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Landlords may post rent houses here for Denton Redditors.

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2023.05.29 17:40 Humble-Honeydew8593 Rent

Lost my job and was caring for my fiance while she was in the hospital some looking for another job so I don't have the rent please help anything works
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2023.05.29 17:40 sjsgswfan90 ILPT Request how to avoid paying bridge tolls?

How do I get past the bridge tolls? I live in the Bay Area and I am constantly going into SF via the Golden Gate Bridge, and bay bridge. I also consistently cross the carquinez and Benicia bridge.
I was looking at one of these license plate flippers but how effective is that? Also can’t they just use my vin number? I sometimes see highway patrols right when you pass the tolls fares on the bridges. I’ve never seen them pull someone over but will me crossing the bridge on a fake plate instantly warn these cops to pull me over once I cross?
After a while will the agencies notice and be looking for my car? Should I drive with a mask on to avoid the cameras? Let’s say I forget to flip the plate would they get the camera access and find my house?
What’s the best way to avoid these bridge tolls and stop giving the state my money? They clearly can’t use it effectively.
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2023.05.29 17:40 OkAlmostThere When did you guys started thinking about having another baby?

I am 30yo, my daughter is 1 1/2 year and she is lovely but a handful. We finally bought a house and started getting some roots.
I am currently in school and I should be getting my nursing license early next year, so between that, part time work and raising a toddler, I am drowning. My husband makes great salary, but we agreed on waiting at least 2.5-3.5 years before trying for another baby, so I can get my nursing license, wait until the kid is potty trained and we are a bit more financially comfortable. Also, we cannot afford two daycares now 😅
My friends that had a baby around the same time as me are already halfway through another pregnancy.
I feel like I am falling behind 😭
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2023.05.29 17:39 in4real Straight older guy here asking for a friend struggling with homosexual urges

I have a close friend who is approaching 60 who is struggling with his homosexual urges. He is interested in checking out a gay bath house in the city. Is this the best way to go? I've been to a straight sex club (Oasis) with friends but I think I would have been too self-conscious to go alone. I imagine it would be the same with a guy going to a bath house for the first time, especially as he is just accepting his sexuality fully. He's super nervous about going. I even offered initially to go with him, although I've reconsidered as I think my girlfriend would ask a lot of questions, which I understand.
Any suggestions as to how to help my friend? I already told him to raise this issue with his therapist, so hopefully the mental health support will be there. I'm asking here as to what an older coming out gay should do to meet people in a safe place.
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2023.05.29 17:39 honey-smile How do you navigate “Modern Family” dynamics?

Both of our parents are divorced, but the difficulty I’m having is with my dad and how to navigate the mixed family he’s created. He’s a what I’d call a serial monogamist, but with long term relationships. Just for ease of writing, I’m giving everybody names:
Dad = dad Gwen = ex-step mom Karen = new step mom Judy = Gwen’s daughter
My dad left Gwen a few years ago for Karen and basically royally screwed up both Gwen and Judy. He literally came home one day to the house they’d lived in for years, told Gwen he was done, and was engaged to Karen less than six months later. Gwen and Judy were close family friends before my dad and Gwen got together, so he’s been in Judys life for nearly her entire life, starting dating Gwen when Judy was ~10, and was her “step-dad” for >12 years. He basically just dipped when he left her mom and hasn’t really reached out to her since.
He hasn’t talked to Gwen or Judy since he got engaged to Karen, but I’m still very close with them and would like to have Judy in my bridal party and would like Gwen at the wedding. I’m just very worried because this will be the first time they’ve seen or spoken to my dad in over 4 years. I would like to just call them both and talk about what they’re comfortable with - and if they even want to come knowing that he’ll be there - but want to make sure I handle this tricky situation appropriately.
Anyone ever done this and had it turn out well? Or is it just a horrible idea?
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2023.05.29 17:39 vParadox_77 The Definitive Best Armor in KCD

