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2023.06.04 15:27 gaiawitch87 I didn't know it would be this hard...

I had to have my elderly doggo Dusk (who I've had since 2011) put to sleep about two or three weeks ago. I had him cremated and I have his ashes in an urn next to my couch with the ashes of my other dog I lost in 2020.
I knew it would be hard. I knew, like I was with my first dog, I would be sad. Heartbroken, even.
I didn't know it would be like this. I'm struggling to do any of my normal tasks. I find joy only in video games and I think that's only because it's such a good distraction. I've always had depression and I'm on medicine for it, and it helps my baseline depression, but this is beyond that. This is something new entirely.
My apartment feels wrong. Sometimes when I come out of my kitchen into my living room, just for a split second, I'll mistake a shadow on my rug for him where he liked to lay. I find myself automatically preparing to shout "I'm not going anywhere yet!" when I put on my sweater or shoes, because he knew my getting dressed meant there was a good chance he was about to go on a walk and he'd jump up and start getting excited, just at the sight of me putting on an article of clothing. When I come home, there's no click-clack of his nails on our floor echoing down the hall indicating he's heard me come through the building's front door and he's eagerly waiting at the front door to our apartment for me. I can't share his favorite human treats with him anymore. I can barely eat them myself because they remind me of him so much.
I have my partner and our two cats still, and they absolutely do help--my cat is so insanely clingy and also often waits by the door when she hears me. But it's not the same. It's not that I love them less but there's this big, black, dog shaped hole in my heart and my life that no one can fill.
I just don't know how to handle this grief. I've never gone through something like this before, even with my other dog. Medicine can't fix it, clearly. I keep telling myself to push through and it'll get better, but will it? Is that the answer? Just keep going through the motions and trying to do what I need to do and it'll just get easier with time?
Photo link of him in comments if anyone wants to see him.
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2023.06.04 15:22 twarner120 Help design my bedroom for a clueless decorator

Hi everyone!
I've just moved into a new apartment that was a relative upgrade compared to the cramped and run down studios I had been renting out over my past handful of years in my city. And given the state of my previous apartments, I've never really felt the desire to decorate beyond whatever assorted furniture I had collected- until I moved into what feels to me like an apartment with a lot more to offer in making this a comfortable living space. The problem is I have ZERO idea what I'm doing when it comes to decor!
I would really love some help in choosing color schemes, as well as ideas on how I could utilize the space in interesting ways.
Here's some of the relevant info (I can also get measurements if anyone would like to offer help where that is relevant info):
-I prefer darker shades like navy blue or burgundy when it comes to color selection. I don't particularly like bright color accents, though I suppose I don't mind a bold contrast of color
-I cant put nails in the walls for wall decoration (though im considering command strips or something similar), so I would very much appreciate advice on how to fill the vertical space of the room and keep the walls from feeling empty
-One thing I have decided on is that I want to replace the black dresser with a wider two column dressed to put up against the wall with the TV (probably swapping that wooden shelf currently housing the TV to the space where the dresser is now), and then put down an area rug in the open floor space at the foot of the bed, and buy a set of comfortable chairs to make a space to seat guests in my room aside from my shared roommate spaces.
-Much of the wooden furniture is non-negotiable. Enough of it was hand-made as a gift that I won't be striking brown wooden furniture from my color scheme. (Basically any of the black furniture could be swapped out though)
Please help! Thank you in advance!
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2023.06.04 13:52 AlchivoArte Re-read The Dragonet Prophesy [New Read+]

[Spoilers for entire WoF series, due to foreshadowings and hindsight]

At last, I was anticipating on Wof readthrough, it hasn’t been a year, by the time of this post, and I already feel nostalgic…
We’re off to a gruesome start. To this day, we still don’t know much about Hvitur. Probably the most mysterious character in the series. And he had to act as a story cannon fodder, alongside poor unfortunate Skywing egg, both terminated by Burn.
Then comes a slow start. NGL, I found arc 1 to have the worst beginning of them all. It gets good, with the gladiator arena, but these claustrophobic caves are a drag. DoD technically being imprisoned, for their safety! Only to become free, and get imprisoned again, least in the open fresh air.
Glory is still in my top favorite WoF protagonists. I had a good hunch the first time, and I was right. Lovin’ the sarcastic, unphased remarks. But hey, it’s just me. I know many found her unlikable.
Morrowseer sure made an entrance, like some Kaiju monster. He got trolled with the unexpected Skywing substitute, Glory the rainwing. What’s wrong? You made up the titular prophesy yourself. Like a false internet rumor, which is sadly really effective.
Tui nailed the thalassophobia part with Clay, surrounded by nothing but pitch black, and holding air for your dear life… creepy!
Oh Mushroom, he should not have done that. The entirety of WoF history would have been avoided, if it wasn’t for human greed, especially the egg stealing part. Off he goes the Attack on Titan way, with a head chomp by yours truly, Queen Scarlet.
These brutal arena fights. Straight up Kaiju movie material. I’d love to see a stop motion/puppetry animation of it. That’d be sick.
Peril kinda steals Clay’s spotlight, in his very own book, the first and the last time with a Mudwing POV. Bummer… Even though she got her own POV in book 8?
Now I noticed how Clay is the antithesis of Peril, her rival character, who’s unaffected by her flames and can beat her up. Except, they end up befriending each other. Except, not really. Peril’s a bit too insecure about Clay. Which led to her low moment of betraying his trust. Wanting to leave his friends and keep him to herself.
At last, it's what Clay's been waiting for, a family reunion! Except, Mudwings parents are some of, if not the worst. Continuing the tradition of horrible parenting in WoF. Selling your own child for some stinkin’ cows.
Least he has his caring siblings, which is nice.
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2023.06.04 11:59 dirtymoney Old timers of reddit who have been here for over a decade..what was the first nail in the coffin for reddit?

