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DessertPorn: "The stomach is a dream factory."

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Cakes, pies, ice cream, brownies, cookies, cupcakes, and even breakfast foods that are sweet (pastries, pancakes, waffles...). Eating them is great, but desserts are also delicious to look at. Post your pictures of them here! You can post art of desserts as well.

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Celebrating silent movies by making GIFs out of them

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A fan community for any fan-created content: art, remixes of classic Nintendo music, jokes, you name it! All casual content is welcome on casualnintendo!

2023.06.04 15:13 Kushal2p photo sent from esp32 according to serial monitor but not received on telegram. this seems to be a common issue but couldnt find any solution. please help.

/******************************************************************* A telegram bot for your ESP32 that demonstrates sending an image from SD. Parts: ESP32 D1 Mini stlye Dev board* - (or any ESP32 board) = Affilate If you find what I do useful and would like to support me, please consider becoming a sponsor on Github Example originally written by Vadim Sinitski Library written by Brian Lough YouTube: Tindie: Twitter: *******************************************************************/ #include  #include  #include  #include  #include  #include  // Wifi network station credentials #define WIFI_SSID "Dlink" #define WIFI_PASSWORD "xxxx" // Telegram BOT Token (Get from Botfather) #define BOT_TOKEN "xxxxxx:AxxxxxxxxxxxVVnwvAqxxxxxxxxxC8" const unsigned long BOT_MTBS = 1000; // mean time between scan messages #define SD_CS 5 unsigned long bot_lasttime; // last time messages' scan has been done WiFiClientSecure secured_client; UniversalTelegramBot bot(BOT_TOKEN, secured_client); File myFile; bool isMoreDataAvailable(); byte getNextByte(); bool isMoreDataAvailable() { return myFile.available(); } byte getNextByte() { return; } void handleNewMessages(int numNewMessages) { String chat_id = bot.messages[0].chat_id; String file_name = "/box.jpg"; myFile =; if (myFile) { Serial.print(file_name); Serial.print("...."); Serial.println("Chat ID: " + chat_id); Serial.print("Image file size: "); Serial.println(myFile.size()); //Content type for PNG image/png String sent = bot.sendPhotoByBinary(chat_id, "image/jpeg", myFile.size(), isMoreDataAvailable, getNextByte, nullptr, nullptr); if (sent) { Serial.println("was successfully sent"); } else { Serial.println("was not sent"); } myFile.close(); } else { // if the file didn't open, print an error: Serial.println("error opening photo"); } } void setup() { Serial.begin(115200); Serial.println(); Serial.print("Initializing SD card...."); if (!SD.begin(SD_CS)) { Serial.println("failed!"); return; } Serial.println("done."); // attempt to connect to Wifi network: Serial.print("Connecting to Wifi SSID "); Serial.print(WIFI_SSID); WiFi.begin(WIFI_SSID, WIFI_PASSWORD); secured_client.setCACert(TELEGRAM_CERTIFICATE_ROOT); // Add root certificate for while (WiFi.status() != WL_CONNECTED) { Serial.print("."); delay(500); } Serial.print("\nWiFi connected. IP address: "); Serial.println(WiFi.localIP()); Serial.print("Retrieving time: "); configTime(0, 0, ""); // get UTC time via NTP time_t now = time(nullptr); while (now < 24 * 3600) { Serial.print("."); delay(100); now = time(nullptr); } Serial.println(now); } void loop() { if (millis() - bot_lasttime > BOT_MTBS) { int numNewMessages = bot.getUpdates(bot.last_message_received + 1); while (numNewMessages) { Serial.println("got response"); handleNewMessages(numNewMessages); numNewMessages = bot.getUpdates(bot.last_message_received + 1); } bot_lasttime = millis(); } } 
this is code i am using. its a example code and i have put in the botid properly.
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2023.06.04 15:06 Glittering-Football9 Super Photo-realistic Stable Diffusion Images

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2023.06.04 15:02 Lollypop081MLE An mj conspiracy theory that is hated mostly because of its creator (and I don't believe the theory too)

