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2023.05.29 16:25 Digimonchamp1 i can't be the only player experiencing the camera glitch on shard, walled city, and qiang pass

i only can point out the camera glitch for walled city and qiang pass tends to happen in the healing zone areas mostly when your character stumbles near a wall
also in qiang pass on rampart 5 if you stumble near the balcony or statue your camera gets put under the map
on the shard if you are going from defender spawn to objective B and you get attacked in the area between the stairs and the door way the camera sometimes bugs out
on walled city my camera bugged around rampart 5's stairs and sometimes on the objective
i don't know if this is just my experience but i think i should till point it out to the best of my ability this glitched happed to me 5 times within the last 3 hours to me
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2023.05.29 16:25 Cultural-Hyena-9594 Forgot about my coworker at a company lunch.

I feel like I fumbled my chances of becoming friends with her.
There's this girl I really enjoy talking to at work that is on a different floor from where I am normally. We always smile at each other and make small talk when we meet but other than that we don't talk much.
There's not a lot of people on her floor and most are much older than us so she's doesn't know most people from the workplace.
A couple days ago she asked me if I was going to the company lunch. I answered that yes I was, and she was happy and said that it would be great to be with someone she knew.
Well I was very happy to hear that but for some reason my brain decided to not store that information and I completely forgot about it.
Yesterday, when we all got to the restaurant, between how many people we were (70+), and the chaos it was between greetings and small talk I just wasn't thinking where to sit. I took a random seat near people I knew and started chatting. As more people joined the event, I noticed she arrived and sat in the same table as me, but too far away to speak. We shared a few glances and then I remembered what she had said. I was too embarrassed and shy to say anything and at that point moving places was out of the question, so at the end we didn't even interact.
The people I sat with ended up being pretty shitty and she didn't seem to be enjoying it much either. She left earlier than most too.
I won't see her until next week and I honestly can't bring myself to think about what to say or how to act around her. I'm so embarrassed at myself.
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2023.05.29 16:24 Just_a_firenope_ How do you work with the brainlessness of a teen dog?

My Labrador has reached that annoying age, at 1 year old, where he seem to regress on everything we’ve trained, and the only thing he can focus on is sniffing everything while walking.
I know it’s normal, and that it’s just the way dogs are, but I hate having my arms pulled near off because he sees something he needs to sniff.
I’ve been doing a lot of sitting in the local park. Looking at ducks, people, other dogs, and everything else exciting. I’ve had him sit without reacting, not allowed him to run around, dig, eat grass or everything. My thought is that him practicing to have exciting things around him without reacting would help him use his brain more and hopefully allow me to not have my arms yanked off.
That combined with retrieving would in my world both tire him out and teach him to be calm.
But is there anything else that can help, that can put some amount of thoughts behind those big empty eyes?
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2023.05.29 16:23 KarmInderIndia Help me with me married life trauma from indian perspective 32M

