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In this subreddit: we roll our eyes and snicker at minimum system requirements. This is a community for anyone struggling to find something to play for that older system, or sharing or seeking tips for how to run that shiny new game on yesterday's hardware. Found a cool game that runs fantastic on a lower end system? Great! Do you have a guide for running a newer game below the minimum requirements? Share it!

2023.05.29 18:25 Quirky-Party-1326 r/coys comments bingo 22/23

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2023.05.29 18:24 shreddedcheese11 My thoughts on nba2k23 as a casual player:

This is probably the least fun I’ve had on a 2k game ever. All of the next gen games have been nothing special. They all feel the same. What sucks most about this game is trying to shoot the ball. I understand that perfectly timing your jumpshot is a skill and that separates the good and bad players but it feels near impossible to make anything. Unless you know the players jumpshot, you aren’t making it. I hate the new shot meter too. I’ve blown so many wide open threes just because of the shooting mechanics of this game. And I’m sorry but it shouldn’t be this difficult to make freethrows. I feel like every game I’ve joined, me or my opponent miss several freethrows, even with good shooters. That’s ridiculous.
Unless you just drive to the paint and hope for a good layup animation, you won’t have fun playing this game. You have to eat, sleep and breathe this game to have any enjoyment out of it.
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2023.05.29 18:23 thedesonbro Let’s Chat! [18M] [Chat]

Hey! I hope everyone is doing well today. I’m looking for new people to chat with. We can talk about any topic you would like. I’m an open book; and anything is cool with me! We can also play the number game, if you have one. Let’s chat!
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2023.05.29 18:23 Ambitious_Nebula_484 Guess it’s time for season recap. Once again

Guess it’s time for season recap. Once again
Now the BP is over, Commanding Force ends for me too. This was my 4th season I play this game. Reached Player level 232.
End of last season I was insanely hyped to jump from gold into platinum. This season just got better. I was able to reach Emerald which was the goal I set. With a good KD I managed to get through Diamond and into Champ. Even if it’s Ranked 2.0 I’m really happy chilling with 2 RP in Champ.
Otherwise I was able to get my hands on some older skins through codes etc which is kinda cool tho. The one Elite this season wasn’t that bad, still think the uniform is ugly af.
Some cool new skins in the new Bravo Rotation were (re)released. Especially the Alibi skin which is a 10/10
The Event was absolutely not my sort of taste. The Cosmetics are sort of funny but that’s it. A bandit laying on the floor with the exact same color knifing a teddy is not the big deal.
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2023.05.29 18:23 DepressionDepository I’m trying to get into it!

I’m trying to get into it!
Hello! So basically, I want to enjoy the combat more than I do. I’m over 40 hours in if dedicated gameplay, and I’m just not “clicking”, so to speak. I’m frankly jealous! Literally millions of others are having a wonderful time with a title that’s quite honestly a legend in the compendium of games as an art form. It, to me, just fees a little underwhelming? I got past a few major bosses, explored a significant amount of the map ( a good deal of it as throughly as I could), I enjoy the challenge of combat, I love the cosmetic nature of player stuff. But the combat itself, not the challenge, is not doing it for me. Hitting a (impressively designed) enemy until their health meter hits zero only for them to simply rag doll or turn to dust sort of takes the wind out of the sails of the encounter. This isn’t my first FromSoft title, I NG+’d Sekiro 3 times and almost platinumed it. Yes, I am fundamentally aware that these 2 titles are not at all the same thing or concept. But they are both very challenging, at the very least. That is a the selling point. In that I think it’s fair to levy a comparison. In Sekiro, not only are the enemies impressively animated and wonderfully designed, so are you! Same with other games like For Honor. There’s a greater sense of impact I guess. While in ER, with my melee focused build, the sounds are great but it’s just not fulfilling to see even the largest of bosses and cool enemies either ragdoll or just turn to dust, irrespective of any of the dozens of weapons I use. Is this all that can transpire? Thank you! I promise this ain’t a hit piece or tying to get a rise out if anyone, I just want some insight to see if there’s something I can do or if this is just how it is.
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2023.05.29 18:22 YalooTheGuru Custom Pokeball

Custom Pokeball
My custom colors for a pokeball. I call it the guru ball. Makes me wish that they would let players customize the look of pokeballs in the games.
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2023.05.29 18:22 thatfootballguy Missing figures from base game

Hey all, I took a chance and bought the base game used. Unfortunately, it is missing Black Widow, Iron man and Baron Zemo.
Any suggestions on what to do? Seems like Atom Games does not sell copies. Should I consider 3D printing? Thanks for the help in advance!
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2023.05.29 18:22 Seymourbums What do you think of this idea? How feasible and how needed?

