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2023.05.29 16:37 Wewladdy8401 Got a UTI, really sick. Went on cipro (found out it was terrible,) and switched to amoxicillin after one dose.

This is from my post on another support group last night:
I've gotten much much more unwell the past few hours. Doctor said it couldn't have been the antibiotic, not even herxheimers reaction, assuming that the tablespoon of coconut this morning and garlic extract didn't magically start die off immediately. I haven't been taking anti fungals regularly yet. Here's my symptoms,
Extremely tight neck, headache, brain fog Whole body feels heavier, unusually tired Chills/hot flashes, been feeling really cold Little harder to breathe, could be anxiety? But that's been the same for hours, same with my heart rate. Heart rate is slightly higher, resting around 95-105bpm. Really bloated. Hurts a little to breathe deep below my right rib cage. It's not really hard to stay awake but I feel very out of it, possibly dissassociating a bit. I felt "okay" earlier all things considered before my nap about 4 hours ago. Been downhill since, pretty constant last hour though. Not changing I mean, getting worse.
I got a CT scan done a month or 2 ago for really bad stomach pain, everything was fine. Doc assumed then I had a real bad stomach flu. Got over that in maybe a week or two.
The only ideas I can think up is the UTI is hitting me VERY hard all of a sudden, or maybe I had a bad reaction to the cranberry extract I bought today. But I've had cranberry juice before, felt fine. The Florastor probiotic is new to me as well, but I've never heard of people getting more than a stomach ache from probiotics.
Just emptying my brain out. Doctor isn't really able to help. Just said to call her tomorrow to let her know how I'm doing or to give her updates. Drink lots of water, try to eat well, easy to digest foods, take the antibiotic tonight, call her in the morning.
I need to emphasize, there WAS an overgrowth of bacteria in my urine. If there wasn't I probably wouldn't have gone on the antibiotic. Really felt I didn't have a choice. Just praying it doesn't make my stomach much worse and the precautions I'm taking against that are enough. Like I said it doesn't hurt as much to pee as it did, but I just feel so much worse overall. I'd prefer burning to all of this crap.
After I get over this I'm gonna take my candida more seriously. I got a headache last night just thinking about it, "oh God what if it is fungus, (I didn't get urine results till this morning,) "oh God what if i get die off during this antibiotic course and I feel twice as worse." I'm already near as bad as can be. Just not throwing up. Which honestly has been my main concern, why I avoided just attacking the fungus like I need to. I'm so sick of being sick. I haven't felt myself in years, and to be dealing with all this extra stuff.. it's just so much. I need to deal with it soon. Quality of life is really crappy. Glad I'm not ever this bad though less I'm really sick.
TODAY: I feel very slightly better. Very slightly. Whole body still hurts, headache, tired, still burns a bit to pee but everything's improved a tiny bit.
I'm not sure I should keep taking the florastor since it is a yeast, but I've read it's a good one that counteracts candida. Florajen, I know very little about. I guess my main reason for posting here is to figure what I should take with my antibiotic to keep my gut and candida from getting even worse. I did have coconut oil and garlic yesterday morning; I'm worried that's what made me feel so sick though. Before I took those I felt "okay" overall, shitty, but not really really sick. Worst part was the burning when I peed. But later in the day the worst part was the fatigue, headache, nausea. It being a little harder to breathe. That's all a little better though my heart rate is still resting pretty high. Read that can happen with antibiotics, though.
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2023.05.29 16:18 Johnie_red AI-based landing page generator

Hey guys,
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2023.05.29 16:18 RIPNINAFLOWERS A Londoner tries Cooplands Bakery for the first time - some thoughts

A Londoner tries Cooplands Bakery for the first time - some thoughts
So I'm working on a hotel renovation up on Bridlignon, East Yorkshire this week and just had to try the Northern stalwart that is Cooplands.
I opted for the steak pie, 5 cheese straws, a jam doughnut (usually the litmus test for the quality of bakery) and some scones which I have not eaten yet. Add a tango to that and it all came to a very affordable £8.95
My thoughts on the first 3 items are as below:
1) Cheee straws - 8.5/10 Oh man I was excited to try these and they didn't disappoint. Deliciously melt in the mouth with a subtle but not too subtle cheese flavour. The fact that I ate all 5 as opposed to the single one I intended to eat says it all.
2) Steak pie - 7/10 Now I must confess that I usually find steak pies disappointing. Tbh the best steak pie i had ever had was baked my myself. So I didn't have high hopes but I must say that this was very tasty! Chock full of actual steak and gravy, whilst not.the most seasoned, was still pretty flavourful. I also suspect they use shortening as opposed to butter for the pie crust. Still though, the pastry was light and delicious.
*3) Jam doughnut -7/10 Initially as I bit into the doughnut, I felt they were a bit parsimonious with the jam. Until fuck me did it all dribble on to my fingers like a delayed facial on Hampstead Heath after midnight. Outside was a bit dry but still perfectly acceptable.
Will be having these scones later. But now I'm wondering if i should attempt to eat the entire menu? I'm here till Sunday... Would you guys be interested in me doing a blow by blow review of their items? And what other culinary delights might there be to discover in Bridlington? Or even Hull?
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2023.05.29 16:17 Johnie_red AI-based landing page generator

Hey guys,

I am periodically taking researches on different AI products and now my product is SimpleLand - an AI-based landing page generator 😊

Maybe there are some people who need such a platform - in contrast to other competitors it generates landing page in less than a minute, with various layouts, with high quality images and texts and all this with simple and intuitive UX/UI.

If you mind, pls fill out a quick survey for me and become an early adopter for this product!

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2023.05.29 16:14 Johnie_red AI landing page generator

Hey guys,
I am periodically taking researches on different AI products and now my product is SimpleLand - an AI-based landing page generator 😊
Maybe there are some people who need such a platform - in contrast to other competitors it generates landing page in less than a minute, with various layouts, with high quality images and texts and all this with simple and intuitive UX/UI.
If you mind, pls fill out a quick survey for me and become an early adopter for this product!
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2023.05.29 15:50 Ethereal_Stars_7 Flight of the War Witch: Part 023: Patron of the Arts