Alright my first post here
So this is mostly expanding from a content I made under a post about mj conspiracy theories in the regular mj subreddit.
This theory argued that Michael was never born a Jackson but is rather the love child of Diana Ross, lead of the Supremes, and Smokey Robinson, lead of the miracles and the king of Motown (or as I like to call it the "Michael Jackson is Michael Ross Robinson" theory).
The theory goes that Diana and Smokey had hooked up in the fall of 1957 while Smokey was committed to someone else (who he eventually married) and somehow, Diana got pregnant with Michael (supposedly). When news of a little teenage girl spread and reached Smokey's music business partner, Berry Gordy (whom the pair met in 1957 to form Motown just a couple years later), he was horrified. He feared that with news that Smokey Robinson, then 17/18 and rising star, getting a 13/14 and future star in Diana Ross pregnant, that would destroy everything before everything began properly. Plus this was the height of the Civil rights movement so they wanted that picture perfect image. So, Berry got into contact with Joe Jackson (Michael's father) and arranged for Diana's baby to be raised as a Jackson and live with them until the time came. As we all know, Michael became a star at a young age with his brothersin the Jackson 5. But it was around this time in 1970 was when Michael was living with Diana and she told him the truth and he was forever scarred. That, the theory argues, is why Michael was innocent because he was an abandoned child, an outcast in his adopted family and his birth family refusing to take him back all to keep the Motown secret under wraps.
That is just the summary of the theory. It's evidence include (but not limited to) Billie Jean being about Michael learning he was Diana's love child, his physical appearance (even pre surgery, pre Pepsi, and pre vitiligo diagnosis) and his mannerisms and style were similar to Diana and Smokey, Smokey calling Michael "the one", Diana jokingly calling Michael her child in early interviews, and the Jackson family were inferior talentwise to that of Michael who was definitely superior (even calling his sister Janet nothing more than a female impersonator).
As we all know, without DNA evidence, photos of Diana with a baby bump in 1958, or a certificate of live birth for Michael, I don't buy this theory (although with interesting pieces of circumstantial evidences and song analysis). Michael was and always will be a Jackson.
However, even with everyone using evidence to disprove the theory, the creator of the theory and his followers disagree.
The theory was created by John Odinham who also created the YouTube channel An American Scheme to share the theory (or as he claims, Michael's real and true story) and to get everyone, especially those in the mj community to talk about it, except with no respect. He has thrown insults at mj content creators, made a now deleted video where he dreamed of one mj fan dying in a fire despite the fact that she was and still is dealing with mental health struggles, called mj fans take and frauds, went after content creators' families and insulted their character (and mind you, he did this on a secondary channel he created call A Sports Reckoning), etc. I can go on all day. His top supporter, James L was the one the created the subreddit with the theory and all the evidence that supports it (either from him or from a couple other contributors). He has even told people who debunk that we're just reciting the official story that is no longer fact. He has been banned from reddit multiple times (since he also spreads other harmful theories himself like the flat earth theory) and has often cross post the theory into other subreddit including the mj subreddit.
I just want to know you guys opinions on the theory itself, an American Scheme himself and his entire YouTube channel and secondary channel (whether you heard of him or just hearing about it today), and the an American Scheme subreddit. I think the theory is not true and the scheme head as I like to call him has severe mental problems and and his bullying attitude and behavior towards others who don't want to talk about his theory simply call him out should have gotten him terminated from YouTube a long time ago.
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2023.06.04 15:02 callicocallie 6/4/23 - ISO, Selling, and Trading Megathread

***The two separate weekly threads that were going on in this subreddit have been merged for now. Feel free to comment any separate or combined ISOs, items for sale, and items for trade on this weekly post.**\*

All ISO related posts should be commented in this megathread from now on. Individual ISO posts will be removed.

Please review the selling & trading rules before commenting. As a reminder, your Reddit account should be at least one month old if you want to sell or trade.
The basic rules are (but PLEASE review the full rules):
There are a lot of scammers out there or bad sellers so these rules are in place to help protect the members of this subreddit. There are new members joining every day and some people are completely new to Reddit. No worries if you make some mistakes. PLEASE be wary about selling or trading to ANYONE who does not want to follow these rules (i.e. not uploading a photo and listing a clear price).
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2023.06.04 14:57 sonofabutch June 4, 1923: Jockey Frank Hayes wins the only horse race of his career... posthumously. Just after his horse crosses the finish line, he tumbles dead from the saddle!

