_Entertainment The geekiest campaign ever: The Eternal Cohort

So, I basically made a multiverse-spanning campaign...enjoy!
Warning: This campaign incorporates elements from multiple universes and involves complex lore from sources such as Lord of the Rings, Michael Moorcock's Eternal Champion series, the Alien Anthology, Terminator (especially Terminator: Resistance), and Magic: The Gathering. To fully understand and appreciate the story, a significant amount of knowledge about these respective universes and their lore is required. Readers who are unfamiliar with the lore from these sources may find it challenging to follow the intricacies of the plot and the connections between different storylines. It is highly recommended to have a solid understanding of these universes to fully grasp the nuances of the campaign. If you are not well-versed in these sources or find complexinterwoven narratives overwhelming, this campaign may not be suitable for you. However, if you enjoy delving into intricate lore and relish the challenge of connecting multiple universes, this campaign may offer a rich and rewarding storytelling experience. Please consider your familiarity with the relevant lore before diving into this campaign, as it may greatly impact your ability to engage with and enjoy the story. I will explain the story the way it turned out for my party. This is a very basic rundown of the story, basically the core of the campaign.
Also, these might greatly help you:
One wiki to rule them all: https://lotr.fandom.com/f
Moorcok's Multiverse Wiki: https://stormbringer.fandom.com/f
MTG Wiki: https://mtg.fandom.com/wiki/Main_Page
Xenopedia: https://avp.fandom.com/f
Terminator Wiki: https://terminator.fandom.com/f