Part 1 of the Evil That Lies Within arc begins.
[Previous] Part 022 [Next]
/- - Flight of the War Witch - - \
\ =>>>>><0> 023 <0><<<<<= /
\ - - - Patron of the Arts - - - /
Voice Log Entry number: 81-3, Timestamp: 02-15 (estimated (guesstimated)(aintgotacluestimated))
Bit into the -second- year here. Yeah. Still getting used to that. Think I am going to just start counting days as they pass here rather than doing the mental gymnastics needed to convert fifty hour days and two-hundred day seasons into Earth days and years. A 'season' here being about four-hundred and sixteen days long. Give or take a few days. Considering everything else on this world is artificial - I have a feeling the variance in the season timing is intentional and probably oscillates. Not enough pattern data yet to know for sure.
Still no handle on why time feels... compressed here? I have settled into a sleep schedule of about sixteen of the twenty-five hour night - and it feels like a restful eight hours. The dragon folk tend to sleep twenty hours. I use the extra time to practice with my magic sword. My MAGIC SWORD! yeaaaaaah!
This Grand Bazaar is so fun! It is like an enormous ren-fair if ren-fairs were into greeco-roman fashions. Speaking of. Baroness Clade was all ga-ga over some new dresses from the outer ring of the gathering. These were pretty interesting as the floor length skirts billowed out. This was pulled off by weaving the whole thing from wire mesh instead of chain-mail. Or used metal struts connected to a belt to give the garment shape. Just more example of how their textiles diverged from ours due to the radically different materials on hand. No mammals, no wool, a ridiculous abundance of metals. Oh yeah. And freaking magic.
I have to keep reminding myself that this is all on an enormous scale. It takes me about three hours to walk the outer ring. (oh-so much longer because we are window-shopping...) My walk speed is forty-eight kph. So yeah. Its big. And this thing lasts a ten-day. Though the tenth day is when alot of folk start packing up. Some far earlier if they sold out their wares quicker.
Found out what the wigs are made from. Dragon hair. Found a stall selling wigs and turns out dragons with nice hair use a hair growth spell to grow it out and harvest it regularly. Can not do it frequently. Something about needing time to replenish. But it is a business here for dragons who like other hair colors.
If you are willing to hang around a few days there are crafters and brewers who can whip up during the event some basic magic items. Mostly little widgets that do not do a whole lot. Or quick-craft stuff like arrows with basic targeting enhancement enchantments. Potions can be gotten in a day. I nabbed a few "Healing Potions" because they should work on my nominally organic parts. Least that was what I expected. Guess what? That's right. I'm WRONG! Kinda-sorta... Its Complex!!!
We swung around the Druid section of the magic ring at Ghinda's request and got the lowdown on the problems of fixing me up as it had apparently unbeknownst to me, been prying on her mind ever since we met. She would prod me now and then at the keep to do some 'tests', but never said what for?
This for...
She had been talking at length with one of the higher ups in the rankings of nature lovers. This guy looked ancient! Yet strong at the same time. My chest and veins felt a little tingly near him. Guessing that was the more plant based parts of me responding? In any case he was blood red and had these curly corkscrew horns like a ram. Rings everywhere! Fingers, horns, tail. Don't wanna know where else! And holding this staff that was like twenty meters tall! Wood. Like a whole tree. Topped with a turquoise orb and an, ahem, orbiting ring of, er, rings with different elements in the rings where a finger would go. Standard Earth, Air, Fire, Water. But between those were Magma, Smoke, Ice (how'd he get that even???), and Mud. Really impressive looking. The length of the staff was carved with arcane runes and banded in gold. Guy really liked his ring motif huh?
So first glance at me is that dismissive "Fuck off technology." attitude and I'm like "ooooh Imma gonna -show- him somethin!"
But then he does a double-take and starts to look at me funny. Like he is looking -through- me, inside me?
Then he starts to get excited.
Then really excited.
Then -oh fuck! What did I do this time?- excited.
Turns out he could clearly sense all the plant-life inside me comprising my life support systems. A fifteen meter tall enclosed micro-ecology. He was just ooohing and ahhing at the near perfect balance of my internal workins. And so an hour or more passed while I tried to explain in fantasy terms the incredible effort that went into the CyberDyne project and the botanist who made the breakthrough in sealed life support systems. They read it all as a neo-Druid creating a self sustaining eco-system. Something Druids of this world consider a work of art or a religious experience in a way. Due to how the whole world is in a way just that. Self contained and perpetual.
He was really interested in the mini forest that makes up my lungs. Probably because they are not of this world and at a guess are pinging his nature sense. He asked me if he could get a clipping. And I said "Not on the first date."
He got all purple in the face and then laughed and laughed.
So he confirmed that basic healing incantations like [Balm of Life] will kinda-sorta work on me. But due to my, ahem, Golem nature and my botanic parts, I'd get more oomph from a simple [Repair] incantation for my cybernetics and [Botanica's Blessing] for my plant based systems. A healing potion was going to do me little good then - and would be only a -third- as effective. argh! ah well. I can use it in the others in an emergency. Stuff makes triage look like leeches and poultices. hmph. Magic.
From all this I did though get some advice. Mainly to look up a Master of Alchemy to whip up some specialized healing draughts. Cost a bit more. But better than needing the magic equivalent of a Pit Crew to heal me up. Not like I intend to get perforated again. But with these Coalition jokers out there. I have a bad feeling I am going to be in the eye of the storm. Least they pointed me at someone here to talk to about that.
Noon will be dinner with the local nobility. The Baroness suggested I dress well so I guess I will be stowing the Regalia and going formal. Good thing packed the clothes for this. Kinda nervous. Aside from meeting the mayor of Dynamiton City, I have never really had to deal with the higher ups.
Forescout Valkyria signing out.
Valkyria, with much assistance from Roscida, disengaged her Regalia and a few plates to slim down to a less aggressive profile. Then her ward helped her to get dressed and don her wig. Together they met up with Dasos and she resupplied more goggles to sell and for the morning the Gorgon swapped out with the Ki-rin girl so Dasos could do a little shopping herself.
Wandering the stalls and merchants she was updated on the sales of the goodies and stoning potions. "huh, more sold than I expected?"
Dasos nodded while munching on a glazed tyra leg as she walked beside the War Witch. "The Grand Bazaar is an opportune time to sell and spread word. And word is spreading."
She glanced sidelong at the Gorgon. "Feels good to be making a difference?"
This got an emphatic nodding. "Very much so. The look on peoples faces. Especially the expressions when learning the low cost. After thousands upon thousands of days we are not shunned and driven off."
"In time the cure will be found and you all can go back to living normal lives."
Dasos was keen to buy a new dress for herself after a lifetime of living in rags and whatever they could scrounge or steal. Well the metal equivalent of rags. Dragon clothing was very durable overall.
As noon rolled around they saw the Gorgon back to her stall and Roscida joined Valkyria in meeting Baroness Clade at the castle gates. The structure was tremendous and some of the taller minarets reached high into the sky perhaps a quarter of a kilometer. The gate guards were armored and looked alot like silver versions of Valkyria. Though without the stiff wing covers. Each was armed with a huge halberd, a pole arm some twenty meters long with a spike pointing upwards, an axe head facing forward and a hook facing back.
Baroness Clade did the introductions and then they were escorted inside by an attendant and Valkyria got to gawk at the decorations, all on a cyclopean scale. Fifteen meter tall statuary adorned some halls. tapestries and stained glass windows were common and there were quite a few paintings. The elder Clade encouraged the guide to elaborate on some of the depictions.
"Here is show the mounted battle of the Phantom Swamps some two-hundred thousand days past."
The white and gold cyborg ran a quick calculation and figured that to be over a thousand years ago by Earth time. "So you even domesticated a thunder lizard?" She was looking at the huge diplodocus that was being ridden like an elephant and was about as large.
"The diplo in the center? Yes. They are native to the great swamps of the lowlands. A few daring souls have trained them for war. But they are difficult to manage. Bron are even harder to tame and for reasons unknown once every few seasons a bull will ascend the plateaus and go on a rampage until either driven off or put down." So explained the attendant.
Valkyria studied this for a time, taking into account the gigantic scale of this battle depicted. Spells were flying, knights with glowing weapons were cleaving into each-other, and a pair of trebuchets mounted on the diplodocus were lobbing stones at some sort wall of earth some mage had called up. The painting had tiny little details in it down to links in armor and little fine inscriptions on weapons and standards. "Who are they fighting? Looks formidable? Are those a pair of Golems? I see hinged joints?" she questioned.
"Indeed m'lady. Ta Matia tis Mageías, The Eyes of Vraja, were a mageocrocy that formed formed around a renowned vraja college of Solomonari to the west between here and the Ki-rin lands. They grew in power and then began expanding. They employed Golems and Elementals in large numbers and were a force to be reckoned with. The painting depicts the final battle on the borders of what would become the Principalities." pointed out the attendant.
"So what became of them?"
Baroness Clade answered that. "Everyone turning against them and internal fraction caused the eventual collapse as they suffered a series of defeats after some initial victories. A faction within the Eye was against violence and secretly aided the unified people opposing the expansion and so inside and out the cracks formed. Finally they could take no more and sued for peace when they realized the horrible loss of knowledge that was happening as one after another fell. They reorganized and police themselves rigorously now as a true college of study and wisdom. That was all some half a million days ago."
The War Witch gawked as she did some calculations. Over two-thousand eight-hundred Earth years ago. "And it is still going today?"
A nod from the elder dragoness. "Indeed. I myself studied there for six-thousand days and graduated well in my class."
Valkyria did not comment on needing to go to magic school for thirty-five years before getting out was a bit mind blowing. "Seems all that study payed off!"
"Twas not that long. Curricula has advanced since those early days. Back then one was expected to study for a full ten-thousand says!" the Solomanari waved it off as if decades meant little in the greater scheme.
This got the cybernetic human in a draconic looking variable frame to wondering just how long these people lived. Something she would have to ask later. She had some clues already based on the ages of Roscida and the younger Clade, which reminded her. "So will Clade and the Baron be arriving in two days?"
"Correct. My husband and daughter wish to do some shopping while the event is close."
After that they met up with Princess Lykofos. This woman was tall and a rich royal purple with blue scale trim. She was dressed in an ebony gown set with hundreds of diamonds so it looked like a starry night twinkling as she moved. Her long hair was a night blue with a streak of lighter blue like a comet trailing down one side. "Ahh. So this is the mysterious stranger I have heard so much about in so short a span?" she addressed the War Witch with a pleasant rumbly voice.
"That is probably me if it is something weird yea, M'lady." she replied.
The Princess' smile grew. "I would not call selflessly aiding the people of the land weird Lady Valkyria. You have performed a deed long thought impossible in bringing back to us our brethren thought forever lost. That alone is worthy of high praise. I also hear you were instrumental in completing my cousin's elemental collection, yes?"
Valkyria looked from one to the other questioningly. "Cousin? So you two are related?"
Baroness and Princess shared a laugh. "Oh indeed. Though Procidens here takes more after her seaside blood while I take more after our inland kin." she then walked along with the group and plied the cybernetic visitor with questions. "I observed you on the streets yesterday. But you were much bulkier and not dressed?"
"Yes. I removed my Regalia as it is cumbersome for formal affairs."
That got a smile from the Princess. "We have lost a few chairs to knights insisting on attending in full dress armor. So your mercy upon my furniture is appreciated!" Glancing at the figure of the strange being she asked. "I understand that you are lost and far from home, with no hope of ever returning. Let me assure you on behalf of the Principalities of the Comet as a Princess of my realm that you are more than welcome in our lands. I wish only that you might have seen us in less troubling times..."
"I would like to think the same if one of you ever ended up in my world. And sadly I am no stranger to troubling times back home. It is how I became as you see me now." So replied the War Witch in thanks to her gracious benefactors. Then she was treated to a lavish dinner and various deserts afterwards. The main course were various soups, some meat stock and some vegetable, all with tyra egg mixed in like a sort of egg-drop soup. Then there were roast uta in some sort of glaze and seasoning with no Earth equivalent. It was faintly sweet. A rarity for dragon cuisine she had learned over the course of her stay. Sugar producing plants were rare in the qualities needed to make it even remotely viable. So she guessed what she was tasting was probably honey.
This got her musing as to what sorts of bugs were in the environment. But she had thus far held off on that question. She certainly had not seen any other than a little flitting thing she guessed was a dragonfly the size of an Earth eagle. A speck at her scale; and butterflies, or the prehistoric equivalents of, with bright single colors in stripes rather than patterns. The wing edges were flat rather than rounded.
As usual she got some amusement from the reactions to her eating. "So how bad has the Coalition been in the last season? I hear the realms bordering on the Coalition have had a few incursions. But nothing big since that ambush on Clade?"
Princess Lykofos nodded contemplatively. "Not officially no. But there have been two attacks deeper into the Principalities that were not made public."
"To keep the enemy guessing what happened to the squads?"
"Correct. Your case was impossible to keep quiet on. That and it was agreed that the nature of your advent would perplex and confound the Coalition well and good. The various Princes and Princesses have been quietly deflecting inquiries about you ever since. And keeping abreast of who is asking these questions. We have designated you a War Witch, though it is rather obvious your nature and incantations function outside the norm. Obvious to those of us with a broader knowledge of the mystic arts."
Valkyria nodded between tossing trees dipped in some manner of broccoli-esque sauce into her maw and munching. "Figured that would be the case really. Trying to mesh what I can do with what you people can had been a challenge to put it mildly." she admitted.
"We appreciate the effort on out behalf. Were I pressed to classify you, based on the information thus far gathered, I would probably lean to that of the Fusillade. An as yet rare outgrowth of Artifice focused on long range strikes. Alchemists are another calling that is much better known due to it's utility." so described the Princess.
"I will stick to War Witch for now to keep the enemy guessing" so smiled slyly said War Witch while taking a bite from a uta drumstick. After that she tried some pie which was remotely similar in flavor to a lemon meringue pie. Made from a thick rinded fruit called a citron. They were about the size of grapes to her and looked like yellow fragment grenades. The actual usable part was the size of a pea inside. "Somewhere on Earth an agriculturist is having fits over the quantities needed to eat round here." she chuckled. Apparently the rinds were fed to styra as they loved it.
After dinner the party retreated to sealed chambers with guards posted round. The Princess sat down in a comfy looking chair and her demeanor got notably more serious. "Now for the more pressing matter we invited you to visit today. There has been a death at the Grand Bazaar."
Baroness Clade looked concerned. "Another?"
Princess Lykofos nodded solemnly. "Another inventor of enchanted items."
This seemed to be an ongoing thing so the white and gold dragoness asked. "I take it that this is one of several? How many?"
"Six thus far. All crafters working on some new wonder. All found dead of what appear to be natural causes. But their inventions missing and soon to show up in Coalition hands. This can not be coincidence. We have tried communing with the spirits of the dead. But to date none have ever seen their slayer and thusly can not place name to this mysterious spy in our midst. We would like to ask if you can assist us in any way with this mystery. Perhaps someone outside the problem can uncover a clue we are missing?" The Princess then laid out the six assumed murders so far.
"The first was several seasons ago. About one-thousand days. An inventor working on a repeating ballistia was found dead in his home and the prototype missing. less than a season later the Coalition is being armed with a new repeating ballistia. The shape is different. But the function and timing are suspect." she sighed and then continued. "Next was a craftsman who was working to produce a more refined healing draught. Found dead and the formula gone. We suspect the Coalition is now issuing it to their soldiers. Third was a friend of mine that I had patroned for years. She was working on a new armor enchantment for the Lightning Knights. Found hanged in her bedroom. Apparent suicide. I -know- better. Tellingly. We questioned her spirit and she remembered nothing of that and was as perplexed as we were. This invention has not yet surfaced in the Coalition to our knowledge. The next three have each coincided with a Grand Bazaar and yesterday we found another crafter dead. No vraja residue and incantations to detect poisons showed nothing. His creation is missing."
"Is the body still on hand?" asked the War Witch.
"Yes. Though we checked thoroughly." replied the Princess. "Also the Ruling Prince sent us an investigator who has been following the case since the second occurrence. He is here now. We wished to speak to you alone before bringing them in."
"If vraja showed no traces then we have to think outside the box. And working with a professional would be a boon I bet. They know vraja?"
The purple and blue dragoness bowed her head and so they retreated to the castles equivalent of a morgue. "Yes they are a practitioner of the arts. "We checked for signs of covert violence. Assassination is rare, but not unheard uf in some less reputable kingdoms."
Here she was introduced to a male red dragon with black scale trim. He looked curiously at Valkyria as she looked over the body laid out on a stone slab pending last rites or other arrangements. "M'lady. I was not expecting you to come down so late." he deferred to the Princess.
Valkyria took some samples and ran some basic tests with her onboard analysis systems. These were not medical grade. But she took some readings anyhow just in case something showed up. "No foreign elements in the blood. But there is an elevated carbon trade in the lungs. hmmmmm." She redid her tests and focused them as an idea began to percolate to the fore. "Has anyone tried contacting the spirit since you have that option?"
"Not yet. It is a taxing incantation and requires five special candles to perform. We have some in stock but supply is limited and the dead tend not to answer exactly coherently. And you can not use the incantation on a spirit again till many days have passed." so explained the red dragon.
"Got it. Makes sense then. Lets see. Here's the results on the test and... ah-hah. Well I can save you some candles."
"Oh?" Both the Princess and the Baroness asked as one.
"Exotic tallow fume traces in the lungs. Someone used that communicate with the dead incantation ahead of you. Maybe to prevent you from finding out something? Or just waste limited resources?" explained the mechanical visitor.
The investigator nodded thoughtfully. "Though that does not explain the lack of clues as to cause of death?"
"Right. But we know from this that the spy is versed in the arts and is using it to cover their tracks. huh. Question. Would an incantation to cure poison work on a corpse? And would it leave any traces of vraja?" she asked thoughtfully.
"A [Counter Poison] incantation would leave faint traces of vraja in the system."
"Ok. Are there any incantations that mask vraja presence?" she followed up.
This surprised the gathered practitioners of the art. "Why no? How would that even work? To use vraja to conceal vraja. That would leave traces itself."
"Would it though?" mused the cyborg. Then she waved it off. "Just a thought. Was there any vraja trace found on the one that hung herself?"
"Why... no there was not?" and a dawning horror of realization shone in the Princess' eyes. "You mean..."
The War Witch looked down at the cadaver and then to those gathered.
"Yeah. Your spy is an inventor too."
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2023.05.29 15:00 BrandosWorld4Life The Revolution

"So let me ask you a question about this brave new world of yours. When you've killed all the bad guys, And when it's all perfect and just and fair, When you have finally got it exactly the way you want it, What are you going to do with the people like you? The troublemakers. How are you going to protect your glorious revolution from the next one?"
"We'll win."
"Oh will you? Well, maybe. Maybe you will win. But nobody wins for long. The wheel just keeps turning."
[Doctor Who, the Zygon Inversion]
I've found myself frequently thinking about this exchange as of recent times. I believe it accurately reflects my own feelings of skepticism and apprehension towards the long-awaited communist revolution.
One of the things that I dislike the most about communism is the affinity for violence. It prophecicies that the "normal" and "good" people (the proletariat) will inevitably have to launch a crusade of bloodshed against the percieved capitalist oppressors. In communist circles, this violence is glorified as righteous and moral, while the victims are dehumanized by cartoonish caricatures of greedy fat pigs ripe for slaughter.
The rhetoric is disturbing at best, and utterly deranged at worst. The way they speak openly and gleefully calls for death and destruction. They welcome it, they long for it, and they make no secret of how boundless it will be. "Liberals get the bullet too" they cheer. Anyone who does not conform must be purged. If you are not with them, you are against them, and you will be killed when the revolution comes.
Now, I'm not the type of person who blindly believes that violence is always wrong in any context. Of course there are times where it is the right course of action. However, these situations are almost always when it is the sole remaining option. Violence should be taboo and reserved for when there is legitimately no other way of resisting injustice.
It was right for the United States to march on the Confederacy in the 1860s. It was right for the allied powers to bomb the axis in the 1940s. It is right for the Ukrainian people and international volunteers to fight as hard as they can against the invading Russian forces today. The common thread between all of these is that violence was a last resort finally wielded against the aggressors after they refused every warning and attempt at diplomatic resolutions.
Communists view violence not as a final choice for when all else fails, but as a primary and neccessary component of their plans for the future, how they intend to take and keep power. The glorious revolution! The legendary day where they the righteous will cast judgement and punishment upon the degenerates of the world, toppling the capitalist class and rebuilding society how they see fit.
The problem is, of course, that it's never that simple. The world is far more nuanced than the black-and-white worldview of populists percieve it to be. They fail to realize that their psychology is dangerous. By glorifying violence, they become comfortable with it as their answer to everything, including internal problems. The communist regime becomes more authoritarian and bloodthirsty than any system they had initially overthrown, and their window for what's acceptable draws in eternally narrower. Yesterday's allies are today's enemies. Problems cause death, deaths cause problems. It becomes a vicious cycle.
The wheel begins to turn, and it crushes all underneath.
The Soviets take power after the Russian Revolution. They butcher the anarchist black army. They murder and deport thousands upon thousands of designated 'kulaks' - literal peasants who were slightly better off than others. They commit outright genocide against the Ukrainians and the Tatars. They repeatedly purge their own political and military high command.
The CCP expell the nationalists off of the mainland. They brainwash their populace and sinicize their minorities' cultures. They destroy their own country and sacrifice millions of people to disasterous failed policies that the upper administration bulldozes through. They crush even the lightest of liberal resistance under tanks. They oppress the Tibetans and are actively committing genocide against the Uyghurs.
The Kim dynasty attempts to subjugate the south and creates the most authoritarian government on the planet.
Pol Pot... does Pol Pot things. Too many to even list.
German communists work with the nazis to overthrow the weimar republic, they are betrayed and murdered and the government they helped bring to power goes on to oppress the populace in ways the former regime did not.
Iranian communists work with islamic extremists to overthrow the Shah, they are betrayed and murdered and the government they helped bring to power goes on to oppress the populace in ways the former regime did not.
Again, and again, and again. Violent revolutions bring violent regimes. Many of the communists themselves who ardently fought for the revolution's success end up becoming its new victims.
It is difficult to put into words just how poorly I view the long-fabled revolution, how strongly I believe that it is fundemantally destined to fail at increasing the quality of life for anybody involved. I do not believe that it is particularly likely to ever happen, after all Marx expected capitalism to collapse within his own lifetime, but it will be a very dark day for humanity should it ever arrive. Even a widespread failed attempt would cause unnecessary suffering. But a successful one? I would be very scared for the average person forced to go through that.
No matter how left-leaning I am personally, I will never be able to work with violent revolutionaries. This is not a minor political disagreement. I consider them to run counter to everything I value as a human being. They are delusional, they are dangerous, and I will actively fight them at every turn.
Thank you for reading.
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2023.05.29 14:19 Devinclark851 Optimizing Your Revenue Cycle: Strategies For Proactive Medical Billing

