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2023.05.29 16:36 Gold_Touch_1016 Android emulation

I know that it is still green but i would like to know if it would be possible to emulate a couple of games in the Samsung Galaxy S8 tablet, or it would be required the ultra versión to do so. It's fine at 30fps on zelda botw and pokemon shield.
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2023.05.29 16:32 FlobeeFresh New Rumored Release Date for Galaxy Flip & Fold 5
Current rumors is that the new foldables will be unveiled at the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event on July 26th with global release to occur on August 11th.
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2023.05.29 16:30 kcr141 Searching For Common Threads 9: The Dark Forest

First Previous Next
When we landed at the primary research site, it was quiet at last. As I unstrapped myself and began to stand up, I started forming a list in my mind of all the tasks that would need to be completed.
As a first order of business, I walked over to the other side of the flight deck and began to inspect the hull breach. The hole that had been formed in the side of our ship was smooth on the inside. There was no evidence of any tearing or fragmenting, rather, the metal appeared to have been melted.
“You know,” I said, “I don’t think this was from kinetics fire. It looks like a laser did this.”
“It was a laser,” Tsavolyn replied. “I could see the beam.”
“I mean, it makes sense ‘cause we were moving away from them so quickly.”
At this, commander Taylor spoke up:
“That reminds me, did I hear you correctly when you said that those attackers were pulling twelve G’s?”
“Yeah,” I answered.
“They… that’s not… they can’t do that, that should be lethal!”
“I know,” I said. “Maybe those two ships never had a crew to begin with, however, they weren’t acting like they were computer controlled either. Honestly, I’m even more impressed they didn’t damage their warp drives or stall their reactors pulling those kinds of maneuvers.”
“Unfortunately, we’ll have to worry about that later,” commander Taylor responded, “right now, we need to get our own drive back in order.”
The three of us began to make our way down to the cargo hold. Once there, I found the nearest control panel and instructed the cargo bay doors to open. Sunlight flooded into the compartment.
The first thing that jumped out at me was that, unlike Earth’s spaceports, our landing pad seemed to be entirely makeshift. The bay doors led directly out onto a platform surrounded by guard rails and supported by a steel lattice structure. From there, a set of stairs connected the platform to the concrete floor below. Besides the platform in front of us, there was a concerning lack of service structures.
Then, I saw the rest of the world beyond the guard railing. The human-built structures gave way to rolling grassy hills with forests and mountains visible in the distance. From our vantage point, an abandoned alien city could be seen as well. The city was the reason for the outpost’s construction and was also the only obvious indicator that this was not Earth.
“It may not be quite what you’re used to,” commander Taylor said, “but according to the outpost’s inventory, everything you need should be here.”
I went over my mental checklist again before speaking:
“Alright. So… I need to swap out proto-segments three, seven, nine, fourteen, and… eighteen. We should probably start with three since that one’s kinda the whole reason we landed at all.”
“What is special about segment three?” Tsavolyn asked.
“Proto-segment three is all the way inside of the warp drive’s primary ring,” I answered. “We experimented with other designs that were easier to service, but none could match the efficiency of our current approach. So unfortunately, in order to get to segments one through four, you have to partition them and extract the surrounding buffer. It takes special machines to do this because the drive becomes inoperable if the buffer leaks out.”
“Plus,” I added, “that stuff is toxic and it aerosolizes at standard pressure.”
“We didn’t pack our own equipment because it’s very heavy and we wanted to stay maneuverable in order to give ourselves the best chance of survival,” Taylor said plainly.
The three of us climbed down to the ground and began our preparations.
“I’m going to need some way to get up top to the primary ring,” I remarked.
“There should be an articulated lift here somewhere,” commander Taylor responded. “I can get that set up while you go find any other tools you might need.”
“Alright,” I said. The three of us parted, Tsavolyn traveling with Taylor while I headed in the opposite direction towards the edge of the spaceport. The researchers had set up a collection of temporary shelters and storage units. These structures were built out of flexible plastic supported by metal framework, they were more like habitats than buildings.
Once inside one of the shelters, it was obvious that the outpost was abandoned in a hurry. A variety of tools and electronics lay strewn about on top of a foldable table along with a half eaten bowl of oatmeal and a tablet.
