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2023.06.04 17:02 uranianhipster My dad told me I can't be my own friend and I'm not a good friend to anyone else because of it. I can't forgive him.

I was having a mental breakdown caused by spiralling and self-destructive thoughts (I struggle with emotional dysregulation, intrusive thoughts, depression, anxiety). I was yelling and I was crying and I was lying on the floor saying I wanted to kill myself and my life had no value and all I did was cause pain to everyone around me. My mom tried to hold me and help me and reason with me with love, which I always appreciate her doing. She is really nice to me and I feel like she actually likes me for who I am... I'm the one who doesn't like myself, so in a way he hit the bull's eye.
My dad can't stand anyone being mean to his wife, so he had to intervene. This usually happens when me and my mom have an argument, which we just roll with and eventually we accept that we were stupid to yell at each other, we love each other and we apologize and we move forward. We do genuinely try to do better by each other. For the most part it's a positive and supportive relationship.
My dad has a different idea about it. I'm not sure which one is right at this point. but it's interesting how often he seems to be on my mom's side and never ever on mine, it's like if he could he would have killed me as a child because he felt jealous that the love he was getting from my mom now belonged to me or some weird shit like that. To snap me out of it, he said that I'm not friends with myself and therefore not friends with anyone else, that I hate myself. He has such a stern and angry voice when he talks, it's genuinely scary. Growing up my mom never hit me so I could have grown up being more disrespectful than most kids even though I think I tried to isolate myself and numb myself so I wouldn't hurt anyone with my behaviour once I realized I could be angry.
He doesn't know how much I give to my friendships, how many people have found solace in my company, he only sees his myopic little vision of who I am at home. Idk. I can't forgive him. My mom keeps saying he was in a bad mood and he didn't want to see her being yelled at which I can understand because I did make her cry with the stuff I say (stuff like you don't like me, you don't love me, you only love what I do for you, stuff like that). He did tell me a few days later that he regrets it but I can't forgive him. I was at my most vulnerable and one of the people tasked with defending me in the world decided to attack me instead of hugging me or reasoning with me. He could see I was clearly in distress, I crying and howling and yelling at the top of my lungs about how I wanted to die, of course I wasn't okay! I don't hate him of course because I understand where he's coming from, he grew up deeply bullied and traumatized and apparently the burden had to be passed down to me because I lived the exact same life, except I also got my mom's wits and got good grades at school and a congenial and helpful personality for the most part, which kind of gave me a split personality type of thing where I'm simultaenously the best and the worst, being average is terrifying because that's his biggest fear. Still, nothing I do ever seems to be enough for him. No believing in myself or chasing my dreams is enough because apparently my dreams are all wrong and self-destructive, and if only they could be a little healthier and more socially approved! (I wanted to be a musician, just like him, artist, activist, teacher, public speaker, therapist, the works). I know I'm talented but not talented enough or hard-working enough or self-loving enough to actually believe I have a spot in the world for myself. I don't. People like my art because my art is designed to be a form of group therapy, to lift spirits. In fact, my whole personality is. There is a baby underneath all that façade of let's be helpful and nice to each other. I feel deeply rejected by everyone around me, like if I suddenly stop showing up or being nice to them they will leave me. I'm too aware of how life is a theater and I was a damn good actor. I'm in therapy now to help set up healthier boundaries and it's literally the worst thing I've ever had to do in my life. Friends I thought loved me suddenly left when I showed emotions and stopped playing nice, I started putting my well-being first and now everyone hates me, a friend betrayed my trust and used my intrusive thoughts that I confessed to her in a moment of heavy distress against me in a way I never would have done to anyone else (even though I know she abused her boyfriend I never bring it up because can you imagine saying that to someone who's already feeling abandoned and alone in the world? She's so young and her life is genuinely difficult), she brought out all the worst projected shit she thought about me out in the open and then tries to play it off with "but it's okay because I still like you, I still tolerate you." Motherfucker. You don't have to tolerate me... If you don't like me you don't, leave me alone, stop pretending you do. Same thing to my dad. He should just say out in the open that he doesn't like me and never will so at least I stop searching for his validation. Men don't love me, they use me for sex and companionship but I am never worthy of a full relationship, of full time good treatment,I was bullied by boys and not girls at school, they beat me up and whispered insults at me and then once i hit them for it i was the problematic one even though no one defended me not even the adults.
and it's not like I'm not nice, but it is like I have a really hard time expressing positive emotion, it wasn't modeled to me growing up, hugging or touching wasn't for me because I was fat and disgusting and mentally ill and therefore I was worse than the plague, I removed myself from expressing affection because it would look bad in pictures, my face is so gross and distorted that it's actually a miracle anyone manages to look at me without contempt even while we're talking face to face. I'm the worst person in the world. And not even that, because look at how covertly narcissistic that is lol, to think you're the worst person in the world. You're not. You're the worst person in your world. That's enough of a feat and should be enough to soothe my disgusting ego. The worst I know at least, because truth be told I can't know anyone else as deeply as I know myself. I believe everything people tell me, mostly the bad about me and the good about them, I'm naive and optimistic and generous to a fault, what if her ex was actually wrong and exaggerating and she didn't hit him or smash his things or isolate him from his friends? She's very similar to my dad which is why it scares me why two people who supposedly love me so much and do so much for me only seem to like me when I respond in the exact way they expect me to. No regard for my individual desires, as long as they align with theirs that's what they want out of me.
I would rather blame myself rather than anyone else. It's all my fault. The state of my life? It really is. But the burden is too big and I'm not sure I can keep carrying it. I know people like me because I'm superficially nice, but then they might not like me for something stupid like not wanting to go to their house because I'm afraid of catching a cold and the house is cold. I'm going insane. And it's really hard to forgive my dad. I think I would have preferred a slap rather than hearing those words. That was brutal and everyday I keep using them to destroy myself further. There's something in me that says "nonono please don't destroy yourself you are good and valuable" but I'm not. There was this guy I loved and he never has and never will love me. He projected a bunch of shit onto me. He doesn't know me. He never made the effort. Kept telling me I was stuck in chaos when in fact my life was moving along pretty nicely, I had friends and a stable job. Well in the span of a year I lost it all due to my self-sabotage. So I guess he was right, right? The chaos is and always will be there, which is why he will never love me, the same way my dad doesn't. Oh well. such is life. I have a roof over my head and money and nice objects and access to healthcare so I'm definitely priviledged. Still it feels like I'm constantly losing everything. I've been trying to live for myself but some people really aren't meant to do that, they're meant to live for others, I'm one of those people, I must live for a cause and that cause has to be the best cause in the world and it has to be loved. My dad was right in the end, because I don't know how to love myself, I don't know how to love others. Love is actionable... understanding someone's actions or thoughts or feelings is merely analytical.
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2023.06.04 17:01 SilveryDeath Played through Halo Infinite's story, here's how I would have changed it