Frank Hayes -- who, according to some sources was 22 years old, and others 35 years old -- would win his first and only race in his tragic ride aboard a horse named Sweet Kiss... a horse that would later come to be known by the macabre nickname "Sweet Kiss of Death"!
The photo shows Hayes aboard Sweet Kiss during the steeplechase race at Belmont Park! The amazing photo is in the collection of the Keeneland Library, which has an extensive archive of materials related to horse racing.
“The fact that we have a photograph of Hayes on Sweet Kiss mid-jump that day is pretty incredible as the photographers of that period for which we are the repository of record did not specialize in steeplechase coverage.” -- Roda Ferraro, head librarian of Keeneland Library
Sweet Kiss won the steeplechase by either a head, according to some sources, or a length, according to others, over the favorite, Gimme. Sources also differ on whether Sweet Kiss was a 20-1 underdog, or the second favorite at 5-1.
But all agree that after the horse crossed the finish line, Hayes fell from the saddle.
The track doctor ran over to examine Hayes and pronounced him dead on the spot. But it's unknown if he died during or just after the race. It was obvious he was alive when the horse jumped the final fence, but it's unknown if he died during the race, or if he died after he tumbled from the saddle.
Hayes was valiantly but weakly tugging at the bridle as death gripped his heart and the mists swam before his eyes. Sweet Kiss cantered 100 yards further and stopped. The jockey crumpled in the saddle, slipped slowly over his mount's sides, fell face downward and lay still. -- The Auburn Citizen
Newspapers of the day had a field day with their stories. “The grim reaper paid a sensational visit to the Belmont Park track yesterday," the Brooklyn Daily Eagle reported.
The day before the race, a replacement jockey was needed. Hayes, a stablehand who had always been asking to be a jockey, was told he could ride Sweet Kiss -- if he lost 12 pounds in 24 hours to get under the maximum weight of 130 pounds.
“This morning he spent several hours on the road, jogging off surplus weight. He strove and sweated and denied himself water and when he climbed into the saddle at post time he was weak and tired.” -- The Buffalo Morning Express
Hayes made the weight, but the stress took its toll. He was buried in his riding silks.
It was Hayes's first, and obviously last, race. But supposedly it also was the last race for Sweet Kiss, who was nicknamed "Sweet Kiss of Death." In any event, the win was reportedly the only one in the career of both the jockey and the horse.
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2023.06.04 14:53 mochingenue i baked a cake for a guy that changed my life

i baked a cake for a guy that changed my life
Skyblock teaches us that no matter how ridiculous the odds may seem, within us resides the power to overcome these challenges and achieve something beautiful. That, one day, we'll look back at where we started and be amazed by how far we've come.
it's not an exaggeration to say that I probably wouldn't be where I am right now in life without Techno. So, thank you, big guy, and happy birthday.
please excuse the slightly dark photo? i edited on a dark-mode app, so if it looks weird on light-mode reddit like it is on my brand new account, uh, whoops ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Heard from Technodad that he liked roses and dandelions, and chocolate frosting on chocolate cake. So here's... well, that! I lit a candle, made a wish with my dad, and cut the cake up to share with friends and family.
I know it's late! Sorry about that; >! I planned on baking this cake for a whole month leading up to the date itself, recorded a process video and everything, but once it was done, I thought really hard for a long time about whether I should post this at all. But last night, I heard a song that made me think of him, and felt compelled. So I didn't prepare anything to say, and made a brand new reddit account to post this. Also, before y'all roast my skills, this is my first ever full-size cake, and my first time frosting anything ever, so please be kind! !<
>! and if you're still reading this, let me tell you a bit about the "artistic interpretation" of the phrase I chose to write. Yeah, it's short because I wouldn't be able to fit the whole thing on the cake, but also, when separated from the rest of the quote, it becomes a statement. How far we've come. I'm so proud of this community for where it is now (tbh I lurk on Technodad's reddit to see how everyone's doing), and I'm also proud and thankful that you're here, with me, reading this. Sometimes there are dark days, but we've pushed through thus far. Look at how far we've come; let's keep going, we got this <3 ok im gonna post this before i ruminate it for another week lol
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2023.06.04 14:50 ThrowRAwaymyheart How can I(M25) forget her(F24) ?

