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2023.05.29 17:12 fridgebottleako It's so hard to tell family members that sometimes we don't have the emotional bandwith to listen to their problems

My mom has a problem at work. May maling nagawa ang katrabaho niya but as the lead, kailangan siya managot sa higher ups. Very major ang pagkakamali and it has been going on for weeks na they're trying to solve it. Umuwi ako last week from being away for so long because of work (I work in a different city) at itong problema niya ang bungad niya sa akin. Ever since nakabalik na ako dito sa city where I work, di na ako tumawag. Kanina while I was in bed na getting ready to sleep after having a normal tiring day at work, I was really looking forward na to the peaceful night ahead, biglang nagchat siya
"Bakit di ka na tumatawag?" (Tumatawag kasi ako every night before)
I didn't reply, instead tinawagan ko nalang diretso.
There was no hello, kamusta ka na, how was your day. She went straight to venting about her problem.
And honestly, I regret na tinawagan ko siya. As much as I love my mom, di ko talaga kaya makinig ng problema ng ibang tao ngayon kasi I'm dealing with my own anxieties din sa work. Medyo mabigat and high pressure kasi ang job ko and I'm getting eaten up by my imposter syndrome the past few weeks na.
I understand na she just wanted someone to listen to her problems pero di ko talaga kaya ngayon. I listened to her of course, di ko naman siya inaway but sobrang gusto ko na maiyak sa mid-convo kasi di ko na kaya if madadagdagan pa ang iniisip ko. Right now, I am so worried about her kasi di na siya nakakatulog ng maayos. Di ko din masabi sa kanya na ako din bcs of my work things.
Ang gulo gulo nga ng bahay ko ngayon kasi wala na akong energy maglinis sa dami ng ginagawa at iniisip ko sa work. Hays. I wish i could be there for her pero it wouldn't be healthy for me din to neglect my emotional needs and try to give her peace kasi of course we cannot give what we do not have. Di ko nga mapakalma ang sarili ko on a day to day basis, kinailangan ko pa magpa psychiatrist para lang ma bigyan ako ng prescription for anxiety, paano na kaya ang ibang tao.
I just want to be okay enough so that I could show up for the people that I love.
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2023.05.29 17:09 Imaginary-Zebra-3589 Complete English translation of the Aniara sequel book by Harry Martinson called Doriderna

Hi everyone! This is a complete English translation of the Aniara sequel book by Harry Martinson called Doriderna that was put together after the author died. This translation was put together using various translation programs that can be found online, so I can't guarantee that it is a perfect translation, but it's better than nothing. I will also post the original in Swedish so you can improve the translation or look up words etc. if you want. Hope you enjoy!
I would also like to let everyone know that I am also working on my own Aniara fan fiction short story that I call "The Lost Voices of Aniara". This story tells about the events aboard the Aniara from the view point of another passenger and attempts to add more details to the story. It should be ready in the next week or two.

The Dorides (Doriderna)
Remaining poems and prose pieces in selection and with preface by Tord Hall Albert Bonniers Förlag

For reasons I will not go into here, Harry Martinson did not publish any new work in the last years of his life. There is therefore a very large literary legacy, the publication of which began in the fall of 1978 with "Längs ekots stigar" (Along the paths of the echo), published by Georg Svensson. This collection contains only a few purely scientific poems - the emphasis is on nature poetry. The selection was made from unpublished material - which had nevertheless reached the proof stage - in three previous collections.
It remains to address other lines of thought in Harry Martinson's work: the ideas in Aniara, which in various forms occupied his imagination until the end. To follow the continuation of this great theme - at least in part - is what I am trying to do in this second selection from the surviving archive.

The 103 songs in Aniara were part of a larger set of poems, and the author then worked for several years on a sequel, to be called 'The Dorids', the people of the tribe of Doris. Around 1959 there were about 80 songs - most of them in more or less completed drafts. The dominant figure in the Dorids would not be Isagel or the Mimarobe, but Nobia, the Samaritan from the tundra planet and deportation site of Mars. Nobia would be a norna (fate goddess), though not a cruel goddess of fate, but a norna who weaves goodness into the fabric of the world.
But the whole project remained a large-scale endeavor. The reasons were many: illness, world events, which seemed to be moving towards a fulfillment of the prophecies in Aniara, and which gave him an increasingly dark view of life: he told me that "Aniara has become a neurosis" ... I feel like Mima being blown apart'. But the decisive reason was surely his demand for absolute freedom in his creativity. He did not want to be confined, and the result was, as he himself said, 'I have stepped out of Aniara'.
The fact that Harry Martinson stepped out of Aniara, and thus also out of the Dorides, does not at all mean that he left the motifs or ideas found there, which cover the scientific field from atoms to stars. Rather, it means that he was able to write without direct connection to the characters of Aniara and the Dorides in particular.
I have therefore considered it justified to call this entire collection the Dorides, even though the prose pieces and several poems do not have a clearly visible connection with such a title.
In order to comment briefly on the selection, I would like to say a few words about Harry Martinson's attitude towards modern science (it is my intention to return to this subject in more detail).
There are two main lines. One is deterministic, and has its roots in classical physics, founded by Newton, which dominated until the end of the 19th century. It has a philosophical form in the law of causation, which means that if you know enough facts about a certain course of events in the present and in the past, you can precisely specify the course of events in the future. Examples of such events in the 'big world' - the macrocosm - are solar and lunar eclipses.
But in the world of atoms - the microcosm - this determinism does not apply. Heisenberg demonstrated this through his uncertainty relation, also known as the indeterminacy principle. In the atoms, individual events are indeterminate, we cannot discern any causality - there is randomness. But chance can be mastered by the methods of statistics, and we must content ourselves with a "statistical causality", which describes the course of events in the atom with the highest possible degree of probability.
It is this second, indeterministic line that has long been followed by most physicists. But there is one major exception, and that is Einstein. At the 1927 meeting of physicists in Brussels, for example, he asked Bohr, Heisenberg and others with mild irony whether they really believed that God plays dice - "ob der liebe Gott würfelt". Einstein was convinced that the universe follows an ordering principle, a geometric structure, which can be called a world soul. This is a pantheistic view that is reminiscent of Spinoza.
Similar ideas are already present in Aniara, but in this selection the picture has become more sharply defined. Harry Martinson does not believe that chance plays a decisive role in the course of the world, as is clear from several poems and prose pieces. He believes more in Einstein than in dozens of other Nobel Prize winners. Apart from these authorities, he follows his intuition.
His approach to religion has often been quoted: he chooses the Riddler over the God. This belief is reflected in 'The Riddle'. In 'Poems on Light and Darkness', published in 1971, Harry Martinson, with 'The Inner Light' and 'The Bird in the Phoenix Bell', presents the events inside the atom itself. These poems show that - although 'Aniara' and 'The Dorides' are more about stars than atoms - he never lost his interest in the microcosm. In this selection, it is the atoms that are more interesting than the stars.
The bard enters the atom. He describes the course of events in a world which is completely beyond our senses and which, despite the enormous aids of science, we will probably never be able to understand exactly. The story itself probably comes from Gamow's book "Mr. Tompkins Explores the Atom". Published in Swedish translation in 1946, it is, along with "Mr. Tompkins in Wonderland" (also 1946), the versatile Gamow's best popular science books. Harry Martinson rated them highly.
The two poems 'Submerged as in a dream but still awake' and 'Actually, the comprehensibility was slight' depict a journey of thought into the atom, and the same motif recurs in several other places.
The poem "A Cosmic Thickness Lying Boundlessly Spread" poetically depicts a world development related to the hypothesis of the "stationary universe" put forward by Hoyle and others, and to Klein-Alfvén's "symmetrical cosmology". For several reasons - mainly aesthetic - Harry Martinson did not like the theory of 'the big bang', which was celebrated by most scientists. His poem should have been written quite a long time ago, and perhaps he would have changed his mind if he had been given the opportunity to understand what the "cosmic background radiation" - with a temperature of about 3 degrees above absolute zero - means for the credibility of "The big bang". It took natural scientists some time to become convinced that this radiation can best be interpreted as a fading glow after an unimaginable cosmic explosion some 18 billion years ago.
This selection also contains several pieces of prose, which in general do not need any comment. But I would like to mention a few. For "The Figuration Patterns of the Goddancer's Juggling Program", in three sections, there is a drawing by Harry Martinson, reproduced on the cover of this collection. The spread comes from Hindu philosophy: we see 'Siwa's juggling dance before Brama'. The dominant curves are so-called lemniscates, which were already known to the ancient Greeks. The lemniscate looks like an eight and is the mathematical symbol for infinity. It is defined as the trajectory of a point under the condition that the product of its distances to two given points is constant. In the center of the drawing there are several small curves. They are ellipses, and an ellipse - also first studied by the Greeks - is defined as the trajectory of a point under the condition that the sum of its distances to two given points is constant. The result is a geometric pattern, similar to a flower, which at the same time provides a poetic image of the complex interplay of forces in the atom with outward and inward energy impulses The juggler finds it increasingly difficult to work with his ball-particles as he progresses through the periodic table of the elements. In the end, he "dances the spectral theme in the dance of the Phoenix" - a symbol of the indestructibility of both energy and poetry, and a recurring motif in Martinson's poetry.
"Delsaga om tidens ariadnetråd" (Part of the saga of the Ariadne thread of time) is almost a fantasy about four-dimensional space, where you have to be careful not to get on the wrong track. The selection of prose pieces ends with "Some fairies dancing in the summer night near a quiet lake". It is a cheerful tale where the author combines a love of the Swedish summer with a love of light.

