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2023.05.29 07:22 qarenelle Express Entry ITA inquiry

According to my EE profile, I qualify for both FSW and CEC. I received an ITA for CEC but I want to apply under FSW because I’m sure my Canadian work experience doesn’t add up to receive an ITA at this point (there seems to be a glitch or something on IRCC’s portal). Proof of funds is not an issue. Unfortunately, my 9 month contract ended with the company I worked at and I’m currently looking for a job. Should I submit a letter explaining that I want to apply under FSW because there’s an issue with the website or should I decline this ITA? I’m afraid the error will continue and I’ll keep on getting ITAs under CEC if I decline.
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2023.04.01 16:29 delhiwaali Work experience docs for freelance work

So out of the 4 years of my advertising and marketing career, 2 years has been freelance work. For these, I have order creation portal screenshots and bank statement proofs for individual orders, and in some cases just contracts but no bank documents. My employers in those cases, however, can verify I worked there. Would these separate documents suffice for work experience proof? It's the 3 years of experience that's pushing my score up to 478 and I'm expecting to get my ITA soon but I don't want to enter any work experience that might get my application rejected.
Category: EE for FSW
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2023.03.10 21:12 Loose-Astronomer8082 Can IRCC issue PPR by mistake?

Hello all,
I’m FSW Outland with AOR Aug 2022. Today I received a letter in the GCKey portal asking me to send in my passport so I guess this is PPR? However I’m feeling suspicious because 1) I called ircc last week and they said my background check is in progress and eligibility not started, 2)on PR tracker both background check and eligibility are “not started” 3) when I called ircc last week they said my PVO is Etobicoke and SVO is Montreal, yet the PPR letter came from CPC Ottawa.
So my question is did most of my application really somehow got processed within a week or is it possible that IRCC mistakenly sent me PPR??
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2023.02.05 00:29 ApprehensiveYak3750 Received NOI form Ontario but I am little confused.

Hello everyone.
I am a pharmacist outside Canada, and I have applied on EE FSW and I have a score of 486.
On Feb 2nd I received an NOI from Ontario in my EE profile, and I have confirmed on their portal that they sent NOIs to healthcare professionals to apply through their Human Capital Priorities Stream.
Now my worry is: in the document checklist under “Work history documents” it states the following: “If you worked in a regulated occupation, you must scan and upload a copy of your licence or authorization.”
It is not clear to me whether this means I must have a licence in Canada to be able to apply for a nomination? Or are they talking about the licence I have from the country where I used to work?
Then there is the proof of compensation, I don’t have pay slips or bank statements, but I do have a certificate of experience that states my annual salary and a salary certificate directed to a bank that states my monthly salary, would these be enough?
Appreciate your input. Thank you and have a lovely weekend.
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2023.01.26 03:56 IRCC_SO_SLOW Apply to Ontario PNP or wait for express entry draw

TLDR: Confused on whether to apply to Ontario PNP or wait for the FSW express entry invitation.
Hi folks! I am looking for some advice on how to proceed with my immigration application to Canada.
I have 486 points on my Express Entry profile. I received a Notification of Interest from Ontario in December. I have until the end of January to complete and submit my application on Ontario's portal by paying $1500. However, because the scores have come down to 490 in the latest round of invitations for Express Entry, I feel like I might get invited in the next two rounds in the FSW stream. Also, I feel like the PNP route would take longer as I would need to wait for a nomination from Ontario which takes about two months and then apply through Express Entry again.
Ontario is a wonderful place to move to but I would like to migrate through the FSW stream just because I get the additional flexibility of living and working anywhere in Canada.
What would be the best course of action here?
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2023.01.09 03:51 exboe Did all quests without the RS Wiki - here are some highlights!

