Shooting in picacho hills

Are carbon arrows fine for a traditional, wooden longbow?

2023.06.04 16:30 manu_59 Are carbon arrows fine for a traditional, wooden longbow?

Hello, i bought a traditional long bow off a guy that made it himself out of a yew branch a couple years ago. After the first couple of times i took it out, lots of life stuff happened and now i'm wanting to shoot it more often, but i need new arrows. The guy thst made the bow told me to only ever use wooden arrows. Now yesterday at the parcours a guy talked to me and told me that carbon arrows are much safer and more precise and are totally fine with a 28lbs bow such as mine. I mean i still want to get a traditional set of wooden arrows, but i'm considering getting a set of carbon arrows for practice as well, since i assume they handle the abuse i sometimes put them thru a bit better. Out of the six i have, three were already broken after like... three times of going out. if what he says is true, carbon arrows would be a great, longer lasting addition to my quiver. The two people who were with him seemed to agree. I don't know who to trust. What are your opinions on the matter? Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.04 16:28 doranm09 Suzuki signature Sunday

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2023.06.04 16:27 RC-3773 Give me Spiderman!! - Build Discussion

Hey all! So I had an idea for a fun discussion: how would we build Spiderman in this game?
Here are my thoughts so far:
He obviously needs high brawn and agility (fist-fighting, "super strength," coordination, and "web" shooting). Based on most of his iterations, he makes his own equipment and is a smart guy, so you'd probably want at least 3 Int (though this may not be too important depending on how you play him out). And willpower will be important for strain, vigilance, and fear checks, so you'll want that to be good as well. So that leaves Cunning and Presence as his possible dump stats; not sure which would be better to dump, though.
You'll probably want him to be force sensitive so he can get Enhance, too; the Leap upgrades will be especially helpful. Sense's defensive upgrades could also help emulate his spidey senses.
As for specs, I'm not sure which would be the best overall, but here are what I think would make good starting points:
I would want to get him Tactical Evasion as well, but that's only in the ARC trooper tree, I believe, and while it's not a bad tree for Spidey (might even be able to serve a similar role as Gunslinger would, and possibly fill it a bit better), it may not be a viable option depending on your GM's rules around the Clone Soldier Spec.
For equipment, you'll probably want something along the lines of the following:
What do you all think? How would you build Spiderman?
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2023.06.04 16:26 crystalslayer First Century ride (non-imperial, sorry I’m in Europe)

So 100km was a psychological barrier to me, today I think I overcame that. Did 112 km in 3h40min. It was a round trip using the same road, so I got headwinds on the way back (not sure there was that strong of a wind in the first half of the ride). Not a very pleasant obstacle to have - I was comforting myself, thinking that fighting headwinds helps building power. Avg speed dropped 15% on the way back -not only because of the wind, I think fatigue took place too. Fuel: isotonic drink (0.5l consumed over the course of the ride - much liquid causes belly cramps for me); also ate two bananas. Before the ride: black coffee and a small bowl of oatmeal. Luckily, no punctures, since I’m completely unprepared for that (except for some experience in hitchhiking). I’ve been actively riding over the last six weeks (since I bought the bike). This sub and it’s vast knowledge and friendliness to the newbies definitely helped with goal setting and trouble shooting. Thanks to you all kind fellow cyclists!
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2023.06.04 16:25 amdale3 Honda getting a new pair of shoes after 6 years of abuse.

Honda getting a new pair of shoes after 6 years of abuse.
After years of climbing a 9 ft hill ithe first part to "break" was the tire tread. Never replaced anything else in this bad boy except oil. It'll also be getting kits first air filter and spark plug change since the day she came home in 2017.
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2023.06.04 16:23 squidneyboi My cats love play tunnels but they end up crushing them quickly and just laying on top of them. Can anyone recommend more sturdy play tunnels?

My two cats absolutely love the little tunnel segment I got them -- they shoot through it and love to play-hide. However it's pretty flimsy and they end up crushing the tunnel down and I have to fix it every few minutes. Anyone have any sturdy play tunnel recommendations? I don't mind if it's heavier. We live in a somewhat small apartment so it would just be in one place.
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2023.06.04 16:23 ScrappleGummy Aesculus californica. Common name: California buckeye or California horse-chestnut. [OC]