I made this selection at the direct request of Harry. He even said several times that I should have all his scientific poems and prose pieces. But I think I judged this offer correctly when I saw it as an expression of his great generosity towards his friends. I always replied that he himself should complete and select what was to be published. But in his last years he did not want to publish anything. I therefore promised to make a selection if he did not change his mind.

He did not, and this collection is the result.
Finally, I would like to thank Ingrid Martinson and Georg Svensson for the understanding and assistance they have given me in bringing this selection to fruition.

Tord Hall

The Dorides (Doriderna)
The book you hold was written in Mima's hall.
Now, on a secret wavelength, it is sent home to you, my friend, who for some years inhabits a spherical beach called the Valley of Doris.
In other words, it was written so close to your own being that nothing could be closer to you than those described here. You are one of them.

Over the graves, the indifferent wind spreads
the whisper of the immortal gods
that no loss is foreseen in the grand scheme of things.
But what do the gods - those wasteful billionaires of the heavens - know about the beautiful and wonderful Doris?
how she was worth saving forever
and that whoever loved her
can never be comforted by the gods' continued waste.
About her a bird sings now alone in the tree of the grave. Of her as she was, the glorious one, if no other, the Dorides' thrush sings.

The window was full of stars,
The Leonids' swarm of stars came, then you know the time.
Autumn was gone, its yellowing burnt.
The lookout tower, closed on the wooded mountains.
I stood as a child of a time that saw the stars detach from the roofs towards a room where novas frightened a more distant valley, I found other myths than those I was used to picking hurled at me from the space of the Leonids.
I stood in the cathedral of fear of dreams.
The great copper woman who lay there with her back soldered to the lid of the sarcophagus drove horror into me, cast my foot with lead.
That the copper woman knew who I was, I immediately sensed as a deadly weight, and that I had been summoned here by herself, by the queen of copper, of that I was certain.
In empty benches sat forgotten years, from the emptiness of the auditorium the organ pipes shone like stalactites in the vault of a cave and there was nothing, no light, no hint that gathered my crumbling courage.
For everything was fulfilled as it was written in stone once when the water abandoned the green and it was said that man will go away and become the dead slave of the dead dust.
And as I stood there gripped, filled with horror
for this judgment and epitaph
which was predetermined and rehearsed
in the mute trumpet of the seraphim of the stones,
bells fell suddenly from the towers to the earth that rocked with an ore-broken thunder, and the copper woman rose, a scream of remembrance drawn from afar to her lips as she drew me in close to her copper body in terrified death.
He woke up. There was light. It was day.
And the Samaritan Nobia sat silent, but still heard the echo of the screams his dreams had squeezed out of his fear.
She searched for words simple enough for a stranger to grasp, but not so simple as to drive away his trust, hardly won yet.
In simple action she finally found them.
And she stood up and smiled with milk
From the moors of Gondrin to the mouth of this fugitive.

It is no exaggeration to say that space gave us long winter evenings rolled into one - the one that lasts. Our leisure time finally became a grim question with ice in our eyes and a frozen flame.
It became necessary to tell stories from reality - as it can be taken. I chose to tell about King Basii, who, supported by Chefone, forcibly turned himself into a god and magician in a celestial drama.
The Goldonder King felt like God and determined to live up to the gods he built himself a city in the sky.
It was a global world city of goldonders assembled into a kind of hive heaven.
But Basil's space-city, though it contained twelve million men in his service, was not enough for him; he had another built, and the greatest city in the world was soon in space. That city was a marvel to behold: a mighty golden dome, surrounded by three bionomically serving drabants, one of which was called the Vegetable City, one the Fish Drabant, and the third the Sting.

The names reveal their role and purpose.
So Basii sits in his heavenly land. The aquarium dragon orbits faithfully and Stings follows it with fattened animals and the vegetable moon amounts to the redwood.
The golden dome was the city of retreat for all climbers and celestial rebels, for gamma was a poison to all alike and all poor and rich alike had to choose between death and escape.
So many preferred the city of Basil.
But although he rules over twelve million
inhabitants of the great city of space, he is still very rarely happy.
And although the dragons in a faithful circle
raise animals and grow fish and wheat
Basil's only pleasure is when he gets
with Vulvis, the royal slave, to bathe in Lethe.
But all the deliciously good virginity
that can be enjoyed in Basil's harem
is in its nakedness a skin of fear.
of frightened dissimulation. And his love story but a tale to be seen from the outside..,
and all his lust a forced voluptuousness.

Thus in The Night of Aniara I draw a little picture that everyone can understand from the rich treasure of reality.
And every time I make an arabesque in the hall of Mima about this space grotesque that Basil's space city can probably be said to be, I can for an hour or so make people sigh: the best is here anyway.
From Basil's false heaven we preserve. No, I'd rather travel with Aniara.
But soon the alarm goes off. The bells proclaim that the images of the fairy tale are overtaken by visions here that distress ignites.
And quickly to the halls I return.

The Goldonder's garden bubbled with glamour. A party was being held there and Chefone was there. He showed us a picture of the smith of happiness: the goldonder king Basii, a portrait jubilantly taken on the day the fifteen thousandth goldonder lay in the field ready for the wave of endlessness.
Then we were each seized by thoughtfulness and went to our own in solitude.
For in every ship of this number there was a Mima locked up in its cage.
The Rapid criminal was much loved and could operate as he pleased under the protection of the admiration he aroused. He always appeared at great speeds and abducted women whom he brought to Chefone in light blue rapid rockets.
Of course it was criminal, the people of the valley thought, but the charm was so close to the deed that the rampart was breached by sheer admiration and open worship soon followed the advice of restraint at the murder pedal.