The Lord of the Rings: Where the Shadows Lie
The first part of the campaign takes the party to the year 2000 of the Third Age of Middle-Earth. The Realm of Angmar has been defeated and the Nazgûl are gathering in Mordor. The Elven Lord Glanduril of Mithlond, brother of Gildor Inglorion and wielder of the black sword Anguirel, recieves a message from a Stranger. It tells about the actions of the other Nazgûl during the Witch-King's campaign against Arnor, including third of the Nine, Gothmog, once a great Númenórean lord who fell to Sauron and led the black númenóreans to Dark Land, where they established a colony and became the Hyarmenóreans. Now, nothing is left of them but the city of Nazgkadar, led by a powerful necromancer named Mordu (who would much later become the Mouth of Sauron). And the elves suspect that Gothmog might have been preparing them for war. They also suspect a Nazgûl in Dol Guldur, Rhûn and Harad, who have recovered one of the remaining dwarven rings and unleashed the black plague upon Gondor.
https://ibb.co/Fgx5Vcv (yes, I made this)
Glanduril and Galadriel assemble a group of heroes to investigate this threat and the other Nazgûl's plans. (This and subsequently the next adventure are the only ones where I'll incorporate my players' characters into the summary, because they sometimes are key elements.) Among the group were Galadhorn, an elven lord of Doriath and brother of Celeborn who now lives in Lórien and posesses a ring gifted to him by Melian with the power to heal others, but it has been broken during the second Kinslaying at the hands of Fëanor's sons; Tauriël, the lost daughter of Eluréd, and therefore heir to the Kingdom of Doriath; Arathar, Brother of Aranarth and Prince of Arnor, a Dúnedain of the north; and Elethrond, an elf of Nargothrond and apprentice of Finrod, who now lives in Mithlond with Glanduril. He also carries the sword of Ecthelion.
With the exception of Ecthelion, they first meet in the Prancing Pony in Bree, where they also encounter a Stranger who ensures (in whatever way you see fit) that Tauriël and Arathar eventually fall in love. When the group travels to Dark Land and enter Nazgkadar, they have to avoid being spotted. They break into a Melkor temple/library and find out about the Hyarmenórean's history and that Gothmog had returned to recruit them for Sauron. After fleeing from the city, the group and Glanduril stop in Minas Ithil on their way to Dol Guldur, their next stop. Then the 2-year siege of Minas Ithil at the hands of the Nazgûl begins. After a fierce battle, the heroes depart. At the outskirts of Greenwood, while the others are sleeping, one of the player characters' wakes up and sees Glanduril talking to the Stranger they've encountered in Bree, a concerned expression on Glanduril's face. They can not understand what they're talking but they see that the Stranger carries a sword identical to that of Glanduril, on his finger shines a ring like the one Galadhorn possesses one if it wasn't broken and on his head sits a helm adorned with a dragon figure. The next morning Glanduril tells the group that what they thought to be a Nazgûl in Dol Guldur could be Sauron himself, according to the same Stranger that told him of the other Nazgûl, as he has encountered him last night. And that he will depart for a while to search for an ally that might be challenging to recruit. He sends the players north to the land of the Éothéod to help Fram slay the dragon Scatha and recover one of the dwarven rings of power from his hort to delay Sauron, if it is really him. (So this is kinda like a Hobbit scenario, including Fram's dragon sickness; Also, the ring tempts the players.) Following that adventure, Gildor arrives at Framsburg to give the group a message from Glanduril that tells them to investigate the ruins of Utumno in search for Sauron's past and maybe find a clue if he's hiding in Dol Guldur. They have to pass by the orc-infested Gundabad to reach the ruins in the far north. Once deep underground they encounter the fellbeasts, which would later become the mounts of the Nazgûl during the War of the Ring:
"Nonetheless the Valar did not discover all the mighty vaults and caverns hidden with deceit far under the fortresses of Angband and Utumno. Many evil things still lingered there, and others were dispersed and fled into the dark and roamed in the waste places of the world, awaiting a more evil hour; and Sauron they did not find."
But then they are confronted by a Balrog, and Glanduril comes to their aid, and they slay the balrog using Anguirel and Elethrond's sword, as it has slain many balrogs in the hands of Ecthelion and could wound their fire.
They then travel to Amon Ereb north of Mithlond, where once was the fortress of the sons of Fëanor. On their way, a group of Dúnedain bring Arathar a gift from a stranger: The Dragon helm of Dor-Lómin. Once they arrive at Amon Ereb, they are greeted by Maglor, last living son of Fëanor, who Glanduril has recruited for one final mission. Though he's first met with Suspicion and hatred from Galadhorn and Tauriël, Maglor wants to at least partly redeem himself and (as a son of Fëanor) repairs Galadhorn's ring and gifts the recovered treasure of Doriath to Tauriël and agrees to join them. Returning to Dark land, Maglor sings a song to recruit the huorns and ents of the forest, which is destroyed by the Hyarmenóreans for their industry. The ents destroy the city and the huorns kill any fleeing Hyarmenóreans, while the group (without Glanduril and Maglor) face Mordu in his palace. After this final boss fight, Mordu manages to escape and Gothmog turns up and takes the dwarven ring from the group, before Maglor and Glanduril arrive to drive him back. Afterwards, Glanduril offers the group to join him in searching for the legendary city of Tanelorn in the new lands in the west. With nothing holding him in Middle-Earth Maglor joins them.
Michael Moorcock’s The Eternal Champion: Stranger in a Strange World
Years later, Arathar and Tauriël have an adult son, Heledir, that lives with them in Tanelorn, Heledir is gifted Glanduril's sword Anguirel, as well as the dragon helm of Dor-Lómin.
One day, the black ship arrives at Tanelorn and the captain recruits the group. On the ship, they meet with Dakkon Blackblade from the MTG universe. They learn that Dakkon and Heledir (and Turin Turambar before him) are both incarnations of the eternal champion and wield incarnations of the black sword; and that Glanduril is Heledir's eternal companion. They also learn that the group is an incarnation of another archetype: the Eternal Cohort, which will always help the eternal champion in one way or another, if he himself is not able to fulfill his task. They don't have to be with the champion though. (Also, Heledir has a dream avatar: Valentine Michael Smith from "Stranger in a Strange Land")
They travel the second ether until they reach Elric's world. Their mission is to defeat the nemesis of Dakkon and chaos demon Geyadrone Dihada, who wants to disrupt a meeting between the lords of chaos and law. They travel to R'lin K'ren A'a, where Dihada's Unholy Citadel is located. Upon arriving on the jungle continent, they are ambushed by Mairon (Sauron), or rather his incarnation in Elric's world. Turns out, that Melkor is actually a chaos lord and Mairon a chaos demon in his service. But his power in this world isn't strong, and the players are able to drive him back.
https://ibb.co/KmDdqzx (Mairon)
After defeating some of the reptilian Olab, they meet with a man called J'osui C'reln Reyr and the departing royal family of R'lin K'ren A'a, as they made a deal with Arioch to leave for Melniboné and leave the gods their land for their meeting. (They also see the great jade statue of Arioch). Heledir and Dakkon forge their helmets together, creating a black shimmering helmet adorned with a dragon figure; they gift the helmet to the king, and it would later become the dragon helm of the melnibonéan emperors. Before they launch their attack on Dihada, they return to the ship, where they are met with a strange group of people, that kinda look like this:
They give Heledir a vial of a silver liquid, before the group must depart. They ultimately defeat Geyadrone Dihada by becoming The-Two-Who-Are-One and banish her with the black sword before Dakkon planeswalkes away. Then, Mairon returns and after this final fight, Heledir banishes him from Elric's world using Anguirel. But this evokes a bloodlust in the demon sword and kills all of Heledir's companions. Heledir curses Anguirel and swears to defeat Sauron once and for all. He takes Galadhorn's ring and travels the multiverse via the moonbeam roads...
https://ibb.co/JCcxNNt (the Two-Who-Are-One)
Aliens: Nemesis
These last two parts are played in the Alien RPG System by Free League
It's the year 2183, the USS Corum has been dispatched to locate survivors of the Hadley's Hope incident, that have crashed on the nearby moon of Lv-223, while trying to escape with the Onager. Among the crew is the android Evans.
Upon landing on the moon, they notice the jungle that has been created by the black goo emitted from the crashed Juggernaut. While investigating the terrain, one of the marines is infected with Neomorph spores. The Neomorph emerges from it's host in the shuttle's medbay but breaks out, so that it isn't safe to return to.
Soon they find a boy who has been surviving on the hostile moon (kinda like Eric Kirby in Jurassic Park 3): Timmy Jorden; Newt's brother. He then leads the group to the engineer temple, where Evans discovers that the engineers have created humanity and have created the black goo out of some sort of (phyrexian) oil that they have encountered during their travel around the multiverse, as they are a highly advanced species. He also finds out that the Deacon is an incarnation of the "Black Sword" and that the engineers worship it as a symbol of the cycle of sacrifice and creation, that drives the whole multiverse and the balance of chaos and order. Evans takes one of the black goo vials and creates a silver liquid out of it's nano-material, that david had already discovered; an alloy that can form into anything.
After several Xenomorph attacks, Timmy leads the group to the wreck of the Onager to get it's transmitter to call another shuttle, but it is now a xenomorph hive. The group eventually floods the hive with liquid nitrogen, but they only have a limited amount and not much zime. They place explosives within the hive, but don't make it out before the Xenomorphs attack them again. The group sacrifices themselves, destroying the hive with the queen for good. The last thing one of them sees is Evans rising from the flames, but his skin is gone, revealing that he is not a normal Weyland-Yutani android:
Suddenly, the group seems to wake up in a shattered city, dispersed, and with their memory of their adventure fading like a dream and being replaced with others...
Terminator: Renegades
The group awakes in the middle of a battle, they are part of the 124th, Colorado division. The group is marked for termination and an infiltrator tries to kill them but is then attacked by another terminator. Both get destroyed in the process. The group recoveres the chip of the other terminator and brings it back to the shelter to investigate why it saved them.
They find out that the chip has been altered using a mimetic polyalloy. Apparently, these "Renegades" have been appearing lately, sabotaging SkyNet's assets. But there are more pressing matters. After destroying a SkyNet train transporting titan for new terminators, they recieve the coordinates of the SkyNet central core from Jacob Rivers and John Connor gives the order for the final attack.
The 124th attacks the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, where the core is; But it is too heavily defended. Suddenly, the renegades launch a massive attack on SkyNet, diverting SkyNet's forces away from the complex and giving the 124th the chance to attack. The players place the explosives and hack the central computers before destroying the core. The resistance is victorious, but SkyNet has sent three terminators back in time, among them the "T-1000". After the battle, they are met by a figure who reveals himself to be a "Heledir", the creator of the renegades. He explains how he has used the polyalloy to alter the terminator's programming to defeat the servant of the singularity called SkyNet. But SkyNet has captured one of them and recreated the polyalloy, creating the T-1000. He then goes on to meet with John Connor together with the group. He explains that he has to go back in time using the captured time displacement equipment to ensure his own birth and defeat of Sauron: He is the Sranger from the first part. He also explains that the group is the Eternal Cohort and explains that they and a renegade (Evans) have to go back in time too and travel by the black ship, to ensure that he recieves the polyalloy.
Heledir would go on to inform Glanduril of the Hyarmenóreans, bring Arathar and Tauriël together and live by the Gladden Fields to ultimately ensure that Déagol and Sméagol would find the One ring, ultimately sealing Sauron's fate; before joining the warriors at the edge of time.
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2023.06.04 16:20 Yokiyo1009988sla Helluva Boss-Verosika Mayday

