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For fans of the hit children's show: Dora The Explorer.

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A community for memes revolving around the character Dora from Dora The Explorer.

2023.05.29 18:07 MurkyLife1232 [POSTGRAD ADVICE]

Hi, I’m a recent graduate from college, I majored in Biochemistry with a minor in Mathematics. I’ve been looking for jobs in the field because I don’t think the med school route is a commitment I can make at this time and I want to explore my options. I’ve been looking in the New York/Boston area for some entry level jobs (lab technician, research associate, etc.) but most are requiring certain levels of certification that I don’t have at the moment. I am really looking for outsourcing opinions or some guidance on the route some of you all have taken because I feel like I’m shooting in the dark. I have done a multitude of undergraduate research mostly in the realm of analytical chemistry (using HPLC, mass spectrometry, etc.) Money isn’t really a driving factor, but I’m looking for a position where I can work and become more confident in my in lab abilities. Math is a strong suit of mine so somewhere I can utilize that ability in data analysis and/or interpretation.
All in all, any recommendations you may have will be greatly appreciated in helping me on this journey. I just don’t want to commit to something I’m not confident about. I do want to eventually go back to school to pursue my PhD, just not at the moment.
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2023.05.29 18:06 mohxbox1 About the world....

Quick question with lengthy context
Question :How many of the nine worlds do you get to enter in this game including only the dawn of Ragnarok DLC, and do you actually get explore them (open world segments or are they just segways to boss fights etc.?
Also how far do I have to be in the game to play these segments because I heard the game is long.
Recently AC Valhalla went on sale and it made me think about buying it since I had some reservations about whether or not I'd actually enjoy it since I wasn't sure about how the combat felt relative to what was happening on the screen. In addition to that I'd just finished reading Magnus Chase for the second time and finished Vinland saga for the first time I was too much in awe with Nordic mythology. My fifth play though of Skyrim might've helped too. I would've played God of War Ragnarok ,but I don't have a PlayStation.
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2023.05.29 18:05 PurpleSolitudes Best Controller For PC in USA Available on Amazon

Best Controller For PC in USA Available on Amazon
Welcome to our conversation about the best controllers for gaming PC ! As more and more games become available on PC, many gamers are looking for a comfortable, responsive controller that can help them enjoy their favorite titles without sacrificing precision or accuracy. In this discussion, we'll explore some of the most popular options on the market, discuss their pros and cons, and help you find the perfect controller for your gaming needs. Whether you prefer console-style controllers, specialized gamepads, or something in between, we're here to guide you through the world of PC gaming peripherals.

Best Controller For PC

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 Core
Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 Core is a highly advanced gaming controller that has been designed for professional gamers and enthusiasts who demand the best performance from their equipment. This controller offers a wide range of features and customization options that provide an unprecedented level of control and precision.
Read our full Series 2 Core Review View on Amazon

Xbox Core Wireless Controller
As the world of gaming continues to evolve, so too do the needs and preferences of gamers everywhere. One key aspect of this evolution is the increasing popularity of PC gaming, which has led to a need for high-quality controllers that can provide the precision and performance required by serious gamers. In this review, we'll take a closer look at one of the most popular options on the market: the Xbox Core Wireless Controller.
Read our full Xbox Core Review View on Amazon

PowerA Spectra Infinity Enhanced

PowerA is a well-known brand in the gaming industry, specializing in creating controllers and accessories for gamers of all levels. One of their latest offerings is the PowerA Spectra Infinity Enhanced, a controller that promises to deliver top-notch performance, customization options, and an impressive battery life.
In this review, we'll take a closer look at the design and build quality, customization options, performance, battery life, and compatibility of the PowerA Spectra Infinity Enhanced.
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SCUF Instinct Pro
SCUF Instinct Pro is a gaming controller that has been designed with the needs of serious gamers in mind. This controller offers a number of features that make it stand out from other controllers on the market, including its customizable design and build quality, its performance, battery life, and compatibility with a wide range of gaming platforms.
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Razer Wolverine Ultimate
Razer Wolverine Ultimate is a premium gamepad that aims to offer gamers the kind of high-level customization and control typically only found in competitive PC gaming peripherals. With advanced features like interchangeable thumbsticks and D-pad, as well as additional programmable buttons and trigger stops, this gamepad is designed with the needs of serious gamers in mind. In this review, we'll take an in-depth look at the Razer Wolverine Ultimate, evaluating its design and build quality, customization options, performance, battery life, and compatibility to determine whether it's worth the investment for gamers looking to up their game.
Read our full Razer Wolverine Ultimate Review View on Amazon

