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Post recipes, pictures, or discuss your favorite desserts. Have any great recommendations for bakeries/sweet shoppes/amazing ice cream parlors that you just have to make a trip to in your lifetime? Put 'em here! Yum :)

2023.05.29 17:30 Cool_Nebula2498 Honeymoon itinerary advice

Hi all! I've been lurking the sub for a few days and have found so many of the post very helpful, so let me start off by saying thank you for those and TIA for any advice in response to this post.
My husband and I are traveling to Iceland June 8th-17th. We fly into Keflavik the morning of the 8th, staying in Reykjavik that night and then proceeding to do the full ring road. We have our accommodations booked (all airbnbs), a couple of tours and our rental car is an automatic Volkswagen Golf from átak car rental.
Other than where we are staying each night, we haven't fully mapped out our itinerary/options for each day and I would love some feedback and ideas to fill in the gaps. We are 27(F) and 32 (M), both very active former athletes and capable of medium difficulty hikes (I have a bad knee so can't do extreme hikes). We're big foodies, love nature and want to see as much wildlife as possible, especially puffins 😊 We're open to more tours if they're necessary to see/get somewhere but would prefer to adventure on our own.
Day 1 (June 8th): accommodations in Reykjavik Arrive in Reykjavik (8am), pick up rental car. Head to Thríhnúkagígur volcano/Golden circle. Return to Reykjavik and explore the city.
Day 2 (June 9th): accommodations in Arnarbælisvegur. Whale watching tour at 9am from Reykjavik. No other solidified plans.
Day 3 (June 10th): accommodations in Vik. Silfra snorkeling tour 11am. No other solidified plans.
Day 4 (June 11th): Katla ice cave tour from Vik 11:30am
Day 5 (June 12th): accommodations in Egilsstadir. No solidified plans.
Day 6 (June 13th): accommodations at Laugar. We'd like to see Lake Myvatn, but have no other solidified plans.
Day 7 (June 14th): accommodations at Laugar again. No solidified plans.
Day 8 (June 15th): accommodations at Hvammstangi. No solidified plans.
Day 9 (June 16th): accommodations in Reykjavik. Golden Circle.
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2023.05.29 17:29 Antique_Exit1478 This is amazing news, THERE HAVING A HOLIDAY SEQUEL

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2023.05.29 17:29 mialg Is there medicine for pearly penile papules?

Is there medicine for pearly penile papules?
Pearly Penile Papules (PPPs) are a common skin condition that affects many men. Despite being harmless, they can cause significant concern and anxiety due to their appearance. This article aims to explore the topic of PPPs and discuss the available treatment options.
While there is currently no specific medicine formulated solely for the treatment of PPPs, various medical interventions and home remedies can effectively manage the condition and alleviate the associated distress.
Understanding Pearly Penile Papules (approx. 200 words) Pearly Penile Papules are small, dome-shaped bumps that develop around the rim of the penis' head or the corona glandis. They usually appear in rows and have a characteristic pearly or flesh-colored appearance, hence the name. PPPs are not sexually transmitted, infectious, or cancerous.
They occur due to the natural variations in the anatomy of the male genitalia and are considered normal variants. Although the exact cause of PPPs remains unknown, they are believed to result from sebaceous gland overgrowth.