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2023.06.04 15:30 ZeldaMod [TotK] Daily Questions and Answers: Get help Megathread! (06/04/2023)

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2023.06.04 14:50 XXBEERUSXX Respect Abdiel (Shin Megami Tensei V)

"Heed my words, brethren! As decreed by the seraphim, I, Abdiel, hereby take command of Bethel's holy army! Our foes are the demons of chaos, who swore allegiance to that contemptible snake! Yet fear not — we are all blessed with the divine protection of God himself! Warriors from far and wide, hear me now: strike them down in the name of order!"
Abdiel is an archangel that commands the angel forces of Bethel, a worldwide organization that aims to preserve the order of the world. Unlike the leaders of the other branches of Bethel, Abdiel believes that the world has to follow the laws that the Creator God has made for them. She meets the protagonist and realizes that he is a Nahobino, which defies God's orders, but decides to let him work for Bethel after he helped them defeat the demons of chaos. After realizing that the God she worships was dead, she decides to execute the Nahobino, only to be defeated. Lucifer encouraged Abdiel to give up her archangel status and become a Fallen angel in order to gain power that surpasses that of the angel's. She decides to fuse with Dazai and regain her true, original form as a Nahobino.
Demons are the incarnations of ideas born from the collective unconscious. They are shaped by the myths, beliefs and cognition of mankind and possess magical powers. The source of their power is Magatsuhi, a spiritual power known as Magnetite in other games. A demon's attacks are able to cause people or other demons to bleed out Magatsuhi and if all their Magatsuhi is lost, they will vanish without a trace. See this thread for more explanations on a demon
Feats marked Fallen are from Abdiel in the form she took after her fall from grace. Feats marked Nahobino are from Abdiel in her true form after fusing with Dazai.
Compendium entry here, list of her resistances/weaknesses can be found here





