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This is a minecraft community based off of minecraft (the videogame) all posts here are to be minecraft related or themed to minecraft, everyone is accepted and no swearing on my christian minecraft server (not really)

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Minecraft community on reddit.

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Minecraft platform expansion community - For all things Bedrock edition.

2021.09.25 22:08 dirtyseacrystals Hi everyone! I’m building a PC for my girlfriend with around a £600 budget. What are your views on this possible build?

I last built my PC 6 years ago and am very rusty, so would like your guys’ advice on potential places to save money or where I should improve it.
What is the primary use?
What games do you want to play? What settings do you want to be able to achieve?
She’s looking on getting into PC gaming but probably going to start with some of the less intensive games, like Undertale, Celeste, Terraria, Stardew Valley? For games like this we’d aim for Med-High graphics and for the game to run smoothly (60fps?).
We’d also like it to be able to play some other games like Fallout, Subnautica and Minecraft. For games like this, even low settings would probably be okay? (But hopefully medium settings, but not looking to be able to achieve full 60fps in these types of games).
Do you already have a monitor and if so what kind?
We haven’t sorted a monitor (or peripherals like mouse and keyboard yet) but wouldn’t be buying anything fancy and sticking with a 60Hz 1080p simple monitor.
What aesthetics are important to you?
Aesthetics aren’t at all really important. The tower wouldn’t be a centrepiece at all, (this is why I attempted a Micro-ATX build so could also consider a smaller footprint case maybe). We have considered going for a white case (no RGB, no tempered glass panel) too but she isn’t huge on the complicated patterns/styles many cases tend to have.
If there’s anything else you guys would like to know, or some piece of critical info I’m missing, please let me know haha
ETA: Just remembered that if I’m unable to factor a monitor and mouse into the budget, that I have an old 1200x1920 monitor laying around somewhere and mouse. The monitor is a little power hungry (with it being so old) but if it works, it works!
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2020.11.18 21:53 moonlight_uh New Christmas Build: Ryzen 5 3600 with 3070

I've never built a PC before but after a couple years of saving, researching, and with the hype and launch of the 3000 series of GPU's, I want to build one hopefully by the end of the year. My main use will be basically for games in 1440p 60fps+. Main goal for me is to be able to play Minecraft VR with ray tracing...if that's even possible with a 3070. Other than that I dint plan on anything insane, just some games new and old in some high quality than what I'm used to.
That's what I've come up with trying to hover around the 1k budget, with room to grow. Any help, recommendations appreciated. Do I even need a 3070 or is that too overkill to be doing and should I get a cheaper card?
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2012.02.25 00:07 Elvte #1 EpiCraft Australia & the World!

Hello! I am happy to introduce to you THE MOST EPIC and FUN MC survival server out there.
My name is Elvte! I moderate on the amazing server, EpiCraft!
www.epicraft.com.au ip s.epi-craft.com
We are a dedicated server, online 24/7 with dedicated staff and no lag. The server is loaded with customized plugins and advanced optimization for smooth play!
EpiCraft's 10,000+ players will help you have as much fun as they have.
What type of fun you ask? Well.. Events - Birthday parties - Parties for special occasions - Recognition to our staff and players - RPG - Contests - REAL prizes given away - Much More!
We are a multicultural server and want everyone from all over the world coming from America, Italy, France, etc. to experience the energy of EpiCraft.
Here is a video link, an example of just how much fun and dedicated we are. Presenting "The Minecraft Loserz"
We hope you have just as much fun as we do! Hope to see you soon!
EpiCraft Australia & the World!
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