There is much debate in this sub on the "best" suit of armor that can exist in this game. Some people favor stealth, some favor defense, and some even favor charisma. This post is an attempt to answer this age-old question of what the best suit of armor in KCD really is. Christ be praised.
First, we need to decide what defines the "best" suit of armor. The first and primary stat that is most crucial is the defense ratings of the armor. This stat has to triumph over all others because the protection of the body is what armor is really all about. The 2nd stat to be considered is Charisma, because, as we already know, the top-tier plate armor already has bad stealth stats, so it is pointless to prioritize stealth. After charisma, we will prioritize the stealth stats visibility and conspicuousness (they go hand in hand) and finally we will prioritize durability. All of the top armor will already have great durability, so there is no need to pick and choose on this stat, besides, it doesn't change the effectiveness of the armor. Finally, if two pieces have the same stats, the rarer of the two will be chosen. So in total, this is the stat prioritization:
  1. Protection
  2. Charisma
  3. Stealth
  4. Durability
  5. Rarity
Side note: I agree that there is an argument to be made for the best stealth armor in the game. Finding this balance is much harder and requires a lot of math on my end to perfectly balance the stealth stats with armor effectiveness. So expect that post to come later.
Now we may assemble the noblest of armors. I will show everything you need to know about the item including links to the KCD wiki for it so you may learn how to unlock it.

Name: House of Zoul helmet
Item Code: 4f27f774-be02-ea89-51d6-ad7ac35587a2
Why: This helmet has the best protection stats in the game.
Name: Dark padded coif
Item Code: 4dcb6884-0be0-ca1b-32e6-e20ccbc58c8f
Why: This coif is tied for the best protection stats with the beige variant of the padded coif. They both also have the same charisma stat. However, the dark padded coif has better stealth stats than its beige counterpart.
Name: Noble's mail coif
Item Code: 4fbc8b16-6e58-af4e-8b95-59963da5ef96
Why: This head chainmail has the best protection stats in the game.
Name: Gold Chain
Item Code: 0bf732db-ca19-4f0b-a56f-c83a79806d8f
Why: Neck chains do not provide protection and the gold chain is tied with the necklace for the highest charisma from the neck chain slot. However, the gold chain is considerably rarer to come by than the necklace, so the gold chain is chosen.
Name: Quartered combat jacket
Item Code: 4e1c3929-0e6d-e0c2-61e0-363f8e7ac289
Why: This outer garment is tied for the best protection stats in the game while having the highest charisma from its counterparts.
Name: House of Zoul cuirass
Item Code: 4484294f-244c-3701-8ede-f7a0d10ffbb5
Why: This body plate has the best protection stats in the game.
Name: Long noble hauberk
Item Code: 431a2a36-312d-d6b0-ddff-fcaddc294291
Why: The long noble hauberk is tied with the short noble hauberk for the highest protection stats in the game. However, the long noble hauberk is considerably rarer than its short counterpart so it is chosen over it.
Name: Decorated arming doublet (Pale Yellow)
Item Code: 4e392593-3a86-318b-65bc-05907a52fe8a
Why: There are 6 decorated arming doublets in the game all tied for the best protection stats in the body garment slot. Two of the decorated arming doublets have higher charisma than the rest and one of these two has slightly better stealth stats than its counterpart. Therefore, the Pale Yellow variation of the decorated arming doublet is chosen.
Name: Nobleman's gauntlets
Item Code: 46f0f01a-ec0e-82af-8947-fc15bcf1df82
Why: These gauntlets have the best protection stats in the game.
Name: Zoul arm plate
Item Code: 44d0c3fa-67f0-9c6f-8c87-b0fc7d8b87a6
Why: This arm plate has the best protection stats in the game.
Name: Mail chausses
Item Code: 44135951-cf1c-f2fd-15f0-0f0ea223a584
Why: This leg chainmail has the best protection stats in the game.
Name: Decorated black hose
Item Code: 486fb98b-9cbe-79dd-314a-ac379dfc96b3
Why: This hose is tied with all of the other hoses in the game for protection stats. It is also tied for the highest charisma with the red-white miparti hose. The decorated black hose has far superior stealth stats, however, so it is chosen.
Name: Zoul leg plate
Item Code: 45f77d27-651f-8569-0b73-5617444c269d
Why: This leg plate has the highest protection stats in the game.
This slot is taken up by the Zoul leg plate, which means that the stats from the Zoul leg plate also apply to the boot slot. Essentially, since the listed stab defense on the Zoul leg plate is 21, this stat gets applied to the leg plate slot and the boots slot, adding a total of 42 stab defense.
Name: Family ring
Item Code: 88e2cfca-1f87-40f6-9691-4406676d702c
Why: This ring, like all rings, doesn't provide protection stats but it does have the best charisma and durability.
Name: Golden spurs
Item Code: af6f2946-ce54-4e38-9b2b-5ab95d5c4777
Why: Spurs do not provide protection, but these spurs have the highest charisma.