A website through which interior designers can create profiles for their clients. These clients can then log on to the site and see, online, how their space would look like. They can also upvote certain colors, check out color schemes, they can also add specific prebuilt items, and change the arrangement of some things. Now, for them, it's gonna look a little more like a game. They will have some 3D modeling abilities, but very limited. The website will also be compatible with 3D modeling software.
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2023.05.29 18:21 Few_Conversation886 [PC][2010-now maybe?] fast paced PvP game where you fight as either a wizard or swordsman stickperson

Genre: action / fighting (1v1 PvP)
Estimated year of release: 2010 - 2023 (I don't have any information on the year of release but it looks pretty modern)
Graphics/art style: simple 2D pixel art, at most characters will be represented by solid blue or red, except for weapons.
Notable characters: stickman wizard and swordsman (unknown if these are the only characters, but I do know that both players can choose the same character)
Notable gameplay mechanics: there is a level meter, similar to the dragon ball fighting game series in my opinion, which gains gauge whenever the player takes damage or attacks, and there is a 6 round revolve given to both players, which can't be reloaded, commonly used to extend combos, which are also measured on screen. There is also something similar to a parry.
Other details: toggleable HUD and a replay feature, most likely used to see past fights, and there is something called "air options". Players also have nametags represented above HP gauges at the top of the screen. after fights end, the screen will have in pixel letters who won the fight. (if it is a victory for your opponent, it will say "P2 WIN" I have don't know what will show up if you win, but it would most likely be "P1 WIN")
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2023.05.29 18:20 Filthy-Mammoth [online][Heavily homebrewed 5e][PST] From Humble Farmers to possible War Heroes, will you respond to the Call to arms in the Far Reaches?

