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we diagnose your sick plants!

2015.07.06 01:20 squidboots we diagnose your sick plants!

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2014.10.08 04:15 wsgy111 Black Twitter

Screenshots of Black people being hilarious or insightful on social media, it doesn't need to just be twitter but obviously that is best.

2016.06.23 00:45 HighOnGoofballs Things on the backs of capybaras

Various critters riding capybaras. Maybe non animals, who the hell knows what lurks in the backs of these.

2023.06.04 15:27 Mana_Croissant Am I the only one who is kinda pissed at our heroes' absolute lack of empathy for Bronya at the end of the Belobog chapter ?

At the end parts of the quest Bronya literally witnesses her mother EXPLODING in front of her eyes and right after it March is like ''WOW WHAT AN ADVENTURE THIS WAS'' I mean i understand that none of the people there except Bronya had any reason to feel bad for Cocolia but Jesus Christ the LEAST they could do is to read the room and not to act like they are so glad that Cocolia bit the dust. Even us the protagonist or Seele who is supposed to be close to Bronya even attempts to understand how much pain she is supposed to be in right now or to give her any kind of solace at all. Poor girl just lost his mother for gods sake and no one gave a shit
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2023.06.04 15:27 LetItBeLucy Being judged sexually because of my ethnicity, why is this a thing?

Hey there, so a minor rant incoming, you've been warned, but something that's been on mind recently is how men, OK some men, will judge a woman and her sexual preferences, abilities, and so on, based purely on their ethnicity.
To give a bit of context, I live in a Western country but am of Asian background, and have recently moved cities, so had to bid farewell to my regular FWB and have been exploring the dating scene in my new home. I've just been struck a bit by the men that have either assumed I'm not all that sexually experienced, open or know what I like, because that's not what they expect from someone of my background. While they've not explicitly said it like that, it's very much come through loud and clear that way, and I've very much wanted to give them a piece of my mind in return but I've thought better of it.
I'm probably not explaining it all that well to be honest, it makes sense in my head at least, but it's got me longing for my FWB again, which isn't great when he's thousands of kilometers away. I guess I just need to keep at it to find that right one, or failing that, invest in some new toys to add to my collection!
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2023.06.04 15:27 avarciousRutabega99 I fail to understand how/why email marketing can make money?

I sort of have this problem with all forms of marketing/advertisement, but I suppose thats because I’ve never taken any marketing courses to learn the more in depth stuff like determining ROI and all that.
But with email-marketing in particular I am truly mystified. I see ALOT of people touting this as some golden opportunity for side hustlers and full-timers alike. Isn’t this just akin to cold calling or sending out spam? Who is reading these emails and actually converting to a sale? I thought most people hated seeing any form of unsolicited advertisement appear in their email. Maybe I’m not understanding what email marketing really is and what its for but man, the way people talk about it and how much money it makes them is crazy. For me I dont even want most of the emails I opted in for lol. Is there like a pretty digestible resource I could use to learn about how to get started with email marketing?
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2023.06.04 15:27 Turbulent_Moment_548 Single mom struggles!

I hope I won't get bashed for this but a lot goes on in parenting a child/ children alone that we should be allowed to rant sometimes without all the stereotypes and mean comments that comes with it.
Fast forward, I am a single mum of one girl and there are days I just feel enough is enough. Kwanza right now that the economy is really skinning us alive. Then things like father's day when everyone else gets to do things with their fathers apart from your child... It is especially tough if the kid is at an age where they understand some dynamics in life and they have all these questions about their identity and stuff like that.
My current stress, however is very much financial. My relationship with my kid's dad has always been very forced, from my end. Mainly just me asking for support on school fees and medical care when it gets too tough on me. I study and work simultaneously but it's barely sustainable to keep everything going. I really try, I swear I do. I keep telling myself that if I could, I would never ever reach out to him but somehow I have never found the stability I need to fully stand on my own.
He sends money when he can or feels like but this year has been the worst. Nothing comes along regardless of what I say. It's really taking a toll on me to a point I'm almost depressed. People say to just let him be and act like he's dead, but he isn't.
Again, this is just me letting out what's been weighing me down lately so no need for bashing or making me feel bad that I already do. Single moms in the house, how are you holding up? Do things ever get better to the extent you feel like your kid's father doesn't have to be there financially?
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2023.06.04 15:27 Mindless-Spend-2972 How many songs?

