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2023.06.04 15:03 Fedricoo Gigabyte P1000GM 1000W vs. Corsair RM850e 850W

Hi! I'm looking to upgrade my PSU, as the power draw from my old 650W PSU isn't cutting it anymore, with my new 1440p monitors. Currently, I'm using an Ryzen 5 5600X, 32GB of TridentZ 3600 MHz and a RTX 2070 (which I might be upgrading in the coming year).
I've "settled" on one of the two PSUs specified in the title, as they're both in sale for roughly the same price at my retailer of choice, and they both seem to cover my needs. I've basically narrowed it down to this:

Hopefully you can help me decide or point out any key factors I might have missed (impact of choosing 1000W over 850W or vice versa, unforseen drawbacks, etc.) If there's anything I've neglected to mention, please let me know, and I'll update the post accordingly.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.04 15:03 lotuseaters_com Epochs #109 Eleanor of Aquitaine

Epochs #109 Eleanor of Aquitaine
This week Beau and Carl chat about the life and times of one of England’s most extraordinary Queens, Eleanor of Aquitaine. From her less than humble beginnings in the south of France, to her first marriage to the King of France, her adventures on The Second Crusade, her subsequent divorce and remarriage to Henry II of England, their tumultuous relationship, and her later years dealing with the wars and rebellions of her larger than life sons.
Watch the full premium video:
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2023.06.04 15:02 Pipkelly Repotting/ general care advice. Should I try to bury the etiolated stem? I think new roots at base indicate it’s happy enough but could do with more regular light watering. Poss better draining soil, more perlite or similar? UK houseplant, very poor sunlight for 6 m of year. Ok Ish in summer.

Repotting/ general care advice. Should I try to bury the etiolated stem? I think new roots at base indicate it’s happy enough but could do with more regular light watering. Poss better draining soil, more perlite or similar? UK houseplant, very poor sunlight for 6 m of year. Ok Ish in summer. submitted by Pipkelly to succulents [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 15:02 Svarog19 Bungie what is happening man

I think we as a community are suffering from large-scale Stockholm syndrome, because we're paying upwards of 100 bucks a year and so far we've seen like 3 unique weapon models never mind the lacklustre content and the terrible expansion that was Lightfall
All we're asking is for some communication because this is getting way out of hand and I am legitimately concerned about if this game is going to make it past the Final Shape
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2023.06.04 15:02 NanoRobotGeek I spent 3 months making a mechanical Apple Watch (dumb watch?)

I spent 3 months making a mechanical Apple Watch (dumb watch?)
So for the last 3 months of weekends, I have been building this 100% mechanical apple watch from an e-waste apple watch.
Why? Well it all started around December when I was shopping for a regular Apple Watch and I realised that I would be spending a couple hundred dollars minimum, for features I did not really need, probably would not use, in a package that would be useless in 5 years. At some point, this idea popped into my head and I found it so funny. I just new I had to make it.
For those interested, I am using a stainless steel, series 1 Apple Watch and a Seiko NH38 watch movement. The rotor is cut/engraved with a 20W fiber laser. The dial is black zirconium.
I just posted a build video on youtube and a written guide on Instructables for those curious to see how it was done.
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2023.06.04 15:02 CatholicRevert I’m an alum of a target school in my country with 1 YOE. Should I apply to a consulting firm on the application targeted to my school, or in the general pool?

So I graduated a year ago but I also got laid off recently and am looking to apply to a new consulting firm. There’s this one firm I’m thinking of applying to that has an application specifically targeted to graduating students from my former school (they’re specifically targeting it to current students). Should I apply through this portal or through this portal given I have so work little experience or through the regular applicant pool?
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2023.06.04 15:01 jnxn I wish I knew this earlier in my career

After college I got an internship as I had no prior industry knowledge and started as an intern. At the time this was fine. I was living back home with my parents and actually able to save. $14/hr was twice as much as I've ever made at my minimum wage jobs. After a little over a year I was hired into an exempt position for 2 well0% more pay.
Five years later I was stagnant after repeated empty promises of promotion and more pay. I found myself one of the go-to people that leadership would ask for financial, operational, and tech questions yet I was paid far less than anyone I was sitting in meetings with. I was turned down for a promotion that fit my experience perfectly because they hired the VP's daughter who didn't even have a business degree or experience. I thought I was going to be stuck forever. I decided to get my masters and then things changed. New leadership that actually cared about qualifications and I got the promotion I was previously turned down for.
Everything was good until I realized how much more the VP's daughter was making than I was. I figured I would be here forever stuck with my intern level pay as setting the stage for my entire pay regardless of how often I was promoted. I finally had enough and I found a job that paid what I was worth. Now I've been at two other companies since getting getting large pay bumps each time. I'm starting a new job next week since I didn't receive an increase during record inflation.
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2023.06.04 15:01 noctae-corvus Lizard recommendations for someone experienced with snakes?