So first off, who am I?
Hello Reddit, I am Beau, am a 26 year old Guy from the Pacific northwest that has been DMing DnD 5e for 6 years, has been dabbling in other systems for the last 4, and has had Roleplaying games apart of my entire life thanks to my dad who was a veteran of a hobby since his his days in high school
I have a deep seated love of stories and storytelling, and I have found over the years that TTRPGs are some of the most Primal of storytelling mediums, tapping into the same energy and need for humanity to tell stories that our ancestors did around a campfire for centuries.
Like those ancestors around their campfire, those around the table tell a tale that is a mixing pot of different views and experiences, of yes and and no buts, of tears of both laughter and sorrow, of a connection to a story that only can be made when its your story. And that kind of connection is a powerful thing.
I love this hobby because I love stories and the way they are told, and I hope to at some point create a community of people that share that passion so that I can make many more stories for the years to come.
I know that was a lot, but I hope knowing that about me will help you understand the kind of game I am trying to run.
Next, a intro to the setting and then some info about the campaign:
Farreach is a land cold and unforgiving, those that do not respect it quickly die. be it from man, beast, or nature.
Since the gods died in the event of world’s crux Farreach has, like the rest of the world, been broken apart, small villages and city states dot the land fending for themselves over the years as the ruins of the old world lay lingering as a memory of what once was thousands of years before.
But this is all about to change.
A young man, a Certain Peter Lebedev, has claimed to be the heir to the Throne of the Far Reaches that sits in the ruins of the old capital Alevichi. He shares the name of those once mighty Czars that ruled the land before World Crux, and using it he has called upon ancient rights and Alliances to Take back the old Empire with the help of the Sorcerous Dwarves of Blackspire,
From the Ruins of Alevichi hidden behind the Northern mountains and Dwarven Strongholds of the North Peter plans to retake his birthright, be it through force or diplomacy.
But not all accept his rule.
To the South in the fertile valleys that make many Farmlands sits the city state of Reusta, here a Rebellion is Brewing. a group of like minded people that care not for the idea of being ruled over and wish to keep their independences. While they do not have the resources of the Dwarves they have the food to feed an army and the call of the defense of freedom to rally men behind.
They will push out this so-called Czar and establish an order, a republic, where each town is free to do as they see best for them and not be under the thumb of one man.
And So a civil war brews between these two, the Torm sit to the north watching their southern neighbors fight and the villages between these two factions will be caught in the crossfires.
Including the Town of Whitefield.
It is a simple place, home to only 300 or so souls. fields of white wheat grow in abundance, children play in the streets and elders groan about the on coming cold of the harsh winters. Here is were those that will one day be called great call home. Simple folk that have done little more than live in this blessed place do not realize that soon fate will come marching to their doorstep and call them to greatness.....
So what is Farreach?
Farreach is one place in the homebrew setting of Tanriszdir that I have been working on for the past 3 years. This campaign will be the 2nd campaign I have ran in this setting with many more planned in the future.
I made Farreach as a place due to my love of Folklore and fairy tales and I had been playing the Witcher and looking into the stories and culture of the Slavic people at the time of creation, naturally it bleed into the world I was making.
In farreach you will find Dark Taiga Forests, frost covered mountains and sub-zero tundra. But warmer weather can be found to the south with rolling fields, Marshy bogs and Clay filled hills. Farreach is a harsh but beautiful land that only the strong survive and thrive in, will your character make their mark in this rugged wilderness dotted with small villages? Or will you be lost to the trees and that which lurks within them?
What is this campaign about?
Farreach is a place on the cusp of a massive social and political change, 2 factions, the Empire trying to reform and the independents trying to keep their own freedoms and cultures alive, buttheads as they try to take over the north to shape it in their own image. This story isn't so much about one side vs the other however, yes you can if you want to join one of the sides in the war, or even make your own 3rd faction, this campaign is less about the war itself and more the people being affected by it. The day to day people that have to deal with a war looming over them as they try to etch out a life in a cold unforgiving landscape filled with monsters of all kinds. The players will be starting as level 0 commoners dealing with small scale problems and will find themselves burdened with more and more responsibilities as they prove themselves to be the ones most capable of taking care of the North’s problems.
What are the Players' roles in this campaign?
The players, and the party at large, are Hope. They are hope that things will get better, that life will get just a bit less shitty, that everyone will get to go home to their families at the end of it all.
Because of this I as the DM will test and attempt to snuff out this hope constantly. PCs and NPCs alike can and will die if the dice will it, horrible things will happen to good people, bad people, and neutral people, children are at just as much risk as everyone else. And there will be a give and take of consequences constantly as every action the party, and the NPCs around them take, will mold the world around them for both the better and the worse.
This is not a campaign for the faint of heart, it's not a game of heroes that never fail or who will always win in the end. It's about being the embodiment of hope in a world with very little of it, of never giving up hope while everything around you tries to snuff it out. It's about moving forward no matter what because you have hope that things will turn out well in the end.
I know all that sounds fairly dramatic, but fuck it am a drama queen, it will get you a clue of what your in for if you join the game. That and I've had players I've tried to run this game with before assume that the hardships I would send their way was me just trying to tpk them and wouldn't even try, ironically enough losing hope despite being the ones who were supposed to embody it.
What kind of game is this?
I would say that it is an Open sandbox Dark fantasy, there is some hex crawling and a lot of what direction things go is mostly on the Players and their actions.
Some people would say that my games are Grim Dark, but I'd personally say that Grimdark is a shade too dark for what I try to achieve in my games. That said of course the games I run do get fairly dark and will go places that are uncomfortable at times, make sure you are ok with that if you want to join, and feel free to ask me directly what kind of themes I expect to see
What does this game do different from regular dnd 5e?
My games are heavily homebrewed, to the point I can't put all of the changes here and instead made a doc that I will later link that is full of rule changes and tweaks that I will be using. Consider this less 5e proper and more 5e adjacent
The Party will be starting at level 0 instead of level one as commoners and will have to come into their own (I suggest coming to the table with a couple extra character concepts on the off chance something really bad happens)
This Game will go from level 0 to level 10, maybe 12. This is not a story of high powered super people and is instead made for more down to earth low level characters.
All player characters will start from the same home town and will all know each other to a certain extent, this isn't a group of strangers coming together as it is a group of people that already know each other in at least passing
This Game will be connected to another game I am running, to help simulate the movements of the war around the PCs as they have their adventures I have 2 friends playing a board game of my creation to help give the game a more natural backdrop of events, things will happen that even I the DM can't always expect.
What can I as a Player expect from you, the DM?
A well built world that I have spent years making
A willingness to let things happen that can change the course of the game and the world as a whole moving forward into other campaigns
A genuine interest in telling a story and a desire to see your characters grow over the course of the campaign
Difficult combat, min maxing not required but common sense and tactics are
Difficult choices, this campaign is not a black and white campaign of good vs bad
A sense of humor, life isn't all death and darkness
a rehaul or creations of rules as needed to help tell the kind of stories I aim for.
a willingness to bend to rule and to use the “rule of cool” but still being able to use the rules
What do you as a DM expect from me as a player?
A willingness to take the world seriously
Not poking at the rules of the game to exploit them or disclaim a lack of realism
Respect for me and the other players at the table
To make a character that is grounded in the setting and type of story trying to be told
A willingness to roleplay and to be your character in the world
A willingness to let bad things happen if your actions or the dice lead to an impossible situation
A Willingness to still more forward with the game even as Bad things happen to your character(s)
The Ability to commit to the game long term, my games take time
The Ability to take initiative, taking plot hooks that interest you, or exploring to find others that do (mostly don't stand around waiting for me to tell you what to do)
Am fine with all of this, how do I sign up and when is the game?
The Game will take place Sundays starting the Earliest at 9am pst and going as late as 3:30pm pst, the exact time will be decided once the group is put together but it will be sometime around then
I have 2 people that want to play already and I am looking for a maximum of 4 more players
The Game will take place on roll20, discord and a good mic is required to play
Read this quick Lore Blurb to get a basic understanding of the campaign world and your characters place into it
Setting Primer
Read, or at least skim, through this Document, it is filled with rule changes to the game I am running, these are not minor changes and should not be ignored when deciding if you want to play
Homebrew Doc
Fill out this application, it is a mix of personality test, confirmation that you understand what kind of game your getting into, and information for how to contact you
This Application will be up until the I find players I think I can gel with. Once I have found people I will close the application, if you can enter an application there is still a chance you can get in.
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2023.05.29 18:19 catkraze My custom Mandalorian/Darktrooper helmet is nearly complete