Finally got around to playing Infinite's story and I enjoyed it for the most part. I did feel like the game's story was really close to being something great but it never really puts it all together for being the end game in the 'Cortana' trilogy.' I feel like the story itself would have been better suited if the open world was scrapped. I had no issues with it and considering the development hell the game had, that it was a new engine, and that it was their first open world attempt I thought it was pretty solid all things considered. However, it felt unnecessary to me given that Halo already has had a campaign and multiplayer. No need to add an open world on top of it and I felt like everything as a whole (campaign missions/story and multiplayer) who have been without it since those could have gotten more of the focus.
Here's how I would have set it up. Note that I have not read any of the background Halo books or comics so I'm sure there are better changes that could be made to this beginning part.
Since they both get introduced during Conservatory others changes are that I would have replaced the Skimmers with Buggers. It just felt odd to me to introduce a new alien race in a game where we are on a Halo ring basically the entire time and that they seem to have no connection with the Covenant, Banished, or anyone. Also, they don't make it clear if they are new because they were in the cylix's and got released or why they Harbinger controls them.
I get the Harbinger's purpose but I felt like it would have made it more interesting to have The Endless be kept in the dark as a mystery. It also raises the question of how the cylix with the Harbinger was able to be found and opened despite the rest of The Endless being locked away. I think that replacing her with say a Elite scientist who is an obsessed forerunner expert would have been better.
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2023.06.04 17:00 ThaRealMrRogers My new best buddy!! ✨ Shiny 96% Corsola off the daily incense too

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2023.06.04 17:00 SoundArketype Where to go from here?

Feeling Lost
I have a BSc In Biochemistry, Diploma in Industrial Microbiology. I have been teaching part time at the college level in Ontario Canada for 3 years.
I initially took this job because the work life balance was amazing, you basically only had to work 12 hours a week, marking at home. It has benefits as well. It was the same rate of pay as if you were working 40 hours a week at 25 an hour. it's been 3 years, wages have stagnated, prices on everything are soaring and we have a baby on the way. Also I would happily work more than 12 hours, but the wierd union agreement means you cant work more than 12 hours if you want benefits, and you can't go over 12 more than once every 18 months.
Contract renewals every semester also mean that job security is tenuous.
I feel trapped, the possibilities for a significant raise require more education, which I am working on slowly getting through, but theres at least another year to go, with no guarantee that the increase would even be significant. Getting full time also means more education.
I love this job but I have had to apply to other colleges to make ends meet. The amount of driving involved is killing me.
The idea of getting a full time job at even 25 bucks an hour feels like a huge step back in work life balance and gives me a panic attack.
I also tutor on the side.
What I really want is to be able to work at one school, focus on it completely, get to know my colleagues and be involved in the college community, but I feel spread so thin I can barely focus on anything, including my family.
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2023.06.04 16:59 DidjTerminator Any tips on getting the fuse challenge 1?