"God's order must be preserved. The throne will be mine, and the Nahobino will perish!"
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2023.06.04 14:46 drawingautist Funny prom idea me and my friend have

In about 9 months me and my friend has a funny idea, cosplay, we have many fun cosplay ideas, for example: hazbin hotel, helluva boss, my hero academia, attack on Titan, Spider man and spider Gwen, batman and Robin and many more, but my favorite is the switching idea, me a boy is going as a girl and my friend as a Tomboy (my friend is nonbinary), i thought i should mention this here, cus it's pride month. If any of you want to do the same, do it.
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2023.06.04 12:30 AutoModerator Weekly Destiny Child Q&A

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Ask any kind of quick questions about the game here. Remember that there's no one best team that fits everything. When asking for help on team building please provide as much information as possible. Post an image of your child archive if you can.
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2023.06.04 12:00 AutoModerator Weekly Raid Discussion

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2023.06.04 11:23 FuzzeeLogic *BiscuitsGotNoJam * is recruiting active guildees for Season 1 Onwards! Join Us! :D

*BiscuitsGotNoJam * is recruiting active guildees for Season 1 Onwards! Join Us! :D
What's your jam? Join us! :P
Season 1-1 final ranking! Master II by the first week tally!
Lvl 47 beacon, 90/90 relics
BiscuitsGotNoJam is looking for new active members!
2 spot(s) available at the moment!
  • Reply here if interested + send a request our way (crk id/guildboss damage estimates helpful)! *We prefer recruiting from this reddit/associated discord and will give crk id's we've talked to priority vs random requests in game. If you are still in a guild, please check here first to see if spots are open! \**If you can show 500 million+ total damage per round [after 18 tickets] we can send a direct invite to your crk id :)*
· Level 47 beacon, 90/90 relics, and constantly improving!
· Masters II rank by round 1 of 4. S1-2: Master II, ending rank: #245 [boss max levels: 28/27/41], Alliance Season 19=top 2%...
· Active players please!!! We are looking to fill spots with people who will use up their as many tickets as they can each round, but especially the first round of any season to achieve Master II asap. Also have alliance unlocked (story 10-31) and spend at least one ticket so we can share ranking scores as a group :) Everything else is optional and any contributions are greatly appreciated!
· Ideally, try to build teams focusing on 2 bosses or at least focus on 1 effective *ABYSS* team if you are new or lacking resources. We usually don't have specific damage requirements and if we have many spots available, we will happily accept very active players with low damage (*it is great to have lower damage players help flip bosses with very low health) :) If we have less spots, we will probably be more selective but will consider everyone, send a request!
· We are friendly but not too chatty [no formal discord]. If you need to communicate, throw a message in guild chat and as soon as someone sees it they will most likely respond :)
\**If you need tutorials on team builds or meta, you can try looking at the team of your guildees in the battle log who are doing lots of damage or checking out the many wikis, googledocs, youtube videos or reddit threads on them. Feel free to ask team comp questions on guild chat--when I see them I will do my best to answer them :)*
BiscuitsGotNoJam has an updated inactivity policy [Starting Season 2 of Destiny's Wrath]!
We will remove:
  1. Anytime: No logins for more than 14 days (unless you let us know when you will return). ***If you are away and can’t login, just let us know in chat and we will save your spot until you can again, otherwise we will assume you stopped playing!
  2. After the first week of any season (ex: After Season 2-1 tally): the 3 lowest activity point ranked members who use LESS than 12/18 bosstix during the first round. \**If you are away during week1, let us know so we don't kick! The first week is critical in any season to quickly achieve master 2 rank, to hold till the season ends for max rewards. Please help out even if you are not at risk! After week 1, participate as you like (grinding torch gacha/alliance score+relics, etc. at your leisure) :)*
  3. 0/72 guildboss hits for the entire month/season ***Breaks are ok but please help when you can! (unless you are on a notified absence)
⚠ New members who join after 2 days in any new season are excluded from rule 2/ticket requirement for that current season due to not having the full time/ticket allotment. Any guildees on a notified absence are excluded from all rules until they come back.
\**Any rules changes will be posted prior to a new season starting and will not change during the current season!*
Happy gaming,
See you in crk! ^~^
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2023.06.04 09:22 grander-lt Still dry

