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2023.06.04 16:49 Legitimate-Oil7427 i truly feel like this company won’t last another 5-10 years

title says it all. i’m a store support ATL and am starting to lose my patience within the company. all the labor this labor that talk is draining these poor team leaders. please don’t go over 40 hours at all this week but also please produce the work that would take 60!!!!! we can’t hire, we can’t train properly because we don’t have enough TMs to spare. i feel so bad for my supervisors and TMs cause there’s always office work to be done whether it’s warnings, JDs, action plans, etc. i feel like i’m never active on the floor and everyone is simply over worked. customers are going to stop shopping at wfm because the experience is no longer a luxurious enjoyable one. i have an inkling (no pun intended) that amazon wants to get rid of wf, they’re just doing it all too slowly and painfully.
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2023.06.04 16:48 Drunkarchaeologist Newly immigrated, and need advice on what career paths I can take?

Hey all, so I (M/33) have recently immigrated to Canada from the UK with my Canadian Wife. Well I’m currently awaiting PR and Open Work Permits, so I can’t work just yet, so this is giving me a lot of time to think about what career paths I can take in a new county.
So to start with I honestly don’t mind working at McDonalds or a grocery store to start with so I can get working straight away and gain the experience of working in a new country, but obviously I don’t want to be doing this for ever. So I’m kinda stuck about thinking of the long term and what assets I have that are transferable and help me get a job/career.
In the UK I studied and received a BA in Archaeology and worked as a commercial archaeologist for about 6 years. I have looked into archaeology in Canada and it’s so vastly different to how we do it in the UK, plus it seems to be very seasonal over here and for the travel and working in very extreme conditions for an average of $24 an hour, I just don’t think it’s for me. I also own my own business in the UK with my brother, a craft beer shop/bar which we’ve had for about 7 years, so I have also run and managed that as well as all the social media accounts.
I just kinda feel stuck and scared of what the future holds, especially in a new country, and my wife is wanting me to find a job and career and suggesting things I don’t really want to do and then getting mad when I say I don’t really want to do that. She keeps telling me to try to go into the trades, which yeah is good honest work, and can make a good career and good pay, but I have never done anything like that, and I’m terrible at maths, which seems an important factor in a lot of skilled trades. And I try to explain to her if I study or become an apprentice it could be at least 6 or more years till I’m earning anything good.
Sorry about the long post, as probably all new immigrants across the centuries I just feel overwhelmed and in this day and age getting a good paid career is a must. I just need some help and advice on what transferable skills I may have and what careers may be good, and if anyone else has been in a similar situation to mine.
Thanks for listening
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2023.06.04 16:47 gravity_has_me_down Torn ACL and looking for advice

A few weeks ago, I tore my ACL and meniscal root. I'll be getting surgery in about a month and then recovery will last about 6-9 months. Before the surgery and afterward, I need to do physical therapy to help with strength and range of motion. I'm already riding a stationary bike on my in-person PT days and I'd like to possibly add a pedal-assisted e-bike into the mix as a daily activity. I think it will be a good training tool to help with range of motion and progressively recover strength after my surgery.
In the past, I've ridden non-electric road bikes and mountain bikes. My current bike is a Surly Straggler, which is a gravel bike.
For an electric bike, I'd love to get a full suspension mountain bike, but my budget is constrained to around 2-4k. Most of the eMTBs I've looked at are in the 6-8k range.
So, here are my questions. Thanks in advanced!
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2023.06.04 16:47 joseluisnp Is my MacBook broken or that’s just how it is?

I just purchased my first macbook, I’ve only used windows before so i don’t know anything about macbook.
I went to plug in my dashcam (the whole device with a USB C cable, not just the SD card) and the MacBook wouldn’t read it, it wouldn’t even power on……no reaction at all. I bought the apple original dongle/adapter with usb, usbc and hdmi and it still doesn’t do anything.
Is that normal or is my MacBook broken?
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2023.06.04 16:47 imnogoodatthistbh Replacement bulbs for halogen?

I’ve been using PAR38 90W halogen flood light bulbs to heat my beardies tank.
However, I believe these are no longer being produced. I’ve been unable to find them at my hardware stores and amazon.
I’m currently on my last Phillips halogen bulb, and have an Arcadia heat bulb that I got from the pet store as a backup while I find an alternative. I don’t really want to use the Arcadia because 1) they’re expensive & 2) they don’t really emit enough light imo
What’s a good alternative to heat my beardies tank with? Can I use LED?
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2023.06.04 16:47 IAmOneWhoKnows Does anyone have a Silver Surfer Jet Ski? Or a Silver Surfer watch?

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2023.06.04 16:46 ThrowRAeoeo Can I walk away from an abusive relationship without having to break up with them?