The first sign that it first started to go downhill.
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2023.06.04 10:21 Capable_Let2007 Europe...2023! 16 AUG

Europe...2023! 16 AUG
  1. Germany ( 24th edition of this metal festival as alternative for the ever sold out Wacken)
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2023.06.04 09:32 Cam-J-Mac My School Elevator

My school elevator is old and rickety, it stops randomly from the years of abuse it has felt courtesy of kids stealing the keys and jumping up and down tempting it to rocket to the ground floor. I never understood what they got out of it, though it could just be my way of ignoring the fact I was never invited to tempt its ancient cables. I’m more of a loner. I like walking around listening to my metal music at lunch rather than slamming my least favourite teacher’s door or vaping. Nevertheless the other kids don’t pay me any attention, something I am actually grateful for. My five foot two stature at a mere one hundred pounds keeps me fast and nimble should anyone care enough to make me their punching bag for the day.
On Wednesday, my final block is English with Mr.Steeves, this class is an easy A for me as all he does is sit there and ask us to read the two hundred-fifty page book he assigned us five months ago and then do the questions pertaining to the chapter we just read. Mr.Steeves has a strict no phone policy and makes us park our phones in a box when we walk into the classroom.
This rule makes accessing the questions for our novel impossible so he has two random students go and fetch the computer cart from the library and bring them up to the class on the elevator. This is great for me as the large screen of the prehistoric laptops hides my head while I sleep.
This Wednesday Mr.Steeves chose Hunter, the most popular boy in my grade, and I to go get the computer cart. I never really liked Hunter due in part to his name and reckless behaviour that often ended up with someone else being seriously injured. Not deterred, angry, but ready to get this over with and get to my scheduled nap I begrudgingly stood up and shambled out of the classroom Hunter following behind me while still laughing at a joke his friend made no doubt at my expense.
As we make our way down the stairs and then through the hallway over to the library Hunter and I have our faces buried in our phones pretending not to notice one another. As we approach the library Hunter puts his phone away and speedwalks ahead of me to get his interaction with our more than socially awkward librarian over and done with.
I am mere feet away from the door to the library when Hunter comes barreling out of the library practically surfing the cart and nearly hitting me. I feel butterflies soaring in my stomach from the freight Hunter has given me yet I act unphased and carry on with my emotionless demeanour. We walk back through the hallway past the staircase and over to the elevator, Hunter grabs the key off of the top of the cart and puts it into the elevator and waits for it to come down then open its rusted doors revealing the withered once futuristic interior. I step inside and am followed by Hunter. I go to press the button for the second floor but Hunter grabs my hand.
“Dude look” He says “What I don’t see it”
Hunter's long finger points to a third button, ajar from the rest. It’s not quite a perfect circle, more of an oval, its milky interior seems to be polished, carrying an otherworldly glow to it I’ve never seen before. I look at Hunter and ask.
“What is it?”
He shrugs his shoulders and before I can stop him he pushes the button and a loud ding pierces my eardrums. A sense of dread washes over me as this ringing in my ears subsides and is slowly replaced by an eerie quiet that sets my teeth on edge.
I shoot Hunter a glance and am met with a childish grin of someone who knows they just did something bad but is too stupid to know what it actually is. I resume my normal composure and press the button for the second floor and for what felt like an eternity there was nothing it felt as if time had stopped, I was waiting, begging for that button to ding and for these cables to spark to life and tow us to the second floor and bring me away from this dreadful feeling of unease. I wait and wait and wait until finally my ears are pierced once more by that harsh ding and the elevator begins to move.
I was so relieved I failed to notice the direction in which we were moving until I felt the same butterflies in my stomach which were soon replaced by a cinder block of pure lead and there I was again being drowned by this sense of dread but this time I wasn’t alone Hunter had gone white as a ghost we shared a glance as the beads of sweat began to roll down our faces.
We were descending below ground level, my mind ached as I tried to wrap my head around what could possibly be happening, how we could be moving below the very foundation of our school that held this elevator together.
We descended further and further in utter silence, fear having an almost physical grasp on our vocal chords. My legs were like jelly quaking at nearly buckling at the smallest jerk the elevator made. The elevator screeched to a halt making my knees give out and nearly making me fall over.
We sat there for only a minute before it began. Constant tapping and pawing plagued the outside of the elevator. Whatever it was it wanted to get in badly I could hear its laboured breathing, yearning for what was in here, yearning for us.
After another hour or so of this routine Hunter and I were broken, hope only shone on us when we heard footsteps trailing off right in front of us until it was nothing but silence.
I begged and pleaded to the God I thought I never believed in for the elevator to ding once more and carry us back up to the safety of the school I had forsaken and blamed for all my troubles and now would do anything to be back there.
“ I need to calm down, think rationally, I need to figure out what’s going on, I have to survive this, I can't die here.” I thought to myself.
I look over at Hunter, he is utterly paralysed, seemingly frozen in time, I know he will be of no help in solving this situation. “It, whatever it is, is marinating us in our own fear, just waiting for the opportune moment to come crashing through the door when we have our backs turned.” I thought to myself.
Slowly the cinder block of fear in my guts dissipates and is replaced with an undying power to do whatever it takes to get out of here and back to my boring life. As this surge of what can only be described as pure strength surges through my body, the doors glide open and I am beaten back by a gust of frigid air that drains me of my strength, and there we are again, just Hunter and I staring out into the dimly lit, concrete space out in front of us.
We stare and stare and stare until finally our eyes adjust to the dark and we make out something roughly one hundred metres away it stood. A body of a buffalo, but five feet taller, with three legs of a wolf, the fourth leg was easily triple the length of the other three and was covered in a black ooze that dripped from the long nails at the front of its limb, it had no head only a mouth, similar to a crocodile but painted pitch black, the mouth extended out in front of it with a jaw that hung detached from the top of the mouth, slack and ready to close on any unfortunate prey and hold it there while it was torn to shreds. I stood there for seconds attempting to comprehend what I was actually seeing but before I could rationalise anything it charged, galloping towards us, we had nowhere to go. All we could do was wait for it to get to us and for this all to be over. It stopped mere inches from the door, Hunter and I huddled in the corner, he weaselled his way behind me so that only half of his body was showing. Its long ooze-covered leg extended out in front of it into the elevator dripping its viscous liquid onto the floor. The long fingers extended pointing at us and pinning us into the corner. We shuddered and closed our eyes fearing that the worst was yet to come and then I heard it. Flesh squelching right next to me as the long nails on the end of the fingers embedded themselves into Hunter and sprayed blood on to me, the sound of the flesh is quickly succeeded by Hunters screams as the monster twists its claws in him and flings him out of the elevator on to the concrete where it begins to devour him. The sounds of Hunter’s screams stop and all that is left is the squishing and occasional crack of bone as the monster eats him. I slump to the floor knowing that what is happening to Hunter will surely happen to me in just moments, I whimper and cry until my eyes can cry no more.
A sharp ding cuts the tension and the rusted doors slam shut. The button for the second floor glows and the elevator begins to ascend, the blood on my clothes vanishes and in only seconds the doors open once more. A blinding light sears my eyes and the hum of an active school fills my ears. I sit there for minutes until a student on their way to the bathroom notices me crying in the elevator and grabs a teacher. Quickly I am hurried off to the office and the computer cart was taken to my English class. I tell the Principal and school officer everything that happened, what happened to Hunter and what I saw down there and how it wasn’t me who killed him. Everyone is very sympathetic to me and my parents are called. I recant my story over and over, every time I tell it I am met with the same question, who is Hunter?
I, after hours of telling the story and trying to explain it to them and who Hunter is, am told to go home, get some rest, and in no time will be able to talk to a professional about my “incident” as they are calling it. My appointment is tomorrow and I am currently in the midst of flipping through yearbooks attempting to find any trace of Hunter though it appears he along with everything that could possibly prove his existence have simply vanished along with the third button on My school elevator.
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2023.06.04 08:55 rasi_x Lesser known albums that manage to rival the big ones