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2023.06.04 08:50 Sleepyheadhannah In search of a role play partner :)

Hello everyone! I’m currently looking for a rp partner who is semi-lit and i usually write 5-15 lines.I mainly do fandom role plays with cannon characters. I mainly do mxm because I’m most comfortable with that writing style. I’m open to any ships just not anything consisting of pedophila and incest. I don’t have any triggers and I’d like fast-ish replies. I’m completely fine with smut and angst as i love building plots. I have multiple plots to use as well! I usually reply as fast as i can because i usually hate leaving people on delivered. For smut related role plays i try to stay away from rape or SA in general. My limits for rping smut is no scat,piss,gore or feet. I prefer doing cannon characters mainly because ocs tend to get quite confusing for me. My only rules i have for roleplaying are 1. Use proper grammar 2. Don’t talk in the first person such as “i look over at him” or “i feel happy” 3. Nothing less than 3 lines (i need something to work with so i can type a reply). On a lighter note Here’s a brief short list of the fandoms I’m in: -my hero academia -seraph of the end -free! -mystic messenger -twisted wonderland -ouran highschool host club -genshin impact -demon slayer -Jujitsu kiasen -helluva boss I could list out more fandoms if needed! If you’re interested please shoot me a dm and we could continue talking :)
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2023.06.04 08:37 SansIsSoEpic Navarch of the seas no planes?

Navarch of the seas no planes?
My navarch of the seas has no planes? It’s d33, in a pool and during a boss event if any of that matters, the wiki says it should have planes from d1, just really confused as to if I’ve done anything wrong. (First time using the tower)
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2023.06.04 06:01 AutoModerator Daily Roundtable: Community Q&A

Greetings Tarnished!
This is the place to ask any questions you may have about Elden Ring. This includes obscure detail questions, "newbie" advice questions, build questions, boss advice questions, and what have you.
Well written, constructive criticism is fine but please avoid ranting about aspects of the game you just don’t like. This includes “so and so boss is stupid and too difficult.”
If you are interested in the game but don’t own it yet, please don’t post “should I buy this game?” or “Is this game worth it?”. If you have played other FromSoftware games and enjoyed them, the answer is yes. If you haven’t, just do a little research! These games are difficult, and sometimes frustrating, and not everyone is going to enjoy them. And that’s okay!
Lastly, be friendly! We are all here because we are interested in the same game! Please treat your fellow players with respect.
Here are a few helpful links:
Our Discord which has an awesome Helper Request System!
Elden Ring Wiki
Elden Ring Map
Most Recent Patch Notes (1.06)
/BeyondTheFog for co-op help!
/PatchesEmporium for item trading!
/EldenRingBuilds for builds and build help!
Our community password is straydmn
Rise, Tarnished!
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2023.06.04 05:05 Spacehillbilly Conflicting attitudes with two source materials

So my fic that I’m currently doing a fic that’s a crossover between Danny Phantom and Helluva Boss. To get a good handle on the characters, I try to rewatch/binge through various episodes.
Now before I go on I need to sort of explain what these two shows are and when they were made.
. Danny Phantom is a superhero show made for Nickelodeon created by Butch Hartman that first aired in 2004 and ended in 2008.
. Helluva Boss is an indie adult animated web show that was released in 2020 and is a spinoff of Hazbin Hotel (both shows are set in Hell).
In both Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss, a lot of main cast is some for of LGBTQA individual.
Now to get back to my point, I began binging through Danny Phantom via Paramount+ starting from season 1. In episode 2, Sam (the love interest for our titular character) blackmails Danny and Tucker by showing a picture of them hugging while sleeping to the entire school. The two boys freak out and are horrified because lol gay panic.
As you can see, this has not aged well. Animation (especially in the West, which is where most of my fandom is in) has changed drastically when it comes to the treatment of LGBT individuals. A decade after DP ended we had shows like Adventure Time, Legend of Korra, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Loud House, Owl House, She-Ra, Arcane, RWBY and (what I’m crossing over with) Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss.
Regardless, It felt jarring and awkward for me because in my fic Sam later gets in a relationship with Octavia (daughter of Stolas, who the main character have a bit of a toxic relationship/sexual tension with).
So for those also writing crossover fics, have you had a situation where things became awkward due to the two shows either being made at a different time (or different demographic) or having different attitudes and treatments on a certain or variety of controversial subjects (LGBT rights, race, gender, etc)?
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2023.06.04 03:57 TheCardinalKing And Only Dark Will Remain... (Chosen Undead/Dark Souls Scaling)