For the processional. Right now the plan is for an outdoor ceremony (if weather cooperates). Everybody will be walking from two different locations, a cabin and a house. We will be in view once we exit those buildings, I revisited the venue again and one thing I did was time how long the walk is from each building to the alter and each are about a minute and a half. How much time do you think would be needed for the officiant, one set of grandparents, one set of parents, 4 bridesmaids, four groomsmen and the bride to get to the alter? I’m trying to figure out music and I don’t know how many songs we will need. Help! I thought timing it would solve my issue but I don’t know how to apply it to so many people.
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2023.06.04 15:26 Regular_Bee_5605 Meaningful social connections are important to me, but my discomfort in social situations makes it hard to enjoy though

Is this because there's too much fusion with the discomfort and not enough present-moment awareness of the situation and other people, etc. How can I avoid trying to fight the anxiety and distress but still enjoy the social interactions?
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2023.06.04 15:26 MindlessArtist9881 Things are too good

How is it possible for someone to be so stubborn? Things were good and we were enjoying each others company all week. How could things be so good that you need space? What do you not understand about the fact that you are self sabotaging this? It’s not deep care your feeling- you big dummy. That’s love and it’s scary bc loving me still me admitting you are wrong.
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2023.06.04 15:26 ashme88 How do I stop worrying that I'll make a fool of myself during a difficult conversation?

I need to have a difficult conversation with my director tomorrow about taking a lot of time off during a major project and my stomach has been doing flips all week. It is so dumb because I know this is my right to do so. It's not so much the subject matter, but I am afraid of making a fool of myself with secondary physical responses i.e. shaking voice and red face. Usually this fear becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. I do this ALL the time.
He has scheduled a team meeting and I know will be talking with me individually afterwards, this is a big trigger for me as I will be spending the entire team meeting thinking about how when the other 4 people leave, I'm "trapped" into this conversation.
This anxiety gets so bad that when he inevitably gets up to shut the door it will trigger a larger stress response where my heart will beat a million times a minute and I'll start to shake. In that amount of time to when we begin to talk, I don't have enough time to work on deep breathing or mindfulness. It's go time.
I used to REALLY find success with propranolol for these types of situations, but I'm pregnant so I am not sure I can rely on that. It would not get rid of the anxiety but it would stop the physical response which is what I really need.
Does anyone have techniques I can practice today or techniques I can try the day of? I have anxiety about having anxiety and I get so fed up with myself. It is that fear of looking stupid with anxiety, otherwise I am fine.
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2023.06.04 15:26 marwanyahya how did i gain 2kg in a matter of hours?

yesterday morning i checked my weight and for the past 3 week or so i’ve been losing weight slowly (started at 77.6 and reached 76.3) so after that 76.3 reading i was happy, later that night i decide to check my weight again since i was in a call with my friend and i wanted to tell him how much i lost and me not feeling full and had already exercised i thought that i’d be weight maybe 100g less or smth like that, but for some reason my weight shot up to 78. at first i thought that smth was wrong with the scale and it’ll be fine by tomorrow but i woke up today and found myself at 77.8, which is still a loss but i gained damn near 2kg in a few hours. i don’t understand what happened can someone explain it to me?
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2023.06.04 15:26 truong0vanchien Why are all files locked?