Out of curiosity, I picked up the tablet and powered it on. When the screen lit up a dim orange color and displayed alien text, I realized that the device was of tynaksian design; evidence of the expedition’s cooperative nature.
After turning the tablet off, I set it back where I found it and then got to work. I managed to find a small tool bag and began packing it with everything I would need. I took a set of wrenches, a small flashlight, and a multitude of powered screwdrivers. I also packed a set of pliers along with extra bolts and wires in case any got lost or damaged. As I was searching through various storage drawers, I caught a glint of something gold and shiny. I reached in and produced a roll of PI tape. Remembering the hull breach on the flight deck, I packed the tape as well.
The next couple hours were spent tediously replacing each of the modified warp drive components. Accessing proto-segment three was a delicate process that involved attaching several cables and hoses to the drive’s primary ring, engaging multiple safety mechanisms, and then having commander Taylor activate the extraction machine from the ground.
After segment three, the rest were fairly straight forward. I would simply unbolt a panel somewhere, replace the proto-segment, and then put the panel back. When that was done, I went back inside the ship and used the PI tape to patch up the hole in the side of the flight deck. I also realized, upon further inspection, that the laser beam responsible for the hull breach had continued on its path and damaged one of the control interfaces.
To prevent any complications, I disconnected the damaged interface and then began a diagnostic on each of the components that had been replaced. After that, I headed back outside, finding commander Taylor and Tsavolyn admiring the alien landscape.
“I’m running a diagnostic on each segment,” I told them. “Once that’s done, we should be good to go!”
“Alright,” Taylor responded, “let me know when—”
As he spoke, the commander turned around to face me before stopping mid sentence.
After a moment of silence, I realized that Taylor was staring at something behind me. Cautiously, I turned around and followed his gaze.
An alien stared back at me. Their skin looked like it was composed of very small scales, so they definitely weren’t tynaksian. Looking directly at them, their scales were a crisp white color, however, when the sunlight hit them at an angle, they took on a faint violet hue. The alien wore a strange cyan-colored uniform inscribed with markings that were barely visible, and they seemed to be carrying a small crate full of electronics.
Since they weren’t tynaksian, that currently only left one option:
This was a raknin, probably one from the enemy fleet.
As soon as I had that realization, the alien dropped the crate they were holding and bolted in the opposite direction.
“Hey, wait!” commander Taylor shouted before taking off after them.
The raknin had already reached the other end of the launch pad by the time I recovered from my initial shock. I too began to chase after the commander and our alien visitor with Tsavolyn following close behind.
The concrete floor ended and our chase continued through the tall, lush grass. The ground grew steeper and before I knew it, the raknin and commander Taylor had both disappeared over the top of a hill.
Reaching the top of the hill myself revealed both a large valley as well as the alien’s intended destination. A raknin spacecraft sat tucked away at the bottom of the valley, concealed previously by the surrounding hills.
Taylor was gaining on the fleeing alien, and as they neared the bottom of the hill, the commander leapt forward. He collided with the raknin and the two of them tumbled the rest of the way down.
The alien quickly recovered and continued running. Commander Taylor took longer to get his bearings allowing me and Tsavolyn to catch up with him.
From there, it was a dead sprint to the spaceship.
When they reached the base of the rocket, the raknin scaled a ladder leading up to the cargo hold.
We weren’t far behind.
When I made my way to the top, officially boarding the alien craft, I was greeted with the sight of commander Taylor tackling the alien to the ground.
The alien tried to escape but couldn’t. As they struggled, the commander managed to look at me and shout:
“Tape! Tape! Give me the Tape!”
And then I remembered: I still had the polyimide tape!
I opened the tool bag and retrieved the roll of tape I had used to repair the hull breach. I tossed the roll to Taylor and then helped hold the raknin down while he restrained them.
Once the alien was immobile, I stood up and took a step backwards. As I did so, my hand collided with a hard surface and I cried out in pain.
I turned around to see what I had hit, but there was only empty space in front of me. Confused, I looked down at the back of my hand.
There were burn marks.
While Esen and Taylor were handling the fleeing raknin, I had the wherewithal to check if there were any other crewmates aboard the rocket.