TL;DR: I (24M) met M (23) on Bumble and was captivated by her from the start. We had an incredible time together during her visit, and I fell deeply in love. However, she was uncertain about us, and our communication faded. Now I'm heartbroken and finding it difficult to let go.
I (24M), let's call me J, met M (23) on Bumble. From the beginning, there was something enchanting about her. Despite our conversations being fairly ordinary, I found myself having an incredible time. Whenever she took a while to text back, I eagerly awaited her response. And when her message finally arrived, it brought a smile to my face, making me feel like a complete idiot. I couldn't stop thinking about how genuine, caring, beautiful, and cute she seemed.
After a couple of months of talking, she decided to visit my country for a pre-planned vacation. It felt like fate had intervened. Meeting her in person only intensified my enchantment. She was even more stunning than her pictures. I vividly remember her sweet voice, caring eyes, and alluring perfume. When she hugged me first, my heart skipped a beat. Though I had to send her back to her hotel since I could only meet her at night, I felt both sad that we had to part so soon and grateful for that she met me even if it late.
The next day, I woke up with childlike excitement, eagerly awaiting her arrival. I spent the day waiting for her, buying flowers and a cake to celebrate her upcoming birthday, even though it was still a couple of months away. Finally, she arrived, we shared some cake and we sat on the same bed, sharing random facts about ourselves. She was incredibly honest and open, creating an environment where I felt completely unjudged. Every time she covered her mouth while laughing, it only made me think how cute she was.
We lay down together on the small bed, gazing into each other's eyes. I remember how she asked me to tickle her arms as we cuddled. Eventually, she fell asleep in my arms, and all I could think about was how lucky I was to have met her and how beautiful she looked. Her silky hair felt amazing as I ran my fingers through it. Even in her pajamas, she looked adorable. Every kiss we shared is etched in my memory.
I recall the moment when, caught off guard, I said "I love you." I felt a mix of surprise and fear, but seeing her smile and hold me tighter brought immense relief and happiness. Waking up next to her, knowing it wasn't a dream, filled me with elation. Watching her get ready for our date gave me butterflies, and I felt incredibly special when she allowed me to hold her hand in public, despite her discomfort with public displays of affection. I thought she looked beautiful in every outfit she chose while we shopped.
As the time came for us to return to our hotel, I remember the sadness in her eyes. She sat on my lap, hugging me tightly, asking me to stay a little longer. It was when I was leaving that she uttered the words "I love you" for the first time, and it felt like I was in heaven. After she told me she wasn't sure yet I made the decision to wait until she was ready to officially be my significant other. I remember how I spontaneously canceled my flight and told the taxi to go back to the hotel so I could spend more time with her. Seeing the surprise on her face when I returned warmed my heart, and I cherished every moment, staying up for as long as I could so I would never forget the sensation of her in my arms.
Eventually, the time came for her vacation to end, and she had to return to her home country. I made plans to visit her as soon as I had the opportunity. However, over time, her texts became less frequent, and my heart shattered when she said she couldn't give me the answer I hoped for. Despite that, I promised to wait for her, no matter how long it took. Sadly, our communication dwindled until we practically stopped talking altogether.
Now, after six months, every day brings painful memories. My heart cracks a little more with each recollection. The desire to reach out to her one more time consumes me. I'm losing hope, and the despair grows because deep down, I know I will never be able to forget...
Is there a way to move on or do I just have to hope that will solve it ?
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2023.06.04 14:50 Reptarticle I posted two photos in here last night…

One of them being Luke wielding Mjolnir. I tried to post my attempt at serious photos and now the same doesn’t allow images to be posted.
What’s the story morning glory?
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2023.06.04 14:50 sbsmithjax Photos Mobile impossible problem! Synology iOS photos mobile app will not backup RAW/dng files to my NAS

First, I'm a photographer, with iPhone 14 pro, shoot many proraw iPhone photos. My wife has the EXACT same setup. We both use the synology iOS app Photos Mobile.
Here phone photos backs-up to our synology NAS, including all DNG photos she takes. My phone app, when backing up using the Photos Mobile app, converts all of my images to jpg . Maddening!
I have searched hours and hours and made sure all of the setting are aligned:
BRILLIANT PEOPLE: Can anyone offer ideas why I can not get the DNG photos to backup. iCloud photo has all of the DNG files, no problem.

Stephen Cary, NC USA
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2023.06.04 14:47 PlantLover0603 My husband did nothing for our first wedding anniversary