Why are all files locked?
Hi everyone, the moonraker is changed so much from the previous version I am using. In the past, I don't remember that moonraker does have the feature to lock all files like this.
I also tried to grant chmod 777 all the files and folders I could think of but it just failed. By now, I cannot change configs or upload gcodes.
I looked at the logs of moonraker but I still have no clue what is going on.
File "/home/klippy/moonrakemoonrakecomponents/", line 251, in check_write_enabled
raise self.server.error(
moonraker.utils.ServerError: Write access is currently disabled
Can someone know how to deal with this? I know that I can change it by ssh into the host but it would be great if I can edit in the browser instead.
Thanks in advanced.
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2023.06.04 15:26 Filthyhands7 [29/32][PS5] The Shadow Realm Content driven Madden Sim League

Advance every 72 hours, All-Pro difficulty, must be able to stream/archive your games.
The Shadow Realm is an active user content driven sim league that has an extremely loyal core most of which has been around since the league was founded last cycle. Currently we are in the middle of season 3 after CFMs where nuked. As stated we are a continent driven league with active team twitters, a weekly podcast of league news-and more, as well as the much loved Duck Kings fantasy football. This is a Sim style league and there is an enforced rule book so if money play cheese ball is your style best to just move on.
Current open teams are the Giants, Pats, And Lions
Attached below is a rules link for further information or how to join DM me here.
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2023.06.04 15:26 OneThatNoseOne Crypto projects tokens currently have an average lifespan of 15 months. 90% of blockchain projects with tokens fail. One more reason why chasing 100x alts probably won't work

Crypto projects tokens currently have an average lifespan of 15 months. 90% of blockchain projects with tokens fail. One more reason why chasing 100x alts probably won't work
CoinKickOff performed an analysis of token data. The methodology involves defining dead coins as those with failed ICOs, less than $1000 volume in three months or fraud/scam. From their data they determined that the average lifespan of a token is 15 months. They also determined from 2022's data that 9/10 projects and tokens will fail.
Because of the short lifespan, the older a token/coin is, the more likely it is to fail. Thus, older coins/tokens are much more likely to die. It also speaks to the short term memory and hype/FOMO attitude of traders who chase the new shiny token on the block. 75% of tokens from 2014 are defunct.
This of course shows how fickle traders are and the facts that so many tokens produced are just garbage or badly-thought out. It also proves that the vast majority of those who chase the next 100x altcoins will only be left holding bags.
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2023.06.04 15:26 jnxn I wish I knew this earlier in my career...

After college I got an internship as I had no prior industry knowledge. At the time this was fine. I was living back home with my parents and actually able to save. $14/hr was twice as much as I've ever made at my minimum wage jobs. After a little over a year I was hired into an exempt position for 20% more pay.
Five years later I was stagnant after repeated empty promises of promotion and more pay. I found myself one of the go-to people that leadership would ask for financial and tech questions yet I was paid far less than anyone I was sitting in meetings with. I was turned down for a promotion that fit my experience perfectly because they hired the VP's daughter who didn't even have a business degree or experience. I thought I was going to be stuck forever. Finally there was new leadership that actually cared about qualifications and I got the promotion I was previously turned down for.
Everything was good until I realized how much more the VP's daughter was making than I was. I figured I would be here forever stuck with my intern level pay as setting the stage for my entire career regardless of how often I was promoted. I finally had enough and I found a job that paid what I was worth.
Now I've been at three other companies since getting large pay bumps each time. I'm starting a new job next week since I didn't receive an increase during record inflation so I found a job that pays more. Turns out companies don't care how much company specific knowledge you have. Turns out none of that matters. Now I'll be contracted with my previous employer to help transition while making 3x my previous pay. Why do these companies love hiring outside people? I'll be relying on everyone else and it will take a couple years at least until I'm settled and actually know the ins and outs of the company. All would have been avoided if I got a consistent 4% inflation increase each year.
TLDR: Employers will pay you as little as they can get away with. Change jobs often and never wait for a promotion. You don't owe any loyalty to a company and loyalty will hurt you financially.
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2023.06.04 15:26 MeetProfessional7254 rape is scary and it's crazy how much people accept and promote it

