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2023.05.29 18:30 haniaisabean 19F looking for friends in Berlin

I'm not sure if there are any 18+ people located in Berlin here, but i guess I'll see haha. I moved here 10 months ago and some of the friends I made moved back to their countries. Also none of them spoke English and I miss speaking it a looot. I'm mostly looking for fem. friends or being introduced to new friend groups. I just want to hang, drink some wine, braid eachothers hair, go thrifting...
I love discussions, nature, live music, cheap food, meditation and randomness. I'm half Polish half Belgian but I relate more to my Eastern roots. I love alt and creative peeps.
Crossing my fingers haha
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2023.05.29 18:29 Yellowrage Question- model 3 trip cards?

Hi! On my model 3 I see there is an option to check mark trip a, b etc to be viewed in the trips card. But I cannot for the life of me actually FIND and use the trip cards. What am I missing? I’ve had my model 3 almost a year. I sent a question via text to Tesla but no one responded after several days. Thanks for you alls help!
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2023.05.29 18:29 reddit_equals_censor ASUS X570-E Gaming WIFI II motherboard is BROKEN reducing 5950x cpu clocks by 300 mhz + asus support lying and gaslighting!

short version:

the asus x570-e gaming wifi 2 motherboard causes my 5950x cpu to underperform in all core usage by 300 mhz. this is A LOT! this is 8% missing clock speed.
instead of trying to fix the problem, asus support lies and gaslights me to the point where they try to get me to believe, that this broken behavior is perfectly normal.
going so far as to say a cinebench r20 score of 9300 (picture 1 ) is an acceptable score for a 5950x. (IT IS NOT!)

reasons for this long detailed post to exist:
  1. goal why this post got made is to create public pressure on asus to FIX the problem with their motherboard as support fully ignored this issue.
  2. goal is to warn people to avoid asus as a brand completely if at all possible.

asus forum link about this issue and the hellish "support":

whole long version in mostly chronological order:

  1. asus shipped a broken motherboard, that causes a cpu to underperform.
losing around 300 mhz all core clock (picture 2 )
and 6% -ish missing benchmark performance. (picture 3 )
my clock speed: 3600-3625 mhz
my cinebench r20 score: 9539.78 (10 run average, low chip temperature)
reviewer clock speed 3925-3950 mhz
reviewer cinebench r20 score average 10146
missing clock speed: 325 mhz (8%)
missing cinebench score: 606 (6%)

  1. latest bios (4404 and 4602) reduces performance further by around 1% in benchmarks compared to bios 0309.
  2. customer contacts asus support
  3. i provide asus with all my data, which includes pictures of test runs running cpu-z, hwinfo64, etc…. I also include a spreadsheet of reviewer scores (picture 4 spreadsheet ) and a hardware unboxed screenshot showing their clockspeeds during cinebench r20 as a perfect comparison.
link to hardware unboxed review showing their stock score of 10157 and all core clock speed of 3925-3950 mhz in cinebench r20:

  1. asus support claims to have replicated the issue and forwarded the issue to their higher technical team. (picture 5 )

  1. the asus support gaslighting begins:
asus support claims, that a 300 mhz reduced all core clock is due to “system specification difference” compared to professional reviewers.
this follows with asus telling me to overclock my cpu with enabling PBO (precision boost overdrive) and changing certain vrm settings alongside with it. (picture 6 )

  1. lots of asus support hell.
this included several people giving the same advice of overclocking my cpu after I specifically said, that this not a solution and not desired.
support keeps “reseting”. this means, that I talk to a new person, who then takes days to forward the issue to someone else, who then might as said earlier give nonsense “advice”. (e.g. : overclock your computer)

  1. asus lying about 5950x performance:
asus support tells me, that the expected score variance of a 5950x is 9300-9800 points in cinebench r20. (picture 1 ) this is a LIE! (trying to gaslight a customer here)
the variance of 5950x scores from professional reviewers was between 9801-10522.
9801 is already an outlier from the asus crosshair viii formula from overclock3d’s review compared to other reviewer scores.
medium score of 5950x reviews is: 10146.
my score is: 9600.6 (0309 bios) 9539.8 (4404 bios)
so I am missing 6% cinebench score and as mentioned in the title 300 mhz all core clock!!!!
the score is worse by a lot than the worst reviewer score.
the clock and score difference is WAY bigger than could get contributed to silicon lottery differences.
so either my motherboard is broken or my cpu is broken.