I had been on a couple of raknin spacecraft before, but this one was different. It was like the whole interior had been emptied out and replaced with a strange metal lattice. This lattice was densely packed with hundreds of some kind of tetrahedron-shaped device. These devices covered every wall and ceiling. Even the floors were nothing more than a thin metal grating with more of the strange instrument underneath.
It looked like this vessel had been turned into some kind of detector array. I wasn’t sure what kind of array this was or why this had been done, but I figured the flight deck might hold some answers.
Besides us, the ship turned out to be empty; the raknin we encountered had flown here alone. When I reached the bridge, the first thing I noticed was a message displayed on several of the control interfaces warning of damage to the electrical systems.
I picked one of the control interfaces and sat down. As I was in the process of opening the diagnostics menu, Esen came in.
“Hey, do you think you can communicate with our new friend?”
“Probably,” I answered, “but I can’t guarantee that she’ll cooperate”
“I’m hoping they’re at least willing to tell us what they have down in the cargo hold,” He said.
“If you’re referring to all the devices on the walls, I can probably figure that out from here. I have some experience with these ships from before our falling out with the raknins. If I open the diagnostics interface, it will list every subsystem on the ship’s network.”
“Yeah, finding out what those are would also be helpful,” Esen said.
“Also? I thought the hold was otherwise empty.”
“Oh no,” Esen replied, “there’s definitely something in the middle of the cargo hold. We’re not sure what it is because it’s invisible.”
“Yeah,” he answered. “It’s surrounded by some kind of cloaking field. Also, the field isn’t safe to touch.”
Esen held up his hand revealing burn marks on both sides.
“Okay, that’s strange. Wait, you touched it twice?” I asked.
“Science has to be repeatable,” he said with a chuckle.
“Okay, I have the diagnostics menu up. It looks like they have… actually I’m not sure how to say this in English. It’s a type of particle, low mass, no charge, emitted during nuclear processes…”
“It’s not in the nucleus of atoms, right?” Esen asked.
“That’s right,” I answered.
“You’re probably thinking of neutrinos then.”
“That sounds correct,” I responded. “In that case, this ship has an array of neutrino detectors.”
“That’s probably what the things on the wall are for then,” Esen said.
“That would be my guess as well. Okay, this I don’t recognize.”
“What is it,” he asked.
“It’s a system listed as ‘frame capture,’ and I have no idea what that means.” I said.
“Could that have to do with our strange object?”
“Maybe?” I answered. “I’m not sure though because this is listed along with the warp drive and the drive complement.”
After a moment of contemplation, I selected ‘frame capture’ and ran a basic, full subsystem diagnostic.
After a few moments, I heard the ship’s reactor change output modes followed by the unmistakable rumble of the warp drive activating. This was confirmation that whatever the frame capture system was, it had something to do with the FTL drive, however that still left a lot of questions unanswered. I had never encountered it before, so it was either new technology or something that had been kept secret.
The diagnostic continued without issue until suddenly, a warning flashed on the screen. I didn’t have time to read it before the control interface went dead. The warp drive powered down along with the reactor leaving us in total silence.
“Hey!” commander Taylor shouted from below, “You two should get down here!”
Esen and I made our way down to the cargo hold. The spaces between the flight deck and the hold were dark now as, apparently, the entire spacecraft had lost power. Fortunately, the cargo bay doors were still open and thus the deck was illuminated with sunlight.
When we reached the hold, we both stopped in our tracks. Something was definitely different.
“Whatever you did caused it to become visible,” commander Taylor said.
He was right. In the center of the room sat a strange metallic object. It had a thick outline in the shape of a dodecahedron, however, the space in the middle was filled with a forest of thin metal strands. It was spiky, messy, and in some way, almost organic.
“Can you ask the raknin what this is?” Taylor asked.
I glanced over at the pilot thoroughly restrained with the shiny, high performance tape. She was staring at the now-visible object, and the fear in her eyes was contagious.
I looked at her and saw myself as a kid lost in the woods.
“Hey, are you alright?” the commander asked.
“Sorry, I’m fine,” I said. “I think the silence is getting to me again.”
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2023.05.29 16:18 BestOfNoPoliticsBot An Indian official pumped 2 million litres of water out of a body of water for 3 days to retrieve a fallen Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
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2023.05.29 16:17 ShishKabobCurry An Indian official pumped 2 million litres of water out of a body of water for 3 days to retrieve a fallen Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