As the title says, in the near future I might begin preparing to bring a new reptile home! I have a decent amount of experience caring for snakes between a ball python, a kingsnake and a corn snake and I was considering a lizard instead of another snake :>
I find blue tongue skinks very appealing and I have beardies and leopard geckos in mind as well, but I want to explore my options to make sure I get something that fits me!
- Can live comfortably in a 120x45x45cm (around 4x2 for US folks) or similar / smaller enclosure
- Tolerates handling well
- Tolerates heat fairly well (so no cresties, gargoyles etc. As much as I would love one, for context, I live in a fairly hot country. Obviously I do all in my power to cool down my animals in heatwaves and have managed well for several years, but if they are prone to suffering and dying at anything over 26 C/80 F, I don't think it's fair for me to keep them)
- Is readily available captive-bred in the EU market
- I am okay with feeding bugs and other whole prey

I would love to hear your recommendations! Even if it's something fairly standard like a beardie, convince me! Tell me what you love about them!
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2023.06.04 15:01 mmkgbdtdcstds Replacement Lenses Recommendations

Hey guys, after almost a year of lending my New Wayfarers to my girlfriend and watching her drop them consistently, I finally dropped them myself on the sidewalk and the lenses are gashed. Is there a particular brand y’all recommend for replacement lenses for ray bans? Thanks!
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2023.06.04 15:01 DarkKirby14 Mario Party 7 #1: Grand Canal Part 1

hello everyone, DarkKirby14 here and with me here today is the first edition of a new Let's Play: Mario Party 7. This was coming at some point this year and I figured why not now? Anyway, Mario and friends are invited aboard a luxury cruise liner to see the sights, but Bowser isn't happy about not being invited and decides to try and ruin the vacation, and I also start it off by showing off what 8-Player is like as Waluigi takes Wario's friend Toadette to his team and they try to finish on top
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2023.06.04 15:00 DarkKirby14 Mario Party 7 #1: Grand Canal Part 1

hello everyone, DarkKirby14 here and with me here today is the first edition of a new Let's Play: Mario Party 7. This was coming at some point this year and I figured why not now? Anyway, Mario and friends are invited aboard a luxury cruise liner to see the sights, but Bowser isn't happy about not being invited and decides to try and ruin the vacation, and I also start it off by showing off what 8-Player is like as Waluigi takes Wario's friend Toadette to his team and they try to finish on top
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2023.06.04 15:00 Opposite-Outcome-740 There will be New Apple Watch ultra this year or no?

I’m thinking to buy Apple Watch ultra, but maybe if there will be new version of Apple Watch ultra, I can wait. Any recommendations?
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2023.06.04 15:00 smalltimeshitposter Concerns regarding communion

I visited a Lutheran church for the first time ever today. The service was reverent, the halls nice and bright and the general atmosphere was very welcoming.
Then came communion. I’ve been baptised in a different denomination and was going to sit this out, but a parishioner encouraged me to take part and I was like ‘well I guess they’re open communion’ (he was very much aware that this was my first service) and communed. The pastor may or may not have noticed I was new (there were some 100 people present).
The problem? I live in South Korea and the Korean Lutheran Church is in a way a branch of the LCMS, proudly stating its origins in LCMS missions some 60 years back. And I just became aware that the LCMS has closed communion.
Would this be a big problem by LCMS standards? How likely would it be that a (sort of) LCMS church is practicing open communion?
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2023.06.04 15:00 swax124 M23 Austria, Vienna Looking for new people

