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2023.05.29 16:24 snapsigma Botox for Facial Slimming: Achieve a Slimmer Face with Confidence

Welcome to the world of Botox for Facial Slimming on Reddit! 🌸👩‍⚕️💉 Get ready to dive into the ultimate guide on achieving a slimmer face with confidence! 😊💪 If you're looking to redefine your features and boost your self-assurance, this is the perfect place for you! 💯🔥

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2023.05.29 16:23 VitalityOverVirality What are your biggest struggles with conversation/communication? I want to revolutionize how we speak

When you speak, how do you feel about your word choice? Do you find it challenging to put your thoughts into words when speaking to others?
I am building a software tool to help streamline the process of speaking articulately. Because learning to be intelligent with my word choice has changed my life and quite literally eliminated my social anxiety.
2 years ago, my vocabulary used to consist of 500 words. I could scarcely compose a sentence that made sense. When I did, everything I spoke was cliché and unoriginal. I rarely contributed to conversations. I had opinions, but I could never compose those thoughts into words. My mind closet was packed with unordered, unfocused ideas that desperately needed sorting. My thoughts were in a thousand colors but my vocabulary was a crayon box of ten colors. This led to me always feeling unsatisfied with my word choice.
A year ago, I began developing a love of language and have since transformed the way I communicate. The depression I was dealing with completely subsided and I can now enjoy conversations. Seriously, people have said I'm a completely different person. I’ve become far more satisfied with what I say.
This came from expanding my vocabulary, reading edifying literature, studying rhetoric, and discovering a host of frameworks that allow me to order my thoughts and conversation contributions. It made me realize how many of my problems in my work, relationships, and self stemmed from an inability to communicate effectively.
Does anyone else feel similar?
I find it incredible to hear someone who thinks logically, explains clearly, and uses language effectively. Our current levels of communication are almost an insult to the unique, rich consciousness that I believe we each possess. We’ve grown accustomed to illogic, innuendo, and vagueness that it’s strange to hear someone so staggeringly genuine. And I believe in revolutionizing how society communicates.
If you have any struggles with communication or articulation - please elaborate! I'm happy to share what has worked for me. This is all research for a tool that I do believe can help people achieve greater verbal intelligence and mental clarity.
Thank you!
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2023.05.29 16:23 glass-stair-hallway Why are Mormon parents so emotionally immature?

I'm in the process of reading 'Children of Emotionally Immature Parents' and it has been mind blowing. What has been crazy to me, is not only recognizing these qualities in my own parents, but also in the parents of my friends and basically every Mormon adult I remember interacting with as a kid.
For reference, a couple tell-tale signs of an emotionally immature parent include:
Does my experience of seeing these in Mormon adults ring true to others' experiences? If so, why do you think that is?
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2023.05.29 16:23 Reasonable-Mind6606 Struggle Bus Realness

My drinking had gotten out of hand. About 1.5-2 bottles of wine a day. I have some NAL around the house from a feeble and misguided attempt to stop in the past. I had not done my reading on Sinclair.
I’m trying to jump back into alcohol reduction but I got off on the wrong foot.
Day 1: Took 50 mg in the AM. I felt completely flat, unmotivated, and apathetic to the world. Also, my appetite completely went away. Scary away levels.
Day 2 (yesterday): Took 25 about 1 hr before I started drinking. I ended up drinking a little less. On my last drink I was telling myself that I needed to force myself to finish my drink. I understand this is where I should be a bit more introspective and okay with not finishing it. I did a good bit of thinking while on that last drink.
Appetite continued to be awful. Some rumbling in my stomach but no vomiting. Also, I felt like I was only half asleep throughout the night last night.
Today: Memorial Day festivities with heavy drinking family members. I’m trying to decide how to approach today. I feel like I came on way too strong at 50 on day 1. Day 2 I still felt like garbage for the most part and didn’t sleep well.
Question to y’all: how should I approach today? Since I ran into NAL like a damn wrecking ball, my body just feels really apathetic, not hungry, not really wanting to drink, and kind of in a shit ass mood. Should I skip today to give my body a break from NAL or continue on today at a slower dose?
I really want to slow my drinking and can power through if needed. Also, I think part of it may be a bit of withdrawal. Shit, I can’t even tell right now.
Any words of advice or support much appreciated. Holidays are the worst for my drinking so I’m trying to navigate multiple new things at once. Happy Memorial Day! 🤨🥹
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2023.05.29 16:23 gowblin_ how can i react when my mind won't process someone's words as words?