RS Quests are really good most of the time. Thanks to Jagex, I got the opportunity to play all the quests as intended in FSW. I present to you my Fletching Inverted QPC cape!
My self-imposed rules were:
  1. No RS Wiki (obviously)
  2. Play in Timeline order
  3. "Required Items" in the quest overview window was fair game.
  4. If I remember something off of memory, I'd have to at least identify the hint that any of the dialogue gives me.
  5. Did not do all miniquests because I can't play 12 hours a day like most of the FSW players, and I also wanted 120 Arch.
If you're interested in any other highlights, feel free to leave a comment.
Without further ado, here's my experience with these quests!


Pathfinder quests were quite easy with little puzzles. Going through all dialogue essentially tells you what to do.
Ernest the Chicken - Basement puzzle was just trial/error
A Soul's Bane - Definitely needs a rework.
One Piercing Note - A better version of Murder Mystery.
Broken Home - The trick here was to visit every room.
Once Upon a Slime - Why does this quest exist?


Adventurer quests really start to introduce to you the NPCs the player character will interact with.
Fishing Contest - The competitors tell you about the previous champion Grandpa Jack, who in turn gives you hints on how to win.
Nature Spirit - I thought "something with faith" was a holy symbol but it didn't work. Took me a while to remember that I was blessed by Drezel, and that "something with faith" was supposed to be me.
Recruitment Drive - Reading the chemistry book was awful but actually spelled out to you how to make the key mould and expand the spade to use as a door handle. I don't know how Jagex expected kids to do this.
Tower of Life - Puzzle interface needs a rework.
Rune Mechanics - My god the teleportation room was bad. I figured maybe 20min~ in what each portal did, and hopped my way through.


These quests are peak pre-2008 RuneScape.
Merlin's Crystal - A case of "talking to every NPC until it works" - finding out to hide in the crate takes some creative thinking.
Tribal Totem - Purely worked off memory here but the quest gives almost no hints - you just gotta interact with everyone in Ardougne and pick up a guide book with Handlemort's middle name in it.
Holy Grail - Pulled up the good ol' World Map for this one.
Tree Gnome Village - Did you know that King Bolren's entire family was assassinated during this quest? Quite brutal.
Waterfall Quest - If you've played OSRS, you remember every single step.
The Tourist Trap - Worked off memory for this one - would be interesting to see how someone would figure to hide Ana in a barrel.
Watchtower Quest - The first of many "learn a new language" quests. Just keep a notepad handy.
Tai Bwo Wannai Trio - Hate this quest with a passion. Mans got you cooking burnt jogre bones with Karambwanji paste. That shit is vile.
Shades of Mort'ton - No one was doing the minigame. Had to create those bracelets to build the temple myself.
Fremennik Trials - Another chemistry puzzle! Water expands when frozen to break the vase.
The Feud - There is a note saying "Fibonacci", indicating that this is the password to the safe. I only leant what that is later in life, so young me would not understand this
Rat Catchers - I agree with everything that J1mmy says
The Darkness of Hallowvale - Meiyerditch is awful with a normal skybox. I can't see shit.
Olaf's Quest - You forgot about this one Jagex. There's a hint to a sequel that never came to be.
Elemental Workshop III - It's horrible because it takes a long time. Not a fan of the 3D slide puzzle.
Elemental Workshop IV - The cosmic room was relatively easy. The Chaos room... my god Mod Dylan who hurt you.
Salt in the Wound - haha pillar quest
You Are It - Interesting how this is placed in "Champion" despite it being Elder God Wars #1.


This is when quests started becoming creative with puzzles and adventuring around the overworld. Had to dig quite deep into my memory on how to do some of these.
The Eyes of Glouphrie / The Path of Glouphrie - I love math.
The Grand Tree - Did you know Glough has a girlfriend?
Haunted Mine - The minecart puzzle was slightly difficult because I had to find out the orientation of the map.
One Small Favour - Thank you for releasing Lodestones.
Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen - The second "learn a new language" puzzle. You have to take a guess that the sign near the Cosmic Altar translates to "Cosmic Rune Altar" to translate Fairy Nuff's note.
Lunar Diplomacy - Getting off that ship was quite annoying to find all the symbols.
As a First Resort - Finding out which flowers to use on each pool was.... quite difficult.
TokTz-Ket-Dill - There's a dialogue puzzle where you had to create a play for the TzHaar, and assign each NPC a role. This was absolutely horrid and took me a while to figure out what to select to make everyone happy.