There are countless best-of lists on this sub, but they mostly talk about the same bands. For good reasons, those bands/albums are really awesome.
But in this post I wanted to spotlight a few albums that are close to or sometimes even as good as those. So let's start.
April's Motel Room - Black 14
More on the Alternative Rock side of things, this is front to back a brilliant album filled with acoustic/electric tunes driven by a great voice that manages to capture the spirit of the time perfectly. Many hymns on this one.
Bullet Lavolta - Swandive
Recorded by Dave Jerden (Alice in Chains, Jane's Addiction), Swandive had all the ingredients to become a huge success. Rough, but memorable songs with an awesome production value. But things didn't turn out as they should have and so Swandive is what it is today: A hidden gem.
Catherine Wheel - Chrome
Catherine Wheel were not a grunge band, but being a shoegaze band, they leaned more towards proper song structures than most of their counterparts that mostly tried to be psychedelic. Chrome is accessible, quirky, dissonant at times and has a lots of hits to offer.
Coffin Break - Thirteen
Coffin Break slipped under the radar, probably because of their connection with the Epitaph label, which was more known for Punkrock at the time. Thirteen shares a similar Vibe with Bleach at times, but without the self destructive nature of that one. Peter Litvin later formed Plaster, which are awesome as well. The die hards most likely know Coffin Break because Kurt Cobain loved them and they also appeared in the Hype! Movie.
Handsome - Handsome
Again, not Grunge, but since Helmet are highly regarded in this sub, Handsome need to be mentioned. Sharing some bandmembers with the former, Handsome created a timeless piece of music that was sadly overlooked by most people.
Headswim - Headswim
This is one of the albums I simply can't understand that not more people know about it. It has everything a classic needs. Well produced, edgy but melodic, a well balanced mix of heavier tunes and mellow hymns this could have been one of the greats.
Mudshark - Mudshark
Another release a bit reminiscent of Helmet with stakkato riffing, but Mudshark had their fair amount of Grunge influence too. Straight forward and fun from start to finish Mudshark's only album has more than enough memorable moments that it should be remembered.
Redbelly - Redbelly
Redbelly were obviously influenced by Soundgarden, but they manage to be individual enough and score with strong song writing which covers the whole range of rockers to majestic tunes ("Dear Anastasia") and last track "By Now" shows that they manage to create a haunting track with a 3 minute long jam session as well. Highly recommended.
Rollinghead - Daddyhorse
This is a bit different. Rollinghead remind me of Mother Love Bone and while they are not from Seattle their sound surely fits right in and in parts would even fit something like the Singles Soundtrack really well. Hidden gem more people should know about!
Second Coming - Second Coming
Band members of Second Coming were close friends with Alice in Chains and even shared recordings together. Still they are relatively unknown. Undeserved, their debut album is one of those Killer albums that demand a bit of an open mind, but rewards the listener with an hour of timeless classics. Sadly their often rumored 3rd album never saw the light of day, which is really a shame, because the demos released back then hinted at a return to this style.
Send No Flowers - Juice
Send No Flowers should have been huge. Really huge. Juice has everything that a megaseller needed back then. Well, it wasn't to be but in my heart Juice has it's place firmly cemented right next to the big names.
Tad - Inhaler
Probably more known than some of the other albums, Tad never got the recognition they deserved. But Inhaler is great nonetheless. Their previous albums might be close to what Grunge was about, but Inhaler showed a more focused approach to songwriting which should have made this a success.
Ten Miles Wide - The Gross
This. Is. Great. A band from Seattle producing awesome music. The Gross is big. Back then they might have been big. But they are actually a relatively new band and they are still active and working on their second album. This list was about older releases but this album has to be the exception.

That's it for this list. I tried to limit it to the more accessible releases that might speak to a wider audience but I plan to make another lists with more things that are tipping into other areas of that awesome century that was the 90s.
If you can't be bothered to check them all at least give Send No Flowers, Second Coming, Headswim and probably Ten Miles Wide a chance.
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2023.06.04 08:09 BitchImLilBaby My favorites. Limit one per artist. Roast me/make recs/make assumptions about me/whatever

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2023.06.04 08:08 Jay-C828 AMTA For finally asking for a divorce?

To start I've been married for the last 9 years. I have not had the same love that I felt for my wife when we got together for around 5-6 years now. I was left to deal with alot in my life while she refused to help. Then when things got hard a few years ago and I needed somebody by my side she decided to cheat and fall in love with somebody else. I stuck in my marriage through all of this solely because we have a child together. When recently I've regained contact with an old friend that I have a natural connection with and we started spending all day everyday talking, texting and video chatting. We did nothing sexual, but yet I felt happy for the first time in years. It was like nothing else mattered as long as I got to see her everyday. So on mother's day of this year I tried my best to go out of my way and show them both an amazing mother's day ( my wife agreed to an open marriage when I caught her cheating). Needless to say when I asked my wife to wait at home for 20 minutes, long enough to take my best friend home, just so I could have a few minutes alone to talk to her she refused and got in the car before anybody else. This was the final nail in the coffin for me, I spent the rest of mother's day with my wife watching TV and movies til she feel asleep just to give her one last night out of respect, I then left the house at 12:30 to go for a ride to think everything through. The next day I didn't talk to my wife much outside of 2 conversations about our child. When I left work at 9pm that night I felt straight home, sat my wife down and asked for separation and eventually divorce. When I left the house that night I went to my best friends house and have been staying in her spare room ever since, we're not in a relationship at the moment but we have talked about it and it very well is goin to happen in the future. My question is am I the bad guy for wanting a relationship with my best friend that shows me she wants the same thing over my marriage that I've been miserable in with a woman that shown me no effort and refused almost anything I've asked for?
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2023.06.04 06:43 Embarrassed_Bench214 What If Germany won the Battle of Britian?