i keep struggling with this. i'll hear them, but it doesn't register as english. i can't describe what it's like other than it's like people randomly start talking in simlish. i keep missing out in conversations because i don't have a clue wtf is being said. usually it's only a word or a couple sentences i don't hear properly, but it's impacting me enough to be annoying.
i do ask people to repeat it but i don't always process what's being said the second time. asking over and over for them to repeat it is obviously going to be annoying to them, so i tend to just laugh awkwardly or nod or yk.
i just need someone to tell me wtf to do when this happens in a conversation because being awkward is not helping me at all lmao. i wish there were subtitles irl.
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2023.05.29 16:23 D_Butlerrr Nalungkot as tropa.

Warning: Long post ahead.
Nalulungkot lang ako for today, haha. Baka may nakakabasa dito about me being the Friend for Convenience.
I went on deep studying on how improve myself, and part of those improvement is improving my perspective on life.
I went to the path of solitude. It so happen may progress pala ako. And one of the repercussions of this path is yung aura or vibes ko pala is nagbabago.
My vibes seems like it brings out the negativity around me by just exposing themselves around me.
So dito ko na sisimulan yung sad part, I have this childhood friend. Na let's say na nakikita lang ako tuwing blue moon (Bihira). Though kahit ganun we still go hang out and do the things childhood friends do. Kain, Inom, roadtrip.
However, parang there is sudden changed sa bubble namin. I don't know but I sense something's off a negative feeling about my friend. Like a feel of sadness, anger, shame and even jealousy.
I believe na wala naman akong nasabing masama dahil most of topic namin is on how's our life, career and what do we want sa buhay.
So ayun conversation goes, kwentuhan and so on. Then this my friend is cursing me about small things that my friend naman may gawa like ang bobo ko daw kasi di namin alam yung dapat kainan which sya naman yung nag dadrive pwede naman mag tanong saan yung lugar paulit ulit nya tong ginawa hanggang mahanap namin yung kainan. Ako naman kibit balikat lang kasi tropa ko yun at baka may nararamdaman lang.
Then ayun nga, nararamdaman ko yung inis habang kumakain kami (libre ko to) pero di nya masabi. Kaya hinayaan ko lang baka magkwento naman.
Tapos yun nauwi sa career and so on,
Nakwento ko I don't want to be successful I just want to enjoy this moment of life. Which my friend give an unsolicited advice na di ko naman nireject dahil outlook nya yun. Naka career break si friend.
Then napadpad kami sa kwentuhang kapitbahay because kaming magtotropa laging favourite ng mga kapitbahay pagkwentuhan.
Sabi ko sakanya, wag kang gagawa ng mali na makikita nila, alam lang nila pangalan natin pero di yung gawi sa buhay natin at kahit paratangan tayo ng kahit ano hanggang dun lang yun kasi wala silang nakikita at hanggang kwento lang yun. Ganun dapat ang lifestyle natin we don't give a fvck to others and we shouldn't bad things within the range of their eyes so they can't touch us and respect us.
Ewan ko kung nag struck to sakanya, sa pag uwi namin tinatrashtalk naman nya yung livelihood ng family ko which I feel mali naman ata, pero again pinalampas ko at inexplain ko sakanya how business works.
Ayun friends keeps on intending na mali daw kesyo ganyan and ganun. I mean friend, my family have this business even we are young.
So ayun, nakauwi kami pero parang after ko umuwi I feel parang lahat nung sinabi nya if hindi ako nagimprove siguradong pinagawayan namin.
Hayyyy, hahaha. Nalungkot ako siguro part lang to ng growing up.
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2023.05.29 16:23 TangeloAdventurous74 MG Astor 220 6AT turbo Real Life Mileage(economy) questions.