I am from india delhi. I got married 4 years back with the one i dated for 6+ years. We never had intercourse before marriage but used to enjoy other pleasures than actual intercourse. I was also ok as as per hindu beliefs we should be intact till we get married. It wasnt a big deal for me and i kept on holding myself for a better time. We are hindus and we follow our religion at a moderate level. Like we dont follow all traditions but our parents do and we support as much as possible. Before getting married my girlfriend who is my wife now got indulged with some christianity brainwashers who made her believe that couples should have intercourse only when they want to have baby. Also at that time before marriage she wanted to become a christian. Any other time than to have a baby doing sex is a sin. She also used to say that whoever is sick take me to that person, i will keep my hand on his forehead and pray and he will heal. I fought a lot for this state of mind of her and brought her back from attending those prayers or meeting those people. Her parents also supported me in this. She decided to not follow those things for the sake of saving our nurturing relation. We got married and i had a lot of expectations from this marriage both mentally and physically. Each one of her family member regards me and treat me with proper love care and respect. I also do the same and always treated them higher than their expectations. After our marriage slowly and gradually i realised that she is not at all interested to have any physical relation with me. Even after waiting for 6 years when we went on honeymoon post marriage we had sex once on the second day of a 7 day honeymoon trip. We had a huge fight when i demanded again on 4th or 5th day. We did it after a fight but she cried for the rest of the day. I made sure if she is feeling any pain and she rejected and said dont know but i dont feel like doing it. Time passed and we had this pattern of hardly having sex 2 times a month and that too 99% initiated by me. I am a hardworking person and not only in my job but also to my and her family i do more than the beat i can. Everyone admires me for that as well. I had a rough childhood just like any other lower middle class indian family where i was asked to earn my pocket money just after completing my 8th or 10th class study. I dont blame my parents because this is usual in lower middle class families like ours. I not only started earning very early but also started supporting my family with their day to day expenses and family budgets. I tried speaking with my wife when i got tears in my eyes as well on how sexually frustrated i feel. She always thrashed me by “saying this is the only reason why you got married na". I cook food, take care of day to day supplies, treat her and my family when they visit. But this was what i got to hear from her. Throughout these 4 years of my marriage i have always felt that i have given so much but got nothing. Whenever i try to speak with her on anything she says something bad and we have a fight. Multiple time i have stopped talking to her and wait for herbto come back and speak with me but she has shown no intrest in talking about actual issue. She just trys to kiss me on cheeks of trys to hug me but never wants to talk abt pain areas. Thoroughout these 4 yrs of marriage i was like begging for sex and she kept on longing me on. She gave me physical satisfaction like she is giving a coin to begger. 80% of time she tells me as well that i am doing this for your satisfaction but i dont feel a thing for physicality. Since we did love marriage i feel if i tell this to her or mine family they will blame on me back saying you are the one who chose this girl and we all agreed to your decision only. This sexual frustration has led me to become so angry from inside that now i hardly find my self even smiling. She says she also have some issues from me. Like i smoke which was actually once a day that too i have stopped. i drink alcohol which is 2 beer a week at max. I feel like her issues are not actual issues but just an excuse to support her nature. Even if i do 100 things for her at the end in night she is the same 90% of time. I have a sharp brain and doing lots of good work in my job. But these things which i cant tell anyone is killing me from inside. She is not a villian. She takes care of our rented flat. She cooks food after coming back from office. Only 2 issues. No intrest in physical intimacy and not talking to me on pain areas rather pinching me hard by her words when we talk. Help me with your valuable suggestions.
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2023.05.29 16:23 amylou3251959 Rattlesnake on Iron Mountain trail yesterday

Rattlesnake on Iron Mountain trail yesterday
Yesterday my husband and I went hiking and I almost stepped on this rattlesnake! This was near the begging of the trail (after the tree walkway), I looked down and less than 2 feet in front of me I saw it’s head poking out of the brush. It was pretty calm, not threatened, and actually ended up crossing the walkway afterwards but man that gave me a scare.
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2023.05.29 16:23 Lee_bb Could he possibly be annoyed ?

I'm a 26f and I matched with a 31m near the end of last week. The convos have been great, because of work we talked mostly during the evening.He eventually asked me to meet up for a date and I said yes. We figured out a date but not the time. We still have to confirm as the date is this week. Saturday, I joked that he doesnt has notifs on to dodge my messages, he thought it was funny and said a joke back. I didn't know it was in a joking way so I was like nahhh we just met of course im not insecure. He then told me it was just a JOKE with bold character. I responded the next day with like oh aha like my bad. He hasn't sent a message since yesterday. I feel bad for like not getting it was a joke and think I turned him off.
In a way I didn't ask a question so maybe he hasnt said anything because theres nothing to add.
Should I send him a quick Hi to see if he will reply ? (He intiated first 90% of the time) or wait to see if he will text me before the date this week ?
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2023.05.29 16:23 glowworm2005 thoughts