  1. asus claims, that they were not able to reproduce the issue now (picture 7 ), despite claiming, that they replicated the issue earlier.
remember, that asus now claims at the same time for the same issue, that they:
A: reproduced the issue of missing clock speed and performance
B: the score and clocks are perfectly fine and as expected
C: they were not able to reproduce the issue
now you might have noticed, that A, B and C can’t be true at the same time :D , but asus support doesn’t care and will actually give inherently contradictory statements.
it is absurd and insulting!

  1. asus keeps going back and forth between having recreated the issue and claiming, that they did nothing and need basic questions answered first.
even when I asked extremely directly whether they did reproduce the issue, asus REFUSED to give me an answer to even that later on!
so the logical step after their latest nonsense claims and avoiding answering is to ask them specifically for the cinebench scores and clocks, that they saw in their claimed test runs.

  1. guess what… :D
asus REFUSES to provide their 5950x score results on this motherboard as well as clock speeds after asking them multiple times for this most basic information.
  1. asus goes on to claim, that my score (and thus clocks) are perfectly fine. (picture 8 ) (gaslighting again)
they then LIE and claim, that the reviewers had PBO enabled. (picture 9 )
remember: reviewer cinebench r20 score average is 10146.44 my score is 9539.78. both stock.
important to know here, that I linked pictures of hardware unboxed running cinebench r20 earlier.
this shows the cpu running at STOCK tdc limit, which is 95 amps.
that not being enough I also send asus a spreadsheet of professional reviewer scores, the boards they used and links to the reviews. NONE of them used PBO of course. (picture 3 )
asus literally is trying to tell me here, that 2+2 = 5!
I send them pictures before, that showed, that 2 + 2 =4 (hardware unboxed picture with stock settings running getting 10k+ cinebench r20 score for example)
NO asus, go screw yourself! 2+2 =/= 5!
your freaking board is broken and your garbage support can try to lie to me and try to gaslight me as much as they want, this won’t change the facts!

this is where it ended at the time.
asus support clearly refused to provide any actual support.
they refused to be honest to a customer on whether or not they recreated the issue.
they continuously lied to me the customer for many many emails over and over again.
they tried to gaslight me to get me to believe, that professional reviewers had PBO enabled to get those stock scores (10146.44 average) and that a 9300-9800 cinebench r20 score is the expected range for a 5950x cpu!

there was no budging. that was the line they were drawing.
a straight middle finger to the customer, who spend 370 euros on one of their garbage products. :/
this is the experience you can expect to get from asus products or worse.
see section
examples of other MAJOR asus motherboard problems:”
below for examples of “worse”

maybe this big post with lots of evidence will be enough to get asus to fix their broken product, but who knows.
either way, please let this post be a warning, to avoid asus products if at all possible!
and for anyone from asus reading this:
fix your broken garbage hardware! and replace the hardware, that can’t get fixed through software!

_______end of the WHOLE LONG VERSION here________

some more stuff still follows for anyone interested, but feel free to ignore those and thank you for reading and hopefully sharing the information about garbage broken asus hardware and the horrible, lying and gaslighting asus support. : )
1: how asus should address the problem
2: relevant specs of my system
3: benchmarking information, as in how i benchmarked
4: examples of other MAJOR asus motherboard problems

1. how asus should address the problem:
public validation:
DO actual validation of the issue and share the data through screenshots publicly here on the asus forum:
get 2 5950x cpus 1. being revision/stepping B0, the other being B2. it could be, that the issue is isolated to the B2 stepping, but i doubt it. but hey this is what proper validation looks like and asus has the chips FOR SURE.
run them in the asus crosshair viii hero wifi with the bios version reviewers used like bios 2311 and the latest bios (this board performed properly for reviewers), then test both of those cpus in the ASUS X570-E Gaming WIFI II with 0309 and 4602 bios.
if the board is fine, then the scores should give the almost identical clocks and scores and the scores should be around or above 10k in cinebench r20 and there should be NO regression in scores when updating to a newer bios.
and i would know, that my cpu is broken and i can contact amd for a replacement. (very very unlikely to be the case)

if the x570-e gaming wifi 2 is broken, then it will show a massive drop in scores and clocks as i suspect is the case.
again, post all pictures with hwinfo64 open as a response here in the asus forum thread i created.
assuming it is the board, which is VERY likely, then the following must be done:

work on a fix, which is likely an easy bios fix and then share the fix with a public bios update.
so you grab your bios developers, look at the bios of the asus crosshair viii hero wifi board with bios 2311 and compare it to the asus x570-e gaming wifi 2.
take whatever is broken in the asus x570-e gaming wifi 2 bios and replace it/fix it with the crosshair viii hero wifi bios code with adjustments of course for the x570-e board.

do the same with asus motherboards, that have the same or similar issue. this person has the same or similar issue of missing clock speed/ performance on the asus rog strix x570-i gaming for example:
so I’m not alone here btw!
if the issue is NOT software based, but hardware based and there is no software fix possible, then REPLACE MY BOARD WITH A WORKING ONE!
and do the same for everyone else with this garbage broken board.