So after getting my MG Astor almost a month ago , this weekend we went for our first long tour from Bangalore to Ooty via Mysore and Gudalur , the total distance back-forth and sight seeing in Ooty was about 680 kms The average mileage i think i got was 7.8 km/l ,which was disappointing, i had to fully fill the tank twice plus some 10 litres ,of which , some litres are left .
we left with with full tank from bangalore and we had 0 litres left on the dash board when we reached Ooty. It stopped showing range about 15 kms from Ooty, almost had a panic attack. Thought we will be stranded 🫣
I haven’t had my first servicing yet Will my mileage increase after service? How does that happen ?? How much does the MG astor 220 6At turbo has as reserve ??? In the manual it says 45 litres tank capacity, but both times when i filled the tank it took 40 litres🤷‍♂️, does 45 litres include reserves?? Is 5 litres reserve ??
Also MG Astor owners please share your experience and mileage tricks
Thanks you all in advance
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2023.05.29 16:22 LowChain2633 How often do people get decreased after filing for an increase?

I am afraid. VA provider kept encouraging me to put in for an increase. It took awhile to find a new VSO (my old vso disappeared during covid, same with many others, and they haven't been replaced). So finally I get a new VSO. I call them, they call me back, I finally talked to them. They asked what I was aiming to do and I just said an increase. And then they asked about medical records. I said I had been seeing doctors outside the VA, but had been back at the VA for a year now. And then they said that was fine and they didn't need anything else. And then they said that an outside doctor would contact me for the c&p exam, someone either virtually or close in physical location(?!). And that was it. 5 min conversation.
Now I started looking into this and I am scared. All these stories of people going to exams...and the person doing the exam making stuff up, and the examiners not being truthful, putting down things the opposite of what the veteran said.....
I wonder if I am being tricked? Is this a ruse, to get vets to apply for an increase, so they can get a private contractor to lie, and try to reduce them? This new process doesn't seem trustworthy at all and it appears to be an attempt at privatization by past republican congress.
Can I withdraw my claim? Or is it too late now? I called another VSO and they said if the exam goes wrong there are ways to fight it but didn't say how. But personally I doubt it. I am not in a good place right now and that is why I thought I would be ok claiming an increase right now. But if they try to reduce that probably will be the thing that finally sends me over the edge here. I'm hanging on by a thread.
I've had my current rating for more than 5 years, I might have passed 10 not sure. I wonder does that make it less likely. What kind of danger have I gotten myself into here
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2023.05.29 16:21 mdkd99 [FO4] Adding new dialogue in the Creation kit - Unable to talk to most NPCs

Hey there. I'm working on a mod. One of the features of the mod is that some characters get additional dialogue.
So I added new dialogue in an existing dialogue quest today. New voice files, lipfiles, and new categories to an existing quest. Idle dialogue, Greeting dialogue.
And now things no longer work correctly. I cannot talk to NPCs, that have no dialogue tree afterwards. Random settlers and so on cannot be talked to. Idle lines still play fine, but I cannot initiate a conversation. Here is the weird part: I can talk to some companions just fine, but not to others. I imagine that has to with certain NPCs having their dialogue under 'greeting' as well.
It's a weird and complex issue. I'd really like to figure out if anyone else ever had this issue, or what solutions there may be.
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2023.05.29 16:21 sensation13579 Introducing AIUI: A New Platform for Seamless Two-Way Verbal Communication with AI

Introducing AIUI: A New Platform for Seamless Two-Way Verbal Communication with AI
Hello everyone!
I'm excited to share a project that I've been working on called AIUI.
AIUI is a platform designed to enable seamless two-way verbal communication with artificial intelligence. It aims to bridge the gap between human users and advanced AI, making it easier than ever to interact with AI in a natural, conversational manner.
To give you a better idea of what AIUI is all about, I've put together a short demo video:
AIUI demo
AIUI is open-source and hosted on GitHub here: https://github.com/lspahija/AIUI. I'm actively seeking feedback, suggestions, and contributions from the community to help improve the platform and shape its future development.
If this interests you, I invite you to check it out, try it for yourself, and give it a star if you find it useful! Also, please feel free to share your feedback, ideas, or any issues you encounter - every bit of input helps us make AIUI better.
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and seeing what we can build together!
Thank you!
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2023.05.29 16:20 AutoModerator Todd V - Verbal Game Academy (Course)