Now, Germany winning the Battle of Britian is extremely unlikely. The British had the advantage technologically speaking as German bombers (mostly lightly armed twin-engine planes such as the Heinkel He 111 and Junkers Ju 88) lacked the bomb load capacity to strike permanently devastating blows, and they also proved, in daylight, to be easily vulnerable to the British fighters. The German Junkers Ju 87 “Stuka” dive-bomber was even more vulnerable to being shot down, and their premier fighter—the Messerschmitt Bf 109—could provide only brief long-range cover for the bombers, since it was operating at the limit of its flying range. In addition to this, Germany had zero consistency in their plan of action. By the end of mid-august, the Luftwaffe had lost nearly 600 aircraft and the RAF had only lost 260 aircraft. So, I believe Germany could pull off a victory if Hitler and Goering had planned the whole course of action a little bit more. It'd also help if they had updated their premier aircraft as they were both well aware of the RAF's superiority and the flaws of their own planes. With these simple flaws updated, the division comprising of more than 1,300 bombers and dive-bombers, 900 single-engine, and 300 twin-engine fighters has a good chance of taking out the 600 frontline fighters of the RAF defending the island. I'd assume after the Battle of Britian is won, the British Air Defense weakened, and their major cities crippled, I assume Hitler would activate Operation Sea Lion. However, Hitler isn't an idiot. For as insane as he is, he knew that invading Britian was basically a death sentence. The Royal Navy, like the RAF in our timeline, absolutely blew Germany's naval capabilities out of the water. German high command knew they didn't have the ships to pull off a full-scale invasion, and they could never make a dent. Their forces would be decimated before they could even reach the shore. The absolute size of the Royal Navy far outweighed the Kriegsmarine (German Navy). To give you a perspective, the Kriegsmarine comprised of modified river boats that couldn't control themselves and were pulled by tugboats. These forces would be demolished before they could even reach the shore, so.... yeah. Operation Sea Lion is more of a nightmare than the final nail in the coffin for the allies like it's often perceived as.
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2023.06.04 06:06 InfernoAA Inferno, PAC, and Brummie WiFi: A Tale of Three Bastards

Bermuda Triangle
Following their victory in Double or Nothing’s main event over The Elite, Blackpool Combat Club promptly return their attention to The Lucha Bros after interference from The Young Bucks cost them their shot at the ROH World Tag Team Championship. A Six-Man Tag on Dynamite sees Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli, and Wheeler YUTA destroy Rey Fenix, Penta El Zero Miedo, and Bandido, a screwdriver and Seatbelt Clutch from YUTA bloodying Fenix for the win! With Rey out of commission, Bandido steps up in defence of his former home of ROH, agreeing to defend with Penta against Claudio & YUTA.
In a valiant effort, Penta & Bandido manage to hold off their ruthless foes for the most part, but when Bryan and Mox interject themselves, the numbers start to become too much. That is, until… PAC’S MUSIC HITS!!! Nailing the two with his trusty hammer, he levels the playing field for Penta to hit the Fear Factor on Claudio to retain! As a ticked BCC leave with their tails tucked, PAC helps the Tag Champs up… BEFORE NAILING BANDIDO TOO!!! Penta’s stunned as PAC coldly informs him the Bandit’s purpose is up, forcing Penta to follow him out.
With the Bastard back, he sets his sights on reclaiming his throne – the International Championship. Facing an angsty YUTA in a Forbidden Door 4-Way Qualifier, Misawa-lite’s overzealousness becomes his downfall as PAC destroys him like he did a year prior, proving nothing’s changed between them. Alas, he meets rival Orange Cassidy at the PPV, along with Tomohiro Ishii and Shingo Takagi. Like no time has passed, PAC and OC leave each other in ruin, though a closing Black Arrow is intercepted by a screwdriver from Claudio, allowing the Orange Punch to win out!
Pissed, Death Triangle challenge BCC for their NEVER Openweight 6-Man Tag Team Championship at Fyter Fest as PAC tries to reclaim his other throne… except, that was never the plan. As Lucha Bros go to nail the Double Stomp/Fear Factor, PAC NAILS FENIX WITH THE HAMMER! PENTA EATS IT TOO! Walking out on them, BCC retains…

Why PAC, Why?
PAC explains that before his injury, he had the world, two titles over his shoulders. But you know what took that from him? Death Triangle. Divided attentions cost him his All-Atlantic strap, and Fenix’s initial hesitance to use the hammer on The Elite told him enough about his weak-minded company. As Bandido steps up to avenge his friends, a Brutaliser massacres him, PAC stealing his mask after the match! With the Bros still injured, PAC declares a hitlist on anyone like Rey & Penta that’ve wronged him in the past, starting with…
Will Ospreay’s been nipping at BCC’s heels ever since their interference in his Omega rematch cost him the win, Mox stealing the title for himself. Once The Elite are vanquished in Blood & Guts, Ospreay’s set to fight them on Dynamite with Kyle Fletcher… except, he finds his partner out cold, a hammer and a note on his chest, extending a challenge for ALL IN! As PAC defeats Michael Oku the night before at RevPro’s 10 Year Anniversary in their rubber match, Ospreay gives his acceptance in person with an OsCutter! A rematch 4 years in the making sees PAC finally vanquish Will at Wembley!
But as PAC celebrates, flaunting Bandido’s mask, he’s chased off by the returning Lucha Bros, setting the stage for ALL OUT! The long-awaited Triple Threat implosion to DT sees PAC submit Penta, though when he tries to steal the mask, he’s ran off by Fenix. Out for nothing but vengeance, a bloody ‘Grave Consequences’ match a la Lucha Underground sees PAC finally end the Phoenix, tearing his mask as a reward!

International Bastard
With one year approaching on Orange’s reign of dominance, the knackered champion lays his title on the mat, welcoming his next challenger, and not having forgotten who dethroned him, out walks PAC! The 4 Year Anniversary Dynamite is capped off by a thrilling 2-out-of-3 Falls match, where PAC reclaims the International Title, putting OC out of his misery!
Kickstarting his own iron fist reign, PAC uses the title as a platform to pit him against higher-profile names, claiming he’s been overlooked since the company’s start, deserving to have won the World Title long ago. Destroying Fletcher to put a bow on his attack on the Aussie, Full Gear has him face BCC’s Konosuke Takeshita! After robbing Ospreay’s chance at revenge, saying he has first dibs on the group, he finally makes good on that, proving his DT betrayal a good long-term investment when he submits DDT’s Ace to the LeBell Lock!
Naturally drawing Bryan Danielson’s attention, the two meet at Winter is Coming to end the Bastard’s saga with BCC, PAC proclaiming himself better than the one who called himself the ‘Best in the World’ upon his heel turn, managing to avenge his losses to Danielson from his early indie days with the Brutaliser to show how far he’s come. Jack Perry and Adam Page bite the dust next, PAC knocking off a Pillar before revisiting his feud with the Hangman at Beach Break for costing him in the World Title Eliminator Ladder match three years prior.
Once he’s met by Komander though, ‘Mask the Ripper’ is reminded of his old ways and tries to strike again after passing him out, BUT FENIX MAKES THE SAVE!!! Sporting a darker and crimson mask since PAC stole his, Rey’s unlocked the killer instinct PAC claimed he lacks, and at Revolution, a rematch sees three straight Fenix Drivers end PAC’s reign!