These quests are starting to get really, really good, and also really, really long.
Legends Quest - Practically little to zero hints. Took me a while to remember how to exorcise the demon out of the NPC. The puzzles were also quite cryptic and took me a while.
Desert Treasure - Everyone remembers how to do this quest.
Mourning's End Part II - This took me the a whole day. You really have to spend the time to know the space inside out, and figure out what pillars do what. There is one pillar that is inaccessible to your player character; but it imperative in order to turn the light into a certain color to open another door. You can't tell what the pillar does unless you spend the time to TRY sending the light to this pillar.
Dream Mentor - Cyrisus asking for a variety of food whilst dying is peak RuneScape.
Rocking Out - Interact with everything in order to get out of the prison.
Within the Light - The light puzzle is a far cry from how difficult MEP2 was.
Temple at Senntisten - Finding out what to do with the heat globes was a case of trial and error.
Blood Runs Deep - Your wife or husband dies here. What a shame.
The Branches of Darkmeyer - Again, the skybox in Darkmeyer is horrible. I cannot see the pet Bloodvelds you were tasked to find.
The Firemaker's Curse - Doesn't matter how many people you let die. Has no effect on the story. I did feel bad though.


I haven't done these quests since the 2010s. They're a bit too far from RS early game - so I was super excited to replay these.
While Guthix Sleeps - The weight puzzle was a doozy - the hints in the notes are out of date too. According to the notes a rune platebody is 9 tickits of pressure (approx 9kg), but the actual in-game weight NOW is 0.025kg. Also everyone dies in this quest, was good to experience the cutscenes again.
Nomad's Requiem - In 2010 it took me 20+ tries at 115cb. In 2022 it took me one try at 115cb with one piece of food.
Ritual of the Mahjarrat - A lore quest really. Everyone tells you what to do.
The Brink of Extinction - Another language puzzle quest! I can speak Skavid, Fairy, Gnome, and now TzHaar.
Plague's End - "Lady Ithell put her soul into her work" was quite cryptic (she put symbols into the walls of Llyeta). I didn't realize the hint meant it literally. Also the light puzzle was yet another far cry from MEP2.

World Guardian

We're hitting the recent quests. This is when Jagex stopped being so cryptic and put most quests in instanced areas - removing the overworld traversing aspect of quests. Puzzles were quite easy.
The World Wakes - The start of it all.
One of a Kind - Add Dragonkin to the list of languages I speak now. Although it took me a while to realize I had to enter the Forinthry dungeon.
Fate of the Gods - Gave Zaros a weakened body. Pretty funny.
The Mighty Fall - I killed Zanik just to see what it was like. I felt bad for the rest of the day.
Heart of Stone - Xenia who?
Dishonour Among Thieves - Was nice to side with not-Saradomin and not-Zaros for once.
Hero's Welcome - You kill off V... just like that?
The Light Within - Light puzzle again. Again a far cry from how difficult MEP2 was.
Call of the Ancestors - Goebies who?
Sliske's Endgame - The maze was a lot easier than I remembered. The paths you can take are either circular dead ends, or a long and short path leading to the same place. Figuring out which rooms look like they can be rotated is the key to reaching the end. That boss fight though was quite difficult.
Evil Dave's Big Day Out - I forgot how funny this quest was.
Desparate Measures - Again with the Dragonkin translations. It was nice learning their alphabet.
The Vault of Shadows - It helps to know how to solve a Rubik's cube to do these.
City of Senntisten - I did inventory all the time at my part-time job. That's what the blood puzzle was like.
Extinction - Travelling Erebus took a few tries. Kerepac was getting quite annoyed with me returning with no progress.
Twilight of the Gods - Good ol' Jagex hopping on the Wordle trend.