Heyhey soo I always like to meet new people and hear there stories so I will give this a try on here.
Sooo I'm Tobi from Austria and I would generally describe me as a positive and relaxed person. My friends always say that you can't argue/fight with me. Apart from studying which sadly takes up a lot of time, I like to play tennis/squash, ride my bicycle around the city, explore new places, cook or bake, read, go to the gym or go swimming, hiking etc. There are just soo many amazing things one can do in his free time!! It would be great if you like some of my hobbies as well!
It would be amazing if you are local, so we could meetup as well (but it's not a must), if we both vibe together.
Sooo do you have a favorite place in Vienna? What are your plans for the future? What was the best moment in your life in the last year?
Just to clarify: I have a girlfriend so I'm strictly searching for FRIENDS to do activities together.
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2023.06.04 15:00 Sefirot8 Leftover 2022 Jeep on lot, Dealer says they cant lease it

Hey! I have not been able to find an answer to this anywhere.
There is a dealership nearby with a new 2022 Grand Cherokee 4xe leftover on the lot, and they are trying to move it (its the "managers special"). I asked about leasing it and they said they cant do it because "last years model" or something like that.
Is it true a dealership cant lease a car if its been on the lot too long, even if its still new?
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2023.06.04 14:59 SwannSwanchez Datamine -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> ->

Current Dev version :
Current Dev-Stable version :
Current Live version :
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2023.06.04 14:59 GhostofCharlotte Does anyone else wonder what Jeff would be doing with himself now if he was still alive?

...besides staring out of the bars of his tiny cell, of course.
What would he be up to now, as a 63 year old man? Still writing letters? Would he still continue to meet up with Roy Ratcliffe? I wonder what he'd make of all the new technology we have today, like iPhone, tablets, social media, etc... i wonder what he'd say about the 9/11 attacks, or the covid pandemic even.
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2023.06.04 14:59 Danklyy The second Rayne administration: my headcanon for a second term in office (Chapter 1, part 2)

This is my headcanon for the events following Suzerain as the game played out in my (communist) playthrough:
Disclaimer 1: This obviously includes many spoilers from the game.
Disclaimer 2: This story is written with storytelling and lore at the forefront, not necessarily gameplay accuracy.
Disclaimer 3: This is only the first chapter (and backstory) of this headcanon story/fanfic/whatever you want to call it. I want to write more, but would like to see what people in the Suzerain community think about the writing so far and if they’d like to see more of it. :)
(Part 1 is on my page if you cannot find it elsewhere)

Chapter 1: Inauguration Day (Continuation)