2. relevant specs of my system:
motherboard: asus X570-E Gaming WIFI II
cpu: 5950x (stepping: 2, revision VRM-B2 according to cpu-z)
bios tested: 4602 (latest), 4404 and 0309 (first bios)
psu: evga p6 750 watt (seasonic built unit)
os: spyware 10 (windows 10) 2 different versions tested and windows 7
  1. some benchmarking information, for anyone wondering about my data gathering:
all testing was done with 10 runs and very controlled. no other program running, no screen recording software running, etc… any big outlier due to for example spyware 10 (windows 10) background garbage going on was dropped from the averages.
lots of bios and software testing was done.
any test, where a screenshot was taken is of course discarded from the score data. (that’s the reason 2 scores in picture 2 are blacked out)
and ambient temp controlled as well as i could.

examples of testing i did:
with and without chipset driver, different chipset driver versions. windows 7 (score gets lower, but clocks stay the same) and 2 spyware 10 versions.
lots and lots of bios settings, which includes disabling any possible asus garbage, that could cause issues and changing core current telemetry offset up and down.
i tried everything i could think of, before contacting asus support basically and i did very strong data collection to present them with the best, most accurate data i could reproduce.
if you have any question about how horrible asus support is, or details of the data, please feel free to ask me. i’ll gladly answer them if i can :)
4. examples of other MAJOR asus motherboard problems:
this is for anyone thinking, that my experience with this one product is rare.
the 3 examples given include the biggest asus forum thread with the most views and comments ever (asus x570 dark hero not starting up) and straight up fire risk and thus risk of life, that also didn’t get properly addressed for over 8 months (asus z690 hero):
1 asus x570 dark hero NOT starting up at times:
record asus forum post with most responses and most views. asus did NOTHING to address this problem and was returning boards unchanged, or is exchanging boards and the replacement gets the same issue in a few months at best. asus refuses to share the result of their investigation. (speculation: to avoid a recall) this issue also effects other motherboards btw….

2 asus x670 boards:
sending 1.4 volts at the soc.
burning through chips and motherboards too or degrading the cpu permanently.
putting on WARRANTY VOID disclaimers on beta bioses, that were created to stop further degrading or burning through chips by limiting the soc voltage theoretically to 1.30 volts soc as per amd guidance.
it wasn’t actually fixed at the time with beta bioses as it was still far above 1.30 volts for soc voltage.
so asus set out a statement to void your warranty, when you update a bios to one, that should protect your hardware actually, but at the same time, that beta bios, that had ONE JOB! didn’t even do that!!
lots of manufacturers had too high soc voltages, not just asus, but asus was the highest and asus handled it BY FAR the worst way.

3 asus z690 hero fire and risk of life issue:
no full proper recall done for over 8 months.
for a FIRE RISK, you do a PROPER recall, because people could die.
asus did NOT do so.
to be clear here, PEOPLE COULD HAVE DIED!, because asus didn’t do a proper recall for this level of issue. that is the level that asus is at!
so that was all then, hope anyone who made it here and read everything is going to have a lovely life free from asus support hell. :D
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2023.05.29 18:29 Alternative_Piccolo 18 and 20E at the same time?

Hi there,
Has anyone taken linear algebra and vector calc at the same time? Is this doable? I've heard that 20E really doesn't require a lot of linear algebra, and I figure that if I take 18 or 31AH concurrently that I can fill in whatever missing information for 20E. And if it's feasible, has anyone actually gotten it approved? Thanks.
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2023.05.29 18:28 ArtfulDoughnut Returning to Conversion Path