Tucked away in a corner of our gondola, I pretend to smile at some rough fellows who spend their evenings with mockery and violence, with a devilish flutter as their sole aim.
They look at me and find me mortified,
- The clear approval is what they expect...
and I'm close to being squeezed badly
every time they jokingly glance at my grave door.
The brute is approaching, his dull face with many a foolish whim weighing on his mind.
And many a scowl missed by pigs from the worst corners of the soul he throws at me.
And when, full of fear, I strike with depleted strength in the dull face, the troll is only amused by my blow and raises his eyebrow with interest.
Then I flee between the troll's legs and out the other side of the danger of death.
How this happened can only be fully explained by the light of the gopher and the fourth tensor theory.

Here came the sober, composed and sober man who always kept his soul in trim and stuck to the dry, honest maxims of life.
Now he went into the fire with his imagination.
His cool reason was completely burned His sober composure was fried in seconds when the photo turbo in Xinombra exaggerated the cold matter.
And yet I can't help but admire the man as he made his way to the office where he had been employed for many years
and where, despite offers to flee to the tundra, he provided punch cards for thousands who broke up every day.
There died a man who never raised his voice, who always remained true to his calm tone, the martyr of calm composure who was burned when the cruel fires of excess were lit.

One is often chilled to the rock crystal by everything one hears before the ear falls like gray-white ash into the cremation hall.
And the girl from Rind who sees nothing is often heard to ask beyond the eye: how is the world of such torment visible? What is to be seen in this madness, where eeriness against eeriness is heard to answer?
Cultivating insight seemed futile
and many fell away from the faithful crowd.
and its program which was to see through
so that with the transparency of evil
as lens and instrument
try to find new signs
and new ways for the land of Gond.
Most people grew tired and withdrew from the room of the Truth Service, and Nobia sat for long periods almost alone, trying to hold on to her looms, always tormented
by the blood moisture of evil memories, the echoes of horror
surrounded her days
and made the Mara a bedfellow
who tore the fabric of the noman
and raped Nobia's dream
and the mood of life over the moors of Gondria.
It is as important to us to have friends
in the houses of distant worlds as at home by
the familiar road of the green earth.
You are reflected in endless eyes, watched by immense spectators.
They never interfere, but they watch the sewing and the mining,
the nurse and doctor on the rounds and the weapons in the shamelessly cruel wars.
Your own position under their eyes may be likened to the position you take with one whom you do not wish to grieve, but to share joy and to please.
So spoke the old astronomer, and then laid his head down to rest.
And he went smiling to the eternity that had been waiting by his side all his life.
His forehead shone with its ideas, even in the dead of death in the years of space.
He was among those who know the fairies of everything, those who get to comb Berenice's hair.

But for the longest time I still want to believe that this is the torment of an evil dream and the ship Aniara a phantom from which I will wake up in the Valley of Doris.
Perhaps everything is a nightmare and I want to wait with poison and a knife. They say there are dreams of a kind that seem as long as a man's life.
Out of the dust you were born, from its gifts you were supported.
You did not manage the gift, many a meadow you made desolate.
What is beyond this sea is called Going down deep among riddles too great to be found in a grave.
Faith can never cover more than what you see in spirit.

All the other things are too much to bear.
Do you hear the sound of the rescue team calling from an emergency station that is one of a thousand others, regardless of faith?
Now guess where the road leads and what Paradise is.
One of a thousand rescue stations scattered along the coast here.
Now I want to sing to my ear and ask it to listen to a voice that descends not to destroy the language I have collected for comfort. For the comfort of life and death, I whisper the price of sensitivity every time the sinful flow of language storms the breeze of the spirit.

One night Heba lay awake in the city of Aniara and heard the painter's joyful painting.
The skilled varnisher was varnishing the years that would one day end on a stainless steel stretcher.
And suddenly from Heba there was a shout against the smooth roof.
The skilled varnishers know their business well.
Too hard to become joy, too happy to become sorrow. The painters paint everything in Aniara's castle.

We know that we have been left out of the higher insight of the ocean of mystery and that we lack the tools to reach the depths of clarity that Mima once gave. But since Mima's death, the average of what we achieve of truth is not very high average is what is required if the choice of new paths is to be avoided.
A small number reach the values that should be the average to reach.
The others are satisfied with the flow of thought,
the rattle with which time is made to pass.
A daughter of my mother, called Tovi, was born in the night of space. Alas, dear ones, where can the crowd's demand for sensation and wonder lead us?
First came, as it should be, the blissfully sweet and indescribably pure birth, when the mimicry lay naked, uncovered and panting in the golden bed of the formula.
To her camp now came the mimicry and winged it
the naked one, as when the butterfly flies the honey chalice of its flower, in Dori's meadows. The description is not given (much to my regret) because there is always the possibility of a wave of miracles taking place in secret, to the great disappointment of many who wish to see how the mimagyne makes love, and from what angle the picture of the goddess's love life should be taken in order to really reach the audience.
Can it not be enough that Tovi gave birth to an allegorical child whom Isagel happily suckled at her breast and practiced miracles and consolation You may think so yourself, but others think otherwise.
For not even a mimagyn can defend the fruit of her womb against the human hyena who demands a clear answer on every point of what precedes it all: the prelude to sowing,
with the insides of the thighs well described in a clear image that gives the "public" a feeling that it was in the bed.

Yes, it has happened that I have sometimes asked myself (in private silence, of course) whether the smooth ice of superficiality does not have enough joy, and that the great swallows in these spaces are only terrible wakes which, compared to the agile princess and heartlessly threatening with superior power, will in the end become the cold room of beauty.
So small a strip bears, the other breaks, and all the incomparably large gapes with the same dark death which, unchanging with cold upon cold, only imitates itself.
To raise one's hand then with a light-year pound and demonstrate the fugue of eternity on terrible organs, while the girl in the icy distance dances, hardly greater to see than a fly flown away towards the light, it is to chill with the great weapon as when the superpower with the powers the element hides coldly makes its rows in the land of Gond against unsuspecting cities and, although itself dismissing all talk of sin punishment and trial, nevertheless treats the human with such terrible flame that this terrible torrent of loose gamma released by those who do not mean sin punishment nevertheless cruelly destroys both Yaal and Gena and melts down to ashes the wonder Heba
With the same fire they turned on Chebeba.

Posterity does not understand you so easily.
It judges according to the image of posterity
and counts up the time you lived in
as rows of negligence, as offenses
against the spirit of foresight, the duties of thought.
To this it adds the work of suffering
and piles up, as blind as a judge
as you were blind as a criminal, case by case.
Can those who have killed the foundations of joy and destroyed the great city of joy have the right to the joys of life?
Does Cain have the right to be happy?
Can those who strangled the joys of Xinombra and burned the valley of paradise have the right to heights of heaven other than Aniara's daily agony?
I ask but never get an answer. I have to arrange for pastimes
for the hordes of Aniara and manage its entertainment.

A wave of newly awakened hatred swept through the mountains where Nobia lived in deep mines and ghostly white lights illuminated every thread of life in the fabrics she wove.
She had sought and found the thread of life - a discovery of how healing rays are empowered by the inner council of things and fused with the heart of the atom.
And while hatred swelled around the mountains
and wounds screamed in the valley of time.
she wove day and night until the color of victory
and the skin of life rose in the hall of death.
Of her beauty little can be said. It was lost in a wave of radiation but the clear purity of the soul could be weighed; in healed wounds we saw her reflection.

Then I will throw you out of your chair. I will break your armchair view, because it is false and holds a convulsive security in a time that has slipped out of its rooms, but also the other way around: that it becomes a view without deep insight.
From this world, I shall send you happiness today to the kingdom of love, to the evil shore where the Samaritan Nobia and others spread works of love from country to country.
Figuring out the ways of evil and tracking down all the poison in the city of hate was futile, for hate stood there with heavy blocks united row by row.
Within its walls there was life and movement in the birthing centers and squares where human beings were conceived and human beings were born and human life in the human gap was destroyed. It was best to pretend that this city of self-righteous evil existed as nothing more than a devilish childhood that would mature, grow tired of itself.
We resolved to keep on sending saints there for the longest time.
from the saints' camps as long as the funds lasted
and as far as the need still aroused the heart.
This plan was tried for nine years, during which the Rind camp of saints bled to death: an act of self-sacrifice based on faith in the powers of good. But the heavy wall of hate stood just as hard, and the fatigue of leadership followed the act of hate; only too great was the throne of victory we had.
A single city consumed the power which we had thought sufficient for the transformation of the world.

