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A place to share many of the Split-Depth GIFS, you know the ones with the 3D effect by using white lines.

2018.01.09 19:35 Curelli Post deals for manga, anime, anime figures and other related items.

Post deals for manga, anime, anime figures and other related items!

2010.06.15 17:58 AppleJuiceKing Tayne

Good morning Paul. What will your first sequence of the day be?

2023.05.29 16:42 ConstantHawk-2241 Beware of

Was scrolling through Facebook early this morning before coffee. Saw an ad for a sale on Birkenstock. Went to the site, and ordered 🤦🏻‍♀️ Realized that they were just mirroring the real Birkenstock website. It’s a holiday today in the US, so I just pulled all my money from my account so they don’t have anything more to steal. I will have to go to the bank tomorrow morning and get a new debit card, and hopefully my money back. Buyer beware! The scam websites are getting pretty good these days. 😩
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2023.05.29 16:40 dirtyharrison 43 Shot Friday into Monday Morning in Mayor Johnson's Chicago

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2023.05.29 16:39 dafuqULoKINat Doesn't Link from 'Good mythical morning' look like Hritik Roshan in this pic

Doesn't Link from 'Good mythical morning' look like Hritik Roshan in this pic
Is it just me or does Link looks like Hritik Roshan in this pic ??!
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2023.05.29 16:39 ewhite74 Good morning ☺️

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2023.05.29 16:39 Notpan Anyone ever have to decide between moving closer to friends/family in a place you don’t like vs moving to a place you might like but don’t know anyone? Any advice?

I’m (31M) trying to decide by the end of the year where I want to buy a house. It’s either between the town I went to college in, located in central Kentucky, or some place new, like Minnesota. I realize I may be asking for answers that only I can provide, but just looking for any advice from anyone who has had to make a similar decision because it’s stressing me out a lot.
Note: I work remote, so I can move anywhere.
My preferences and goals
Pros for Kentucky:
Cons for Kentucky:
I’m very hesitant to move somewhere because of friends. I moved to my current area because I had two close friends living here, but they both moved away within 9 months of my moving here, and now I’m stuck in an area I don’t like without any local friends until my 2 year lease is up. So I’ve been trying to ask myself about moving to KY - if all my friends inexplicably moved away, would I still want to live there? I don’t think so, but still, the draw of having friends there is very strong.
Minnesota sounds up my alley, with all I’ve read about the twin cities and other MN regions on this sub. With my biggest goal being meeting people/a life partner, it’s definitely intimidating to move somewhere I don’t know anyone, especially given that I’m more of a homebody. I’ve read it’s hard to break into friend groups in MN. I would be doing my best to put myself out there by volunteering, dating apps, the local subreddit/discord, and trying to have a somewhat regular presence in local music venues, coffee shops, etc, but I’m afraid of getting discouraged if it is as difficult as they say.
I’m open to other places as well (have read good things about WI, MI, western NY), but just keeping this down to two choices because I’ve been a little paralyzed by all the options.
Any input/info/advice is appreciated, thanks!
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2023.05.29 16:38 brooklynnpagee not enough coffee in the house for this monday 🫠☕️

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2023.05.29 16:38 We-Got-Cows Tips for a nervous 4mo pup

