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[OC] Timing (PRVerse 24.5

2023.05.29 17:49 Fearadhach [OC] Timing (PRVerse 24.5

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A Spacer’s life is spent in two states: Sheer terror, or staring at a countdown. Raised Admiral Thursh Whoomerson sat in his command chair aboard his Human No, you feather-brain, CONFEDERATED flagship and tried not to stare at the ever-so-slowly changing numbers. It gets worse when you are in command. Everyone else has something to do, well, nearly everyone else. At least everyone on the bridge. Anything I try to do now will either look like over-eagerness, anxiety, or a lack of trust in my crew. He turned to look at the plot, relaxed his body, and started in on a meditation he’d learned specifically to make time seem to pass faster while projecting an air of calm confidence towards his crew.
For a wonder it worked for once. A soft ping brought him out of his meditation as the timer hit zero and the Xaltan fleet neared the gravity trap they’d lain in their path. He allowed himself a cold smile as dozens of potential trajectory lines for each enemy ship sprang up on his plot and his his ‘radar’ controllers tried desperately to narrow the possibilities down. The Benzegal Shipyards my fall before this war is over… but not today!
After a few minutes the lines had been reduced to a mere handful for each ship and – better – all of them had converged in to a small enough area for what he wanted to do next. He hit a few controls and outlined a section of space, and the ship’s computer calculated the time-to-fire for him.
He sent the target solution off to all of his Ship Captains, then opened up a fleet-wide comms channel. “The Xaltans have arrived for the dance just on time. Welcome Fleet, you have your designated targets, and I will send you adjusted engagement vectors if they seem necessary, but it doesn’t look like it will. It looks like our dance partners are doing an unusually good job of dealing with the grav-sheer of our little surprise, and will arrive in tight order. Lets reward their efforts with a warm welcome, shall we?”
He heard a few dark chuckles across his flag bridge and nodded inwardly. Moral is still running high, and that is good. How will it be two years from now when we are still having to engage the Xaltan fleet?
Another timer began to tick off seconds. As it neared zero Whoomerson gave his command. “All ships in Welcome Fleet, fire all guns and energy weapons, maximum dispersion patterns. Fill that area of space with everything we can put in it for the next forty seconds. Fighter wings, as soon as the fire is complete, I want every fighter we have moving at maximum acceleration, mode 2.”
The deck tremored beneath him as his own main gun fired, then all secondary batteries went off right behind it. Yet another counter started, timing the barrage, as his gunners cycled through their weapons. The plot showed what seemed to be a haze eminating from his fleet and crawling toward the ever-tightening field of his enemy’s return to normal space.
A light appeared on his console. He looked down at his Comms officer and shook his head, then punched the necessary buttons to officially deny the enemy Commander’s attempt to communicate. He had to force his feathers down as he leaned back in his seat and shared a commiserating glance with his Comms Chief. What point would there be in talking to a dead man? I know he has multiple suicidal ‘loyalty officers’ on every one of his ships, ready to blow them up rather than retreat or – cool breeze forbid – surrender. He also knows that I know. He shook his head quietly. No. They can’t surrender, can’t retreat, can’t even listen to reason… and talking to that Walking Dead Man would do nothing but hurt the moral of my crew. And, possibly myself.
The latest timer mercifully hit zero at last. Well, mercifully for himself and his ruminations… not so much for the Xaltans. The singularities on the Xaltan ships finally gave out under the grav-sheer of the larger singularity several of his ships were maintaining, and those ships translated – hard – down into normal space. The Admiral had to hand it to them: they’d kept their battle line in far better order than most spacers would have been able to under the circumstances.
Sadly, for them, that meant that all of them came out directly into the teeth of his fleet’s ordinance. They came out in their standard wheel-and-spoke: small and mid-sized screening ships in a rotating disc-shaped formation overlapping their shields to provide cover for the larger capital ships behind them. Of course, the formation didn’t work so well when you got hit before your shields could spin up.
Nearly a third of the ‘wheel’ simply ceased to exist in an instant. Another third of it took crippling damage and could no longer hold their formation. Most of the rest took a number of hits, but some had been lucky enough to come out a little behind their fellows, and were spared the worst of the damage. Then the Capital ships hit the cloud. All of them began to roll instantly, trying to spread the damage against as much of their armor as they could. One managed to get its shield up even before they passed through the cloud of fire. Another one sputtered and went dark. A hard half-growl half-cheer went around the Flag Bridge as that capital ship’s icon winked out, but no one looked up from their stations so Whoomerson let it slide.
Opening round to me, then… though that isn’t hard when you get to ambush an unsuspecting opponent. Surprise is the ultimate High Ground. He turned to fleet-comm. “You have already sent tactical data to the Under Fleet?” The woman at the station nodded. “Good.” He thumbed the fleet-channel. “Opening salvo goes to us, but you all know that these lizards will fight to the last: they have no choice. All Captains, weapons free! Mark your targets, rotate your fire, and don’t let up.”
He then took control of the plot and watched as the two fleets converged. The Xaltans closed their ranks quickly, allowing overly damaged ships to fall behind the screen. They kept the same formation, however: The loss of one Captial ship meant that they still had enough screeners to maintain cover. Only the Pinigra and the Kothro can use that particular formation to its true potential, and the Pinigra – from what I understand – only because they let their computers do most of the navigating. He shook his head slightly. Still it is effective. Or, has been. Too bad the Humans figured out how to anticipate the holes they open up for their big ships to fire.
He drew some vectors on the plot for fighters to go out and flank the screen disc, looked at the computer’s projections of the disc’s movements, and assigned a few priority targets. And another timer. “All first line ships: when that timer hits zero you are to concentrate fire on the marked targets. Two salvos each, then go back to your previous firing zones.”
Acknowledgments floated up from the pit, but he had already moved his concentration forward. He unconsciously leaned in to study the plot, and… there. He almost sighed as he started Yet Another Timer… and then another one a little before it. “Underfleet, you have your countdown timer. You can see where it will put you, work your firing solutions out now. Welcome fleet, when your timer runs down you are to slow to fleet speed three. Make it look like we are growing timid from the fire we are taking.”
He suppressed a wince as the icon for one of his own picket ships winked out, and another signaled a need to come off the Line. “And, for flight’s sake, watch your shield-overlaps! I want the Xaltans to think we are taking too much damage, not for it to happen!”
More acknowledgements floated up from the pit. They got cocky. I’m going to ream some Captains when this is done. Movement at the edge of the Xaltan disc caught his eye, and he watched two flights of his fighters crest the disc at different locations… and be immediately destroyed by wide-angle sweeping shots from several of the large destroyers.
Whoomerson grimaced slightly, but then turned his attention to the rest of the Xaltan ships and smiled. The fighters had been a long shot, at best. He allowed himself to ruminate out loud. “It appears that the Xaltans are capable of learning, at least a little, and have learned not to let our fighters get around their discs.
“Now, lets teach them a lesson about ignoring a bull to swat a fly.” One of the timers reached zero, and the ships he’d designated fired their two salvos at specific ships within the Xaltan disc. As his ships fired he selected two points on the disc, and set yet another timer, along with an order that all ships fire everything they had on those spots when the timer hit zero.
The ships in the disc which had been the target of the salvos pushed extra power to their shields, at the cost of their engines, and rolled to distribute the force. Then they found themselves alone, in a small empty segment of the disc, with the combined might of several Xaltan Capital ships pouring through the hole which had opened up. The picket ships were destroyed, utterly, and managed to absorb a great deal of the fire caused by those openings. Yes, oh mighty Xaltans. Continue to use the same strategies against us over and over. Couldn’t possibly go badly for you.
At the same moment the entire fleet opened up with everything they had, and sent a colossal barrage of fire streaming at two points in the disc. Even that barrage would never have penetrated the overlapped shields of the disc… except that another of those openings widened in the disc, almost as if the Xaltan wanted to accept the fire.
The barrages sailed through the open space, though a few less well aimed shot did singe the shields on a few picket ships. The energy weapons, near-lightspeed missiles, and super high-velocity slugs tore directly into the exposed underbellies of the destroyers which had positioned themselves to take out his fighter wings.
Three of the destroyers went dark, and two others began to lose their places in the formation. To their credit, the Xaltan fleet responded in good order. The disc of picket ships abruptly changed their movements, obviously responding to an order to change their defensive pattern. At the same time, their capital ships made a path to allow the injured ships to limp away from the fight without doing too much to their order of battle.
Whomerson felt a hard smile play at his lips. Not much, but enough.
As the damaged ships reached the middle of the Capital ship’s formation, another timer hit zero, and Whoomerson’s fleet opened with another full barrage. This time they didn’t concentrate their fire, but spread it across the enemy disc, causing all of their ships to respond and focus their attention on his fleet… rather than the Underfleet which translated down from FTL space just ‘below’ them.
The Xaltan formation finally responded badly. After all this time, and the way they work their formations, they still get locked into two-dimensional thinking so easily. The picket ships all had their shields focused on the incoming fire, and probably had lost both communications and sensors for a moment.
The Capital ship formation found itself, with its mobility badly hampered by their own tight formation and the damaged ships 'falling' through them made it worse.
The Underfleet announced their presence by firing at the unshielded ‘back side’ of the defensive disc, destroying whole sections of it and allowing nearly a quarter of Welcome Fleet’s barrage to pass thorough what had suddenly become so much space-dust.
They then fired into the fleet of Capital ships, which also had their shields mostly forcused forwards towards the obvious battle, with some token shielding covering their rears in case of some sort of end-run maneuver.
They had, however, left their bellies almost completely exposed. In the space of under a minute the battle turned from one of attrition which looked to cost the Confederated fleet nearly as much as it would cost the Xaltans, to a total rout. Some Xaltan ships turned to flee or shut down engines and tried to surrender, and Whoomerson felt a pang of sadness as most of those ships suddenly seemed to explode of their own accord.
A few others tried to suicide-ram Confederated ships, but his Captains stood ready for just such a maneuver and brought concentrated oblivion down instantly.
As the last of the Xaltan ships winked out Whoomerson felt a strange sadness settle over him. It took a few minutes for him to identify the feeling's cause; Those ships that tried to surrender, or to run. I would have let them go, would have let those men live, but no. The Xaltan Voters…
He took a ragged breath and looked at his second in command, then through his flag bridge, and saw the same sentiments settling on so many faces. One of the Xaltan ships managed to surrender, at least. I wonder if their ‘loyalty officers’ all suddenly grew a sense of self-preservation, or the crew managed to subdue them? He shook his head to banish such musings, forced himself to sit straight in his chair, and thumbed the all-fleet channel. Time to remind everyone who is at fault for all of this, and push their anger… if only to drive away the guilt.
Late on this one, I blame the Holiday. (For those not in the US, we had one of our biggest national holidays this weekend: Memorial Day, which is a remembrance of the sacrifices made by our military people... it is a little like the 'armistice day' that I understand a number of our European friends celebrate, from what I understand?
The editor for links still hasn't been fixed, so adding them is irritating, so I'm not doing more than the minimum right now.
Word count a little higher than usual, since the 2K 'stop' was very near the end of this scene. Next, we are back in the Council chambers, from a somewhat different POV. Hope everyone in the USA has had/is having a good holiday, and everyone not in the USA had a good weekend!
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2023.05.29 17:48 Impossible-Fold1915 I have to be cordial to my SO's rapist