Aesculus californica. Common name: California buckeye or California horse-chestnut. [OC]
Aesculus californica is a large deciduous shrub or small tree, up to 4–12 m (13–39 ft) tall, with gray bark often coated with lichens and mosses. It typically is multi-trunked, with a crown as broad as it is high. Trees are long lived, with an estimated lifespan between 250–280 (300 maximum) years.
Native American tribes, including the Pomo, Yokuts, and Luiseño, used the poisonous nuts and seeds to stupefy schools of fish in small streams to make them easier to catch.[4] The bark, leaves, and fruits contain the neurotoxic glycoside aesculin, which causes hemolysis of red blood cells. Buckeye also makes a good fireboard for a bow drill or hand drill.
Native groups occasionally used the plant as a food supply; after boiling and leaching the toxin out of the seeds or nut meats for several days, they could be ground into a flour or meal similar to that made from acorns.The nectar and pollen of the flowers is toxic to honeybees,so the trees should not be planted near apiaries.When the shoots are small and leaves are new, they are lower in toxins and are grazed by livestock and wildlife.The flowers are a rich nectar source for many species of butterflies, and squirrels and chipmunks consume the seeds.
The tree also acts as a soil binder, which prevents erosion in hilly regions. [Wikepdia]
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2023.06.04 16:22 IdeaGuy01 Jack should of got more kills.

Here's how it could happen.
Timeline. Jack Kills Dick goes after the Cop, kills the cop, and then goes back inside. Breaks down the bathroom door. She goes outside. He goes after her. But he hears the Cops. He then dispatches one of them and then goes back outside.
When Dick Hallorann arrives. He brings a deputy with him. When Dick is killed, this Deputy runs back to the car to call for help. As the deputy calls for help. Jack sneaks up behind him and smashes his head into the car window. Cutting his neck on a piece of glass. In his pursuit for Wendy and Danny. 4 more deputies arrive. The 4 cops discover the body near the car, they than enter the hotel and discover Dicks body. They begin to track Jack, as Jack tracks his family.
Jack hears the Deputies behind him and so smashes a window in a room allowing the cold to blast in causing noise. He then hides in a nearby room. 3 cops go into the room, one happens to lag behind. Jack hits him in the neck, killing him. He then takes his gun.
Jack escapes and continues the hunt on his family.
The remaining Cops find the body in the hallway, realise what has happened and begin to freak out.
This is where Jack goes back outside to find his family. The Cops follow.
The snow storm clouds their view, allowing Jack to cut down a cop by chopping him in the belly. Jack continues tracking.
The other 2 Cops come across the dead cop in the snow. And begin to realise they may lose their lives.
They have their guns drawn and are back to back. Not realising Jack has already abandoned them to search for Wendy.
The Cops hear Jack and Wendy in the distance and are about to leave, when they hear about Danny, so decide to try and rescue them.
The Cops close in on the maze, but quickly get lost. Jack Shoots his gun at one of the cops but the gun jams due to the extreme cold, snow and dampness on/in the gun. This gives Jack up, who is shot in the shoulder. And leaking a small amount of blood in the snow (small amount because he's holding his shoulder and his clothes also absorb some of it.) Jack then turns a sharp corner. The Cop follows. Jack awaits him around the corner. The Cop turns the corner but he is not there. This is because Jack is crouching, he then quickly springs up and knocks the gun out of his hand into the snow. Jack begins to push the axe (wooden part) into the cops neck. He headbutts the Cop disorienting him. This then allows Jack to chop his head off. Jack tries to find the gun to no avail. He takes the head. He hears Wendy in another part of the maze but can't get to her, he instead throws the head over to taunt her and cause more fear.
The last Cop sees Jack loosely through the bushes and fires his gun, missing twice and hitting Jack once. The Cop eager to finally finish Jack, turns the corner. But Jack not only charges towards him, he throws a snowball into the Cops face, disorienting him and screwing with his vison. The cop misses twice and hits Jack once. Jack slams the front of the axe into the Cops skull, even going into his eye.
Then the end happens like it usually does except, instead of just freezing, he freezes and bleeds to death.
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2023.06.04 16:22 Vast_Background2369 Dualsense edge controller tap strafing?

I just got the Sony pro controller, and in PlayStation settings, you can remap all your buttons to be whatever you want, but it still links with apex button layouts. For instance, shoot is R2 on apex button layout. On PS5 settings, I can remap R2 to be X, or circle, or whatever your heart desires. I’ve never played MnK so I don’t even know the mechanics of tap strafing. But since I can remap any button input, could I be able to tap strafe on console with this new controller?
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2023.06.04 16:22 Responsible-Fish3986 Yesterdays match with the Gmr15

Yesterdays match with the Gmr15
I’m just a b class Pcc shooter but man I love shooting this thing. Haven’t shot it in over a year but after the 2nd stage it started coming back to me.
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2023.06.04 16:22 masbond84 Premiere Week: "The Villain of Romance", "Love Tractor" & "Bloodhounds"

MBC Dramanet' The Villain of Romance
Premieres June 05 (Monday)
Heavenly' Love Tractor
Premieres June 07 (Wednesday)
Netflix' Bloodhounds
Premieres June 09 (Friday)
All info are compiled based from MDL, Google searches and respective streaming pages. If there's any incorrect or missing info, do inform me. Thank you.
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2023.06.04 16:22 RelativeLeather5759 People breaking Yondr cases @ Lane 8

Last night @ Lane 8 in Forest Hills, I was shocked by the amount of ppl who cannot be without their phones for 2 hours! Mostly people in their 20’s, drunkenly ripping open The magnetic phone cases just to take selfies and film the whole time. Then they’d throw the cases on the ground for staff to clean up. I was sitting in the bleachers and the amount of people doing this was amazing. I kept having to move my friends, and I so that it wouldn’t ruin the vibe. How attached to your phones do you have to be to have this happen?
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2023.06.04 16:18 CringeyDeeds69 If Oweh finishes another year with less than 6 sacks, do we trade him?