Our 16 week old is finally able to go on walks with all shots done. Up to this point we’ve done a lot of neutral socializing like watching from cars, being carried, watching the world from our yard, sitting and watching things in public etc and he never had any reactivity toward people during this outings. Every session was just a lot of sniffing and a lot of treats and tail wags. He’s also met all the neighbors (loves them) and has played with their dogs. We’ve had friends over for board game nights a few times and he soaks up the puppy love.
With that said he’s a bit on the timid side when it comes to physically meeting something - everything new he slowly investigates, sometimes needs to back off and try again, then is fine. Or he needs to bark at it a few times first, then investigate. He’s cautious but curious, is how I’d describe his personality. We’ve started puppy classes and the instructor also noted he seems a bit timid, he didn’t want to take treats from him at first and his tail was tucked for part of it. But by the end of class he was wanting to love all over him.
We’ve only done a couple days of short walks but already he’s proven to be pretty nervous of well, everything but ESPECIALLY people, even from a good distance. If he sees a person coming he freezes like a rock, stares, if they get too close he barks/growls a little. If they seem too scary he hides under my leg. He doesn’t lunge or pull toward them so I’m not sure it’s frustration, just nervous and twitchy. Some teens were playing basketball and his hackles went up at the noise and he froze in place fixated on them.
It doesn’t sound all that threatening since he’s so young but he’s a large breed and it won’t be “cute” for very long - some passerbys have laughed at the cute puppy being tough. Nobody has tried to approach him at least (we aren’t doing on leash greetings) but he fixates until they get good distance from us.
I guess I’m just worried on how to prevent full blown reactive dog as an adult. Our last adult rescue came to us extremely dog reactive and it was so hard to deal with. I’m just looking for some help on what to do for walks. How can we break his focus when he zeroes in? With our old adult we did a lot of engage/disengage which helped, but none of our treats are high value enough to distract this pup once he freezes. I got some hot dogs to try next and hope that smell works.
It’s tricky because he starts out strong then suddenly ends it. This morning he was excited to go out and was happily exploring things until we got halfway down the road and some birds took off from a tree (startled him) and then he wanted to go home right NOW. Lunging back for the house, going crazy pulling the leash and did not care at all about me or food. Should I just let him drag me home when this happens? Try and stand still and wait it out or will that just flood him? I know you can’t reinforce fear, but I also worry letting him drag me away might teach him to bolt on a leash when he’s nervous? He will eventually be big enough to drag me down doing that.
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2023.05.29 16:38 EcstaticFig8124 Help me find this place in WA

We are considering a far in the future move to Washington but I am unfamiliar with the state. Can you please tell me if this place exists and, if so, where:
Thank you for your help!
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2023.05.29 16:37 Realistic_Hat1464 surely i wont tu* this late?

ive had an upset tummy for days now and it went back to normal this morning but when i got to work i suddenly felt like i was about to have d* and ended up going home esrly because the stress of it was too much and i work in hospitality and was struggling to keep a smile up. it was friday my tummy felt wierd, saturday i had an upset tummy, sunday it was still off and today (monday) went solid again. ill also mention i had straight up d* on the wednesday. ive had barely any cramping so thats good. i have a funny feeling in my neck and shoulder and occasional hesdaches and am very tired so am worried that thats stomach b* symptoms but idk? could all of my other symptoms just be anxiety, i know stress can cause a faster bowel movement so that could be why my tumny is upset maybe. has it been too long for me to have a bug and tu* tonight?
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2023.05.29 16:37 Wewladdy8401 Got a UTI, really sick. Went on cipro (found out it was terrible,) and switched to amoxicillin after one dose.