Serge had always been one for praise as long as Anton had known him, but it seemed to be out of sheer admiration and trust, unlike the usual political suck-up. It was definitely appreciated praise, but somewhat uncomfortable in a way, as Anton wasn’t used to such high praise from politicians, and was a little afraid all the compliments would bloat his ego. Though he rarely vocally disagreed with Serge’s remarks, as a president shouldn’t appear doubtful of their abilities. That was one of the many rules Anton had learned to follow as a president. He didn’t like it, yet it had still become almost second nature to him by now, something that also concerned him quite a bit.
“Thank you for your trust in me Serge. It truly means a lot.” Serge smiled through the rear-view mirror once more before replying “Thank you Mr. President for setting such a great example for the people of this nation.” Anton knew it would be impossible to beat Serge in a humility contest, so he conceded with his usual reply “You are too kind, Serge.” Before long they were off, and it didn’t take them as long as they’d thought to get back to the hill of pride, as the traffic had wound down along with the day. As the car headed up the long and winding road that led to the maroon palace through capitol park Anton noticed the palace gates were open and the driveway was filled with journalists, as opposed to the politicians and oligarchs usually present at the previous inauguration events. As Serge entered the car into the driveway, the journalists made way for the car to park next to the small row of black sedans and limos that had brought the rest of the night’s dinner guests to the palace.
Serge quickly stopped the engine and exited the car to open Anton’s door. As he did so, Anton was met with the now familiar camera flashes and the sounds of journalists speaking over each other to the point of near incomprehension. “Mr. President” started a young woman in a sharp azure pantsuit, holding a microphone up to the President’s lips. “There have been a lot of concerns voiced by the opposition after you used the phrase ‘Sordish Revolution’ at your rally. Is the opposition correct that this is an indication of political violence being endorsed by the presidency?” Anton noticed the ‘Lachaven Times’ label on the woman’s microphone before replying to her question. “No. Revolution does not mean violence. Revolution means that this country has problems, and we need radical and rapid change to address those issues.”
“Mr. President, one more question. This revolution outburst, as well as your administration’s close association with communism and United Contana, has brought fear to the hearts of many business owners in Sordland. Do you plan to completely nationalise our nation’s economy, and will business owners be compensated for the loss of the fruits of their labour? Anton briefly chuckled before opening his mouth to reply. Before he could do so however, he saw a hand cover the woman’s microphone. “The President will not be answering any more questions as of now.” Ranye looked left and saw his newly appointed Vice President, Lucian, looking as stern as ever. He took his other hand on Anton’s back, leading him away from the flock of journalists, into the maroon palace.
As they moved inside, there were still a large amount of journalists, although not as many as there were outside. These journalists however, knew better than to try and approach the President, as Lucian’s glare was warning enough. “It’s good to have you here Mr. President. We’ve already set up everything in the dining room upstairs, both for the dinner itself and the televising of the event. Your wife insisted on waiting on you in your office. It would be good for the press to be able to get pictures of you two together, so I would advise you to go get her so you can welcome the dinner guests together.” Anton now noticed his Vice President was wearing a tuxedo, as were many of the male journalists and camera crew. “Knowing you, there is already a tuxedo in my office as well.” Lucian nodded. “Thank you. I’ll go get ready.”
As the President and Vice President separated, it did not take long before Anton found himself in conversation again, while on his way to his office. This time with the director of the Sordish Radio and Television Supreme Council that Anton had founded during his first administration. In fact this was Anton’s first time meeting the director of the council, as Lucian was the one who appointed him. “Mr. President, it’s an honour to meet you. Damien Ves, at your service.” The stocky and wide man grabbed Anton’s hand and shook it. “It’s a pleasure to finally be able to meet with you Mr. Ves. Lucian told me you’d be in charge of today’s broadcast.” Anton began to increase his pace, which Damien attempted to duplicate. “Yes, it's all very exciting. It will be like you’re having dinner with the entire country! This new technology is amazing!”
“Yes, truly amazing. If you’ll excuse me I have to go get ready. It was nice meeting you.” Anton entered his office and closed the door with a sigh. Before being able to look around the room, he was ambushed by a hug from his daughter Deana. “Papa! You’re finally here!” Anton looked down at his daughter, who looked tired from the eventful day. “How did you like the rally sweetheart?” asked Anton as he got down on one knee to be eye-level with Deana. “There were so many people! Mama talked to so many of them. She talked a lot about exploitation. What is exploitation Papa?”
Before Anton could think of how he was going to explain that to his daughter, Monica came up behind her and picked her up. “Alright, let your papa at least get inside properly before you start asking him harder questions than the journalists outside.” Anton followed his wife into the room as she plopped down Deana on the couch. Only then was he able to see how beautiful his wife looked in her elegant scarlet dress. The only thing he could fathom doing was kissing her, and as he did, she pulled away. “Later. Now you have to get ready. It’s nearly seven.” Before going to the bathroom in his office to change, Anton took a last look at his wife as she started doing Deana’s hair. “You look absolutely gorgeous, honey.” Monica gave her husband a warm smile and a wink back as a reply.
Anton entered the office bathroom, where a tuxedo hung from the door on a hanger. It looked old, yet well-maintained. Its white bowtie and waistcoat, coupled with a long tailcoat reminded Anton of the similar suits worn by the wealthiest students during his time at university in the 1920s. As he put on the tuxedo and started adjusting it, he found a note in the left-hand pocket on the tailcoat.
It read “Anton, as you read this, getting ready for the start of your next term, know that the people of Sordland have reaffirmed their trust in you, and it is your duty to not let them down. This suit belonged to my father, and he used it for events just like the one you’re about to go to all the time when he was president. When he fell, Sordland became cursed with two despots, who ignored the cries of the weak. I believe that you have the power to break that curse, as evident by your first term. I believe that you are the only one who might be able to stop this curse now. But only if you keep true to yourself and your ideals, don’t let the world of politics suck you in too much. Don’t forget that you are where you are to serve the people. Not the powerful, but the weak. Good luck my old student and good friend. -Deivid Wisci.”
