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2023.05.29 17:35 Wonderful-Board-4992 Chinese language apps stay well-liked within the US regardless of efforts to ban TikTok

Chinese language apps stay well-liked within the US regardless of efforts to ban TikTok - TikTok Chief Govt Shou Zi Chew is pictured on the day he'll testify earlier than a Home Power and Commerce Committee listening to entitled "TikTok: How Congress can Safeguard American Knowledge Privateness and Shield Kids from On-line Harms," as lawmakers scrutinize the Chinese language-owned
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2023.05.29 17:35 BiWayLunchBag Do any stores still give out free Covid test kits?

Haven’t been able to find any at my local drug stores and someone told me the government is no longer paying for them. Not sure how accurate that is.
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2023.05.29 17:35 mo22ro Extended family members invested in Facebook

It's 2023, and I'm still not sure how to process that such a large chunk of my extended family seems to rely almost exclusively on Facebook engagement for interaction and keeping up. Some of them keep up on an individual basis, like direct messaging/texting, but I have only gotten farther away from Facebook over the years. I feel Facebook has been detrimental to many things, including keeping familial connections genuine and organic, especially if one relies on an algorithm to think about or communicate with them.
I'm continuously uncomfortable with Facebook having such a stronghold on their social interactions, and perhaps I am hyperconscious of the long-term damage it could cause, or is already causing. I could go on about the wider socio-cultural and socio-political fallout Facebook has caused, but that is for another post.
Am I overreacting? Is this relatable?
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2023.05.29 17:33 Beautiful-Pool-6067 Listening to a podcast about a tech guru cult

Listening to a podcast about a tech guru cult
I've known of this cult leader Bentinho Massaro for years... But I just came across this podcast today. He always gave me Elon vibes. Like Bentinho wanted to be the Elon of the spiritual world. In this podcast, one of his ex (relationship) partners comes out explaining tactics used for, "his mission". The more I listen, the more I truly feel like it's a cult that Claire has been manipulated into by the huge Narcissist that Elon is. I almost feel like she gives us clues but we just laugh it off or call her an idiot. I might be creating some conspiracy theory here, but listening to this I couldn't help but picture Elon treating Claire how Bentinho treats his "partners". Lovebombing, gaslighting, all for their, "missions".
Here is also a link to an article about him, if interested .
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2023.05.29 17:32 _Norman_Bates What's the point of Irreversible ?