My custom Mandalorian/Darktrooper helmet is nearly complete
All that there is left to do is create some covers for the fan battery packs to hide the electronics that regulate the voltage.
This helmet features:
A Functional thermal rangefinder
2x cheek mounted defogging fans
Ambient noise amplifying headphones
A Bluetooth sound system
A reinforced steel faceplate latch
A custom tinted visor
And custom steel cheek plates with the Imperial Emblem
This helmet is sturdy, and I have tested the thermals during a game. They're quite good at close range thread identification, and they would be very handy in dark cqb environments. The power supply for the thermals has a 10,000mAh capacity, USB type C charging, and a standard female USB connector for power distribution. As such, it can power any USB device, so it could charge your phone in a pinch. The stalk on the rangefinder is laser cut steel.
The steel faceplate latch prevents the helmet from popping open accidentally if it is bumped, which was a huge problem with the standard helmet.
The steel cheek plates serve as more than just decoration, as they are also the mounting point for the cheek mounted defogging fans. The fans suck in air through the cheeks and blow it onto the visor through two 3D printed fan ducts. The fans have two methods of control that are independent of each side of the face. There is a momentary button that will turn on the fans for the duration the button is held. This is for if you're sneaking around and want to reduce noise as much as possible. If the visor fogs up, simply hold the buttons until the fog has cleared and move on. They also have a two position switch so that you can turn them on and leave them running to prevent fog from condensing in the first place. The fans are powered by two 14500 batteries (one in each cheek). They can accept AA batteries in a pinch, but the fans are not as strong when using AA batteries.
I am unsure of the ANSI rating (if any) of the custom visor, so I wear low profile goggles underneath the helmet.
The Bluetooth sound system is simply a portable Bluetooth receiver plugged into the noise amplifying headphones through a 6" AUX cable. It pairs to my phone and can be used to stream music to the headphones.
The ambient noise amplifying headphones are simple ones I ordered off Amazon. They have an adjustable volume level, and they improve my hearing quite well. They do not have options for communication systems, so if I want to use come with this helmet then that'll have to be an addition made to it later.
This helmet has been a real journey to create, and I intend to offer kits for others to create their own tricked out helmets in the future.
Thanks for reading!
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2023.05.29 18:19 IcyInfluence9830 Some things I would like FTG to add/remove/improve in DLS