Anton had very fond memories of his mentor Deivid Wisci, both as his professor, and as his minister of foreign affairs. The day he retired was a sad day for Sordland. Although he definitely deserved a retirement, after all the good he had done, Anton thought to himself. He put the note back in his pocket and adjusted his bowtie for the final time. Before leaving the bathroom however, he remembered to take the pocket watch he was gifted by Serge from the breast-pocket of his usual attire. He placed it in the breast-pocket of his new tailcoat, slicked back his jet black hair, and headed out of the bathroom. “Ready?” Monica and Deana were sitting on the couch patiently waiting. “Yes, let’s go.” Anton reached out his hand to escort Monica out. As she put her hand into his, he kissed her hand before the pair proceeded out of the office along with Deana.
The Rayne family made their way into the maroon palace’s dining room, where the camera crew had already started filming. Anton and his family took their place in the lounge area that decorated the backdrop for the dining table, where the Rayne cabinet slowly started to assemble to be welcomed by Anton and Monica. First was Lucian who, to nobody’s surprise, came alone. He came up to Anton and shook his hand, followed by that of Monica’s, while Deana tried to hide slightly behind her mother. Lucian took his seat in the lounge, making sure to sit as close to Anton as he could.
He was soon followed by the equally lonesome minister of defence, Iosef Lancea. Unlike nearly every man present in the maroon palace however, Iosef came in his regular military attire, as opposed to a tuxedo, or even a regular suit. Although Anton was unsure, he might’ve added a few medals to his uniform for the occasion. He saluted the President and First Lady, to which Anton replied with an adequate, but not nearly as impressive salute. He took his seat next to Lucian, and they started the obligatory small-talk that was expected of them as dinner guests.
At last came the minister of agriculture, Gus Manger, who was accompanied by his wife and son. They walked up to the President’s family, where Gus proceeded to shake Monica’s hand, while his wife greeted Anton. They then switched places, and Anton welcomed Gus and his family to the palace, and to the dinner. Gus then took his seat beside Iosef, promptly followed by his wife and son. Anton didn’t know much about Gus’ family, however his son somewhat reminded him of Franc, albeit a few years younger. The boy didn’t seem that excited to be here, understandably enough. It seemed as though Monica had noticed the same thing, as she faintly pulled on her husband’s arm, gesturing to him to lead everyone to their seats at the table.
As he was about to do just that, the doors to the eastern wing of the room swung open one more time. It was Ciara. She was wearing an off-white dress, surprisingly similar in shade to the bathrobe she’d worn earlier today, though obviously much more classy. Monica gave Anton’s hand a slight squeeze as she noticed her friend. Anton looked towards a smiling Monica, and gave her a grin back. “You managed to get her to rejoin your cabinet?” Anton smiled even wider “It was a hard task, but I think you had a lot to do with it.” Ciara walked up to Monica and shook her hand, bowing slightly as she did it. She turned to Anton and shook his hand, though not with as much vigour as with Monica. “Mr. President.” “Ms. Walda. Welcome.”
When the rest of the guests noticed Ciara, Iosef flung up out of his seat, looking positively resentful. “What is she doing here? Didn’t you resign you-” Lucian quickly got out of his seat and put his hand on Iosef’s shoulder, or at least as far as he could get to the shoulder of the colossal man. Iosef turned his head sharply and scowled at Lucian, prompting him to remove his hand and gesture to Damien, who was behind the camera, making sure our conversation was out of range for the camera to pick up on. Iosef turned to Anton “Mr. President, with all due respect, did you really invite this woman back to your cabinet after her treacherous resignation?!” Anton had noticed the tension between Iosef and Ciara the few times they’d been in the same room together, and it was clear they were good at pressing each other’s buttons, intentionally or not. Iosef must’ve been glad when she resigned. For her to come back unannounced must’ve been seen as a big middle finger to not just Iosef, but Lucian as well, as Anton hadn’t discussed it with him either. But Lucian, unlike Iosef, knew how to act like a politician, and wouldn’t risk his career for a televised outburst.
“Iosef, with all due respect, I am your superior. We need people in our cabinet, and may I remind you that this event is currently being televised.” Anton stared at Iosef in a way he’d never done before. It was actually quite satisfying for Anton to be able to speak to Iosef like that, as he had real experience on how Iosef treated his subordinates from his time in the army. Iosef mumbled something before speaking up “Of course Mr. President. I am sorry.” Anton could actually see Iosef’s eye visibly twitch as he mouthed that last part. “Good, then we’ll be seated. Follow me everyone, right this way.” President Rayne led the dinner guests towards the table, where Deana and Gus’ son were seated first, followed by Ciara, Monica and Gus’ wife, the two latter of whom were seated by their husbands respectively. After which the rest of the cabinet, along with Anton took their seats.
The camera panned to look directly at Anton, who would deliver his post-inauguration speech to the nation. “Brothers and sisters, today has been a great day, not just for myself, not just for the USP, but for our nation. You have reaffirmed your support for me as your President, as a conduit for the will of the people. In doing so you have reaffirmed your trust in our nation, our collective passion to make the lives of others better. Because that is what a nation is. A nation is a band of people who share a home, and who are passionate enough to help each other and push each other forward to greater things. It is a sentiment to collectivism and what we can accomplish when we band together and fight for each other, with compassion and solidarity. That is what we are, we are brothers and sisters. No matter if you are a sord or blud, man or woman, eight or eighty. If you live in Sordland, your neighbours are your brothers and sisters, together you hold this nation on your backs through your trust and your belief that together we can make the world a better place. United we stand, divided we fall. A Morgna wes core, vectern sis da!”
The camera panned away from Anton’s face but continued filming the dining table. Everyone seated applauded Anton’s speech. He raised his wine glass, which had already been filled prior to everyone being seated. “I’d also like to raise a toast. To Bernard Circas. We sit here, on the four year anniversary of the tragic end of his great life. His words moved millions, and continue to move millions more after his death. He inspired love, compassion and hope. He dreamed of a better Sordland, one where we were free of exploitation and united in proletarian solidarity.” There were mixed reactions across the table, but mainly looks of disagreement. Anton continued nonetheless. “Bernard was killed for his beliefs. After a long investigation the main culprits are finally behind bars, but this does not solve the deeper issue. Fascism. The scourge that kept Bernard’s dream from being realised is what killed him, and he will have died in vain if we do not take that threat seriously, and do what we can to rid this country of the fascism that wants to tear it apart. It was only Bernard who would have the words to give us the hope we need, but while he is gone, his spirit remains, and it remains to give us the willpower we need to do what we can to make sure nothing like what happened four years ago ever happens again. To Bernard, our only strength is the will to survive.”