In his rookie year Oweh had 5 sacks and 3ffs. In his second year he had 3 sacks. This year coming up is extremely important for him because so far he has been underachieving as a player. His athleticism is great and all however he has several technique errors that he needs to fix.
Like how at edge he doesn't bend around the tackle, and instead shoots straight up field causing gaps to open up and letting the QB escape. There are also instances where he tries to muscle his way to the QB which most times will not work.
There's going to be that select few that scream "let him develop" and "don't rush his progress" however he's had a full off-season to work on his craft and he managed to perform worse in his second year than he did his first.
Before someone mentions depth and him having to play coverage, we had JPP and Justin Houston and at one point Brian Copeland who both rotated in, and later in the year when Bowser returned he was able to rush the passer more. And bowser dropped into coverage some.
Now assuming he balls out this year and begins to price himself out of Baltimore, we should pick up his 5th year option and trade him coming off his best year so we can get maximum value, unless we have enough cap space to resign him without hurting other positions.
What say you?
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2023.06.04 16:18 Gugaomelhor Urgent: Photoshoot advice with limited gear

Mods, feel free to remove my post should I break any rule. Please also excuse the formatting, I'm on mobile.
A very good friend of mine just reached out to me asking me if I could take a nice picture of today's full moon (moon rise ~7 hrs from now). I spare you the extremely sad background story of why he is asking me this favor, but it is important that the picture is from today's full moon specifically.
Now my problem is that I don't own any good telephoto or zoom lens and cannot organize any in time before tonight. The best I have is a Canon EF 24-105mm f/3.5-5.6 on my Canon EOS 80D right now.
Before anyone tells me that this is impossible (I have +10 years of photography experience with some paid shootings here and there), I'm very aware of the challenge but am committed to at least try to get a decent shot, be it just for the gesture (I told my friend about my limited gear but that I would still try my best). I will shoot in raw and have access to Photoshop if needed. I don't want to use any AI generation as I would feel bad given the sad background story. I also don't want to do any photo montage (same argument). However, I am open to heavy editing or AI enlargement/enhancement of some type, and yes I know that the details would technically also be AI generated, but at least it would be based on my original photograph.
I would really appreciate any type of idea or advice. I am currently commuting and will scout the photoshoot location (larger lake in central Europe) in a few hours. I have checked the weather forecast for clouds (should have clear sky) and will use PhotoPills to plan the Moon's trajectory. I am hoping to find some nice foreground for the shot.
Thank you very much in advance, and sorry for the unusual request.
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2023.06.04 16:18 letszzzit Police Bodycam Video Wild Police Chase End In Officer Involved Shooting

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2023.06.04 16:18 letszzzit Police Bodycam Video Wild Police Chase End In Officer Involved Shooting

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2023.06.04 16:18 letszzzit Police Bodycam Video Wild Police Chase End In Officer Involved Shooting

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2023.06.04 16:18 letszzzit Police Bodycam Video Wild Police Chase End In Officer Involved Shooting

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2023.06.04 16:18 certainPOV Parents of teenagers

I don't know how to organize or word this properly. But basically, you can't complain about lack police or response time this summer. We are wasting 3-4 squad cars at Olympia Park every weekend because of the 100+ kids that gather there.
I'm young. I think kids should be out of the house and being stupid. Especially when they can do it in a safe area like our neighborhood. But the fact is, because they drive dirt bikes on the field, shoot off fireworks. Run through yards. One idiot even brought a machete the other day, the cops will have to be posted up there.
Now, these kids rarely rarely cause any damage, and to be honest the noise isn't even that bad.
But the cops need to break up their Coors like drinking parties for curfew and to make sure nothing escalates.
So until your kids break off into smaller groups and hang out in different areas, expect response times to be a tad bit slower on summer weekends.
I'm not going back to proofread this, just wanted to vent Sunday morning. Have a good day y'all!
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2023.06.04 16:18 letszzzit Police Bodycam Video Wild Police Chase End In Officer Involved Shooting

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2023.06.04 16:17 General-Tradition493 Resolving a Dangerous Situation: Officer Intervenes, Shooting Dogs to Protect Man in Lancaster

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2023.06.04 16:17 SuenWritesALot 1 dead, another injured in Streeterville shooting

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