I will divide the suggestions into: Players and Teams, Gameplay and Graphics, Transfer Market, Matches, Stadiums and Facilities, Players and Teams:- 1. Add More Licenses. Atleast the Bundesliga. I know they might be working on it, or perhaps the situation is beyond repair, but if they can do something early it would be great. 2. Add Legends/Icons/(Retired/Old) Players. It would be great to have them again in the game. 3. The difference of the price of a rare coach in comparison to a legendary coach is huge. If they reduce price, it will be extremely good, but it's not too necessary. 4. In Exhibition matches, we should be allowed to play against the original teams, not the tampered ones we play in career mode despite the same player playing for both teams. 5. How about if instead of trading players from other teams the players we have bought are replaced by the subs of the same team? 6. They should improve goalkeeping somehow. There is no difference between a 69 rated GK and Courtois. Gameplay and Graphics:- 1. I think graphics should be improved. In comparison to FM and PES, DLS is a bit behind on graphics. You can't tell who is this player by just looking at a random highlight. 2. Expressions? I don't know if AI has developed that far, but I think a smiling face after scoring a goal is pleasant to look at. 3. Nerf C-Spam, buff defending. Instead of going and trying to block a loft pass, I have seen my Van Dijk just standing merrily looking at the ball pass over his head. Gives me a weird thought of a 3-year old child looking at something peculiar soar over its head. They should somehow improve this. Also loft passes should be made a bit lower in height, and players, when they sense the opponent in possession send a loft pass in their own half, should try to head it away by themselves. 4. Marking. This might be an interesting addition. If they add this, I'll be above glad. Just put the name of which player you want to be marked by whom, and that player will stay close to that player through the whole match until one of them is subbed. The subbed player will mark/be marked by the existing player until orders are changed. 5. Commentary is way too old and slow. I have recently noticed that they start a match saying that - "90 minutes couldn't separate these teams, so they'll have to battle it out in these 30 minutes" or "The players here are warmed up as we start extra time". This is really ridiculous. I have never mentioned this glitch before, nor have I seen anyone else say about it. 6. Customized Celebration styles. For example Mbappé's arms-crossed, Messi's pointing towards the sky and Ronaldo's turnaround. Transfer Market:- 1. They should roll back their latest update of making 85-86 rated players scout and agent exclusive. How are new players supposed to progress with this? I have spent thousands of coins on scouts but not for once did I find Mbappé, whom I released to get his recent version. How much luck do I need to have? 2. Make a new scout, where you pay 1000 coins but in return get the option to search and sign any player that exists in the game. One scout, one player 3. Scout probabilities should be increased. Truly, it sometimes gives players like the cost of the scout is twice the cost of the result players combined. 4. Users should have the choice to release a player for either coins or coaches. 5. The current special offers are absolutely dumb, not even the most foolish person on this Earth will get lured into it. My suggestion is that instead of giving us upgraded Kane, Saka, Trippier, Leno, Bruno, why not give us an updated base card? How about a 86 rated base Kane? How about a 84 rated base Trippier? How about a 85 rated base Fernandes? That wil push some meaning into the offers. Special base cards might be an interesting thing, atleast better than the current offer. But whatever the rating increase, the stat increase must be limited within +1 stat on every stat from the base stats of the normal card of the player. Then the old over-powered cards won't be recreated. Matches:- 1. Matchmaking must be based on team ratings in special events. 2. Remove this stupid ban of 4 mins to 11 hrs. Make it for teams who repeatedly quit early for atleast 5 games. Stadiums and Facilities:- 1. A better stadium customiser. Customising the exterior of the stadium would be awesome, adding colours of our own will to different parts would be brilliant. 2. The cost of upgrading facilities is a bit high but OK nonetheless. That's all I have to say.
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2023.05.29 18:18 Budget-Football6806 Chance me for CS