I feel conflicted. I’ve been in a year and a half relationship with a younger man and we were very close. We spent all our free time together, we texted all the time. The abuse started in the beginning of the relationship because he didn’t like that I would text about how I felt all the time and expect him to make me feel better. I realize now that can be considered abuse. He would blow up and say the worst of the worst kinds of things. He has tendencies to be extremely combative all the time and that’s just how he functions. Everything is an argument down to the smallest conversations about random things that aren’t even about our life.
Anyway, he knew that talking like that was not ok. The seriously abusive talk. He cooled his jets for a while. We would still get in big arguments maybe once a month until his dad died and then he just started to provoke arguments again. His thing to tell me was that I was controlling, manipulating and using him. The last argument we got into was because I woke and asked him if he could please go to the store to get english muffins without me and he said “no you need to get up and get out in the sun” I got huffy and bratty and said “ I always go to the store without you, what is wrong with you going this once without me”
Well this triggered him and he freaked out. We were in the car and I saw him elevating so I quickly tried to calm him down but it was too late. He started freaking out. Screaming at the top of his lungs, spitting everywhere while he screamed and his eyes were popping out. Telling me I’m controlling him and talking about how all weekend I controlled him even though we did everything we planned together and everything I knew he wanted to do. I tried to bear hug him to calm him down it’s worked before and he was just screaming for me to get off of him he pushed me so hard on my throat that I accidentally tore his shirt and he blamed me for it. He told me I belong in prison, called me old, ugly,fat b word, trash..that my entire family is trash.. as super personal derogatory things that I don’t want to repeat. Then hit me in the face super hard with his shirt. I tried to talk to him more but I knew he would not calm down unless I cut things off completely by that time he had left.
This was three days ago. He texted me. I hope you have a good day at work I’m sorry for my behavior and how I treated you.. I sent him a text hours later saying that I needed time and space to reflect and focus on work and personal things. He never responded. Like I said it’s been three days without a response to my “I need space”.
Tonight I’m going to a therapist so I’m going to ask her the same thing. Is it ok to just leave it at that and never talk to him again? I have a few things at his house but I don’t feel safe around him. It sucks because a couple of the things are sentimental and one is a dress I just bought but it was only 70 dollars.
The entire relationship wasn’t like this. It was just when he got mad he was very unpredictable. Either way I’m afraid of being emotionally abused or physically hurt if we get into it again. Btw he’s a 220 lb body builder. He’s in his mid twenties. I’m 140 lb 40 years old.
Believe me, I know it was a mistake getting in this relationship. Never again. It started out just for fun but it evolved and we actually loved each other. It was just a whirlwind of a volatile relationship.
I just wanted to know is it ok to leave it at that after a year and a half of being so close?
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2023.06.04 16:45 QuitePossiblyTheFBI Where do girls get those cute overalls?

I've tried to do some googling but it's not proving very helpful. I'm constantly seeing girls in these different colored overalls that look really adorable but anytime I look at stores around me I can only find overalls that are just plain old blue, so I'm wondering where they're going to get these overalls. I've seen some that are like red wine color, some that are Olive green, some that almost look like a type of canvas material. Any tips is appreciated thanks a lot
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2023.06.04 16:44 HTYZ2 Visualizer on Xbox doesn’t work

This may sound like I’m asking for a lot but i just love listening to music on apple music with the visualizer. It’s one of the main reasons i chose AM instead of spotify. I find it really satisfying following with the lyrics with the visualizer in the background.
For some reason it doesn’t seem to work on the xbox version.
I figured I’d go to the web version instead but it wont play songs at all. If there’s some sort of way to enable or fix it atm it would be neat to know.
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2023.06.04 16:44 Roheez Calendar App Suggestions?

What do y'all use to keep track of appointments, activities, etc etc? I want something that the wife and I can both edit (she's Apple, I'm Android) and that's sortable. While we're at it, any other tips for organizing your thoughts/time are welcome.
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2023.06.04 16:43 RacquelHeffron The Orchards Mall, Benton Harbor MI.

The Orchards Mall, Benton Harbor MI.
This has to be the most dead mall I’ve ever been to. The mall has a bad seagull infestation, in fact they seem to be the only life there. When I was there there were only 3 other people at the mall and they were all in the boxing gym. Other the that the only noises that you hear are seagulls squawking loudly on the roof. I am not sure how this place stays open. If anyone knows any of these store fronts please let me know what they are.
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2023.06.04 16:42 LubricatedDucky Big difference between 6950 XT reference and aftermarket?

I just bought this 6950XT because I didn't bother doing any research into AMD aftermarket brands, but I've recently read that PowerColor Red Devil is one of the best aftermarket cards you can get? Same store had this 6950XT at the same price and I'm starting to get buyers remorse lmao. How much difference is there really between the two? I know the red devil card requires a lot more power but I had to upgrade my 650W PSU anyway so I got a 1000W for the extra headroom.
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2023.06.04 16:42 Poison_ivy10 Shoppers, what is the process?