Victrix Pro BFG Wireless Gaming Controller
The Victrix Pro BFG Wireless Gaming Controller is a high-end gaming accessory that is built to impress. With a range of customization options, top-notch build quality, and exceptional performance, this controller is sure to appeal to gamers of all skill levels.
Read our full Victrix Pro Review View on Amazon
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2023.05.29 18:04 joyful_sun Using non-official Google Cloud's study materials

I acquired my GCP certifications by studying through Google Cloud's Coursera courses and reading Google Cloud's documentation(a lot of free time back then).
As I prepare for my re-certifications, I have decided to explore non-official Google Cloud materials. However, shortly after starting, I find them more confusing than helpful. Additionally, their wordings differ from those in Google Cloud's official resources.
For example, in one of the ACG courses, they marked Global Cloud Spanner Instance against Multi-Reg. Cloud Spanner as the answer, even though Cloud Spanner is not a global service.
Another example and I rephrased the question without missing any important context: Given the directive to reduce costs, the team wants to shut down the VMs during periods of inactivity while preserving their contents to resume work when necessary.
There are 5 options but let's focus only on the 2 possible options, which is 1. Use Cloud Scheduler to automatically suspend the VMs at the end of each day. 2. Use Cloud Scheduler to automatically stop the VMs at the end of each day.
The given answer is 1 and the reason is because Programmatically suspending the VMs without deleting them will save costs and preserve data. Stopping the VMs will lose the data.
I don't understand why? The question does not mention any machine type or whether it is using local or persistent disk. Suspension only work with certain machine type and stopping VM with persistent disk will still preserve the data. Given that VMs use zonal persistent disks by default, without any additional context, I will assume it is persistent disk. Moreover, using instance scheduler is a better option than Cloud Scheduler.
I do not work in a cloud computing field, and my practical real-world experience is limited. I haven't tried non-official Google course materials prior to this. I wonder if it is because of my lack of practical experience hence I can't relate to them easily?
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2023.05.29 18:04 zerf33389 Nu har Stamsite äntligen en sida på party bots wikin

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2023.05.29 18:04 Eratozz An ai spin on midnight gospel

If I were to create an episode of "The Midnight Gospel," I would explore the theme of interconnectedness and the nature of reality. The discussion would revolve around the idea of how everything in the universe is interconnected in intricate ways, and how our perception of reality is shaped by our individual experiences.
The animation would feature a journey through a visually stunning and abstract cosmic landscape. The protagonist, accompanied by a wise and enigmatic guide, would travel through various realms that represent different aspects of existence. Each realm would be characterized by its own unique visual style and symbolism.
Throughout the episode, the discussion would touch upon topics such as quantum physics, consciousness, and the interplay between the observer and the observed. The conversation would delve into concepts like the interconnectedness of all living beings, the illusion of separateness, and the idea that every action we take ripples through the fabric of reality.
The animation would be a blend of vibrant and surreal visuals, incorporating cosmic imagery, fractal patterns, and intricate symbolism. It would aim to visually depict the abstract concepts being discussed and evoke a sense of wonder and awe.
Ultimately, the episode would invite viewers to contemplate their place in the vast interconnected web of existence and encourage a deeper exploration of the nature of reality and the interconnectedness of all things.
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2023.05.29 18:03 TFF_TanMan Can you trigger the final boss immediately?