Bastard-Eye View
Freed of his responsibilities, PAC turns his attention to the one victim that’s continued to elude him – AEW World Champion Kenny Omega. Saving the company from MJF’s reign of terror, his defeat of Jay White at Revolution paves the way for one more match, three years on from their last World Title match together, where PAC finally claims the crown in a gruelling 60-Minute Iron Man match!
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2023.06.04 05:44 69Cvnt69 Favorite black metal (part 2)

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2023.06.04 04:56 Thick-Interaction-66 [Online] [Pf2e] [Roll20] [Tuesdays, 7 pm EST] [LGBTQ+ friendly] [6 dollars, first session and session 0 free] [Newcomers welcome] Nail in the coffin.

Hello brave adventurers of all kinds! My name is Paula, i am a brazilian trans woman that has really been wanting to do some gming and now here i am hehe. So this time i bring to all of you "The nail on the coffin", a campaing about a group of people (you) that unfortunally suffered a horrible fate: you were all captured by a bunch of ghouls.
However, as luck would have it, your group wasnt killed on the spot, nor were you attached to a torture board. Instead, all of you were locked in cells inside an old fort for reasons unknown to you people, though since it was ghouls that did it, it is best to not stick around to find out. Thus, all of you have decided to escape this horrible place.
This campaign is going to be partialy sandbox, though having an overarching plot on it. Characters will start at level 3 and level progression will be milestone based. Moreover, all players will start with a relic item that has connection to your backstories.
Beyond that, during character creation it will be very important for the players to create backstories that have ties with the themes of love in someway. Be it a tie with love through its fraternal side, through its platonic side, romantic side or even through a lack of love way. Players have full freedom into how they want this love aspect to be, but do know that it will matter as well as be used in the campaign. Lastly, it is encouraged, though not forced of course, to have characters that believe in a deity that has some connection to death, love, undeath, revenge or sorrow.
Those interested dont be afraid to send me a dm or to comment said interest in the comments.
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2023.06.04 04:46 Thick-Interaction-66 [Online] [PF2e] [LGBTQ+] [7pm EST] The nail in the coffin.

Hello brave adventurers of all kinds! My name is Paula, i am a brazilian trans woman that has really been wanting to do some gming and now here i am hehe. So this time i bring to all of you "The nail on the coffin", a campaing about a group of people (you) that unfortunally suffered a horrible fate: you were all captured by a bunch of ghouls.
However, as luck would have it, your group wasnt killed on the spot, nor were you attached to a torture board. Instead, all of you were locked in cells inside an old fort for reasons unknown to you people, though since it was ghouls that did it, it is best to not stick around to find out. Thus, all of you have decided to escape this horrible place.
This campaign is going to be partialy sandbox, though having an overarching plot on it. Characters will start at level 3 and level progression will be milestone based. Moreover, all players will start with a relic item that has connection to your backstories.
Beyond that, during character creation it will be very important for the players to create backstories that have ties with the themes of love in someway. Be it a tie with love through its fraternal side, through its platonic side, romantic side or even through a lack of love way. Players have full freedom into how they want this love aspect to be. Lastly, it is encouraged, though not forced of course, to have characters that believe in a deity that has some connection to death, love, undeath, revenge or sorrow.
Those interested dont be afraid to send me a dm or to comment said interest in the comments.
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2023.06.04 04:43 Thick-Interaction-66 [Online][PF2e][free][7pm EST] [newcomers welcome]The nail on the coffin.

Hello brave adventurers of all kinds! My name is Paula, i am a brazilian trans woman that has really been wanting to do some gming and now here i am hehe. So this time i bring to all of you "The nail on the coffin", a campaing about a group of people (you) that unfortunally suffered a horrible fate: you were all captured by a bunch of ghouls.
However, as luck would have it, your group wasnt killed on the spot, nor were you attached to a torture board. Instead, all of you were locked in cells inside an old fort for reasons unknown to you people, though since it was ghouls that did it, it is best to not stick around to find out. Thus, all of you have decided to escape this horrible place.
This campaign is going to be partialy sandbox, though having an overarching plot on it. Characters will start at level 3 and level progression will be milestone based. Moreover, all players will start with a relic item that has connection to your backstories.
Beyond that, during character creation it will be very important for the players to create backstories that have ties with the themes of love in someway. Be it a tie with love through its fraternal side, through its platonic side, romantic side or even through a lack of love way. Players have full freedom into how they want this love aspect to be. Lastly, it is encouraged, though not forced of course, to have characters that believe in a deity that has some connection to death, love, undeath, revenge or sorrow.
Those interested dont be afraid to send me a dm or to comment said interest in the comments.
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2023.06.04 04:21 featherdance [Sell][US] Dior, Kaja, Fenty, Viseart, NARS, Hourglass, Becca, Rephr & more!

Payment: Paypal Goods & Services, I cover the fee.

Everything is from a clean, smoke-free home.
104 items sold in 32 separate successful transactions on Makeup Exchange so far!
Happy to answer any questions, thanks for browsing!
*BNIB means the item is brand new, never swatched, *and* the box is included. Other items may be brand new, never swatched, but no box so not marked BNIB.
*Never opened (ie., for liquid products) means the screw cap has never come off - which you can also visually verify because no product has touched the stoppers. Happy to take more detailed photos if proof is needed. :)

Individual Items (in album order):

>> Non-Makeup <<

>> Higher End <<

>> K-Beauty, Drugstore, etc. << (additional 20% off of purchase of 5+ items)

Freebies with any purchase:

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2023.06.04 04:20 DragonRiderStarr Cut a puppy's nail too close