Hey folks,
I contacted my local Reform rabbi late last summer about possibly converting. My personal religious path always seemed to wind back to Judaism, and it feels like I basically cant stay away. She was extremely kind and gave me some info about getting started, taking the 101 course, etc. She also pointed out that my journey is my own and she wont chase me down, so it will go as fast as it needs to. If I decide to step away, no harm done.
I finished my course in January and absolutely loved it. It felt so validating and natural, and I found myself thinking "Yes, that's right!" through the whole thing. I was also invited to go to services, and chose to start with the Zoom one on Fridays to ease into it. It very quickly became my favorite part of the week and I would look forward to it. I missed High Holidays due to a pretty serious injury preventing me from walking but I watched the stream and I made donations to say thank you to the synagogue and rabbi.
Long story longer, its nearing June and Ive missed a lot. Several issues around trying to find work and scheduling, multiple family emergencies, and then my own introspection and discussion with my partner over how this fits into our shared life interrupted my journey a bit. Everything has evened out and my partner, who is Atheist and just wanted to know how life would change and how we would handle kids, is on board and Im ready to move forward.
I suppose my question is whether the rabbi might be put out by trying to return? I know ultimately the answer is to just contact her, but Im trying to see if theres a general way this is handled. She said my journey is my own and it takes as long or as short as it needs to, which was very kind. But I suppose my anxiety says I somehow missed the boat.
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2023.05.29 18:28 silkysmoft Stars To Guide Us

What am I missing? The seeds are in my inventory and all of the other spots worked, but I’m stuck on this last one. I’ve tried leaving and coming back multiple times. Any ideas?
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2023.05.29 18:28 KaitHasAte How do you deal with an ex bf thriving after breaking your heart?

I hear all the time about how he’ll miss you and realize the grass isn’t greener. But what if the grass really is greener for him. What if he constantly levels up and I’m left stuck and alone? How do I get over this?
We were in college, he dumped me for some unknown reason. Next thing you know he went from nerd to widely-admired frat guy, and I’m just a distant memory for him. I had no friends in college, he had tons. Even people I wanted to befriend ended up hanging out with him. He had the college experience I dreamt of having, but I never had the social skills or money. All the things I’d dream we’d one day do he did with his cool higher class friends. He hung out with sexy girls and the most interesting guys in the school. Even went on a yacht trip, and whatever the hell else. Never invited me to anything. He wouldn’t even acknowledge my presence hardly. It just makes me feel low.
Oh and I should mention that he cut me out of his life shortly after breaking up, because of his friends gossip about me. He accused me of stalking and threatened legal action. It was so much to deal with in college. It was really unfair.
And I believe we had a rare connection when we dated that was very special, until that switch went off and I didn’t even know him anymore.
And yes I went to a rich university as a low income bitch. I got complaints for days lol.
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2023.05.29 18:28 K-smith- Stumped on this one but maybe I'm missing something obvious. Doesn't quite look like most Catbirds I've seen but also not speckled like most female Red-Winged Blackbirds, which are the two most common birds in the area. Baltimore, MD

Stumped on this one but maybe I'm missing something obvious. Doesn't quite look like most Catbirds I've seen but also not speckled like most female Red-Winged Blackbirds, which are the two most common birds in the area. Baltimore, MD submitted by K-smith- to birding [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 18:28 ItsNjry I’m preparing to by a 2024 Golf R by next year, how do I go about it?

I currently own a 2020 GTI and I love it. The only thing that could be better is the AWD version on steroids. I pay off my student loans next year in February and I want to reward myself with a brand new Golf R that I want to keep for at least a decade. There are some obvious hurdles that I’m facing and I want to see how this community has gone about it.
  1. I’ve inquired about some 2023 models in preparation. Every dealership in my area wants at least 10k over sticker. I will not pay that and I’m hoping it gets better next year. How is everyone handling this and do you think it’ll get better next year? Is just cold calling dealerships until I get one that sells at MSRP the best way?
  2. Out of curiosity I tried to put a deposit on a 2023 model last year. One dealership basically said I could put a deposit down, but there’s no guarantee I would get one. How early do they let you deposit? Is there anything I’m missing?
Appreciate any advice. Also I understand some of you will tell me to get another generation. I’m deadset on the new one. Just what works for me best. Thanks
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2023.05.29 18:28 drehlersdc1 Anti-LGBT Patriot Front member pleads guilty to child pornography charges in Utah

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2023.05.29 18:27 alanisshit It’s been good while it lasted