Hey, been a while! Took a bit of a break from Reddit and the internet to recover from a really crappy illness and getting my uni & personal life back on track. So I'm back and here to talk about my favorite video game franchise of all time, the Dark Souls series (& the larger Soulsborne games in general).
Now Dark Souls is a tricky franchise to scale. Not only is it heavily focused on lore and statements over visual feats, but said lore, unlike other franchises that heavily rely on lore scaling such as God of War or Devil May Cry, is generally vague unless you search through item descriptions and notice literal background details that you otherwise wouldn't think about. The gameplay isn't helping scaling either when random naked dudes with torches and 20ft falls can nearly kill the player character, causing massive discrepancy with how tough you are in the actual story vs gameplay. As with GoW & DMC, I'm gonna give several interpretations as to how I think Dark Souls can be reasonably scaled and from there you can decide what scaling you'll wanna buy into.
All this said I think after having played every game in the series sans Demon's Souls cause' I'm too broke to buy the PS5 and obsessively watching and rewatching VaatiVidya videos, I think I'm well versed enough in the franchise to give this a shot. So let's get the obligatory...


... and let's get started!

Part 1: Physical Feats

Getting physical feats out of the way, the arrival of The Nameless King in Dark Souls 3 creates a gigantic storm (which we know they're maintaining as the storm dissipates as soon as he's beaten), which has been calc'ed at 471 Gigatons to 2.8 Teratons of TNT. This would be consistent with the fact that Gwyn and the gods overcame and defeated the Archdragons, which would include this random, unnamed, mountain-sized Archdragon that, aside from Archdragon Peak being presumably built to face it, has zero lore indicating it's a special member of its race unlike Black Dragon Kalameet or Darkeater Midir.
Spells and weapons such as such as Sunlight Spear, Divine Pillars of Light, and Price Lothric's Greatsword are all light-based/have light-based attacks that can be dodged after being fired by the player characters.
Besides dragon-scaling, Chosen Undead would scale to this via Gwyn, the God of Sunlight and First Lord of Cinder, beating the Nameless King some time in the setting's ancient history, with the CU beating Gwyn at the end of the first game along with several bosses that possess Lord Souls or fractions of Gwyn's Lord Soul.
So there you have it, Island/Country Level & Relativistic/FTL Dark Souls as our minimum for scaling the Chosen Undead. However it wouldn't be a post of mine if I didn't bring up some ridiculous lore that scales the verse astronomically higher than what most people would assume, so let's go and do that now.

Part 2: The First Flame & The Sun

Now we take a cosmic leap and analyze the claims of Star to Solar System Level DS characters. The premise of this is that The First Flame, the primordial flame that took the world out of the Age of Ancients, sustains not only the world but cosmic objects such as the sun. Now it's not that hard actually to prove the First Flame likely sustains the sun as towards the latter half of Dark Souls 3 the sun transforms into a giant Darksign as the current Age of Fire comes to a close. A Darksign signifies one being an Undead and links them to a Bonfire, which themselves are linked to The First Flame. Dark Souls 2 goes on to imply as well that the Undead Curse is directly tied to the First Flame, possibly by Gwyn linking humanity to it. Additionally thanks to DS3 there are heliocentric models of the solar system that can be found in the Grand Archives of Lothric:format(jpeg)/cdn.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorusimage/image/50057813/DARK_SOULS_III_20160708103434.0.0.jpg), meaning the verse contains at least one planet and a star, but is possibly a full solar system in and of itself. You can also faintly see stars in the backgrounds of Heide's Tower of Flame in DS2 and Irithyll of The Boreal Valley in DS3, so you could argue potentially Multi-Solar System.
This scales to the Chosen Undead as all Lords of Cinder and candidates to be one have souls powerful enough to link the First Flame and sustain the Age of Fire longer. Some people think that you'd have to divide the energy needed to maintain a stastar system over a set amount of time in order to get the appropriate AP of Dark Souls' player characters by end-game, however that's not really necessary as we're shown in DS3 that snuffing out the First Flame immediately brings darkness onto the world and linking the First Flame can bring the sun back after it's already disappeared.