I've destroyed tons of dread mines (which I assumed were traps, but aren't apparently) and am having the hardest time getting this challenge completed, any tips on how to play as an attacker (and which trap destroying attackers to play as I have everyone) whilst specifically trying to destroy traps?
I've either completed or gotten up to challenge 3 for everyone else just stuck at 1 on Fuse.
And is barbed wire considered a trap by the game? Cause I haven't destroyed any barbed wire yet.
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2023.06.04 16:58 bangxbangxshrimp How to help husband understand my depression

I’ve suffered from depression/anxiety for most of my adult life and have PTSD from physical and mental abuse in a previous long term relationship. I have gone to therapy, on meds and am always trying to actively do things to better myself and my mental health. For the most part my mental health has gotten tremendously better this past year and everything in our lives is going great. I still have episodes every now and then of anxiety attacks or general depression. My husband always wants to know what causes it but I explain it’s not always an event that triggers it, sometimes it just comes on. Or if it is an event or something with my PTSD I can’t always pinpoint the trigger. I know one of the things is when my husband gets too drunk as my abusive ex was an alcoholic which contributed to the abuse. But my husband doesn’t think it’s an issue because he doesn’t abuse me and isn’t an alcoholic, so then he blames himself saying he ain’t making me happy enough.
I’ve tried explaining multiple times that he can’t just cure my mental illness, but he doesn’t quite understand. I have suggested marriage counseling so that may be a therapist can help explain it to him, but he doesn’t think we need marriage counseling since our marriage is fine. I’m just at a loss right now because whenever I have those episodes, he makes me feel worse blaming it on himself. Hoping that someone who suffers from anxiety, depression, or PTSD, has some experience with explaining it to a partner in a way that makes them understand what you’re going through.
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2023.06.04 16:57 leopardgex How is ANYONE supposed to keep up with this Cost of Living?

Just over two years ago, I finally got a raise to $15/hr from the $11 I was making. My husband at the time was working at a grocery store making $12. That bump to $15 was enough to immediately cash in our savings and move out of my Father in Law's house into our own place in 2021.
Our only big purchases since have been a ~$3,000 vacation (pre paid and all inclusive and only an hour from home.) and we traded in our early-oughts Mercedes for a mid-10s Camry and pay about $300/month for that.
Here we are just two years later. Same apartment. I make ~$18/hr + commission with plenty of overtime. He makes $20/hr. We are both solidly set into skilled careers with large, extremely stable companies in industries where we aren't necessarily threatened by AI. We're in the same apartment, but paying rent has never gotten any easier. Everything gets more expensive. With insurance we still can't really get healthcare. Our grocery bill just keeps rising. Energy drinks have become a splurge purchase. We used to buy a flat of them every two weeks.
We've gone from $47k pre-tax to $86k pre-tax in two years and life just keeps getting harder.
Even basically doubling our income has done nothing to improve our lives or our futures. We are no closer to getting a bigger apartment (FORGET BUYING A HOUSE) and starting a family. All the financial advice I desperately read tells me to invest but when I've got $60/week leftover after setting aside money for rent/electric/internet/pet care/gas I'd much rather spend that $60 on like, one nice dinner or something to ease the monotony of the week.
Something has to give. I feel like I'm losing my mind. I have cut corners everywhere I can. We buy our meat in bulk. We no longer eat breakfast or even keep snacks in the house. Our clothes come from thrifting/gifts/buy nothing groups. I haven't been to a concert in years. The furthest we've gone from home is two hours to see my family. I cut both of our hair. We just had to budget for two weeks to spend $190 on some costume pieces for our trip. I don't know what to do anymore.
On the outside our lives look extremely luxurious because we both work in luxury industries, and it's exhausting to have our friends and family assume we're okay.
I want a family. I want a savings account that doesn't get drained for gas regularly. I want to invest and grow my wealth and have something to leave behind. Something has to give. I'm so tired of eating pasta and rice.
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2023.06.04 16:57 raging_wolf98 Low FPS and High Joule issue

Ok guys I'm starting to lose it lol. So this AEG was shooting 200 Fps and below 1.0 joules. I swapped the stock spring on it with an m100, re-greased springs and Silicone greased airseal part for nozzle and piston for perfect airseal.. now shes shooting 220 fps and fluctuates between 1.5 - 1.6 joules on 0.28 bbs.
I'm assuming 220 fps is very low considering most stock AEGs are shooting 300+ fps.
This is my setup so far:
-Gearbox Body Stock VFC
Spring -M100 spring
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2023.06.04 16:57 WeirdNickname97 My first ever hundo at level 34.