Treatment Options for Pearly Penile Papules

  1. Observation: In many cases, healthcare professionals recommend no treatment and simply monitor the condition. PPPs are harmless and do not pose any health risks. They are not contagious and do not affect sexual function or fertility. By choosing to observe the papules, men can avoid unnecessary medical interventions and allow the condition to naturally subside over time.
  2. CO2 Laser Treatment: CO2 laser treatment is a popular medical procedure used to remove PPPs. It involves using a high-energy laser beam to vaporize the papules. This treatment is generally considered safe and effective, with minimal scarring. However, it can be expensive and may require multiple sessions for complete removal. It is essential to consult with a qualified dermatologist or urologist before considering this option.
  3. Excisional Surgery: Excisional surgery involves the surgical removal of the papules using a scalpel or a similar instrument. This procedure is typically performed under local anesthesia, and the wound is sutured afterward. While excisional surgery can provide immediate results, it carries a higher risk of scarring and potential complications. It is usually reserved for severe cases or when other treatment options have been unsuccessful.
  4. Topical Treatments: Several over-the-counter creams, ointments, and solutions claim to reduce or eliminate PPPs. However, the effectiveness of these topical treatments is highly debated, and their results vary from person to person. It is crucial to exercise caution when using such products, as they may cause skin irritation or allergic reactions. Consulting with a healthcare professional before trying any topical treatment is advisable.
  5. Home Remedies: Some individuals may opt for natural remedies to manage PPPs, although their efficacy is not scientifically proven. Examples of home remedies include tea tree oil, castor oil, hydrogen peroxide, and various herbal extracts. While these remedies are generally safe, it is important to remember that self-treatment may not yield desired results, and professional guidance should always be sought.

Also, Pay Close Attention To This:

I have a confession to make. I tried everything to remove my pearly penile papules... But nothing worked! It was downright frustrating. I mean… with all the modern technology available, it’s hard to believe there is no way of getting rid of them. Eventually, I became desperate. Hell, I even resorted to crazy ideas like… Painfully picking the bumps off, Using iodine and Home freezing kits. But they were painful (OUCH) and didn’t work.
So, in the end, I came close to giving up, and just accepting they weren’t going to go away. That was until I discovered this method. It’s an all-natural solution that either works or gives you your money back. Best of all, I was able to remove my papules from the privacy of my own home.
You can find out more here...


While there is currently no specific medicine designed solely for the treatment of Pearly Penile Papules, various treatment options can help manage the condition. The decision to seek treatment should be based on individual preference, the severity of the condition, and personal distress.
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2023.05.29 17:29 SilkyCurlyProblems Struggles with baby's hair

Hi, please let me know if my post violates the rules: I read through the FAQ specifically about this issue, and I'm still feeling a bit hopeless haha.
My son is almost 2, and he has a mixture of wavy/curly hair. Loose waves in the front and baby-doll curls at the back that have plenty of spring to them (I boing them all the time -- it's so cute). Based on the bit of Googling I've done, I think my son has 2C in the front and between 3B and 3C in the back.
My problem is that while he has my husband's beautiful curls (my husband is white Jewish with TONS of gorgeous loose curls -- I think 3A), he has my hair texture, which is incredibly fine and silky, but I have stick-straight hair, so no hands-on experience (I think 1A?).
I know you're not meant to brush curls if you can avoid it, but I end up having to brush his hair multiple times a day because it just gets SO tangled.
The big part of the problem seems to be that the products recommended to avoid tangling in the first place aren't age appropriate. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do to help babies with very, very tangly-but-curly hair? Google has not been easy to get relevant results with, so I apologise if this all seems very ignorant. I'm really doing my best :/ (also, my husband can't really help as he didn't even know how to care for his curls when we first met, and I had to do a good deal of research to help him moisturise, get the right type of brush, and navigate hair creams haha).
If anyone has any advice or a good product that's baby safe (and for sensitive skin), I would be so, so grateful.
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2023.05.29 17:28 TheTopDuck [CA-ON] [H] Built RyeWorks M0110 [W] Paypal

Built Ryeworks M0110 - $105 USD SHIPPED CANADA / CONUS L+SS 1 Mil Actuated NK Creams Lubed with 205 on Stems, 107 on 57g TX XL Springs Lubed c3 Stabilizers Built on 1.2mm Flex Cut Hot-Swap PCB / FR4 Plate (Cuts Taped on Plate & PCB) Battery Included for Bluetooth (Unsure of how to enable it) Unused Foam Pack Can add KAT Blanks Full Set for $11 USD or XMI Red Zhuyin for $16 USD
Comment before PMing, chats ignored.
Priority: Canada > US > Rest of the World
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2023.05.29 17:28 BigCheeseBooler Two front teeth sensitive to room temp coffee and I have no idea why