My SO was raped long before we met. He told me about it not long into our relationship and assured me he's over it and didn't want me to "feel offended on his behalf."
I didn't really think about it anymore until recently. We will be attending a wedding in the near future where the rapist will be in attendance. She's a close relative of one of the people getting married. No one knows what happened. The couple know that the rapist was creepily obsessed with my boyfriend, but don't know the full extent of what happened.
The rapist is happily married and living very far away, hence why I never thought much about it after I was told about what happened. But I'll have to be with her in a small group setting for events leading up to the wedding and I'm sure my boyfriend will have to be near her as he's in the wedding party and she's a close relative of the groom.
I don't want to be nice to this disgusting person. I hate her with every fiber of my being. But I love the couple getting married and I would never do anything to ruin this happy time in their lives.
How can I be cordial to a piece of garbage who took advantage of the person I love? I brought this up to him and he said "you don't know what she's like now; don't worry about it", but I am worried about it. I told him "rapist is all I need to know". He's not upset with me, but we didn't discuss it further.
What am I supposed to do? I feel like I have to play nice, but I think it'll make me a chump. Is there a way I can be as minimally polite as necessary while conveying that I know she's trash?
I know if she says the wrong thing to me, I'll lose it. If she so much as mentions anything between her and my boyfriend, I'll lose it. If she goes near him, I'll see red. I want to ruin her life and tell her rich husband what a piece of shit he married. Oh, did I mention she's a golddigger, too?
I'm sorry this turned into a rant. I just don't know what I should do here and I was hoping someone who has experienced this can help me. I know I'm not the victim here; I hope that I'm not coming across like this is about me. I just hate that my sweetheart was violated.
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2023.05.29 17:48 funzippyevents Find Upcoming Events & Fun Things To Do Near Me

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2023.05.29 17:48 Anonymicecake 24 [M4F] LF THE ONE

