Tri-Wizard tournament

2023.04.09 09:37 Sea-Collar-5863 Tri-Wizard tournament

I’m looking for any (Hinny) Fic that includes the TWT I’ve already read Regretfully Uncaring by RMWB and loved it so any fics with a similar concept or just have Ginny help Harry with the tournament would be appreciated. Also I’m not really into dark!fics so no Aspirations by megamatt09 like fics please.
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2021.07.21 01:46 Wunder-Waffle Fics where Harry is a superhero. It doesn't necessarily have to be a DC and/or Marvel crossover, cuz they are not the only pieces of superhero fiction.

And please for the love of god, don't link megamatt09's fics.
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2021.01.29 17:35 gamerfury In the book Ascension Book One: Bloodline

How does Voldemort’s horcrux from Harry scar get removed
Found it:::: (Ascension Book One: Bloodline megamatt09
Chapter 15: House of Zod Part Four: Training)
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2020.09.26 16:54 RexCaldoran Harry/Kara anyone?

I just rediscovered HP/DC xover, especially with a Harry/Kara pairing for me and wondered what r ur favourite stories with that. The longer the better, preferably complete or not dead. And please no Megamatt09. Those who know his stories probably know why not.😅
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2020.07.31 16:13 ThegamerwhokillsNPC Good xover

Does anyone know any good HP/DC Cover NOT WRITTEN BY MEGAMATT09???
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2020.05.20 05:24 133112 What improves fan fiction writing skills?

The recent post about megamatt09 had me thinking, what imprpves you fan fiction writing ability? What does the graph of progression/x look like? I feel that everyone improves drastically with beginner's gains, but what else is there? Reading good fan fiction, say Meaning of One, or certain A Second Chance chapters would help, but what about getting good critical reviews from readers? On that note, I feel someone who shares fan fiction they write with their friends, and have close personal friends they discuss writing with would do better than someone who never gets feedback from people they care about. In addition, other factors could help, like good scenery, so they have places to mold into settings in their story. Does anyone think there are other factors? If so, what?
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2018.05.12 19:17 inthebeam Your favourite fic series?

*insert obligatory Alexandra Quick and Firebird series shoutout*
What I'm looking for is well written, time-consuming fics that will make me want to reread them over and over again.

That means no megamatt09

Anyways, happy hunting!
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2017.12.09 20:10 Mal-of-the-firefly Fics like Aspirations, by megamatt09?

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2017.06.04 10:23 Freshenstein LF Complete crossovers with Marvel or DC comic books (or the movies based on those comic books)

One specific one I'm having trouble recalling is where Harry goes to the Justice League world and he's the Master of Death so can't be killed. He's also stupidly powerful and everyone in the Watchtower hides the coffee from him because it get's him super wired. Pretty sure he ends up with Supergirl/Kara as well.
Any other completed crossovers with Marvel/DC would be appreciated. I'm not picky except for the whole complete thing so even if you don't think it's very good I'll probably read it. Please no MegaMatt09 fics though.
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2017.01.11 03:26 Brynjolf-of-Riften Good Justice League/Justice League Unlimited Crossovers?

I've been on a JLU/Justice League Cartoon kick recently, and the only good JLU crossover I've seen was Ben 10: Unlimited by The Incredible Muffin (Which links into a Young Justice crossover that I'm slowly but surely working my way through.). There's a decent Marvel one I've started, but it's not gotten very far into the series yet.
I'd prefer non-Marvel, stuff like Harry Potter (No Megamatt09, for the love. Of. God.), Danny Phantom, Halo, or Ben 10 crossovers, but if there are actual good Marvel/Avengers ones, I wouldn't say no. I've just had trouble finding one.
Thanks in advance!
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