After Anton finished he took a sip of his bitter wine and sat the glass back down, followed by everyone else. Iosef mumbled something again, but as Anton briefly looked towards Damien, it looked like the speech, and following toast, had been a hit with him and the rest of the camera crew. “Well said Mr. President '' said Lucian, before taking another sip of his wine. A moment later, the chef, a tall and lanky young man, came out followed by servers bearing plates of food. “For the first course we have prepared…” The next few hours flew by as Anton was bored senseless by the conversations, or lack thereof, between the “strictly-work-talk” Vice President, traditionalist minister of defence, radical minister of education, and anrican capitalist minister of agriculture. After hours of dull conversation and several courses, all representing a different region of Sordland, the dinner was finally over and the broadcast finished off with a speech from the first lady. Anton felt bad, being too tired to properly listen to Monica’s speech, although it seemed to have a similar effect on the guests as Anton’s speech did. As the applause following her speech died down, the broadcast was shut off, and nearly everyone in the room let out a sigh of relief, including Anton and Monica.
Anton stood up, and was followed by the rest of the table. The presidential couple bid farewell to their guests as nearly everyone left. As Anton, Monica and Deana were getting ready to go change and head home, Anton was approached by Damien who wanted to have a few words before leaving.
“It was a wonderful broadcast Mr. President!” he said with a fake enthusiasm. Damien knew the basics of political intrigue, but had yet to grasp the subtle art of lying convincingly. Anton simply replied “Thank you, Mr. Ves, you did very well yourself managing the production.'' Unlike Damien, Anton bore no attempt to show his lack of interest in the conversation, as he slowly started making his way out of the dining room area of the palace. “Thank you Mr. President, you honour me!.” he nervously paused for few seconds before continuing “Mr. President, would you please consider having a meeting with me later this week.” “Whenever you have the time!” blurted out the nervous, and now slightly sweaty, man. “I’d be glad to have a meeting with you Damien. In fact I was planning on having one with you anyway, to discuss the goals and strategies of the commission going forward.” Anton again started walking a bit faster, trying to get out of the conversations with the hippo-like man. “How does tuesday 9:30 sound?” Damien struggled to keep up with the President, making him sweat even more profusely as he panted out a reply “Wonderful! Great! Thank you Mr.Presdi..Ray..” He stopped for a second to catch his breath “Thank you Mr. President!” he shouted down the hallway as the President hurried back into his office.
“Why do such social events seem to drain me more than dull meetings about infrastructure development?” joked Anton as he walked into his office to greet his wife. “It wasn’t that bad, I had quite the interesting conversation with Ciara and Erica.” Anton looked confused for a moment before Monica elaborated. “Gus’ wife. Erica Manger.” She sat down on the couch next to a half asleep Deana. “Ah! And what did she have to say?” inquired Anton, loosening his bowtie as he said it. “She was surprisingly supportive of our participation in politics, considering she’s from Anrica, like Gus.” Anton sat next to his wife, wrapping his arm around her before answering. “Well not everyone in Anrica is exactly Curtan Leste. You know he’s been losing a lot of support in the city ever since his stunt in Benfi, interrupting your speech like that.” Monica looked out the window to the view of capitol park. “Still, even with the waning influence of the old guard, both him and Gloria Tory have become increasingly popular with the conservatives now that Soll, Graff, Hawker and the like are all in prison. They are still a real threat, now with even more concentrated support.” Anton stood up and walked over to the window, now looking at dusk settling over the park as well. “I know.” he paused for a second. “We still have a lot of work ahead of us.”
The couple stood there for a few minutes in silence, enjoying a peaceful moment together while contemplating the future. After a while, however, they decided they best head home for the day. They went into the office bathroom to get changed again. After doing so, Anton took his sleeping daughter in his arms and the three of them exited the maroon palace. They had stayed there so long that all the journalists had gotten tired of waiting for them and gone home. The courtyard of the palace was all but empty, aside from a few guards, and of course, the Rayne family’s loyal driver. Serge opened the backseat door for the family to get in the car, where they were able to relax for the long drive home in the quiet of the night.
The new Valgslandian presidential car was slowly making its way towards the presidential residence built during the Alphonso presidency. It was a modern home, inspired by the works of some Arcasian architects. While Anton certainly disagreed with Alphonso about a lot, and despised Arcasia, he had to admit it was a pretty nice home. As he sat in the car he dreamt about getting home and being able to jump into bed after such a long day, and from the looks of it, Monica was thinking about the same thing.
They were driving past a newly built secondary school, Circas Secondary, that was built as part of Anton and Ciara’s education program during the first term. Anton’s mind drifted from the architecture of his own home to the architecture of this school, and was suddenly filled with pride, being able to see the material results of his work as president. He was admiring the building’s large gymnasium when suddenly the white walls of the pristine building turned a fiery orange hue, followed by a loud “BANG!”. Before they could comprehend what had happened the car had been flipped on its head and the glass from the windows shattered. Deana immediately woke up in panic and started crying. Anton was able to get to her quickly, and shield her and Monica. They sat there together in the wreck of the car for what felt like minutes, not being able to move out of pure shock, before they heard a series of coughs followed by the voice of their driver “Anton, Monica, Deana. Are you okay?!” Anton managed to muster a response despite his distress. “I think so Serge. How about you?”
As he felt a hand grab him by the collar of his coat, Serge replied “Don’t worry about me, we need to get out of here!” Before Anton could respond he felt his collar tighten around his neck as he was slowly dragged out of the car wreck along with his wife and daughter. When they were all out of the car Anton opened his eyes to find he was lying on the pavement, looking up at Serge who was examining the family for any serious injuries. He then heard the sound of sirens in the distance, and noticed the night looked very bright. He looked to his right and saw the cause of this brightness, the school was on fire. At least what was left of the school. There was rubble everywhere, it had been blown to pieces. He looked back up at Serge, with the starry night sky behind him. Hints of flashing red and blue lights began to appear as Anton’s eyes began to shut and the night became darker. The previously clear voice of his driver became muffled, as he heard cars approaching and the sound of doors being shut. Before passing out, he felt someone lift him up and put his body onto something soft, followed by the sound of doors being shut again.
To be continued.
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2023.06.04 14:58 Geekdog52 What are some of the reasons you believe some Podcasts just stop?