Hi all,
A little vent/need advice. Yesterday was my husband and my first wedding anniversary. The day was nice as the kids had big sports events that day. After the kids were all in bed I gave hubby the thoughtful gifts I bought/made for the paper year. I got a wedding photo printed out, bought a bigger frame, used a beautiful scrap book lace paper as the background and stamped hearts out wedding cards and glued them all around. I also got a leather journal for us to write in for anniversaries, birthdays, etc so our love is all in one place. His mother even left us a gift on our porch. He then obviously felt like a POS and the word vomit started to come out. He didn't take it serious cause there's been everything else on his plate and also didn't think it was a big deal. He also thought well which anniversary are we celebrating our first date one or wedding one. Even if it was the case where he did something big for our first date anniversary He still didn't even put any thought into the day at all (he got me flowers and called it good on our first date anniversary). He is usually a gift giver so the whole love language being opposite of that is not it. I guess I can't even say I expected a gift. I expected some thought put into the evening of like a back rub or even a handmade card? I explained to him that I was a bit hurt and he just said everything above. Idk what I'm looking for in posting this. I just needed to share and get it off my chest.
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2023.06.04 14:37 transcribersofreddit BrandNewSentence Image "Looking at pictures online of people trying to take photos of mirrors they want to sell is my new thing..."

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2023.06.04 14:29 tinyhermione Question about rating system

Where do y'all live where 1 out of 3 women look like Brie Larsson and Sarah Roemer? These are women who are have careers and incomed that are in big parts based on their looks. It's not random women from Safeway.
I get wanting to grade after a normal distribution, but this just doesn't seem in line with reality.
Edit: not being salty, just curious. I'd never post my photo on Reddit in the first place, so that's not it. I just feel like if a young Brie Larsson went to your high school, she'd be the Hot Girl.
Idk, it's not every third girl you see on the subway.
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2023.06.04 14:28 Angel466 [Bob the hobo] A Celestial Wars Spin-Off Part 0840