Hi! First time posting here. Currently looking for the one. 🫶
About you:
22-26 years old
Can drive (I can drive too but I dont have my own car. YET!)
Loves to travel
Extrovert or ambivert
Does not smoke (I’m allergic to cigarette smokes sorry)
At least 5’3” tall
Slim/petite (Sorry preference only)
Please be decent tignan
From Metro Manila or nearby
24 years old
May humor naman kahit papaano. There wont be any day na di ka tatawa lol
Slim (if that matters)
Wears eyeglasses
Looks cute and innocent (daw)
I don’t smoke. I tried vape pero not a regular o chain smoker before
From Manila (near UST)
Send a short intro sa dm. We can also exchange pics sa tg and say yes or no so we wont waste each other’s time. See yah!
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2023.05.29 17:48 Deteras I got my heart broken 9 months ago. For those in my place here’s what I’ve learned

Being dumped is honestly the hardest thing that’s ever happened to me. I still love her and wish we were together but I know it isn’t going to happen. She told me she didn’t love me anymore… can’t comeback from that. But what I’ve learned is this
1: it’s ok to be sad. Let yourself be sad. I’m sad nearly every day about this. It hurts worse than anything in the world. But I’m not mad that I’m sad, I just understand that I’m sad and that’s ok.
2: The best thing you can do is to live a good life. No matter what you want in regards to her (or him or they or whoever) the best way to achieve it is to live a good life. Personally idk if I’ll ever love someone like I loved here again, but I can’t still do my best to get that dream job and see friends and just try to live the best life possible
3: finally, take a step back from relationships and love. You need to find out what you need with love. I went to see a therapist post my breakup as I entered into a really deep depression. She has helped me realize that what I needed in a relationship was not being provided to me. Now I still love that girl beyond belief but I also understand it’s not happening anytime. So what I’ve done is I’ve taken a step back and am going to settle my life first. I’d love comes it comes but if it doesn’t well then… we’ll see what happens
I hope it’s going ti be ok. Idk if it will but at the end of the day I can only hope and try to make myself feel ok each day
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2023.05.29 17:47 JoshAsdvgi The Beaver and Muskrat Story

The Beaver and Muskrat Story

The Beaver and Muskrat Story
By Roy Moses

The old lady settled herself comfortably on the caribou skin mats and called for my attention.
"Do you know how the Muskrat came to crow flats.?" She asked.
Of course I did not know.
She ordered her tea cup to be filled and that I sit and listen.
This is when she told me the story of the Beaver and the Muskrat.
The young Muskrat had strayed from it's family and wandered up and down the river, enjoying the summer.
In the same area, a young Beaver was having the same adventure.
He had been kicked out of his parent's lodge as it was getting over crowded .
Soon the leaves were drying and the grass was withering, the air was getting crisp.
The young Beaver had decided to build a lodge on the small creek that ran into main river. He dammed the creek to raise the water, then build a lodge in the bank upstream from the dam.
The Muskrat was encountering some difficulties on the river.
The swift water was getting colder and ice was forming on the shores.
He managed to climb a bank near a small stream that ran into the river.
Some distance back from the river, there was a small lake.
The Muskrat explored it and found that there was plenty of vegetation at the bottom of the lake and along the shore.
He soon found a suitable bank and dug out a den.
This is how these two animals spent the winter at the head of the waters.
The snow had melted, the sun was shining, birds were singing.
Spring had arrived at the head of the waters.
There were squeaking and cracking sounds coming from the river.
Suddenly, and without warning, there were thundering, grinding sounds coming from the river.
The ice was breaking up and flowing down the river.
In the mean time, the Muskrat discovered the Beaver's dam.
The Beaver was well aware of the ice breakup and somewhat anxious for the river to clear so that he could travel.
Little did he know what lay ahead!
The two met on the small creek where the Beaver had his lodge.
They became aquatinted and soon referred to each other as cousins.
The two were very anxious to travel so they went to the river.
There were logs and much debris drifting down the river.
They climbed onto a log that was drifting near the shore.
This was the beginning of their journey down river which is now known as the Porcupine River.
Whenever they got tired, they would swim ashore and rest.
After they replenished themselves by feasting on the new willow shoots and fresh grass, they would resume their journey by swimming out and climbing onto another log or a drifting pile of debris.
They made a practice of sampling water in any creek or river that joined the great river.
Very early one morning they came drifting around a long bend and saw a river jointing the great river from the north.
Their log drifted into an eddy at the point where the two great rivers joined.
The Beaver immediately sampled the water and was convinced that it came from lakes.
The Muskrat was also convinced that this river came from lakes but was quick to discourage the Beaver from exploring further.
They crossed the new river and landed on the north shore to rest.
Curiosity overwhelmed the Muskrat.
He told his cousin that he would go for a walk.
The Beaver, not one for traveling over land, decided to satisfy his hunger with the new willow shoots and fresh grass on the river shore.
Later, he got comfortable in the warm sunshine and slept.
In the meantime, the Muskrat started up the hill toward the mountain (which is now known as Crow Mountain.)
The Muskrat soon found a caribou trail that went directly north toward the mountain.
It was trampled down by herds previously headed north in the spring migration.
The Muskrat followed the trail until he came to the top of the first mountain.
From the top of the east end of the mountain he could not believe what he saw.
There were lakes! Hundreds of them, as far as one could see.
Just pass the next mountain, but there they were.
The Muskrat sat down and rested, then resentfully started on his return walk.
Because if he did not return, the Beaver was sure to follow him and he definitely did not want to share the many lakes with anyone.
He came up with an idea when he was walking down the hill through a rocky creek bed.
He stubbed his toe! After stumbling further, he bruised his feet by dropping a handful of rocks on them.
When he finally returned to the river, the Beaver helped him with his wounds and decided to delay their journey.
But the Muskrat being anxious to be rid of the Beaver, encouraged him to continue his journey by himself.
So the Beaver prepared himself to leave.
He returned to the shore one last time.
This was farewell.
As friends often do when they part, the Beaver and the Muskrat traded gifts.
They traded tails!
The Beaver, secretly being suspicious of the Muskrat's journey up the hill, told him, "My long tail is easier for you to walk through the grassy areas, your flat tail will help me signal danger and will also be useful when building dams and lodges."
With that he swam out and climbed onto a log and drifted down the river.
As he disappeared around the bend, the Muskrat leaped to his feet with joy and headed directly north for the lakes which is now known as the Crow Flats.
This is how the Muskrat came to live in Vuntut!