What I’m experiencing is very specific and I have no idea what the problem is. Of course I’m going to visit the dentist to figure out the issue but in the mean time it’s driving me crazy not having a clue. I work at a coffee shop so I regularly drink coffee. The other day I tried a drink I made, room temperature espresso with milk and sugar. Usually I drink with a straw but this time I briefly took a sip from the cup. I felt a sudden and brief jolt of sensitivity on my front two teeth that ended immediately after contact with the coffee ended. I don’t think this is a temperature sensitivity problem as the drink was room temperature, and I regularly drink ice cold beverages with no problem. The thing that has made this hard for me to identify is that before and after the incident nothing else has triggered this sensitivity; no sugary drinks, Hard or soft food, or hot or cold drinks. It is this one specific scenario that causes pain. I always drink coffee with a straw to reduce contact with my teeth. With the same coffee previously mentioned, I tried putting to my teeth after cooling down with ice (again wasn’t hot before but room temp) and had no reaction.
I do not have any metal fillings.
My current dental routine is brushing twice a day (after I wake up and before I go to bed) and flossing, mouth wash occasionally.
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2023.05.29 17:27 Bigdpubg Looking for people to send gifts to daily

Baby is in the NICU for the foreseeable future will be playing tons since no work. Add me 2656 3346 4971
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2023.05.29 17:26 H_nk0 2572 4572 5736

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2023.05.29 17:26 IThinkImFeelingTaco What Do I Do? What's the next step?

Throwaway account cuz I don't want anyone I know to recognize me. I (15 M) live with my Mom and my Sister (12). My story is basically about us as a family, including my dad. We aren't an unhappy family, but we are very distant from my dad. I love my old man, but I only see him maybe once or twice a year. He's a really nice guy and doesn't do any negative things you would think about like being some sort of addict. But my mom seems to think of him as some sort of villain, as anything related to him she ignores. Of course she loves me and my sister, but when it comes to controlling her anger, she's not really the best at it. I think this sort of passed onto my sister as she has a very short fuse. But anyway, this is really affecting me mentally, and it makes things worse that my mom doesn't have a care in the world about it, to the point that even my sister is ignoring his texts. It's really affecting my dad too, he's had a heart surgery, and high blood pressure related problems because of the stress this is causing. And it's not like this just started happening. My parents have been separated for as long as I can remember, and I have faint memories of things a father and son should do like playing catch or learning how to ride a bike. But I'm finding it more and more difficult to find things to relate with him now, in the present, when I call or text him. It's either all about work or about my sister and mom. And when it is about my sister and mom, he texts how he cries alone, thinking about the way they treat him, which leaves me in a very, pessimistic situation. All my aunts on my mom's side are either neutral or on my dad's side about this, and to add, I don't even know my uncles and aunts on my dad's side all that well, I have a faint memory of talking with them, but I've forgotten them so much that I don't remember their names. I met my cousins on my dad's side a few years back and I couldn't believe how many I had. I had only interacted with my cousins on my mom's side and seeing how I had a lot more on my dads side, just made me feel surprised. But anyways, I don't have anyone I can talk about this with, anyone I can talk about with THIS personally anyway. And it's not like he's not making an effort, he sends gifts, money, etc, everything you can think of. Even as a kid he got me stuff like a 3DS and a Switch (I lost the 3DS but I still have the Switch, and I love it and use it almost every week). But these things were given to me behind my mom's back at my friend's house. My friend's house is where I would ride the bike he got me, or play ball right outside. I did all this because I know what my mom's reaction would be. This was proven further when I got caught with my Switch. I let my sister play on it for the first time, and of course, she didn't put it away fast enough, and my mom saw it and got angry at my friend's mom for keeping it without telling her (she's a good person, she did this out of the goodness of her heart). I then went home, leaving the switch there, where she wouldn't talk with me for a good week before I couldn't take it and apologized. I tried to reason with her that if I told her she would have thrown it away like she's done with other things from my dad. Money? Ripped right in front of me. Water Gun? Cut open and trashed. New phone? Fell asleep with it and when I woke up it was gone. Please do not get the wrong idea, I love my mom, and she loves move, both ways 100%, but I just wish she could see the error of her ways and admit when she's wrong. My sister is no better. She ignores me sometimes as well, but unfortunately my dad gets the worst of it. So Reddit, what the hell do I do? How can I get my sister to talk with my dad? How can I get my mom to not get mad every time he's brought up. In 2021 I only saw my dad once. For 15 god damn minutes. And when I came home, she was livid and just kept saying things like "why don't you go live with him". For 15 god damn minutes. How tf do I fix my family? I'm two years away from graduating high school and I'm blank as to what I'm going to do from there regarding this situation. I need massive help.
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2023.05.29 17:24 One_Secretary7205 Pakistani babe showing gaand and pussy to lover .... Kaun kaun jnta h .... DM ASAP for more