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2023.06.04 16:55 Available-Release712 What is the state of women’s rights in your worlds?

Like what I did with my post on education, I will provide an overview of what it’s like in Lithia:
Quick reminder as to what Lithia stands for:
The post itself:
If you have questions, ask and also do feel free to tell me what you think of my world’s approach to women’s rights
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2023.06.04 16:54 Camille_Jamal Shundo Pokémon go!!

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2023.06.04 16:54 goodlinegames Game developer looking for work

Hello. I’m a game developer and i am passionate about creating games and I am currently looking to take on new challenges. Mostly looking for smaller projects, but longer is good too. I enjoy working with others and will do my best to create a good product.
My qualifications are as follows:

Below are the games i've worked on in the last 6 months, including features:

LittoBittbay - 2D isometric game about a boy and his journey through adolescence
developed mvp including :
Avifi - Battleship like game with airplanes.2d multiplayer game using the smartfox framework
PixelCityBros - top down fighting game where you control a squad.
-worked closely with the lead developer to fix a combo attack bug including behavior trees.

Honoring the code -scifi strategy game like xcom - MVP / in developmentworked on the MVP as freelancer, and assisted in developing several features such as
And a game i've released on steam working with 3 other people:
Medieval Arms:

My rates are $20 (USD) /hr, but im willing to negotiate.
Reach out to me here or on discord: angelo_#8749
edit: will update post with gifs of features.
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2023.06.04 16:54 All-subjective Lots of antisemitism in that thread — mostly Americans and Egyptians

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2023.06.04 16:53 ihaveabaguetteknife German mansion („Herrenhaus") style birdhouse I made for my girlfriend's birthday.

Finally done! It was my first ever birdhouse and I wanted to make it luxurious, so it was a long process but I think it paid off. Every single piece is cut out individually and put together so I’m fairly proud of that:) I bought the plan scaled in 1:2 complete with the material list from a German DIY magazine. If anyone wants the plan I could send it to you. Now waiting for some posh birds to start a new luxurious life on our veranda!:)
Link to the process (the veranda was particularly tricky to build, pics of that are lost somewhere in a cloud unfortunately) if anyone’s interested:
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2023.06.04 16:51 goodlinegames Game developer looking to take on new challenges.

Hello. I’m a game developer and i am passionate about creating games and I am currently looking to take on new challenges. Mostly looking for smaller projects, but longer is good too. I enjoy working with others and will do my best to create a good product.
My qualifications are as follows:

Below are the games i've worked on in the last 6 months, including features:

LittoBittbay - 2D isometric game about a boy and his journey through adolescencedeveloped mvp including :
Avifi - Battleship like game with airplanes.2d multiplayer game using the smartfox framework
PixelCityBros - top down fighting game where you control a squad.
-worked closely with the lead developer to fix a combo attack bug including behavior trees.

Honoring the code -scifi strategy game like xcom - MVP / in developmentworked on the MVP as freelancer, and assisted in developing several features such as
And a game i've released on steam working with 3 other people:
Medieval Arms:

My rates are $20 (USD) /hr, but im willing to negotiate.
Reach out to me here or on discord: angelo_#8749
edit: will update post with gifs of features.
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2023.06.04 16:49 phollda Why is conventional pan-Africanism a bad idea, and what might be a better way for black Africans to co-ordinate?