My great grandmother Myra Moses told this story to me when I was 9 years old.
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2023.05.29 17:47 ShitBag13F Struggling and feel disconnected from peers

I feel completely disconnected from peers of the unit that I served with in OEF 9/10. I don't attend funerals, share posts honoring those who lost their lives, wear bracelets, or engage with others on social media even though I want to badly. Last year my team leader died and I wanted to attend the funeral so badly, he was a great man, but I was so scared of the backlash that I'd receive. I don't fit in and I hate it. I struggle daily and feel like I have to one to talk to talk to or grieve with.
I was always on time, in the right uniform, and did everything asked of me. I was not a strong runner (since learning that I have a severe vascular deformity in my legs) but put effort into all PT and didn't malinger. I genuinely tried my hardest. I f'ed up pretty badly at just 18 and married a local woman who knew how to work the system to her advantage, dragging me and my career through the mud. Because of this two issues, I was permanently labeled a s-bag at my first unit and once you get that label there is nothing you can do to break it.
On a pretty regular basis, I'm forced to relive a moment where I damn near lost my life in Afghanistan to enemy fire because of a viral video that circulates the various military pages. It didn't affect me much years ago, but now every time it pops up it hurts, and the comments from my peer in my unit only make it worse. Comments like `hahaha f'ing xxxx`, `xxxx was such a f'ing tool`, `what a s-bag`, etc, the list goes on. It hurts badly because I would give the shirt off my back to these guys - and I try to by contributing anonymously when needed.
Post army I've become a somewhat successful entrepreneur. I credit a lot of my drive from wanting to prove these guys wrong, but damn I would give up everything just to be accepted by my peers. I'm struggling pretty badly and I feel like I have absolutely nobody to talk to that shared the same trauma as me. I feel alienated and left out. I know for a fact if I could run just a little bit faster and didn't f up marrying that girl that I would have had a totally different career arc. I know that I would have a solid relationship with members of my platoon.
Today is especially hard, I have nobody. The only thing keeping me sane is my daughter.
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2023.05.29 17:47 Basic-Level2527 Should you respond to all emails?

I recently sent in an audition to an indie film near me. I received an email that says that I’m one of their top choices but they’re waiting to see more audition tapes. Do I need to respond to their email? What do I need to say to that? Is it better to get these emails or to not get anything at all? I feel like I get my hopes up every time I receive these emails.
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2023.05.29 17:47 Anonymicecake 24 [M4F] LF THE ONE

Hi! First time posting here. Currently looking for the one. 🫶
About you:
22-26 years old
Can drive (I can drive too but I dont have my own car. YET!)
Loves to travel
Extrovert or ambivert
Does not smoke (I’m allergic to cigarette smokes sorry)
At least 5’3” tall
Slim/petite (Sorry preference only)
Please be decent tignan
From Metro Manila or nearby
24 years old
May humor naman kahit papaano. There wont be any day na di ka tatawa lol
Slim (if that matters)
Wears eyeglasses
Looks cute and innocent (daw)
I don’t smoke. I tried vape pero not a regular o chain smoker before
From Manila (near UST)
Send a short intro sa dm. We can also exchange pics sa tg and say yes or no so we wont waste each other’s time. See yah!
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2023.05.29 17:47 dr-meow When to leave Kingside rook on f1?

Hey everyone,

Quick strategic question that has been tripping me up for a while. I play 1.e4 and often look to further control the center in the middle game with f2-f4. Are there any circumstances where it's a good idea to leave the castled rook on f1 to support the f2-f4 push? My intuition tells me that the rook nearly always belongs on e1 unless Black has active threats against f2, but I'm having trouble generalizing this idea further and finding specific reason why. I always hesitate to play Re1 and it feels like I sometimes pay the price for this apprehension. Any thoughts and ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!
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2023.05.29 17:47 JoshAsdvgi The Bears

The Bears


Now Old Man was walking along, and far off he saw many wolves ; and when he came closer, he saw there the chief of the wolves, a very old one, and sitting around him
were all his children.
Old Man said, "Pity me, Wolf Chief; make me into a wolf, that I may live your way and catch deer and everything that runs fast."
" Come near then," said the Wolf Chief, " that I may rub your body with my hands, so that hair will cover you."
" Hold," said Old Man ; " do not cover my body with hair.
On my head, arms, and legs only, put hair."
When the Chief Wolf had done so, he said to Old Man : "You shall have three companions to help you, one is a very swift runner, another a good runner, and the last is not very fast.
Take them with you now, and others of my younger children who are learning to hunt, but do not go where the wind blows ; keep in the shelter, or the young ones will freeze to death."
Then they went hunting, and Old Man led them on the high buttes, where it was very cold.
At night, they lay down to sleep, and Old Man nearly froze ; and he said to the wolves, " Cover me with your tails."
So all the wolves lay down around him, and covered his body with their tails, and he soon got warm and slept.
Before long he awoke and said angrily, " Take off those tails," and the wolves moved away; but after a little time he again became cold, and cried out, " Oh my young brothers, cover me with your tails or I shall freeze."
So they lay down by him again and covered his body with their tails.
When it was daylight, they all rose and hunted.
They saw some moose, and, chasing them, killed three.
Now, when they were about to eat, the Chief Wolf came along with many of his children, and one wolf said, " Let us make pemmican of those moose " ; and every one was glad.
Then said the one who made pemmican, " No one must look, everybody shut his eyes, while I make the pemmican " ; but Old Man looked, and the pemmican-maker threw a round bone and hit him on the nose, and it hurt.
Then Old Man said, " Let me make the pemmican."
So all the wolves shut their eyes, and Old Man took the round bone and killed the wolf who had hit him.
Then the Chief Wolf was angry, and he said, " Why did you kill your brother?" "I didn't mean to," replied Old Man. "He looked and I threw the round bone at him, but I only
meant to hurt him a little."
Then said the Chief Wolf: "You cannot live with us any longer.
Take one of your companions, and go off by yourselves and hunt."
So Old Man took the swift runner, and they went and lived by themselves a long time ; and they killed all the elk, and deer, and antelope, and moose they wanted.
One morning they awoke, and Old Man said : " Oh my young brother, I have had a bad dream.
Hereafter, when you chase anything, if it jumps a stream, you must not follow it.
Even a little spring you must not jump."
And the wolf promised not to jump over water.
Now one day the wolf was chasing a moose, and it ran on to an island.
The stream about it was very small ; so the wolf thought : " This is such a httle stream that I must jump it.
That moose is very tired, and I don't think it will leave the island."
So he jumped on to the island, and as soon as he entered the brush, a bear caught him, for the island was the home of the Chief Bear and his two brothers.
Old Man waited a long time for the wolf to come back, and then went to look for him.
He asked all the birds he met if they had seen him, but they all said they had not.
At last he saw a kingfisher, who was sitting on a limb overhanging the water.
" Why do you sit there, my young brother?" said Old Man.
"Because," replied the king- fisher, " the Chief Bear and his brothers have killed your wolf; they have eaten the meat and thrown the fat into the river, and whenever I see a piece come floating along, I fly down and get it."
Then said Old Man, " Do the Bear Chief and his brothers often come out? and where do they live?"
*' They come out every morning to play," said the kingfisher ; "and they live upon that island."
Old Man went up there and saw their tracks on the sand, where they had been playing, and he turned himself into a rotten tree.
By and by the bears came out, and when they saw the tree, the Chief Bear said : " Look at that rotten tree.
It is Old Man, Go, brothers, and see if it is not."
So the two brothers went over to the tree, and clawed it ; and they said, " No, brother, it is only a tree."
Then the Chief Bear went over and clawed and bit the tree, and although it hurt Old Man, he never moved.
Then the Bear Chief was sure it was only a tree, and he began to play with his brothers.
Now while they were playing, and all were on their backs, Old Man leaned over and shot an arrow into each one of them ; and they cried out loudly and ran back on the island.
Then Old Man changed into himself, and walked down along the river.
Pretty soon he saw a frog jumping along, and every time it jumped it would say, "Nt'-na/i O-kyai'-yu ! "
And sometimes it would stop and sing : —
"JVi'-nah O-kyai'-yu / Ni'-nah O-kyat'-yu /
Chief Bear! Chief Bear!
Naf-i I-nit'-si-wah Ni'-nah O-kyai'-yu /'*
Old Man kill him Chief Bear!