Please answer without spoiling the final boss.
I’m exploring beneath hyrule castle looking for the area with the murals at the start of the game and I got to this one point where it said “The power of a sage cannot reach you” or something. And now there’s spare equipment on my left and right and i’m scared if i go further the final boss might start. Should i stop exploring or is it safe to go ahead?
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2023.05.29 18:03 Informal_Outcome_565 Welcome to WealthBet Network"

Dear members,
It brings us great joy to welcome you to our dynamic community of young traders, stock enthusiasts, and startup aficionados. This is the place where dreams meet opportunities, and together, we'll ride the wave towards financial success.
We believe in the power of collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and mutual support. Here, you'll find like-minded individuals who are eager to connect, learn, and grow together. Feel free to introduce yourself, share your experiences, and engage in meaningful discussions.
Our goal is to create a space where every member can thrive, expand their trading skills, explore the world of stocks, and discover exciting startup ventures. Remember to maintain a respectful tone, uphold our community guidelines, and embrace the spirit of camaraderie.
We're thrilled to have you on board. Let's dive in, make meaningful connections, and ride the bet towards prosperity!
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2023.05.29 18:02 ThisAdamGuy How in depth do the rules need to be?

I'm thinking about trying my hand at writing a litrpg, and I have a couple questions. Namely, how in depth do the rpg mechanics need to be? I'm not interested in making a full on Dungeons and Dragons-esque system with individual stats and characters classes, etc. In fact, I think my story would work best with as little direct comparisons to it being a game as possible.
Let me explain. In my world, people can make an agreement with an (as of now) nameless entity and be given powers. Each character has their own unique powers, and those powers operate according to hard magic (set in stone rules and limitations, etc). Killing certain monsters, also spawned by the nameless entity, lets them absorb the monster's life force. Absorb enough life force and they unlock the next tier of their powers, granting them new abilities within the same powerset and making their existing powers stronger. They can also fight other people who have powers (called Marked) and winning strips the loser of all the life force they've acquired and giving it to the victor. I'm not sure yet if this sets the Marked all the way back down to level 1 or just to the baseline for their current level. Eventually the Marked becomes strong enough to take on a boss monster, and if they win they're allowed to pass through a gate that takes them to another dimension where the process repeats until eventually they reach the final gate and get...something really great, I'm sure.
So taking all of that into consideration, does this even count as a litrpg? Or is it just a fantasy story with some parallels to rpg mechanics in it? Do I need to add more complexity to the rpg systems? The main focus is going to be on the characters' struggles and exploring the world(s) they're in, anyway. Their powers are important, of course, but it's going to be about more than just leveling them up to max stats or whatever.
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2023.05.29 18:02 PurpleSolitudes Best VR Headset in USA Available on Amazon

Best VR Headset in USA Available on Amazon
Virtual Reality (VR) has become increasingly popular over the past few years, and for good reason. VR technology allows users to immerse themselves in virtual environments and experiences in a way that was previously impossible. One of the key components of any VR system is the headset. In this context, having the best VR headset available makes a world of difference. Here are some of the main reasons why having the best VR headset matters:
  1. Immersive Experience: A high-quality VR headset provides an immersive experience that can transport you to another world. Whether you are exploring a new city or fighting off aliens in space, the level of immersion that a great VR headset can provide is unparalleled.
  2. High-Quality Graphics: The best VR headsets on the market today offer high-resolution displays that provide crisp, clear visuals. This is essential for creating a truly immersive experience, as lower quality graphics can detract from the overall experience.
  3. Comfortable Design: A comfortable VR headset is essential for enjoying extended periods of use. The best VR headsets are designed with ergonomics in mind, providing a comfortable fit that reduces strain on the neck and eyes.
  4. Precise Motion Tracking: Accurate motion tracking is crucial for creating a seamless VR experience. The best VR headsets use advanced sensors and algorithms to track your movements with precision, allowing for precise control in virtual environments.
  5. Versatility: Some of the best VR headsets can be used wirelessly or with a PC, offering a greater range of options for users. This versatility allows for greater flexibility in how the headset is used and what types of experiences it can offer.

Meta Quest 2 — Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset
Meta Quest 2 is a next-generation all-in-one virtual reality headset that has taken the VR world by storm. Meta, formerly known as Facebook Reality Labs, has made some significant improvements to its already impressive Oculus Quest 2 headset, which makes the Meta Quest 2 stand out from its predecessor. In this review, we’ll dive into the features and capabilities of the Meta Quest 2
Read More

Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Gaming Headset
Virtual reality (VR) has come a long way in the last few years, with companies like Oculus pushing the boundaries of what we thought was possible. The Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Gaming Headset is no exception. This headset provides an immersive and interactive gaming experience that truly transports you to another world. In this review, we will be discussing Read More

Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming Headset
VR is no longer a futuristic concept, but a reality that has revolutionized the gaming industry. Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming Headset is one of the leading virtual reality headsets in the market, designed to immerse gamers into a digital world of their choice. Released by Facebook-owned Oculus in 2019, Oculus Rift S has quickly become a favorite among gamers who want an affordable, high-quality VR experience. In this review, we will take an in-depth look at the features and performance of the Oculus Rift S headset. Read More

Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset
Oculus Go standalone VR headset has been around for a while now, and it's still one of the most popular choices for those looking to experience virtual reality without the need for a high-end PC or console. The device promises to deliver an immersive, comfortable, and affordable VR experience that is accessible to everyone. Read More

Sony PlayStation VR
Sony PlayStation VR is one of the most popular virtual reality headsets on the market. It offers an immersive and exciting gaming experience that transports players into their favorite games like never before. In this review, we'll take a closer look at the specs, design and comfort, controllers, battery life, software, and games offered by the Sony PlayStation VR. Read More
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2023.05.29 18:02 pron_legacy_ I feel like I'm so stunted because of getting married so young that after my divorce I won't be able to find contentment

My STBX (she/they) and myself (he/him) married in 2018 at 22 and 23 years old respectively due in large part to religious pressure. Dated for maybe 7 months before getting married. I was not ready for that commitment - they are the only long term relationship I've ever had and my only sexual partner.
Unsurprisingly, there were lots of problems in our relationship. Turns out she had BPD which made it so that no matter what I did, I couldn't assuage their fear of abandonment and had to endure constant emotional blowups and disregarding of my own feelings. I developed a very codependent attachment where I felt like I had to caretake their emotions (which never worked because of the BPD) which made me feel resentment and check out of the relationship. I haven't been the best spouse either - I shut down emotionally as a defense mechanism and I basically lost all sexual and romantic attraction due to putting myself in the codependent caretaker role.
I asked for a divorce last week because I just don't have any more energy to give to the relationship and I don't even think I wanted to be married in the first place now that I've left my former religion behind. I feel immense guilt because she just started therapy and is recognizing some of those patterns, but the relationship is just dead at this point and I can't give them what they need.
However, I'm concerned about the future. I have a mediocre job and a handful of friends, but almost no dating or sexual experience and very low self esteem. I find myself happiest when I build a sense of community and close friends, but I've spent my 20s trying to caretake my spouse instead of building a community and finding myself. As an almost 30yo introverted divorcee with little dating experience and few friends other than my bandmates here in the city, the prospect of being alone seems so overwhelming and happiness seems out of reach.
I don't hate my spouse but i resent the years i spent trying to make myself as small as possible for them instead of having self-exploration and community building like most people do in their 20s. I'm 28 now and I feel so far behind the people I see around me and I'm really scared that it's too late for me to find contentment, community, and self-actualization after this divorce. I know that sounds melodramatic but I just feel so inferior and like a failure.
I'm in therapy which is the one bright spot. My therapist is great and helpful but I obviously can't rely on them to completely fix me lol.
Can anyone else relate? Any tips?
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2023.05.29 18:02 LoveSushi5 🎉 Countdown to Babylon: Discover New Features! ⌚️

🎉 Countdown to Babylon: Discover New Features! ⌚️
It's time to get excited as we approach the highly anticipated Babylon update on the Radix mainnet in 63 days! We've just published a brand-new blog article to give you an exclusive sneak peek into the incredible features that Babylon will bring. 👀
Explore the innovative technologies and improvements in store for the Radix Engine, Scrypto, mobile-first Radix Wallet, and the amazing advancements Ociswap has been working on — including concentrated liquidity, a decentralized Coinmarketcap-like front page, sustainable token utility, limit orders and so much more! 🙀

This is your opportunity to get the insider scoop before Babylon makes its grand entrance. Don't miss out! 🎊
Read the full article here: Countdown to Babylon... New Features!
Stay tuned for more updates as we gear up for this game-changing milestone. Babylon, here we come!
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2023.05.29 18:01 NoProfessional3569 Revelation of Maya

Hello everyone, was wondering if anyone knows the trick to the revelation of Maya exploration? I’ve tried a couple different methods but never seem to get far in it.
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2023.05.29 18:01 Darth_Ninazu I asked Chat GPT to write me a pitch for a new Zoids movie.