thoughts that i have been trying to put into words for the past nearly 4 years.
there is no point pining after them or hoping it can be how it was again. we have both moved on and had other partners since. he's found others who have made him happy and so have i.
i regret leaving him when i did and who for. they turned out to be even worse than the guy before the boy im mainly on about. i think i was not only young but genuinely did not believe i was deserving of the happiness this main boy, cp for reference, gave to me.
i wish i had done his 72+ hours worth of time with him. i wish i had stopped worrying about what the future would hold for us because it would have worked itself out.
i wish i had kissed him more, hugged his huge and gorgeous arms more as well as lay within them. im going to be completely honest i wish i had had sex with him, not only once but more. just more and more and more. not to be like "oooh look at me" but to actually be in the most vulnerable state a human being can be and share with another, and to have shared that with him. i know he would have made me feel extremely comfortable and beautiful throughout the whole thing.
he is such a good natured man. he is so passionate about what he does and it make me feel so proud and admirable towards him. he honestly still gives me that happy buzz when he messages me or compliments me, i just crave his words. i love that we can still wind each other up and take the piss. we always had a very bantering relationship.
101 days with you wasn't near enough. but my god were those 101 days good.
i know most of things were my fault, we both had flaw but i take the responsibility of being a twat, he did not ever deserve that. and i just hope we can sit down together one day, with a drink together, and have a hug and look back on the vast amount of good memories we shared.
i always will hold a special place in my heart for him. its literally like wanting something to happen with someone you can't be with. i hope he really is doing well. and anyone in the world is lucky to know him or be with him for he truly is a precious soul
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2023.05.29 16:20 Eastern-Pickle8518 Need name suggestions

Hey y'all. I'm volunteering at a place and I need to come up with a name for the community service that we offer. The place supports people struggling with homelessness, food insecurity, provides harm reduction supplies and so. PLEASE give me some ideas, thanks very much.
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2023.05.29 16:20 Narrow_Muscle9572 What I've Always Been

Shunned from the world, I call the woods my home. I dare not travel out of the forest for fear of the cruelty and hostility civilization has given me everytime I show myself.
All my life they called me a monster and the word wounds me. All I want is what anyone wants: to live, to love and to be loved. But these hopes have been stripped from me so I instead seek isolation, free from the persecutions of humans.
My tattered and ill fitting garbs are crudely made leather that I created myself. But they suit me fine because out here, alone, I don’t have anyone to impress.
It has been years since I last tended to my mighty mane, the tragedy of life has eroded any semblance of vanity I may have once had. Whenever I catch a glimpse of my reflection in the water, I slap it, ruining the image that caused so many nightmares. There is nothing I can do to change it, otherwise I would gladly do so.
At night I sit in my makeshift home of mud and rotten logs that I gathered. In this poor excuse for shelter I huddle around a fire and wish I had someone to share it with. This wish is not different from self-inflicted abuse because there is no one who would love a creature like me.
During the day, I forage for food. Leafy greens and berries mostly because I don't eat meat. The animals I share these woods with are like my friends. They do not judge and have grown accustomed to me being here. How long has that been, I cannot say, only that it has been too many winters to count.
From time to time people come to my woods and I avoid them the best I can. Despite my size I am very good at not being seen if I don't want to be. Occasionally people catch a glimpse of me, word of mouth has spread and I've become an urban legend. An oddity. Another wounding word, but better than most I have been called.
When people do enter my territory, I like to watch them and pretend I am like them. One of the pretty ones. The ugly ones. Anything other than the monster that I resemble.
This childlike dream of mine died one fateful day as I was eavesdropping on a young couple as they were struggling to set up camp. There was no malicious intent as I spied on them, I was just lonely and wanted to live vicariously and pretend I was like them.
It was the woman who saw me first and she screamed “monster” as she pointed at me before running away. Her mate followed closely behind.
As they ran I felt embarrassed that I was seen and ashamed for the body I am condemned to live in. I felt this way all my life, but unlike every other moment in my painful existence, this time was different because there was something else behind those emotions.
Perhaps for the first time, I felt anger. Anger towards the humans for making me feel that way all my life and I knew that I had to destroy the source of these feelings.
I needed to kill the two who fled at the sight of me.
I caught up to the man first. Killing him was easy. I bent low and snatched him by the leg, swinging him at nearby trees before tearing off his head with my clawed hands. Feeling his body break numbed my anger, shame and embarrassment with something that I had never felt before: satisfaction.
Dark urges took hold of me, making me lick his blood off of my claws and the coppery taste woke up a long dormant part in me, something primal, feral and cruel. The blood of my victims also killed the last morsel of remorse I harbored for the humans and the way they made me feel all my life.
That feeling of satisfaction disappeared as soon as I identified it. The man died too quickly for there to be any real lasting joy from the act of killing him.
Thankfully, the woman offered me another chance to savor that feeling.
She didn't stand a chance at escape as she ran, but I let her believe that she had one. Denying her escape at the last possible second would be preferable than outright killing her.
As she ran, zig zagging through the trees, I nearly laughed at those efforts. As I swiped at her with my clawed hands, I did so almost playfully. Droplets of her mates blood splattering her back.
She panted and begged to her God to be spared as she ran, but if she wanted forgiveness she wouldn't have screamed. She wouldn't have ran. She wouldn't have been a part of the world that called me a monster.
Her terrified screams made me smile as they reached a crescendo as my claws slashed her back, reducing the shirt she wore to ribbons.
It was the first time I remember ever having a reason to smile.
My mighty hands engulfed the woman and I lifted her off the ground. I turned her around to look at me and a primal scream ripped its way out of my throat.
“You no hurt me again!”
Her expression was pure terror and I soaked it all in, but as soon I saw a shimmer of confusion creep its way on her face, I lifted her high above me and ripped her in half.
Her blood acted as a shower and as a baptism. I was reborn by it. Cleaned by it. Cleaned of being an unwilling outsider. Cleansed of being a proverbial punching bag.
I became what they always called me.
I have become a monster.
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2023.05.29 16:19 WasNotTaken69 Plumbers Log #777