On a rare occasion, the happiness of being free from desire also came.
Then the emptiness suddenly became populated by a kind of spiritualized mystery.
We walked the spirit's path of happiness along the beach, exchanging thoughts, making fortune cards.
It was evening and sunset in the sea.
Night fell, but the land of thought stood firm.
He woke up. She said: guess where.
I can't, he said. How did you get here? The same way you did: up the gravel path and then straight to the left among the cypresses. There was a dewy path the moonlight itself went there with light steps which I tried to imitate.
And when everything was past and the path was over
I managed to become a clear crystal and find you, my friend, on this path.
It is so transparently wonderful here.
We no longer exist. All that was is over.
Neither god nor devil here reaches us anymore and the end is the cruel parody of life.

Where is the plain text?
This is what I'm looking for.
The one that fits but still gives song.
After thanking God that he was a wasp and not something else, he continued between the leafy branches and stung the farmer.
Laid out by spiritual mobs, the truth becomes worse than the lie. When the mob washes the barley, it is never clean.
The rabble always wash in the dunghill from the Augean stables.

Matema's camel bells ring in the deserts of speech where the caravans of unfinished quarrels
never reach their oasis, only become more camels.
Immersed as in a dream but still awake, I found myself changed and so naked that no dream has words for what it was like when, transformed by the stone, I cut down towards the inner realms and while this was happening I became smaller, smaller and even more stripped of layers and layers of time and space as I sank further and further into the stone, deeper and deeper into things.
Who undressed me, wore me down so much that no conceivable smallness so small on this earth can be imagined unless one is long since beyond what every comprehensible thought wants to deny.
And yet I was being stripped and reduced still further in no direction.
So sunk, unceasingly sunk in
towards even more breathtaking reduction
I retained in my dream a way of seeing
and understand that I was traveling into
to the dimensions, the innermost
who with their interior work with their interior
and whose interiors compose the world.
They scare children with darkness, criminals with punishment and sinners with realms beyond death where the vengeful desire to torment has transported its arsenal of tormenting images.
But sorrow follows us every day, and joy follows us every day.
We ourselves are the sorrow, we are also the joy, everything human is rooted in humanity, and no human being can escape humanity, not her hatred and her self-degradation, nor the joy she spreads, nor the love she forms.
There is a third land that is not death and not life, but the reality that pervades all realities, and spins the very thread of the fabric from which dreams are woven. Yes, I had come to the rooms where these threads are spun. When I arrived, I stepped out and saw no longer surprised the smallest fairy, who herself was not at all surprised to welcome me to her inner land.
And although we were both unimaginably smaller than two grains of traveling dust on a suit on earth, we thought we were big here in this smallest room to which I have now come and which nevertheless encloses with its vault a separate world of realities formed.
On the contrary, I cannot describe what I saw of strange things, but that will follow when the habit of telling stories has been practiced for other habits than what life offers,
and other things than those called death.
For though beyond all I have known
this was not death
and though within all I have known
this was not life.

Actually, the comprehensibility was slight, as when multiples arranged in layers, and layered in the directions of space, make the fabric of the dream omnidirectional structural and become a fabric consisting of paths where the thread is only thought of as a path as a sign that here the shuttle has gone, but where is the thread? The thread is the path. I saw how the gnome was in a quandary as to which of two different possibilities to give clarity.
Then came formulas of such an elusive nature that the gnome was again gripped by the anxiety
which arises when the explanation is attempted but little response is felt by the pupil.
And with a look that shone as if with sorrow, he signaled a break in the dilemma. And with a formula more magical than comprehensible, we left the atom.
We expanded to other contexts and sat on a leaf next to a bee eagerly searching for honey in a meadow.

The Dance
Around the great star of the day we shall orbit the years we have been given to live, and our family for a few thousand centuries, perhaps more, perhaps less, no one knows.
But the time that we are orbiting is so small compared to that of the suns where they wander around in orbits in the galaxy our family named the Milky Way, luminous to behold.
What can our eyes see, our hearts cry out at the thought of atoms going around in the same way with waves and particles.
Some have called this the dance of the gods - it is always being danced by everything in the universe.
All indications are that among the arts of the muses
the art of dance is the first and the last,
and we are in it, dancing out
our role in the dance, it is already being danced
in other worlds separate from our time,
in other dance theaters,
yet one thing is clear
that we are dancing our turns.
Our role in it
is ours and no one else's.
Our own role in the dance art of all worlds.

Economic overview
Our earth wanders alive alone, around the sun our dear parent.
As far as the giant tubes reach no living neighbor to see.
Desolate and empty on the one who received the name of the god of war, burning hot and desolate on the one who received the name of the goddess of love.
Jupiter, planet of Zeus
ice-clad to two hundred times the height of the Himalayas.
The others are death's door.
Beyond that, light years to the next planetary village.
So each sun has only one living person, and that one is a leased farm, indefinitely and to an unreliable and dangerous race.

Here is a world of light distributed in the mystery of things.
Here is the salvaged light in the innumerable rooms of the stone.
Wands point with poles directed to their rooms inside mountains and stones, spinning mystery.
Deep in her fairy tale, she lives for the sake of the tale.
the norn who has learned to spin the yarn from the wool of the riddles.

The spirit of Ideema from space in endless lines gathered the seeds into the durable wood of the suns.
From far beyond time the hydrogen came in modest garb and built for its God the ingenious nests of the atoms.
Come, let us nurture the foundation of our life. The green sphere we have been given to live on in the universe's lottery system.
When the next lucky draw can get rid of the Milky Way's big tombola we do not know and can never reach.
But we do know one thing for sure: the next draw will not include us.

A stranger called chance shuffles the cards and deals them to the local players.
Every single poker face keeps a straight face.
There are plenty of goldfish in the tureen here.
According to the law, the silent coincidence itself is the last to raise its hand, with ice in its stomach.
Soon jaws of granite are chewing the cigar.
Where is the bundle of happiness among the starlings?
That question is answered when chance wins.
Then the shot goes off, chance's life disappears. His house of cards collapses, but soon everyone at the counter thinks it was a nice fish, that no one won, that chance herself was told by Smith and Wesson what chance was.
by Smith and Wesson what chance should do.
( translation to be continued )
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2023.05.29 17:07 Whitesymphonia DM looking to refill group on Wednesday nights

2 players have had to leave recently due to life. One started her night shift, and the other is moving away at the end of June, putting us to only 2 players, so I'm looking to fill back up to 4 or 5 players before our guy moves away.
We are currently play Monte Cook's Banewarrens, and at 7th level. Module runs from 6-10. Anything WOTC official is allowed.
We have a liberal group of players, so I'm not looking for anyone right-wing and will put my foot down on that. I'd also like to avoid flakiness and "I roll to seduce everything" bards. I'm not here to roleplay out people's sexual fantasies. If it's a legit problem solving solution, then it's fair game, but I will cut to black. Also not looking for murderhobos please.
The module is a split of RP and combat, since the plot revolves around a large metropolitan port city and multiple delving attempts into a giant dungeon.
Our age group is late 20s early 30s, so would prefer to find people in the same range band. We've been playing from 6:30 - 9:00PM on weekly Wednesdays, typically eating a quick bite before starting. Location has been Colorado Plus while my house is being renovated, otherwise would like to play at home (Lakewood Greenmountain area), since I can break out minis and things from my display cases.
Willing to accept new players, and teach. The group would play 1 or 2 one shots with anyone interested to determine group mesh before making any group additions.
submitted by Whitesymphonia to DenverGamers [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 17:05 Humble_Snail_1315 Too old for dad