Hi everyone, I have noticed searching Podcasts that some will go for a few years then they will just stop and not put a new episode up again. Why do you believe this might happen? Thanks
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2023.06.04 14:58 vagflapp Strip Club Awakening

TW: infidelity & mental health Hi. I'm 33F and have known for a long time about my attraction to women. I've identified as bi for several years, even though I only slept with men. I've been engaged to 3 men and married one less than a year ago.
I struggle with my mental health and have been on meds for over a year. Meds reduced so much crippling anxiety and depression, which has allowed me to function and think with more ease. I also endured moving states for the first time in my life. My sense of self was so wrapped up in my family, and moving was a shattering experience.
Stagnation and resentment was very much alive in my marriage. I have a curiosity that led me to explore the new city solo. Ofcourse, that led me to get better at talking to people (lifelong awk introvert). I've been growing in many ways including going to the strip club for the first time. One dancer in particular took interest in me. I regret not tipping her more. Blessed be the strippers and dancers, for they are doing the lord's work.
Several months later, I'm lying to my husband, throwing out toxic, inaccuracies & misunderstandings of polyamory. I'm also on dating apps. He was "okay" (but really not okay) with me going on a date with a lady. It was a really nice date. It felt more natural than anything to hold hands in public, touch regularly, and then to later do other stuff. We'd had a few days of build up and had one date prior where we didn't touch at all. I already knew I was more attracted to women, and finally being with one flipped an internal switch.
I've been warning my husband I'm more gay than he realizes. I've done so much damage to him and feel awful. I can't change who I am and he doesn't want me in a relationship with a woman. I'm angry and wondering what led me to have to answer to a man (there's other white man bs involved on his end). It's not fair to him that I lied and cheated.
All I know is I want to be with women and should not be married. My husband and I have separated. It's a confusing time where I love him due to our history, but we're not meeting each other's needs. Through this journey, I've found I've surrounded myself by strong women. I've reached out to these friends and family members and they have wept with me and helped me to get off the floor. They've patiently listened and agreed, yep all signs point to gay. I can't tell what I'm crying about half the time anymore. I know this journey would be much harder without the support. Family and friends are going to Pride with me next weekend. I can't wait to hug my mom.
Coming out late has been so painful and I've made a mess doing it. I'm trying to remember to be kind to myself. Currently living moment by moment. Finding outlets other than social media where I'm getting publicly blasted.
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2023.06.04 14:57 PlasticBread221 My uncle God who told divine dad jokes