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2023.05.29 17:24 seeldoger47 [Joe Yerdon] Appert Johnson got into town late last night. Appert said he’s here to compete for ice time. He won’t play tonight, but he’s here to be part of this.

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2023.05.29 17:24 Happy-Strategy2003 Please help me read this tarot

I am good at reading cards, but horrible at interpreting for myself bc I am bias. I did a reading and asked, “how does my sister feel about me after hearing about me and my mothers argument?” I received The devil, the lovers, queen of pentacles in reverse, the ace of pentacles, and 9 of wands Could someone help me interpret this please?
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2023.05.29 17:24 Safe_Ad_6111 AITA for not giving my sister in law and her family a luxury vacation.

I travel a lot for work so I have so many hotel and airline points it is crazy.
This summer I am taking my family to Disney World. We are going to stay at one of the resorts on the property.
My sister in law and her family had a hard time during the pandemic so I decided to do something nice and invite them along. My treat.
I said I would pay for their flights, hotel, and park tickets.
Everyone was excited until she started talking to my wife. Now she is upset that we are staying at one of the resorts and they have to stay in Disney Springs.
Apparently I'm being cheap by using points for their hotel instead of just paying for them to stay at the same resort as us.
My wife told her sister and brother-in-law to STFU and accept the gift but they didn't. They told my in-laws that I was making their kids jealous by not letting them enjoy the same stuff as us.
To be clear the hotel I booked for them is very nice. It's just not The Grand Floridian.
So I finally talked to them and gave the the choice of accepting my gift or not coming since I could still cancel their reservations.
They started yelling at me for being an asshole and taking something away from their children. I had talked to them like adults but when they started screaming their kids heard them and found out that they might not be going. Now their kids are pissed at their parents for possibly fucking up their vacation. And I'm the bigger asshole for making them look bad in front of their kids.
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2023.05.29 17:24 itsathrowawayduhhhhh Full of Regrets