Demographic: Asian Male, Competitive HS in California, no hooks
Intended Major: Computer Science
GPA / Rank: 3.9UW, 5.3W, ranked 200/723 💀
SAT: 1570, 1460 PSAT
Coursework: AP Computer Science Principles, AP Computer Science A, IB Computer Science SL, IB Chemistry SL, IB Prep Human Geography, IB Literature I, Advanced Alg II, IB Analysis 2, IB Analysis 3, and some AP/IB Spanish courses (there are more in senior year)
-Competitive Math
-Research with a professor, in the process of publishing
-Internship at a major game development company (want to go into game development)
-Clubs (Computer Science, Mu Alpha Theta, Spanish Honor Society, Chemistry Olympiad, Physics)
-Made games with Unity and participated in game jams
-Cofounded a program that worked with local farmers and stores to redistribute misshaped fruit
-Ran some small workshops to tutor kids on how to make simple games through Unity
-3x AIME Qualifier, Distinguished Honor Roll on AMC
-Qualified for Mathleague Nationals
-DECA State Finalist
Haven't done these yet. I'm confident that I'll be able to write good essays and I'm planning to heavily lean into my passion for game development in them. As for LORs, I didn't really have great relationships with my teachers (or any at all), so I'm not too hopeful.
Schools (haven't made a full list of what to apply for yet):
-UT Austin
-University of Virginia
-University of Wisconsin-Madison
-Texas A&M
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2023.05.29 18:17 swollen-denim Dracula’s Crossing - Side Quest

So recently, my party completed our first campaign (DOSI for those interested!) and the party will be travelling off the island to our own homebrew world. During that journey I thought it would be cool to turn that voyage into a sort of mini-quest, paying homage to the Demeter’s crossing in the book Dracula. Here’s an overview of the structure:
I’m going to keep the story largely the same, obviously change some races and genders but the plot points of the story will hold true. The party will board the ship, go for dinner meet the main NPC’s at dinner and the passengers will start falling. I’m going to have the passengers fall in the same order as the book. I’m not too worried about it being obvious as I’d actually quite like my party to figure out they are in a retelling of Dracula’s voyage. Even if they do figure it out and they decide to tell the captain he might not buy their story without the proof to back it up. As well as this just straight up attacking another guest without proof of their vampiric ways would land them in the holding cells below deck.
Once a few of the passengers have dropped, the guests start asking questions, the crew jump ship and turmoil breaks loose, ending with the remaining crew and passengers breaking into one of the a locked room the captain has denied entry to. In here they will discover what in the book is the nun (sister Agatha), however I’m going to have it be a Paladin so she can aid my party later. The vampire will be in the room already and state the Paladin is responsible for the killings. If the party can’t disuade the crew they will side with the vampire and go to hang the Paladin. Much like in the book, this will lead to her biting her lip to enthral the vampire, revealing them to the crew. From this point as the Paladin NPC I will encourage my party to set up a final showdown between them and the vampire to stop it reaching the main land.
I’m planning on peppering in some side stuff on the ship like: rolling to gauge the days travel, pirate attacks, skill checks to assist in a storm, rabid animals(rats) in the hull, I’ve even put a casino in the boat to allow the party to play a few little mini games.
Overall I’m just looking for feedback. Is this a good idea? bad? anything you’d recommend doing to this adventure to improve it?
As well if you have any ideas of how I could pad it out a little more with additional side stuff I’d love to hear it. It’s my first time running own homebrew adventure so want to make sure it’s air tight, especially before I move to my own world!
I’m also drawing some maps for the ship, so if anyone’s intrigued by the idea I’ll upload them once they’re finished and you can turn your next boat trip into an homage to Dracula’s crossing!
Thanks in advance for the help you lovely people!
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2023.05.29 18:16 SoCuteBear [SELL][CANADA to USA & Canada][PERFUME] tons of goodies to be found!


$15 Minimum Please!
TAT 3 calendar days or less
SHIPPING TO USA:$11 without tracking and $15.75 with tracking. I'm shipping from Canada.
SHIPPING TO CANADA:For samples only, $4. With tracking, it starts at $15. Tracked shipping price in Canada varies by region.
All samples or decants, unless marked as FS.
All purchased new, unless marked as RIS.
ALL PRICES ARE IN USD. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
BPAL (all purchased new)
DECONSTRUCTING EDEN (all purchased brand new)
FANTOME (all purchased new) $5.5 each
NUI COBALT DESIGNS (all purchased new)
POSSETS (ALL PURCHASED NEW; unless marked as FS, all are samples from direct or decant from Ajevie that are $2.5 each)
SIXTEEN92 (all purchased new unless marked as RIS)
SORCELLERIE all Sorcellerie are RIS (some cheaper than others to account for fill level differences)
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2023.05.29 18:16 Jailander I like the game but I don't want to get a mortgage to buy a cool ship...