The first time I met my uncle God, I was a baby. Mom stopped in the kitchen for a quick nibble on our way to the nursery, and there he was in all his glory. He said, 'Hi baby, do you want to hear a dad joke?' Naturally, I did. I was too young at the time to remember the joke but I know for sure it was very funny, because I fell in love with uncle God's jokes and would be seeking them out for the rest of our time together.
Years passed by until one day, I had a baby of my own. It was a boy, and he was born right as uncle God was about to launch into one of his jokes. My son was truly blessed. This joke, unlike the first one, I shall never forget:
'Do you know what the buffalo said to his son when he was leaving for college?'
(My baby and I were speechless as we didn't know.)
'He said, 'Bison!''
There was a moment of silent awe. Eventually, it was broken by my son, as he spelled out: K.I.L.M.E.
And he jumped from my arms and walked out of the nursery, never to be seen again.
(Later I convinced my mom to listen to the joke. Like me, she thought it was very funny.)
This episode, understandably, made my uncle very self-conscious. When he became the leader, he was hesitant to use his new powers to share his dad jokes with the whole family at once. He was afraid his killer jokes would have no survivors. But as he got old, I managed to convince him to go out with a bang, so to say.
As I held my second newborn son in my arms, we held our breaths in the expectation of uncle God's parting words. They went like this:
'Why can't we play hide-and-seek with mountains? -- Because they peak!'
-- In the loving memory of God Sucato
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2023.06.04 14:57 hockeyboy87 Tenant wants to stay after submitting an N9

My girlfriend and I just bought a place with a basement apartment and prior to closing the tenants sent an N9 indicating they are going to be moving out. I put out an ad and found some good tenants that are going to be paying a few hundred more than what it is currently being rented for.
Yesterday I went to view the property one more time before closing tomorrow, and I saw the tenant who was alone. He is a very nice guy, clean and seemed to take care of the unit. But he asked me if he would be able to stay, even though he already submitted a signed N9. Is he allowed to rescind this?
I feel very bad because on one hand he is clean, quite and by the sounds of it he pays rent on time. And if it turns out that he can’t rescind the N9 and I do get him to leave I feel like I would be throwing him to the wolves as everything is so expensive.
On the other hand, rent is 1450 and he only makes 38k a year before taxes, im not sure if he can afford the rent on his own. Also the new rent would be 1700, and the tenant that I’ve interviewed also seems very nice and quiet.
Not really sure what to do here.
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