Age of Chaos

I've reached the end, Ma!
Daughter of Chaos / Succession - No issues - they literally tell you what to do.


If you made it this far - thank you for reading. I enjoyed doing these quests over again, but some of these are definitely outdated. The story and lore line up quite well in my opinion. There were times that quests reveal details on some events/characters that were lightly hinted towards in previous quests, which is quite nice. (ex. Hazelmere death, Perjour, the North, Zaros reveal, Zamorak ascension, etc.)
The puzzles are well designed for the time it was released, and I wish we could travel the overworld a bit more and have people recognize us as this amazing hero we become - but alas we can disguise ourselves without anyone thinking "isn't that the guy that literally saved the world 8 times?"
Anyway, thanks for reading (or skimming).
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2022.09.26 13:04 englishapp Apply for Immigration to Quebec

Quebec is the largest province of Canada from all the thirteen provinces. It is the second largest province in terms of population. It's the only French speaking region in the east Canada. The recorded population for Quebec as per 2019 reports is 84.8 lakhs.
Quebec is a highly likable place to live due to its culture and living conditions. Around 80% of the people in Quebec speak french. Quebec is the only Canadian province with French as its official Language.
The immigration rules for Quebec are different from the rest of Canada. Quebec has its own skilled worker immigration program known as Quebec skilled Worker Immigration Program.
For the applicants who want to immigrate to Canada, and they are not confident about the Federal Skilled Worker program (FSW), they can surely apply under Quebec skilled worker Immigration Program.
Quebec Skilled Worker Immigration Program
Quebec skilled worker immigration program is managed by the Quebec Government. This program was mainly introduced to make the immigration process simple for the Candidates so that they can easily immigrate to Quebec. Those candidates who find it difficult to apply under the FSW and FST program, they can apply under Quebec skilled Worker program.
For most of the skilled worker programs, a valid job offer from a Canadian employer is required. However in the Quebec Skilled Worker program, the job offer from a Canadian or Quebec employer is not required.
QSW mainly selects candidates based on following eligibility Criteria:
  1. Must be under 40 years.
  2. Must have a Bachelor degree.
  3. Must have at least 2 years of experience.
  4. Must not have any criminal record.
  5. Must have good health.
  6. Must have good English/French language scores.
  7. Must have proof of funds.
Quebec Skilled Worker Program is also a Point based system. You need a total of 50 points to qualify (if you are applying solo) as an Applicant. If you are applying with your family (including your Spouse and Children) then you will get additional points accordingly.
QSWP does not require French as a mandatory language but having a French language test can increase your points. So if you know French it's always beneficial to have a French Language test.
Online applications for QSWP can be submitted on an online portal known as Arrima. The applications are also referred to as Expression of Interest EOI.
Documents Required: The documents required for QSWP are:
  1. Identity Documents (Passport, PAN Card, Birth Certificate, Marriage certificate, AAdhar Card.)
  2. Work Experience including appointment letters, payslips.
  3. Language proficiency test for English and French (optional).
  4. Police Clearance certificate.
  5. Proof of funds.
Quebec is the only province in Canada, which has an agreement with the Canadian government to choose its immigrants according to their own rules. To apply in the Quebec skilled Worker Program, there are mainly two steps:
First you need to apply for a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) to the Government of Quebec. The Quebec Government will issue you a Quebec Selection certificate (CSQ) after accessing your application. If you fulfill the eligibility criteria then you will be issued a CSQ.
In the second step After getting CSQ you can apply to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for a permanent residency.
In other words, you will get a selection certificate from the Quebec Government and an Admission from the Federal Government.
Quebec Experience Program (PEQ): This program mainly requires work experience in the Quebec province. So if you are working as a temporary worker or if you are an international student then you can apply under this program for permanent residency. Knowledge of French language is required to apply under this program. Also candidates must be living in the province of Quebec at the time of the Application.
Quebec Investor Program: Applicants who want to invest in the province of Quebec can apply under this program. In this program, candidates must have assets of worth $2 million CAD and are able to invest at least $1.2 Million CAD. If a candidate meets this criteria then they can apply under this program.
Quebec Entrepreneur Program: A candidate with the ability to acquire or manage a business project in Quebec can apply under this program.
Quebec Self Employed: If you are self employed for more than two years and have the ability to create your job in Quebec then you can apply under this category. However you need to have at least $100,000 CAD worth of assets in order to qualify.
  1. Largest province out of all 13 provinces
  2. French as main language
  3. Only province to have own skilled worker program QSWP
  4. A job offer from employer is not required
  5. Easy to apply Canadian PR after getting CSQ.
Read complete and updated information at https://www.english24x7.com/Immigration/Canada/Apply-for-Immigration-to-Quebec
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2022.09.01 05:46 Troll_MkV FsW and red portal / wildy