" What do you say? " cried Old Man.
The frog repeated what he had said.
"Ah ! " exclaimed Old Man, " tell me all about it."
"The Chief Bear and his brothers," replied the frog,
" were playing on the sand, when Old Man shot arrows into them.
They are not dead, but the arrows are very near their hearts ; if you should shove ever so little on them, the points would cut their hearts.
I am going after medicine now to cure them."
Then Old Man killed the frog and skinned her, and put the hide on himself and swam back to the island, and hopped up toward the bears, crying at every step, "Ni'-nah O-kyai'-yu / " just as the frog had done.
" Hurry," cried the Chief Bear.
" Yes," replied Old Man, and he went up and shoved the arrow into his heart.
" I cured him ; he is asleep now," he cried, and he went up and shoved the arrow into the biggest brother's heart. "
I cured them; they are asleep now"; and he went up and shoved the arrow into the other bear's heart.
Then he built a big fire and skinned the bears, and tried out the fat and poured it into a hollow in the ground ; and he called all the animals to come and roll in it, that they might be fat.
And all the animals came and rolled in it.
The bears came first and rolled in it, that is the reason they get so fat.
Last of all came the rabbits, and the grease was almost all gone ; but they filled their paws with it and rubbed it on their backs and between their hind legs.
That is the reason why rabbits have two such large layers of fat on their backs, and that is what makes them so fat between the hind legs.
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2023.05.29 17:45 RayndownWasTaken Should I buy a CZ P-10F now or wait?

I've been seeing some people say that the reason the P-10(s) are so cheap is because CZ are trying to sell them all cause they're making a new version. Something along those lines.
There's a suppressor ready + optics ready full size version at a shop near me. I am pretty sure that this is a 2023 model.
I ask this question because I live in an anti-gun country (in Europe) and I am only allowed to own 10 pistols (or any firearms for that matter) in total, so I want to be careful with every purchase I make. Pistols also cost double here compared to the US, and I also have to wait about 4-5 months after purchasing it for the police to accept it because I do not have a license yet. I am buying it through my club. I still have 1.5 more years to go before I am eligible for a gun license.
What I am most scared about, is that a new version comes out and companies that previously made upgrades to the version I'm planning on buying, will move on to the new version and cease production of upgrades to the version I'm planning on buying. I am definitely planning on upgrading it.
I could also save up some more money and buy a Shadow 2... Although my uncle already owns one so I can just borrow his. What do you guys think?
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2023.05.29 17:45 Darmanarya Hunting pack chapter 4

