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Come discuss Bakemonogatari, Nisemonogatari and related series here! Bakemonogatari (化物語 "Ghostory") is a Japanese light novel series written by Nisio Isin (ill. Vofan; pub. by Kodansha under the Kodansha Box imprint). The story centers on Koyomi Araragi, a 3rd-year high school student who finds himself mixed up with all kinds of ghosts, demons, apparitions, and cute girls!

2023.05.29 17:41 jhpratt2 $nwbo-Pakistan

Currently, NWBO's Sawston plant is the only visible global hub for DC VAX L manufacturing and distribution (MHRA MIA approval 3/20/23) . For $400 , FED EX (https://www.fedex.com/en-us/custom-critical.html) ships anywhere globally within the required timeframes.A SAGE (https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1177/20363613231179541) 5/26/23 scientific publication demonstrates intent by Pakistani neurosurgeons to treat and cure their GBM patients. Looks like the DC VAX L JAMA paper and LIAU- Bosch presentations since 10/26/22 have created global awareness that DCVAX L will be is a major global cell based biotech therapy, addressing GBM , and all solid tumors( https://conferences.asco.org/am/industry-expert-theater).
With 50% of LIAU-SPORE-UCLA combo patents living 10 years, DC VAX L has turned SOC's GBM treatment from a terminal (16.5) months disease into a chronic treatable malignancy .
Dr. Greg Zivic:
"This treatment can turn a Glioblastoma into a chronic treatable disease even after recurrence of the tumor . "
Monday, May 29, 2023 9:13:34 AM
Post# 596739 of 596755 4 Pakistani neurosurgeons endorsing the JAMA Liau dc vax l phase 3 study. Will the RA in Pakistan facilitate their patients' resected GBM tumors and lysate being sent to Sawston , with syringes of dc vax l sent back to Pakistan?
IMO,BB's consultant is a "legend ", as alleged.Therefore, I recommend reading every on of his posts, word for word.
Bright Boy Brian F Egolf Sr M: Bright Boy
Re: ae kusterer post# 593171
Sunday, May 14, 2023 2:22:21 PM
Post# 593185 of 593185 I am definitely not a biotech expert and what I've learned about Northwest and DCVax-l was shared with me by one of the legends in the biotech world !!! My biggest takeaway is this:
From 2018 forward, it became apparent that DCVax-L was a breakthrough, technological process for the treatment of nGBM and rGBM, but its true potential was only known by a "handful" of experts, and as such, the understanding of the broader market implications was a relative unknown. Early on, several of the comments that I heard from BP were," The GBM market is really not that big!" and " Personalized, Immunotherapy vaccines are not really in our 'Wheelhouse'. We sell compounds/pills!!" On and on! The comments didn't mean that BP wasn't paying attention! Quite the contrary, BP was watching like a hawk as results from Dr. Liau and the UCLA trials began to leak into the medical community suggesting a broader application of DCVax-L on a "stand alone" basis and in combination with CI's for all large tumor cancers ( mentioned in the latest 10Q for future trials), thus dramatically expanding market potentials!!! But the "Big Moment" occurred in late October of last year when the STADIUM LIGHTS turned on, shining bright lights on the latest nGBM/rGBM ,Dr. Liau trial data suggesting 50%to 65% OS for 8 years with emphasis on rGBM !!! That was the point in time when BP and the entire biotech world realized that GBM/rGBM would be treated and managed as a CHRONIC DISEASE!!! with unlimited PROMISE and HOPE for patients and unlimited marketing potential to finance existing vaccine production and the continuing development for improved treatments for all diseases!!!!!
So that's what I learned and that's my story and I'm stickin to it!!!!
Cheers especially to all the Mom's and to everyone !!!
Joseph H.Pratt: https://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=172010930
Bright Boy Re: None Saturday, March 18, 2023 12:38:55 PM Post# of 596750 Go People, People, People !!!!
The light switch just turned on for me !!! I'm not a doctor or scientist or a STEM concentration "rock star", but if I read something over and over again several times and look carefully at the pictures SOMETIMES, NOT ALL THE TIME, a major mental breakthrough occurs and I believe that I've discovered something very profound!!
In this case, I believe the main message from the slide deck is that DCVax-L, either by itself or in combination with CI's has turned the whole thing around for treating nGBM/rGBM from having to kill the tumor to a "management process" !! It looks like now with this new information, that GBM patients can receive vaccinations as needed with "Zero" side effects and live a long and happy life !!! A comment from a medical expert that DOES KNOW !!!:
Dr. Greg Zivic:
This treatment can turn a Glioblastoma into a chronic treatable disease even after recurrence of the tumor.
So help me out here. Does the above reasoning seem logical based on the slides all of us have just reviewed?? If it does or is, then little Team Northwest has just changed the healthcare landscape forever in the way that we treat disease!!!!!
Am I way off base or are all of onto to something that is fabulous beyond belief???
Bright Boy Re: thermopost# 591947 Tuesday, May 09, 2023 8:41:30 PM Post# of 596749 Go The UK is determined to be the world carrousel for use of immunotherapy vaccines to treat cancers and all forms of disease!!! From my friends in the UK, my use of the word "determined" grossly understates the effort behind the "Grand Plan"!!
So far, the MHRA has not only accepted and approved the MIA application (manufacturing license), but voluntarily offered the expansion to a GLOBAL MANUFACTURING" license allowing for the import of live cells and the export of vaccines to the far corners of the earth!!! People!!! That is huge!!!!! BUT as always 99.99% of the retail investors don't understand the significance of that license or anything else about the process and look to the screen to validate the importance/value of the license, where they are greeted by Citadel and Virtu and the rest of the gang that manipulate the price to new lows, confirming that, in spite of everything they just read from the greatest medical minds in the universe, is a bunch of crap!!!!
Fortunately for the cancer patients and shareholders of Northwest, the MHRA does not include in their decision making process the current SP of NWBO or the opinion of the "gutter filth" that manage those companies or any other companies that participate in the ordered destruction of small biotechs that are engaged in the development of immunotherapy vaccines!! So, it's on to the filing of the MAA (marketing license), the approval and the decisions that will guarantee swift treatment deliveries to patients!!
So Griffin and Cifu and Fuerstein and the rest can lie all they want , but the GREAT UNITED KINGDOM will not be denied the ultimate crown of being the WORLD CENTER for CANCER TREATMENT !!!!!
Bright Boy Re: hoffmann6383post# 578889 Tuesday, March 21, 2023 1:55:12 PM Post# of 596749 Go People, People, People!!! It's your friendly "hillbilly" here with some more great news!! Don't know if I can "one up" my earlier post about the "Dog eating the license", but I'll try. So here we go!!
I don't think everyone realizes how dynamic and important the manufacturing license really is so I'll take a shot at giving you my take on it. First of all, the marketing approval (MAA) and the government subsidy approval(NICE) are pretty much in the bag before the manufacturing team gets the "green light" to proceed. The MAA and NICE teams talk to the MIA team and say," This stuff looks really cool and we wanted to let you know before you run off and do a lot of work on something that we won't approve when you're finished!!" Okay! So that's the first part.
Now for the second part and this is the part that involves a lot of money so read very carefully!!! The MIA license allows for global export of the vaccines and global import of immune cells/tumor resected material. Anyone in the entire world that is diagnosed with GBM can NOW ship their tumor samples to Northwest/Advent/Sawston to have their personal vaccine made and stored, all to be shipped back to the patient/doctor on a prescribed injection schedule. The beauty of this process is that patients everywhere can NOW receive their vaccine on a compassionate care basis. No more waiting!! No more opportunities for the "dark forces" to delay or deny suffering cancer patients their desperately needed treatments !!!
People, as of yesterday, Northwest is now IN BUSINESS !!!! AND that opens the door for institutional investors and an uplist to the New York or Nasdaq exchanges!!!!
All of the above is as good as that first sip of ice cold buttermilk on a hot summer day!!!! AND for those unfortunate shorts and haters it adds a whole new description to the letters FTD and I'll let you guess what that might be!!!
Bright Boy Re: None Tuesday, March 21, 2023 9:05:54 PM Post# of 596749 Go The MIA allows for "International Immune Cell Imports" and "International Vaccine Exports" !!! That is big news and a big, big market and should access every cancer patient in need!!!!
ae kusterer
Re: None
Monday, May 29, 2023 9:13:34 AM
Post# 596739 of 596755 4 Pakistani neurosurgeons endorsing the JAMA Liau dc vax l phase 3 study. Will the RA in Pakistan facilitate their patients' resected GBM tumors and lysate being sent to Sawston , with syringes of dc vax l sent back to Pakistan?
Abstract Objective: To define the landscape of treatment patterns and current epidemiological data regarding gliomas in Pakistan.
Methods: As part of the Pakistan Brain Tumour Epidemiology Study (PBTES), data were collected from 32 neurosurgical centres across the country. Our retrospective study looked at patients who underwent surgical procedures for gliomas in 2019 in neurosurgical centres. The data was collated and analysed using STATA version 15.