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2023.05.29 16:17 25Pedals Update: Its a 6 cell but? only shoes voltage of 5? And it recommends 5 cells automatically. If tried to charge at 6 cells (havent tried 5) It shows incorrect balancer cable connection?

Update: Its a 6 cell but? only shoes voltage of 5? And it recommends 5 cells automatically. If tried to charge at 6 cells (havent tried 5) It shows incorrect balancer cable connection? submitted by 25Pedals to fpv [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 16:09 TecmoSuperBowl1 [USA-IL][H]Steam Deck 1TB SSD & 512GB Micro SD w/ Extras [W] PayPal

Purchased in March. Mint condition Steam Deck with 1TB internal SSD and 512 GB Evo Micro SD. Comes with a screen protector installed and an extra screen protector. I have the original box, case, charging cable, and 64GB internal SSD. This will also include a TV dock as well.
Looking for $600
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2023.05.29 16:07 cs399 meshify 2 compact tg, usb c doesnt charge phone

my phone; iPhone 13 mini
my cable; usb-c/lightning
I was hoping to charge my phone via the pc, and also be able to connect it to the pc to transfer files etc.
Do I need an adapter usb-c to normal usb to be able to charge/connect or is something else the problem?
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2023.05.29 16:00 Gincli Rog Phone 7 with capture card

Hello Rog community! Apologies in advance if this is not worthy of a reddit post but I'm rather out of ideas.
I just got the Rog 7 and I would like to use it to stream on Twitch. I have a capture card that I used prior with my Samsung Galaxy s22 and had no issues with it. I've tried to set it up the same way I did with the Samsung but I get no video output at all in OBS once everything's connected.
Am I missing something out or is capture card mirroring not yet supported on rog 7.
Thank you in advance!
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2023.05.29 15:46 ALHeadshots Troubleshooting a troublesome trinket that's terribly torpid!

Axis Gear.....My nemesis -for the moment ;) !!
HomeAssistant (Unraid VM) 2023.5.4, S:2023.04.1, OS: 10.1, Frontend 20230503.3 - latest Z2MQTT 1.30.4 Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus - zStack3x0 (rev:20221226)
Axis Gear is a motorized window shade/blind module that converts regular shades/blinds into automated ones. They've since rebranded themselves Ryse and dropped all Zigbee support.
My Axis Gear has the original Zigbee firmware on it still. I have seen others with the same device manage to get their FW updated by the mfg, and it's apparently working perfectly for them now, albeit on Hubitat. I could not get the same result talking to the mfg, so I am stuck with the old firmware. They wouldn't even send the FW file to me to try and update it myself.
But, while trying to work with support, they stuck to their guns, not wanting to hear anything about HAOS, and directed me to buy a SmartThings hub. To appease them, I did. And the damn thing works reliably while on the same FW. But I don't want a STHub.
So Samsung is doing something that keeps this device from going to sleep, or they are sending something that wakes it up remotely -which, AFAIK, is impossible, but I could be wrong. The question is. What are they doing, and can I do the same with Z2MQTT or HAOS?
After reading up on Zigbee and the different devices, I arrived at the 'sleepy end device' conclusion, as this device reports a battery level. It does have a battery that can be charged via a solar panel. But I've always run this off the AC adapter. There is an initial setup process where the top and bottom extents of the shade are. That is done in the app via a Bluetooth pair. During that setup process it asks for the power source, which I select AC. After setup, you switch the device over to "smart home mode," which kicks in the Zigbee and disables the BT.
My system finds the device and identifies it as a cover. I can control it just fine. But, after a couple of hours. It drops off the network, kind of. I've seen in the logs that it briefly connects and sends a battery-level report, and Z2M still reports the device as 'online,' 'last seen 5 minutes ago.' But I lose all control of the shade. The only way to regain control is to cycle the power on the unit. Now that would be solved by installing a ZB outlet and cycling the power a minute or so before the move. But this thing has a battery, so killing the power doesn't turn it off.
I've resorted to setting up HAOS to move the blinds 1% every hour. But this is not a reliable solution, as I have seen it still drop off the network like last night.
Any ideas on what I might be able to do to get this to play nicely?
\also posted on the z2m* github device discussion board
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2023.05.29 15:39 1oxosc3les Razer Blade 14 (2022) Suddenly Dead