People say this movie is very hard to watch. That turned out to be true, with found footage-level shaky cameras all over the place and an annoying French guy shouting all the time.
The movie is told in Memento style, with scenes going backwards revealing more of the story. While in Memento it serves a plot purpose and helps you connect with the protagonist, what it achieves here is that you’re watching “high-intensity” scenes without feeling involved at all (although as we find out, the more you learn about the characters the less you care). The movie starts with two French guys yelling and fighting and it goes on for a good first half of the movie, you pick up the story along the way cause it’s pretty simple but it really feels like an effort.
I almost stopped watching but decided to endure at least until the infamous Belucci rape scene for culture’s sake. The scene was actually a relief because that annoying French guy wasn’t there and the scene was relatively coherent. But I’ll get to it soon. To sum up, the movie tells a story about a girl who got raped and her boyfriend and simpy ex getting revenge on the rapist, and failing.
Now the rape scene. I know it upset many viewers and is supposed to be really shocking, but think what’s more shocking about it doesn’t come from the fact you’re watching a 10 min rape scene (it’s not that graphic), but that it takes Monica Belucci, who is considered some untouchable beauty, and you see her getting anally raped by a guy who seriously hates her existence. Even though her rape wasn’t planned, she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, the guy is absolutely disgusted by her. It’s not one of those “she’s so hot I can’t help myself” rapes, the guy sees her as a rich bitch used to getting what she wants cause she’s hot, and he hate-rapes her, calling her a sow and similar names in the process.
This is also the first we see of her character so you can’t really care for her either. But what really comes through is how much the rapist can’t stand her. When he’s done raping her, he bashes her face in.
To me that was the most interesting part about the scene, not the fact that she got raped or how disturbing it is to watch a rape, but the amount of honest hatred and disgust the guy had for her. It’s kind of ironic, he’s the fucked up rapist and she’s Monica Belucci but he is utterly disgusted by her in the process.
Then the movie goes back and we learn more about her and the two main guys… and it doesn’t make anyone any more likeable.
I usually hate it when people criticize movies and shows for not having likeable characters - it’s very childish. But I am not talking about morality here, I am talking about how enjoyable, interesting or immersive someone is to watch, and here some very shitty people can make great characters. Also, not every movie needs likeable characters, sometimes that’s the whole point. But normally, a revenge movie would require the viewer to give at least moderate shit about the characters, feel the importance of their relationship and loss, and want them to get justice (e.g. Mandy). This one doesn’t.
The protagonist is supposed to be some French Chad, the obnoxious guy whom you watch as he does drugs, cheats on his girlfriend, takes her money and just shouts shit out like he has Tourettes all the fucking time. He also stole the girl from his super simpy friend whom he still keeps around to boost his ego, so shit friend too. Normally when someone executes revenge, the viewer should believe how much the victim meant to them but we just saw this guy cheating so the stakes aren’t that high, he isn’t convincing in his need for revenge, it’s not deep. And in general, he’s so fucking annoying.
Then there’s the simpy friend, the most pathetic character, also incredibly annoying in his own way. It’s hard to understand why he’s even involved in the whole plot but he’s just so obsessed with his ex-girlfriend. He idolizes her cause she’s pretty (kind of connects to the point the rapist made about her being over-valued cause of her looks), trying to get her boyfriend to treat her with more respect while she literally tells him that she prefers the other guy cause he doesn’t care about how she feels. He constantly self-deprecates while they laugh at him. Just a totally weird masochistic relationship dynamic.
The girl is a vapid “I love assholes” stereotype, we learn that she left her ex for his best friend because she likes how the other guy only focuses on his own pleasure while having sex, but still keeps the ex around awkwardly, occasionally throwing him a bone. She knows that her boyfriend cheats on her and flirts with others in front of her but is thrilled to find out that he knocked her up. After learning that fact, she goes on to party.
I think it’s interesting how the movie establishes that she likes to be treated like shit and is turned on by the guy who doesn’t care about her pleasure. There was even a scene when they talked about anal and it seems like she was up for it. So in that context, is the rape scene supposed to say this is what she wanted when taken to the extreme?
The viewer also realizes that the two guys ended up getting the wrong guy, the rapist got away with it. I wish it made me go oh fuck, but since the protagonist was so extremely unlikable, I didn’t really give a shit.
I think the rape scene works in a figurative sense, considering the pedestal people like the simp friend put girls like Alex on, this was intended to be some kind of sick enjoyment for the viewer? Not sure.
Overall, I don’t really get the point of the movie or what effect did the director intend for it to have on the viewer. It’s not a horrible movie but I didn’t care for how the story was told or for the characters or the dialogue. Because it was so hard to get immersed in it, most of the scenes were just boring. Not in a way where nothing happens but in a way where it’s shot like it’s a fucking earthquake and I don’t care about anyone affected. But it shocked many people so I guess it did something right which is the only reason I’d give it a 6/10
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2023.05.29 17:32 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Copy Paste Agency (Live Calls)

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2023.05.29 17:32 itsathrowawayduhhhhh I’m an awful person and paying for my mistakes