And there we have it! The best suit of armor in the game. The final value of the armor is 21634.1 Groshen. I have also attached pictures of Henry wearing the suit of armor and the final stats of this suit as well. I hope this post goes a long way to finally settling the debate on the best possible suit of armor. Make sure you guys turn up in this suit of armor when you show up to demolish black peter. Christ be praised!
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2023.05.29 17:38 hiimben005 To everyone

Hello, Everyone.
I am going do a quick post about Lin Delia before work. Hope it help. Please let her know about this reddit page, tell her I want to talk to her, or let me know where she is. thank you for your help.
Family: 1. A married sister (work as a banker and husband work in Wall street) in New York (include other relatives)
2. Dad and mom in San Francisco
3. Two cousin and an aunt around Torrance or LA (Southern California) (there is more relatives but those are the ones she told me)
About Lin Delia: 1.Birth: May 2
2. move to New York from China 10 to 11 years ago
3.Went to beauty training school in New York.
4.Live in New York for 3-4 years before moving to California.
5.Own a house in Torrance and a shop around or in Torrance(could be in other area)
6. Own a BMW X5 (maybe 2015 to 2020 I don’t remember)
7.Chinese from Zhejiang province.
8. Never married or have kids
9. Has an Aesthetician License (not sure where she got it)
10. Her parent move to US when she was young
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2023.05.29 17:38 omarketing2021 Rules For Renting Real Estate In Turkey

By renting real estate in Turkey, you can get a lot of high returns..but there are duties that you must adhere to, which you will learn about in the following article.. 👇🏻👇🏻
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2023.05.29 17:38 No_Grocery9080 I was scammed and the company are partly to blame. How can I get compensation?

I was scammed out of £230 worth of crypto.
Essentially a scammer called me saying My account was compromised and I needed to make a new coinbase account (stupid right, clearly a scam?) However my card was recently phished and this scammer was very well versed in my account and somehow managed to infiltrated coinbase's shortcode.
Due to this simple security breach I trusted the scammer, clearly if the messages were coming from the legitimate coinbase text account it was legit? The scammer forced and pressured me to send all my money to a 'new account' and then blocked me.
" The failure to prevent fraud offence has been added to the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill " Does this potentially give me ground for compensation? Due to coinbase not protecting their shortcode I was scammed.
I've contacted coinbase twice and they keep delfecting the blame, not listening to me and saying I'm to blame. I asked to speak to a higher up/ fraud team 12 times and they kept ignoring it.
I understand due to the nature of crypto the block chain can't be traced or reversed but it was partly coinbases fault due to the shortcode and allowing the transaction through so easily.
I have pictures / evidence of all this.
I'm only a young woman so I don't know how to go about this, I was talking to coinbase for over an hour and im exhausted. It may not seem like alot of money but I am a student and I live alone, that money was going to be used for my rent.
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2023.05.29 17:38 Princeps81 Daemon Prince House Rule?

I've always found the ways Daemon Princes work with mono-god armies to be profoundly silly. Imagine this: a mighty Lord of Khorne, slaughtering countless foes for the Blood God and piling the skulls of the slain in veritable mountains of blood and bone. By his will, whole civilizations are razed and forgotten, whole cultures wiped out, and champions are reduced to gory trophies. His hordes blanket the land, a tide of bloodthirsty savages. Finally, he achieves apotheosis in daemonhood... And now has to hand over his artifacts and command of his legions, and must forsake the power of the Blood Tithe, and go prosletyze to Chaos Undivided if he wants to boss anyone around again. I find it silly (dare I say stupid) in the extreme.
To fix this, I've made this house rule for souping daemon princes, and would like feedback on how balanced it is and how to balance if it isn't.
Princes of Chaos
Daemon Princes dedicated to a single god often lead their god's forces in battle.
If you coalition a SLAVES TO DARKNESS DAEMON PRINCE into a Blades of Khorne, Maggotkin of Nurgle, Disciples of Tzeentch, or Hedonites of Slaanesh army with no other Slaves to Darkness units, that SLAVES TO DARKNESS DAEMON PRINCE loses the Faction Keyword, which is replaced by the Faction Keyword of the army it is coalitioned into. It also loses the keyword, which is replaced by the God Keyword of the army it is being coalitioned into. The unit can then be nominated as your General. Only one SLAVES TO DARKNESS DAEMON PRINCE may be coalitioned in such a way.
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2023.05.29 17:37 United-Independent20 gallery saving

if i’m saving a house in my library on pc, will the console account linked to the pc account also have the house saved in it’s library?
as in; if i save a house to my library on pc, will the same house be in my playstations library for download and use? or do i have to upload it to the gallery
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2023.05.29 17:37 NyneHelios Public streetlight fails every time my AC compressor kicks on