Optimizing Your Revenue Cycle: Strategies For Proactive Medical Billing
Several elements of healthcare reform have evolved over time, including value-based compensation models, recurring changes to the rule engine for medical billing services, and other federal laws. In light of these continual changes, physicians must stay up to date on the latest developments. As a result, they must receive ongoing training in medical billing and coding rules. Staying outdated is a problem for medical practitioners because they cannot compromise the quality of their professional services due to income loss. To minimize this trouble, medical practitioners should implement the proper tactics to stay in compliance with medical billing trends while also improving the quality of care services. This blog will provide you with tried-and-true strategies for optimizing proactive medical billing services in order to maximize revenue.

Claim Management Process

According to a recent survey, about 80% of all medical bills involve errors. Because of strict insurers policies, these inaccurate medical claims are denied and rejected. Although medical billers can reapply these claims in order to challenge an unpaid bill. The cycle of claim submission, rejection, and resubmission, on the other hand, takes a long period.
Medical billers should build a proper claim management process in order to save providers valuable time. They should deploy competent personnel and equipment to monitor all paid and unpaid claims. To file accurate claims on the first try, use smart medical billing software solutions. They should also make certain that accurate information flows throughout the claim submission procedure.
Before filing claims, they should double-check the claims to identify any potential information errors. This will ensure that payers and patients obtain clean claims that can later be successfully reimbursed.
Minimize Medical Coding Errors
Medical codes serve as the foundation for medical billing services. A medical bill’s objective is to standardize medical care and diagnostic procedures into standard medical coding protocols. For various medical operations, these medical codes are categorized as CPT, ICD-10-CM, and HCPCS Level II categorization systems.
Although it is a common way of describing medical operations, errors can also arise in this aspect. It contains the most common errors, such as erroneous, mismatched, or missing codes, among others. These inaccuracies are easily detected by clearinghouses and payers. However, some medical coding errors are highly intricate and result in unfavorable outcomes.
For example, if medical coders utilize less detailed ICD-9 codes rather than extremely specific ICD-10 codes, the claim will be denied or rejected. If medical coders employed inappropriate modifiers, upcoding or undercoding, such errors can cause your claims to be rejected or denied further down the road.
Payer Contract Enforcement
Payer underpayment is another major issue for any practice attempting to optimize collections. According to MGMA industry estimates, payers generally underpay medical practices by 7-11%. Then there’s the issue of various payers paying varying amounts for the same quality of service. Clearly, if payer contracts are not monitored and enforced successfully, the practice will suffer a significant income loss. However, tracing each underpayment down is a significant challenge, and here is where robust technology comes in handy. You can also opt for the following approach to avoid these issues:

  • Each of these contracts must be correctly interpreted and configured in the practice management software.
  • Define clearly if you have any thresholds for under or overpayments.
  • While posting paper EOBs, the software should provide you with the right permitted for each CPT on the claim: any claim with an exception outside of the threshold should be marked with a specific claim adjustment reason code (CARC) and forwarded to the dispute queue/ bucket.
  • Apply no threshold to a significant payer trend: $2 per claim for 500 claims in three months is a lot of money. It is totally worth it to pick up the phone and call a provider representative to get this resolved.
Outsourcing – The Optimal Strategy!
Due to the ever-changing healthcare industry, coders and billers must constantly upgrade their skills and concepts to keep on top of the changes and avoid losing money. With the advent of EMR and advanced practice management software, the prevalent idea is that billing and collection standards will be higher than ever before, with every claim being paid out precisely and collected on time.
According to industry sources, independent medical practices are still losing up to 30% of potential revenue due to inefficiencies in the billing and collection process.
This occurs because the rejection and denial rate remains excessively high, with nearly half of denials never being handled, resulting in a 5-7% loss of potential revenue. When you have a high number of denials, your revenue can quickly become stuck in Accounts Receivable, causing a significant impact on your cash flow. As a result, you can follow these proactive strategies to make these simple modifications to your current medical billing process and increase your revenue by 25-30%.
Else you can also outsource your medical billing services to the professionals who are experts in following these proactive strategies. 24/7 Medical Billing Services is a major medical billing service provider that has optimized the billing and collection procedures for several practice’s, allowing them to maximize revenue and eliminate cash flow problems.
About 24/7 Medical Billing Services:
24/7 Medical Billing Services is the nation’s leading medical billing service provider catering services to more than 43 specialties across the entire 50 states. You can rely on us for end-to-end revenue cycle management. We guarantee up to 10-20% increase in the revenue with cost reduction of your practice for up to 50%.
Call us today at 888-502-0537 to know more on how we can help boost profitability for your practice.
Media Contact –
24/7 Medical Billing Services,
28405 Osborn Road,
Cleveland, OH, 44140
Tel: + 1 -888-502-0537
Email: [email protected]
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2023.05.29 14:01 AutoModerator Basic Questions, Advice, Bugs/Glitches & Venting Weekly Megathread

Basic Questions, Advice, Bugs/Glitches & Venting Weekly Megathread

Please use this Megathread if you have General Questions, need Advice, or just want to get something off your chest - all questions are welcome! Feel free to visit our Discord Channel to ask a question, or just to talk! For the best experience, as far as the quality of this post is concerned, we recommend you use New Reddit - either on Desktop or on Mobile.

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2023.05.29 13:56 BlazeFire3701 Where to Get Knowledgable Channel Help

And don't just tell me here.
I've been working on a channel for the past couple years, achieving 2,600 subs and getting monetized, but even so, things haven't gone nearly as smoothly as I'd hoped, and doing this on my own, I've felt basically clueless. I've been taking the whole "throw ideas against a wall and see what sticks" approach, but everything I try is a shot in the dark, and so far, nothing's quite sticking. My other problem is that the dumb Shorts I make, which only take an hour or so and are the one thing that has kinda stuck, tend to do far better than the actual quality videos I put full days of work into, which I find incredibly discouraging.
So why not just stick to the daily Shorts? Well for one, they haven't proven to be the most reliable in terms of long-term growth. They started out strong last summer, and were my channel's first major breakthrough, getting 3-5k views each, and sometimes way more. But their performance is all over the place, and they sometimes get literally zero views (forcing me to reupload them later, although I haven't noticed this as much anymore), not to mention the fact that the little sub-genre I've been making Shorts of has fallen off since I started, as I now average only 1-2k views on each. Additionally, instead of them doing better and better with every subsequent success, each time, I'm just hoping to get lucky, which isn't really how channel growth is supposed to go. They were a good source of subscribers too, with the 106 Shorts I've done netting me over 1,000, but again, the pace was steady, at best, and decreased over time. Oh, and they only tend to pull good numbers if I do a single one each day at 6 AM ET, no other times I've tried can compare. While making them has certainly served my channel better than if I hadn't, I don't want my channel to forever be stuck at this trot when changing my strategy could turn that into a gallop.
The other issue with them is that I'm not content with my channel being nothing more than a Shorts factory. No one wants their channel to be known as simply being a meme farm, and I'm no different. Pumping these out hasn't helped me build a community, sustain much of an audience, or let my personality shine through (giving my viewers no sense of who I am, or anything to relate to). If seeing 1,000 views and my sub count go up by 5-10 per day were enough, I wouldn't be complaining, but I know I could do so much more if I wanted to.
What I don't know though is how. When it comes to longer vids, I've hardly gotten anywhere, and nothing I've done has been even remotely worth the effort (with what the Shorts can pull in comparison just being a slap in the face).
What I'm after, and the whole point in making this thread, is a person or place to get real advice and tutelage on how to grow a channel. I'm not just talking about general know-how, like using VidIQ and/or TubeBuddy, understanding CTR and audience retention, or optimizing my branding (SEO, thumbnails, etc.), but rather getting personalized help specifically tailored toward me and my channel, from someone who knows the ins and outs of the platform, and ideally has a significant following of their own to show for it.
Like, there's this one channel I stumbled upon for instance named Robert Benjamin, who makes YouTube growth guides, and while a lot of what he says is accurate, the way he markets his videos can be extremely deceptive, and his demeanor comes off as highly disingenuous. I'm mentioning him as an example because he has a channel mentoring program, which is exactly what I want, but there's no way I'd be willing to pay hundreds to get "help" from a sleazebag like that. So many of these "YouTube/social media gurus" are either idiots, con artists, or both. But when I first made my channel, along with my first vid, I got some pointers from a guy named Blaines, who had a few hundred thousand subs at the time (and has gotten much bigger since), so it's not like what I'm trying to find isn't out there if you know where to look.
I've also explored Fiverr gigs for social media promotion and whatnot, but honestly, those are just as bad as the fake gurus, especially the cheaper ones. While they may "work" a little, they normally use questionable methods to go about it, such as viewbotting, or putting your vids in a social media feed that isn't related to your channel where they aren't likely to get many clicks. Plus you have to constantly be paying for those to power your channel, and they aren't helping you to get anywhere on your own, and that's all I really want-for my channel to be able to grow its own pair of legs it can run with.
So how can I find my footing, how can I find something I can roll with for the long run, and who can show me the way?
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2023.05.29 13:02 TonyTony1287 The Walking Dead Ranking Every Episode