((Work was so slow today I wrote this all on my phone. Will be adding the chapter change buttons later as a result. Hope you all enjoy this! Also: credit, as always and as deserved, goes to u/SpacePaladin15 for the good universe of "Nature of Predators" and community! Also shoutout to "Nature of Giants" creator u/Acceptable_Egg5560 for giving me a good example to use as a cameo!))
Memory transcript subject: Krakotl exterminator team leader Taita
Date [standardized human time]: October 20, 2136
I am an exterminator.
I am told I am one of the best.
My office has plenty of awards that were given to me.
I have done jobs many thought impossible.
But above all I am professional.
I must look at every case with as little emotion as possible to ensure that I can protect the most people possible. Heat should come from my flamer, not my heart or head. I must not let mindless beliefs and superstition rule me unlike those brAHKING IDIOTS IN DAWN CREEK WHO JUMP AT ANYT-
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
I am an exterminator.
I must be professional.
The attempted purge of the human world was, to me, all wrong. The humans have shown very few predatory behaviors and are far more advanced than the Yotul were. Some records indicate that a significant portion of their population was even becoming plant only by choice pre-contact. Not only that but the exterminator fleet carried out their duties with a zeal that was unfitting for exterminators. They abandoned those in need to pursue a kill. That is predatory and is against what we swore to purge.
I should be angry at the humans. They led the Arxur to attack us, but at the same time I must acknowledge if a parent leaves their child alone near predators then the parent would be detained for such a horrible act. How was the fleet's behavior any different?
I stared at the chat program in front of me.
Venlil male. Skip
Yotul female. Skip
Krakotl male. Skip
I needed to learn more about humans. I had to. I always tried my hardest to learn and study the predators I purged to make sure I could be as efficient as possible. It was my research that discovered the Bahrulet were just prey that had a spike in predator disease in males every cycle rather than them being predators. It was me that figured out it was a koloshian tsking apart yotul rather than a predator with a taste for the species.
And here it was. A chance i could find a predator I could talk to. A predator I could ask questions about. As an exterminator team lead I managed to pull some strings and get my copy of the chat program decensored a good bit so I could ask questions.
Professional ones.
No stupid ones like "Are you going to eat me?" Or anything of the sort. I didn't believe the theories that humans were mind controlling the Venlil or that they were faking. On such a scale it would be impossible! Besides, as skittish as the Venlil were I doubt one of their brains could stay conscious long enough to be brainwashed if a human tried it. Besides. I watched the videos from the cradle. I would trade all my feathers for just ONE exterminator as tough and devoted as those humans were. You can't fake that kind of passion when protecting something from a predator.
I wanted to know how their kind hunted in the past. Why? Why was I going to ask such a predatory question? If I knew then perhaps our purges could go smoother. Identify where a predator could strike, what they looked for, how to better kill to make sure none got away.
Professional. Questions.
But… I also just felt wrong about what happened on Earth. I wanted to find out for myself if such an extreme purge was really justified. I mean, I know it probably wasn't, but I needed to learn more before I made up my mind.
Venlil female. Skip
Krokotl male. Looking for female. Skip and block
Koloshian. Skip
Venlil male. Skip
Dossur female. Skip
I breathed out. I was told there would be humans on this app now! Sure, most humans would probably not be too interested after… that. And most were probably skipping me because I was a krakotl female. My kind did just purge a large number of theirs. B-
Human male.
Oh. He didn't skip me? "54rhuman?" Rather basic username, but their names are probably highly restricted. My talon hovered over "accept." Did I really want to do this? Yes. I had to.
Firedird: Are you really a human?
54rhuman: yup! Was rejected from the first batch of exchange due to my interests and diet. Picked up this app since I HAD to meet some aliens.
Firebird: What is your job?
54rhuman: I work IT. Can't say much beyond that. Fairly boring. U?
I froze. My username was a hint, but maybe the human just thought I was being "cool." Should I lie? No. Professionalism. If I wanted him to tell me the truth I had to tell the truth.
Firebird: dont leave please. Exterminator team lead.
There was a long pause, but he didn't leave.
Firebird: still there?
54rhuman: yup! Just has to sneak a few pictures of my guest. He is sleeping hard next to me. Cool! Always wanted to talk to an exterminator.
Firebird:what? Even after what we did?
54rhuman: hey. It was one group of exterminators, and a krakotl, but fuck it. Not everyone in a group is the same. Besides! You are the feds version of the police! Cant all be bad.
I read the reply. Then again. Then again.
What we did was wrong.
54rhuman: besides. I feel horrible for your kind about the arxur. I know it saved us, but it still feels wrong.
There was the empathy that the reports I read outlined.
The fleet was wrong.
Firebird: I… ok. Do you mind if I ask questions? They might be a bit sensitive, but I always wanted to ask a predator questions.
54rhuman: not all humans are really predators, so be careful with that name, but gotta admit it fits me some. Ask away!
What to ask first? Speh. Lets just go for the simple one.
Firebird: do humans have something like exterminators?
54r human: yup! Multiple different groups actually with one actually called the same thing. We have a bunch of animals on earth. Some just cause lots of problems like eating our food or spreading disease while some kill us.
Oh what the BRAHKT would hunt a human!? A predator predator was a thought I did not want to think about. Professionalism be damned!
54rhuman: I am actually in one of the groups as a side job and hobby. It is what got me rejected from the first exchange batch. We don't use fire though. We find that cruel.
Cruel? I tilted my head as my feathers ruffled out. I had to know why this human thought our methods were cruel!
Firebird: How is it cruel? It kills the predator and ensures there is nothing left to cause issues. No decaying body, no spread of predator, no drawing in other predators, and more.
54rhuman: Humans find it to be far too long and painful of a death. While some humans do believe in destroying truly horrific things with fire, its often seen as the most extreme method. Huh. Thought this would get censored.
Firebird: I am an exterminator team leader. Chatting with me has reduced censorship due to what I know.
54rhuman: Fair. We just try to use things like guns and other devices to make sure the death is quick and painless and as clean as possible. We dont like being cruel by causing lots of pain.
If that was true some exterminators had more predator disease than this human!
54rhuman: ah shit my guest is waking up! Bet they are hungry so need to get them something to eat. They look so cute asleep as well, wanna hug em'! Friending so we can talk later! Bye!
Chat partner disconnected.
54rhuman wants to be friends! Accept? Yes! Ignore.
I just… sat there staring at the screen. The human was nice and every bit lined up with what I heard. He replied quicker than I did so it wasn't like he had time to come up with a lie either. My claw tapped "accept." My eyes looked up to the poster of "The Exterminators" hanging on my wall. It was signed by the whole cast as a thank you for some of my cases inspiring a couple of their episodes.
The purge order was wrong. It had to be! Fully based on nothing but fear, superstition, and probably even predator disease!
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2023.05.29 17:45 throwaway12344574 Help regarding any after conferences of an accident

So basically I was driving in a slightly rural area but it was near a major city. And what happened was a drunk guy came into the centre of the road. Fortunately I wasn’t driving too fast and could stop before anything serious happened but however I couldn’t prevent touching him. My car touched him from the back before it completely halted and caused him to loose balance and he fell down. And thanks to my good luck the local villagers saw everything that happened and helped me in finding and taking him to the nearest hospital. There I was told nothing serious had happened and it was just a minor cut on his face. I paid for the dressing of the injury and offered to drop this drunk guy to his home. But he began a drunken rant about what enimity I had against him and other irrevalant things and basically kept of pestering me nonstop. He also showed signs of wanting money. He took me to an isolated area where stopped giving me directions to his home and that’s where he openly asked for money. So I gave him 1000 and told him that’s all I have. He later tried asking for more and started threatening to file a case against me. So I gave him 100 more and even then he refused and asked for more. As I was at the edge of my patience with him I told him to get out and left the scene. So my question is can and will any legal action be taken against me?
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2023.05.29 17:44 Gray_side_Jedi What the hell happened to NG+ UH?

So I finally started a NG+ UH playthrough after 100%ing HFW and TBS. Just got to my first major machine, the Thunderjaw near the survey drone in No Man’s Land. No biggie, tackled these things before all the time in HZD NG+ UH playthroughs….
Jesus fucking wept. Took me forever to kill the damn thing. Exploited its elemental weakness, targeted every damn weak point on it, used the disc launchers - took forever and a minute to finally put it down. That was so comically resource- and time-intensive I’m a little worried now going forward. Did they crank the HP on the major machines up to 11 or something?
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2023.05.29 17:43 DMmeCompliments Running Low on Resilience - Growth Beyond Abuse