Sorry in advance for the length of this post. I just have to get it out.
Seven years ago I made a mistake. A huge, ginormous, gigantic, colossal mistake. At the time I was 26 (F) and my boss was 39 (M). I had been working at this small business for four years when all of a sudden he started "noticing" me. He started coming around more, being really nice, and paying me so much attention I didn't know what to think. I remember telling my coworker "boss is paying attention to me lately, I don't know what it means?" It was weird because he was married, four kids, and for the longest time didn't have much to do with the business. I was so stupid. I started an affair with him. He gave me so much money, so many gifts, so much attention; it was a whirlwind. I admit at the time I didn't see how wrong it was, I was almost blinded by the attention. Six months after our affair started we were found out. He didn't have a passcode on his phone and his wife read our entire six months of text history.
When we were found out, my world ended. That sounds pathetic, I know, because her world was the one that really ended because of this all. But I lost my job, my house, my reputation, my everything. I went into hiding for a year. He supported me financially for a couple months, because he felt guilty I lost my job. I did find another job and things were looking up. Then, a year later, he told me he officially left his wife and he was going to be with me. What choice did I have? I had to be with him, because I was the reason his marriage ended. I ruined everything for him, his wife, and his kids, so obviously I had to be with him. And thus began hell.
I guess things were good for us for a little while. It was maybe six months before he got abusive. It was mostly verbal and emotional at first, with some questionable sexual stuff (not allowing me to have boundaries, me not being allowed to say no, that kind of stuff). It wasn't ideal, but again, I ruined his life so what choice did I have but to stay? A year and a half after we got together my crush from high school became single on facebook. It was like a lightbulb went off in my head. I remember saying to my best friend "why would I stay in this awful relationship when crush is single for the first time in over ten years?" So I left him. I didn't handle it the right way though, because I almost immediately sought crush out and turns out he had always had a crush on me too. So we started dating. It was great, actually, he was awesome. But I hadn't processed anything with ex, so when I found out a few months later he was dating a girl I knew (who btw, looks like me and has a lot of similar interests...we always bonded over facebook about our similarities) toxic me kicked in and I left crush and told ex I wanted to get back together with him. He didn't leave new girl right away like I thought and once again I was the piece of shit other woman.
He did leave her after a few weeks and we got back together officially. I can't even describe how bad it was. It was so, so, so bad. Now it was verbal, emotional, sexual, and physical abuse. But now I had twice ruined his life and taken him from "good women" so again, what choice did I have but to stay. This was four years ago. These four years have been the worst years of my life, and all I want is to not be with him, but he won't allow it. He says I am stuck now forever because of what I did. I ruined his family, I ruined his life, I ruined it all, so now I'm stuck. He says he will kill my family or friends if I leave. He won't kill me he says, because he wants me to live with the pain and suffer forever for ruining his life. I've tried to leave before and he just stalks and harasses me and threatens me until I come back.
I'm so completely stuck. I have a full time job, he doesn't work, I have so much debt from loans and things I've taken out for him. I kind of lucked into my job and make really decent money for not having a bachelors degree. I'm currently in school almost done with my associates, and when I get my bachelors in a couple years I intend to look for other work making comparable wages or more so I can get out. I don't live with him, I live with a parent, because I've worked really really really hard to keep some sort of out. I say I live with a parent, but he makes me stay at his house every night, so I guess I just rent a room from my parent so my cat has a place to stay.
I don't know what I'm looking for posting this. I'm just stuck, I hate my life, and there's just no way out right now. I know I was a disgusting human for what I did. I ruined a family, I ruined people's lives. I guess this is probably just my karma for being a homewrecker. I know I am evil, I know I'm awful. You don't have to comment that I'm a piece of shit, but you can because I know it's true. I don't know, I just wish I could go back in time and not be a disgusting person and not get myself into this situation.
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2023.05.29 17:31 BeachBumTrading How To Identify Trading Opportunities in Components of the Technology Sector

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2023.05.29 17:31 worldzview How To Break Archon Programming In5D

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2023.05.29 17:30 DreamilyContent I (F30) need to talk to my friend (F29) about her behavior on our trip

Last week, a group of 8 of us (4 couples) went to the beach. Most of us had a great time, but my one friend, M, was in a terrible mood the entire week. I need advice on how to talk to her about it. Sorry, it's really long, but I think the details are important.
It started with her messaging me repeatedly the week before about how it was going to be too cold at the beach. I kept assuring her that while it sucks, we would still make the most of the trip. We drove in 3 separate cars, and had a group chat to notify each other if we needed to pee, etc. Our friend who planned the trip, C, preferred if we stopped for breaks together, as it's just more fun that way. At one point, M and her boyfriend, D, decided not to stop with the group and to keep on going, which was no big deal. Because of that, though, they ended up stuck in traffic later on, while our GPS rerouted the rest of us to a quicker route.
M was texting me and C privately, freaking out about the traffic, complaining how she had to pee, and saying she's bawling her eyes out. I felt bad for her, and C and I tried to be reassuring about her situation. She ended up arriving about 45 min later than the rest of us, and she stormed into the house and straight to her room and didn't come out for a while. She did send a text to me and C to say she's sorry but she's been crying for the last hour so she needed a minute. Again, completely understand.
However, her mood did not really improve the entire week. At every opportunity she went to her room. She never ate when other people were, and was always irritated and hungry. There was one day that D came out of their room after me, C, and our partners had gotten breakfast, so he walked to a coffee shop to get a muffin for M and coffees for the other 2 who were still in bed. They put their coffee orders in the group chat, which were complicated, and D forgot the muffin. M basically threw a fit, and D offered to go back to get her a muffin, but she said it was too late and almost lunch time (it was about 11 and we were planning to go to a place that C really wanted to try). The whole exchange was really awkward and kind of a tantrum - I think she was hangry. Finally D was like "we're going to breakfast" and they left. They ended up doing their own thing after that for most of the day. Then they met up with us later while we were getting henna tattoos, but once again she was really hungry so they left to go find her food.
Another day we played some drinking games designed by another friend on the trip, S. M doesn't drink, although they offered ways for her to play still (replacing alcohol with ginger ale, her favorite drink). Her not drinking has NEVER been an issue before, by the way. She doesn't mind being around people who drink and we do not pressure her to drink. She usually participates in some way. This time she chose to sit on the porch, but then she did get hungry, and spent an hour searching on her phone to find the exact meal she wanted. She kept trying to chat about it while we were running around and shotgunning beers and whatever, so I will admit I wasn't very attentive to what she was saying.
Anyway, she finally got her meal but it wasn't right (the chicken inside the wrap was cold which she hates). After the drinking games we went to the beach, and the 65 degree temps were much more tolerable after drinking. She tried to stay behind but we talked her into going with us. She was pleasant enough on the beach. There are more examples but I think you get the picture.
We left Friday, and everyone was sending pictures and videos in the group chat and making jokes, etc. M did not participate nor respond to a single group message since we got back. She shared a bunch of memes about being sad to her Instagram story, but hasn't discussed wtf is going on with anyone (except D, who C and I both asked about it and he said he didn't want to offer an opinion bc he didn't want to end up misconstruing info). If I text M privately just to chat she does respond normally.
I'm trying to be braver and more confrontational/ assertive and not let resentment build in my friendships. I need to talk to her about this. C also really wants answers. How do we talk to her about this? Can we do it in a group chat? I want the 3 of us to have this discussion, but I don't want her to feel like we are ganging up on her. Also, how do I start the conversation? I've seen her completely ghost people rather than have a hard conversation, so I am worried about even bringing it up.
TL;DR My friend was in a sour mood for our entire beach trip and I want advice on how to talk to her about it.
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2023.05.29 17:30 justasmoltwngirl Can I have some advice on how to improve this autumn path? All criticism or suggestions welcome :)