Part 3: Light & Time

As with the last few times I talked about a video-game series with overly complicated lore, there are indeed arguments for Uni Dark Souls. Get ready, cause' this one is a doozy.
One of the central themes of the Dark Souls series (and the wider Soulsborne games) is that the current age of the world, the Age of Fire, is impermanent. DS3 especially emphasizes the futility of trying to extend this cycle, with what was once a bright, roaring flame that consumed the Chosen Undead at the end of DS1's "Light" ending barely engulfing the Ashen One. However with such focus on the Flame and Age of Fire, people tend to neglect the Ages that come before and after, i.e. The Age of Ancients and The Age of Dark.
The world during The Age of Ancients is described in DS1 as unformed and grey, its only inhabitants being the Everlasting Dragons. DS2 introduces an important item called the Ashen Mist Heart, which is a power coming from the ancient dragons. While on the surface the item description implies that the heart only allows the holder to enter "Memories" of who or whatever it's used on, DS2 treats this as full-on time travel. Not only can items be brought through into the present, but the Ashen Mist Heart allowed the Bearer of The Curse to travel back in time and fight the Giant Lord, who remembers the protagonist in the present day in its form as The Last Giant earlier in the game. Benhart of Jugo's questline further proves this as he clearly recognizes you and acknowledges the progress of your questline with him while inside of a Memory, reinforcing the idea that the "Memories" the Ashen Mist Heart sends you is actually the past. Not only does this power come from the Ancient Dragons, but it's also associated with the seemingly grey and formless nature of The Age of Ancients.
We can go even further with DS2's Scholar of The First Sin DLC and its main addition to the game (besides the worst f**king enemy placements in Soulsborne history): Aldia, the aforementioned scholar. Aldia sought to escape the never ending cycle of Light and Dark and would succeed in guiding the Bearer of The Curse to that goal in DS2's second ending. Now what did Aldia initially attempt to do to reach this goal? Well he looked to the beings who existed before the Age of Fire, the Ancient Dragons. Aldia would perform experiments on dragon-related specimens and collect dragon artifacts. Aldia's Dragon Aerie located past his Keep was also apparently meant to be set in the past, evidenced by the fact that you were meant run into the child version of The Emerald Herald in the Dragon Aerie. In other words power from the Ancient Dragons and The Age of Ancients itself are somewhat removed from time and linear events. It would explain the name "Everlasting Dragons" as their age was truly an everlasting one that ended when the First Flame appears.
Moving onto The Age of Dark and an associated concept, The Abyss. Similar to The Age of Ancients, The Age of Dark is treated as a timeless era. Most explicitly we see this in Manus, Father of The Abyss, who can reach across time. Even discarding the very popular theory of Manus being the Furtive Pygmy that found the Dark Soul, Manus is still stated to be a primordial human, an important distinction considering Agdayne, Aldia, and Hidetaka Miyazaki all state that humanity is of the Dark and that it contains fragments of the original Dark Soul. Moving onto DS3, we get to see an Age of Dark in the form of the Untended Graves, the past version of the present-day Cemetery of Ash. We know this is the past as not only do we fight the past version of Iudex Gundyr, but we receive unique dialogue for interacting with the Firekeeper for the first time in Firelink Shrine after meeting her in the Untended Graves.
DS3's Ringed City DLC hammers this home even further as we're introduced to the end of the world where kingdoms from all eras converge as the First Flame starts to fade. Here we can also find Shira, Knight of Filianore who, after we break her mistress' egg and reach the end of the world, she waits for you to take her revenge. However as some players have noticed, proceeding with touching Filianore's egg and beating Slave Knight Gael in the future leads to Shira not talking to you in the present, when she should have no earthly idea of what you've done. How is this possible? Well part of Shira's lore is that she trapped herself forever within a darkroom and a Pygmy Lord attached to her cross spear. Not only is there the significance of being in a room with a lack of light, but Shira herself is attached to a Pygmy Lord, one of the inheritors of The Dark Soul itself. So, as with The Age of Ancients, The Age of Dark and the fading of The First Flame is associated with a break down and lack of time. Alternatively you could argue she literally summoned herself into the future, which goes to show how time gets very loose towards the end of The Age of Fire.
And now we move on all the way back to The Age of Fire and the concept of "Light" in the Souls series. As stated outright in the description for the Repair spell in DS3, Light is time. According to Solaire of Astora, time is convoluted, with heroes from the past and even other worlds phasing in and out. The White and Red Sign Soapstones, the items used to carve summon signs, are just markings/runes of light. Bonfires in DS3 allow you to teleport between eras, allowing you to teleport to and from locations like the Untended Graves and end of the world any other Bonfire in present day. And of course there's the scene where upon waking Filianore and destroying her egg, a flash of light sends you forwards in time to the end of the world.
Different timelines are brought up as well in the games. Solaire's dialogue makes references to alternate worlds, and Miyazaki confirms that if you do his questline correctly he links The First Flame of his own world after helping you beat Gwyn. The game is vague as to whether or not there is just one First Flame that sustains all realities or each timeline is its own reality with separate First Flames. While I wouldn't say it's as solid as flat Uni, the Souls series have sold millions of copies, each of which could potentially be its own world similar to how Pokemon's cosmology works (especially if we factor in that Demon's Souls is possibly among these alternate worlds).
Speed... doesn't really change at all from the Relativistic to Light-speed range mentioned earlier. I guess you could wank it though by arguing Benhart of Jugo casually walks into the past without the Ashen Mist Heart, making it an Immeasurable speed feat. It's ridiculous and there's hardly any context of how in the world he walked into the past, but it's technically there.