Bought this laptop just over one year ago (so warranty just expired). I was playing Far Cry New Dawn on Thursday, then quit the game and left the laptop on to go to sleep like I have many times before. Then, yesterday I try to turn it on. No power, no power indicator led, nothing.
I tried all the Razer support suggestions - combinations of holding the power button down, plugging/unplugging power. 10 seconds, 15 seconds, 30, 60. Still nothing.
I checked the power cable LED, and it is green. I connected it to a Thunderbolt 4 dock to let it charge from that for awhile. Nothing.
I opened up the laptop and disconnected the CMOS battery for 10 minutes. Nothing.
I disconnected the internal battery AND the CMOS battery. Reconnected and tried all the power button holding stuff. Nothing.
There is no indication of burning or fried circuits, there was no liquid or any other physical damage. It just went to sleep and never woke up.
$2500.00 laptop dead in 13 months. Aside from sending this to Razer for a $1350 repair, does anyone have other suggestions? Thank you.
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2023.05.29 15:38 Minicupi77 Swapping SSDs

Gonna try to make it short, i have a Samsumg 840 evo 120gb, i bought it a few years ago when the SSDs were expensive as hell so i paired the SSD with a HDD of 1tb, lately windows have been screwing me with the updates and im pretty much always between blue and red free space, also steam stops downloading after 5 secs or so since the 3 years ago (durin the pandemic) so i can only guess my HDD writing speed is slower than my internet speed. Seein that prices nowadays of SSDs arent that bad compared to when i bought mine i thought that maybe is time to buy a new one.
The question is, if i were to buy a Samsung 870 evo SSD of 1TB, would i be able to just unplug the 840 SSD and just plug the 870 SSD with the same cables? or would i be forced to use new cables for the 870 SSD?
Im not a pc person myself even thought i have been using them for years, i know certain stuff but when it comes to changin stuff, repair, etc im completely lost, i could just buy the thing and pay a technician to do the stuff himself but my pc weights a lot to the point i barely can lift it for a few minutes so if i can do an easy swap then that would make my life easier.
Edit; i dont know if this is exactly the place to post about this kind of stuff even thought i remember people askin for questions related to PCs so if im wrong just let me know and ill take the post down.
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2023.05.29 15:37 ThisIsGoodName is there link cable that keeps the headset charged for long times? like 12h

I had an third party link cable that kept the headset charged for like 7h. I know a person that can keep their headset charged for way more, like 10-15h.
Does anyone have experiences/recommendations of these cables or tips overall how to keep the quest charged for longer?
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2023.05.29 15:36 Head_Island_5643 My old Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

My old Samsung Galaxy S6 edge submitted by Head_Island_5643 to hardwaregore [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 15:21 spectrumtaken Gusto mo na ba talikuran ang airpods mo? Eto na yung sign

Gusto mo na ba talikuran ang airpods mo? Eto na yung sign
ayaw mo na ba ng airpods kasi madaling mawala, maliit, mahal, at kailangan pang icharge?
bumalik na sa dating nakasanayan, iearphones mo na yan
Original Samsung Earphones for 450 pesos
model: GH59-15054A RYBRA
got it when I bought my Galaxy tab a7 lite this year pero nakatago lang
metro manila area
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2023.05.29 15:20 mira_dont_h-ack_m3 Official Nothing charger & cable not charging the phone 1 at 33 watts

Official Nothing charger & cable not charging the phone 1 at 33 watts
I use the official charger and usb c cable, phone doesn't charge 11 watts swapped both of the charger and cable with another official brick and cable and no luck
Even tried a 65watts Anker brick with pd, no luck still
What should I do?
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2023.05.29 15:07 mobiparadise Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 enthüllt: Legendäres Smartwatch-Design kommt zurück

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2023.05.29 15:05 Traditional-Job3471 Looking to buy a new used phone

I have an old huawei phone for 5 years now, it's still doing okay. But the battery is starting to get worse fast and the photos I take look like shit. I'm not a fan of getting new phone every year because I don't like to spend money on things I do not necessarily need, but if the battery gets even worse I'll need to buy a new phone.
I need a phone with a big storage and battery capacity and with nice camera, as I'm photography and music lover and I find having to charge my phone more than once a day inconviniet.
I have around 600eur to spend. I'm thinking of buying old used latest or second latest models of iPhone or samsung.
I've never had an iphone device before. I have samsung galaxy 7 tab for studying and hp laptop.
What phone would you recommend for me? What should I be wary of when buying a secondhand phone?
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2023.05.29 15:02 BenShutterbug My in-depth review of the Mazda CX-60 after 7000km and 5 months - Design, Performance, Range and Value for Money