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2023.05.29 16:17 DominusAvidus 38 [M4F] Looking for a younger woman near me - MD/DC

I'm looking for a fertile woman, preferably younger than me, who is desperate to be bred. I know you become a cum-obsessed slut when you're ovulating...
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2023.05.29 16:17 PhriendlyPharmacist Opinions Wanted: Handmade gift from someone I hate

TLDR: A coworker who has a long history of bullying me and making my work environment difficult has given me a gorgeous handmade baby blanket. I have no idea what to do with it. Am I crazy?

Ok crochet friends, I am in a weird position. I have a coworker who I strongly dislike. Sometimes she is perfectly pleasant but other times she is a huge bully. She constantly criticizes everyone we work with behind their back and to their face. She is taking a new assignment in September and I was planning on having a party to celebrate her departure. Unrelated to this, I am expecting my first child, also in September.
I knew that this coworker did not dislike me even though I disliked her. But on Friday I was arrived at work and there was a package at my desk. She had made me the most beautiful baby blanket that I have ever seen. I crochet and she knits, but even with the difference in craft I can tell this is a very impressive piece of work. She said she had been working on it since she found out I was pregnant in February. She normally only makes hats and socks because she hates big projects. 3 other coworkers have been pregnant since we started working together and she made one hat for one of the three babies. I had no idea how to react. I thanked her of course, and I gushed about how amazing the blanket was. If anyone else had given me such a gift, I would have been much more effusive about what it meant to me. But I think I handled it pretty well, I was certainly not rude.
Here is my problem. I really don't like this coworker. I find that even when she is in a good mood she has this menacing presence that unsettles me. I'm normally only a slight believer in things like vibes and juju, but I feel very mixed emotions about having this blanket near my baby. I do think she made this out of an appreciation for me, which surprises me. I don't know if her positive intentions outweigh all the negativity she has brought into my life. I don't know what I am going to do with the blanket. Would love to hear opinions of what you all would do in this situation. Totally fine if you wanna tell me I'm bonkers and a blanket is a blanket. Totally fine if you want to give me ideas to for how to cleanse the blanket of its creator's aura. Please let me know!
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2023.05.29 16:17 venushaze Opinions on neighbourhood around Fuglebakken/edge of Frederiksberg and NV?