Certainly! Here's a plot outline for a new Zoids movie:
Title: Zoids: Legacy of the Ancients
Plot: In a distant future, where Earth has been ravaged by war and environmental disasters, humanity has rebuilt its civilization and discovered a new source of energy known as Zoidanium. These powerful crystals have the ability to fuel gigantic mechanical beasts called Zoids, which have become a central part of military conflicts and sports competitions.
Introduction: The story follows a young, talented Zoid pilot named Liam, who dreams of becoming a renowned Zoid warrior. He lives in a remote village on the outskirts of the continent, where he cares for a dormant Zoid passed down through generations, known as the Liger Zero X.
The Ancient Prophecy: During an excavation near Liam's village, a group of archaeologists uncovers a mysterious artifact—a tablet depicting an ancient prophecy foretelling the return of the Legendary Zoids and the rise of a hero who will bring balance to the world. Liam discovers that the Liger Zero X is linked to this prophecy and embarks on a journey to uncover the truth behind his Zoid's origins.
Uncovering the Secrets: Liam's quest takes him to ancient ruins, hidden temples, and encounters with a diverse cast of characters—fellow Zoid pilots, scientists, and enigmatic figures who hold fragments of knowledge about the Legendary Zoids. Along the way, he unlocks the true potential of the Liger Zero X, discovering its unique abilities and a hidden connection to the Ancients.
The Return of Ancient Beasts: As Liam delves deeper into the mysteries, he learns that the Legendary Zoids, ancient colossal beings of immense power, have been awakened. However, some seek to harness their power for selfish gains, posing a threat to the world's stability. Liam must rally a team of Zoid pilots, forming an unlikely alliance, to prevent these destructive forces from unleashing chaos and destruction.
Epic Battles and Emotional Bonds: The story culminates in a series of epic battles, featuring intense Zoid duels and massive conflicts between the awakened Legendary Zoids and those seeking to control them. Through these trials, Liam and his allies forge unbreakable bonds, discovering the true meaning of courage, friendship, and sacrifice.
The Legacy of the Ancients: In the climactic final battle, Liam confronts the mastermind behind the chaos, a power-hungry antagonist who seeks to reshape the world using the power of the Legendary Zoids. With the fate of humanity and the future of Zoid technology hanging in the balance, Liam must tap into the true potential of the Liger Zero X and embrace his destiny as the hero foretold in the ancient prophecy.
The movie showcases stunning visuals, exhilarating Zoid battles, and a captivating storyline that explores themes of heritage, destiny, and the ethical use of technology. Fans of the original Zoids series will find nostalgia, while new audiences will be drawn into a world where man and machine collide in epic fashion.
Note: This plot outline is purely fictional and created for the purpose of this response.
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2023.05.29 18:01 Friendly_Roll_7958 How best to order it?

I always get the toasted vanilla shanked espresso. One store specifically ends up giving the brown sugar one which I really hate because of all the cinnamon in it. Like the sticker is correct but the drink is wrong. Is there anything I can do when ordering to help prevent that mixup?
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2023.05.29 18:01 PuzzleheadedRise1846 41m SD looking for kink and 420 friendly northeast SB

Hey girls! I'm looking for something a bit specific, so I thought I'd give it a shot here. I'm a tall, (6'4), attractive, and successful 41m with a major kinky streak, and I'd love to find a SB in the northeast USA who would love to join me. Like a lot of other daddies, I can be pretty busy and have to travel for work often (but these can be SB travel opportunities) and have a home life. Because of that, I'm not asking for a SB to be exclusive or loyal to me, and want to start with something ppm rather than allowance, since I don't know how often we could play.
The other thing I wanted to put here is usually 'frowned on' it seems, but I have a bunch of kinks I'd like to explore with a SB and its a lot more fun if she shares those kinks. I'm also super into 420 and would love a girl down to smoke together. I have a few standard hard limits (all 18+ and no bodily waste or harm), but otherwise extremely open minded, and I tend to be dominant. I absolutely love bdsm, daddy play, public, toys, orgasm denial, creampies, boob play, cnc, and a whole lot more. I'm not totally opposed to online only, but it would have to be a great match.
If any of this intrigues you, let's chat!
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2023.05.29 18:01 bertiesghost So many new friends in my Twitter inbox..thanks Elon!