Hello everyone,
Last January, I purchased a CX-60. As it is still difficult to find user reviews of this model, I took the time to write this review in the hope that it can be helpful to you if you are considering buying this car. I hope that my experience can answer some of your questions and assist you in your decision-making process.
Exterior Design (4/5)
The design is particularly successful. The car has a sleek look and gives the impression of being in motion even when stationary, just as the designers promised during the design phase. It has nothing to envy compared to its competitors, such as the Audi Q5. Although I'm not a big fan of black rims, I must admit that they blend harmoniously with the Takumi package on this model. The black accents on the rims, tinted windows, and mirrors create a visual signature that doesn't go unnoticed. Unlike most models, it stands out more in person than in photos, especially in terms of size. It is truly massive. For comparison, it is longer and taller than an Audi Q5. When you see it for the first time, the "wow" effect is guaranteed. However, the rear of the vehicle is less expressive and does not do justice to the front and side views. Fortunately, the quad exhaust at the back helps maintain the sporty character of the model.
Interior Design (5/5)
The interior layout is clean, simple, and modern. It features a large central screen, a minimally customizable driver display, and a head-up display integrated directly on the windshield. This efficiency will surely appeal to those who struggle with screens everywhere displaying unnecessary information. Similarly, you cannot customize the ambient lighting in the evening. The lights are fixed, in a neutral color, and the adjustment only offers 3 intensities. It may not be to everyone's liking, but personally, I find it liberating to be free from countless customization possibilities that always leave a sense of dissatisfaction. As for the materials, they come in understated colors and durable textures, both in terms of aesthetics and longevity (at least for now, time will tell). The center console is impressively wide and gives a sense of space rarely felt in vehicles of similar size. When driving this car, you feel like you're aboard a large American SUV like the Suburban or Ford Explorer. Unfortunately, there are not many storage compartments. The huge center console only offers a tiny compartment that can hold a few small items and keys at most. The door pockets are also very low and not very practical.
Ergonomics (4/5)
The cabin offers generous space for all occupants, including the rear seats where even adults over 1.80m tall have ample legroom. The seats, which are rather firm and have limited adjustments, can be surprising at first, especially if you're coming from a vehicle with a multitude of settings. In the first few days, I experienced sharp back pain, especially since the car lacks flexibility as I'll mention later. After three weeks of adjustment, the pain disappeared, and I even noticed an improvement in my posture. In my previous vehicle, my seat was so comfortable, like a sofa, but now I realize it was bad for my back. Inside this car, with its comfort inspired by Japanese tatami mats, I ultimately feel better, less slouched, and more alert. The trunk offers significant capacity, especially compared to similar models. However, it doesn't have a dual compartment or a sub-trunk to store charging cables. The tailgate rises very high, over 3 meters. It struggles to lock in place when encountering resistance, which can damage it from the first uses. I recommend adjusting it by pressing the closing button while it's opening, to lock it at the desired height, and holding down that button for 5 seconds (until you hear a series of beeps) to limit the opening range.
Technologies and Equipment (3/5)
The connectivity is quite comprehensive, although Apple CarPlay suffers from some instability and unexplained bugs (random disconnections, unexpected cuts, slowdowns, random automatic connection). Wireless charging also sometimes poses a problem. It works randomly and seems to generate a lot of heat on the phone. When not in use, an error message keeps flashing, indicating that no phone is being charged.
As for driving aids, the lane-keeping system works very well, although it is not autonomous. If you don't have your hands on the wheel, the car behaves like a billiard ball, bouncing from one lane to another. However, if it deviates from its trajectory because you're not attentive enough, it will alert you and secure the car by making a steering correction. It's very reassuring and always activated at the right time. Moreover, it's even a valuable aid on high-speed winding turns, on certain departmental roads. Other vehicles end up cutting through the turns or having to slow down excessively, while you effortlessly stay precisely in your lane.
I was very disappointed with the cruise control, which is not adaptive. Later, I discovered that it is an option that is disabled in the software since all the necessary sensors are already present. You can confirm this through ActiveSense, which provides a complete view of surrounding vehicles. So, I wanted to add this option later, willing to bear the cost, but Mazda doesn't allow it. This strategy, or lack of a sales strategy, is surprising.