Results: A total of 781 patients with gliomas were identified 479(61.8%) in public sector hospitals, 302(39.1%) in the private sector). The most common histopathological subtypes were glioblastoma 262 (33.5%), followed by astrocytoma 147(18.8%) and oligodendroglioma 93(11.9%). Gender distribution was skewed towards men 508(65%). Private institution hospitals performed surgical biopsies as the first surgical procedure 75(23%) more often than public hospitals 38(9%). Chemotherapy was given to 115(29.8%) patients, and there was no data regarding 467(53%) of patients. Similarly, only 202(43.9%) patients received radiation therapy, and there was no data for 469(60%) of patients. For high-grade gliomas specifically, only 95(31.8%) patients with HGG have a record of receiving radiation therapy, and only 57(18.9%) had a record of being started on chemotherapy.
DCvax: A promising advancement in oncology for the treatment of glioblastoma Areeba Fareed https://orcid.org/0000-0001-5906-9852 [email protected], Samia Rohail https://orcid.org/0000-0003-1488-0080, […], and Abdul Moiz Khan https://orcid.org/0000-0001-9796-8867+1View all authors and affiliations All Articles https://doi.org/10.1177/20363613231179541
Contents Declaration of conflicting interests Funding ORCID iDs Footnotes References PDF / ePub More Dear Editor, Glioblastoma is a malignant neoplasm of the central nervous system that arises from glial cells, primarily astrocyctes and is characterized by poorly differentiated, fusiform, round or pleomorphic astrocyctic cells with marked nuclear atypical and brisk mitotic activity.1 Despite advances in early diagnosis and comprehensive treatments, there is nearly 100% recurrence rate and dismal patient survival.2 According to researchers, more than 13,000 Americans are diagnosed with Glioblastoma annually, causing significant morbidity and mortality. There has been no cure for Glioblastoma so far.3 Treatment options often include surgical removal of the tumor followed by concomitant radiation and adjuvant temozolomide TMZ chemotherapy which has been the standard of care for glioblastoma since decades, but exposure to high doses of ionizing radiation is a well-known exogenous risk factor for glioblastoma. The inability to cross the BBB is the major obstacle in achieving remission after surgical resection followed by chemotherapy and radiation.4 As a result, glioblastoma typically recurs within six to 8 months and the survival rate is generally less than 5%.2 Despite the development of novel, complex, multidisciplinary, and targeted therapies the outcome for patients remains almost universally lethal.5 Therefore, the need for effective treatment is undeniable. For this reason, it has been a priority area in cancer research. Recently, US biotech company Northwest Biotherapeutics has developed a brain cancer vaccine, called DCVax, which is designed to help patients' immune system to target their tumors that may prolong their life by months or, in some cases, years.5 Thus, opening a door for the development of innovative therapy for targeting glioblastoma. The vaccine is created for each patient individually by isolating dendritic cells, from their blood which is then primed with biomarkers from a sample of the patient’s tumor.6 Dendritic cells present tumor antigens to the immune system, prime T cells, and mobilize antitumor responses.6 To evaluate the safety of the vaccine and its impact on survival time in patients with Glioblastoma, a phase 3 randomized control trial was conducted.7 In this trial, 348 patients newly diagnosed with Glioblastoma were tested at King’s College Hospital and other centers around the world for 8 years.7 Patients had surgery to remove their tumors as much as possible, followed by radiation and chemotherapy as the standard treatment for Glioblastoma.7 Among these patients, two out of three were treated with the vaccine, DCVax-L, with the remaining one-third receiving a placebo.7 The astonishing result of the trial has shown that newly diagnosed patients who received the vaccine survived for 19.3 months compared to 16.5 months for those who received a placebo.8 Overall 13% of all trial participants treated with DCVax lived more than 5 years after diagnosis compared with 5.7% in the comparison group who did so.8 Moreover, this is the first time in 17 years that such a significant result has been achieved in a Phase 3 trial of a systemic treatment for newly diagnosed Glioblastoma, and it’s the first treatment in 27 years for patients with GBM recurrence.9 Thus, this development represents a major step forward in our efforts to combat this devastating disease. Based on the findings of the trials evaluating the drug’s efficacy, it has the potential to improve the quality of life for patients, especially for the elderly and those unable to have surgery. A global clinical trial has concluded that the DCVax is the world’s first vaccine to treat deadly cancerous brain tumors that could help patients to live for years.9 This breakthrough could benefit 2500 people a year in the UK being diagnosed with Glioblastoma.9 It has also been shown that this therapy can be used to treat cancers other than Glioblastoma.9 However, due to high recurrence rate and lethal outcomes, the treatment of gliblastoma has seen significant transformation, switching from an aggressive surgical strategy to a more cautious one. The endorsement of the vaccine is a commendable achievement, and it demonstrates the unwavering commitment of researchers and healthcare professionals to discovering effective treatments for such lethal disease. Furthermore, vaccine may enhance the quality of life of a patient and provides a new hope for patients and their families Thus, it is crucial that we continue to support research into Glioblastoma and the development of novel treatments so that we can envision a future where this disease is eradicated. Declaration of conflicting interests The author(s) declared no potential conflicts of interest with respect to the research, authorship, and/or publication of this article. Funding The author(s) received no financial support for the research, authorship, and/or publication of this article. ORCID iDs Areeba Fareed https://orcid.org/0000-0001-5906-9852 Samia Rohail https://orcid.org/0000-0003-1488-0080 Alishba Adnan https://orcid.org/0000-0003-1238-6687 Abdul Moiz Khan https://orcid.org/0000-0001-9796-8867 Footnotes Author’s noteNot commissioned, externally peer reviewed. ContributorshipAreeba Fareed and Samia Rohail wrote the draft. Alishba Adnan and Abdul Moiz Khan proofread it. All authors reviewed and edited the manuscript and approved the final version of the manuscript. Data availabilityNo new dataset generated. References 1. Aans.org. Available from: https://www.aans.org/Patients/Neurosurgical-Conditions-and-Treatments/Glioblastoma-Multiforme%5d (cited 9 April 2023). GO TO REFERENCE Google Scholar 2. Liau LM, Ashkan K, Brem S, et al. Association of autologous tumor lysate-loaded dendritic cell vaccination with extension of survival among patients with newly diagnosed and recurrent glioblastoma: a phase 3 prospective externally controlled cohort trial: a phase 3 prospective externally controlled cohort trial. JAMA Oncol 2023; 9(1): 112–121. Available from: https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamaoncology/fullarticle/2798847 (cited 9 April 2023).
PubMed Google Scholar 3. Pelc C. Experimental cancer vaccine both treats and prevents brain cancer in mice [Internet]. East Sussex, UK: Medical News Today, 2023. Available from: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/experimental-cancer-vaccine-both-treats-and-prevents-brain-cancer-in-mice (cited 9 April 2023). GO TO REFERENCE Google Scholar 4. Rong L, Li N, Zhang Z. Emerging therapies for glioblastoma: current state and future directions. J Exp Clin Cancer Res 2022; 41(1): 142. (cited 9 April 2023). GO TO REFERENCE Crossref PubMed Google Scholar 5. Aldape K, Brindle KM, Chesler L, et al. Challenges to curing primary brain tumours. Nat Rev Clin Oncol 2019; 16(8): 509–520. Available from: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41571-019-0177-5 (cited 9 April 2023).
Crossref PubMed Google Scholar 6. Technology Networks. Brain cancer vaccine shown to extend patient survival [Internet]. Sudbury, UK: Technology Networks, 2022. Available from: https://www.technologynetworks.com/vaccines/news/brain-cancer-vaccine-shown-to-extend-patient-survival-367721 (cited 9 April 2023).
Google Scholar 7. Clinicaltrials.gov. Study of a drug [DCVax®-L] to treat newly diagnosed GBM brain cancer - full text view - Clinicaltrials.gov [internet]. Bethesda, MD: Clinicaltrials.gov, 2023. Available from: https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT00045968 (cited 9 April 2023).
Google Scholar 8. Campbell D. Vaccine shown to prolong life of patients with aggressive brain cancer. London, UK: The guardian [Internet], 2022. Available from: https://www.theguardian.com/science/2022/nov/17/vaccine-shown-to-prolong-life-patients-aggressive-brain-cancer-trial-glioblastoma (cited 9 April 2023).
Google Scholar 9. Delgado-Martín B, Medina MÁ. Advances in the knowledge of the molecular biology of glioblastoma and its impact in patient diagnosis, stratification, and treatment. Adv Sci 2020; 7(9): 1902971.
Crossref Google Scholar📷 0 Share Reply/Post Keep Last Read More Next 10 Prev NextNWBONorthwest Biotherapeutics Inc (QB)0.615 0.011 (1.82%)Volume:1,013,957Day Range:0.6011 - 0.62Bid:0.61Ask:0.615Last Trade Time:3:59:10 PM EDTTotal Trades:378
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2023.05.29 17:40 FAKEPRADA Ahhh I misunderstood! I get it now, right?