Oh my God was this list hard to rank 😅 I took about I would say at least 15 hours of my time into this and all of that was just to rank them at a certain level without much to say. First off we have about 8 Tiers from F,D,C,B,A,S,SS, and Premium though I barely put much into their. Remember this is just an opinion so don't take too harshly if your favorite episode isn't high on my list. For some episodes I may not say much or anything since this was too long originally.
F Tier, these are my least favorite episodes and most likely I have a vendetta against them in some way that made it hard for me to like them
  1. S2 Ep 8 Nebraska- I hate Lori and I think this episode expresses it, most definitely a vendetta. I didn't exactly like the stuff with Hershel and recovering though it was okay, but lori made some questionable decisions to go off on her own to look for Rick even though she should know he's fine seriously. She wrecks a car and then barely dies from a walker, mind you she is pregnant and shouldn't do these things easily my least favorite episode.
  2. S10 Ep 21 Diverged- I honestly forget this episode so much since it has nothing truly interesting or important to the story
  3. S7 Ep 6 Swear- this episode feels slow paced and dull due to oceanside being not seen well for me and I feel like Tara put on the best performance she could for it.
  4. S8 Ep 2 The Damned- this episode to me was just a lot of action and in the walking dead I don't want that. We see a couple of characters die (including Francine 🪦 I absolutely loved her character and hate how she died here :[ mindless) Erics death started here, but it just wasn't impactful enough.
  5. S3 Ep 11 I Ain't a Judas- Andrea is a boring character in the show and I hate her in this episode. The focus should've been on the prison honestly and maybe If she killed the Governor I would've understood her more.
  6. S10 Ep 20 Splinter- if most of the episode was real I would've loved it, but they weren't...
  7. S3 Ep 5 Say the Word- Andrea just isnt much good in this episode and Rick going crazy wasn't a fun idea to me.
  8. S8 Ep 3 Monsters- aside from the one fight with Rick I really didn't care much for it again for the fighting and having Morales return and die felt out of place.
  9. S2 Ep 2 Bloodletting- the group searching for Sophia was okay for a concept, but this episode was okay and went slow paced for me until the end.
D Tier, moving on these episodes were for me mostly just forgettable or boring so I won't say much except they weren't all bad
  1. S1 Ep 3 Tell it to the frogs- first off S1 won't be all high because I'm ranking EVERY episode, but this one felt slow in pace more as well compared to the last two. Shane was a badass though.
  2. S11 Ep 3 Hunted- Forgettable... Not much to say.
  3. S5 Ep 11 The Distance- Forgot entirely this was an episode, after rewatch still don't like it except for Aaron.
  4. S2 Ep 9 Trigger finger- It was a bit better than Nebraska, mostly cause of the Randel scenes.
  5. S7 Ep 14 The Other Side- Sasha somewhat makes a noble decision.
163-162. S11 Episodes 22 following 21- 22 had the Warden being uninteresting as a villain and 21 was boring as can be which is why they sit besides each other.
  1. S8 Ep 7 Time for After- I don't like the plans they have to deviate from Rick and him going to Jadis again feels like a horrible decision on his part.
  2. S9 Ep 8 Evolution- The ambience is the best part, though I hated Jesus' s death as it felt like a bad sendoff.
C Tier, These are a bunch of boring and hard to follow episodes that have some highs that keep it out of former tiers.
  1. S2 Ep 1 What lies Ahead- I liked the RV scene with Andrea, but what follows is dull.
  2. S11 Ep 4- The pope is somewhat average.
  3. S7 Ep 12 Say Yes- The carnival was a nice scenery for TWD, but they had too many fake outs with the walker "shooting" at them and the deer fake out.
  4. S9 Ep 7 Stradivarius- The Search for Eugene feels tiring to follow what's happening and I ended up watching the episodes once and never again because of it.
  5. S2 Ep 4 Cherokee Rose- Watching the episode is fun because of the well, though I feel like it was stupid as an idea as the group should have more common sense before doing something dumb.
  6. S2 Ep 3 Save The Last One- Shane was horrifying, but the rest was dull.
  7. S8 Ep 14 Still gotta mean something- Rick felt unnecessarly cold hearted in this episode killing off the Saviors that helped him which I didn't like, though Jared got a well deserved death.
  8. S4 Ep 9 After -It was okay watching Carl try to scavenge while Rick was injured and I liked the scene with his shoe being lost.
  9. S7 Ep 5 Go Getters- the episode itself wasn't bad yet I never really enjoyed it too much aside from Maggie being a badass and the ending was pretty good.
  10. S4 Ep 10 Inamtes- Inmates was a pretty well rounded episodes showing off some of the group which I liked seeing Tyreese the most.
  11. S8 Ep 6 The King, The Widow, and Rick- the episode was pretty lackluster for me and I didn't really appeal to seeing the garbage people much in this or everyone going to attack the saviors which was a dumb move to do. Ezekiel was probably the most fun of the episode.
  12. S3 Ep 16 Welcome to the Tombs- the finale for season 3 has always been horrible as it barely gives tension between the Governor and Ricks group, it just felt unfitting for a finale.
  13. S11 Ep 8 For blood- it was a okay Mid Season finale to say the least (sorry, 1/3 season finale). I did like some of the parts in it with Maggie which is why it sits higher than others.
  14. S5 Ep 7 Crossed- I thoroughly enjoyed the chase scene between the three officers and Ricks group, but that was about it.
  15. S4 Ep 13 Alone- I liked watching the parts of the group split up, except for Maggie, Bob, and Sasha as they felt very uneventful to me. What makes this episode better had to be the part about Daryl and Beth with the ending of the introduction to Joe's group.
  16. S7 Ep 10 New Best Friends- a lot of these parts I forgot about in this episode when it came to the Kingdom though after rewatching it I enjoyed those parts more than the Garbage people. I just honestly think Jadis's group is uninteresting and makes for no substance.
  17. S10 Ep 15 The Tower- I sometimes forget about this episode and it's premise with Beta, but I think it holds up enough for a weird one and The stuff with princess was okay.
  18. S9 Ep 3 Warning signs- I think the episode was okay, I just didn't like Season 9 A that much...
B tier, now we get to the episodes I could watch again in the past 6 months or binge through without skipping
  1. S11 Ep 2 Acheron Part 2- this was close to being put into C tier since I really hated some parts about it like how they left Gage to die and still had to fight off dozens of walking regardless. The group in the first two episodes seem to switch off and on from good to bad.
  2. S7 Ep 4 Service- for some reason people hate this episode and I can't see why except for the fact it mainly deals with Negan at Alexandria; in my opinion it was him and a couple other characters who saved season 7 and 8 for me.
  3. S10 Ep 3 Ghosts- I forget the episode...
  4. S10 Ep 7 Open Your Eyes- I thought the episode was fine as I don't hate Siddiq and all, though I liked and hated the ending as I loved the twist of Dante and hated that Siddiq had to die so early on.
  5. S6 Ep 7 Heads Up- I didn't like the twist of Glenn and all, but I liked the suspicion with Carol and Morgan as well as the Ending being dramatic.
  6. S8 Ep 11 Dead or Alive- it's not good to know when you remember an episode due to bad things. Daryl has been making more off decisions for the character and Tara seems to be completely Reckless now making me hate her moving forward.
  7. S4 Ep 4 Indifference- The Scenes with Carol and Rick we're amusing with crude Humour as well as some more tense scenes in my opinion and I hated/liked when Rick told Carol she couldn't come back.
  8. S3 Ep 6 Hounded- honestly I would've rather put this episode a little bit higher due to Merle (probably my favorite charcater which contributes to a lot of episodes being higher) being a badass while fighting Michonne and pulling out puns as well. The reason it doesn't get higher is still due to Rick and the phone situation being uneventful.
  9. S11 Ep 9 No Other Way- Alden dies in this episode which I should've seen coming that sucks. The ending feels misleading a bit though everything else in the middle is pretty great.
  10. S11 Ep 5 Out of the Ashes- literally the only reason I put this here was due to Lance so deal with it!
  11. S4 Ep 11 Claimed- Rick had a pretty solid pair of scenes with the Claimers and I liked watching Glenn and Tara (Surprisingly).
  12. S10 Ep 13 What We Become- I thought the flashbacks/hallucinations we're pretty good, but aside from that this episode was just mediocre.
  13. S9 Ep 4 The Obliged- I liked watching Daryl and Rick fight each other over different views on how everything should be and the ending I thought was pretty suspenseful as well as the saviors and oceanside.
  14. S11 Ep 15 Trust- Lance feels exactly like the Governor in some of these episodes which is what I like about him, and from here I start to enjoy Princess maybe because Mercer is around more xd.
  15. S10 Ep 17 Home Sweet Home- I thought Maggie was a good enough concept for an episode with the reapers, though it didn't hit that hard watching again. It still Is most definitely better than the other 3 episodes of S10 part C but enough for A Tier.
A Tier, after this point complaints may start to stop, but that doesn't mean entirely. These episodes I enjoy watching over and over again with some good tension and comedy as well.
  1. S1 Ep 5 Wildfire- For the episodes Jim was in I liked him and learning his backstory as well so this was a pretty fun episode.
  2. S4 Ep 15 Us- the stuff with Abraham and their group was pretty wholesome to me and I liked Joe for the time being in here seeing how he is pretty fair to be honest giving things where they are due and trust to Daryl.
  3. S6 Ep 11 Knots Untie- I somewhat feel like the episode drags due to there being too much at hilltop, but it is a new community so I can't truly argue. I remember enjoyably when Rick stopped the assassination attempt.
  4. S8 Ep 9 Honor- the beginning with Carl I thought was good to showcase the events that unfolded before the decimation and Carl's death hit hard.
  5. S5 Ep 4 Slabtown- I personally don't mind the hospital arc too much, yet it won't get all of it's episodes too high of course. I liked watching Noah and Beth converse and I thought this was a new era for the walking dead.
  6. 10 Ep 1 Lines we Cross- the part with the Satellite was amusing to watch as it was a big change to see and I like that about the walking dead on occasions.
  7. S9 Ep 6 Who are you now?- I liked learning of Luke's Group (you heard me, Luke's Group) and what they have been like learning of some of their past.
  8. S10 Ep 8 The World Before- I liked mostly just watching two scenes, the beginning with Dante and Gabriel and Dante. I loved the fact no one even considered a Whisperer living amongst them and how he did some much devious stuff was mind boggling and amazing to watch. When Gabriel talks about forgiveness to Dante and kills him shows me how Gabriel has changed the past seasons.
  9. S7 Ep 9 Rock in the Road- Rick gives off a good speech to Ezekiel and I liked seeing him and Morgan reunite again. The stuff with Gabriel wasn't too bad either.
  10. S3 Ep 9 The Suicide King- the Governor finally seems to be starting to let things of him slip which I love to see. I also enjoyed watching Merle with Daryl as well too.
  11. S11 Ep 11 Rouge element- I thought that the twist of Steph was pretty good and I don't mind the episode being a bit long and tedious for it's reveal.
  12. S11 Ep 23 Family- I loved the fact Lydia got bit just because it shows us that people can still get bit and survive. It shows to me that in the finale no one could be truly safe even though Luke gets bit and still dies.
  13. S11 Ep 17 Lockdown- Saving Sebastian was okay ig.
  14. S8 Ep 10 The Lost and The Plunderers- Simon's character I think was made perfectly as he is a hotheaded person who is all about power and showing that off. Killing most of the Garbage people was terrifying to watch and showed how Negan could be more merciful than others.
  15. S1 Ep 1 Days Gone Bye- I think for the pilot it did it's job well and showed off enough of what the show could be. Of course this doesn't mean it was all good but as pilots go it was pretty solid.
  16. S11 Ep 1 Acheron Part 1- The only reason I put it this high was for the interrogation scenes especially when it came down to Ezekiel. Him and Mercer are honestly a great pair and I love his ending to the show as it's fitting.
  17. S5 Ep 10 Them- after losing most of the group it seems like a fitting episode of despair and plays it perfectly.
  18. S5 Ep 12 Remember- the first shown scenes of Alexandria was pretty good and I liked the interviews scene too. We also saw a lot of new character introductions.
  19. S11 Ep 6 On The Inside- The ferals was a nice touch of horror that I never knew I could need. Making the people with the ferals Virgil and Connie made the most perfect sense as well.
  20. S6 Ep 13 Not Tomorrow Yet- this episode shows off how our group is seeming to be the bad guys starting to kill people in their sleep. I like how Glenn and Heath have their first kills and show how they are changing.
  21. S7 Ep 1 The day will come when you won't be- I like the title as it references Doctor Jenner, but for the episode I liked Negan and that's mostly it. Seeing two people die was horrible to me, but necessary and since I don't rank episodes for being bad due to deaths I can still rank them high.
  22. S6 Ep 16 Last Day on Earth- Simon has a good introduction and I like them trying to get from point A to B, but what stands out to me most is probably Abraham and Eugene with his speech about him
  23. S7 Ep 15 Something they need- Sasha was probably the highlight of the episode for me and I liked them and Negan's interactions. It Is a good effort to show that they aren't all monsters and I like seeing Eugene as well.
  24. S3 Ep 7 When the Dead come knocking- Glenn and his interrogation with Merle was amazing and I liked seeing Glenn's true will shine.
  25. S8 Ep 12 The Key- I don't like this episode much honestly if it wasn't for Negan and Ricks Speech as well as Simon and his deviousness.
  26. S8 Ep 1 Mercy- the beginning I had to move up due to some good portions of it like Rick and Negan. I also liked the ending a lot even though I watched the trailer a lot and knew of Gabriel and Negan's interactions.
  27. S9 Ep 1 a New Beginning- wow two series beginnings next to each other... Yeah it's weird but they weren't exactly S Tier Material. The beginning with them trying to get a horse accessory was great tension to watch and I already love Ricks Beard.
  28. S10 Ep 18 Find me- okay so maybe I exaggerated My feeling towards Season 10 C a bit since I like some of the episodes a bit and others worse. The reason I put this here is mostly good plot lines and that was it.
Around here I wanted to say the reason for some episodes ranking higher is due to the fact the others are horrible and some of these have redeeming qualities. It's hard to put over 150 episodes ranked from horrible to greatness and know the points of interest.
  1. S3 Ep 3 Walk With Me- Merle brings joy to me seeing him again and I love him from here on out. I like how the Governor seems to be innocent enough until the big reveal with the militia which is amazingly put.
  2. S10 Ep 9 Squeeze- I hate Squeeze... There i said it. The cave sucks honestly and Id rather not watch it again because of that, but Negan is the only saving grace for this episode and if it wasn't for him I would never watch this episode again.
  3. S8 Ep 13 Do Not Send Us Astray- Simon attacking the Hilltop was the most great action of this season that I never minded and it felt terrifying after Tobin's fate was sealed.
  4. S3 Ep 12 Clear- I had to move it from S Tier, but nevertheless a great episode. Morgan's return was done perfectly and I felt like his character did a full 180 after this. Michonne and Carl's side story was also good.
  5. S2 Ep 12 Better Anglels- Shane and Ricks final confrontation was amazingly executed and loved the difference from the Comics with Rick killing shane and Carl shooting his reanimated self; Shane and Randel was also good too.
  6. S4 Ep 12 Still- Daryl and Beth make sense to pair together and I like seeing how we get a bit more back story to his character. They feel like the most perfect example to put for a mismatched pair.
  7. S6 Ep Thank You- The journey with Glenn's group trying to get back was amusing to see even though the dumpster ending wasnt really the best, still horrible to see.
  8. S10 Ep 4 Silence the Whisperers- Negan and Lydia have a good bond and I like how Negan defends her even though I hate how no one believes Lydia that Negan protected her.
  9. S8 Ep 4 Some Guy- I still love watching Ezekiel and the Kingdom so I enjoy this episode and how he feels defeated the whole time. Jerry is the best bodyguard in my opinion as well as it is shown and Shivas death is heartbreaking.
  10. S5 Ep 8 Coda- The reason I put this soo high was due to Rick and Bob. I did like the ending a bit even though I feel like Beth's death could've been avoided.
  11. S3 Ep 14 Prey- originally this episode was C Tier for me, but I re-watched it and put it this high due to the Governor being a literal psycho and I love this side of him.
  12. S11 Ep 20 What's been Lost- Lance felt underutilized as soon as he died, I really wished they could've made a difference with his exit on the show.
  13. S8 Ep 8 How it's gotta be- Forgot about Natanias death.
  14. S11 Ep 7 Promises Broken- Negan and Maggie had a good talk together about before.
  15. S10 Ep 6 Bonds- Okay.. XD.
  16. S6 Ep 10 The Next world- I thought the stuff with Rick, Daryl, and Jesus was goofy, but great.
  17. S11 Ep 19 Varient- I do like the idea of evolving walkers though I feel like it was a bit late in the show.
  18. S3 Ep 13 Arrow on the Doorstep- the meeting was just terrific to watch as the Governor is so sinister inside it with Milton and Hershel having a good talk as well with Martinez and Daryl having a good show off time. Merle and Glenn have some good times too.
  19. S9 Ep 2 The Bridge- The log scene was amazing and Aaron had a good scene with the amputation.
S Tier, These episodes are some of my favorite to watch with a good glass of Tea and some snacks.
  1. S7 Ep 7 Sing me a song- Negan and Carl were fun to watch as well as some more insight on the sanctuary as Daryl breaks free. Negan and Carl also Bond.
  2. S10 Ep 10 Stalker- Daryl VS Alpha!!!
  3. S11 Ep 16 Acts of God- Lance is very horrifying as to what his next move is and Leah's stuff was good.
  4. S3 Ep 8 Made to suffer- it was a great Mid season finale as I enjoyed the fight with the Governor and Rick as well as the ending with Merle and Daryl.
  5. S2 Ep 6 Secrets- Glenn has to deal with hiding multiple people's secrets and I feel like the comedy is pure gold here.
  6. S1 Ep 2 Guts- The rooftops scenes were great as well as the parts where they wear guys to avoid the walkers, it always felt like a sense of panic in this episode.
  7. S9 Ep 9 Adaptation- the introduction to Alpha was simple enough and I feel like it's a good episode.
  8. S11 Ep 10 New Haunts
  9. S11 Ep 12 The Lucky Ones- Carol finally feels a little bit like she's back to her old self in this community with Lance and their deals.
  10. S4 Ep 1 30 days without and Accident- probably my second favorite of the beginning episodes as it demonstrates exactly how the group has got along since the recent events. Has a good story with the shopping market and the roof caving in was awesome.
  11. S3 Ep 10 Home- this episode shows how Merle and Daryl are far apart which I can still keep watching Merle and be entertained as well as the fight scene at the end with the Governor being cocky as can be.
  12. S9 Ep 16 The Storm- snow is a new but simple thing that I like along with Negan Earning trust with Michonne.
  13. S10 Ep 2 We are the End of the World- Gamma saving Alpha is one of my favorite scenes of how it shows Alphas power towards the group and influence on it's people.
  14. S6 Ep 8 Start to Finish- The walls coming down had an interesting story as well as many like the Wolf getting loose and Diana having a badass/amazing exit.
  15. S9 Ep 11 Bounty- The Movie Theatre scene was pretty good as well as Alpha with and Lydia.
  16. S5 Ep 2 Strangers- The uneasy feeling of Gabriel is pretty good to show the groups trust and I like how the ending is played out with the reveals.
  17. S11 Ep 13 Warlords- The Complex is a pretty good place to see and I like seeing the evolution of Negan and Aaron.
  18. S9 Ep 15 The Calm Before- The highlight is the end with the pikes though it made sense for the lesser characters. I hated seeing Henry and Enid die (Not with Tara).
  19. S10 Ep 11 Morning Star- The start of the battle is ingenius with the tree sap fire scene and it makes for a suspenseful ending to the episode to come.
  20. S9 Ep 5 What come After- The episode is meant to be a sendoff for Rick so I'll rank it about everything else instead. I did enjoy some of the sequences with Hershel and I loved seeing Shane again. He really puts perspective on some episodes like Season 5 which makes me enjoy watching those episodes more as well as Shane. Ricks exit was also done is a pretty good way.
  21. S7 Ep 13 Bury me Here- I liked watching Morgan slowing go back into insanity which I believe is due to PTSD of some sort. The episode feels really well done and I like the ending to it with Richard Dying and Carol being told everything.
  22. S9 Ep 12 Guardians- Alpha is great to watch in this episode and the way she kills the two whispering who challenge them is great!
  23. S8 Ep 5 The Big scary U- the main focus is Negan and Gabriel which is an amazing talk between then two before settling their differences. I also like the unease at the sanctuary through betrayal.
  24. S11 Ep 14 The Rotten core- the whole episode is one of If not my personal favorite to watch for the complex alone being a nice setting. I enjoy every bit of this episode as well as the side deal with Sebastian and how Mercer is revealed to be a pretty nice guy.
  25. S5 Ep 15 Try- The whole episode feels like a decent into madness for Rick seeing everyone against him. I like how he goes into protective cop mode and try to defend the ones he lives as well as his speech at the end.
  26. S11 Ep 18 A New Deal- The whole episode is average, but the ending just feels amazing to rewatch.
  27. S2 Ep 11 Judge, Jury, Executioner- I personally like Dale a lot so I love this episode. It really shows how the group is starting to turn as they believe to do what is best for the group and not morals. Dales death is also very heartfelt to watch and showed off the walkers dangerousness.
  28. S10 Ep 14 Look At The Flowers- Negan and Daryl make a good pair to watch though I enjoyed watching Beta and him struggling to get back on track after Alphas death and I love him so much more for this episode.
  29. S5 Ep 5 Self Help- Daryl and Carol at the moments have some good episodes together so it's not surprise I'd love this episode. With Noah in the episode as well it feels like a amazing show of how the characters (Carol and Daryl) have changed morally.
  30. S6 Ep 13 The Same Boat- Carol has been shown to be ruthless, but this episode shows her true colors as how she doesn't want this to be her life anymore.
  31. S5 Ep 13 Forget- the episode itself has many great minisodes it felt like which was fantastic.
50 and 49. S4 Ep 6 Live Bait and 7 Dead Weight- I put these both here due to the fact of me loving the equally. The 6th episode feels like a showcase of how the Governor gets broken entirely and starts to get built back up positively showing what could have been and for a time it feels beautiful to me. The 7th though shows how some things can mess with his mind and make him go back to being a psychopath that kills everyone he sees.
  1. S8 Ep 16 Wraith- The ending to season 8 was pretty eventful for the battles begin as Eugene saved everyone's asses from a cool trick with the bullets. I am happy that Rick decided to save Negan and I love the episode except for the ending being off-putting with Maggie.
  2. S6 Ep 9 No way Out- The Wolf has a pretty interesting end that I enjoyed to see and aside from the the entire eoisode is the best part. You never feel that sense of boring to it as the action is nonstop great.
  3. S5 Ep 5 Now- I liked small bits and pieces of this episode mostly revolving around Diana and her role starting to change. If she survived I don't doubt I would've loved to see her go through more of an arc.
  4. S7 Ep 11 Hostiles and Calamities- I can see the hate for this episode, though I love it myself. Eugene in my opinion is at his best here and I love watching him here with Negan and their interactions. It was also great how Dwight had framed the doctor.
  5. S5 Ep 6 Consumed- Abraham was one of my favorite characters not just for jokes but for this episode. His backstory is heartbreaking to learn about and relatable. When he falls down after beating Eugene in defeat I can feel his pain with him.
  6. S9 Ep 13 Chokepoint- Daryl VS Beta!!!
SS Tier, after this point there is no bad things that the episodes could have drag it's down. These ones are my person favorites.
Around this time I also realized that it seems my numbers on the side aren't matching so I'm fixing it from here so skip 42- 38. Idk what happened but I messed up somewhere and went to fix it but couldn't find the problem.
  1. S2 Ep 13 Besides the Dying Fire- The walkers attacking the farm was a great scene just as much as the Democracy speech was from Rick, though Lori is horrible to Rick in this episode. Also Rick tells the group "we're all infected"
  2. S4 Ep 2 Infected- I love the scene where Patrick reanimates and the morning fight they have in the prison. So much stuff happens at once. The ending was Great with Tyreese and. The pig scene was sad to watch.
  3. S6 Ep 6 Always Accountable- One time when I like Sasha is this episode with Abraham. Where to begin; The Rocket launcher scene was great, Abraham is great with quips, Daryl with Dwight is a good scene and I love the ending as well.
  4. S6 Ep 14 Twice as Far- The Denise speech wasnt too bad and the death was great. I enjoyed Abraham and Eugene; I think my favorite scenes was with Abraham and Eugene with another one of his speechs towards him which was funny and heartfelt.
  5. S4 Ep 16 A- The best part is when Joe's group comes along and how Rick bites out his throat signifying that he and Shane are now alike. I also like when Rick and Daryl talk as well as Rick figuring out this olace kidnaps people.
  6. S2 Ep 7 Pretty Much dead Already- Shane is what I love about this episode, he and Dale had a really funny encounter and I feel like Shane makes me laugh and be serious at the same time with each scenes. I also like how Rick is more accepting towards Hershel.
  7. S10 Ep 16 A Certain Doom- Beta was good in this episode and had some great parts, but the fights wee great especially the scene with the Music. Betas death felt odd, but that doesn't lower the episode.
  8. S4 Ep 14 The Grove- I mean do I really have to explain? Carol is a savage here and I love when they finally talk about Karen and Davids death here. Nothing in this episode is a low note.
  9. S2 Ep 5 Chupacabra- I love everything about Daryl's scenes in this that show how he is a badass and capable of holding his own. Also love his Hallucinations.
  10. S11 Ep 24 Rest In Peace- certainly wasn't the best finale, but I felt like it did well enough for the episode. It tied up most loose ends for the show given its runtime and I feel like it is fitting enough.
  11. S2 Ep 10 18 Miles Out- my favorite of Season 2 has Shane and Rick have the best battle I have seen even more than The Governor and Rick or Negan and Rick. This battle utilizes both of their strengths and weaknesses with some things that have never been done in the show much more like using your blood to attract walkers to other places. It was an amazing episode all in all.
  12. S1 Ep 6 TS-19- idk what it is but I love watching this episode over and over again and I love it the more I watch it. It is probably because I like Doctor Jenner a bit more in each watching of his tragic backstory with his wife.
  13. S9 Ep 14 Scars- The flahsback was an amazing one that told us something vital to the story about how they don't trust people coming in anymore. What Daryl and especially Michonne went through is tragic.
  14. S5 Ep 3 Four Walls a roof- this episode is perfect for a number of reasons like Bob and his antics or Savage Rick, this was a turning point for the walking dead and this is where Rick gets some of his roots.
  15. S1 Ep 4 Vatos- even though I love TS-19 I love Vatos more. This is unique to some episodes where you see a group just like Ricks that is trying to survive and this is where we realize the world is bigger than we thought still.
  16. S7 Ep 16 The first day of the rest of your Life- The battle was amazing and I feel like this was the best it was going to get for the coming seasons, but season 9 and 10 surprised me.
  17. S10 Ep 5 What it always Is- Negan with the Kid is the highlight I think, I could've honestly seen this going farther, if it wasn't for the former savior. I feel like this was fitting for an entire episode of, but we diverged a bit.
  18. S4 Ep 3 Isolation- Hershel and Tyreese are the highlights for me with Tyreese going berserk and Hershel being a kind soul. This is a staple episode for why Season 4 is amazing and why Hershel is what made season 4 great.
  19. S6 Ep 4 Here's not Here- I love learning about Eastman and Morgan in this one off. I love how it is somewhat told in the first person narrative to the Wolf and how Morgan changed back to who he was. Eastman shows how he and Morgan are pretty similar and why he should be like him.
  20. S5 Ep 14 Spend- aside from Francine being here to be used as eye candy for me I loved how some of Alexandria like and dislike rick's group here. I do hate Noah dying as I feel like he could've been so much more.
  21. S10 19 One More- I love havng the episode based on Aaron and Gabriel as they have came a long way since their beginnings. When they have few an encounter with Mays I felt like this was a testimony to who they are as people. We see how they care for each other and how Mays fails to make a point of who they are until Gabriel Kills him showing he has gone farther away from the light.
  22. S7 Ep 3 Cell- Daryl is locked up and he is now being treated like shit. This episode feels great cause of how it feels like he is trying to break Daryl. Dwight also has a great mission on how he mercy kills a savior and shows he isn't as bad as you may think.
  23. S6 Ep 1 First time again- I do enjoy the setting of the episode how we see the diverge in Alexandria and who listens or hears Rick out. The episode is a great example for staring episodes... But not the best at it.
  24. S5 Ep 9 What Happened and what's going On- I loved Tyreese's character so to see him die was horrible for me. His episodes I feel like was a good send off since it is a test to who he is as a person who is confounded about the world around him.
  25. S3 Ep 4 Killer Within- this episode was played perfectly and I feel like is a good sendoff for other characters as well like how I hate Lori. She is made just a bit better from her sacrifice and thought T-Dog went out in a good way as well. The prisoners also had a good show for their trust.
  26. S4 Ep 5 Interment- this is where Hershel's best episode is as he is the best Samaritan Alive in the apocalypse. At the end where Rick and Carl fend off the walkers inside the gates in a great bond and I love the whole episode.
  27. S6 Ep 3 JSS- it is well rounded and has good action as well as a lot of tension and suspense with Carol showing off her capabilities and Morgan with his philosophy.
Finally we cracked the top ten and into Premium Episodes. If you've made it this far you are are persistent as me... Well probably less since this took a long ass time but still. These are the episodes whee I cherish them and can watch more than once a month.
  1. S8 Ep 15 Worth- Worth has what I want in an episode; good characters and story/plot. Eugene's parts are made more important seeing how he needed to stay at the sanctuary to save Alexandria and the other communities. I loved even more Dwight's part where I have without doubt the most suspense with him and Negan. Simon also had the most best arc death as it felt complete.
  2. S5 Ep 16 Conquer- the episode has a lot of action and the ending was the pivet. I love the speech he has and how Diana let's Rick be in charge now was a sort of cliffhanging ending that signify's perfection.
  3. S5 Ep 1 No sanctuary- both Season 5's beginning and finale are amazing and the way Rick and his group take down Terminus in one episode is amazing as they fight there way out and the scene with Judith was great. Morgan was just a sprinkle of wholesomeness to see.
  4. S10 Ep 12 Walk With Us- The Episode had just enough action, good deaths and character interactions to make it here. First of the battle at hilltop was amazing. The second best thing was Earl and I feel very sad every time I watch this episode at his part. Then the best thing is the end with Alpha and Negan.
  5. S3 Ep 1 Seed- The best beginning to a season it shows how the group has changed since Rick and the prison is a great example. The tombs are a great scenery and the ending was perfect for a cliffhanger as well as Conquer.
  6. S3 Ep 2 Sick- the prisoner episode was pretty good to watch as a group of prisoners try to take on walkers. While some are good others would rather be assertive. Rick has definitely changed since season 2 and the group is played great here and much more human like.
  7. S7 Ep 2 Well- what helps this episode is the last episode before it having a dark tone. This instead has a more uplifting one with the king and with Carol and Morgan being a great pair. The Kingdom seems to be a good community and seeing how Carol tries to smooth talk the king and how he tells whays her bullshit is an amazing scene.
  8. S10 Ep 22 Heres Negan- We realize he was a kinda lousy husband that wasn't really too good to becoming a really supportive husband who cares deeply for his wife Lucille. The story before showed a lot of Negan and how he is and I love Lucille as a character from this episode trying to do whats best for Negan.
  9. S4 Ep 8 Too Far gone- Honestly this IS the best episode, but I am bias so I had to put my own personal favorite above it not to say this isn't right behind it easily. Too far gone is what feels like a season finale but isn't. The Governors first encounter should've been this and I'm glad we got to see it unfold great. Rick has a great speech in it about not being too far gone yet and the Governor killing Hershel to start the best battle of the series. The Governors death feels fitting and the ending was sad and amazing.
Before I get to this last one I wanted to say a thank you in advance to whomever reads this as I really had a hard time making this and spending a lot of time to do this isn't easy. And remember this last episode is my very own person opinion entirely and in no way is it the best of the series definitively, without any furthermore, lets end this.
  1. Season 3 Episode 15 This Sorrowful Life- Now what makes this episode so great to me? Well I'm totally biased towards the actor and the character in the show Merle Dixon. I could watch Merle all day which is what they episode feels like with the perfect duo of Michonne and Merle on their way to the governor. It has some of the most perfect comedy in the episode as well as having the best sacrifice redemption arc and ending. This episode made me laugh, smile, cry and more. There will never be a time when I ever change my opinion about this episode in existence.
Again another huge thanks to everyone and I hope this will satisfy everyones needs... Now I'ma go watch S3 Ep 15 Legit.
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2023.05.29 12:39 saucysoph I cannot stand Shannon