Dog, 11 months, spayed female, Black mouth cur mix, ab. 65 pounds
I just gave my dog a bath and noticed her nails were growing out so i decided to cut them. I got to the last nail and a noise outside startled us both and i cut it far too short without realizing it and it started to bleed pretty fast. I grabbed the towel and wrapped her paw in it. She seemed to be not bothered by it, her usual happy bath face, just trying to pull the towel and play tug of war. After about a minute the bleeding stopped and i rinsed it off in some water just to be sure. She seems fine and is just chewing on one of her bones currently. The bleeding has fully stopped but im worried if there's something special i need to do. (like get an anibiotic, wrap it, keep her away from stuff that could get in it etc) Its the first time I've had a dog in a while, and im just paranoid to make the same mistakes i did last time. Thanks!
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2023.06.04 04:15 Cyr13lGame Free Black Nail Polish - Win Black Nail Polish on Playbite

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2023.06.04 03:32 missjeanlouise12 [sell][US to anywhere][perfume, makeup, nail polish]

Hello, and welcome to my sale!
My spreadsheet of scents can be found here.
I have a few samples from a lot of houses (such as Astrid, NAVA, Area of Effect, Stereoplasm) and a lot of samples from a few houses (most notably, Alkemia, Possets, Deconstructing Eden, Nui Cobalt, Poesie). I have the occasional full size as well.
I go by timestamps, so please do not message me until we have come to an agreement about pricing. I accept PayPal Goods and Services and will cover associated fees. I’ll hold items for a couple of hours unless you request differently, and will then move on to the next interested party if there is one. Some items may be posted on multiple platforms, and I will go by timestamps across all platforms (although I reserve the right to prioritize buyers who are purchasing more).
Shipping starts at $4.50 for perfumes and light items within the continental US and will increase with weight and distance. I'm happy to ship internationally as long as you are willing to pay postage. I look for the best rates, domestic or international, and ship within a few business days.
I have priced items based on what I believe is a fair reflection of value, but please discuss offers with me if your research shows that my pricing is off. Happy to entertain offers and/or bundle if you are buying multiple items. No minimums.
I’ve added swatch pictures that I found online for many of the products that have glimmer, shimmer or shifts. Hopefully this helps show how beautiful and unique these products are!
Eyeshadow Palettes
Ace Beaute Falling for You palette, BNNU, $15 $10
Beauty Bakerie Sugar Cookies palette, most colors used 2 or 3 times, 30 $20
Fantasy Cosmetica Bard palette, Never used but arrived with middle shade shattered. Retails for $38.99. $20
Juvia’s Place The Magic Minis , BNNU, $15 $10
Juvia’s Place The Zulu, 3 colors swatched, $12 $10
KimChi Chic Juicy Velvet palette; see swatch photos from Kimchi Site, BNNU, $12
Lethal Cosmetics Magnetic Pressed Powder Palette in Jolina, 3 or 4 colors swatched. $25
Menagerie Feral Palette, sold out, light usage, $25
Notoriously Morbid Aim With My Eye palette, 3 colors swatched. $16.00
Peach Queen We’re All Mad Here, 3 colors swatched. Sold out on site $20
Pink Crush Cosmetics Nocturnal Garden palette, brand new, $22
Pinky Rose Cosmetics Sunflower palette, most shades swatched once, $12
Pretty Vulgar Pretty Birdie, light use, $36 $10
Sigma x Beauty Bird Dream Palette, most colors swatched, comes with brush, $25
Sigma Warm Neutrals Vol. 2, 4 colors swatched, $15 $10
Sydney Grace Chase Your Dreams, 2 colors swatched, $18 $10
Sugarpill Capsule Collection in black and orange versions, each have a couple of colors swatched, $22 each or both for $40
Single eyeshadows, liners, etc.
About Face Matte Fluid Eye Paint (l - r) in It’s a Blitz and Vertigo Flowers. Swatched with clean, disposable brush. $11 each or both for $20
JD Glow cosmetics L-R: Galaxy liner in Nocturnal; glitter tube in Poise; galaxy liner in Facetime. Each used up to 3x with clean, disposable brush. Retail for $9-10. $4 each; all 3 for $10
Indie shadow large pans $3 each
JD Glow 37mm metallon shadow in Bestie, swatched, $7
JD Glow 37mm metallon shadow in Blue Avenue, swatched, $7
Give Me Glow foiled pigment in Anastasia, swatched, $6
Give Me Glow ultra matte pigment in Dramatic, BNNU, $6
Give Me Glow ultra matte pigment in Tan Lines, BNNU, $6
Moira Cosmetics Lucent Cream Eyeshadow, L-R Cosmos, Earth, Nimbus, each BNIB, $5 each or all 3 for $12
Semi-Loose pigments
These are jars with ¼-1 tsp of semi-loose pigment, some shimmers/metallics, some duo- or multichrome. I encourage you to look up swatches! All are BNNU; most still sealed.
Notoriously Morbid: $6 each
Alkali Lake Monster; see a blogger-posted swatch here
Casualties are Inevitable; see a blogger-posted swatch here
Collaborative Effort; see a blogger-posted swatch here
Stalking Scarecrows; see a blogger-posted swatch here
Spectrum Cosmetics: Aztec, Scale
Lips and Face
MBA Cosmetics Glossy Glaze in Miss Monroe, still sealed, seller image here. $7
Sydney Grace lip cream in Lacy, BNIB, $9
Indie Nail Polish all full size/15 ml unless otherwise indicated
Chaos and Crocodiles in Wishing Star Sky, probably a few years old. Swatch photo. $6
LynB Designs Fishing With No Bait, golden peach linear holo, used for one mani, $6 photo from blogger Naked Without Polish
LynB Designs, L - R Sage It Ain’t So, Rustworthy, Gamboge You Don’t, all BNNU from Tonally Awesome collection. See pictures from site of Rustworthy, and Gamboge You Don’t. $7 each, will bundle.
Moon Shine Mani Nail Polish. Click on shade for swatch photos. And Then There Were None , The Geller Cup, North by Northwest. BNNU, $8 each; will bundle multiples
~ ~
Again my perfume spreadsheet can be found here.
You can also check my sale on makeupexchange [listed here](
Thank you!
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2023.06.04 03:29 VioletWolfKay776 How do I remove the very small black circle thingy from my nails

There’s like a very small black dot thingy that’s stuck in my nail and the skin under my nail is in agony. It was in there for 2 days now and idk how it got stuck there. I tried to get it out w my nails ) I have kinda long nails) but it’s still in there. Is there any way to get it out
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2023.06.04 03:27 SpiritualGoose [SELL] [US] Find your new favorite! Lots of DS sized items and popular brands to choose from. Sunday Riley, ND, Glow Recipe, Nudestix, Too Faced, Urban Decay, Tarte, Mac, Nars, Elemis, FAB etc.

Welcome one and all!