Sorry in advance for the length of this post. I just have to get it out.
Seven years ago I made a mistake. A huge, ginormous, gigantic, colossal mistake. At the time I was 26 (F) and my boss was 39 (M). I had been working at this small business for four years when all of a sudden he started "noticing" me. He started coming around more, being really nice, and paying me so much attention I didn't know what to think. I remember telling my coworker "boss is paying attention to me lately, I don't know what it means?" It was weird because he was married, four kids, and for the longest time didn't have much to do with the business. I was so stupid. I started an affair with him. He gave me so much money, so many gifts, so much attention; it was a whirlwind. I admit at the time I didn't see how wrong it was, I was almost blinded by the attention. Six months after our affair started we were found out. He didn't have a passcode on his phone and his wife read our entire six months of text history.
When we were found out, my world ended. That sounds pathetic, I know, because her world was the one that really ended because of this all. But I lost my job, my house, my reputation, my everything. I went into hiding for a year. He supported me financially for a couple months, because he felt guilty I lost my job. I did find another job and things were looking up. Then, a year later, he told me he officially left his wife and he was going to be with me. What choice did I have? I had to be with him, because I was the reason his marriage ended. I ruined everything for him, his wife, and his kids, so obviously I had to be with him. And thus began hell.
I guess things were good for us for a little while. It was maybe six months before he got abusive. It was mostly verbal and emotional at first, with some questionable sexual stuff (not allowing me to have boundaries, me not being allowed to say no, that kind of stuff). It wasn't ideal, but again, I ruined his life so what choice did I have but to stay? A year and a half after we got together my crush from high school became single on facebook. It was like a lightbulb went off in my head. I remember saying to my best friend "why would I stay in this awful relationship when crush is single for the first time in over ten years?" So I left him. I didn't handle it the right way though, because I almost immediately sought crush out and turns out he had always had a crush on me too. So we started dating. It was great, actually, he was awesome. But I hadn't processed anything with ex, so when I found out a few months later he was dating a girl I knew (who btw, looks like me and has a lot of similar interests...we always bonded over facebook about our similarities) toxic me kicked in and I left crush and told ex I wanted to get back together with him. He didn't leave new girl right away like I thought and once again I was the piece of shit other woman.
He did leave her after a few weeks and we got back together officially. I can't even describe how bad it was. It was so, so, so bad. Now it was verbal, emotional, sexual, and physical abuse. But now I had twice ruined his life and taken him from "good women" so again, what choice did I have but to stay. This was four years ago. These four years have been the worst years of my life, and all I want is to not be with him, but he won't allow it. He says I am stuck now forever because of what I did. I ruined his family, I ruined his life, I ruined it all, so now I'm stuck. He says he will kill my family or friends if I leave. He won't kill me he says, because he wants me to live with the pain and suffer forever for ruining his life. I've tried to leave before and he just stalks and harasses me and threatens me until I come back.
I'm so completely stuck. I have a full time job, he doesn't work, I have so much debt from loans and things I've taken out for him. I kind of lucked into my job and make really decent money for not having a bachelors degree. I'm currently in school almost done with my associates, and when I get my bachelors in a couple years I intend to look for other work making comparable wages or more so I can get out. I don't live with him, I live with a parent, because I've worked really really really hard to keep some sort of out. I say I live with a parent, but he makes me stay at his house every night, so I guess I just rent a room from my parent so my cat has a place to stay.
I don't know what I'm looking for posting this. I'm just stuck, I hate my life, and there's just no way out right now. I know I was a disgusting human for what I did. I ruined a family, I ruined people's lives. I guess this is probably just my karma for being a homewrecker. I know I am evil, I know I'm awful. You don't have to comment that I'm a piece of shit, but you can because I know it's true. I don't know, I just wish I could go back in time and not be a disgusting person and not get myself into this situation.
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2023.05.29 17:23 Jus17173 A battle owed - Chapter 32 - This is Not a Space Opera