id really like to know or make sure, that players wont be able to bypass the 1 week / 1 bond rule by killing their main accounts in wildy, droping money or gear to their fsw accounts or by looting gravestones
has jagex considered this into account ?
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2022.08.10 10:53 theoptimistlearner Need help: Query on RFV request

Hi all,
Express entry: FSW outland
I received a message in my application portal from the Consulate General of Canada in New York and was asked to submit mine and my family's passports, photos, and updated Appendix A (Updated Information Chart) form to
Visa Application Centre – New York 145 West 45th Street, 4th floor New York NY 10036 U.S.A.
However, I'm an Indian citizen and resides in India, so I am finding this requirement strange to courier my passport to a VAC outside India; plus I think there's some sort of rule that you aren't supposed to courier your passports outside of India.
Is this a mistake on IRCC's end? Anyone in a similar situation? What should I do?
Any suggestion would be highly appreciated
Thank you!
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2022.06.12 11:57 weekend_binge26 Should we raise webform if the address is incorrect in Passport Request Letter

I (primary applicant) and my spouse have just received a letter for passport request for CoPR (FSW) on IRCC portal. The letter sent has my name, email and application number number written correctly. However, the postal address mentioned is one from 7 years ago. All previous letters (ITA, biometrics) had the current postal address. The letter says to review the contact information and inform of any errors or updates. There have been no changes in our personal circumstances.
Should we raise a webform for them to note our current postal address. Also, should the passport collection request be out on hold till this error is corrected? We only have 30 days to submit passport for VISA stamping.
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2022.05.30 19:59 shadow0508 Does Canadian work experience count as a minimum requirements of Federal Skilled Worker Program? (FSW)

I am working in alberta in a NOC 2174 (NOC A) occupation. I have worked 7 months as a co-op intern , and 5 months as a full time employee. Since CEC doesn't count co-op work experience, I don't qualify for CEC.
However FSW do count the co-op work experience (https://www.cic.gc.ca/english/helpcentre/answer.asp?qnum=394&top=29), so by https://www.cic.gc.ca/english/helpcentre/answer.asp?qnum=689&top=29, I should qualify for FSW.
Or do I? I applied for PNP Alberta Express Entry stream and the officer stated I don't qualify for FSW since I don't have any foreign work experience. By the first sentence of https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/immigrate-canada/express-entry/eligibility/federal-skilled-workers.html, it states "This program is for skilled workers with foreign work experience...". So the officer has a point, it could be implied that you need at least 1 year of foreign work experience, outside of Canada. One lawyer that I reached out to confirmed my interpretation as well (with 100% confidence).
However, my express entry profile (the self declared express entry portal) states that I do qualify for the Federal Skilled Worker Program.
Therefore, if the officer is true, then the express entry profile system is either incorrect, or I have put incorrect information of the self-declared express entry portal.