Item Name Condition Price Size Verification
Tarte Tartiest Pro Used $20 Verification
Too Faced Sweet Peach Used $18 Verification
ABH Sultry Used $25 Verification
ABH Brow Wiz Used $8 Verification
ABH Clear Brow Gel New $8 Verification
ABH Brow Freeze New $11 Verification
Ciate Fierce flicks eyeliner New $1 Verification
YSL Lash Clash Mascara New $8 DS Verification
Hourglass Caution Mascara New $3 DS Verification
Tarte Tartiest Pro Mascara New $2 DS Verification
Lancome Mascara New $2 Verification
Mac Mascara Magic Extension New $5 DS Verification
Mac Mascara Stack Micro Brush New $5 DS Verification
Natasha Denona Macro Blade Liquid Liner New $8 DS Verification
Kiss Lash Purify New $2 DS Verification
Realher Metallic Bronze eyeliner BNIB $3 Verification
Mac Kohl Eyeliner in Smolder BNIB $10 Verification
Tarte Tartelette BNIB $25 Verification
touch in Sol Foiled Pigment in Sun Aurora BNIB $10 Verification
touch in Sol Foiled Pigment in Persian Rose BNIB $10 Verification
Lime Crime Venus 3 Used $5 Verification
Sephora Collection eye pencil New $1 DS Verification
Colourpop Shadow Lot : Play by Play, Paper Tiger, Soo Good, Backstage, Snake Eyes, Antimatter, Sideline, I owe you, Wishful Winking, Silver Lining all swatched or new $25 for all Verification
Mac Shadow Lot in Tempting, Espresso, Uninterrupted, Deep Damson, Omega, Twinks all swatched $25 for all Verification
2x Grande Lash enhancing Serum $12 each or $20 for both DS Verification
Ilia Limitless Lash Mascara $10 Verification
Winky Lux Universal Brow Pencil BNIB $7 Verification


Item Name Condition Price Size Verification
Cover Fx Drops G50 Used $6 Verification
Nars Blush in Orgasm Used $4 DS Verification
UD Naked Correcting Concealer in 50 WY Used 1x $10 Verification
Natasha Denona Tan Bronze & Glow swatched $33 Verification
Touch in Sol Primers (Glassy, Original, Icy) BN $18 for all 15 ml each Verification
Ciate Bamboo Bronzer BN $2 DS Verification
Benefit Cookie Highlighter BN $10 DS Verification
Natasha Denona Blush & Glow BN $10 DS Verification
Pat Mcgrath Bridgerton Blushing Delights BN but there is some damage to the packaging. $40 Verification
Pat Mcgrath Bridgerton Divine Blush + Glow Trio BN $40 Verification
Beauty Bakerie Milk & Honey Highlighting Palette BN $10 DS Verification


Item Name Condition Price Size Verification
Winky lux lip oil in the stars BNIB $10 Verification
Nudestix in Sweet Peach Peony BN $6 DS Verification
Nudestix in Sunkissed BN $6 DS Verification
Lancome Juicy Tube in Tickled Pink BN $10 Verification
KAB Sugar + Spice Lip Gloss BNIB $8 Verification
YSL Rouge Pur Couture in 48 Used, hard to judge usage but atleast 50% left $15 Verification
Buxom Mudslide Used (60-70% left) $2 DS Verification
Stila Stay all day Vinyl Lipgloss in Nude Used 1x $3 DS Verification
Give Them lala lipgloss in drenched BNIB $9 Verification
KAB Lip Oil in Juicy Melon BNIB $12 Verification
Too Faced Lip Injection Maximum Plump BN $5 DS Verification
Milk in Werk BN $2 DS Verification
Nudestix in Bohemian Rose Used 1x $5 DS Verification
Fenty Beauty Icon Lipstick in MVP Used 1x $10 Verification
Mac Lipstick in Burning Love Used $9 Verification
Mac Lipstick in Relentlessly Red Used 1x $11 Verification
Mac Lipstick in Achiote Used 1x $11 Verification
Mac Lipstick in Sheer Outrage Used $9 Verification
Charlotte Tilbury in Pillow Talk BNIB $20 Verification
Mac Lipstick in Ruby Woo BNIB $13 Verification
Mac Lipstick in Chili BNIB $13 Verification
Mac Lipstick in Lady Danger BNIB $13 Verification
Mac Lipstick in So Chaud BNIB $13 Verification
Mented cosmetics in Blood Orange BNIB $9 Verification
Dose of Colors Savage Used $10 Verification
Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Red Square Used $7 Verification
KVD liquid lipstick in Bow & Arrow Used $3 Verification
Makeup Monster Hit the Dirt Used $5 Verification
Touch In sol Metallist in Brick Brown BNIB $10 Verification
Touch In sol Metallist in Dry Purple BNIB $10 Verification
Marc Jacobs lipstick in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Used $1 DS Verification
Tarte Tartiest Lip Paint in Birthday Suit New $1 DS Verification
Nars Audacious Lipstick in Nina used $8 Verification
EvioSkin Lip Serum New $3 Verification
Colourpop in Yasmin Used $1 Verification


Item Name Condition Price Size Verification
Dashing Diva Magic press used, there are 19 out of 30 nails left. If you want exact sizes lmk $3 Verification
Static Nails Liquid Glass in Coconut New $8 Verification


Item Name Condition Price Size Verification
Spongelle Black Orchid New $6 Verification
Sol de Janeiro Glowmotions Glow Body Oil Copacabana Bronze New $20 Verification
Glamglow Super cleanse New $10 Verification
Glow Recipe Blueberry Bounce Cleanser New $5 DS Verification
Tula cooling & brightening eye balm used 1x $10 Verification
ESPA exfoliating Body Polish New $20 Verification
Dr. Brandt Yogurt Cleanser New $10 Verification
2x Grown Alchemist Body Cream in Mandarin & Rosemary BN $12 each or $18 for both Verification
Grown Alchemist Brightening Serum BN $13 Verification
Generation Skin Quick Fix n Chill BN $10 Verification
touch in Sol Corelagen Stick BN $10 Verification
Strivectin contour restore cream BN $10 DS Verification
Lancome Renergie Lift Eye Cream BN $15 DS Verification
5x Tony Moly Elasticity Sheet Masks BN $12 for all Verification
African Botanics Shimmering Gold Oil Used $3 Verification
Neogen Youth Repair Cream BN $1 DS Verification
FAB KP Smoothing Lotion BN $5 DS Verification
2x Cosrx Balancium B5 D-panthenol Ampoule usage shown. exp in 07/21/23 $6 for both Verification
Forest Heal Witch Hazel Facial Toner & Whipping Foam Cleanser New $15 for both Verification
Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter in Peachy Vanilla New $20 Verification
2x Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm New $9 each 20g Verification
Shani Darden Hydration Peptide Cream New $5 Verification
elta md skin recovery essence toner used 1x $2 Verification
Dermalogica multivitamin recovery masque used $1 Verification
dr botanicals turmeric mask used $1 Verification
Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Dream Face Cream Used $2 Verification
Earth Harbor Glow Juice enzyme Mask BN $12 Verification
Mamonde Toner & Serums New $12 for all DS Size Verification
Dr Brandt Speed Recovery Serum New $28 Verification
Sunday Riley Good Genes BNIB $50 Verification
2x Elemis Pro - Collagen Marine Cream New $7 each or $10 for both DS Verification
4x Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask New $5 each DS Verification
SUnday Riley 5 stars Retinoid + Niacinamide eye serum BNIB $25 Verification
2x Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum New $5 for both Verification
Mudmasky Eye Serum New $15 Verification
Boscia Retinol Repair + Renew Treatment New $8 Verification
dr. brandt no more baggage eye de-puffing gel New $25 Verification