Setting the scene: My siblings, husband, and I were over at my parents' house for a BBQ yesterday. We had great fun. We played some lawn games, and as we were finishing our last game, my father sprung out from the side of the house with a water gun, squirting us all. Chaos ensued. My brother went for the other water guns, only to find out they were broken. (That's fair, they hadn't been used in over a decade.) That's when I spotted the garden hose, which had been unraveled, snaking out to the front of the house, where my father must've filled his gun. So I dashed to the front lawn, grabbed the hose (conveniently with the sprayer attachment on!) and ran back to get my revenge. As I approached, my siblings realized what I was up to, yelled out "Dad, dad!" to warn my soon-to-be victim (Side note: Why? Were they not on my side here? He was spraying them too! Anyway.), then there was lots of running, spraying, laughing, everyone seemed to have a good time.
Later, as we had tea and dessert, my father said "Snail, you're 30. And SisterSnail, you're 25." (There is also BrotherSnail, 27.) "I think it's time you start calling me by my name, not Dad." We were a bit confused, but he explained that earlier, hearing some of us yell "Dad" made him feel weird. That we are too old to be doing that. (But not too old for water gun fights?) I get that in that moment, we probably didn't seem very adult-like, but I don't know that I would say the biggest factor there is calling him dad. I would have thought it was the water guns, running, giggling. Which he started!
None of us were expecting this. SisterSnail mentioned that as we aged, we had already transitioned from "daddy" to "dad". Was that not enough? And we didn't know our father's parents, but BrotherSnail inquired, and my father had in fact call them mum and dad until their passing (at which point he was older than we are now). He replied that he did this because it was his preference at the time - he didn't necessarily consider his parents' emotions. But now he was letting us know how he feels. And he no longer likes being referred to as dad. It feels awkward to him, like we are being overly childish.
Is this common? I don't know if culture is a factor? My father is British, mother French Canadian, we live in Canada. (For the record, my mother thought this was a bit ridiculous, she always called her parents maman/papa, which is mom/dad in French.)
I will, of course, respect his wishes. But I'm not gonna lie, it does sting a bit. Regardless of what I call him, he will always be my father. But it still seems like a bit of a loss? Or am I crazy? I'd really appreciate any insights into his point of view. The most significant change to our situation recently is that a bit less than a year ago, I moved back closer to them. Previously I was an 8 hour drive away, now it's (at most) 1 hour. My other siblings live nearby. For the last 5 years or so we'd been seeing each other all together only a few times a year, at most. Now we try for at least once a month, and both my parents say they're extremely glad to be seeing us all together more.
Weirdly, my father is generally the more openly affectionate of our two parents. Even though the first name thing seems like it would create a bit of emotional distance. He is more comfortable with hugs, when the occasion calls for it. Sometimes even lingers for a second or two. Whereas my mother does hug us from time to time, but I think only when she feels she has to, and in the way I would imagine I'd hug a hedgehog. For example, she came wedding dress shopping with me, and when I'd said yes to a dress, there was a bit of a pause, and the sales person told my mother she should hug me now, and my mother declined, and the person insisted a bit, so she did, but it seemed almost painful for her. (It was really awkward.) My father also says the L-word to us (Oh man, I hope that doesn't stop too now that we're old!), but I cannot remember my mother ever saying it (I know she must feel it, but it would also be nice to hear it).
Currently extra grateful for my husband, who gives me unlimited, earnest, hugs, and L-words me several times a day.
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2023.05.29 17:04 egakagoc2xi My Experience Buying a Tesla Model Y LR 7-Seater in Mexico

Last Friday, May 26th, I finally received my Model Y LR 7-Seater. It had been exactly 4 months since I placed the order, so I wanted to share my story for two reasons:
*To explain the buying process in Mexico, which differs from other parts of the world. *To recount my own experience, which had several challenges.
In Mexico, the process is not as automated as it might be in the USA; everything is quite manual. It all starts with placing the order on the website, which is the same everywhere. However, after that, nothing happens. Your process doesn't progress, it gets stuck. You either have to contact the assigned sales representative or wait for them to contact you, depending on where you choose to pick up the vehicle. The confirmation of the order won't come until they are certain about your purchase.
In my case, the process involved a financial institution, so the sales representative wouldn't confirm the order until they received a purchase order from the finance company. It didn't matter if I indicated that I would be paying in cash, as many people do in the USA—I tried. My financial approval process took a week and a half, during which the order remained in limbo. Once the finance company sent the purchase order to the sales representative, they updated the order and submitted the manufacturing request to the USA. As for my position in the queue... I have no idea.
Another significant difference in Mexico is that the estimated delivery date is never displayed. If you want an estimated date, you have to keep calling your sales representative. In my case, when I made the purchase, the website indicated February-March, and the sales representative always maintained the delivery date as March 15th. However, during the first week of March, they informed me that it would be the last week of March. Then, during the last week of March, they told me they no longer had a date and didn't know when it would be.
Now, here's when the fun begins. In mid-April, I received a notification in the app asking me to accept the vehicle due to the absence of ultrasonic sensors. From this forum, I know that this notification only comes when you have a VIN, but they never show it to you (another difference compared to the USA). However, through the website, by inspecting the source code, you can find it. Once I had the assigned VIN, the problems on the Mexican side began.
The vehicle was supposed to take one week to arrive at the main warehouse in Monterrey (I had requested delivery in Mexico City), but it took two weeks. At that time, I didn't understand the delay. However, it was crucial for the vehicle to reach Mexico because Tesla needed to generate an invoice for the finance company to process the payment, and only then would Tesla transfer the vehicle to Mexico City. Otherwise, it would always stay in Monterrey, and the finance company would take an additional week for payment processing once they had the invoice.
The vehicle took an additional week to arrive, and to my surprise, Tesla hadn't issued the invoice. It turns out that in Mexico, Tesla relies on third parties to issue the invoice. As I understood it, they outsourced this process, and the accounting firm was overwhelmed with invoicing problems (similar to the issues Starlink is currently experiencing). The invoice took about 3 or 4 days to be issued when it was supposed to be immediate.
Once all the processes were completed, there was a problem: the vehicle couldn't be transported because there weren't enough transport trucks available. I suppose this is good news for Tesla or the automotive sector. I had to wait two more weeks for the vehicle to be transported to Mexico City because there weren't sufficient means of transportation.
On the day I was supposed to receive the vehicle, I wasn't enabled to do so. Apparently, this is also a manual process, and it didn't appear in the system for me to accept the vehicle. I had to wait for about an hour for them to modify it in the system.
The vehicle itself is beautiful, without a single problem or cosmetic issue—it was perfect.
Regarding the sales representatives, after seeing what they go through, I think they do a lot considering the situations they face. Just like in the USA, they don't always answer the phone, but on the day I went to receive the vehicle, I understood why. They can't take a break; they always have one or two customers. They are truly busy, which means the demand for Tesla is incredibly high. They told me that this semester they have sold five times more than last year.
Once they focus their attention on you, the service is excellent. The problem lies in the fact that they are overwhelmed.
I hope this extremely long thread helps those in Mexico who are planning to buy a vehicle (try to buy from inventory whenever possible), and for the rest of the world, it gives you an understanding of how things work here in our country.
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2023.05.29 17:03 Tirednmessy Dealer trying to steal our order

Truck hasn't even arrived on the lot and this POS dealership is already trying to sell it out from under us. Order for 2022 originally placed November 1, 2021. Placed a deposit at that time Like many others, order was converted to a 2023 order because they didn't build it. We have been calling Ford until we finally got a VIN. After what felt like eons, we finally got a VIN and have been tracking it on the website. Truck is built. We called the dealership who said that the truck we've been tracking isn't ours and that our email/name was associated "by mistake." Truck is now on the train. Our truck and VIN is listed on the dealership website as "for sale" and "dealership ordered." I saw on an post here this same dealership sold someone else's Maverick order and claimed they hadn't picked it up. I am preparing for battle. I have the holiday off today and looks like a large part of that is going to be going in and threatening to sue them and just generally make their lives as difficult as possible.
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2023.05.29 17:01 DisciplineEnough3049 HELP: Which CC bank to activate?