I would like to have a second opinion of any one of you guys. Is it the officer that misunderstood the FSW program or is it the express entry profile with my incorrect inputs?
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2022.03.14 18:40 disnarr226 Received letter confirming PR but online IRCC portal shows application is in progress...?

Hi everyone,
I submitted my application for Permanent Residency (FSW) in July 2020. Didn't hear anything until December 2021 when IRCC started asking for updated documents. At the beginning of March I received a request for updated police reports. I have not received then yet, so my online portal for IRCC says that they're waiting for me to upload documents before proceeding. An hour ago I received an email from IRCC with a pdf attachment (meets all of IRCC's letter requirements for validity, i.e. coming from a CIC email, in English and French, etc) saying that my application for PR has been approved and I'll get a link to the Confirmation Portal in another email. My online IRCC portal still says that application is waiting for me to upload the missing documents.
I'm confused as to what my status is now... Was my application approved or was this letter sent accidentally?
Has anyone else gone through this?
Update: IRCC sent a letter to say I don't need to send them additional documents as the request was made in error. I'm still waiting for my GCKey portal to reflect the email I received and to get invited to the PR Confirmation Portal (if the letter was correct).
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2022.01.25 03:23 appleplie SINP advice

Since FSW draws are on pause for the foreseeable future, I'm looking for PNP options and came across SINP.
I calculated my score and right now I'm at 64 with 3yrs work experience. But on April, I'll have 4yrs so my score will be 67.
Is it better to submit EOI to SINP portal now or wait for April? If I submit now, can I wirhdraw my application and submit a new one by April? I have seen draws are 65 and above so might be a good idea to wait for April? Or maybe they'll lower the score so it helps if I submit now?
Thanks in advance for advices!
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2021.12.09 12:47 Material-Scientist51 PR Application was withdrawn

I have an urgent question that may be a bit unique. Back in October, I sent a webform message to IRCC asking "inquiring about application withdrawal". To which I got a reply saying "If I want to withdraw, you have to submit a signed letter stating a reason and a bunch of information." I decided not to withdraw (wanted to switch from an FSW to CEC application, but since drawings are not happening decided not to do it). So I left it at that, as the email had a Do Not Reply on it.

But yesterday (1.5 months later), I got a letter through my PR application portal saying my application has been withdrawn per my request. But I never submitted a form to withdraw so I was very confused. To add to the bureaucratic nightmare, my PR application is still listed as active, so I can't start a new Express Entry Pool.

I have sent IRCC another webform explaining all of this, but likely won't hear from them anytime soon and I am not optimistic about my chances of getting my original profile re-instated. So was wondering if anyone has any advice on what I could do? Any advice is appreciated, freaking a bit here.
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2021.11.29 01:12 srmocher Can I leave and return Canada without PR card?

Context: I moved to Canada on a closed work permit in July. I also submitted an application for Permanent Residency through FSW in Jan 2021, when I was in the US. I recently got an email confirming approval of my Permanent Residence from IRCC, and asking me details for invitation to PR portal.
I have plans to travel outside Canada (to India) in 3 weeks, so I’m wondering if I can do that and re-enter without the PR card (when it’s in process), using my existing work permit/TRV? I ask because it seems like the estimated time for PR card processing is around 63 days, so I’m wondering if I can hold off on getting that until I return. It also seems like getting PRTD from India has processing time of atleast 1 month, so I won’t be able to opt for that.
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2021.11.23 17:44 amadnomad Maintain Proof of Funds after PR confirmation portal email?

Hi everyone, I received the PR confirmation portal email a few days ago but haven't received the portal credentials or E-COPR yet. I applied through FSW-inland so I had to show proof of funds. Do I still need to show the proof of funds or can I use it now?
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2021.11.13 20:03 _pravin_v Is IRCC requesting repeat of medical exams from all those pending Outland PR applications?