Isn't it tough, sometimes, for the Mind and Heart to cooperate??
Hey Delhi, I'm a 25 yo guy and I feel Lost. I'm in a pretty bad phase right now. Need your advice, suggestions, and prayers. This is gonna be a long post so plz bear with me. To the mods - I really need to talk about it, it's eating me inside, please don't remove the post.
Being hit by a train of emotions while a slideshow of memories runs in my mind right now. I find it very intriguing how some people do irreparable damage to the person who loves them the most.
My GF of 4.5 yrs, a couple of years younger than me, abused me for 3 yrs before I snapped and walked out. I was tackling Medical and Judicial issues at home in these 3 yrs too, It was like getting battered from every aspect of my existence. I know I shouldn't have stayed there for that long but somehow it felt like it'll all get over someday and I held on. It was my first relationship and I was madly in love, truly. I had met her at a time when she was recovering from her previous breakup but we both liked each other instantaneously and I tried my best to help her get through that phase, from sending pizzas to her place without telling her to unannounced soft toys on the days she was feeling miserable and anxious. I did all that I thought would make me feel better if I was in her position and mental state. Then once we were officially together for 1.5 yrs, the abuse started.
It all started very slowly, she would ask me for help with her assignments, and by help she meant that I should do it for her. I saw it as a gesture of healthy dependency and didn't think much. Traveled to Faridabad from Patel Nagar to "deliver" her assignments at least 10 times, sometimes the assignments were of her elective language - Russian, But no matter the heat or cold, I was always there. Yet somehow, she always managed to nitpick errors in assignments and would yell at me over calls. Initially, I was surprised cuz a reaction of this type wasn't normal, but I shrugged it off thinking maybe I might have messed up somewhere. But every time I tried to perfect my work, I would still get yelled at. She also wouldn't decline advances from other guys and would play along, sometimes even going silent on video calls cuz she was texting other guys. One night I told her that I didn't feel good about it and that since we are in a relationship why does she need to entertain romantic advances from other guys? She brainwashed me into thinking that my concerns were unrealistic and that I "should be okay" with her shenanigans. Then came her final year, Holy Fuck what a year it was, she wanted to do internships so we discussed the details and both of us started to find openings. Around this time, she also wanted to prepare for UPSC and wanted to shift to Rajendra Nagar for coaching and stuff. But it was summer then so I told her "Bht garmi hai, I'll look for rooms and coaching here, aap kitna aana jana karoge Faridabad se yahan and back" (yes I addressed her as aap). Eventually after a lot of sweating and exhaustion, I found a decent place for her, sorted all of her coaching details, and also got her into a paid government internship. Within another day, contacted a moving company, loaded all her stuff in a van, and settled her place here in Rajendra Nagar before she finally shifted here. In my mind, everything was going well between us, except for the occasional yet frequent verbal abuse. I did my graduation from EEE branch and not to boast but I am really good at engineering stuff, On her bday I gifted her an Electronic box, made from scratch by me that would display sweet messages for different moods of her like positivity, motivation (since upsc aspirant), love and sm more stuff. I was suffering from typhoid those days but I still sat at my table coding the software and merging the electronic components, while I was having 102 fever almost every night, cuz her bday was nearing. I always used to say to her "Look I don't have much money to gift you stuff but my most valuable thing - my time, will always be there for you. You're never alone." I guess this gift of mine backfired cuz This is when things started deteriorating. Since we were living close now, I would visit her frequently. One such day I was welcomed with taunts and yelling as to how the place I found for her is shit and noisy. Being avidly in love and with my problem-solving knack, I made her a sound-absorbing board with egg crates and foam and attached it to her door and window, and bought heavy curtains and rugs for her room too. That night I stayed at her place and we planned to watch LOTR while having pizzas. After a while, she again picked her phone up to which I objected as we were watching the movie and then she got angry and threw my food in the dustbin (i am a slow eater, and she finished fast), before I could even comprehend why she was in such anger, she kicked me in the balls really hard. I collapsed on the floor from pain, this made me furious but I was confused AF, so I waited for the pain to subside while she kept saying how I had made her life hard and how I am a shitty BF and a shitty person. I got up and tried to calm her down and to know the cause but she straight up slapped me hard and started hurling abuses. I stared at her for idk how long but i zoned out, she slapped me twice more but i was suddenly in a flashback of how good things were between us, how i considered her a part of me and literally ebbed myself away to make her feel better... I came back to reality after she switched off the lights and went to sleep. But since there was only 1 bed, she pushed me away and told me i had 2 options, either to stay standing up the whole night or sleep on the floor. I slept on her chair with my head down on the table. Couldn't sleep and tears kept rolling. You guys must know the physical pain we feel in our chest when we cry, add hunger pangs to it and that was me that night. I left her place at 5 AM, sat in the park for a while, and came back to my room barely holding my tears back. I texted her later and called her too but she didn't respond until 4 PM. She told me that she was out with her cousin sister the whole day and sent me pictures of them in a cafe. I looked at the picture and saw her smile, for a second I was like that's a beautiful smile girl and then I thought, how could someone go on a day outing, have fun and celebrate after beating and torturing their loved ones? After that night, slapping and kicking become common. Sometimes it was cuz I didn't wake her up on time and smtyms it was cuz I was talking to Dad for too long and responded to her calls after some delay. But I never, not even once, thought of beating her. I guess I was still being hopeful that it'll all end. One day, it was all going okay and idk what I did or what the trigger was, she started saying that I was cheating on her, I was furious cuz I really hate cheaters and cheating and wouldn't do such stuff even if I was drunk. What ensued was a very brutal debate, again involving physical abuse, I even apologized to her with folded hands to stop beating me and asked her 1 question "Have you forgotten the things I have done for you? Why would I cheat if I am soo invested in you?" To which she replied - "Maine bola tha itna karne ko kya?" Hearing this I froze, mind went blank, it was more than I could take and after she went back to her place I blocked her from everywhere, and also shifted to another place to live in the next 10 days.
Today is my bday and I stayed in the whole day remembering how we used to celebrate each others bdays, and now we are like strangers. She still stays in the same neighbourhood, i see her smtyms too and all i think is how easy it is for some people to move on. Like a breeze, leaving a trail of crumbs of a heart they pulverised. Nowadays when i take my anxiety pills, when i wake up in middle of night because i dreamt of those stuff with my heartbeat racing and sweating even with the AC on, i wonder - Is love like a non-newtonian fluid? If you hold on to it tightly, its strong but the moment you loosen grip it percolates between fingers.. But i was still holdin on tight, how did it percolate then? I didnt deserve such treatment, she hurt me more than she needed to if all she wanted was a breakup.. I wonder, will she remmber me when she looks at her curtains and the door frame and the soft toys that i gave? Cuz i still have kept an oregano packet from when we first met and had pizza at dominos.
I need help. It feels like I am a different person now, I want to unlearn many things that I developed to handle the trauma and still keep myself sane, but I don't know how. I know i cant reverse time but I wish I could format my brain rn. I have been to psychiatrist regarding my anxiety attacks and he told me to give myself time to recover, but its been months and i still feel numb inside. How do i get myself out of this slump? How do i trust people again? How do i know that theres not a rotten heart hiding under a beautiful face? how do i live and not just stay alive? I wish i could talk to god and ask him what my sins were for which i got so punished, naa toh health meri thik rahi, naa toh mann shant raha naa hi neend aati hai.. Kyun?
People, I have been resilient untill now but ab nahi ho raha.. I m running low on it. Kahan se laun himmat? How do i grow out of this state of mine? I have no one to say these too hence yahan bola. Please let me know what i should do as i have hit a dead end.
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2023.05.29 17:43 One_House_5238 Any reliable PC store near MA that can build me a gaming rig?