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2023.05.29 17:29 Triforce3f PA32R as a starter plane?

I just passed my skills test. While waiting on the certificate to arrive I’ve continued to do my complex conversion.
I’ve been thinking of approaching some PA32R owners to see if there’s an opportunity to become a non-equity partner.
It would be super fun to have the 32 to fly with a group of friends - the idea would be to fly the PA28R from my flying club for smaller trips and then do bigger ones with the 32.
All my training (~60 hrs including night rating and complex conversion) has been done in PA28-161s.
Am I completely nuts to directly upgrade to a 300hp plane with up to 4 passengers after having trained „only“ 60 hours on planes with half that power?
If you were / are an equity owner, how would you think about sharing the plane with me?
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2023.05.29 17:29 blackwellsucks [ToTK] Where is Naydra??? I’m at the Hateno Tech Lab but haven’t seen it.

How the hell do I get Naydra to appear by the Hateno Tech Lab??? I saw online that it’s out by Mt. Lanyaru every other morning in the early hours. But I’ve been waiting days and haven’t seen it. Does it not appear if you’ve used a campfire?
EDIT: of course literally the second I post this, it shows up 😂
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2023.05.29 17:29 rantings-of-troubled What steps can I take to prepare for the transition from undergraduate studies in biology to pursuing an MHA?

Hello, I will be in my senior year of undergrad next semester in Pakistan.
Even though I am majoring in biology, my courses are more inclined towards microbiology, such as medical microbiology, environmental microbiology, mycology, etc. However, I have also taken more traditional courses like biochemistry, physiology, and botany.
I am already pursuing a minor in DATA ANALYTICS to align my degree with something related to health management and facilitate an easy transition into an MHA (Master of Health Administration) program. Therefore, I am taking courses like business analytics, programming, and a couple of economics courses.
I currently have a remote job as a content strategist for a high-ranking review website that focuses on health products. Additionally, I am volunteering at a health clinic as a graphic designer. Finally, I will be doing some internships this year as well.
I guess my question is: How much weight do courses carry? Does it really matter which biology courses I take? I feel like my transcript is all over the place and doesn't show any cohesiveness, which scares me. I worry that it might come across as me being confused about my field, even though I am certain I want to pursue an MHA after my undergraduate studies in biology.
Furthermore, my internship is most likely to be in a hospital, where I will be doing analytical work like PCR, bloodwork, assays, etc.
What else should I do to prepare myself for admission to a great university abroad with high scholarships?
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2023.05.29 17:29 KleinerCracker When do you think it's time to abandon a plant or chop it down completely when infested?