I regularly order from instacart due to a busy schedule. I rarely choose delivery because the grocery store near me offers the curbside pickup option and I always tip minimum 20%. Recently I have run into an issue where I am notified that an item has been replaced or refunded, and if I attempt to request a different replacement (less than a minute after receiving the notification) I am blocked from doing so because the shopper has already checked out. How are they already checked out if they just replaced/refunded an item?
I guess I’m misunderstanding the shopping process. Do you mark items as shopped while you’re shopping or while you’re checking out? I’ll be honest, I gave them a poor rating because they didn’t communicate with me at all and gave me no time to approve/request replacements. Tip remained at 20% but it’s still frustrating, no?
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2023.06.04 16:41 Simplybuns9 Suggestions for small town/village in Ohio

Looking for a small rural village or town in Ohio, within an hour-ish drive of Columbus or Cincinnati (and not on a route that would be a terrible commute). Things I’m seeking:
Bonus points:
We enjoy spending time outside (bike, backpacking, hike, camp, kayak), going to the library, participating in community events and festivals, walking around downtown, parks. Want to have a small homestead (garden, chickens, etc). Looking for a community with charm and welcoming people. Perhaps some community events throughout the year. Let me know of any nonprofits doing neat things! Enjoy volunteering for things related to foster youth, special needs, public health, habitat for humanity, animal welfare.
We don’t drink and mostly eat at home, so those things are not important to us. Not needing a place with nightlife.
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2023.06.04 16:41 crazyhomlesswerido Does anyone else have a love hate relationship with homelessness

 This is going to sound a bit weird after my.last post of feeling like I am stuck in a rut of homelessness I can't get out of but this is honestly how I feel about being homeless I do of it. I remember being on a train once talking to this guy and it came up I was homeles at the time. I said there is a privilege to being homeless and I meant it. I lovr the freedom of sleeping wherever and get to share the same cities and enjoy the same sights and sounds that people paying a ton in rent get to experience for free i dont have to worry if the last bus is about to leave to take me home because this is home for the night. I have had some pretty wild experiences while sleeping outside too like feeling like i am almost living inside of coffee shop x or shopping mall y only going outside to sleep. Experience as a child seemed like a silly fantasy. I gotten to do. 
That is a bit of what I love about it the side I hate is a few days ago I was robbed. But i think the worst part is the way people treat you just the utter harassment and rejection even from people who would scream racism if I did the same to them. Also the utter loneliness and isolation that comes with it. The way people and the days in spite of being a relatively clean homeless man people still chase you out of there business or harass you whole time your in there.
I mean put this out there too see if there are others that feel the same about homelessness like I do?
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2023.06.04 16:41 Zealousideal_Crazy46 How to run functions from another language in Python

If you want to run functions from any language in Python, here's how you can do it. For this guide I will use my FFI named: Lingfo. It's a begginer friendly foreign function interface. First of all, install lingfo using pip: pip install lingfo. After its installed, we will need to create configuration for lingfo. Create new file named: lingfo.conf and open it.

Why lingfo and not X?

Lingfo is awesome for begginers, because you dont need to know anything about FFI stuff. I created lingfo to resolve the issue about language choice. Just pick the language that you want, and use lingfo if you are missing some libraries in your language.