I’ve seen it happen with my own eyes roughly 20 times consistently. For context - I just bought my house and moved in 2 months ago. It was pretty much impossible to create conditions for this to happen during the winter months when I was shopping for a new home. But every time my ac compressor fires up, the streetlight on the corner (roughly 15 feet from my property) goes out. It’ll come back on roughly 5 min later. This happens like clockwork.
Is this my problem or the utility companies problem? What’s going on here? I’m fairly positive that I’m being rightfully charged for my AC’s power consumption because I can see my bill (and power consumed) increasing. Just wondering if this is incredibly dangerous or not. Thank you.
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2023.05.29 17:37 quillwove Tell me about your Legacies!

Hello all! I've really only dabbled in playing The Sims over the years, usually building a few houses, maybe playing a little of myself in Live Mode, then getting bored. However, I've always felt there's a lot more to the game than I've engaged with and recently I've become really curious about Legacies, both as a gameplay challenge and a storytelling medium. So please share any stories or recommendations you might have! I'd love to hear them and see if this could be a fun project to dive into. :D Also, any tips for running a legacy challenge or telling stories through The Sims 4 are welcome!
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2023.05.29 17:37 rosegamm I need help with colors and decorating the foyer of my late Victorian home. I do not have an eye

I need help with colors and decorating the foyer of my late Victorian home. I do not have an eye
Note: I know this rug does not go. It was the only had I had and I wanted to protect the floors from all the foot and furniture traffic of moving.
All woodwork (floors, trim, stairs, and doors) are original to 1890. My front door still has the skeleton key. We plan on replacing the blue carpet, but with what? Note: this staircase connects to another staircase that leads down into another part of the house that was an addition that does NOT have original floors.
The trunk is Victorian. I want it to stay. The console is from my old house. Doesn't need to stay. The photos sitting there are framed photos of the original buildeowner of the home, as well as a framed photo of our house from a book on historic homes. They're not hung yet. I know the current art hanging does not work- again, judt brought from my old house and are temporarily hung here. I haven't hung anything else yet because I need a plan for where all the art will go? I don't want to nail a new hole just to move stuff around again.
This foyer leads into a parlor on the first left (will need help on this later) and into the main floor living room.
Hanging light in foyer was the first light ever installed in the home, but we're willing to change it. Red glass above the front doors is original. It was a sign of wealth back in the day and was the piece-de-resistance when it was built.
The parlor was just painted a light grey (my husband will not stray from grey, against my protest). He will not budge on repainting it. I can choose the foyer color. Do I keep it light since it's an entrance? Do I do a darker, more macabre color to make it feel more vintage and Victorian?
I am so lost, but I know there's potential. Please help!
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2023.05.29 17:37 dmsm Two or three star recommendations for Paris in August

I will be in Paris for a few days in early August and am looking for recommendations for one higher end 2 or 3 star dinner. I have been to quite a few 1 star restaurants around the US and Europe but only a few 2 and 3 stars and am looking for something special.
For context, I've really enjoyed Harbor House Inn, Californios, and Osteria Francescana. I also had a great meal at l'Astrance several years ago before they lost their stars and reopened. I was in Paris again last year and dined at Septime but was somewhat underwhelmed.
My budget is around $3-400, which excludes many of the higher end places. David Toutain seemed like a great option, but I then realized that it is closed for all of August. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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2023.05.29 17:37 Orphandestroyer98 Handle with Care 6