*Genuine post* - not disingenuously crying "Scam Citizen", as a concierge backer of CIG - this is truly how I see the project and I think I now understand "the deal"...
I've been thinking more and more and more over recent years - mind=blown at the state of development of Star Citizen...
Bamboozled by the $1000,$2000,$3000 price tags on ships, up to $40,000 game packages, over $580,000,000 raised for the development of this game - in disbelief at the state of the Alpha tech demo in 2023 and at the (quite frankly)disgusting lack of progress relative to what the game was promised to be.
Horrified by the fact that large amounts of the $580,000,000 raised - the majority of which being clearly raised by ship "sales" for "Star Citizen" - a space trading and combat MMO simulation game - is being squandered on expensive Motion Capture, Actors, and Designers and Developers for a single player, linear campaign mode... completely separate to the MMO which people have been pledging for since the end of the kickstarter campaign in 2012... and is currently in a state of being delayed by over 8 years with no release date in sight whilst consuming the majority of development resources within CIG.
Most of all, confused by the apparent acceptance by backers that the game is already a decade into development... and that it seems to be generally accepted that additional "decades" will elapse before Star Citizen will be considered to be a fully release game -
... people do not live for centuries, a decade is the longest "defined, full measure" of time within a human lifetime, and the average person in this part of the world will only get to live for 7 or 8 decades at the most... the fact that it is generally accepted by backers that Star Citizen may take multiple decades to develop has been a serious point of confusion to me... a $60 preorder in such a scenario would merit such confusion, but in this instance we're talking about tens of thousands of dollars in many cases, thousands in many many MANY more... people are effectively pre-ordering a game for a voluntary $100, $1000, $10,000, even $100,000... and the development of the game is expected to span multiple decades.
I've wrestled with the confusion for a number of years since gaining "concierge status", when my hopium coursing through at a much higher dosage -
"How, just howwwww is this possible, how is this legal? How has this happened?"...