First Previous Next Ko-fi
*The Solstice army was formed by Asumpta, it is her pride and joy and I look forward to fucking her upon a field of her dead comrades. *
The late Prince Lewis.
They found themselves in a wide room with a singular chair in its midst, the chair occupied the center of the room and behind it stood the Solstice army of women. Three hundred captains representing three hundred regiments stood behind the chair. And Asumpta, leader of the Solstice occupied the chair which was in fact a throne.
Before her stood Honey Badger, Tweek, Juice and Astro Boy.
Honey Badger had changed of his Lethal strapper and wore a blue robe made of linen, smooth to the touch and soft to the feel. Juice had been given a similar robe that was conjoined of two robes in order to cover his bulk. Tweek still wore his blue shirt complete with the yellow tie with red polka dots and black pants. Astro Boy stood in his green Adjunct to be robes. Together they stood in silence and faced the woman on the throne, their eyes occasionally darted to the women behind the throne whose silence spoke volumes of the prestige such a gathering held.
"Tevorah." Asumpta started. "By your help we have brought down a tyrant who'd sought to enslave us all beneath a heel of tyranny. It is due to this fine gesture on your part that we have called the council of the Solstice to a meeting so we may know of what reward you desire in turn for your good efforts to purge us free of Prince Lewis and his band of buffoons."
"We desire only your heart." Honey Badger said while taking a step forward and out of line. "I desire your heart." He corrected.
Asumpta suppressed a smile and there were a few giggles from the women behind her. "My heart belongs to the Solstice, it is sworn to it for all eternity. I am a woman of war."
Honey Badger nodded. "Okay then, on second thought, we desire the Solstice army."
An eruption of muttering filled the chamber. Asumpta shook her head from side to side. "You have given us our home world back to us, liberated it free of the enemy but asking for the army to be your own simply cannot be, we are vowed to serve the needs of Zagarath."
Honey Badger nodded once more. "Listen, women of the Solstice. We are at war with more than just a singular Prince. Us Tevorah are doomed to be the hunted, to forever flee for our lives and cower in hiding for fear of our throats getting slit." He raised a hand, palm up. "We wish to be free of this, to hunt down the suitors instead of them making sport of us. We wish to liberate ourselves just as you have been liberated. We seek freedom." Honey turned and regarded his friends, Tweek was shocked at his eloquence. Honey turned back to Asumpta and her army. "We also require milk–"
Tweek stepped forward. "Okay that's enough." He interrupted Honey. "What my companion is trying to say is, we are at war without an army."
Juice stepped forward. "And what we require is an army to attack the suitors."
Astro Boy spoke from where he stood. "That is all we may require of you."
A silence engulfed the chamber they were in. Lyan stepped forward, free of the captains behind the throne, she leaned down and whispered into Asumpta's ear. Asumpta perked up at the words whispered by Lyan. She raised a hand and Lyan retreated to her position behind the throne.
"Tevorah." Asumpta started. "We do not have an army to give you that can fight all your battles but we can spare our army for one battle. There is a woman among our ranks who thirsts for war, she is currently in a holding cell under strict orders from me to be contained so she wouldn't charge Prince Lewis's army by herself. We shall offer her to you, to accompany you on your missions and with her will be a beacon, one that will signal us for one battle and one battle alone, we shall come to the beacon's call and fight for you Tevorah as you have done for us."
"That is an acceptable gift." Juice said. "One battle owed is a fair deal."
They sat in various poses within the warship, awaiting the delivery of the mystery woman who was to accompany them on their missions.
"What if she has teeth like a crocodile?" Honey Badger asked.
"Nobody has teeth like a crocodile, you'd require a snout like a crocodile in order to have teeth like a crocodile." Tweek said from his position on the chair flanking the pilot's seat where Honey sat.
"There's a procedure you can do to have crocodile teeth." Astro Boy said from his position on the seat behind the captain's chair.
"Why would anyone want to do that?" Tweek asked.