This is from my post on another support group last night:
I've gotten much much more unwell the past few hours. Doctor said it couldn't have been the antibiotic, not even herxheimers reaction, assuming that the tablespoon of coconut this morning and garlic extract didn't magically start die off immediately. I haven't been taking anti fungals regularly yet. Here's my symptoms,
Extremely tight neck, headache, brain fog Whole body feels heavier, unusually tired Chills/hot flashes, been feeling really cold Little harder to breathe, could be anxiety? But that's been the same for hours, same with my heart rate. Heart rate is slightly higher, resting around 95-105bpm. Really bloated. Hurts a little to breathe deep below my right rib cage. It's not really hard to stay awake but I feel very out of it, possibly dissassociating a bit. I felt "okay" earlier all things considered before my nap about 4 hours ago. Been downhill since, pretty constant last hour though. Not changing I mean, getting worse.
I got a CT scan done a month or 2 ago for really bad stomach pain, everything was fine. Doc assumed then I had a real bad stomach flu. Got over that in maybe a week or two.
The only ideas I can think up is the UTI is hitting me VERY hard all of a sudden, or maybe I had a bad reaction to the cranberry extract I bought today. But I've had cranberry juice before, felt fine. The Florastor probiotic is new to me as well, but I've never heard of people getting more than a stomach ache from probiotics.
Just emptying my brain out. Doctor isn't really able to help. Just said to call her tomorrow to let her know how I'm doing or to give her updates. Drink lots of water, try to eat well, easy to digest foods, take the antibiotic tonight, call her in the morning.
I need to emphasize, there WAS an overgrowth of bacteria in my urine. If there wasn't I probably wouldn't have gone on the antibiotic. Really felt I didn't have a choice. Just praying it doesn't make my stomach much worse and the precautions I'm taking against that are enough. Like I said it doesn't hurt as much to pee as it did, but I just feel so much worse overall. I'd prefer burning to all of this crap.
After I get over this I'm gonna take my candida more seriously. I got a headache last night just thinking about it, "oh God what if it is fungus, (I didn't get urine results till this morning,) "oh God what if i get die off during this antibiotic course and I feel twice as worse." I'm already near as bad as can be. Just not throwing up. Which honestly has been my main concern, why I avoided just attacking the fungus like I need to. I'm so sick of being sick. I haven't felt myself in years, and to be dealing with all this extra stuff.. it's just so much. I need to deal with it soon. Quality of life is really crappy. Glad I'm not ever this bad though less I'm really sick.
TODAY: I feel very slightly better. Very slightly. Whole body still hurts, headache, tired, still burns a bit to pee but everything's improved a tiny bit.
I'm not sure I should keep taking the florastor since it is a yeast, but I've read it's a good one that counteracts candida. Florajen, I know very little about. I guess my main reason for posting here is to figure what I should take with my antibiotic to keep my gut and candida from getting even worse. I did have coconut oil and garlic yesterday morning; I'm worried that's what made me feel so sick though. Before I took those I felt "okay" overall, shitty, but not really really sick. Worst part was the burning when I peed. But later in the day the worst part was the fatigue, headache, nausea. It being a little harder to breathe. That's all a little better though my heart rate is still resting pretty high. Read that can happen with antibiotics, though.
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2023.05.29 16:36 Competitive-Fail7786 Carta from school_Valencia

Good morning everyone 🌅
I was wondering if anyone was also accepted to Valencia:) and did you already receive your letters from your schools? Was it sent to you to your email address?
I am wondering because some ppl don't receive their letters by emails and receive them somewhere else.
I was placed about two weeks ago.
Thank you 🙏
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2023.05.29 16:35 TheRealSnorkel DeSantis vows to “Destroy Leftism” if elected President.

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2023.05.29 16:35 Future-Wealth9435 schrodinger's date?

Yesterday I agreed to meet an acquaintance for lunch for what I thought was just a friendly catch-up. This guy is the husband of a woman I'm actually better friends with and the reason I know him. She is currently out of town helping family. Well, I think this guy thought we were on a date but only if I indicated I was interested. He was very "on" - monologuing about his job for 20 mins like he was trying to impress, acting nervous and fidgety, tried to pay for my food (I declined), scooting closer to me (and me backing away), was vaguely patronizing and weird, and started to complain about his wife/marriage too but I shut that down instantly. The vibe was just OFF, like he was feeling me out if I would be interested in him sexually. Which, absolutely not, in no universe would I ever be interested in this guy. He's married, I am married, and I am in no way shape or form attracted to him in any way whatsoever and have never once indicated that I am. Unless you count normal conversation as flirting, and he might.
I left after lunch and started analyzing why I felt so strange and gross about the whole encounter. I really think he asked me on a "date not a date unless you want it to be a date...?" And I am so angry for my friend, his wife. She's such a good person, a genuinely kind and caring soul. One of the best people I know. I slept on it, then I wrote to her this morning letting her know we met for lunch and expressing sympathy about her family situation, asking her if she and I can meet up soon next time she is around. Just so she knows, to be totally transparent, and in case he tries to frame it differently.
I think he's out here trying to cheat while she's working out of town to pay their mortgage and helping her sick family. Should I have known better than to meet him for lunch? I literally never want to talk to him again now, I am so angry for her and at him for putting me in that position. He kept it plausibly deniable, of course, but my intuition said this felt inappropriate somehow. Like he had dishonest intentions. Do I really need to spell it out to a married man as a married woman that meeting up for a lunch is not a date? I have plenty of other married guy friends I can meet up with for a coffee or food and it's not weird at all.
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2023.05.29 16:35 OlivinePeridot An update on the offensive message left on the Lake Erie Seaway Trail building:

Yesterday I posted a picture of an offensive message that I found painted on the side of the Lake Erie Seaway Trial building on the beach in Hamburg. The post was ultimately removed by Reddit Admins because they mistook it as me "Threatening Violence".
Firstly I'd like to say that I didn't agree with the message written on the wall and threatening anyone was certainly not my intent. I was just shocked that it was allowed to stay on the wall and wanted to bring attention to it (as it appeared to be done by the building owners themselves) and perhaps posted it with a bit too much sarcasm. Sorry if I caused any problems.
After I saw the shitstorm that the post caused, I actually contacted the Lake Erie Seaway Trail via facebook to ask about the message and why it was allowed to stay on the wall. They sent me the following response:
Good Morning OlivinePeridot, yes we are aware that someone came down and painted over a majority of it but did paint around some. We have been working with the Town of Hamburg Police and have security cameras installed. Thank you for reaching out to us about this
So it seem that the tenants of the building weren't responsible. The message is below the building on the walkway along the lake and might be considered part of the sea wall, so I'm not sure if the town itself contracted someone to paint over it or if someone basically vandalized the mural. Hopefully it'll be taken care of soon.
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2023.05.29 16:35 fntastk I have these if anyone wants them, let me know!

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2023.05.29 16:35 AdministrativeFan989 No sex, no cuddling and even making out is too much because she doesn’t find her self attractive anymore

It’s been a slow burn over the last year and a half but in these last 16 months I haven’t slept in my bed except for once when I was really sick. The only window my wife and I have to ourselves is when our eldest child gets to go spend the night with her grandparents. It leaves us with our youngest who can’t sleep through the night. Since she was born, it’s been sleepless nights that result in me staying in the kiddos room until she falls asleep.
I’ve taken it upon myself to be there every night because my wife works early in the morning and is in HR dealing with people all day. The days she has tried to stay and help, it has always been a really tough morning for her to rally for work. So I get up and make sure she can get rest.
A year and a half later of this routine and we have had zero intimacy. A couple months ago when our kiddo left for the weekend, I tried my best to set the mood and have a night together. She told me that she doesn’t feel up to it anymore because she doesn’t like who she sees in the mirror. Totally get it! New job, new kiddo, body’s change and after our first, it was a bit tough to adjust too also
However, this has become now a roommate—at best—situation. I love yous have gone away, going to kiss in the lips gets a turned cheek or forehead, making any kind of adult/sexual joke, hugs from behind, holding hands. I haven’t felt this way since we started dating.
Brought it up to my wife the next time we had a window and asked if I was doing something wrong. She broke down and said she doesn’t like seeing herself naked and watching us have sex makes her uncomfortable. Then continues that she is sure i feel the same way and won’t admit it.
Nothing I say or do will convince her otherwise. Now I don’t feel good because, like something is wrong with me. I don’t know how to get across that I want to just share the intimacy again. She told me that all men will say what they want to have sex. Makes me feel like I’m not even seen as her husband…like I’m just trying to “get mine”.
So a year and a half later, I’m sleeping in the girls room and not waking up next to my wife in our bed. If I mention it it or anything than I’m the asshole for not asking for help. If I ask for help, her day is ruined the next morning. If I want to be intimate I’m left feeling like I violated something. I bring up that I just want feel something too…it turns into a fight where she thinks it’s all her fault.
I’ve retreated into myself and really don’t know what to do. I feel stuck in the this purgatory of being in a marriage/family and not feeling whole or even seen by my spouse
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2023.05.29 16:35 TheRealSnorkel DeSantis vows to “Destroy Leftism” if elected President.

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2023.05.29 16:34 hforhalitosis one activity per day

21M 175cm 65kg
Hello doctors, I have had a problem for many years. I get tired easily. If I'm forced to go somewhere in the morning to run errands I feel tired all day, I can barely study afterwards. If I wake up "bad" I also feel dizzy For many hours. If I study then I can't go to the gym and if I go to the gym I can't study and so on
I don't have any particular health problems, apart from gastritis and reflux. I don't have sleep apnea. Blood test are good.
Thank you
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2023.05.29 16:32 Ok_Bee8036 Higher readings at night.