Title. Suggestions from further away are welcome as well.
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2023.05.29 17:43 Falling_awayy I am resenting you now

Why did you move over cities to be near me? Why if you knew you couldn't project yourself long-term with anything? Why did you let me believe in a future together?
Why if you knew you'd repeat same old patterns you didn't like, you didn't do anything to change it? Why didn't you tell me you knew that you'd walk away when things got hard?
Why did you tell me you believed you could be in love with the same person your whole life, if you knew you were not willing to work on yourself?
Why did you promise to tell me how you felt, if something bothered you or upset you, but didn't do it? Why did you promise and didn't tell me how hard it was for you??
Why did you let me believe in your love and then walked away? Why did you let me believe in your love if you knew you'd give up anyway?
And then you told me "at least I tried it, that's what I tell myself".
Being in a relationship isn't trying. Working on yourself and the relationship, that is trying.
I still love you, I still miss you. Thanks for loving me your way, thanks for caring and being affectionate, thanks for all your patience and loving words, you were amazing at showing me your love. I hope one day you can heal yourself, so you are able to love and receive the love you deserve.
Thanks for our last meeting. I really enjoyed spending the day with you, talking, crying and hugging, thanks for showing you still care about me. In another time, we would've been amazing together.
Sincerely P
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2023.05.29 17:42 BoredBitch011 Just had a horrible walk with my reactive dog.

Sorry for the long post. My dog and I always walk a specific route. We see other dogs and people but he doesn’t react at a distance and it gives him good exposure. 99% of the time we have great walks and I’m so proud of him. Today was terrible and it wasn’t even his fault. To start out we walked by a house that had a German Shepard and a small dog out on the porch and they were flipping out barking like they were trying to kill my dog. He is both stranger and dog reactive so this was really stressful for him and he was pulling and barked a couple of times but it wasn’t the end of the world, we crossed the street. Well then there was a small dog out on a tie out that reached the sidewalk but it stayed laying down by the house and I kept my distance and was just really stressed about the whole situation. Up the street out of nowhere this beagle comes charging up to me and my dog off leash, no owner in sight, wearing a harness so maybe it escaped? I don’t know. But my dog flipped out. He was already stressed because of the dogs barking at him and now this one came right up into his face. I knew the tension was about to build really fast and I had him on a super tight leash with a back clip harness so I had his front end lifted off the ground to keep his mouth away from the other dog and I was putting my other arm around his belly to pick him up, which isn’t easy as he’s 65 pounds. He was literally screaming trying to get at this dog and he whipped around and bit my hand. Not badly but it broke the skin a tiny bit in one place and it hurt. I ignored it and fully lifted him off the ground and pushed the other dog gently with my foot and told it to go away and it went running down the street away from us. At this point I was absolutely over this walk and I set my dog down and turned around to go home. I was still on the side of the road with the small dog on the tie out and I figured it would be better to walk by the Shepard in the fence because now this small dog was barking at us and I knew my dog would kill it if I got too close, so I started to cross the road and the owner of the small dog yelled “don’t let that dog NEAR my dog!” Like lady don’t you see I am literally crossing the street?? The Shepard owner was kind enough to have brought this dogs back in the house and he told me I have a beautiful dog and I was like thank you I appreciate that. Then I hear the small dog owner yelling to the German Shepard owner that my dog would eat her dog right up. And she’s right. And I was so embarrassed. I think the Shepard owner was defending me but I didn’t stick around to hear, I got my ass and my dogs ass back home and gave him his PRN trazodone to calm him down. He is laying in bed next to me panting so hard and I feel so awful that he had such a bad walk and I’m embarrassed that all the neighbors saw the whole thing. I kinda just want to curl up in a ball and cry. I know it wasn’t his fault that he nipped, he was freaking out. I don’t know if I should take a route to avoid people and dogs and give up on exposure therapy or what. Any advice is greatly appreciated. I feel defeated right now.
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2023.05.29 17:42 Able-Investigator-61 The Hospital

The Hospital
She just said I want to go to the hospital, so my sister called the police came to the apartment with ambulance to take her to the hospital , she was on the 4th floor I visited her twice joking with her, and she told me she was getting released tomorrow she call me but instead a woman calls me three times stating her heart is stopped while on the phone with me, I'm confused, said something hangs up she called 2 more times decide to rush up there, they moved her to the 3rd floor and a woman said she's in ICU, I had to wait a while near the elevators to see her and I knew it was not good, she said with her eyes closed she was thirsty, my mom never talked with her eyes closed, , looked like she died Right after telling me that, she never moved again
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2023.05.29 17:42 iiinoooontario Job has morphed into a completely different job but title and description does not reflect this. What should I put on my cv/resume?

I work in the public sector, super hard to get any changes done related to my job description that has not been updated since I came on board nearing 6 years ago and my boss who’s the CFO has not brought it to HR or COO when we first talked about it 2 years ago. My job title is (department) administrator but I am working alongside HR now for workforce analytics and pension analytics duties along with managing projects, grants, and reporting various compliance requirements. I literally started out as an administrative assistant and am doing a lot more stuff than that now. They don’t want to have to put me in another bracket that’s outside that grid/step because it would be a “new” position and they would have to hire an admin assistant bc it’s already forecasted in the budget , and build a new business case for my current position so I’m looking for a new job.
Tailoring my resume left and right is the worst because the title is not reflective of what I actually do. I have a few set of duties and responsibilities that are all over the map so I literally have 4 resumes specific to the 4 major responsibilities I have in my role.
Can anyone please shed some light if I should change my job title on my resume/LinkedIn
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2023.05.29 17:41 longbottomcoffee Speciality Coffee Coffee Roasters Near Me Coffee Beans Near Me

Indulge in the world of specialty coffee with our exquisite selection. Discover an array of meticulously sourced and expertly roasted specialty coffee beans from around the globe. Experience the distinctive flavors, aromas, and complexities that make specialty coffee truly exceptional. Whether you're a passionate coffee connoisseur or just starting your journey, our specialty coffee offerings cater to every palate. Elevate your coffee experience with the finest beans, carefully crafted to perfection. Explore our collection now and savor the richness of specialty coffee at its finest. For more information visit our website at or call 1-800-288-1271
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