Why is everyone who has been raped a liar? Why am I so afraid all the time? I think about how things could have gone so much worse in my own situations , the violence and trauma people endure , the fear I feel too often , how people are robbed of their sex lives. I almost feel like a lot of men empathize with rapists , make excuses for them or almost want to take part in it themselves. I am so tired of living in fear and turmoil being angry that anyone could be sexually aroused by me sometimes. Unable to have healthy intimate relationships/masturbation's/sex life. Why? Too many people are beyond scary. I can't even imagine having sex with someone knowing they hate it and are scared. Beyond discusting and terrifying.
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2023.06.04 15:26 MalikTheGeek420 hey so, i made a thing lmao

this is my first attempt at making an alternative rock song. I think it came out pretty decent, and i love how it turned out. this song means a lot to me, as it speaks about my experience of feeling hopeless and alone after being abandoned by someone who I loved. Probably my favorite song i've made so far (funny saying that when ive only been making music for like 5 months lmao). i hope you like it as much as i do, all love.
bandcamp link:
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2023.06.04 15:26 Kaezumi I'm pretty new to this game, I don't know maybe since I'm new but why does it feel flat?

I ended up getting recommendations for Diablo 4 so I got intrigued with the whole demon and angel thing and binged the lore and played the games. (Even played the app game) But it feels flat, Inarius (I really like the dude had so much hype in the trailers and I was ridding a high from D3 but he just dies in a cutscene) dude doesn't even put up a fight. Lilith the "main villain" there was hype and buildup only for her to achieve.... nothing. Rathma, the dude just dies off-screen (like what???). I don't know but it feels like a rehash on how big bad Mephisto is controlling everyone and he was behind the scenes all along (wait a minute this sounds like Diablo 3) don't get me even started on how the game ended with a woman walking off with a prime evil soul stone as if we don't know how this ends. I don't know maybe since I'm really new here in this game and I just binged the series but is this really how it is? (I would have wished for an option to side with Lilith on the end but I just feel like that's more of a DLC money grab) I was wondering what are your thoughts or am I just off since I'm just new to the series?
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2023.06.04 15:26 TryingoutSamantha I hate everyone who failed my girlfriend before me

My girlfriend is turning 23 this year, she’s been on blockers since 16 and estrogen since 18 which is fabulous but she’s been failed so hard in one major way, bottom surgery.
(Dysphoria below)
She has awful, awful bottom dysphoria. It makes it hard for her to function, to shower, she had another breakdown last night crying and punching the headboard sobbing how she just wants the surgery and to have it done.
I didn’t start really getting involved and helping her with medical stuff till she moved in and had to leave a program where she had a caseworker who was supposedly helping her.
In a few months I’m the one who got her on a wait list for a consult, it was so god damn easy to do. Someone should of done this years ago when she fucking turned 18. Her parents, her caseworkers, someone should of helped her and got it done. Now we are stuck waiting for who knows how much longer, the backlog for surgical consults ends in the fall but who knows where she is on the list.
It could be years longer still and it’s hurting her so bad and I worry if she can make it. Hopefully getting her testicles removed this summer while waiting for the rest of the surgery will help. If not….I dunno what to do.
But I’m so mad at everyone who fucking failed her. She’s been saying she wanted this since she was 16, it should of already been done.
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2023.06.04 15:26 Off-world Qestion about Laser Engraver For CR10s Pro v1

Hi all, I was looking into this laser module on the Creality store and was wondering if anyone knew if it would work with the V1 Cr10s pro and if anyone has had any experience with this module?
Ive seen people installing it on the V2 but I'm not sure how much the two versions differ.
I tried reaching out to Creality for an answer but as people have said before their customer service is rather lacking.