But now I think I get it, I default back to the above thinking out of habit, I keep on forgetting to remind myself -

Nobody has purchased a game, and nobody has purchased a ship...
$580,000,000 has been literally "donated" to CIG - to do with as they please, and every single one of our transactions has been such, we have all spent exactly $0 on this game, no digital transaction has been made for money in exchange for goods... and that is "How", it perfectly and legitimately satisfies all of the above points of contention.
The development of this game IS as questionable - to phrase it politely - as the "haters" say, the Glassdoor reviews from CIG employees are evidence of this from the horse's mouth, if the timeline to date and state of the game were not enough...
However, it IS also fine, because that is what every single backer has agreed to - every backer has agreed to fund CIG to operate in the way that it has/does/will - purely by means of "donation".
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For more recent reviews and to be able to see them all join us :)
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2023.05.29 17:39 driftk1ng7 Having trouble growing hair in highlighted areas

Having trouble growing hair in highlighted areas
Hi everyone! First post on this subreddit so bear with me :D. If this type of post isn’t allowed, please delete!
As the title suggests, I’ve been growing my beard out for quite some time now. It’s almost full, except for the areas around my mouth, where the mustache doesn’t connect with the rest of the facial hair, and a lack of hair on my chin (see photos with the circles for a better idea of what I’m missing) Not too sure why this is but it drives me nuts lol. Also, yes I know it’s a stock image, haven’t posted my face due to privacy reasons, thanks.
I’m looking for any advice/tips/tricks/recommendations as to how to get hair growing in this area in order for the beard to connect. Appreciate your time!
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2023.05.29 17:39 WilhelmTrooper The 5 Star Wars Universes/Timelines (My Opinion)

Hello everyone, today I would like to post detailing my opinion on what the 5 different timelines/universes of Star Wars are, and I would like to here your responses, whether you agree or not or just generally what you personally think:
1) George Lucas Canon:
The Original 6 films, OT and PT. No novelizations, no outside sources other than quotes George has made in interviews about these movies. These are the stories he made, and he always says that these stories are his stories. So if you want purely Lucas Star Wars, it is just these films and nothing else. Also when you watch them it doesnt feel like you’re missing anything. The story of these films is just these films and form the wya they’re presented there’s nothing else going on other than the story being shown to you.
2) EU post-ROTJ -> pre-TPM:
This is the universe that covers everything put out by LucasFilm licensing that came out either during or after the end of the OT, all the way up to the release of The Phantom Menace, the first Prequel movie. These stories were made by writers who had no idea what the Clone Wars really was, what the Jedi Order really was, or how it was going to be presented by George when he made his prequel films. George gave them some notes and direction sure but they really just made things up as they go. Different writers implied different things about the Jedi and the Clone Wars and all other sorts of things in terms of the past of Star Wars. I mean, it’s blatantly said in some of the X-Wing Books that the Clone Wars were 40 years ago (the books take place about 2 years after ROTJ).
3) EU post-TPM -> end of EU:
Although many of the stories from before the prequels were not retconned, the prequels did retcon MANY aspects of already established EU lore, to the point where I think separating the two into two different universes is necessary. We now have a concrete answer for what the Jedi Order was, what the Clone wars was and when it happened, and how the galaxy came to be what it ended up being in A New Hope. With these new answers from George himself came a swath of changes to how things in the EU looked and managed. Luke’s New Jedi Order slowly began to take more of the shape of the Prequel Jedi rather than what the EU writers were going for with their own idea of what Luke’s Jedi should be. Not entirely like the Jedi of old, but enough to notice the change and shift from the original idea of what the New Jedi Order was written to be. This universe held many stories, but this universe of course came to an end in 2014 when Disney decanonized the entirety of the EU.
4) Disney Canon:
This is pretty self explanatory. This is the universe of Disney’s Star Wars. The Sequel Trilogy, The Mandalorian, Book of Boba Fett, Jedi: Survivor, you name it. Everything made after 2014 up until now for the most part. Movies, shows, novels, comics, etc;
5) The Old Republic MMO:
To me, The Old Republic mom game is so much of its own thing, it is separate to everything else in Star Wars. It is not the past of the Star Wars films, especially not over 3000 years in the past. The galaxy is much, much too expansive, technologically developed, and flashy for me to believe it is the ancient past of the OT. it’s not the true future of KOTOR 2, as the MMO made several retcons and bad explanations of what happened to the story threads set up by that absolutely masterful game. This game is just its own universe that uses the same rules as Star Wars to tell its own story. It’s simply an AU, nothing more, nothing less. I do not hate the MMO, I just firmly don’t believe it to be in the same continuity as anything else.
What do you all think of this? Do you agree? Do you think they’re even more universes/timelines? Do you disagree with me entirely? I wanna know! Let’s talk about it :)
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2023.05.29 17:39 chadbarrett So I finally got around to reading the 14 Features of Fascism and couldn't help but laugh. It seems applicable to pretty much every group in every country, from politics to identity.