A month ago, a BPI agent came up to me sa mall and lured me into getting a BPI CC. As a BPI user for years pero wala akong CC from them, I said yes. And she added she'll also try to send applications to other banks - which was really a bad idea when I realized hahaha.
Fast forward -- I just recently received my Metrobank Rewards Plus (CL: 85k and PNB (CL: 50k), and upcoming CCs for delivery: Robinsons Bank, Eastwest, BPI (processing pa!).
My current cards are:
I'm not actually a heavy credit card spender (roughly around 6-15k expense sa CC), I usually just use it for clothes, subscriptions, groceries, ++
I intentionally activated my MB Rewards Plus Visa because 1. they have a NAFFL promo of 180k spending sa first year (not sure kung kaya - any tips?) 2. I have the option to convert it to MFree (which has NAFFL) 3. A lot of merchants have 0% interest for installment - just in case.

So if the other cards will arrive, do you think it's best to NOT activate them? Will it affect my credit score? Which cards kaya are worth it it activate?
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2023.05.29 17:00 _call-me-al_ [Mon, May 29 2023] TL;DR — Crypto news you missed in the last 24 hours on Reddit


Times Square - No CBDC 🚫🏦
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*Down by the river side *
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Getting paid in BTC is the best!
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KYC and solo staking
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L2 report vol. 22
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Frequently Asked Questions + Weekly Discussion Thread
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Trezor Wallet Sees Astounding 1000% Surge in Sales as Ledger Faces Major Setback
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Stalking a Scammer in Philadelphia: The Gang Discovers a Criminal Enterprise
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Since this sub doesn’t allow me to post images… scam warning!
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Bitcoin Cash City Contractor Action - Absolute Building Supplies accepting Bitcoin Cash
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"The @salemkode blockexplorer has full BCMR support & now resolves autchains for updating metadata! For example this is the tokenId of @BitCatsHeroes and see how it shows all the nfts! The icons are even clickable! -> [Link]"
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Bitcoin Cash NFTs on Kraken NFT Community? Let's make it happen! CashTokens (BCH)
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🚀📈🌕 #SatoshiSwap is on fire!
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blockbank ($BBANK) undervalued gem
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🚀 Join the $PEPX Meme Coin Revolution! - PepeMusk 🐸🚀
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Announcing the PinkSale Fair Launch of Billionaire Pepe - Join the Meme Coin Revolution on June 2nd!
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How does this scam work?
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Bitcoin Surges 4% as US Debt Limit Suspension Deal Boosts Market Sentiment
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The First Cryptocurrency And How Bitcoin Began
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When DAOs Self-Execute—What Could Go Wrong?
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Shaq Served with Two Crypto Lawsuits on Same Day
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Spot pairs buy/sell greyed out
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Blocked from Cashing Out
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NFT Link
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Binance Support Thread
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Fantom Returns 15% Gas Fees to Selected Projects
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Another Day in Crypto: Fantom (FTM) Rekt Due to Multichain Team Arrests?
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Major Update to the Star Atlas Showroom (R2.1) - Jetpacks (& much more) coming June 1st on the Epic Games Store
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Web3 Game Development in Singapore: The Next Gaming Trend
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SquadsLabs - What Is SVM, The Solana Virtual Machine
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When are Neutron staking rewards live for ATOM stalkers?
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Rewards are through the roof!!!!31% apy
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What is the most used DEX on cosmos besides osmozone?
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Feedback requested: launching our new State of Algorand daily report
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Bitcoin and Algorand meet at the bar ...
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New here need more info...
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Question about ledger wallet
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Set up an Eternl wallet with Trezor model T and stake
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Cardano & AI Revolution
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Spotted in Dublin
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Elite Wallet release 1.1.6
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Looking to bring more variety into the "i found a sticker" posts, which design do you like more?
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Island Journey 1 of 1 PFPs, Trading card on SUI blockchain
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Pencils and mixed media by Fer Sassali
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This is a dumb idea? I need to know :)
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2023.05.29 16:59 theshaneler I bought brand new 23 Lariat ER at 7k UNDER MSRP (and 1% below advertised interest rate)

I bought brand new 23 Lariat ER at 7k UNDER MSRP (and 1% below advertised interest rate)
This was not my order, prior to building my own I checked what was available. Found this at Sun City Ford in the Medicine Hat Alberta, only an hour drive from me! It's not the colour we would have picked, and it's missing the max tow package, but we couldn't pass up the price. They still have 3 lariat SR trucks on the website listed under MSRP, call and ask for Leo, let him know Shane sent you!
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2023.05.29 16:59 kceili My (24F) boyfriend (25M) won’t initiate having sex with me ever since he started his OJT and it really bothers me

Hello, so just a background, my bf and I sees each other every weekend kasi mej malayo yung house namin sa house nila (travel time: 2-3 hrs), so with that being said, lagi kaming nagsesex every weekend kahit 2 or 3 rounds lang ganyan. Madalas, before, sobrang taas ng libido niya, umaabot kami 5-7 rounds.
Kapag naman di kami nagkikita, we do video calls and I send him photos 👀 that leads to dirty sexting (messenger chat). This works for me since I’m so in live with him, kahit everyday namin gawin to, sobrang saya ko nun. It isn’t a problem with me.
Anyway, here’s my not so big problem. He started his OJT last May and ever since, di niya na ko pinagsesend ng photos ko, mind you, before, siya pa yung nanghihingi and sasabihin niya na pampaantok daw ganyan.
Also for the sex, starting May, ako yung madalas nag-iinitiate ng sex kasi sinasabi niya na pagod siya and minsan pag nagkikita kami, hinahawakan ko na lang private part niya para makaramdam siya na gusto niya gawin yung deed pero wala talagang effect. Sa isang month siguro, nakakailang rounds na lang kami compared before.
Ngayon, I’m trying to figure out why parang nawala yung amor niya sakin? Wala namang nagbago sa weight ko and sa face ko. Then, yung byahe niya sa work is Cavite-Pasay vv. But he wakes up at 3:30am. Pero for me kasi weekend lang kami nagkikita and I hope by that time, naka recover na siya from the stress.
I’m trying to be understanding pero I just want to know your thoughts.
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2023.05.29 16:52 unseentides Scarily realistic dream.