Item Name Condition Price Size Verification
Living Proof curl definer BN $6 DS Verification
Briogeo Farewell Frizz Heat Protectant BN $11 Verification
Christophe Robin Regenerating Serum with prickly pear oil BN $20 Verification


Item Name Condition Price Size Verification
Jo Malone in Nectarine Blossom & Honey New $20 9 ml Verification
Proenza Schouler's Arizona New $3 5 ml Verification
by Rosie Jane Rosie Perfume Oil New $25 Verification
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2023.06.04 03:17 PetiteJupiter8 P.U.R.E. I - Book a main event push for PAC (1000 words)

Forbidden Door II
PAC returns at Forbidden Door II, during the IWGP US Championship match between Kenny Omega and Will Ospreay. He costs Ospreay the match, confronting and attacking him afterwards.
The following week, PAC delivers a promo on his return to Dynamite. He says he's back, and he wanted to come back in a way people couldn't ignore. "What better way to make a return than to put the man people were saying was 'The Best Wrestler in the World' only a couple of years ago on the shelf", he says. He goes on to say that he's been away from AEW for far too long over the past few years, and now he's wasting no more time - he's aiming to reach his rightful place: as AEW World Champion.
Later on, Aussie Open are being interviewed backstage. They say they've heard from Will Ospreay, and that he's on the mend but "pretty banged up". They say they have a bone to pick with PAC, and that they'll sort it out in the ring.
At Fyter Fest, PAC takes on one half of Aussie Open: soundly beating a newly returning Mark Davis, who has his tag partner Kyle Fletcher at ringside. The following week, at Fight for the Fallen, PAC fights and submits Kyle Fletcher, with Davis absent from ringside due to injuries picked up in his match the week before. After the match, PAC keeps the Brutalizer locked in... until he hears Will Ospreay's music! Ospreay runs down to the ring, and PAC runs away up the ramp. From the ring, Ospreay challenges PAC to a match at All In, which is later made official.
All In: London
The match between PAC and Will Ospreay is one of the main events of the card. PAC ultimately wins after hitting the Black Arrow.
All Out 2023
Only a week after All In, the main event of All Out is MJF vs Darby Allin for the AEW title. Towards the end of the match, Darby climbs up to hit a Coffin Drop, but PAC rushes out of the crowd at ringside to interfere, jumping up and pushing Darby off the top rope to the ringside floor below whilst the referee is down. He rolls Darby back into the ring, and MJF pins him shortly after.
The following week's Dynamite, in a segment where "We hear from PAC", he complains to Tony Shiavone that only one week after he beat Will Ospreay in the main event, in front of the biggest AEW crowd ever, he is left off the card for one of the biggest shows of the year! "And I have to watch as Darby Allin, someone who has never beaten me, gets an opportunity that is rightfully mine?!" Darby comes down to the ring, and after a mini-confrontation, PAC delivers a cheap-shot before leaving Darby in the ring.
It's announced afterwards that, on the upcoming Anniversary Show, PAC will take on Darby Allin. The week beforehand, PAC is interviewed backstage, and he reminds everyone of what happened at Bash at the Beach 2019, where PAC beat Darby. This final words in the segment are: "I beat him up once… and I'll do it again".
4th Anniversary Show
PAC takes on Darby Allin. Sting acts as a sort of enforcer, who helps ensure PAC doesn't get any unfair advantage. However, after a Black Arrow to the back, PAC picks up the victory.
The following week, it's revealed PAC has a match at Battle of the Belts for a title he is synonymous with, as it's inaugural champion: the All Atlantic Championship. In a backstage promo, he warns Orange Cassidy that his time as champion is coming to an end, but sarcastically thanks him for "keeping my title warm - but next week... it comes home to me!"
Battle of the Belts
PAC takes on Orange Cassidy for the All Atlantic Championship. After a great match, showcasing the chemistry the two men have in the ring, PAC looks like he's going to win, but Darby interferes this time, costing him the title match.
The following week, Darby calls out PAC during a promo. He says he wants another match with him. PAC immediately laughs him off, saying he's beat him twice already, before leaving the ring.
PAC is a guest on commentary the following week, for one of Darby Allin's matches, which Darby wins. After the match, Darby grabs a microphone and starts addressing PAC directly. In response, PAC lets Darby know he's been talking to Tony Khan, and he's come to an arrangement with him that Allin will be happy with. At Full Gear, he and Darby Allin will go one-on-one. The stipulation: an "I Quit" match. The winner becomes the number 1 contender for the AEW World title. The loser cannot challenge for the AEW title for a full year. Sting tries to get Darby to not make a hasty decision, but Darby accepts.
In the run-up to Full Gear, PAC and Darby are booked strongly, scoring a couple of wins each over mid-card wrestlers. Notably, PAC decides to end his matches with the Britalizer, forcing his opponents to tap.
Full Gear 2023
The "I Quit" match ends when PAC locks Darby in the Brutalizer and Darby passes out. Seeing this, Sting grabs a microphone and says "I Quit" on Darby's behalf. PAC celebrates becoming number one contender for the AEW title, and Darby ends up having a confrontation with Sting.
The Dynamite after Full Gear, PAC interrupts a segment with MJF, who's celebrating retaining his title in a match with Adam Cole. Their match for the AEW title is made official for Winter is Coming. In a promo, PAC says that people don't cheer him now, but they will after seeing what he'll do to MJF.
Winter is Coming
MJF beats PAC after using the Dynamite Diamond Ring as he tries to land the Black Arrow.
After this match, PAC transitions to working in the upper mid-card again.
submitted by PetiteJupiter8 to FantasyBookingElite [link] [comments]