My morning readings are good. 120s/70s.
My night time readings. At 11pm -12 pm before I go to sleep can get pretty high. 130-140/ high 90s.
From what I've read this is the opposite of most people who have higher readings during the day and lower readings at night.
Thank you
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2023.05.29 16:32 Mcboobo 44 [M4F] Sacramento, California. Looking for a dating/ Hangout partner within 100 miles of Sacramento.

Hi there!
Note: Looking for females only.
I’ma 44 year old male,6’1” fit. I go to gym regularly. Trying to stay off fast food and eat healthier. I rent a small house, with a gorgeous yard in a beautiful area of Sutter California which is about 45 minutes from Sacramento. . I live very close to the Sutter Buttes, which are breathtaking. Looking to hang out and meet a woman who loves nature activities like hiking, fishing. I am also into traveling, exploring cities .
Almost forgot, I work for a major Utility . I have a steady job that pays a pretty good wage. I don’t do drugs, no crazy diseases or anything. Healthy in mind and body.
If you’re in not history, and love intellectual topics that’s a plus. I’m sort of an info nerd. Religion or lack thereof is no issue. I was born in a very religious household, but I have since become agnostic. I still have petty strong values such as honesty, integrity etc.
If you’re interested let’s meetup somewhere for coffee or drinks. I prefer that you be within a 100 miles from Sacramento. Note: I live in Sutter, California, but Sutter is so small and Sacramento is nearby.
Anyways, shoot a text. I am okay with any race, ethnicity, body type as long as you have a sweet disposition and a biological or Cisgender woman. If there is no romantic chemistry than we can possibly still be friends, especially if you live nearby.
Looking forward to meeting you. :)
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2023.05.29 16:31 Ma5terplanner Property Deposit Delay Issue on Completion

I reserved a partially complete flat in October 2022, using the help to buy scheme (40% HtB, 55% commercial mortgage and 5% deposit) as a first time buyer. I could have paid for the property using just a 90% commercial mortgage with a 10% deposit but i decided against this to keep mortgage payments down while interest rates were high.
While the property was build-complete by Jan/Feb, the purchase transaction has dragged on. This is partially because the developer has dragged their heels over CIL contributions to the local authority who are in a state of disorder themselves (separate story).
Help to Buy originally gave us until 31st March to complete however this was thankfully extended to May 31st (this Wednesday coming).
I hadn't heard anything about the property puchase recently despite chasing my solicitor and the developers agents approximately twice weekly, until last Friday (25th May) my solicitor got in touch to say the property was expected to go through Wednesday (the last day of the Help to Buy deadline to complete). It was the first I had heard about it in weeks. Thankfully my solicitor has been keeping the paperwork up to date and ticking over during this time.
It is probable that the reason why the purchase has dragged on is that the developer has pushed things right to the wire to see if he could get a better offer for the flat. Anyway, I am nonplussed with this and want the purchase to go through regardless.
I was obviously pleased with the news, and then realised I needed to get my things in order, so I headed over to Hargreaves Lansdown to withdraw the 5% deposit from the Active Saver account. It was at that point on Friday afternoon that I realised that i might have an issue. I made the withdrawl request but was notified that the transaction could take up to 3 working days to go through as it is with a third party savings provider through HL but in an 'easy access' account. This does make sense as when I am adding money to the account, I have noticed that it can be pending for a few days. Today being a bank holiday does not help the matter...
I am obviously quite stressed now that it is possible that me not getting my deposit moneys in order could lead to the property purchase not going through. I realise this is a situation of my doing but I didn't think that I would be in a position whereby i had two working days notice of my flat purchase completing. If i was a betting man, I would say that it is likely that the money will come through on Wednesday morning, the morning when the property transaction is scheduled to go through but this will cause untold stress in the meantime.
Therefore I am just weighing up my options and whether I should take out some kind of bridging loan in the mean time as a back up. I have a very good credit rating so I have loan options, I just wondered if there was a loan provider or product most suited to this situation as I can pay it back in full within a couple of days without much fees or interest incurred. With it being 5% the loan would only be 13.5k.
I am going to call HL first thing Tuesday morning to see if they can expedite the process but after that if they can't help me I will press the button on a loan.
Any pointers appreciated.
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2023.05.29 16:31 INGinja Good morning hooman, do you have treats?

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