Is IRCC requesting repeat of medical exams from all those pending (in process) PR applications (especially Outland) due to expiration of medical reports (valid only for a year) ? I got messages on the portal requesting to repeat the medicals within 30 days. Any of you did this? Is this step unusual? Do I take it as a sign of progress in application processing?
EE FSW PNP Outland, AOR : Jan, 2021, Biometrics in Feb 2021, Last medical : Dec 2020
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2021.10.25 01:17 grassWatcher Sword Deck Changes

Update 10/27: For anyone looking at this later and the people who posted, I went with Luxblade Arriet, Conscription, and Pompous Summons for now. I'll probably tweak it more (especially as I get more sword evo legendaries 🙃), but it felt good in the first match I tried it. Against Buff Dragon, tbh, but it played how I wanted and that's good enough for me.
TLDR: should I replace Mistolina & Bayleon with Albert, Thunderous Doom?
Hello all,
So, Bayleon is moving to 7 pp instead of 6. At first I was just going to tank it, since I enjoy this deck, and one extra turn isn't too awful. But I play in Unlimited, and realized that:

A.) that one extra turn pushes me into low-roll d-shift range instead of mid-roll
B.) since I don't actually run Dramatic Retreat it pushes most useful combos from T7 to T8, as the deck is weighted to 4 cost followers; this also means it will be competing for double plays involving Tempest Slayer, who has a targeted banish and bane, rather than a random 5 damage and 4-8 damage
C.) Three cards are dedicated to Bayleon (Sunny Day Encounter, Alchemical Confectioner, and Mistolina & Bayleon), and I would love the deck space.

Just today I pulled a second Albert, and I realized that by selling my 2 non-temporary Bayleons during the sale phase I could buy a third Albert and a first Kagemitsu, Matchless Blade, who I had already intended to add into the deck. I was thinking:

Mistolina & Bayleon -> Albert, Thunderous Doom(I mean, T5 5-7 storm vs T7 4-8 storm feels like a fair trade for reliability, +- Albert fratricide vs 3pp)
Alchemical Confectioner -> Mistolina, Forest Princess (I like her, she doesn't need trees, and the accel gives more flexibility than M&B)
Sunny Day Encounter -> Accolade (card draw, and combos to make Assault Knight more regular)
1 Homebound Infantryman -> first Kagemitsu (while I love Homebound Infantryman, it feels out of place in this deck; I am used to my meme deck where pulling him out is MUCH easier, so he feels kind of useless in this deck. Might use him instead of Mistolina, we'll see how the deck feels)

I'm probably just going to go for it. Writing this post has made me realize that a single temporary copy of Mistolina & Bayleon would probably make a more regular Bayleon Loop deck then when I was trying to use all three, and my evo deck will smooth out a bit with the switch to 3 single cards and a clash draw instead of 3 combo cards. Any suggestions/discussion is welcome, and thanks for reading this far as I ramble my way into making a decision.
Oh, and in case anyone wants them:
Original Homebound Infantryman Meme Deck
Updated Homebound Infantryman Meme Deck (haven't played this one as much, trades the Mentor's Teachings and Royal Banner for 2 more Arthurian Light and Conscription)
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2021.09.11 01:32 ehenschel77 Job Offer From a Remote International Company

My partner and I are in the FSW pool currently with a score of 450, I believe that we’re going to need at least a 470 to get selected any time in the next year. My partner and I are both US citizens located in the US with current employment at high paying international companies that perform skilled work, for whom we both work for remotely. So far, my partner, who is the primary applicant, has a score of “0” for job offer, because the international company, which he would continue to be employed with in Canada, doesn’t currently seem to count as any kind of employment in our portal. We both have max scores in almost every other field (we both have Canadian degrees from Canadian undergraduate schools, I also have an American doctoral degree, we had great English scores etc. etc.) so I think the poor score of 450 is a result of it appearing like he, the primary applicant, is totally unemployed with no prospects, rather than currently and actively and continually already employed in a skilled international position. Does anyone know anything about how to get some level of credit for the highly skilled job he already has and will continue to have?
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2021.06.20 04:49 Ebakez918 IEC rules for dual nationals