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2023.05.29 18:15 Rishi_is_yours Badrinath knows ball

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2023.05.29 18:15 Optimal_Raccoon9110 Looking for old game

Looking for old game
Hello people!
For a while now I've been trying to remember an old amiga game but I can't remember or find it anywhere, so I need your help. The game should be from roughly 1990 give or take a few years. I played it on my A500 with 0.5mb ram.
I made an extremely professional drawing of it, or at least how I think it was. It was a bit like Arkanoid. You could play either against a friend or the computer, but not alone as far as I remember. And I'm pretty sure you or the computer played as a robot, but the main guy was also maybe a robot but with humanoid shape, the other robot not so much.
You were armed with a 'vacuum cleaner' kind of a weapon that could shoot or suck in the ball, you could hit arkanoid-like targets above for points whilst your opponent would try to interfere by sucking in the ball with his own vacuum cleaner gun.
Now the biggest tip is that if the ball hit you and not your gun; your head would go flying up and turn around a few times and then land back on the shoulders like nothing happened, I found that hilarous when I played. Not totally sure but I think the soundeffect from that sounds like the sound when you dodge balls with your shield in IK+, like a fat fryingpan metal thump sound.
Good old times...
Thanks for any help!
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2023.05.29 18:14 Wayniac666 Basic ESO questions from a noob

Im wondering if ESO can be played solo, and are other players required? I inherited the physical copy of the game from my cousin who recently passed. We gamed alot together over the years and he always said how good it is. Ive never played so i literally dont know squat. Figured it makes more sense to ask if it even worth installing befire going through the process for naught. Im not a team guy and really like games that are capable of being played solo. The online part is also a rub for me bc i prefer offline capable and as mentioned ive got no interest in gaming with other people actively... but if its a req of the game for its play as opposed to social gaming thats cool. Info comments or suggestions??
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2023.05.29 18:12 Agreeable-Passion908 My friend installed project zomboid and when he runs the x64 bat file it shows him this. Help?

Project Zomboid>IF 0 NEQ 0 (".\jre64\bin\java.exe" -Djava.awt.headless=true -Dzomboid.steam=1 -Dzomboid.znetlog=1 -XX:-CreateCoredumpOnCrash -XX:-OmitStackTraceInFastThrow -Xmx3072m -Djava.library.path=./win64/;./ -cp commons-compress-1.18.jar;istack-commons-runtime.jar;jassimp.jar;javacord-2.0.17-shaded.jar;javax.activation-api.jar;jaxb-api.jar;jaxb-runtime.jar;lwjgl.jar;lwjgl-natives-windows.jar;lwjgl-glfw.jar;lwjgl-glfw-natives-windows.jar;lwjgl-jemalloc.jar;lwjgl-jemalloc-natives-windows.jar;lwjgl-opengl.jar;lwjgl-opengl-natives-windows.jar;lwjgl_util.jar;sqlite-jdbc-;trove-3.0.3.jar;uncommons-maths-1.2.3.jar;./ zombie.gameStates.MainScreenState )
also when he runs the normal x64 exe it tells him that the application did not start properly
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2023.05.29 18:11 aracauna Advice about attending Eredivisie Promotion Final for foreign neutral.

I'll be in Amsterdam right when one of the Eredivisie promotion finals happen and coming from the US I just wanted to make sure going to this game wouldn't be a bad idea for an American man and his 11-year-old daughter. I don't know much about any of the four teams that could be playing, but I was hoping I could get advice from locals or people who've gone to games like this so I'd know what sections to avoid, or things to do or not do to make this a cool experience.
The teams would be FC Emmen, NAC Breda, VVV-Venlo, or Almere City FC. I don't know what stadium they'll be in yet.
And I know it's probably safer than going to a Walmart in the US, but any suggestions are appreciated.
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2023.05.29 18:11 WaelElbaz EA just encourage toxicity and cheating

2 matches in champion after each other.
First 2-2 and playing extra time, scored 2 goals and then the guy played the ball out and the game froze for few seconds then disconnect and match under review and did not count.( I’ll search for this trick to apply always as EA love to encourage cheating)
Second match after it directly, 3-3 and end of second half. Going one to one and the guy slide and red card for him then he disconnected and the match doesn’t count.
Shit game, rant over but I should take it out.
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