I saw the typical riff raff back and forth with someone trying to calm another down, that Republicans are NOT literally Nazi fascists trying to blah blah blah, you know the drill. With the other side insisting that they check off nearly every box! Then linked some overly exhausting article on it, as "proof".
Knowing how the internet is, I decided to look up these 14 features myself, and as expected, if you don't like a group, it's pretty damn easy to pigeon-hole any opponent into this ideology. Forward: I'm actually a liberal progressive, just a bit anti "terminally online woke weirdos", and also understand the intention of the author was these features are meant to be extreme reflections. However, I'm highlighting how it's used casually to frame your opponent into that category for political convenience.
So let's see how the average young woke liberal Redditor checks off these boxes? Surely, the most anti-fascist group out there wouldn't be... Fascist.
1. The cult of tradition. “One has only to look at the syllabus of every fascist movement to find the major traditionalist thinkers. The Nazi gnosis was nourished by traditionalist, syncretistic, occult elements.”
This one is the most silly... Because "Traditionalist thinkers" encompasses literally every ideology, from religion, to political, there will always be dead thinkers who are admired and revered thought leaders. Now while there may not be any direct occult traditions, even though many are knee deep in their horoscope, there are definitely ingroup signalling. Let's do a pronoun roundtable before the group and introduce ourselves. I'll admit though, this isn't as strong, as say, the Nazis who were propper occult based.
2. The rejection of modernism. “The Enlightenment, the Age of Reason, is seen as the beginning of modern depravity. In this sense Ur-Fascism can be defined as irrationalism.”
This one doesn't apply. I could bend a bit and find some ways, but it would overall make the argument weak. If anything, they are the ones encouraging depravity like sex work is real work type stuff, so I wont push on this one. But fascists don't need to check off ALL 14.
3. The cult of action for action’s sake. “Action being beautiful in itself, it must be taken before, or without, any previous reflection. Thinking is a form of emasculation.”
Every year, every damn year... Me and my fellow progressives are attacked because we need to "Vote Blue, no matter who!" or "If you don't vote Democrat, you aint black, Jack!"
4. Disagreement is treason. “The critical spirit makes distinctions, and to distinguish is a sign of modernism. In modern culture the scientific community praises disagreement as a way to improve knowledge.”
This is probably their biggest one. This absolutely fits the most extreme cases in all ways. Culturally, they've absolutely made it so any one who dissagrees with them on any nuanced issue from COVID to Clinton being a queen, will label you a heretic. People like fucking Jimmy Dore and Russell Brand are now considered "right wingers". Ever see someone have a nuanced take on the trans issue? You don't so much any more, because it gets you banned across reddit. But people used to.
5. Fear of difference. “The first appeal of a fascist or prematurely fascist movement is an appeal against the intruders. Thus Ur-Fascism is racist by definition.”
This is highlighted by the liberal elitism growing disdain for the working class. The snobbery and aversion from poor and working class types make them uncomfortable, and viewed as inherently racist, sexist, transphobic, and problematic. These "evil white trash Republicans" are viewed as a threat to our country and actively coordinating to spread lies and propaganda over Minecraft to convert our children to becoming... ALT RIGHT
6. Appeal to social frustration. “One of the most typical features of the historical fascism was the appeal to a frustrated middle class, a class suffering from an economic crisis or feelings of political humiliation, and frightened by the pressure of lower social groups.”
Again, ties right in with the above. It's those damn, uneducated, white trash, rural folx voting against their interests. They view them not as struggling poor in a dysfunctional economic system, but rather, uneducated poor who are too dumb to think for themselves, who ultimately drag down the country.
7. The obsession with a plot. “Thus at the root of the Ur-Fascist psychology there is the obsession with a plot, possibly an international one. The followers must feel besieged.”
This obsession of this idea that there is a sophisticated Russian/GOP psyop all across the internet trying to spread misinformation. That any time people say something you dissagree with, it's either a victim of this nefarious plot against people, or coordinated active agents themselves spotted in the wild, trying to recruit Twitter and Reddit users.
8. The enemy is both strong and weak. “By a continuous shifting of rhetorical focus, the enemies are at the same time too strong and too weak.”
This is my favorite. Trump was both an absolute incompetent moron, who couldn't even string a thought together, but also a sophisticated and calculated mad man who was about to overthrow the entire government. Russia as well, can barely launch an invasion against a small country as their entire infrastructure scrambles and crumbles to their poor leadership, but also sophisticated enough to shift the entire global zeitgeist including changing the outcome of an American election.
9. Pacifism is trafficking with the enemy. “For Ur-Fascism there is no struggle for life but, rather, life is lived for struggle.”
Also SUPER common. Guilty by association. You aren't even allowed to TALK to the other side. It's either "giving them a platform" or "empowering their thoughts by paying attention to it." Very very cultish and insular here. It's seen as heretical to simply be friendly to the other side. So much so, many of these people have cut off family ties over it.
10. Contempt for the weak. “Elitism is a typical aspect of any reactionary ideology.”
I want to give them a pass on this, because I saw what antifa looks like in real life, and it's a bunch of sissies. As most of these "woke leftists". However, they do still see people on the right as weak, intellectually. And they hate them for it. If anything, the left is worse than the right with how much arrogance they hold at the higher ranks. And we have data to prove it.
11. Everybody is educated to become a hero. “In Ur-Fascist ideology, heroism is the norm. This cult of heroism is strictly linked with the cult of death.”
Just look around Reddit and the rest of social media. Online activists literally dedicate their lives to "fighting the secret underground cabal of GOP agents spreading misinformation". Literally, Reddit is ran by about 5 full time power mods who are all activists, who also recruit activists. They all think they are a hero in their own plot.
12. Machismo and weaponry. “Machismo implies both disdain for women and intolerance and condemnation of nonstandard sexual habits, from chastity to homosexuality.”
I'd initially say they don't fit this... But they do fit the spirit of it. They are just on the inverse. Machismo and masculinity in general are deemed evil. Instead, they lead with loosely defined virtuism that guides them. It's all the same shit though. 4Chan types may want to troll and set up a raid and ruin someone's life for some stupid racist reason... But at the end of the day, they are doing it for fun/meaning and to feel powerful over a group of people. The terminally online left is no different... But instead of using machismoism, they use virtue to justify their bully tactics to have fun/meaning and feel a sense of power over others. They just have to find a way to label the person a heretic, then it's morally justified hunting season, where it's morally encouraged to ruin someone's life.
13. Selective populism. “There is in our future a TV or Internet populism, in which the emotional response of a selected group of citizens can be presented and accepted as the Voice of the People.”
When it's Trump trying to redefine the norms and institutions, suddenly the state is sacred and instutions must be preserved. When it's Bernie (My man), suddenly it's "Well yeah, the government is shit and we need to start it all over from scratch! Bernie is a shill now. We need someone even more radical! Capitilism itself has to go entirely through revolution!"
14. Ur-Fascism speaks Newspeak. “All the Nazi or Fascist schoolbooks made use of an impoverished vocabulary, and an elementary syntax, in order to limit the instruments for complex and critical reasoning.”
I think this one goes without saying. This is their second hardest one on the list that fits the author's intended extremist definition. They are almost defined by their newspeak. The obsession with definitions, the treadmill constantly going to signal how committed they are to "the cause", is all so cultish.
Anyways, my point is. You can probably do this with any other group. I don't think my defining of the left here, is any more or less dishonest than if you were to do it with the right.
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2023.05.29 17:39 tokenathiest My brother just discovered this place