[Previous Chapter] [The Beginning] [Patreon+2]
Tucker Portsmith’s head pounded so hard he felt like a blood vessel was about to explode behind his eyes. All week he had been dividing his time between trying to find out why he and Helen were no longer permitted to see Alex and doing what was necessary to distance the company from Dyadron to listening to Helen rail about the failings of Pensacola, the US Navy and him as a father and a husband.
He knew he couldn’t contact anyone in the Pentagon for answers. Not after NCIS Director Scott Dyson contacted him via a video call to tell him to his face to stop asking questions that wouldn’t be answered at this time. No matter how hard he tried to word it differently, to get even a hint of what was going on, the director shut him down. Hard. And then, he ended the call with a warning not to interfere. In any way. That they would contact him when they were ready.
Helen, of course, insisted he call the director back and demand the answers she wanted. She hadn’t taken ‘No’ well, but as much as she huffed and puffed, she would not budge him when his actions reflected on his business life. There were times to draw a line for the family and fight for what was right. When the entire US Military was telling you to stand down or risk going to jail and losing everything … that was not one of them.
Last night had been the first real night’s sleep he’d had all week, for they’d severed the last tie with Dyadron and were now completely clear of that nightmare. He might’ve had a drink or ten in private celebration of their achievements and promised Phillipa a steak and lobster dinner once a week for the rest of her life for her part in it. Right after he shook her senseless for not taking better care of herself. She’d been riding his backside about not overdoing it for so long it never occurred to him to do it for her. A mistake he wouldn’t repeat going forward, to be sure.
And now, he had visitors at—he squinted at the glowing timepiece on his side table—WTF o’clock in the morning! The pounding the door to the penthouse apartment took would’ve been heard throughout the building, made worse by the fact it was 5 am. He’d ignored the pounding at first, thinking Helen would answer the door, but when it continued relentlessly, he assumed she had already left to do one of her many daily workouts and dragged himself out of bed.
He tossed on a robe but forwent the slippers in his haste to reach the door. He tied the robe while in motion. “Coming!” he called because, of course, if Helen was gone, Donald would be with her, and he’d be alone. So far, that had suited him, as he’d been able to get a lot of work done without the interruptions.
He looked at the screen and was stunned to see four people crammed into the video image. Two in naval attire (he never did go into the whole who did what rank thing outside of Alex’s rank of Petty Officer) and two ill-fitting suits that made them either detectives or FBI.
The closest in a business suit had his fist raised to pound some more.
“Wait!” Tucker barked, unlocking the door from the inside and opening it just enough to stand in the way. “Can I help you?”
The plain-clothes person that had been beating on his door held up her badge for Tucker to see, along with a piece of paper folded into three, which she pushed into Tucker’s hand on his way past. “Federal agents. We need to conduct a search of your apartment, sir, and you need to step aside. We have a warrant.”
“A warrant for what?” Tucker demanded, opening the letter to skim the contents. In the central portion of the letter was Alexander’s name.
They’re searching for Alex?!
“Are you insane?” he demanded as the rest of them followed the woman’s lead and muscled their way in. “Alex is in a coma! In the hospital! Why …?!” And then his sleep-deprived, mildly alcohol-infused, aching brain kicked in, and he whirled on the people who were sweeping into the living room. “Where is my son?!” he demanded, storming after the four. He caught up with the closest one, who happened to be navy and went to grab her when her partner stepped between them.
“Don’t be touching her, sir. Just stand over there. This won’t take long.”
“Someone had better tell me what the hell is going on! How did you even get a warrant at this ungodly hour?! Based on what? That we’re his parents, and we’re here because he’s in a coma?!”
He watched them head up the hall and try to strongarm the first door, which was locked. “NO!” he shouted, trying without success to push against the man holding him back. “You can’t go in there!”
“That warrant says we can check everything, Mister Portsmith…”
“That room contains access to military secrets that I assure you are NOT on any goddamn warrant, and this says you’re looking for Alexander. That’s fine. I’ll unlock the door, go in first and remove my computer, and you can search to your heart’s content for a comatose patient who isn’t here.”
When the four looked amongst themselves, Tucker straightened and said in his most authoritative voice, “The contents of that room go way above your pay grade, ladies and gentlemen. If you force your way into that room based on the information on this warrant, I assure you, the Pentagon will land on you so hard your families will forget what you look like by the time they see you again.” He stood his ground, knowing he looked as intimidating as a homeless puppy in his robe, but nevertheless, there was a reason he never left that room unlocked.
Finally, the male FBI agent stepped back and gestured at the door. “Unlock it, sir. You may follow me in and collect your computer. I assumed it’s powered down?”
“Of course. My keys are in my bedroom. The master suite, third door on the left in a drawer that can’t possibly contain my son, so you have no reason to open it.” Since the agent was the first to listen to reason, Tucker addressed him. “Let me know when I’m clear to go in there and get them.”
The agent gestured for the sailors to move ahead of them, and when he came back a few minutes later, silently shaking his head, the agent said. “If you’ll come with me, Mister Portsmith.”
Tucker hated being directed like this, but until he could lay his hand on his phone and unleash the avalanche of lawyers that he had at his disposal, he wasn’t sure what was and wasn’t acceptable in this situation. It wasn’t often feds and the military joined forces on things.
He opened the drawer and collected his keys while his other hand holding the warrant palmed his phone off its charging plate. As they went back to the office, he snapped a photo of the insidious document and sent it to his lawyers’ cell phones. Yes, multiple, because it wasn’t just one senior partner that took care of their legal needs but three.
“What did you just do?” the female agent demanded, pulling Tucker’s hands apart.
“I just sent this warrant to my lawyers in New York. You’d better hope you know exactly what you’re doing because…”
His phone immediately exploded with incoming calls, which had him smiling caustically at the woman. Without seeing who had reached him first, he used his thumb to connect the call and put it on speaker.
“Who is executing the warrant?” Julian Santos demanded, his deep baritone voice filling the hallway. The federal agent gave Tucker a disgusted look and gestured at the closed front door.
I don’t think so, junior. “Four, Julian. Two feds and two from the navy. They haven’t specifically identified themselves yet, and they want me to unlock my office door…”
“Don’t you dare! The warrant only demands a search of your present accommodations. It does not include any rooms that fall under the banner of Portsmith Electronics. Those require a very different set of warrants that need to be issued directly from either Washington or the Pentagon, and I doubt you have those at the ready, correct agent?”
“We have the authority to search…” the male agent insisted but was cut off by the three-thousand-dollar an hour attorney.
“Do not unlock that door, Tucker. Even as we speak, I have people in Florida moving to have that search warrant quashed. It’ll be gone in just a few minutes.”
“Until then, this is a valid warrant.” The man turned and quickly gestured for the three with him to fan out, searching the penthouse apartment as fast and thoroughly as they could before the counter-injunction was handled.
Well, well, well. It seemed they were well aware of who they were squaring off with after all.
“Julian, I know Alex isn’t here. He’s been in a coma for over a week, and now they’ve lost him. If I go into my office and remove my computer, is there any harm in letting them search the office for Alex if only to make them go away?”
“Tucker, they’re not going away. The warrant gives them the authority to take you and Helen downtown for questioning.”
“Don’t worry. As I said, we’ll have a full team ready to move before you leave the apartment, which isn’t going to happen until more security is on hand for your laptop. Is Donald there?”
“He’s with Helen on her run.” The fact he had been locked inside the apartment for days and only ventured out when he was with Helen and, therefore, Donald was not something he was about to get into.
“Fine. I’ll get your office to organise a security detail for you and your computer. Stay put, don’t answer anything until we get there, and for Christ’s sake, leave me on speaker.” Tucker heard several tell-tale crackles in the line to indicate others had been patched into the call but had refrained from speaking.
It was a strange thing, but in Tucker’s head, he was picturing a virtual reality computer game where the enemy had him cornered until, one by one, his own team spawned around him to level the playing field … and then overwhelm it.
He didn’t hear Julian’s voice anymore and assumed he’d been muted so that the senior partner could bark out orders at whoever else was on the line with him.
“I guess you’re not an honourable man after all,” the male FBI agent said with a tight expression.
“Tell me why you think I’d break into a military hospital and kidnap my crippled son, and I’ll be the first to unlock that door.”
“Tucker!” Julian immediately came back onto the line.
“Relax, Julian. I have no idea what’s going on here, but they have no intention of telling me why they want Alex so badly.” Stiffening, he looked down at his phone. “Actually, make that a priority. There’s only so much the military can hide from us, especially if Alex was using family funds in any way to finance his situation. Have someone call Elias Stoll. He can track down Alex’s accounts and find out what he was up to that way.”
“NO!” the agents and the naval personnel all shouted at once.
“Tucker?” Julian queried, for the man wasn’t used to taking those types of directives any more than he was.
“If I do it, I’ll have to put you on hold,” he explained. The rest of that sentence went unspoken. If Julian wanted to remain an ear in the room, someone else had to do the legwork for him.
“Do not hang up,” Julian reiterated, and once more, Tucker was muted from the attorneys’ conversation.
And so began the dance of the law.
* * *
((All comments welcome. Good or bad, I'd love to hear your thoughts 🥰🤗))
I made a family tree/diagram of the Mystallian family that can be found here
For more of my work including WPs: Angel466 or an index of previous WPS here.
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2023.06.04 14:22 Rememorie Restored and colorized the photo of my grandpa from times he was working in Siberia (oil production), around 1980s as a gift for my mother's birthday