holy crap. so I started rewatching the show again after a few years & i’ve completely forgotten how insufferable Shannon really was. like i had to pause episode 7 of season 1 (the hospital episode where they get their blood samples taken) just to write this because im so aggravated LOL. even after tom shut her down (& made insanely good points as to what would happen if the truth about maddy & rhydian did come to life) she was still so relentless on exposing them. she is so self absorbed & selfish & lacks so much empathy, she really is the worst character of the show. i would be more understanding if she had any redeeming qualities or if her reasons were justifiable, but her main drive is literally “oh they’re hiding the truth from me & im their bestfriend, they’re awful!!!!!”
BUT LIKE. there’s literally a reason why maddy & her family didn’t tell you ?? 😭 it wasn’t even out of spite, it’s literally to keep the family secret a secret, & to keep the wolfblood species safe. like Shannon just somehow is always able to victimize herself & seems to always revolve the world around her. god she is just so pushy & mean & unlikable. even the three K’s are more tolerable & have more depth to them.
i am not trying to diminish her childhood trauma (witnessing a wolfblood while camping) but holy sht. she is so obsessive & invasive, it completely consumes her personality. i don’t understand how anyone could put up with her especially after what she does in later seasons. anyways, im way too old to be getting so angry over this LOL (im 21 now, crazy how time flies from when I was a kid). hoping this Reddit thread isn’t dead !!!!!!
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2023.05.29 12:07 AlchivoArte Read Dragon Rule for the first time