My brother just discovered this place
Any fans here?
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2023.05.29 17:39 QuantumParsec After some experimenting, RoN weapons can get an extra 20% damage increase vs the new dungeon's bosses

I saw something interesting and spent an afternoon testing it out. Here’s what I discovered:
The Root of Nightmares weapon origin perk "Harmonic Resonance" buffs the weapon depending on how many other weapons with the origin perk you have equipped. The buffs are to reload speed, handling, and damage vs tormentors and lucent hive. So:
All this together means that the Root of Nightmare weapons (which are already very good) are very strong options in the new dungeon and also for RoN (encounters 1 and possibly 4, at least).
My favoured combo is Conditional Finality, Acasia’s Dejection (solar trace) and Briar’s Contempt (solar linear). These three also have pretty great anti-champion capabilities this season, and also have the advantage of being really fun to use
submitted by QuantumParsec to DestinyTheGame [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 17:39 DARTHKINDNESS Rainbow Butterflies

Rainbow Butterflies
These will be fun to hide. I prefer to put them in places where children will find them. If adults do, I always hope they pass it along.
submitted by DARTHKINDNESS to PaintedRocks [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 17:39 Far-Requirement-3285 Dating slow? Is it normal?

I’ve(26m) have recently been seeing a great girl (25f) but I’m not sure if we’re moving at a slow pace or just not at all.
For context, my last relationship was 0-100. We met and kissed the same night and ending up full out dating and her basically living with me after two weeks. Definitely was rushed as the relationship ended about 6 months in due to multiple factors and ultimately just not being happy.
Which brings me this new girl via sliding into her dms. We met and went out till 7 am the first night. But no kissing or any of that. Just flirting n such. We ended up hanging out again a few days later. My schedule got busy and I didn’t see her for three weeks (job change, busy with other hobbies, out of state wedding, just busy in general). But we still texted nearly every day.
We started to go out more often and now we have one day a week that we dedicate to going bouldering and out for drinks after (this is one of our favorite activities and it’s nice to have a common hobby). I always walk her home whether it’s a night out with friends or a one on one just me and her.
We text almost everyday, we flirt, we make plans and after the 4th date we have been more touchy with each other. She’s met my friends and vice versa. Still haven’t kissed though…
We have started to see each other at least twice a week now. I’ve known her for about 6/7 weeks
She has stated to me that she’s only ever been in one relationship in her life, and from her stories and context it seems that it was while she was in college. So I understand that she likely just takes things slow.
So my question is, do I continue to keep it at this pace? Or do I switch something up? I obviously know I need to sit down and talk with her about what she wants from this and see if our goals align.
TLDR: have gone on multiple dates with this girl. It feels like we are progressing but not at a rate I am used to. Do I keep pursing or nah?
submitted by Far-Requirement-3285 to dating_advice [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 17:38 captainporthos Toyota Cross Hybrd - A good idea killed by poor pricing and delays

Hey all,
Is anyone else disappointed with the Toyota Cross Hybrid roll out?
I was pretty interested in the chance to buy a slightly smaller hybrid SUV than the RAV4 at a more reasonable price. However, the roll out of the car has been met with substantial delays in the United States; not even the dealers know what is going on with it. Originally, I think the cross hybrid was supposed to be released last year and they are only now hitting the markets. I'm not sure if it is supply chain issues, bad management, or what.
Also, the price has ballooned since it was initially announced. A base Cross Hybrid is $27,970 while a base RAV4 hybrid is $31,225 a difference of only about $3k! At that price what is the point? The key selling point of the cross hybrid was that it was a cheapemore affordable alternative to the RAV4, but now they nearly cost the same price. Why would someone buy a cross hybrid over the already proven and well established RAV4?
If this had been $5-6k less than the RAV4 like I believe it was originally promised it MIGHT have been worth it to get a cheaper buy for the price conscious shopper. However, at a $3k difference and considering the difficulty actually ordering one....forget it. A real disappointment that might kill a solid car before it even had a chance.
submitted by captainporthos to Toyota [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 17:38 Itchy_Warning341 http: error/cannot connect to game server

ive been getting these erros lil ish more frequent as of late.. when i get "http:error" and it just pops up then after that I get "cannot connect to game server".. like i have to try like 10x+ times to get in the game and it getting very annoying. Also when I do get in all my chasers are out of order from what i had em at witch is odd.. but not missing anything in my inventory etc. So how do I fix this issue? like it was playing fine last night and my internet working etc so idk wtf up w/it. Ty in advance!
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2023.05.29 17:37 Powerful_Stop4837 Email

Anyone else got this email I'm assuming this a scam of some sort?
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2023.05.29 17:37 alarkandalark am i depressed? do i have depression? does it matter?