At minimum, The Chosen Undead would scale to Island/Country level for AP and Durability, with Relativistic to Light-speed reactions and attack speed. Lore points to at least Star Level to up to Universal levels of power accounting for The First Flame being correlated with time itself within the lands of the Souls games. If you really want to take the series to its highest reasonable scaling, then you could have Multiversal & Immeasurable Dark Souls.
Also DS2 deserves some slack. Had the best PvP, best Fashion Souls, and Emerald Herald is the best Souls waifu.
See you guys when the episode comes out later!
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2023.06.04 03:38 furboi3000 PCC Discord shenanigans part 2

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2023.06.04 03:37 GrennTerius I want to get into the lore again, but I suck at the games and I don't know where to start.

Hi, big fan here, I used to play a lot of Touhou in my youth and was really into the lore. Sadly, as I get older, I find each attempt to play harder than the previous ones (even in the "easy ones") and I'm afraid I don't have the patience nor the reflexes to 1cc a game anymore being an adult (Sekiro and Touhou would be my "difficulty limit", for lack of a better term).
This, of course, wouldn't be a problem if the games didn't punish you with a bad ending (or outright removing bosses) for playing on easy or not seeing the true ending if you didn't 1CC (the only thing I don't like about the franchise, don't know if that changed in the recent games). Because of that, I mostly played fangames, cosplayed, shared (and drew) fanart, listened to the music, and did quick wiki readings.
Of course, with this, I realized, I forgot a lot about the early games (both eras) and anything beyond Antinomy of Common Flowers is an enigma for me. I need help, because I love the lore, the designs and the characters, but there is a lot of reading material (encycolpedias, short stories, manga, snippets in music discs, etc) to check out and I don't really know the optimal order for that and the best way to read them, the only thing I have planned is watching playthroughs of every game.
Beyond grinding the wiki, what would be the best way to get inmersed into the lore from the start again? I don't mind starting with the PC98 stuff because I find it really interesting and I don't know that much about it.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.04 02:48 MagatsuIroha Unpopular Opinion: Maja and Henry Blackbrew Gear Level Requirement is Fine as it is.

The requirement for us to build a research desk is technically around level 15~20 (where you have basic upgraded bone set and at least killed 1 V Blood boss), level 24 if you're fast enough to get the standard Nightstalker set, level 27 if you geared in copper weapon, and in level 30 if you also got gravedigger ring by the time you setup your base with strict inventory management.
Act II has the Study locked behind gear level of 47. Assuming we progress smoothly without rushing things and get fully-upgraded Farbane gear, we are now in gear level 41, which is the transition point from bronze age to iron age.
Hollowfang Set has gearscore of 5 each, that will provide us with gear level 44. If we also craft iron weaponry, then we now in level 47, the recommended level for beating Maja. This, I think, is the same minimum requirement for "unlocking" Research Desk: unupgraded Nightstalker Set.
After doing some hunting here and there, eventually we reach gear level 61 (Fully-upgraded Hollowfang Set). We would then want to repair the ancestral weapon we get which will get us into gear level 62. In this level, we could start farming the materials necessary for Dawnthorn Set that will brings us into gear level 67 (they have +1 gear level when wearing 2 pieces of it, and +2 when wearing full set; hence the 65 + 2 number). In this level, we could fight against Cyril to unlock Anvil and Dark Silver Ingot recipe.
The Dark Silver Weapon then bumps us into gear level 71*, which is +1 level from Baron the Bouchon de Somethingsomething. After beating him and getting Blood Merlot Amulet we are now in gear level 74, the recommended level for fighting Henry Blackbeard. This level marks us as "no upgrade Dawnthorn Set". Again, another set of equipment without upgrade, just like the relations between Study and unupgraded Hollowfang Set, and (to some extent) the Research Desk with unupgraded Nightstalker Set.
I think that's all. The only thing that bugs me is that we only have 1 lockbox as standard settings before we could unlock them, which is problematic by itself since we need to choose what goes there. Of course there's server that bumps this limit, but that's for different discussion.
TL;DR Study and Athanaeum unlock level is fine as it is. The only problem is that we can't stash all those research books and materials deemed as important in 1 personal chest until we unlocks it in case of any raid/siege/burglary.
*= The wiki hasn't been updated yet since they write it as 21 gear level, while ingame Dark Silver aresenal gives 23 gear level instead.
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2023.06.04 02:04 Shaedaxx Question about BB and Cipher

So just for some context I’ve been slowly playing the games in chronological order, not release, because that’s how I was told to do it by my friend and it’s too late now. I’ve played mgs3, mpo, peace walker and I’m on mission 19 of mgsv. From going on the wiki to clarify things I read that Big Boss was a founder of cipher or the philosophers or the patriots or whatever but left in 1972 because of the les enfants terribles (I don’t know a whole lot since I tried at least a little bit to avoid an excessive amount of spoilers) what confused me is that if he was a part of what became cipher then why is it a big mystery to him and venom in PW and TPP what it is and who’s involved. Also when Huey literally tells him cipher and paramedic cloned him he doesn’t believe him even though he should know from the past and also kaz at the end of PW. Maybe it’s cuz I played in chronological order but as much as I love the series so far it gets really confusing.
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