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2023.05.29 18:01 oncologistseemasingh Thyroid Cancer: All You Need to Know

Thyroid Cancer: All You Need to Know
Discover everything you need to know about thyroid cancer, including its types, causes, diagnosis, treatment options, and preventive measures. Explore the latest research, expert insights, and valuable information to help you understand and navigate this form of cancer. Empower yourself with knowledge and find support for those affected by thyroid cancer Read more:
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2023.05.29 18:01 Embarrassed_Move_431 Should I put "dutch bike" handle bars on my folding ebike?

Should I put
In my quest to avoid buying another E-bike, i'm trying to build my current one into the ultimate, do everything bike. So commute to work, get groceries, exercise/fun/explore.
I've been watching a lot of stuff about the Dutch and their use of bikes, and I've thought about swapping out the thumb throttle for a twist thottle and getting "dutch" style handle bars, they kind of sweep back beach cruiser style.
I've got a Aveton Sinch
Aventon Sinch Step Through Gen 1
It's an upright folding bike. You can see straight handle bars.
Would it be a bad idea as far as riding comfort and looks to swap in a "dutch bike" style handle bars?

Dutch bike
I'm not sure if there's a reason to keep the current straight handle bars like there's an advantage to it. But I thought I'd ask, so Id take the thumb throttle replace it with a right sided twist throttle and then add a dutch style handle bar.
Some mods I've done to the bike is reflector delete, shock seat post, mounted lights kit (from and rear), rear bike rack.
Dutch handle bars or keep the straight bars?
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2023.05.29 18:00 thumbsdrivesmecrazy No-Code Machine Learning Guide - Blaze Tech

The following guide explains what you need to know about no-code machine learning (AI) and how to use it in your company - thanks to no-code platforms like Blaze, this technology is available to many businesses: Guide to No-Code Machine Learning (AI) Blaze
No-code AI makes it possible for users to test out different AI models and see the results of their work in real-time. It also scraps the need for conventional methods of AI enables users to experiment with machine learning without having to worry about a steep learning curve. This means that users can focus on exploring and developing new AI models quickly. In the past, users needed to worry about the underlying code.
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2023.05.29 18:00 nagash31979 [wts][blackmarket] 2013 Raven account , high admiral raven and AMD mustang, cheap high admiral one with p52 Archimedes , Mantis with Sabine, Piooner OC LTI VIP, Hull-C OC LTI, Carrack OC LTI, Merchantman OC LTI, Orion OC LTI, Starliner OC LTI, 400i OC LTI with meridian and penumbra paint, bis 2952

Hi selling some ships, some nice pieces here, PayPal invoice. The prices are EUR and VAT and pp fees included and my country as one of the highest European VAT so if some prices look high to you Sry but I can't do nothing, anyway I'm open to negotiation. If you need something not here Pls ask i have tons of paint , items etcetc too many to list here. Accounts on the bottom.
Original concept ships with Lti if not otherwise specified.
Aegis Avenger stalker 120
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Accounts ask for more info pics and prices
2014 Sabre raven grand admiral account with huge buyback and night runner paint 1200 SOLD
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(1) I am "selling" the right to be added as an "Authorized User" to my account, which is allowed as per RSI's 2016 Terms of Service.
(2) I will remain the original owner only in the event that official contact is required from the parent company (CIG).
(3) I understand that my personal information may be permanently retained in the address and billing sections.
I agree to the above clauses and will not attempt to access, recover or tamper with the said account unless it is requested by the Authorized User.
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2023.05.29 17:59 Sure-Bat-8367 Girlfriend cheated one month into our relationship but hid it for 7 months. Struggling to move forward with her.