Finally, the other nations are mostly conquered, dragons are no longer the underground rebel society, and now rule those filthy hominids. Happy ending? NOPE! It’s Animal Farm but dragons, fooled ya!
Even dragons aren’t immune to human greed.
Copper, from 0 to hero, then hero to 0, exiled, AGAIN. He can’t catch a break can he? All because of this murder mystery with Halaflora, was it an accident or not?
Oh, and of course Wistala got tangled in some romance drama, cause we need a derg romance *sighs* NOPE! Nastirath a chad for trolling Scabia, and good. Cool subversion.
So far, the quality of the books hasn’t dropped. It knows when to have the beginning, middle and the end. And not go on for ∞ number of installments, with dumb retcons and convoluted/stagnated story.
I’d rather have a series like that, which I can go back to, years later, rather than playing a catch up game.
Only 1 more book to go. Hope the ending won't disappoint.
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2023.05.29 11:47 MMON_ALMonline New Relationship - What Type Of Man?

New Relationship - What Type Of Man?
After the death of my partner in December 2006, I was single and dated for a couple of years. Then in January 2009, I made a decision that I wanted another long-term relationship.

What did I write down for my future?

For a long time, and since I studied a lot of personal growth and personal development material, I have believed in writing down my goals and what I wanted to achieve. That could be health, money, relationship or environment or home. Quite often in periods of transition, like when you lose a job or get divorced or the death of your husband or partner, there is a period of confusion, grieving, and sometimes fear, when you are in the mindset of “how will I manage on my own” “what will I do now I have no job” “how will I survive with less money coming in” “how can I pay the mortgage now”.
Sleepless nights, and restlessness, all add to the stress of the situation you find yourself in. It was no different for me, I went to work, did what I could, returned home and started over working on the Property Management and Rental business. Calls to follow up on, rents to be collected, maintenance to be booked in. The weeks went quickly, the months flew by and life just happened.

He’s Got To be Strong

One late night in January 2009, I was sitting in my office in the flat, and I started thinking about what type of man I wanted in my life. It had been just over two years since John had died. I had met a couple of boyfriends but nothing that became serious. Anyway, I was going to write out what I wanted in my next relationship.
So, I took a piece of A4 paper and stared at the blank sheet thinking about the night out I’d had with my friends. I remember a song that was playing in one of the bars, it was Bonnie Tyler’s singing “Holding Out For A Hero”, with the words “I Need A Hero” and “he’s got to be strong”, but what type of relationship was I looking for? I felt totally lost and confused, I don’t think I could identify the qualities I wanted in my next relationship. Perhaps I should have started with what I didn’t want. Read my post on Making Important decisions.
Anyway, I wrote on the paper that I wanted a kind and generous man, a friend, a lover and a soul mate, someone to laugh with. Someone who I could go on holiday with two or three times a year. A strong man, a confident man, someone to share my life with.
I also had a couple of profiles on dating websites and on a site that I was introduced to through a guy I had dated a few times.

Fifty Shades of Grey

That other alternative dating/meeting website was called “Informed Consent”; it is no longer online.
The site was my introduction to BDSM, the relationship dynamic or scene that was made famous by the book and film Fifty Shades of Grey. BDSM stands for ‘bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, plus sometimes sadism and masochism.
For my profile picture, I had posed in my office wearing suspenders, stockings and a lace bodice, I was also wearing high heels. I had an automatic digital camera so I posed bending over my office chair to take the backside view. My profile bio said I was blond, petite, fun, 5’2” but taller in heels. Within days of that profile going on the site, I was chatting with more than ten guys. Guys that were as far away as London, and some a little closer to home in York.
Whenever I would go online to chat I would have 4 or 5 conversations going on at the same time. I was okay with chatting, it was safe to explore different conversations. But very soon there were two or three guys who were asking to talk on the phone. This actually freaked me a little, I know it’s not like there is any danger in talking on the phone, is there? It was my own fear of how I would sound, my accent, my voice, and what would I say.

Perhaps It Was A Sign

I talked on the telephone to one guy, I wasn’t really impressed. Then I had another guy who wanted to chat on a specific evening, plus another guy who I had spoken with, funnily enough, these guys both lived in York. So one evening I’m in the office and I remember that I was meant to be chatting online with one of the guys in York, but I also had set up to chat with the other guy who lived in York, but that chat was on the telephone. I open up the website to start chatting and as usual, a few people are online, so a number of conversations are happening at once.
Then the person who I was meant to chat with appears and says hello, so I reply and exchange a few messages, then there is a loud bang and a smell of burning, the computer screen goes blank and I realise that it’s the PC tower under the desk, so the computer has blown a fuse. So that cuts that conversation short. I never did have that conversation, perhaps it was a sign that he was definitely not the right person for me.
A little later, I pick up my mobile and pluck up the courage to make the phone call to the other guy. The phone call lasted longer than I thought it would and he sounded really nice, so we arranged a face-to-face meeting for later in the week. This is how I met my next partner, the person I started a relationship with in March 2009. It was shortly after my 48th birthday.

Who did I manifest into my life?

I had found a man who was in business for himself, like me. He seemed like a gentleman, kind and considerate. Confident, but not overpowering, assertive but not controlling. Described himself as an alpha male. He made me laugh, we laughed together. He was generous, he paid for our first holiday together. It was my belief that I had found the man that was to be a friend, a lover and a soul mate. Someone, with whom I would share my life. Of course, I was cautious at first, I realised that I should tread carefully, like any new relationship, you need to take your time to get to know the person before you throw all caution to the wind.
Our first few dates seemed to go well. I remember that I was impressed by his honesty. He told me a number of things about himself that I took at face value. I didn’t see anything that could be an issue. Although there was one concern that I did have before I met him in person.

Do Some Due Diligence

He had told me to look him up on the internet, to do some due diligence, and before our first-ever meeting and lunch date he advised me to contact a friend and tell the friend that I was meeting someone new. Where I was meeting and what time and that I should let my friend know I was safe when I had met with the person. It is always a good idea to tell someone you trust about your date plans. Anyway, before our lunch date, I did as he suggested and put his name into the Google search engine, and I found his business profile. However, I’m one of those people that always end up going a bit deeper and before I know where I am, I’m discovering a lot more intimate things about this man that I am about to meet the next day on a lunch date.
I had of course found him on this “alternative” dating site that I mentioned earlier. So I started looking at his profile, and after a couple of more clicks and searches, I discovered that shock horror, he was still married. His current wife also had a profile on this site, she held nothing back in writing about her experience with this man that I was going to meet the next day. She called herself Slave Tsina, she talked of how they held a ceremony known as “collaring”. It is all a bit bizarre now I think about it.


There were many revelations that I read and thought, WHAT? REALLY! I was thinking to myself, what type of guy is this person? Perhaps, I will need to write another book about some of the experiences I had, and some of the situations that played out, but this is not the place for those things.
What I did know was that for some very strange reason, I still wanted to meet this person. During our first meeting, I felt unsure of how I would come across. I also made a decision to not let him know, or say anything, about the research and finding out about his “wife” or Slave Tsina. I did say earlier that I was impressed by his honesty, because he told me he was still married, he told me that the relationship was over, that she had moved out, and he was now on his own.

After My Birthday

It was March 2009 and it was just a week or so after my birthday, he told me he had spent his last birthday alone. His birthday is just a few weeks before mine in February. He also told me a number of other things, about his life or lifestyle, he even told me he had been a “serial adulterer” in his long-term marriage with his ex-wife and the mother of his children. And I was impressed by his honesty. I have this built-in “trust mechanism”. I didn’t think he was lying to me or making any of this shit up.
So there you have it I manifested a man who had been a “serial adulterer” because he was telling me so. Be careful what you wish for!
Now, looking back I should have been more precise in what I was thinking and writing when I was making out that list of qualities for the type of man I wanted to attract into my life. Learning that he had been or may still be a “serial adulterer” should have been a red flag to me. However, I knew nothing about red flags back then. It has only been in these past two years that I started to understand more about these red flags as indicators that something needs to be questioned or otherwise validated. Often these are clues that something may be trouble in the future.

One Thing I Missed

So what else did I not include in my list? One thing I missed was health. Perhaps I should have included that I wanted a healthy man, healthy in mind, body and spirit. I soon found out that he was not a healthy type of man because here he was on our first date telling me all of his health issues. Diabetes was the main one that had altered his life and lifestyle in the not-so-distant past. The other main one was his Crohn’s disease, so his body was not in a healthy condition. Eventually, I would also find out that his mind was not in a healthy condition, his focus was often very “negative”. Not to mention the fact that he told me he was also a functioning alcoholic but that came out later.
Now I can think of many qualities that I would like to see in a man going into any new relationship. Yet at this point in time, I am not interested at all in looking for someone else. I am taking time out, time to rediscover myself, time to heal from the past trauma. I am now on a mission of discovery.

In the beginning.