(20f) tried to go into work today. went for half an hour, couldn’t do it.
i haven’t been able to do much for the past few weeks. laying in bed. no energy. i forced myself to run a mile and take a walk yesterday, but it just feels so shitty. i’m a marathon runner, i typically run at least 80 miles per month. this month and last month i’ve only been able to run 20. it’s so much more effort than it’s ever been.
i’ve never had a hard time waking up before. i’ve always been a morning person
it’s too hard to go to the store or cook, so i’m ubereatsing myself meals for breakfast lunch and dinner, even though i need to be saving money
i’ve been going through inconsistent periods like this over the last 2 years, it’ll come and go in waves but it’ll typically last for 2 weeks- 1 month. during these times, i call out of work for 1- 2 weeks in a row. is this normal?
i’m not sad or anything, i just have no energy. i never used to drink caffeine. now, i need it in order to get out of bed. i have never had to rely on something in order to move before
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2023.05.29 17:36 Kampy5567 Arsenal of Bone Weapons

One of my players has the ability to make armor and weapons out of their bones. So, right now, the armor is represented by protection. We kinda goofed on the weapons a bit (first time running/playing a game and all) and put them under Create since the character pops them out and then anyone can use them. We've just been using the archaic weapon stats available in the Deluxe Hero Handbook.
Working with my players, we decided we'll probably make some adjustments to the characters once this particular arc of the story is done in order to build them a bit more closely to how the rules are intended to work. So, my question is how do we replicate the creation of different weapons with this bone power? I know some have recommended just to do several damage powers in an array and just flavor them, but my player really wants to keep the list of simpler weapons from the Deluxe Book and Gadget Guide to pick from when using the power. Is there a difference since the array is power effects and the items are equipment? Or could we just put the weapons into the array so long as we do the array's cost correctly (ie, select the highest cost weapon as the main thing and then pay 1pp for each of the others)?
Thanks for the help! I'm sure I'll be back for recommendations for Blue Lantern and Sand guy later haha
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2023.05.29 17:36 Gutterman_X World Movies A-Z: Dominican Republic to Egypt

This year as a challenge I have set myself that task of watching a film set in every country, in order to expand the context and languages of my movie watching in 2023. And also to have a bit of fun!
My main goal is to stick as close to alphabetical as possible, with the ideal film being set in, produced by, or at the very least primarily filmed in this country. I will be watching bad movies, great movies and everything in between with a aim to keep it diverse in genre and budget. I will give my thoughts on the movies I watch each week to catalogue this theatrical trip around the world.
Feel free to recommend any films from countries I have not yet watched or tell me what you have thought about a film if you happen to have seen it.
Dominican Republic - Jean Gentil: A drama of relieving quality after a long search for a film that featured this country (Aurora Dominicana on Vimeo was an amazing resource). A Haitian academic living across the border finds himself out of work and deeply depressed. Struggling with his religion, he pleads God to fix him, to let him have something of his own. It is deeply melancholic and drags you through his self imposed hopelessness despite receiving help and compassion from others. Loved that this film showed so much of the DR and even had a dramatic fly over shot of Haiti. 8/10
East Timor - The Barefoot Dream: I'll be honest I settled pretty quickly for this one. I stumbled on a movie set here and didn't go much further. A Korean movie set in East Timor, our neighbour to the North, about a constantly failing Korean entrepreneur who settles in this impoverished country with the aim to sell sports equipment. A "true story" that is basically just a classic sports movie with the same arc as any other but with the added benefit of ticking a country off my list. Sorry Timor Leste. 4/10
Ecuador - 24 Hours of Pleasure: A comedy of errors with the horniness turned up to 10. However this is not sexy and not really funny either. Shot in Quinto in the 60s it's interesting how "American" Latin America was back then. The whole film had a what if a poor country was doing it's best impression of the United States. If I can find another film this might be an interesting country to see how much has changed. Or perhaps I'll visit. Anyway movie is like a 4/10.
Egypt - Cairo Station: An Arabic thrillefilm noir about a crippled mentally unwell man that slowly builds a hatred for his fellow train station workers due to his unrequited love for a local woman and the general dismissal by his peers. Editing in swings from amateurish all the way back to masterful. This could possibly be due to technical limitations of the 50s but is sometimes jarring. The director also stars as the main character and puts in a great performance, really making you feel for, but simultaneously repulsed by,this 1950s poverty stricken incel. 7/10
Short list as I'm currently in the process of buying my first home. Turns out there is a bit too it. I'm also quickly running out of year. Coming up on the halfway point and not keeping pace with the films. I'm still have fun however and hope to hear from anyone that's read this far. Thanks
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2023.05.29 17:36 BoglimChairBug Using Memorial Day to pimp your shit art is mdwu

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2023.05.29 17:36 Hiei80 The Daily Dogelon - Monday, May 29th, 2023

The Daily Dogelon - Monday, May 29th, 2023
Up and at 'em, Martians! 🚀🚀🚀
Who's in the mood to ride some waves? 🌊
We hope you brought sunscreen, this Daily Dogelon is spicy! 📰

Roll up those sleeves.

🔁 It bears repeating:

Lest we forget.
Source: https://twitter.com/Dogelon_dev/status/1661314132920942594

Turns out the Dogelon Indie Devs serve in more ways than we thought! 👀
Illuminating the community where darkness might envelop. 🌑
It's easy to succumb to FUD, even when tide seems to be turning. 💫
But don't fall for it. You're dealing with a well-informed and educated bunch! 👨‍🏫
Step into the light and be assured: $ELON is making all the right moves. The rest is timing. ⏳

👁️ Just picture it...

New feasts for your eyes, every day!
Source: https://twitter.com/DogelonWarriors/status/1663168325499904001

You guessed it, it's another appreciation post for our Warriors! ⚔️
When you put in as much work as they do, you become more than a Martian. 👨‍🚀
You may be well aware of their daily space and longevity news roundup... 🙋‍♂️
However, their Twitter recently kicked off a new segment! ✨
Pretty much every day you can expect to find brand new Dogelon iconography. Purely epic. ✊

👇 Now, let's take this puppy to the stars:

✔️ CoinMarketCap - Vote Up
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At long last, it's...

⚜️ The Daily Dogelon Gallery ⚜️

Before and after.

Praise be!

How can you resist a collection of such legends?

Start preparing those orders, won't be long now.