It’s been good while it lasted
So I just got my 10-year ban for requesting a refund from Apple. I know, buyer’s remorse.
Player here since early 2020. Uninstalled the app mid-2022 when they released Apex. Had a lot of fun until EA said they will and did shut down Apex. Reinstalled CODM last January, and spent over 100+ SGD (Garena server btw) for a mythic gun - the gun, nothing else, and turned out, did a full draw. Felt so guilty when I realized I could have bought MORE IMPORTANT and MORE VALUABLE items so I made a refund ticket. Apple granted it within 48 hours. My first and last refund ticket for CODM. Hahaha. Now, Garena told me I need to top-up my missing COD points to lift the ban. Painful but I’d rather keep my refunded money than spend them again. So uninstalled the app again.
Anyway, just sharing this here in case somebody is wondering what happens if refunds got approved. And also, thank you so much to all the players I met and befriended online (I hope you’re here on reddit too and if you’re reading this, yes it’s me the former Apex player). Hope to see you on Warzone mobile soon.
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2023.05.29 18:27 FloorEducational6397 Tip: Hostas flowering early

Tip: Hostas flowering early
This year my hostas decided to flower from early to late May. This is way too early, they should be flowering depending on type from mid June to end of August.
It's caused by early abnormal growing conditions: too cold, too wet, too hot, too dry. In my case in the midlands, too wet in the spring. I haven't seen this in a long time.
The problem is if you let them flower the leaves start to look tired afterwards. Flowers take a lot out of a plant.
Your options. Let them flower but remove the flower stalk after flowering so they don't set seed. Feed with half strength fertiliser afterwards.
Remove the flowers like I've done before they develop too much. Feed with half strength fertiliser.
Nuclear option if you miss the first two and the leaves are looking tatty with a couple of months before autumn; cut all the leaves off, feed and wait for new growth. It won't do them any harm so long as you have a couple of months growing time.
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2023.05.29 18:27 pluto_flavored_mochi In the process of making a police department for quest

I have always loved the lpd but quest users often miss out as due to hardware reasons it’s anti quest, that’s why I am making a police department for quest users as well it will be difficult but same at the same time, it would be open to pc and quest, I’m in the process of making the discord, avatars, and the world
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2023.05.29 18:27 MiserableAd5929 BillionAir Pre-Sale

🚀🌟 Get ready for the BillionAir Pre-Sale! 🌟🚀
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🏎️ Huge Prizes Up for Grabs: Prepare to have your mind blown because the BillionAir Pre-Sale offers an astounding array of prizes that will leave you speechless! Picture yourself behind the wheel of a sleek Tesla, or imagine owning $100,000 worth of AIRB tokens that could change your life forever. And that's not all – multiple luxury items are up for grabs, adding a touch of opulence to your journey.
💎💰 Tesla, $100,000 AIRB, and More: Dreaming of driving a Tesla? One fortunate pre-sale participant will have the chance to turn that dream into reality! Plus, a staggering $100,000 worth of AIRB tokens awaits another lucky winner, offering endless possibilities. And let's not forget about the multiple luxury items that will add glamour to your success.
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#BillionAir #PreSale #Crypto #Tesla #AIRB #LuxuryPrizes #OpportunityKnocks
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2023.05.29 18:27 Insanitynow24 Insecure, afraid, alone

I am a 25 male. I have trouble keeping it all together. Being responsible for myself and holding down a job is difficult and I can't help but feel shame. I have little sense of meaning in life, all there is left is misery and apathy. There is no escape, no solid ground to stand on. I can't find solace in being a victim, that's a bad road. Every time I try to do something worthwhile and useful I fail and fall back right where I started. It's exhausting to make the same mistakes. I still feel like a child. I see all my problems and weaknesses right in my face all the time and it never goes away.
Time, Time, Time, TIME! I hate wasting it, I know this is the best time to make good use of time but I have been failing. I want out of my hometown. But where? Why? I am afraid I will go crazy over this.
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2023.05.29 18:27 AffectionateBridge60 DirectWave instrument not looping

DirectWave instrument not looping
Hey guys
Sorry if this is quite a basic question. I´m trying to make a directWave instrument in fl studio, but I can´t seem to get it to loop, even though I have loop enabled, as you can see here, the instrument just sort of stops once the sample has finished playing? If someone could take a quick look at my settings, can you see if there´s something obvious I´m missing?
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2023.05.29 18:27 Adeptness-Plastic Hospital, Haunted house, Holes in the floor.