"It's the surest way you can have sex with a crocodile." Juice said from where he stood, all heads turned to him, he peered around, puzzled. "It's not rocket science guys, if you want to approach a crocodile to have coitus with it you should at least resemble it."
"I second that!" Honey Badger said while raising a cup holding some mead that the women had delivered to their ship in bulk as a parting gift.
A short silence ensued that was punctuated by Tweek. "Say, why did the women usher us so fast into our ship?"
"They want us gone from their lands." Honey answered.
"Why?" Tweek asked. "You just won them a war that's been going on for over two decades, they should at least have let us stay for a while."
"We are Tevorah." Juice said.
"And what's so bad about that?" Tweek wondered.
"It means the suitors are coming after us, what's the point of winning one war just to fight nine more." Astro Boy said to which Tweek nodded though he wondered as to the meaning of Astro Boy's 'us'.
Suddenly the Droid floated into the cockpit. "Three women at the ship's entrance." It intoned.
The four of them stood up and moved with an almost childlike eagerness to the side of the ship's entrance where a ramp ejected itself from the ship's hull to come to a stand beneath the ship where three women stood.
Two towering women had a small lithe woman in their midst, the woman had chains akin to the ones they'd been put in and the two women flanking her spoke to her and brushed at her amber mess of a tangled mane upon her head.
"Everything is going to be very bloody Zahara." The woman on the left said.
"There will be a lot of blood and gore." The woman on the right added.
"You'll love it." They said in unison.
Zahara mumbled something incoherent and the two women nodded. "Yes, there will also be decapitations a lot of beheading." They led her up the ramp and Tweek noticed the muzzle wired around her mouth with a keypad dangling over the left ear.
As soon as the two women delivered the woman they retreated hastily down the ramp and one screamed from afar. "The code to her locks is three double four."
"What?"Tweek asked as he stared at the small woman before them.
The woman immediately tilted her arms outwards and bent them inwards, through the chains her fingers reached the keypad holding the chains around her. She put in the code and the chains dangled free of her. She moved like the wind, turning on the first person close to her. Tweek received a knee to the groin, he doubled over, mouth heaving a pained breath. In an instant she was among them, mumbling incoherently through her muzzle. She pounced on Astro Boy with an upward jab, the Adjunct to be backtracked a step and the jab missed. She dove forward with her shoulder and connected to his chest. Both of them tumbled to the ground, Zahara reached for the keypad of the muzzle, she input a code while her legs were spread over a pinned Astro Boy, the muzzle came free and she brandished dagger sharp teeth that seemed to have been sharpened.
"She's a crocodile." Astro Boy said and screamed.
She lunged forward with her teeth, aiming for Astro Boy's neck but a hand around her neck stilled her attack.
"If you continue on your current path, I will snap your neck." Juice said, leaning over her with a hand to her neck. "Now nod if you understand me." She nodded. "Are you the one promised us?" A nod. "Do you have the beacon?" She dug into her pocket and raised a circular object that blinked with a blue light. "Good." Juice eased his grip on her neck. "You're Zahara I presume." Nod. "I am Juice. Here beside me is Honey Badger, the man you're currently on top of is Astro Boy and the one you kneed to the balls is Tweek." Tweek groaned from his position on the floor. "I'm going to let you go now, if you promise to act civilized." A nod.
Juice let go of Zahara. She turned her neck around to regard the men all around her. "I was promised a war." She said, her shrill voice carrying through the ship.
"Stick with us lass, and more than one war will find you." Honey Badger said. "Love your teeth by the way."
"I didn't curve them so they could be loved." Zahara said while getting off of Astro Boy. She wore tight leather pants and a Lethal hauberk of a rusty grey color. "I sharpened them so I can bite down and rip necks free of the spine."
"Im going to love having her around." Honey Badger said.
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2023.05.29 17:22 Natural-Seaweed-5070 Who is this girl? Also other screenshots