Thanks for your help.
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2023.06.04 15:26 WestFilm9269 Sale

I have read that this is a rare Sonos sale going on right now. How much truth is in that? Would like to upgrade my 5.1 onyko system but I can wait. Maybe Black Friday just as good?
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2023.06.04 15:25 Spirited_Paramedic_8 My journey to finding my favourite way to commute to the city

I live around 18km from the CBD in the northern suburbs and it's always been a challenging and dreaded journey getting to the city. During peak hour it would take 50 minutes to drive into the city with a cost of $17-21 per day, and if I took the train, it would be much cheaper but take up to an hour and 15 minutes door to door.
Today, I've unlocked a new route that is more fun and it doesn't require my car at all!
It involves using the 86 tram from Bundoora RMIT.
Before this, I was parking at South Morang station, Lalor station or a 10 minute walk from Clifton Hill station just to try to find a good commute. There was still too much time spent driving and not enough time spent active.
What I've noticed is that if I'm using energy to get to places, it boosts my mood and gives me energy for my destination. I enjoy riding my bike to places because of this.
So the commute is: riding my scooter to the tram stop at RMIT, getting off the tram at Bell St, riding 360m to Bell Station, and then taking the train the rest of the way to the city.
This is a more fun way to break up a commute and refresh myself for the day ahead. I no longer work in the CBD, but if I did, that is what I might do.
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2023.06.04 15:25 CJCJ0101 What's your experience dealing with a SO in regards to teen SKS choosing to stay at BMS more and anticipation of "empty nest"?

My(childless) DH has SKS 18/15. SK18 will be going off to college in the fall. Historically we've had them EOWE/rotating holidays/2 weeks in the summer.
When SK18 got his license he stopped coming over to stay nights, mostly because BM lives closer to his "life". DH struggled a bit at first, but finally accepted that teens will be teens and it hasn't been an issue since. He still does a weekly dinner with them both and is always preaching quality over quantity as far as his time with them goes. They have a great relationship.
Well, SK15 will be driving before long and I'm already seeing a similar pattern. There has already been weekends where she has asked to stay at BMS because she has plans in that part of town, etc. I can pretty much predict she will follow in the footsteps of the 18y/o once she's driving.
DH has been very frustrated over this, moreso than with his son(18). I don't know if it's the gender difference or if the 15y/o is his youngest and "last" kid. Maybe a combination?
To me this is just a part of growing up and not a huge deal. Honestly anymore when SK15 is here on weekends she either 1. sits in her room the whole time and doesnt interact with us, or 2. spends chunks at friends houses which requires DH to drive her around all weekend. He is exhausted. The weekend is his only time off from his very high stress career and even then, he still often does work on his computer during the weekend. He has little time off to accommodate getting teens to all their activities. BM is closer to SKS friends, doesn't at all mind them staying with her, and works much less than DH so it isn't as taxing on her to haul the kids around to stuff all weekend.
The kids WANT to stay at BMS because it's easier for them too due to the distance between our part of town and theirs. But still, DH fights tooth and nail to try to have SK15 stay weekends here even though it doesn't make sense for anyone involved and puts a huge strain on not only him, but SK15. He discovered this weekend that she has an extracurricular all summer several days a week, so due to his work/travel schedule it will be impossible for him to have her for the normal 2 weeks straight as no one will be available to take her to her activities. He's now all worked up over this, grumpy, and refused to discuss alternatives when I tried talking to him about it.
How do I gently support him and his emotions during this time? It's hard for me because while I do love his kids, I'm obviously happy to have more time with my DH and it's not like we NEVER see them, as we do plan things with them outside the traditional CO, and I feel like what we've been doing is appropriate for their ages/activities and just what everyone has going on in life. Forcing them to stay here seems like such a waste of everyone's time when the only person really rooting for it is him. But I can't say that to him without being attacked obviously.
How do I get him to chill out and just let happen what will happen organically?
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2023.06.04 15:25 AutoModerator [Download Course] Jason Palliser – Tax Delinquent Blueprint 2022 (

[Download Course] Jason Palliser – Tax Delinquent Blueprint 2022 (
Get the course here: [Download Course] Jason Palliser – Tax Delinquent Blueprint 2022 (
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Here’s a comparison with the Tax Assistance marketing versus “I’ll put some money in your pocket” approach:
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