The temperature management inside the car is surprising. Without changing the temperature settings in automatic mode, during a long drive, there is a yo-yo effect that is difficult to explain. One moment, it feels quite cool, and a few minutes later, it becomes too hot. I wonder if it's related to the external brightness because on a hot spring day, the air conditioning temperature suddenly rose when the sky suddenly became overcast. However, it was still hot outside. I think there's an overly reactive adaptive mode at play.
The remote car management is quite good. It's possible to activate the heating or air conditioning, which will run for a maximum of 30 minutes before shutting off and sending a notification to your phone. You can extend it if you have a good signal. The car surprisingly receives a signal in unexpected places, even in underground parking lots where my phone has no network. This remote temperature mode is ideal for defrosting the car or leaving a dog inside during cold weather or in the summer when the temperature rises quickly in a closed and parked car. I've tested it in extreme cold and hot seasonal temperatures, and it works very well so far. Of course, it consumes a lot of energy, but you can't have everything without a trade-off. It's suitable for occasional use. The rest of the remote features include locking the car, checking tire pressure, consulting the range, and receiving alerts if the alarm is triggered, which is very reassuring. It's also possible to locate the car precisely. It's a shame that we can't access the cameras, as in other fully electric models.
It's not clear in the vehicle manual, but to deactivate the alarm, you need to press the alarm button on the remote right after locking the car. The indicator will blink 4 times, and then it will be turned off. It's better to do it before leaving your dog alone, or else the alarm will be triggered if the dog moves inside the vehicle.
Performance and Driving Dynamics (4/5)
I own the 327-horsepower PHEV model: 200 horsepower from the atmospheric gasoline engine and 127 horsepower from the electric motor. Although the low-end power is reduced with an atmospheric engine, the electric motor more than makes up for it with its responsiveness and instant torque. Despite its weight, the car is very agile. It even outperforms some more powerful or lighter petrol-powered cars in terms of acceleration. Of course, such models regain the advantage in corners, but not in straight lines. The acceleration is impressive, although the road noise insulation somewhat dampens the sensation. Other vehicles seem almost stationary when you step on the accelerator.
I was initially disappointed with the braking performance, which was less impressive than in my previous vehicle. However, by pressing the pedal harder and adjusting the regenerative braking to the maximum, I managed to get used to it.
The handling is remarkable. Although it's not a sports car capable of maintaining very high speeds in corners, it still surpasses similar-sized competing models. Thanks to the four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering, the turning angle and trajectory in corners are impressive for a car of this size. One of the drawbacks of the vehicle lies in the stiffness of the suspension. Despite the excellent noise isolation, you feel the road imperfections more than you would expect when driving an SUV. Even at low speeds, speed bumps are very uncomfortable and cause items in the trunk to bounce around. Mazda seems to have made this choice to prevent the relatively high car from swaying in corners and reduce the risk of rollovers at high speeds. Adaptive suspension could have solved this problem. However, considering the pricing position against the competition, I understand why the brand overlooked this aspect. Moreover, after 3000 km, I noticed that the suspension has become slightly softer, improving comfort to some extent.
Energy Efficiency and Range (2/5)
The consumption and hybridization aspects encompass the majority of the vehicle's drawbacks. The car discharges quickly, and the actual range is much lower than what the manufacturer claims. Like many owners, I also face a discharge issue when the car is parked. It loses about 30% of charge in 24 hours (and even drains the 12-volt starter battery - as if the headlights were left on). This problem is due to software that prevents the car from entering sleep mode. I have already taken my vehicle to Mazda for reprogramming, and I will have to do it again soon because the issue is still unresolved (now I lose 15% in 24 hours). This problem is not part of the manufacturer's recalls, but many owners are affected. Dealing with a less established manufacturer, this can quickly become a headache. I had to go through many steps and cancel orders for other CX-60s for my company before being taken into consideration by the after-sales service. During my third call, Mazda France assistance even replied to me that they are not Audi. The message is quite clear.