March 2009 Informed Consent. The word ‘consent’ comes up constantly in conversations about kink. People often tout it as the core element that separates BDSM from abuse.
According to kinkly.com the definition of “informed consent” is consent that is given freely and willingly by someone who is aware of what they are agreeing to. Not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, not being pressured or coerced, and of legal age. Informed consent is often referenced in BDSM communities. It is vital before starting a scene, especially any scenes that involve play that appears non-consensual, such as forced orgasm.
So I was learning more about BDSM and taking part in sexual activities that I had not experienced before. Especially bondage. There are a number of things that you need to understand. It is very important to be able to trust the person you are with. I was and I am very trusting by nature. Safewords are important. So I was given a safe word to use at any time that I felt uncomfortable and wanted to stop. Red is a commonly used safe word, meaning stop. I was also instructed, to write a journal. Oh, and I nearly forgot I should call him “Sir”. That I should “thank him” by saying “Thank you, Sir” after our BDSM sex sessions or orgasms.
Actually, I did write down a few of my experiences with him and I still have the notebook. I have also written about my sexual adventures before I met him. That might be yet another type of book!! I even thought of a title for that book a long time ago. It was going to be called “Embroidered With Truth”.

A different kind of love

So having been advised to keep a journal was something no man had asked me to do. However, he was a different type of man. I felt safe and secure with him, I felt cared for. I felt he was my friend, lover, and soul mate.
So just eight weeks into this new relationship he has asked me to write, “Why do I love him?” So I write in my notebook.
Why do I love him?
He makes me feel special, loved. Wanted and sexy. He turns me on.
He makes me laugh. I like the way he makes love to me. He pays me attention and compliments me. He is a good cook, mmm!!
He spoils me!
He looks after me, I feel protected and secure when I am with him.
I feel strong emotional bonds.

First Stages Of Our Relationship

Now, obviously, all of this was in the first stages of our relationship. It all sounds fantastic, and I suppose it was at the time. Even though I was cautious and I did not want to feel the pain of loss and hurt again. I was holding my emotions in check. In the first two meetings, I was told that he felt that he’d known me for a long time. That he felt comfortable with me. I felt very comfortable as well, I put my trust in him, and I believed in him.
Later, I learned that what I had been experiencing at this stage was the “love bombing” phase. The idealization stage of narcissistic abuse. I really had no idea that such a thing existed. It wasn’t until much later that I came to see and understand more about how these types of relationships work.

As a survivor of post-separation abuse, I know firsthand the struggles of navigating a broken system. My first book shines a light on the laws that fail women and offers a call to action for much-needed change.
Find it on Amazon and Digital ebook Stores
★☆★ Amazon ★☆★ and ★☆★Digital Platforms ★☆★
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2023.05.29 11:03 debadil Asus Vivobook Pro 15 vs Acer Swift X

Hi, I'm actually stuck choosing between Asus Vivobook Pro 15 OLED or Acer Swift X. I'm looking for a light and thin laptop. I won't be gaming that much, maybe a few hours but most of the game will be an older title such as CSGO, DOTA2, Valorant, etc. I also use the laptop for professional use. I am also open to any other recommendations. Thank you!
Here are the specifications:
Asus Vivobook Pro 15 OLED
- Intel Core™ I5-12450H ( 4.40 GHz - Frekuensi Turbo 8 Core 12 Threads ) - RAM 16GB DDR4 (UPGRADABLE) - 512GB M.2 NVMe™ PCIe® 4.0 SSD ( FREE 1 SLOT ) - Screen 15.6-inch, 2.8K (2880 x 1620) OLED 16:9 aspect ratio, 0.2ms response time, 120Hz refresh rate, 400nits, 600nits HDR peak brightness, 100% DCI-P3 color gamut, 1,000,000:1, VESA CERTIFIED Display HDR True Black 600, 1.07 billion colors, PANTONE Validated, Glossy display, 70% less harmful blue light, TÜV Rheinland-certified, Screen-to-body ratio: 84 % - NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX™ 3050 Laptop GPU, 4GB GDDR6 - Windows 11 Home + OHS / Windows 11 PRO - Camera : 1080p FHD camera - Keyboard & Touchpad : Backlit Chiclet Keyboard, 1.4mm Key-travel, Touchpad 
Acer Swift x
• Processor : AMD Ryzen 7-5800U 2.3GHz Up to 4.2GHz • Memory : 16GB onboard LPDDR4X Dual Channel Memory • Storage : 512 GB SSD PCIe Gen4 NVMe • Display : 14" IPS Full HD 1920 x 1080, 100% sRGB, high-brightness (300nits) Acer ComfyViewTM LED-backlit, 16:9,Wide viewing angle up to 170 degrees, Mercury free, environment friendly • Graphics : NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX™ 3050TI 4GB GDDR6 • Network : IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax with MU-MIMO RX 

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2023.05.29 10:56 princessisnotamused7 Did we just dodge a scam? Or was he really just want nice pictures?

This has been sitting in my mind for months. I have tried looking through this sub to see if anybody encounter anything similar, but haven't seen any yet.
So, I and my friend travel to Amsterdam a couple of months ago. We were sitting by the canal chatting and chilling, then a guy came up to us and asked us to take pictures of him with the view, using his phone.
We took a couple of pics for him. Then, he checked the pics and was like oh his phone screen cracked so the quality of the pics were not that good. He liked Amsterdam so he really want nice pics etc.
He then asked us if we can use our phone camera to take pics for him, then sent them through airdrop. I thought it sounded weird. Like screen crack and pic quality aren't really related? So I told him we both use android phone. He was like okay thanks and left.
We saw him went to another group of girls and I think they also declined because he walked away from the canal.
So, this has been sitting on me and my friend's mind. Did we just escape a scam? Or did he really want a nice pic? He seemed genuinely bummed with the crack on his phone screen though.
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2023.05.29 10:56 baepsaemv Airpods Pro microphone keeps activating for no reason

Recently "upgraded" from my airpods 2nd gen to airpods pro (hate the sound quality and the way they don't fit in my ears but oh well). I can't find anything about this online. Every few minutes whatever i'm listening to will quieten and an orange dot will appear on my phones status bar. Google says this means an app is using the microphone. Also sometime siri is activated. This has never happened before I got these airpods so it must have something to do with them.
I'm sitting in a silent room so it's not getting activated by any sounds, and the phone is propped up on a surface in landscape mode, nothing is getting touched on the screen to activate the microphone. In the settings press and hold is set to noise control, not siri, and nothing is touching the stems of the airpods.
Does anyone know what could be happening?
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2023.05.29 09:45 Panda-Roids BPC 157 - New Dragon Pharma Product

Dragon Pharma BPC 157 is a synthetic peptide that's currently being used and investigated for its potential regenerative effects. It allegedly helps people regenerate muscle tissue quicker and recover faster after a workout, which makes it pretty ideal for athletes and bodybuilders.
Unfortunately, compounds like this rarely come without any risks whatsoever. There are some BPC 157 side effects to be aware of, and BPC 157 dosage can vary depending on what you're using it for. Before you go out trying something new like this, it's important to understand both the positive and negative aspects of it.

What is BPC 157?

BPC 157 is a peptide supplement, and it's only one of the dozens – if not hundreds – that are readily available online or in stores that sell supplements. There are some interesting things about BPC 157 that set it apart from some of its competitors.
The first thing that's noted about BPC 157 is the fact that it's extracted from a protein that's found in the gastrointestinal tract. Sound gross? Oh well – this is part of the reason that it's got such unique effects as a regenerative substance.
While most of the studies that have been done on the stuff have only been done on rodents, they all seem to agree on one thing: BPC 157 is a great substance for helping to protect the body – and not just in the gastrointestinal tract. Its benefits extend to the improvement of conditions like ulcers, damaged intestines, joints, and bones.
It can also help to fight inflammation, ward off brain disease, and help recover the damage done to organs. Unfortunately, since all of these studies have been done on animals – many of which were maimed or injured specifically for the purpose of doing the test – it can be very difficult to find BPC 157 that hasn't directly or indirectly supported animal testing and cruelty.

How to take it?

If you order BPC 157 off the internet, as you'll most likely have to do, your product will probably be shipped in a powder form. If you're going to be injecting it, then you'll have to reconstitute it.
To do this, you'll want to get some bacteriostatic, or BAC, water. This water is resistant to bacteria and is much safer for injections. To reconstitute your powder, follow these steps:
Take the lid off your BAC water and your BPC 157 and swab both of them with alcohol. Let them try.You may have to do the math to figure out your exact dosages. If you have a 30 ml bottle of BAC, then you can fill 3 standard insulin syringes with the stuff and empty these into a 5 mg bottle of your BPC. This should fill up the BPC bottle.If you're using these ratios, then you'll get about 250 mcg of BPC 157 every time that you load a standard 1cc needle with the stuff.
For safety, you'll want to make sure that you keep the stuff in a cool place. It's highly sensitive to UV light and heat, however, if you keep it at room temperature it will last for about ten weeks. The best place to store it is in the fridge, where it will last for about half a year. BPC can also be frozen for two years.
Where to Buy BPC 157?
Panda Roids is a popular brand among bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts who want to buy steroids. The reason why people prefer to buy steroids from Panda Roids is that the company offers high-quality steroids that are safe and effective.
With Panda Roids, you can be sure that you are getting a product that is safe for your health. Moreover, the company offers excellent customer support and a money-back guarantee, making it a reliable and trustworthy source for buying steroids from www.Pandaroids.org.
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2023.05.29 08:36 CygnusMaffei Vitamin deficiency and pregnancy planning

Hi, I'm 28M, planning for pregnancy with my wife 27F. We both did some blood tests in which my B12, Vitamin D and Folic acid turned out to be deficient. I have had B12 deficiency before which was correct to 260pg/mL using supplements. I haven't had supplements in a long time and now my levels are: Vit B12 (CLIA): 168pg/ml Vit D total (25-OH LCMS immuno turbidimetric): 12.23 ng/ml Folic acid (ECLIA): 3.4 ng/ml
We are a bit worried if these deficiencies can cause any problems to our baby.
Some questions I have are: 1. Could our baby have any kind of problem because of my deficiencies lowering the quality of my sperm? I've read online that B12 deficiency can cause DNA damage in sperm. 2. If I decide to take supplements now, can we try for pregnancy next month while still on the supplements? Will these supplement/meds itself cause any problems to the baby or pregnancy? 3. Which doctor should I consult? General physician?
My wife's levels are all fine. B12 is around 300 and D around 28. She has had iron deficiency before, which she correct using supplements in the last few months. She is still on iron supplements and regular multivitamin supplement.
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2023.05.29 08:33 Zagaroth [No Need For A Core?] - CH 082: Girl's Day Out