Memory transcript subject: Lani, Venlil Gardner Date: [standardized human time] October 27th, 2136
Next paw was when Chris would be able to go to school, we have all his supplies so as a treat me and him went on a walk through town. I was passing by Marlik’s place so went inside and greeted him.
“Good paw Marlik how are you?” Marlik turned in my direction as he was tending his plants and when he saw Chris his wool puffed up. “WHY IS THAT PREDATOR NEAR YOU?!” Marlik was panicking he dropped his water fan on the ground. “Look Marlik its fine this is just my new son” I tried to calm Marlik down and his wool only slightly went down. “Look Lani I know we’re wonderful friends but what were you thinking bring him in here” Marlik then turned to Chris and Chris just stared silently with his hands in his hoodie pockets. “Look Marlik how about you and me talk at the table while Chris just takes a look at your garden” there was brief silence.
“Fine but if that predator ruins any of my plants we’re gonna have a problem” I could hear the slight anger in his voice so we headed to the table while Chris walked into the garden marveling at its beauty.
“So you mind exposing to me why you adopted a human?” I turned away from Chris and towards Marlik. “I just felt awful for them and hearing about Chris’s case I just knew I had to take him in” Marlik then grabbed a cup and filled it with juice and took a sip. “What does your daughter think of this Lani I mean seriously don’t you think this will affect her in school?” Marlik took a big sip from his juice. “Look Marlik my daughter hopes that it will be fine I’m just worried about the other kids you know” “look Lani it’s just that you need to be careful alright, also what was so special about Chris’s situation that you chose him?” I got a bit nervous when he asked “apparently he has something called autism” Marlik was now curious when he heard this. He tilted his head “what is autism?” He took another sip of his juice. “Is a genetic thing that makes it so he’s better at problem solving but it also affects his social skills as he has trouble with that” Marlik then looked at me “so it’s kinda like Predators disease?” When I heard this I got angry. “IT IS NOTHING LIKE PREDATORS DISEASE ALRIGHT,ITS JUST HIS BRAIN!” Marlik went back a bit with his wool puffed up a bit “Look Lani just calm down I don’t mean to insult him its just that it sounds similar” I leaned over the table “well maybe you shouldn’t go around assuming things like that, I mean you say that to a full grown human who knows what will happen” when I finished saying that Chris walked into the room. “Hey you guys done talking or? Me and Marlik then turned to Chris. “Oh yeah we we’re just finishing” Chris then turned to Marlik “hey you have a wonderful garden just one question” Marlik then stared at Chris.
“And what would that be?” Chris then pointed to a statue in the garden of Venlil with wings. “Where did you buy a statue like that, I mean it looks somewhat familiar to me but I just don’t know why” Marlik than looked at the statue and then back at Chris “I bought it at a antique store in town” “okay cool hey Lani can we go now?” I looked over to Chris “yeah sure come on”
We then left Marlik’s house and started walking around the town again when Chris stopped and was staring at a building. “Hey Chris you alright?” Chris then turned to me “they actually have a vegan Mc Donald’s?, come on we have to get something to eat” Chris then grabbed me by the hand and we walked towards the restaurant and inside. We then order a couple fries, some apple and a soda. “So Lani how do you like the fries?” I turned towards Chris “they are delicious I mean I can’t believe these are made of plants and they sell them so cheap” me and Chris then talked for a bit as we walked back home.
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2023.05.29 17:37 lol_lol_000 Shift got cancelled 30 MINUTES BEFORE SHIFT

My shift just got cancelled 30 MINUTES before it was supposed to start. I had to deny plans with people who were going to the lake for this gorgeous weekend to celebrate Memorial Day because I didn’t think we would make it back in time for my shift today.
So now I’m upset that my shift gets cancelled and I could’ve gone to the lake and enjoyed myself for 4 days in the sun.
Like if you have to cut hours that’s fine, I get it, but can you not do it 30 minutes before the employees shift?? Like I’m ready to leave my house to go to works. It’s just an inconvenience.
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2023.05.29 17:37 TypeMidgard People forgetting how civilization works.

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2023.05.29 17:36 LaPisaQueVuela Just Unsubbed from r/discordVideos, several videos are only edgy/disgusting content instead of Shitposting.