This dream takes place at a Halloween style haunted house inside of a hospital.
I remember standing in line for the haunted house, then two girls walk up to the guy in front of me in line and start talking to him. They turn to me and politely say “we’re so sorry to ask this, but is there any way we can cut in-front of you so we can stand in line with our friend?” I say “of course!” And I scoot over. Everyone in line behind me gets so pissed and starts berating me and yelling at me. The girl behind me starts calling me stupid and telling me everything’s my fault and blowing it really out of proportion. I stick up for myself (which I felt really proud of in my dream because I struggle with this irl) and tell her that was my decision, it wasn’t a big deal to let them cut and told her to fuck off basically. Then, her and her friend group pushed me, and cut in front of me. I pull her out of line to have a talk with her and ask why she’s being an asshole. As we’re talking, the line goes by and is already inside the haunted house… she says “great, now we’re both gonna miss the haunted house because of YOU” and then she storms off. Im the last person to enter the haunted house, so I start walking in that direction, but at some point, I make a wrong turn and end up in the hospital-y part of the hospital with sick patients in it. I suddenly hear a voice over the intercom say “ATTENTION: The haunted House has been canceled, due to structural concerns in the building. If you are amongst those who have been injured, we are on our way to help.” I got disappointed and went to go exit the hospital, but somehow ended up inside the haunted house. It was dark and there were holes EVERYWHERE In the wooden floor where people had fallen through. I was trying to use my phone flashlight to go around them but there were so many and they were huge. I finally make it passed the holes into another part of the haunted house. There’s clown animatronics everywhere and I hear the voice over the intercom say REALLY LOUDLY “You poor soul…you’re only 15 feet away from the entrance yet there’s no way out and you’re stuck in here forever” and then I abruptly woke up in a panic.
Any thoughts?
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2023.05.29 18:26 Unfortunate_Ninja Question about Ultimate Edition content.

Hello, everyone! I recently pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition of Diablo 4 but none of the extra DLC items appear in the list of available add ons ready to be installed. I've seen elsewhere that they are tied to your battlenet account, so does that mean if you made your battlenet account after pre-ordering, you missed out on linking the extra add ons to the battlenet account? Thank you for your time.
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2023.05.29 18:26 depressed-n-awkward Νομπελείστες πανεπειστειμειακοί εικονομολόγει με ειδείκεφσει στον πλειθορεισμό που παρακολούθεισαν γεια 27λεπτά βείντεο του Κοσμά Μαρινάκει στω youtube αιξηγούν όλι τειν αλείθια για τον πληθορησμω 11!!! διαδοσται 👇🏻 :

Νομπελείστες πανεπειστειμειακοί εικονομολόγει με ειδείκεφσει στον πλειθορεισμό που παρακολούθεισαν γεια 27λεπτά βείντεο του Κοσμά Μαρινάκει στω youtube αιξηγούν όλι τειν αλείθια για τον πληθορησμω 11!!! διαδοσται 👇🏻 : submitted by depressed-n-awkward to ShitGreeceSays [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 18:26 Devastator12x Hiring NPCs for Skill Checks

I am working on making some weapon/armor attachments for my party in a fantasy setting and quickly realized none of them have ranks in Mechanics. Knowing my party, their first instinct will be to hire a blacksmith to install the attachments for them (I know they can just keep trying without consequence but they are weird).
I may be missing something, but I am unable to find any guidelines for calculating a cost for hiring NPCs to make certain checks for you. In addition to crafting/repairing, I can easily see a use for hiring a guide to take care of a Survival check to navigate the nearby woods or a scholalibrarian to get the info a Knowledge check would give.
Does anyone have something they use as a general guide for allowing this and how they would quickly calculate such a cost on the fly?
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2023.05.29 18:26 BaebeeMama How to get custom insoles for free?

I have to wear custom inserts for the rest of my life. My podiatrist said Tricare doesn't pay for inserts. I retired earlier this month. I'm 100% P&T w/ SMC, have tricare select and free healthcare through work (kaiser, haven't used it yet). I'm enrolled in VA Healthcare but haven't used it in over 10 years. I know it might be an obvious answer but I've been on tricare prime/remote my entire career and haven't figured out how to use/access heathcare. Thank you!
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2023.05.29 18:26 Tryingmotivation I need advice!

Hey guys sorry for the vague title. I’ve been struggling with my weight for about 4 years now. Well my whole life really. When I was in college I was able to lose all that weight that had plagued me since I was a child. I went from 215 pounds all the way to 150. I legitimately have never felt more proud of myself since then.
Well since the pandemic I’ve gained all the weight back and more. I now weigh about 235 pounds and I’m struggling with the motivation to get out of bed. I can’t stand what I’ve allowed myself to become and I want to change so bad.
Sorry for the rant!
My question to you guys is how do you get out of bed and force yourself to workout or eat less? If I try to eat less I always end up binging late at night which kills all my progress. How do you stop the binging?
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