Just had a dream that felt like reality and all I wanted to do was get out of it. I’m missing minor details like the fact my Twitter account (which I never use irl) was hacked somewhere in the process, and the fact that Ryan Gosling featured as a novelist at some point*, but here’s what I sent my friend:
“I woke up in a house resembling my dad’s and someone was sticking me in the neck and as I fell asleep again I could see people making measurements of the location of the furniture. Then I had a… woman? Tell me I had to kill her three times in order to live. So I fought her with a sword in some jungle-type vibe. Woke up again to two mutes lightly scrubbing the carpet and I could tell there were blood stains there but it was eerily white otherwise. I ran to see my dad and sister and remember feeling relieved they were there, but all they noticed was the white carpet being extra white and they were happy because the house was up for sale. I tried to tell people what happened but various entities (not sure what/who now) cut me off and a guy in a cap pulled me aside to say he’d up my security.”
It’s all fading now but I had to get it out.
Any clues on the meaning? My dad died in 2021: it did not feel like a visitation dream. The selling of his house happened after he died and is a matter of soreness for me as it was my home up until the night he passed. That’s all I got, now I’m scared to go back to sleep tbh. I’ve never had anything like this.
*I asked him if he ever just bought one of his books for kicks and I can hear his response so clearly: “What? No. That’s insane. Can you imagine if people found that out?”
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2023.05.29 16:51 No-Rain6487 Offerup title changes not sticking

Advertising my car for sale on Offerup. In the title I mention AWD and Hybrid, but when it posts, it only says 2010 Ford Escape. No mention of AWD or Hybrid. I hit save and post after editing, and it looks correct, but when I look up my ad, it's reverted. Then when I go to edit again, the title has no mention of AWD or Hybrid. I've tried reinstalling the app but it hasn't helped. Haven't tried using my computer yet, as I'm away from home. I even tried deleting the the post then re-entering it (which forced me to pay as you only get one free car add per month). Didn't help. Any ideas? Thanks!
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2023.05.29 16:47 Remarkable_Soil4309 There are 68+ redemption arcs in One Piece

I'm using the words "redemption arc" in a very loose way here. But has anyone noticed that Oda loves to introduce a character with a negative quality or as an enemy to the straw hats FIRST, THEN turn them into an ally / show their good qualities SECOND, using the contrast to endear readers to the character?
For example, we first see Wyper in Skypea as a cold, prone-to-violence warrior who refused to negotiate (ch. 256), and was willing to "leave comrades behind to win this war". But later, we see how formidable his will is, and the reason he fights, standing up against Enel (ch. 276). And that's only a minor supporting character! Remember when Kin'emon was just an annoying pervert in Punk Hazard? (which highlighted Sanji's kindness when he wanted to help Kin'emon anyways) Or when we knew nothing about Jimbe except he was an ally of Arlong (who we hated)? Anyways, I made a list of characters below who had "redemption arcs"-- first introduced as bad/enemies and then "redeemed" later. I counted 68 characters/groups of people:
Zoro (before we meet him, Koby tells Luffy that Zoro is known as a "demonic beast" and "bloodthirsty hound")
Sanji (beats up customers, womanizer)
Nami (theif who didn't like pirates)
Usopp (liar, coward, but actually brave?)
Vivi (BW, tried to kill Laboon)
Igaram (BW along with Vivi, fought Zoro)
Dr Hiriluk (bad doctor, stole money, burned people's houses down)
Bon Clay (BW)
Smoker (marine out to catch Luffy)
Franky (beat up Usopp, and stole their money)
Aokiji (don't need to say anything here)
Corazon (hated children, almost killed Law)
Coby (coward, tells Luffy his dream is impossible)
Pekoms (Henchmen of Big Mom)
Bege (same as above)
All the minks (rumor is they hate humans and are ruthless, turns out false)
Hachi (Arlong pirates)
Saint Donquixote Mjosgard (just a douche at first)
Boa Hancock (merciless, turns her own people to stone, captures Luffy)
Boa Sandersonia
Boa Marigold
Robin (BW)
Dadan (didn't care about Luffy at first, perfectly happy if he died in the jungle)
Pudding (Pudding had two twists, from good to bad to good again)
Bartolomeo (before we knew he was a fanboy)
Baby 5
White Beard (refused to heed Shank's advice)
Lola (zombie)
Senor Pink
Ipponmatsu (the sword shop owner, stingy at first)
Noland ("liar")
Oden (first shown in flashback as a guy eating oden over someone's grave)
Dr. Kureha
Ashuro Doji
Shirahoshi ("crybaby")
Syrup villagers (seemed to dislike Usopp, but in fact, they would miss him when he left)
Shimotsuki Yasuie
People of Dressrossa who chased the Straw Hats out (turns out they knew Rebecca was fine)
The snake in Shandia
King Cobra (turns out to be a good king, though there's a civil war against him)
Sengoku (tried to hide marine-ford from the world, much more likable in his retirement)
Crocodile (kinda redeemed? Kinda?)
Germa 66 (also, kinda)
Mr. 3
Can anyone think of characters that I missed?
Also, I compiled some more thoughts in a youtube video. Check it out if you're interested:
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2023.05.29 16:47 langleyeffect Today, get 10% Off any order at my Shopify or Etsy shops! Coupon code and links in the comments.

Today, get 10% Off any order at my Shopify or Etsy shops! Coupon code and links in the comments. submitted by langleyeffect to artstore [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 16:44 ottawaagent The Ottawa Real Estate Market: Week In Review

Good morning ottawa. Happy Monday! All weekly updates can be seen here. You can also track all new housing starts here. Lastly, you can also find the Ottawa Real Estate April Market report here.
I will continue to post this weeks information every Monday, but if you would like to see further back, please refer to the link above for the archived stats.
Below are the stats for both freehold, condominium and rental properties over the past several days in Ottawa. The average/median list price is for the sold/rented properties and all of these numbers reflect stats within Ottawa proper and do not cover areas such as Perth, Arnprior, Smith Falls, Brockville etc.
What defines an active listing: Properties that have been uploaded to MLS within the last several days or were conditionally sold and are now back on market.
What defines a conditional sale? Properties that have accepted a conditional offer within the last several days. At this stage, the property will either move to sold or back to active. The conditionally accepted sold price is not yet known.
What defines a sold property? Properties that either accepted an unconditional offer or a conditional sale completed their due diligence period in the last several days. The sold price is now a matter of public record.
If you don't want to miss these updates as well as my AMAs, please subscribe to my page. Have a wonderful week!
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2023.05.29 16:41 kingchoco7 Is this a “good” mortgage co-sign opportunity?

Hi all, apologies in advance for the long post -
My mother has been in the process of searching for property in Houston for the last year and has finally found a 3b/3b house that she’d like to purchase near downtown Houston. In passing this week, she mentioned that she’d need me to be the primary signer on her mortgage - banks are hesitant to give her a 30-year fixed mortgage as she is in her mid 60s and she doesn’t generate income in the US.
Financially, my mom is comfortable and has been for as long as I can remember. She’s been retired for the last 10 years, and has a healthy financial trust and rental property from a foreign country that she’s been living off of. I don’t know exact figures, but I estimate that she has been able to pay herself $80k-$120k per year, and she lives a very frugal lifestyle.
I will be getting further details on the specifics regarding the mortgage later, but let’s use these assumptions for now: 1) Moms home will be ~$800k, with a ~$400k down payment being rolled over from a recent home sale. 2) My mom and I will be named on the title of the home. 3) She will be able to pay all expenses for the home on a monthly basis and has substantial savings. 4) She will be a tenant 9 months of the year, and expects to airbnb the home for 3 months of the year while she travels. 5) I expect to inherit part or the entire amount of equity in the home as part of her estate. This last point is key and to me is the value prop from my perspective of this arrangement.
Im in my mid 20s, have a TC of $145k, and rent an apartment in a HCOL city in the NE. No plans of buying a residential home in the near future, but I am planning on purchasing my first rental property in 2024. I have a relatively low overhead, no debt of any kind, and invest the majority of my after tax income.
Is it naive to view this situation as a rental property and a potentially good deal? My mom would be footing the down payment, paying the monthly mortgage (assuming continued good health, touchwood), and I may serve to gain substantial equity.
I’ll be getting additional details on the house details and my moms plan/expectations, but ahead of that conversation I wanted to get outside thoughts on pros/cons, as well as additional considerations to keep in mind before potentially being a co-signer, as I understand that general wisdom is that co-signing for family is often a bad idea. Also, I’ve read that I may lose out on some first time home buyer incentives in the future that may be beneficial. In addition, my DTI ratio will be high after this house so I probably won’t be able to buy property for a while as a result.
Note: She is currently renting an apartment for ~$2k/month, so she will continue to rent should I reject co-signing. The $400k will continue to sit in a HYSA and earn ~4% interest.
Please let me know if I’m missing key information to include and I’d be happy to. Thanks for reading.
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2023.05.29 16:39 Notpan Anyone ever have to decide between moving closer to friends/family in a place you don’t like vs moving to a place you might like but don’t know anyone? Any advice?