Hello! I am moving to CPH from abroad for my studies, having never visited CPH before. I am considering housing near Fuglebakken station, which seems to border Frederiksberg, Nørrebro and Nordvest. I am studying in Frederiksberg so it is very conveniently located for me.
Can anyone give me insight on what living in this area is like? Is it safe? Quiet? Close to fun things to do?
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2023.05.29 16:17 Inpheonixity Need help with setting up amplifiers

So i have these cheap 12 - 24v amps that sound really good and i hooked it up with a 12v 1A supply, worked fine but struggled at high volumes and when used a 20v 1.75A supply, it worked well for a while but heated up alot and at last smoked aka messed something up, can someone help me? There's no power rating on these amps so i have no idea how to power them without messing something up, oh i was using a 20v, SSW50 subwoofer to play.
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2023.05.29 16:17 DominusAvidus 38 [M4F] #MD/DC - Looking for a younger woman near me

I'm looking for a fertile woman, preferably younger than me, who is desperate to be bred. I know you become a cum-obsessed slut when you're ovulating...
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2023.05.29 16:17 RitchieSacramento88 Who exactly in the uk government opted to supply Ukraine with long range mussels (storm shadow)

I know the government do basically whatever they want and they don’t answer to me personally but really, shouldn’t there have been some sort of referendum to supply those particular missles as we’re (in the uk) now more or less being directly threatened by a 70 year old crime boss who has access to nuclear weapons we likely have no chance of defending ourselves against. I realise this scenario would be very unlikely because we have trident which would also guarantee Moscows destruction in that event. Still, who exactly made this decision and is there actually any real tactical benefit of supplying them? As in enough for us to put ourselves in the crosshairs for, when other nations aren’t supplying them?
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2023.05.29 16:17 only-hooman Retinal migraine, what to do next?

[27F] 5'10" 150 lbs.
So far I have experienced this 3 times- about once a year for 3 years now. The symptoms go like this:
-start losing vision in my right eye with geometric lines and blurriness. peripheral and central vision has varied, but if I cover my right eye, I can see out of my left.
-after about 5-10 mins I begin to develop a migraine in the left side of my head, usually feels like it is in the left central side of my brain. (like deep in my brain, not near the surface).
Notes- I have never suffered from migraines or even head aches. I smoke weed on the weekends, and drink 2-3 drinks socially maybe every other weekend. I go the the gym and lift weight 3 times/week consistently since October 2022. I am not taking any medication currently. I stopped taking hormonal birth control over 1 year ago. I wear contacts daily with a strong prescription, but am up to date with my yearly eye exam.
The 1st time this happened, I was at work, took ibuprofen, and got a ride to urgent care. The doctor confirmed I wasn't having a stroke and told me I was okay to go home and rest. The 2nd time I was at home relaxing, took advil, and called out of work. The 3rd time I was at the gym lifting weights, took whatever pain reliever they had in their first aid kit, and got a ride home. The ibuprofen/advil both help the symptoms go away within the hour, but leaves me feeling low in energy for the rest of the day.
The reason this concerns me more this year is because in the past couple of months, I have been told that I am repeating myself and I have caught multiple instance of short term memory loss. I have also noticed a pressure sensation in my head that feels almost like moving liquid, 4 different times, and all 4 times I am laying down at home relaxed.
I don't have a ton of money for diagnostics, but have gotten a CT scan done on my sinuses before that was covered by insurance and only cost me $80. Hoping maybe that would rule out anything crazy?
I plan to call and make an appointment Tuesday, but I would like to know what diagnostics would you want to run? Or what further info would be helpful to my case?
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2023.05.29 16:17 TrekJaneway Tech Support Love