So I have dual citizenship, in Italy and the USA. I applied for PR through Express Entry on the FSW stream in Sept 2020 with my American passport but the wait times are crazy and I am itching to move things forward.
I spoke to the immigration attorney who did my application for that and he said I could apply for working holiday in addition with my Italian passport and if I have a job offer I can move things along.
My question is, in the portal itself it asks for my address of permanent residence and explains if you are Mexican living in Canada your permanent residence address should be your address in Mexico.
I am currently residing in the US. But from everything I can tell, I need to put an Italian address to be eligible for the pool. I have a mailing address there which all of my legal and tax stuff are associated with, including my Italian ID card. But I don’t have anything really other than the ID that is current - no bills or anything. Italy has a registration system for Italians abroad, so all my recent tax info, etc is to my US address.
My question is - is a mailing address enough, or am I going to be required to offer more than an ID card as verification?
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2021.06.10 20:22 theoldtechguy FortiSwitch authorized - detected - yet status is offline

Hi all
Its me again. Encountered new issues, this time with a Fortiswitch
Currently trying to setup the following setup
Fortigate (60F) - Fortilink A - Port 24 Fortiswitch 1 - FortiAP. And encountered the issue where the FAPs and FSW appear offline.
FAPs and FSW are both authorized and registered as shown in the GUI

Under "Managed Fortiswitch"
The FSW appeared
Model S124EP
FortiLink Interface - fortilink
Status - Offline
Registration - Registered

In Fortilink Interface, Addressing is set as dedicated to FSW with the following IP
Connected Devices - 1 FortiSwitch(es)
Automatically authorise devices "on"
Default GW - Same as interface IP
DHCP address range is "on"
NTP Server is set as same as system NTP
Wireless controller - Same as interface IP
FortiClient On-Net Status is "On"
NAC set to disable for now

Running execute switch-controller diagnose-connection "serial number"
gives all OK answer to Fortilink interface / DHCP server / NTP / NTP Sync OK server mode enabled.
ipv4 servers are all reachable.

No CAPWAP IP address retrieved for FortiSwitch
Remote Address : N/A
Status ... Idle
And it ends with the above message.
Security Fabric Connection is enabled on the internal / Fortilink interface

Tried to restart the 60F, then the FSW, results in the same CAPWAP error.
Tried to deauthorize the FSW, and restart 60F and re-add in the FSW and the same CAPWAN error exists

Before I deauthorize the FSW,
Under Port 24 (link to 60F) access mode is normal and under native VLAN - it managed to recognize that it's reserved for fortilink connection

However, after deauthorizing and re-adding of the FSW, port 24 (linked to 60F) is not showing that its reserved for fortilink
Tried changing the connection port from Port 24 to Port 23 and it didn't make any difference.
Appreciate your assistance this time round again. To addon. 60F was on 6.4.6 and I tried to upgrade to 7.0 and switch still remains offline. FS124E POE was on the latest firmware. Upgraded in the 60F portal
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2020.10.30 05:25 beef0000 Is this consultant / lawyer legit?

I’m in the middle of the e-APR (EE FSW) but am facing some difficult questions, so I plan to hire a consultant (he is also a lawyer) to continue the application. He said he could use my login and pw to continue the application, this way we both have the access. Or alternately, I can transfer the application to his portal, but this way i cannot view the application.
Is the first option a legit way to handle the application? I don’t want to run into the risk of him just filling in the form but bear no responsibility because he is doing it on our account directly.
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