Chat +447593882116 (Telegram/Whatsapp) to get Todd V - Verbal Game Academy.
Todd Valentine's Verbal Game Academy Course will teach you his top strategies for effective communication.
Todd V is known for the extreme high quality of his content. In Todd V - Verbal Game Academy you will learn how to:
Be the guy that speaks to her emotions
How to walk up with absolute confidence
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Reddit Direct Message to u/RequestCourseAccess
Email: silverlakestore/@/yandex.com (remove the brackets)
WhatsApp/Telegram: +447593882116
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2023.05.29 16:19 slurpc00chie_376 AITA for giving my partner the silent treatment?

I F21 was cleaning his M26 laundry room for him as it was a mess. We’ve been together for approx 4 months. I found 2x framed photos of his ex with little messages in them saying “I love you”. Old, clearly covered in dust. He broke up with her over a year ago, they were together for 8. I brought it up to him Sunday, reminded him of those images he kept to which he stated he will throw them in the bin and get rid of them, he just needs to get back to his project and will deal with it. I acknowledged, happily listened, trusted he would follow through. Monday rolls around, I’m back at his after the gym in the evening and those images are still there. I brought it up to him again “you’ve still got the photos, I’m not sure what to say” and he blew up at me, saying I am “riding his arse” about it, “you know the busy day I had I haven’t had time”. I dropped it. We had a sauna, during the sauna the conversation started up again, and he shared he is unsure if he wants to throw it out as for example when he is 70 he would like to look back on it, as she was a part of his life, he will have to think about it.
I explained that I’m not sure how I feel about him still having those photos.
He said he still has to think about it.
We aren’t arguing but I’m unintentionally giving him the silent treatment, I’m stuck in my head trying to process this and I can’t stop hyper fixating on it. I need a mental resolution before I can act normal with him again I need to know where I stand with this. (Always struggle with this) I’ve communicated I need a little time to to process but he thinks I’m being over the top, that I shouldn’t mull over this so much.
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2023.05.29 16:19 poopyhead1253 I feel guilty about self diagnosing because I mask so much

so I’m 17f and I’ve been masking since I was a kid. My parents even admitted I showed a lot of signs of autism as a kid but they didn’t wanna test me, so I was left to learn how to mask. I mask so much that I feel guilty about self diagnosing and I hate the idea that I could be faking for attention. But the only reason why I think this is because I know the people I’m close wouldn’t believe me. Why? Because I mask so much. They’ve never seen me have a meltdown and throw things across my room, they’ve never experienced my inability to show emotion because I always fake it for them, they don’t know about any of my special interests like my dolls because I know they’d make fun of me for it, they’ve never seen one of my apathetic reactions to something most people would be obviously upset about, and they’ve never experienced me not responding to any form of conversation because I simply don’t feel like talking. Sorry for the rambling, I just feel like not only would be impossible to get a formal diagnosis being a girl and black, I feel like my mask is impossible to take off.
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2023.05.29 16:18 julsvalentine Do you have any tips on studying german on my own?