Creating configuration

Because lingfo isnt popular, we will need to create configuration on our own. In future, there might be prebuilt configurations. If you want to create one, follow these docs, thanks!
For this guide, I will use C++, but you can use any language. In first section, [main] we will need to specify main stuff, that is required to launch. First key we will have to set it lang. Lang is really just in what file extension our library is written. Because my library contains three files: main.hpp, another.hpp, example.hpp and all of these three are written in .hpp, I will set it to hpp.
Next, we have lib_path. Its self-explanatory. Just provide path where your library is stored. My library is stored in folder: lib and I want to get all files indexed by lingfo, so I will set it to lib/*.
Now we have safe_mode. If set to true, lingfo will warn about all scripts that will be executed (recommended). Otherwise all scripts like extended configurations will be launched without any checks.
Last key in section is use_templates. Use templates key allows you to skip the harder part of configuration, by pulling these from GitHub. The only issue with templates is that its only supported for two languages. C++ and rust. If you want to help grow it, create a pull request here:
Great! First section is done. Now lets go to [launch]. This is the boring section, because we will need to have configure more things than just true or false. If you are using templates, you are allowed to skip the two following keys.
First key is exec_command. This is the command that lingfo will run on function execute. Usually its just compiling the file. Here's how it would look for C++:
g++ -o lib/out [file-name] 
Placeholder [file-name] is just being replaced later with library file name. So, for example, if running function from file main.hpp, [file-name] will be: lib/main.hpp. Also, remember that compiled output file needs to be in our library directory (for my example its: lib/) and have this name: out. Otherwise it wont execute.
Now, we have import_syntax. This is telling lingfo how functions should be imported. Warning: when importing, all functions at once should be imported. Wrong: import function x from file y Good: import file y
Example in C++ would look like this:
import_syntax = #include "[file-name]" 
Placeholder [file-name] also works here.
Another key is verbose. If set to true, lingfo prints in verbose. And the last key is multiple_functions. If set to true, you will be able to run multiple functions without losing progress. Example of library which tells how many times function was executed: When multiple functions is false:
# ... helloWorld() # 0 helloWorld2() # 0 
When multiple functions is true:
# ... with MultipleFunctions(): helloWorld() # 0 helloWorld2() # 1 
Congratulations! Another section is ready! We are almost ready! Another sections is: [temp_file]. This is easy to configure, and you can skip the first key if using language templates. The first key is: temp_file. This is easy to configure, but should be explained well. To make it easy, first, write somewhere how a application in your language would look like, if in main function it would import function with argument: 1 and run it. Like this (C++):
#include "file_name" int main() { function(1); } 
Now, replace import with $LINGFO_IMPORT. Replace new line (\n) with $LINGFO_NEWLINE. Replace your function call with $LINGFO_FUNCTION. Replace your argument with $LINGFO_ARGS. And lastly replace your semicolon with $LINGFO_SEMICOLON.
File would look like this:
To put it in configuration, just put everything in one line like this, and you are done:
The last key in this section, is extension. Extension just tells lingfo in what file extension temp file should be created. For C++ its cpp.
Well done! Now, we will need to create last section. Its [index]. Inside of here, there is only one key, dev. If you arent using lingfo from source, set it to false. Otherwise set it to true.
Edit: If trying to launch classes, you will need one more thing: class call syntax. This just tells lingfo how to call your class. Example:
$LINGFO_CLASS = class name$LINGFO_RANDOM = random id for constructor$LINGFO_FUNCTION = what function to call


Configuration is ready! Now the easy part! Create a new file (or use existing one) in python and import lingfo: from lingfo.main import Lingfo. This is the main class of lingfo, which will be used for indexing files. Put this somewhere before calling our foreign functions, and run it! Example:
from lingfo.main import Lingfo Lingfo() # something else 
If everything goes well, you should see: saving indexing functions. There should be also new folder out/. Lets now run functions from our library. For example, if we want to import library from: lib/main.hpp, import syntax in python will be: out.main. Just replace lib with out. Run it as python function, and you will be good. Warning: launch this function after Lingfo(). After executing that function, you will see output of function you would normally get when executing it in C++. It also works with classes and variables.
You can even launch functions with arguments!

Multiple functions

What about multiple functions? Sure! Just import MultipleExecute from lingfo.execute and use it with with syntax, like this:
from lingfo.execute import MultipleExecute with MultipleExecute(): myFunction() myAnotherFunction() 
Inside that with syntax put all your functions. Thats it!


Variables, from the output side are just classes binded to python variable like this: variable = LingfoVariable('variable_name', 'variable_data'). To edit them, just call that class and select one of two operations: read, update. Select one of the following operations and use them as functions, like this: # or update(). When updating, you can pass new value. Now, when function will be called again, variable will be updated.
print( printMyVariable() myVariable.update("hello, world!") printMyVariable() 


If you are interested in lingfo, get started here:
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2023.06.04 16:40 AutoModerator [Download Course] Mateusz Rutkowski – New Money Blueprint (

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2023.06.04 16:40 zavierowen Trezor Nz

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2023.06.04 16:39 PotableRecreat Shooting at Premium Outlet Mall in Allen, Texas

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2023.06.04 16:39 Efficient_Quote_5713 Temu offers a wide selection of affordable items. It's like you're not spending any money at all. With just $10, you can get a lot of things. Temu is now the most downloaded app on the App Store.

Temu offers a wide selection of affordable items. It's like you're not spending any money at all. With just $10, you can get a lot of things. Temu is now the most downloaded app on the App Store.
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2023.06.04 16:39 cautioussleuth Rant

I've worked for JM since Jan 2022. I moved to a new store in April. We began training in April and opened on May 3rd. Since then, 2 Asst GMs have quit, my GM quit yesterday, and a shift leader was fired. I'm getting promoted but I don't know how to help our store. I understand that it can be overwhelming at times and we're going to go through people but most of the "original" management is gone, with new management having little to no JM experience. What can I do to help our store? I let them choose "stations", bring in treats, breaks, etc. I want what's best for them but fuckk
Edit: We've been doing about $2,000-$4,000 daily in our first month
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