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2023.05.29 17:36 thesurrenderedwife 37F / 32M really need help/advice

I 37F Was in a relationship for five years with 32M… a lot of ups and downs. He was a heroin/opioid addict for many many years before me and was actually on opioids when we met (I didn’t know) Throughout our relationship he relapsed several times on substances similar to heroin. Percocet, kratom, cocaine. I have a history with anger issues and past trauma that I never dove into healing. So throughout our relationship there were tons of good times and several bad. I’d lose my temper in anger when I’d find out lies, I’d be looking for leadership in him when he wouldn’t be leading, and I looked to him for happiness when I wasn’t happy. We then had a beautiful son together who is almost 3. He has been clean for about a year now. (Looking back on photos, one year ago he was using at a wedding we attended) In the last two months he dove harder into God and prayer. We came to a head and broke things off. During the two weeks of our breakup he is communicating with a girl from our gym about “God” he says. He moves into an apartment and immediately dives into her and pours everything into her and God. During those same two weeks I dove into 3-4 hours of therapy a day. Church, Bible study, and women’s Bible group. Where I’m having a really hard time now is Instead of him being alone, working on his relationship with God with the Church, or a men’s group, or anyone who is NOT romantically interested in him to have a clear focus and vision on wether or not we can each heal alone to see if we can keep this family together. WHY he is choosing to work on himself along side of another woman. Sure, it’s easier for her to cope and handle uncomfortable situations and conversations with him not bc they have no history. It seems easier for him to have a clean slate to draw on instead of each of us putting in the hard work alone to repair the pain and grow. In my perspective it seems uncomfortable for him to do the hard work alone and just take someone new and say “okay, this girl has no baggage, this will be easier” My heart breaks for my son. I just want the family together and not take the easy road. To do the work, have the uncomfortable conversations, work on our relationship with God and the faith alone and see where time takes us. Anytime we have tried to have conversations during the two week split or the days after, or me following advice from my woman’s group with being fun and flirtatious with him, he had a huge wall up bc his mind was on HER. his judgement and conversation is clouded by her as a distraction and his answers to me are distorted bc SHE is on his mind. Not a clear slate. Note. He’s been out of the house for 29 days now and been with her ever since. Where do I go from here?
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2023.05.29 17:36 ThrowRA-ellabella My (24F) boyfriend (24m) of 1 year didn't consult me on his future, potential living situation

My boyfriend is not from the state that we live right now, so he has been living at an apartment for the past 9 months. His lease is up in September and does not want to live there after the lease is up. His friend that is from a different state is in town for the next 2 months due to his work and is staying in the same town as my boyfriend's apartment. I do not know the details specifically but I do know that the place that the friend is staying at is a month-to-month lease with his own room and bathroom for a very cheap price. However, the living room and kitchen is shared with around 10 other people. So my boyfriend and I were talking yesterday and he said that he is going to start to look into new places to live after his lease is up in September. He mentioned that he wants to do something simi liar to his friend where its a place with a lot of other people so rent is cheaper. So we talk about the potential of him getting a room where the friend is in September. Fast forward a few hours, he tells me that he is going to ask his friend for the contact of the owner in the case that he might want to live there. We talk a bit about it and as a joke, I say "are there any girls?" and he replies "yeah". I get upset at this and I say "there's girls living there and you didn't tell me?". He says that he didn't tell me because nothing is finalized and he only recently started looking into places so it's not even definite that he will live there. I tell him I wish he still discussed it with me the moment he found out girls are also living there but he keeps saying he doesn't understand why I'm upset when its just a potential and not a sure decision and that he would have discussed it with me if the time to actually choose a place is nearer and it becomes an actual choice. I tell him that it doesn't matter if its just a potential, I wish he would have told me the second he knew instead of me having to ask first. And then he tells me he doesn't even know how many girls live there and that it could be just one girl out of 9 guys for all he knows. Then I tell him it's a deal breaker for me if he lives with girls, whether it's one girl or more. But he is strong in his opinion that he did nothing wrong because the he only just started looking for places today and this place is just a potential place since he hasn't looked into many other places yet. But I am in strong in my opinion that I have a right to be upset because I think he should have discussed with me about even the potential of living with other girls, even if he didn't know that was a dealbreaker for me.
tldr; boyfriend didn't think it was worth mentioning that he might live with girls because it's not a sure decision yet
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2023.05.29 17:36 Pearsecco Airport and cooling system Qs

My husband, daughter, and I are moving to White Rock next month from Florida. Two things we are trying to figure out that I’m hoping you all could chime in on -
When friends/family visit and fly in and out through ABQ, do you make the drive to pick them up, or is there a better option (aside from them renting a car). Is the train easy to use?
Our White Rock rental home does not have a cooling system. Being from Florida, we are used to blasting cold air. For those hotter summer days, is it better to get one or two window units, or a portable evaporative cooler? Any rec’s?
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