I can just continue a basic conversation in German but I'm stuck because I can't take classes for the moment. So I'd like to practice a bit on my own.
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2023.05.29 16:18 AutoModerator Verbal Game Academy by Todd V (Here)

Chat +447593882116 (Telegram/Whatsapp) to get Todd V - Verbal Game Academy.
Todd Valentine's Verbal Game Academy Course will teach you his top strategies for effective communication.
Todd V is known for the extreme high quality of his content. In Todd V - Verbal Game Academy you will learn how to:
Be the guy that speaks to her emotions
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Reddit Direct Message to u/RequestCourseAccess
Email: silverlakestore/@/yandex.com (remove the brackets)
WhatsApp/Telegram: +447593882116
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2023.05.29 16:17 Short_Community2467 We deserve a sequel : Gujrat story

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2023.05.29 16:17 upp3rz_d0wn3rz Rosinz Re-up: Truffaloha 2G and AO Artificial Flavors, Grape Cream, Paradise Circus

The Truffaloha LHR seems tastier than the Truffaloha LR I had the other day. The three AO Live Rosins are some of my favorite flavors that I’ve now picked up several times. Visually, the AO’s here look drier compared to the GS, but the AO’s all smell and taste just as terpy and amazing as the GS.
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2023.05.29 16:17 c0minthru Those from unknown countries...

Somewhere in Asia...
"Where you from?"
"Trinidad and Tobago"
"*confused look* Where?"
"Trinidad and Tobago"
"Oh Canada..."
"Oh no, not Canada. T-r-i-n-i-d-a-d and T-a-b-a-g-o.
"Where is that?..."
This is an example dialogue a good friend of mine engages in all the time.
I don't think I could do it! 😂😪
Since "where are you from?" tends to be the first question people ask, the above conversation and its variants are a very frequent daily occurrence. All good if you're forming a bond, but when the interaction is fleeting not meant to last more than a min or two...gosh! It must be tiring.
Anyone of you with similar experiences?
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2023.05.29 16:17 radicalsnowflake Antipsychotics with antidepressants?

I've been on Caplyta for about 1.5 months and weaning off Pristiq (SNRI). My Pristiq RX is 25 MG and Caplyta is currently 21 MG. With the Caplyta I've noticed my depression has decreased in certain ways; for example, I have more motivation for self-care and home-care, and executive functioning has increased.
However, as I've titrated down with the Pristiq, my anxiety has been more extreme than usual and I'm exhausted all the time. Even with Xanax the anxiety is hard to manage and I have episodes several times a week where I get so sad/and or anxious that I just break down crying for 30-45 minutes, sometimes several times throughout the day.
Last night, I accidentally took a 100 MG Pristiq from an old bottle and I think I finally realized what it felt like to have an antidepressant cause hypomania (as opposed to the "before times" when I had no concept of what hypomania is). I was restless, had trouble falling asleep until about 2AM and woke up at 6AM when my preschooler got up; I have plenty of energy. Normally I've been requiring about ten hours of sleep at night and am tired all day, sometimes napping for and additional two hours or so later in the day.
So, I feel like continuing to take the Pristiq at a lower dose could be helpful in managing my depression and anxiety and help with the exhaustion. I woyld just have to convince my psychiatrist of this as her goal is to get me off antidepressants completely.
I'm wondering if anyone here has been prescribed antidepressants at the same time as an antipsychotic? I can't really find literature online about taking them consecutively (except in older adults with dementia, apparently the combination has shown promise for that group). If my psychiatrist is not on board with continuing an antidepressant, what in your experience would the next steps be if the Caplyta alone isn't enough? A mood stabilizer? Or just wait it out as I titrate up to 42 MG to see if the Caplyta works well enough on it's own?
I see my psych in three days so I will discuss this with her then.
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2023.05.29 16:16 Atari800kid He was just supposed to be a "FWB", a casual hookup, when convenient for both parties, right?