Restored and colorized the photo of my grandpa from times he was working in Siberia (oil production), around 1980s as a gift for my mother's birthday submitted by Rememorie to interestingasfuck [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 14:22 SadAstronautz Phyna receives N26M, all-expense paid trip to Ireland, money cake, and more from fans on 26th birthday -VIDEO

Phyna receives N26M, all-expense paid trip to Ireland, money cake, and more from fans on 26th birthday -VIDEO submitted by SadAstronautz to GuynowinUSA [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 14:22 SadAstronautz Phyna receives N26M, all-expense paid trip to Ireland, money cake, and more from fans on 26th birthday -VIDEO

Phyna receives N26M, all-expense paid trip to Ireland, money cake, and more from fans on 26th birthday -VIDEO submitted by SadAstronautz to u/SadAstronautz [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 14:22 Rememorie Restored and colorized the photo of my grandpa from times he was working in Siberia (oil production), around 1980s as a gift for my mother's birthday

Restored and colorized the photo of my grandpa from times he was working in Siberia (oil production), around 1980s as a gift for my mother's birthday submitted by Rememorie to OldSchoolCool [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 14:21 quantrpeter Image detection for resistor

hi, Is there any image detection for resistor, take a photo of my breadboard, detect every resistor values? thx
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2023.06.04 14:18 Rememorie Restored and colorized the photo of my grandpa from times he was working in Siberia (oil production), around 1980s as a gift for my mother's birthday 🎂

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2023.06.04 14:18 Spywin The Empire - The Company's Official News Source - #518 Issue:4th of Mid Year



ASPERMONT, WESTERLANDS - After spending a month in the Bahamas and the Seychelles, the most flamboyant Director, Avver finally gave his keys and his permission on West-Ministry to release the Imperial Gold Reserves.
On the 3rd of June, 2023, Irishkaiser has been empowered by the Assembly to make use of the Gold as he sees fit for the benefit of the clan and Company.
"We will punish premiums even more through the release of the Imperial Gold Reserves" Irish stated "They will pay..."
Now, all that's left is to mobilize a few volunteers for this job.