Cover Art <<Previous Start Next >>
As Moriko was ushered into the backroom, Princess Kagami asked “She has a curtained-off area, mind if we follow and continue to talk?”
“I have no problem with that, your highness.” Moriko had very little body shyness, so she’d have been only a little self-conscious about it even without the curtain, but she certainly appreciated the consideration of being asked. The curtained-off area in question contained a pair of magic circles inscribed onto the ceiling and floor, where she stripped down under mistress Ula’s instructions and stood in different poses while lights zipped about her. Ula said that this was taking her measurements, and Moriko believed her, she’d just never had this level of magic scanning before. It did take her a moment to understand what the poses were for, they made various muscles strain in different ways which in turn would allow measurements to take her movements into account.
The conversation from the princesses on the other side of the curtain was carried on mostly by them, and for the most part, it was just small talk that helped Moriko learn a bit about her … hosts? Maybe not technically yet, but it felt a lot like that’s how they were acting, and she was feeling obligated like a guest. She couldn’t think of a better word for it.
The rest of the afternoon and the early evening became quite the busy flurry of shopping, with the first part being a second dress to leave the shop in rather than her uniform. It seems that Mistress Ula kept a selection of ‘last minute’ dresses available in a near-ready state for the princesses’ convenience, requiring only a minimal amount of adjustment to fit one intended for Princess Tiriana to Moriko, as they were the most alike in stature.
This allowed Moriko to see why the royals were confident that Ula could pull a complete dress together in two days. Once the decisions were made, the chosen dress was dropped onto a wooden mannequin that adjusted itself to match the measurements taken of Moriko. Ula eyed the dress a moment then grabbed several spools of different color and weight threads to put onto a set of spindles built into a nearby table. With her preparations complete, Ula drew a flat tool kit from her dress to reveal several rune-etched needles of silvery metal, a small pair of scissors, and a stitch cutter. With a touch and murmured word these devices sprang to life and moved to her will. With expert swiftness she threaded each needle and set them to hovering, then went to work making her adjustments, drawing in or letting out where needed, switching out a couple of panels of the skirt to make it move better for Moriko’s needs, and other small adjustments as well as finishing up the edges. She was doing the work of at least a dozen normal skilled seamstresses with the added advantage of not getting in her own way.
In less than half an hour Moriko had a brand new dress ready for her to head out on the town with the princesses, and her normal soft boots would do well enough for this. Then it was time for accessories. The four princesses were definitely showing off, every place they brought Moriko to had deadly options, many of which were close enough to the weapons Moriko had trained in to be useful to her.
Fancy, delicate-looking fans had ribbing of adamantine with concealed sharp tips. Parasols and umbrellas had options ranging from a short blade you could draw from the bottom like a dagger to a blade that could pop out from the top to make it into a small spear. The embroidery on slender gloves hid tiny metal studs, which were backed by thin but surprisingly tough leather to protect the skin beneath. Hairpins that doubled as thin knives. Weighted handbags. The list went on, and many were selected for Moriko with little chance for her to say no.
Then there was jewelry. Everywhere they went the royals compared several pieces on Moriko, and always bought at least one expensive piece, ‘for the shop owner’s time and trouble’ if nothing else. They were talking around a subject, but it became clearer towards the end of the shopping spree when Moriko was instructed to not wear any of the jewelry on the night of the dinner, it seemed that she would be loaned a small selection of royal jewelry for the duration of the evening.
During all of this Moriko got a better feel for her hosts. Princess Kagami was the one she felt closest to in many ways, they were both the eldest sibling of large families, and it showed in the ways she guided and subtly manipulated conversations of her sisters to keep the peace and avoid topics wandering too far afield. Kagami was also only two years younger than Moriko herself, though she had been married several years now. Her husband was a younger son from a southern barony
Princess Kitiara was not quite as stern as her cool expression and northern coloration suggested, but her composure was due in part to her focus on military matters. She was married to the daughter of a Marquess from the northern border, who would have been the heir were it not for the issue of producing more heirs. Moriko hesitated a moment before making a suggestion when she learned about this. “Um, if she wants to inherit, the two of you might consider visiting the Azeria clan? The kitsune are shape changers, and might know some magic to help you fix that issue temporarily?”
Kitiara gave a slight smile. “Thank you, but we have already considered that. Neither one of us is particularly interested in the role of father or mother here, and we’d both prefer to be on the front line if anything happened, so we’ve decided to keep things as they are.” It had been almost two hundred years since there were any official conflicts with the Trionean Empire, but even if relations were superficially friendly the different cultures were a source of constant tension along the border, and even without proof many were convinced that many of the bandits in the northern territories were financed by the empire.
Princess Tiriana, the one whose dress had been co-opted for Moriko and who was engaged to an elven noble, was the most enthusiastic about the shopping, and on more than one occasion had to be restrained by her sisters from buying even more things for Moriko. She hoped that the princess’s husband-to-be was well off because it seemed that the twenty-eight-year-old had little care about spending money. At least she seemed to have an eye for quality rather than wanting to buy every sparkling trinket, though that could get expensive fast too.
While Tiriana had the most enthusiasm, Bridgette had the most energy. Scarcely a year older than Kazue, she burned with a passionate intensity that would not be out of place at Sakiya’s monastery though her talents were more towards the magical than the martial. She did not have the sort of excitable distractability that the kitsune did however, she was much more focused and could wax on about her studies in magic given the slightest encouragement. It seems that her magic was fueled by one of their older bloodlines awakening, and gave her magic more akin to that of a druid than a wizard, though with a focus on fire as a medium of renewal.
Lady Yuriko was more reserved and seemed amused as she shadowed the group, though she did occasionally offer a suggestion or bit of guidance. Moriko was fairly certain that the kitsune represented more security than the rest of their guards combined.
Physically Moriko could easily keep up with even Bridgette for energy, but this sort of new socialization was a touch overwhelming and emotionally exhausting, so she was quite glad when the other women declared the shopping finished and that it was time for supper. She was ushered into a restaurant with a discreet, unmarked entrance, where they were then led to a private dining room after passing through a slightly more public area. The guardsmen that remained after packages were sent off to be delivered to Moriko’s room at the monastery took up stations in an outer room to the one where the women would be eating. Once orders were placed, the six of them were briefly alone for the first time since she had been ambushed, and Yuriko brought out a small blue orb and placed it on the table where it began to glow. She stared at it for a moment, then nodded. “Speak freely.”
Princess Kagami sighed as she relaxed, which surprised Moriko as she had not realized that the other woman had not been relaxed until that moment. “I think that went well. Moriko, I need to apologize for something. While we did want to help you shop for everything, there was another purpose. Circumstances have already led to you and your spouses being drawn into some royal secrets, so you now get to enjoy another. Lady Yuriko here is also our current spymaster, as is tradition for the Azeria Clan advisor. Our unofficial public appearance with you has allowed her agents to watch the reactions of surprised folk, and are undoubtedly keeping track of the actions of anyone suspicious.” She gave Moriko a grin. “We may be a peaceful kingdom, but even with our advantages there is some internal dissent, and there are a few external threats. So it’s best to keep track of people who react the most to this sort of surprise information. We can’t keep your dungeon a secret, so we might as well take advantage of the situation.” Kagami then turned toward Yuriko with a lightly scolding tone. “As for you, you know very well that Mistress Ula hates it when you surprise her like that. This is why we do half our shopping when you are otherwise occupied.”
Yuriko made a small show of looking repentant, but Moriko rather doubted the sincerity of it. See, this was why she was nervous about dealing with nobility, none of this had even occurred to her as a layer of what was happening. It might not be as bad as she had been imagining for a public court, but she really hated not knowing or understanding what was going on around her with people that were supposed to be her allies.
Kitiara chuckled at Moriko’s expression. “You wear your thoughts on your face when you aren’t guarded. I understand and agree, that’s part of why my wife Catherine and I have decided to leave things be when it comes to potentially inheriting the position of Marquess. We’ll keep our focus on defending the northern border with our strength of arms, and let this lot deal with politics.”
Moriko blushed slightly at being caught out, and it did not help that she could hear Mordecai laughing in the back of her head. He was curious about something however, and Moriko decided to at least bring it up. “Ah, that brings up a topic. Maybe it would be best to cover it later, but I can let you know now. Our ‘open-mindedness’ when it comes to romance surprises him a touch, especially when it comes to nobility. He doesn’t think it was allowed so openly when he was around previously.”
Kagami held up a finger and the others all waited while she thought. After a few moments, she nodded as she made a decision. “I think it will take up more time than we have to go over such questions in detail. While we will answer what you need to know so that we can hopefully write up an official treaty, I’ll make sure we pull together a copy of the founding charter and subsequent changes to help give all of you a better understanding of how everything works in this kingdom.” She smiled slightly. “I take it you are not a history buff, and only really concerned yourself with rules that affected you? Don’t worry, that’s how most people in any nation deal with laws, but you have found yourself in a position where you need to know more.”
Moriko smiled at that. “Guilty. Oh, Mordecai is asking why you are being so generous with our shopping and with some of your secrets?” She gestured towards Yuriko, their recently revealed spymaster.
“Ah, that one is easy.” Lady Yuriko said. “Having a dungeon near our kingdom is unprecedented, and we want to get ahead of other people’s responses. You are technically situated inside the range set aside for all the various mountain tribes to maintain their own governments outside of our or Danuana’s political or legal systems, but you and your wife are citizens of Kuiccihan, so the situation is complicated. What we are hoping for in broad scope is to convince the three of you to sign an alliance treaty that would make your territory a sovereign vassal. This is not as constraining as a standard suzerain-vassal relationship, not only is control of your territory strictly your own but you have the freedom to work on your own foreign relations separately, given that they do not conflict with the security of Kuiccihan. So to be blunt, we are offering both wealth and access to some of our secrets to entice you to trust us, and we do so with the anticipation that this will be beneficial in the long term for our kingdom.”
So a bribe in other words. “And this is all to help warm us up to the idea?”
Bridgette pouted a little at Moriko’s tone. “Don’t be like that. You are effectively our peer, and we have good reason to consider you truly a friendly state. We normally have to be super careful about making people close friends, but you were thrust into this position and we have a lot of information about you from the temple, so we want to make you a real friend. We just have to also deal with all the other stuff at the same time.” Crap, the girl’s sad face was almost as effective as Kazue’s, she just didn’t have ears or tails that could droop.
<<Previous Start Next >>
My Discord if you would like to talk about the book or see what else I am up to (I also try to stream once a week, but that's strictly hobby level).
My Patreon if you want to support me directly.
Also to be found on Royal Road.
$3 Patreon: Early chapters, lore excerpts $5 Patreon: Short Stories $10 Patreon: New stories not published anywhere else (Until after I finish this story at least)
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2023.05.29 08:33 Holiday-Possible29 The Armored Terran 4

Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing pretty well. I got a bit of writer’s block for this one, so I’m sorry if it’s a bit lower quality than usual. Anyways, I hope that you enjoy!
First Previous Next
Speak of the devil, and he shall appear,” I said as I pressed accept on the call from the ambassador of Terra. “Ambassador Tobias, what can I do for you?” I immediately got a request for a holo-call, and only hesitated for a moment before clicking accept on my phone and putting it on the surface of the desk.
With that I saw the stern visage of the Ambassador projected into the air in front of me. In his earlier days, he would have been considered handsome. His graying hair was slicked back into a tight yet professional looking haircut that was popular among businessmen well over three centuries ago. I had thought that the haircut was completely extinct until I had the opportunity to meet him over a month ago when I decided to take this job. He looked at me sternly, wrinkles creasing even more to make him look older than he already was. “We both know that I don’t have time for pleasantries, so how about we skip those and get to why I called.” I nodded. “Alright, please state your full name and identification number for the record.”
I sighed. No getting out of this now. “Alex Davis, ID number 7992255.”
“Your mech’s quantum communicator shows that your mech is out of action. Care to explain how that happened?”
“Yes sir, I would love to.” And so, I started my story, from the conversation with Aeva to repelling the boarders to the explosive that ultimately caused this whole mess to begin with.
The ambassador nodded along and asked a few clarifying questions. “And where are you right now? Clearly this ‘Aeva’ person knows, but how many others know? And don’t give me a lowball number either, give me your worst-case guess.”
“Well, right now I’m in the captain’s ready room, with the Captain and Aeva.” I lowered my voice for the next bit, “and for how many people saw me, I would have to say the entire bridge crew, and anyone that we might have stumbled across while on transit to the bridge. They were taking pictures as well, so God knows where those were going. But for those that saw me firsthand, I would have to say at least fifty people.”
The ambassador buried his hands in his face and sighed. “Dammit, do you know how much shit this is going to put humanity into? We were just normalizing relations with the various members of the galactic community, and now everything that humanity has built over the last two and a half years is going to topple like a house of cards, as soon as the galactic news cycle restarts in about an hour, but I give it ten minutes before your image floods the galactic net. If you had just followed protocol like you were supposed to, then none of this would have happened!” I couldn't help but feel offended. He was right, though. If I had just made my way to the “panic room” inside the mech I probably would have been fine, and the cat would have stayed in the bag for at least a couple more hours.
“Hey!” I heard as Aeva loomed over my left shoulder. “Alex couldn’t have predicted any of this! It’s not his fault that he was following procedure of the galactic community when he charged into that airlock! By doing that, he saved the lives of whoever would have gone into that airlock instead of him!”
The ambassador moved his cold, stern stare to the alien looming over me. “And who the hell are you to butt into a conversation that you have no business participating in?” I saw Aeva visibly flinch at the intensity of the ambassador, the fight in their eyes slowly fading away as they slowly leaned back into a neutral sitting position.
“Hey, don’t talk to Aeva like that! When the mech was damaged beyond repair, they were the only one that rushed to my aid and tried to help me despite not knowing what was going on!” I said defensively.
He then looked back at me. The river of sweat that I had running down my back started back up again from the pure venom that I could see in his eyes. “I will be having a conversation with the United Terran Security Council about this. Expect me to get back to you within ten minutes. Until then, I suggest that you go back to your cabin or somewhere equally safe and hole up there.” He turned to the captain, his face softening slightly. “Could I get your contact information? I feel like what I have been told today will probably require you to change course to Terran space, so when that decision is reached, I would rather not have to go through Mr. Davis here to get that information to you.”
The captain flexed her tentacles in a fashion that I recognized as acknowledgment. “It would be pretty difficult to just change our entire route based purely on the overreactions of politicians, but I’ll see what I can do.”
The ambassador nodded his head. “Rest assured, whatever the security council decides to do, you will be fairly compensated for your time and efforts.” He turned back to me. “I will get back to you as soon as the security council makes their decision. Until then, keep yourself safe.”
I nodded my head. “Thank you, ambassador, I’ll try to do that. Oh, and tell the boys over in R&D that their mech couldn’t even stand up to that explosion, and that I’m more pissed about that than anything else today.”
For the first time this whole conversation, he cracked a smile. “I’ll have to let them know. I don’t know how long it’ll be before the next iteration comes out, but I’m sure that your feedback is appreciated.” And with that, the call was terminated.
The captain gave a heavy sigh and started massaging her head with renewed vigor. “That was one intense conversation, thank the Tribunal that it’s over.” She then looked at me. “You should probably get to your cabin, it’s probably the safest for you there.”
“You’re probably right ma’am. I’m sorry things ended up this way.” I said with genuine regret.
She waved her tentacles dismissively. “Don’t apologize for the asteroid that happened to hit you.” That must have been a saying in the captain's culture. “Aeva, would you be so kind to take Alex here to his quarters?”
The giant raptor nodded at the captain and placed their hand back on the desk for me to climb onto. “Thanks,” I said as I clambered onto their shoulder for the second time today.
We stood in silence as we took the elevator back down to the floor that we both lived on, and we happened to pass by the ruined mech, still lying where we left it. “Hang on,” I said.
Aeva stopped and looked down at me. “What? Why?”
“Just set me down on the face of the mech, I just want to check a few things. They complied and set me down near the opening that was my escape from it not even ten minutes ago. I clambered into the pilot’s chair and connected my phone to the central computer through a cord in the seat. With all of that done, I ran the diagnostics program one more time. The list of things wrong with the mech looked more like a barcode than an actual list, and from the looks of it, there was only a small chance that I could get this hunk of junk in working order again.
“What are you doing?” came Aeva’s voice as they looked curiously into the cockpit of the mech.
I sighed as I looked at my potential to do list. “Well, I’m assessing if it would be worth it to try and get this thing operating again. At least then I won’t be at risk of being crushed to death whenever I want to get food from the cafeteria.” I looked back at the phone. It would take some doing, but fortunately I have most of the materials I need, I would just have to get ahold of the fabricator on the ship to make what I don’t already have. I looked back up to Aeva. “I think I can get it working again, but I think I’ll need some help getting this to my cabin, among other things.”
They nodded their head. “Alright, I’ll be happy to help.”
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