TLDR; stuff
He works the graveyard shift, I don't work at all, so when he asked to come here tonight, asking to be hugged to be held, that something was wrong, I, of course, Said yes, come.
I was already pretty blasted when he got here at 4am, after work.
He was too. He works in a bar..
Is that the default mode now for a true connection/ conversation?
Out it comes.
He is 27, stomach cancer, stage 3.
I don't process that information at all.
We go to bed, sleep.
I'm still awake, I had to do business calls to America.
We are cuddling.
He is my "little spoon."
I admire his body, tucked up against mine.
The warmth.
His breath on my arm that is resting on his chest.
That breath, feeling it on my arm, to me? Better than the best blowjob.
He stripped down to underwear to sleep.
The rise. The fall of his chest and shoulders, up and down, in and out. I make mental notes. To remember, this, this moment, forever.
His smell Omg.. The moment I landed in Bangkok and got in a taxi., that smell to me meant i was home again.
My nose is between his shoulder blades.
The addition of my wet kisses and licks adds my fragrance to the mix.
I'm loveproof. Really, I am. IDGAF is my religion.
Despite that, due to pheromones, or whatever, I'm falling in love. Right here, right now. It's an unstoppable chemical conflict.
The alcohol is wearing off as I hold him as he sleeps.
I'm aware again.
I'm alert.
He told me he has stage 3 stomach cancer, at 27 years old.
Hits me like nothing ever has.
I'm falling in love with someone terminal.
I get out of bed. It's like 10am, he'll sleep until 2pm at least.
I'm a wreck. Sobbing, stifled in a pillow.
I have to get my shit together.
I know what he needs.
Strength. Stoicism.
I know this, 100%.
I can't stop water coming from my eyes
If he wakes up right now and sees me like this crying, I already have a lame story of this being the anniversary of my dog's death.
I can't get control.
It's 1230 now. I need to get a grip, for him.
Tears like never before.
In my life.
I can't hide them.
Tik tok.
Finally. I get control.
Dom Daddy is back.
I'm here for him.
Whatever he needs. Whoever he needs me to be..
Like Johnson and Johnson, "No more tears"
I'm his rock.
Think Gibraltar.
If you got this far, thank you for your time.
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2023.05.29 16:16 Reluctant_Firestorm I think my adult stepdaughter (24 yrs) has Asperger's and is unaware. What can I do to help her?

I am 90% sure my stepdaughter has Asperger's. She is a high-achieving college student, but has extreme social anxiety and has no virtually no social interaction with people other than her mother and me.
Her mom doesn't want me to tell her I think she has Asperger's. They are both coming from an abusive relationship where there was severe psychological, emotional and verbal abuse. Mom doesn't want me to say things to her daughter that will upset her.
(They were living with the daughter's grandfather since she was 12 or 13. They left that situation and traveled to a different state to come live with me after her Mom and I met online.)
We have been living under the same roof a little over a year, and she's technically not my stepdaughter yet. Her mom and I are engaged. From my point of view things are going great. I love her mom, and her daughter (let's call her Allie) increasingly feels like she is my kid. Sorry you guys, 24-year-olds are kids to me.
Why I think Allie has Asperger's:
She is extremely socially isolated, and this was true before she moved here. She has had a number of opportunities to make friends, and maybe even a boyfriend at school, but she doesn't seem to know have to navigate these situations and progress to friendships. I believe she has some social activity online, but she doesn't talk about it.
She misses on nonverbal social cues. For instance if I make a joke that is teasing in nature, she will sometimes take this as a personal attack rather than humor. I have shifted the way I converse with her so as not to do this anymore. I realize this may also be an after-effect from her abuse from her Grandfather, where if a remark was made she probably was being attacked.
She has never had a job, either part time or a summer job, gone to summer camp or anything like that. She seems fearful to me about the idea of ever having to go to work. (I don't have any agenda for her to get a job any time soon, but I hope can support herself one day.)
She does a kind of stimming with her hands when she is excited or enthusiastic about a topic or situation.
She is very cautious physically and has low confidence about her ability to master a new physical skill.
She is unwilling (or frightened) to interact with the outside world in any capacity without the assistance of her Mother or me, other than going to classes.
There are some other things as well, but you get the gist of it.
I should add, I really like Allie and we get along well and have good conversations during those times she ventures out of her room. She has a wonderful personality and a wacky sense of humor. She is positive about her move to come live here. We got a new dog after they arrived and she adores the dog. She feels like the college she transferred into is a step up from her old school.
One final point, Allie and her mom are coming from West Virginia where there was a strong social stigma against going for therapy or seeing a therapist. Allie spends a lot of time in her room generally, but especially during school breaks, and both her Mom and I worry she is showing signs of depression.
Any suggestions for how to navigate this situation and be a good step-parent?
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