Normally I loathe and despise calling customer support for pretty much anything. Hold times are terrible, the menus to get to an actual person never quite describe your issue, hell…even calling the pharmacy has me ready to hurl my phone at a wall by the time I get to an actual human being.
But…I’ve had to call Tandem and Dexcom over the years, and I just had my first call with Omnipod. Yeah, the menu is still a pain…but it’s not running in circles. I personally have never experienced a long wait time (though I may be unique there…I also call during oddball hours).
And the reps…holy crap, they are the NICEST people EVER. When I call, the first question I always get asked is “are you ok?” (because I’m always calling about a replacement part). I told a Tandem rep once “yeah, but I’m pissed I blew through a bunch of supplies to fix this.” The response? “Don’t worry about that, we’ll replace anything you lost. Are you physically ok?”
I literally cried on the phone with that rep. I had spent HOURS trying to subdue a low blood sugar…turns out my insulin was bad. Don’t ask how many sets I went through before I figured that out.
Well, same thing happened this weekend - bad insulin. Had a replacement pod on for all of 2 hours. Called Omnipod, the rep was super nice, asked a few questions, and my pod will be here later this week.
This disease SUCKS…but the folks working customer care (many are T1Ds or family of T1Ds themselves) get it, and they’re just lovely, lovely people.
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2023.05.29 16:17 DominusAvidus 38 [M4F] #Maryland - Professional seeking fun younger girl

About me: 38, attorney, attentive, intelligent, and sensual. Also tall and have a great head of hair.
About you: smart, nubile, and libidinous. Sweet but with a naughty side. Hopefully looking for something exclusive. Ideally located near me...
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2023.05.29 16:16 Patrick_Lancaster ⚡️📣Pay Back For Bakhmut? Attack Destroys Lives In Key City. Russia Ukraine War (Special Report)⚡️📣

⚡️📣Pay Back For Bakhmut? Attack Destroys Lives In Key City. Russia Ukraine War (Special Report)⚡️📣
Residential area in Yasinovataya (near Donetsk) hammered by what appeared to be and purportedly Western supplied 155mm shells fired by Ukrainian forces from the Avdeevka area. Witnesses say it is Ukraine's "Payback" for Russia taking control of Bakhmut / Artemovsk? In this report we travel to Yasinovataya and see that Ukraine has opened fire on a residential area of Yasinovataya destroying many apartment buildings with what appeared to be (purportedly) and witnesses said Western supplied 155mm shells. Seems after Russia taking control of Bakhmut / Artemovsk Ukraine is again increasing their attacks on civilian areas. Comment what you think needs to happen here. Special Report Filmed May 23 2023
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2023.05.29 16:15 named_account Just a cautionary tale/vent

TL;DR at the bottom This is related to both genshin/hsr but i think it still fits, I used to be completely f2p when i started genshin (a lil before raiden was released) until when hsr came out and i had some extra cash, i decided to get a supply pass and got seele and then i fell for the trap of "building pity" and accidentally got e1 seele, also because i had already nearly finished the battle pass decided to get the expensive battle pass which is i think $32-34 usd but i had to spend NZD i was also really wanting clara at the time and was nearly at pity on standard so i bought a crystal pack for around 40-60 NZD and lost the pull to a light cone, and it only went downhill from there, When jing yuan released i spent around 180-200$NZD, then i saw kirara got released in genshin and even though i dont plan on playing genshin until fontaine releases i was tempted and spent around 260-280$NZD and i got Yae but lost the 50/50 on yoimiyas to diluc again. now i just feel sick and disgusted with myself because i was planning on saving up and losing this much money isn't something i can let keep happening. I still want silver wolf & Kafka but im gonna avoid spending as much as possible from now on 8ish$ for SP + 65~$ For BP + 40~$ Clara pulls + 200$ Jing yuan + 280$ Genshin = Around 593$NZD...
TL;DR: Think more about how much having a characteweapon is actually going to affect your enjoyment of a game before you spend. and whether or not youre prepared to lose the 50/50. otherwise you might lose $500+ if youre a dumbass.
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2023.05.29 16:13 Great-Ad-5270 Myself (25F) in search of good swimming academy near Indira nagar, Byrasandra area.

Hi, I’m new to Bangalore and interested to learn swimming. I’m in search of good swimming academy near Indira nagar, Banaswadi, CV raman nagar, Byrasandra area. Please help me with the suggestions 🙏🏼
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