Who is this girl? Also other screenshots
Wearing the same crusty ass shirt.
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2023.05.29 17:21 AlterBridgeFan Static, instead of Stormrazor, in Rage build feels better

Pretty much title. Shiv+Rage+AP feels so good. I know you're sitting on DBlade for longer, but the fast clearing into rotating is just so damn nice. And the AP scaling is just icing on the top, so you can chunk the enemies standing together.
I know she doesn't need help clearing waves, I know it isn't meta, but it just feels sooo good. I'll even take it with Navori/Infedge because of more attack speed. I can't help myself.
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2023.05.29 17:21 Ivana-Fistalot Low Testosterone after being on TRT for 3 months

Low Testosterone after being on TRT for 3 months
See the hormone screenshots. Been on TRT since Feb and definitely feel better but my free T and Total T have dropped. My Estradiol also dropped slightly and not sure what’s going wrong. I started with a 60mg cream once a day, which initially worked but then doubled it to twice a day which did nothing. Since the blood test, I’ve binned off the clinic I was with and now self administering 240mg of test E with no Ai. For reference my main symptom which prompted searching for treatment was lack of libido and lack of sexual interest. Your thoughts…
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2023.05.29 17:21 IAmNotTonyKhan 2022 Touring Value

After looking up a ton of new 2023 and used 2022 Ascents within a 100 mile radius of where we live, we just purchased a used 2022 7 passenger Touring (Ice SilveSlate Black) for $39k even (before taxes). It was a loanedealer car prior to being put up for sale and has 2,800 miles on it. Certified pre-owned with 24 months still left on the base warranty and a 7/100k powertrain comes with. We loved the car when we took it for a test drive and while we normally don’t go for all the extras of a Touring level trim, the price seemed pretty good considering everything and the value compared to the higher cost of a new 2023 premium or limited also seemed good to us. There was also something nice about taking a deal at the place that’s a mile from home and not having to venture all over to find the “perfect” car when this one felt great to us.
Even so, my need to come here and reassure myself that the car at that price was a decent buy is strong!
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2023.05.29 17:21 Mew2TCG Commonly asked questions about Roblox gear

What games are the best for gear fighting?
If you want games that update gear fully, then cart ride into a noob. If you want games that update them subtly, then cart ride into a zombie. And if you want a game that doesn't fix or update gears (vanilla gear fighting), then play "Favourite of you like Jesus".
What's the best single gear?
This question is asked and discussed a lot, because you can use different gear in different circumstances. Some may say a magic carpet because it can fly, whereas others would say ivory periastron, for obvious reasons. Overall, I think that the Azure Periastron Alpha is because in general it is good with the dash and slash, and its cool speed boost + touch to KO move, but mainly because of the sword stance ability which parries any attack. You can parry cancel which, put simply, blocks any single attacks dealt to you. Super broken!
What is the best social gear?
Now this is an interesting one! The best social gear in my opinion is the "Festive Tree Present" from the Festive Tree roblox bundle. It is now offsale and was only obtained when buying a $40 roblox voucher from GameStop US in December 2013. It can basically repeatedly summon Christmas-themed gear. No problem with that, right? Yes. A big problem. It had a sleigh, which allowed users to fly, a staff of ice which summons a massive wall of ice, BUT most importantly, it summons an ice breaker, which if you didn't know was already an OP gear, being able to freeze opponents and swiftly kill them at the same time!
What's the best gear glitch?
I suppose this isn't really a single glitch, but the parry of the azure periastron as mentioned earlier is just too powerful not to include. The parry glitches include - parry cancel, parry cancel freeze glitch, parry drop, and parry clip (<5 studs)
What is the most widely used gear among the top gear fighters?
From my experience, I think that it is not actually an Ultimate Sword, or a Periastron, but the Gigantic Bat Wings. They act like the rainbow magic carpet, but flap wings and leave no bright trail behind them. Overall, just a better magic carpet.
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2023.05.29 17:21 AmericanIdiot66 Prelude to Chaos: The Baswan Committee Recommendations Set To Alter the Civil Services Landscape in 2024

The Baswan Committee recommendations are waiting at the threshold of implementation, their looming shadow promising to redefine the landscape of the Civil Services in 2024. This year's preliminary exams served as a frightening prelude, a bitter foretaste of the seismic shift that is to come.
An air of ominous uncertainty has swept over the aspirants after the unexpectedly gruelling nature of the prelims. The Committee's stern suggestion of reducing the upper age limit, and the proposed changes to the structure of the exam and the manner of marking, have aspirants caught in a storm of uncertainty.
With 2024 touted as the year of transformation, aspirants are faced with a race against time. The reduction of the age limit to 26 years could render thousands of aspirants ineligible overnight, shattering dreams nurtured over countless sleepless nights and endless revisions. The demand for an 'aptitude-based' examination also sends a chill down the spine as it hints at an abandonment of the merit-based structure that has been the backbone of the Civil Services so far.
The proposed abolition of optional subjects in the Mains exam and the introduction of an ambiguous 'Foundation Course' with increased weightage are just the icing on the proverbial cake. Aspirants are now left guessing about the nature of the questions and the depth of the knowledge expected of them. Gone are the days of assured paths paved with the certainty of well-defined syllabi and grading systems.
There is a palpable sense of fear and confusion among the Civil Services aspirants as they grapple with the proposed changes. The 2023 prelims, a stark reminder of the uncertainty of the changes to come, have set the stage for a volatile 2024. As we venture into this uncharted territory, one can only hope for clarity and fairness, lest we risk losing the best and brightest who once aspired to serve our nation.
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2023.05.29 17:20 Serene82 Why do ice-cream vans sound so creepy?

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