I've got thrips on multiple of my plants (safe to say they have infested more plants than are healthy at this point) and some are looking like they might be past saving. I would appreciate some tips for fighting it other than neem oil and showers but that's not really the point of this post.
One if my heirlooms has been hit it by them pretty rough. It's a 10 years or so old crassula whose leaves are silvery, mushy and overall sickly looking, with the thrips still crawling around. Only the new shoots where I cut it this spring are looking relatively healthy. Should I try to save the plant or chop it down to the stem to get rid of the thrips? I'm hesitant to cut too much as it had just recovered from sunburn a year earlier. Same problem with a few younger monsteras, a yucca palm and others.
Appreciate the help. Now I understand how rough it is to fight pests 😭
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2023.05.29 17:29 SaneInfo How to Pronounce Kaikeyi or Kaikeyee

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2023.05.29 17:29 Godsfavorite99 How to not fall in love?

Seeing someone (early stage) and I want to prevent myself from falling in love before I know he's serious with me. Tips please
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2023.05.29 17:27 WideAd8358 Kurt Tay - Explains how his BDSM mistress's fist was able to enter his asshole
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2023.05.29 17:26 user_is_not_found_ BMW Salaries in Munich - Product Owner/Project Lead

Hello All, I have 8 years of work experience (3 years after bachelors degree as a software engineer, 5 years after a master's degree in product roles). I'm considering a few opportunities with BMW AG in Munich. Is there anyone who works/worked for BMW who can shed some clarity on salary growth within BMW? If one joins with the IGM tariff (say 12A), how flexible they will be with the final salary, I understand the tariff with IGM is usually for 35Hrs/week and HR can use 40Hrs/week contracts and over-tariff allowances to match specific salary needs. How far can this stretch? Once you join 12A, what will the future look like? The next tariff level 12B is more or less automatic after certain months. But what's next? In general, how is BMW an employer for technology roles? Thanks for your input.
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2023.05.29 17:26 SuitElectronic7680 Age/Skill-Based Match-Making?

Age/Skill-Based Match-Making?
IS there a way to NOT play with LITERAL children, people who have absolutely no idea of how to play the game, or use their brain?

I'm so sick of people not knowing how to play the game but they're ranked 100,200,300+

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2023.05.29 17:26 severalhurricanes Has anyone had trouble understanding the concept of seasons?

I'm currently in my 7th session of study at the Galactic Institute on Ashapavia 4 where I'm majoring in human anthropology. And they have these things called seasons. They happen at certain times of their planetary rotation around their sun. Each season brings with it many metaphors I don't quite understand, like "spring is in the air" or "a chill as cold as winter." It seems to be important in their literature and has even affected the physiology of the planet to the point that their bodies go through cycles. I just dont understand how a temporary change in weather can affect a species so profoundly. Does anyone have any insight on what makes a season so special? My planet doesn't have tilt, so this concept is just way to alien for me
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2023.05.29 17:24 Harvington_ Issues with p2p games and why the DM lair not only propagates disgusting behavior but bans anyone who says otherwise

So today i was banned from the DM lair discord. why because i triggered the p2p and how majority of them pray on new players scamming them from money. P2P is a newer style of D&D that mostly appeared during the D&D boom a couple of years ago. and during it has caused a rift and issues within the community. D&D is suppose to be about the experience and community you have with your players not the money you cna profit. Now you might ask who am i? I am a fairly popular DM who has been running campaigns for almost a decade. I create maps for the community to use that are quite detailed. i run one shots nearly weekly helping new players get into D&D while running my own 2 campaigns. and NEVER have i asked for a penny. Why because as a true professional DM i seek to entertain and tell a story not make money off of people who either dont know better or being prayed on thinking that p2p will be higher quality. Am i perfect? no are the p2p DMs perfect. far from it. I am disgusted with how when someone says p2p is causing a rift in the community and is leading to scams and player lost while showing proof and evidence i am banned because of "This could get heated so stop before all the p2p DMs cry like the scummy people they are" Yeah i said they are scummy. "Well what about critical role?" They make money off of optional subs and merch they dont make money off of the actual game. "what about my time they paying for my time" Then maybe you are ready to be a DM if you feel entitaled to compensation. You already asked for a time commitment you dont get the right to ask for a money commitment. "well they want to pay" Cool so do the new players who dont know better and get scammed. paying 10-30 dollars a session you could have gotten a new video game, book, etc and the DM being able to quit and take all the money you guys had with no questions or reprocussions leads to a scam and unregulated community. The only way for it to end is to stop any and all p2p games and disregarde any scummy DMs who try to practice it.
To the new players there are amazing DMs who do 100 times better then any money driven DM. these p2p DMs dont actually care about D&D they only care about tricking you into paying them for a game that i suppose to bring peope together.
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