Beyond this specific issue, the management of hybridization lacks customization and seems suitable for a specific use case only. If you live in a house, always have the car plugged in, and regularly make short trips, this plug-in hybrid is suitable. However, if you cannot plug it in daily or if you regularly drive more than 50 km round trip, you might be disappointed. Especially considering the consumption of this car in electric mode, it is often more expensive to charge it than to refuel with gasoline. The cost per 100 km is 2 to 4 times higher at current energy prices. Personally, I opted for the hybrid due to the tax incentives and benefits, but I also wanted to take advantage of remote heating and air conditioning options, especially when I have to leave my dog in the car for a few minutes. Since I cannot recharge it daily in the parking lot of my building, it would be desirable to be able to keep a charged battery and drive in combustion engine mode, but no mode truly allows that. It is possible to choose to recharge the car while driving, consuming approximately 13 liters per 100 km, but you cannot choose to drive solely on the combustion engine without using the high-capacity battery. The sport mode comes close, but the gears are shifted at high RPM, making the driving experience jerky and particularly noisy, and the battery is used as soon as you accelerate a bit (to activate the 137-horsepower motor). An exclusively combustion engine mode would have been relevant, similar to the exclusively electric mode. Furthermore, recharging the battery while driving doesn't work correctly. The recharge is very fast, much faster than when it's connected to 7 kW chargers. However, the displayed percentage does not correspond to the actual charge, which explains why it continues to recharge beyond the set percentage. For example, if you're at 30% and ask the car to recharge up to 50% while driving, it will work at a high rate until it reaches 50%. In normal mode, it will stop recharging the battery, but will continue operating at a high rate to not drop below 50%. So, you end up consuming more without reason, with the engine noise constantly high, which is quite unpleasant. In sport mode, it will continue recharging the battery above 50% without any limit. However, once the car is stopped and restarted, you'll notice that you weren't at 50%, but rather at 35%. The fast recharge was, therefore, fictitious. The problem is that this is a first for Mazda in terms of technology, and no one there is able to provide answers on this matter. The garage I visit explains that Mazda is highly centralized and communicates very little in terms of engineering with the garages. It is, therefore, common for a problem to persist for several months (or more) before being addressed at the technical management level in Japan and then transmitted to local dealerships. However, when deciding to market a technologically immature car, it would be wise to establish a continuous improvement process based on user feedback. In fact, on forums, we can see that Japanese users receive preferential treatment compared to the rest of the world. In conclusion, the battery of this car, which needs to be recharged at a high cost, is only useful for the first 40 kilometers. So, you spend over 3 hours recharging a battery at an exorbitant rate for only 25 or 30 minutes of driving without using gasoline. One might wonder if it's simply a trick to equip professionals, allowing them to benefit from incentives and reduced tax on company vehicles (the primary reason for my purchase). I think many people will never plug it in.
Cost and Value for Money (4/5)
The value for money of this model is indeed very interesting when compared to vehicles of the same standing from other brands, such as Audi. For example, an Audi Q5 offers a similar level but with an additional cost of €25,000. For the same price as a Mazda CX-60, you would only get a Q3 from Audi, which is clearly not comparable. However, it is important to note that the depreciation of this vehicle could be significant, and it might even become difficult to resell it in a few years. This is also true for all plug-in hybrid models. Therefore, I would recommend this model, provided that you negotiate the price well or opt for a lease (the offers are very attractive, and personally, I chose this payment method). The PHEV configuration of the vehicle is suitable for individuals who have daily access to a charging point and have diverse travel needs, ranging from short to long trips. Before the increase in electricity prices, the cost per 100 km was slightly more advantageous compared to gasoline, but today it is the opposite (except when charging from a domestic socket).
I am delighted with this car considering the price at which I acquired it. The positioning is unbeatable, and there are good deals to be made to drive this luxury sports SUV at the price of a "regular" SUV. With a domestic electric socket, choosing the plug-in hybrid is a good middle ground. It's just a shame that the hybrid management is not more refined. Perhaps future updates will address these teething problems.
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2023.05.29 15:00 melinte LDAC on non-Sony devices?

Hi club, sorry in advance if this is a stupid question.
I'm looking at buying a pair of WH-1000XM5s but I don't know if they will work with my phone (Samsung Galaxy S21FE) and LDAC.
Or, if they won't work using LDAC, will I see (or hear, actually) a drop in quality using AAC? Or what disatvantages would I look at?
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2023.05.29 14:54 insane_SG My Bluetooth headphones show connected even after I turned the headphones off

I use a bluetooth headphone with my pc but it shows connected even after I turn the headphones off and this prevents any other headphones being connected to my pc via bluetooth automatically, can do it manually though. Any idea how to fix this ?
When Headphone is turned off

When the headphone is on (and connected)
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