Hey everyone.
I want to say that I realize some of you have marriages that are crumbling, and some of you have children. What you're going through is bigger than what I am, and I don't want to diminish what you're going through. I'm asking advice about my girlfriend, but this is someone whom I was contemplating marrying and having a kid with before this news came out.
I'm really struggling with whether or not this relationship is worth continuing. I want to, but it feels incredibly exhausting. I don't know what feelings I have are valid, invalid, positive or negative. I don't know what is worth talking about with her, and what I need to work on myself, or even - keep to myself. I understand that talking about the affair can send our day or time into a spiral together, so I find myself avoiding talking about it even when it's on my mind. This most certainly impacts the way I show up in the relationship, and she can almost always tell something is wrong because I either get quiet, or try to distance myself for the day. I don't know how to move forward, and I would really like ya'lls opinion or help.
I feel like explaining what happened will better paint a picture.
About eight months ago, I started dating my partner. We had known each other for several years, because we once had worked together. Things were wonderful between us, however I recognize things were moving very quickly. I had recently gotten out of a long term relationship when I started dating my girlfriend, so I hadn't exactly had the time and space to heal from that. I found the momentum of my new relationship take over and I found myself trying to seek a commitment with her, possibly in order to lock her down/ "make her my girlfriend". I recognize now, that this was a mistake.
She explained that she had a trip planned roughly a month away to go across the country to visit a FWB (lets call him Matt) that she had attended concerts with, and that she didn't feel like being in a relationship at the time was something she wanted. Initially, I was understanding of this and wanted to respect this. As I mentioned before, things between the two of us were moving very quickly. Even though we weren't "committed" to each other, neither of us were actively dating anybody else and would gush over each othetell each other we loved each other. Things felt wonderful, but in the back of my mind - the idea of the looming trip lingered.
I expressed to her that because she had the trip planned, I thought it best to reel things back and just be friends. I didn't want to risk heartbreak because I knew the odds of something happening would be extremely high. She understood this, but we would both go back and forth about continuing to see and spend time with each other. It was hard to stay away, because of our love/infatuation. We would discuss not spending time with each other until after she gets back, and then one of us would get weak and seek each other out.
After this continued for roughly 3 weeks, (trip is roughly 1 week out at this point), I asked her if she would cancel her trip and flight and explore the possibility of "us" and what we could be. She was unwilling to do this, and said that she "needed to close this chapter out" before moving forward with me. I remember speaking to my therapist at the time, and she said that it sounds like she "wants her pie and to eat it too". Anyways, I came to accept that she was going - that was that and there wasn't anything I could do about it other than learn to be okay with it.
I changed positions and accepted that she was going, however I said "I realize that you want to go on this trip, but just because you're going doesn't mean you have to be physical with this person". Initially, she was trying to defend leaving the possibility of something physical happening, to which I explained I didn't understand given how we said we felt about each other. After discussing things for awhile, she told me that she agreed that she would be monogamous with me, and I to her - and that nothing would happen on her trip. She even went as far as contacting the guy she was going to visit and telling him about me, and how we're exclusive and that she wants him to respect that boundary when she comes to visit. I feel naive for believing this, now.
Half-way through her trip, she called me early in the morning crying. I asked her if everything was okay. She said "yes I just miss you, and I'm feeling a little homesick". I asked "did anything happen between the two of you"? She replied "No, nothing like that happened.". I told her that I loved her and that I was looking forward to seeing her in a couple of days.
Fast forward to the day she came back - I was excited to see her but I also had a suspicion that something had happened. I chose not to pressure her or ask her again if anything had happened, and chose to move forward in building our relationship. I felt at the time this would show that I was "unbothered" and not insecure.
It's important for me to also state that she continued to have a "platonic" texting friendship with this individual that she saw on her trip. From the time when she came back, until now - I believe she had been keeping things appropriate (for the most part) that I could see.
As the continuing months went on, things over all were going really well. She started inviting me to family gatherings, to meet her friends, going on vacations, and even professed that she wanted to get married to me and have a child together. All of these things made me feel great. I was so happy to hear how much she was into our relationship.