WATCH OUT FOR SCAMS and verify with our legit channels:
Follow our official accounts 📱 for all the latest updates and announcements along with breaking news 🚨 for #DOGELON!

We're going to need a bigger boat. 🛥️
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2023.05.29 17:36 PennywiseLbro AITA for being mad at my mum for cancelling my shein order that i paid for

i just was scrolling reddit AITA and i saw my mum made a post on this and it made me sound like a little brat. let me just start off by saying the money was not hers to tell me what to spend it on.
basically if u didn’t see my mums story it was basically she didn’t let her daughter buy her online shopping because she didn’t support the business. she also said her daughter lazes around, but that’s not true. i do chores, and i babysit my little sister often, and i don’t get paid for either.
i asked my mum if i can order my shein order and she said no because it she didn’t think i had the money. she mentioned in her story however, that apparently she said it supports child labour. most brands do.
not to butter my own bread, but i am very fortunate to have very generous and rich grandparents. i went around to there house that afternoon, and they asked me how i had been, so i was telling them about how i had a small argument with my mum because i wasn’t allowed to order my shein, and they gave me $250.
i didn’t ask for this but they did it out of pure generosity. i went home and my mum was out, so i asked my dad if i was allowed to place my order, and pay him for it. he said yes so i ordered it. i DO infact have an email so i placed my order under MY email, but i left my phone on the bench, and my mum came home and saw my phone, and she knows my password, so she unlocked my phone and cancelled my order. i was very mad at this considering i had paid for it.
who is in the wrong??
submitted by PennywiseLbro to AmItheAsshole [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 17:33 shootsandladderss AITA for only buying myself Food?

hi! i‘m 14 and female. For Context: We are buying a new kitchen so we cant cook and its a holiday in germany today (and yesterday) so we couldn‘t buy any food so all we have right now is bread and some jelly. I‘m the youngest of 4 kids (m 26, m 22, m 21) but i only live with 2 of my brothers (m 21 and m 22). One of them works and goes to the gym and the other one sucks. He doesn‘t go to school or work, smokes all day, plays video games, has completely isolated himself from the world and pushes his religious beliefs onto me. We don‘t get along AT ALL. We never speak and when we do we argue so we just avoid eachother. I‘m honestly to lazy to explain the whole story but my other brother really needs 80€ for his drivers license but i don‘t want to borrow him my money.
Okay so now the story: Since we have no food at home i decided to order myself some food. Around 20€. Now my brother and my Mom (Other brother isn‘t at home) are super pissed at me for only buying myself food. I‘m a 14 yr old girl and i have 3 Brothers that are 20+ yrs old. I AM NOT buying anybody food and I AM NOT borrowing anybody money. I need my money to buy clothes, get nails done, hang out w friends, etc. We are not poor, but everything is closed today. I‘m not a guardian?? I‘m not responsible for food in the house. During the argument they brought up that i didn‘t give my brother my money and that i never think of other people and that i‘m selfish etc. My Family are a BUNCH of people pleasers. I think they are just offended that i respect my own boundaries because they are nothing like that. It‘s true that i am kind of selfish but not „park on a handicap parking spot“ kind of selfish, more like „not sharing my food“ kind of selfish.
Sorry for possible grammatical errors i‘m german. :)
submitted by shootsandladderss to AmItheAsshole [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 17:32 roslaunch_node Looking to order parts for a micromouse project

I'm looking for tips to what parts to order for my micromouse project.I want to make a small (should fit in the palm of my hand) sized robot that will drive around a maze, map the maze and then I should be able to place the robot at a point in the maze and it is gonna figure out where it is. I also want to transmit the data in real time to create a 2D image of the maze on my computer.
Parts I figure I need are:
Smaller parts like wires and transistors I can buy locally. I'm gonna 3D print the chassis and other parts on demand.
Is there anything obvious I've missed? Also, is there a possibility that I can connect the battery directly to the microcontroller and all these parts dirrectly to microcontroller, or might I have to start playing with MOSFETs as the current through the microcontroller will be too high?
submitted by roslaunch_node to arduino [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 17:32 Philosophy_Natural Archetypes of archetypes: technical prowess x intelectual prowess

Archetypes of archetypes: technical prowess x intelectual prowess
So, I am the guy of the positions archetypes, pls check the guides if you are interested:
When thinking about midfields and wingers there is a distinction that help understand some archetypes diferences. For the ones that are used to deck building games, I common sense that in order to have a balanced strategy you need some lighter cards to complement the heavyer ones. The intelectual oriented players are these "lighter" cards that help you to sinergyse the players that you have that are more individually skilled.

what I see when someone post a full team without intellectual players

Technical players:
This are the category of the best individually players. Their stats are better, they do most of the plays for your team. In game, most of the "best cards" like gullit/socrates/vieira/al owairan are all players with thecnical prowess. They are the better players for rushdown gameplay (aka vertical gameplay) since you can just out stat the enemy team.

Intellectual Players:

This are the players that generally are worse in stats, and individually. They make up for it, unmarking themselfs and giving options to pass, having high agility and good short passes so you can speed up the tempo, and good game reading so them can cover deffensively for players out of position. This characteristics are not easily readable just looking at stats. These kind of players are good for slow build up play and tiktaka gameplay. Pedri/xavi/marchisio/salah/elliot are good examples of this kind of players ingame.

Why not play only Technical players, since they are the best?

If you dont have a ballanced approach when building a team, you will give up the game tempo, and the game, and the ability to build up an attack from the midfield, so you basically relying on individual gameplay to making plays. Even in real life this approach has won games, and in FIFA it is even stronger, but this gameplay difference should be noted both playing with and against the heavily technical skewed team. On the other hand, a full comitment to intelectual teams seens like a pretty weak strategy, tho in real life (guardiola/City) they are really strong.

Jokes aside, every strategy is valid except cross spamming. The main point tho, is that there are diferences, with pros and cons, and this differences will be usefull when choosing CMs/CAMs/wingers.
Thx for all the love in the other posts, and sorry if this was too theoric/boring, hope it was usefull.

Shout out u/Sup3rGRIN who helped me with this post, and who came up with int/tech names!
submitted by Philosophy_Natural to FUTMobile [link] [comments]