CARMI, AETERNOLIA - A discreet meeting with dignitaries is to take place during the June Reforms 2023 party in the politically and historically important city of Carmi/Karminople regarding future major projects the Company will back and be backed by.
Foreign dignitaries represented in the clan's history will participate and put forth their interests, concerns, agendas and proposals in this important summit. The meeting will take place behind closed doors and the party is just an excuse to get the ball rolling regarding these future major projects and cooperation the clan will have.
Contractors and other interested parties will also join and attempt to demonstrate their skills and products to be purchased by the Company and their foreign counterparts. These products include labor, manufacture, agriculture, chemical, software development and finance services all interplaying with one another yadda yadda yadda yadda
It's just gonna be use talking and planning stuff, OK?
EDITORIAL - De-Dollarization should be taken seriously as a threat.
Irishkaiser - American supremacy is reality. There is no denying their dominance in spite of how many other cultures and nations claim to be superior in other spheres and how other nations deridingly mention the term "American". The New World giant is of course not perfect and it has intervened and engaged in illegal and illicit activities, but when it comes to Great Powers, the Americans are by far more receptive of the ideology of freedom than any of the other competitors.
It would be foolish to think America has a chance of collapsing tomorrow and other powers will take its place but it is even more foolish to think that the collapse will never come or we should allow them to fester.
Steps and measures must be taken to prevent competitor currencies from hostile ideologies to become viable options, which the clan is categorically opposed to or else we will wake up penniless and under the mercy on the very homes our fathers fostered.
As the clan begins expanding to other activities in real life, including the clandestine business of a geopolitical nature, we find ourselves aligned ever more to the United States of America in the grand scheme of things. They are not perfect and are dirty even, but they are the cleanest white shirt and we need the best white shirt we can in the sea of laundry.
The enemy of my enemy is, after all, my friend.
TRADE - MineZ US Trade Mission
The Directory proudly announces that shrauger was right, I was wrong. It was a Trade Mission Day and that Leisure Week is this week. Here is the report from last week:
2 Iron Armor Sets
2 Diamond Swords
2 Infinity Bows
in exchange for
Buncha crap
-player killed with our gear shortly after being geared
-crossed carmi to romero
-steve skin told us to stop LARPing
-met 3 old players at portsmouth's graveyard
sold in romero and portsmouth
That's it really.
TRADE - MineZ US Trade
15 Cakes
15 Dollars
PvP Drill 200th Mass PvP Event - Asleep
Preserving the 200th Drill into a very very special event.
The 200th event will be marked by the Festival of Remembrance.
Issues and developments regarding the Brother War project have changed, following more deals and changes as according to the development cycle. The Brother War Event is no longer promised to be released this year - especially with consideration into coordinating commitments with other groups and players.
Shrauger cashed out his pay the other day not knowing he had 99 dollars literally waiting for him - thinking his birthday gift earlier this year was literally his pay.
The dumb shit only realized when he told everyone he was actually broke and then jokingly asked to be placed inside the budget during the draft proposals lol
Hmm do I come off as luxurious and corner all the old people with money... Or do I appeal to the kids and get the young pussy... Hmmm decisions decisions...
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2023.06.04 14:16 Junk0En0shlma Had forever, but what is it?

Had forever, but what is it?
So I've had this raised bump on top of my thumb for literally as long as I can remember. Well over a decade. But any time I've risked a Google search, and my lunch in the image section, I've never much been able to find what it is. I don't think it's a wart, and I've got calloused enough feet and palms to know it's not that. I've also had skin tags under arms and on the neck and it's nothing like that. I'm just curious. It doesn't cause me pain or anything except in winter if I'm regularly wearing mittens or something clearing snow and at that point I figure it's just irritated. But it's got two layers. There's the head, which is easily seen in the photo, but it's anchored by a very small, disc shaped base. It's also really firm, and it DID grow back after I was an idiot with clippers back in my teens.
Again, no pain, doesn't really get caught, nothing like that. But I'm curious what the scientific name of this kind of thing is and how people remove them.
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2023.06.04 14:12 notthatramsey [S][USA-OH] Sony A7RII (A7R2) with battery grip $795

A used A7RII in good condition. Shows some wear and some paint wear but operates great. Only real blemish is the rubber around the SD card door is loose—this does not impact the door or the seal or the function.
I used this for headshots and theatre photos. Great camera I just had the opportunity to upgrade to a newer model.
Comes with pictures items: body with cap, neewer battery grip, 2x neewer batteries, neewer charger, Sony charger and 1x Sony battery, and usb cable.
Images at
$795 $825 plus shipping using PayPal G&S
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