I’m (31M) trying to decide by the end of the year where I want to buy a house. It’s either between the town I went to college in, located in central Kentucky, or some place new, like Minnesota. I realize I may be asking for answers that only I can provide, but just looking for any advice from anyone who has had to make a similar decision because it’s stressing me out a lot.
Note: I work remote, so I can move anywhere.
My preferences and goals
Pros for Kentucky:
Cons for Kentucky:
I’m very hesitant to move somewhere because of friends. I moved to my current area because I had two close friends living here, but they both moved away within 9 months of my moving here, and now I’m stuck in an area I don’t like without any local friends until my 2 year lease is up. So I’ve been trying to ask myself about moving to KY - if all my friends inexplicably moved away, would I still want to live there? I don’t think so, but still, the draw of having friends there is very strong.
Minnesota sounds up my alley, with all I’ve read about the twin cities and other MN regions on this sub. With my biggest goal being meeting people/a life partner, it’s definitely intimidating to move somewhere I don’t know anyone, especially given that I’m more of a homebody. I’ve read it’s hard to break into friend groups in MN. I would be doing my best to put myself out there by volunteering, dating apps, the local subreddit/discord, and trying to have a somewhat regular presence in local music venues, coffee shops, etc, but I’m afraid of getting discouraged if it is as difficult as they say.
I’m open to other places as well (have read good things about WI, MI, western NY), but just keeping this down to two choices because I’ve been a little paralyzed by all the options.
Any input/info/advice is appreciated, thanks!
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2023.05.29 16:35 ExpensiveOrder349 After 2 years, I can finally say that I am settled in London!

I moved to London 2 years ago and it wasn't easy.
I didn't know anyone, my workplace required a long commute, housing was expensive and adjusting to the "big city life" was challenging.
Fast forward 2 years...
I navigate the city easily, I have a new job that is almost fully remote and pays double my first salary.
London is still expensive but I am doing well and I am in the process of buying a flat (average one).
I have joined many events and learned a lot about the history and cultore of this amazing city.
The area where I struggled the most since moving here was social, I couldn't rely on my job to meet people (different in age and location) but I pushed myself to be social and open to meet new people.
Now I have many friends, including a new best friend (my old ones all live far away from London), I am always busy meeting someone and, most importantly, I found love.

So if you like me are struggling a bit since moving here, don't lose hope, this city can be a bit brutal but force youtself to keep trying and improve yourself and you'll get what you want.
It's also important for everyone else, happiness is shared, the more people are happy and social the more everyone else will benefit from a nice social environment
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2023.05.29 16:35 kingchoco7 “Good” Mortgage Co-sign Opportunity?

Hi all, apologies in advance for the long post -
My mother has been in the process of searching for property in Houston for the last year and has finally found a 3b/3b house that she’d like to purchase near downtown Houston. In passing this week, she mentioned that she’d need me to be the primary signer on her mortgage - banks are hesitant to give her a 30-year fixed mortgage as she is in her mid 60s and she doesn’t generate income in the US.
Financially, my mom is comfortable and has been for as long as I can remember. She’s been retired for the last 10 years, and has a healthy financial trust and rental property from a foreign country that she’s been living off of. I don’t know exact figures, but I estimate that she has been able to pay herself $80k-$120k per year, and she lives a very frugal lifestyle.
I will be getting further details on the specifics regarding the mortgage later, but let’s use these assumptions for now: 1) Moms home will be ~$800k, with a ~$400k down payment being rolled over from a recent home sale. 2) My mom and I will be named on the title of the home. 3) She will be able to pay all expenses for the home on a monthly basis and has substantial savings. 4) She will be a tenant 9 months of the year, and expects to airbnb the home for 3 months of the year while she travels. 5) I expect to inherit part or the entire amount of equity in the home as part of her estate. This last point is key and to me is the value prop from my perspective of this arrangement.
Im in my mid 20s, have a TC of $145k, and rent an apartment in a HCOL city in the NE. No plans of buying a residential home in the near future, but I am planning on purchasing my first rental property in 2024. I have a relatively low overhead, no debt of any kind, and invest the majority of my after tax income.
Is it naive to view this situation as a rental property and a potentially good deal? My mom would be footing the down payment, paying the monthly mortgage (assuming continued good health, touchwood), and I may serve to gain substantial equity.
I’ll be getting additional details on the house details and my moms plan/expectations, but ahead of that conversation I wanted to get outside thoughts on pros/cons, as well as additional considerations to keep in mind before potentially being a co-signer, as I understand that general wisdom is that co-signing for family is often a bad idea. Also, I’ve read that I may lose out on some first time home buyer incentives in the future that may be beneficial. In addition, my DTI ratio will be high after this house so I probably won’t be able to buy property for a while as a result.
Note: She is currently renting an apartment for ~$2k/month, so she will continue to rent should I reject co-signing. The $400k will continue to sit in a HYSA and earn ~4% interest.
Please let me know if I’m missing key information to include and I’d be happy to. Thanks for reading.
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2023.05.29 16:34 Top-Total692 [HIRING] 6 Jobs in Orlando Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
BOEING Associate or Mid-level Systems Engineer Orlando
Lovesac Company Sales Agent Orlando
Lovesac Company Sales Representative Orlando
AMN Healthcare Physicians Occupational Medicine Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant (NP/PA) Orlando
CareHarmony Remote - Licensed Practical Nurse - NCL - LPN - LVN Orlando
Guardian Care Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Registered Nurse Orlando
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in orlando. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.05.29 16:33 curiousberries From Residential Agent to New Homes Sales

Hey everyone,
I have been a buyer's agent on a team for three years now and feel like I need a change. No, I don't want to go solo, it's just not something I aspire for. So I am considering New home sales. I have often heard of the opposite, where someone goes from new home sales to become a solo agent/buyers agent, but never hear of the reverse. Is there a reason for that??
The reason I am considering this is because it's similar to a team where the builder does the marketing and brings the leads to you. It is appealing because I get to stay in one place and not drive hundreds of miles a week. Also, I like the idea of focusing on what one seller has to offer and really knowing everything there is to know about the houses, material, process, etc.
Anyways, any advice from those who have been in new construction or more specifically, transitioned to new construction after being in real estate for a while. I would appreciate it.

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2023.05.29 16:33 rotterdamn8 I just finished a great trip; includes off the beaten path places, art museums, super fun bike rides, and plenty of sashimi and sake

Hi. I just came back from a two week trip. I lived in Osaka and Tokyo some years ago so this trip was really meeting up with old friends again and also going for some new adventures.
It's so affordable now (if you have USD, which is strong against the yen right). I ate and drank so well! I went to a lot of izakaya, tried various local and regional specialties (unagi around Hamamatsu, akafuku in Ise, for example). All for waaaayyyyy cheaper than what I spend at home in Philly or NYC.
I also did a bit of biking. In Japan you often get a mamachari, which is like "your momma's chariot", or a bike your Mom would ride. With a basket. But hey they're fun for just cruising around! I've decided biking around the countryside is one of my favorite travel activities.
The main idea of this trip was:
Some more details:
Some expenses (USD):
Check out the photo album here
My takeaway: after traveling in many places, I continue to find that some of the best experiences are those unplanned. Any trip requires plans obviously, but with a little luck and a traveler's intuition, I'm getting better at arriving at those fun spontaneous moments.
Ask me any questions. Thanks for reading.
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