About a month and a half ago, we went to Texas to visit her family. It was overall a great trip. There was eventually a conversation about a big concert that was going to be happening near our hometown this summer, to which I asked her if she wanted to go. She told me "honestly, I think Matt is going to be flying there to see that concert - and out of respect for you and to avoid awkwardness, I don't think I want to go". This initially made me feel good - that she was being respectful of our relationship. I asked her if she thought it would be hard to go with me and see him there - to which she replied "no, I think that it would be totally fine and he would be respectful as he has been of our relationship". She went on to say that "I think that former lovers or partners can be platonic friends and it has to do with being mature enough to handle something like that". I said that I think I can understand where she's coming from, and that as long as "she was honest about nothing happening on the trip, I didn't think it would be a problem either". She replied "no, nothing happened at all". I believed her, again.
About three weeks ago, I had made dinner reservations for us to have a nice meal just for a random occasion. Before the dinner - she told me that she contacted "Matt" and told him that she wouldn't be attending the concert that summer and that she feels out of respect for her and I's relationship they should reel back their communication with each other. That made me happy to hear, as I had cut off almost all the women friends/ex's that I had out of respect for her quite some time ago. The conversation started to spiral at one point, and I began to ask more focused questions around her trip with "Matt". I asked her if he tried to kiss her. She said "no". I then decided to ask about sleeping arrangements. She said that he slept on the couch and she slept in the bed. I asked her "did you two ever share the bed any of the nights?". She was quiet for a second, and then said "yes we shared a bed one of the nights but he slept on his side". I said "did he try to cuddle you at all, or anything like that?" She was quiet for several seconds. I knew then that something had happened. I pressed harder and asked if they had hooked up. She finally admitted that they did.
I felt sick, betrayed, and like a fool. I don't even think what happened was the worst part. I think the fact that she lied for 6+ months about it and tried to sell this as a "purely platonic" friendship was the worst. I demanded to look at her phone. I went through her phone, and saw that they had pretty frequent communication. Nothing seemingly inappropriate, however when I found the texts about this music festival in our hometown this summer she said "you should come!". I asked her what she meant by that, and she said "I just meant he should go, not come with me.". This felt like a BS excuse to me, but she still defends it to this day. I told her that "I cant do this, and we can't have a relationship without trust" and I left.
She sent me texts that night begging for another chance. Telling me she was confused when it happened and she was very sorry. She told me that she felt pressured into a commitment with me and that she felt like she hadn't finished exploring the possibility with this other guy at the time. After thinking about those details, and how great everything else had been between us - I decided to give us another shot.
She has made significant changes that I had never asked for, but I still feel the pain of betrayal every single day. She has blocked his number, and removed and blocked him off all platforms. She turned on tracking on her phone, read receipts, she has thrown away the merchandise she bought on that trip to see "Matt". She has limited her interactions with her male friends as I have expressed that it just looks bad for her to have solo lunches with single male co-workers. She has been overly communicating when she goes on trips with girlfriends to make me feel more secure. I can tell a lot of these adjustments are really weighing on her, and I do feel bad - but it doesn't make my pain go away.
There are days where I feel this nagging, heavy weight on my soul. It's telling me that a relationship this early should not have this much strife. This is too much work, and maybe I should quit. It has turned me into an insecure man, which I was never before. It has me questioning if I can ever trust her again. The biggest problem, is that I love her and I see the potential for our relationship if we can move past this and pretend like it never happened.
Most days, 90%+ of the time I feel like I can show up in a way where it's not impacting me. These days are wonderful. We share so much love, laughs, and connect on so many levels. The days where it's impacting me, I feel like I shutdown. I try to handle the thoughts myself, which she can tell and it ultimately sabotages us, and our day.
I also find smaller issues "triggering" the big thing that happened. A couple examples would be, she said "you really turned a hoe into a housewife" the other day. For whatever reason, this triggered me because in my head I said "why would you even say that?". This ended up in a long heated discussion over that comment because I expressed to her how it triggered me, and how I view her action on her trip as a "hoe" action and I think that was a trigger.
Recently, she planned a river rafting trip with some friends of hers (2 females, 1 single male friend of hers). I wasn't invited to come on the trip, until after someone else decided they wanted to bring their partner. I expressed to her that I felt like I was an afterthought, and the fact that she was going on a rafting trip with a single guy in the group seems like a no brainer to invite your boyfriend to come a long with, especially after what happened and how we're trying to repair us.
I know this is a huge wall of text. I'm sorry, and thank you for reading. I don't know how to move forward. I love her. She was all I wanted, in the beginning. I feel like what happened has changed me for the worse. Am I making this a bigger deal than it should be? I know if I keep going at this rate, I will implode our relationship with my insecurity. If that doesn't happen, then we will both be consistently miserable and then my biggest fear of something happening again will likely come true.
I could really use any advice on this matter, and also if you think my feelings around what happened are valid or if I'm blowing this out of proportion.
Thank you all.
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