Conventional pan-Africanism, the sort promoted by long-past, failed and incompetent Ghanaian leader Kwame Nkurumah (or the long-serving ex-northern African leader who would eventually be deposed during the Arab Spring) which advocates for a continent-spanning single union is sorta kindda clearly a terrible idea. For lots of reasons which we will discuss.
Why might one want to organize the entire continent under a single government, and reasons not to?
— Economies of scale: Scale breaks down at some point, and almost certainly would, at a scale as large as the continental African expanse of land and that huge a population of people. It becomes far more trouble than it is worth.
— A mutual colonial history? So... a losers' organization. Collecting all the losers together to... what? prove the colonial bullies wrong? To what end? And is that an important enough reason to come together?
— An inherent, fundamental common element which should unite them. There is none. Think about it. What does all of all of continental Africa have in common under which they can unite? Nothing. None exists.
— True reason of Nkrumahaism and other adjacent ideologies? Probably just the narcissism of these incompetent leaders. They likely just wanted to feel important and interesting. The idea holds no water in reality.
Reasons not to be pan-African
(i) Scale and complex systems: it is very hard to do things at scale. Getting a thing to happen in a tiny little context the same way in lots of situations is very very hard.
Think about trying to wash a thousand cups. Washing a single cup by hand... easy. Washing a thousand cups by hand.. yeahh, pretty torrid affair. The other means by which you could do that is to build a tool to help you wash better at scale (those 1000 cups).
Engineering new things usually isn't easy either. Your first solution will probably take a long time to be finished.. and almost definitely not work. It's probably impossible to build a thing at first trial and have it work exactly as intended: not machines, infrastructure, organizations or institutions. There are always unforseen parts of the systems you didn't either didn't imagine would be necessary, or had a poor conception of in your 'design'. Only when the thing has been built do you realize your poor foresight.
So.. you'll likely iterate over time to build your cup-washing machine... and eventually, you might get it right. But think about all the time you spent building that machine. If you simply set out to manually wash the cups, you might actually have completed the job faster. Only if you were going to wash lots of cups frequently into the future could it make any sense to invest all that time building a cup-washing machine.
So... clearly, scaling banal activity like cup-washing with cups is not easy. And cups are inanimate objects who have no interests of their own. They are neither reacting between one another or back to you as you try to wash them. Now, think about humans. Do you think you can coordinate humans over all of continental Africa in a single unitary central union?
Humans are not inanimate, you cannot simply do things to them. They are constantly reacting to one another and back to you too. Even when they do exist in large groups of different, disparate ethnicities.
(ii) Overcoming the delusion of landmass
Africa might be a geographical continent. But that doesn't mean that the people or places on that expanse of land all have a common ground which aligns them together. If connection by landmass were that important, why isn't euroasia a single political, cultural and economic union? Can you imagine a euroasian ideology where people genuinely for legitimate reasons advocate for a single continental union?
So.. connection by landmass is a false indication of similarity. Northern Africans definitely have a lot more in common (climate, religion, culture, language.. and yeah 'race') with western Asians than they do with black Africans below the sahara.
This is why and where we cleave off northern Africa and begin thinking about Pan-Africanism not as a thing which exists between people based on the arbitrariness of their connection by land, but by the veritable things they actually do have in common.
It becomes then pan-sub-Saharan Africanism. But why might we want a pan-sub-Saharan Africanism?
Legitimate reasons to want a pan-sub-Saharan Africanism
(i) Ease of coordination¹ with people on the same economic and cultural sophistication level as you. It's the same with individual humans. There exists social stratification (division based on social, intellectual and economic class) in our lives. It exists with nation states too. Why not increase economic and cultural activity with fellow poors and largely unsophisticates with ambition instead of struggling to gain the attention of juggernauts?
  1. A long time ago, humans lived in small bands of hunter-gatherers, but more people working together means a better division of labor (diversity of talent/function) and efficiency (economies of scale) — which is increasingly what happened, and is why we have large cities within large countries and sociopolitical alignment among several countries in our current world.
(ii) Scale is good, just not too much scale.
You actually do want scale with lots of people for long-running successful economic and cultural activities. Scale with humans means diversity on many fronts. Think the USA (the world's leader at so many things). They have 300M+ people. Those 300M people are interested in so many different things that you can have people interested in and great at tons of different things. Diversity of interests and pursuits is a great thing.
Think also about economies of scale. That too is a real advantage. The problems begin to pop up for some reason when things scale too much.¹
"There's a pattern that I don't see talked about much, but which seems to apply in all sorts of systems, big and small, theoretical and practical, mathematical and physical.
The pattern is: the cheaper interactions become, the more intensely a system is corrupted. The faster interactions become, the faster the corruption spreads.
What is "corruption?" I don't know the right technical definition, but you know it when you see it. In a living system, it's a virus, or a cancer, or a predator. In a computer operating system, it's malware. In password authentication, it's phishing attacks. In politics, it's lobbyists and grift. In finance, it's high-frequency trading and credit default swaps. In Twitter, it's propaganda bots. In earth's orbit, it's space debris and Kessler syndrome.
On the Internet, it's botnets and DDoS attacks."
This is why you do want to scale the population of people contributing to the entity which you govern... but only enough to just the right level. You want to gain from all the upsides, but not grow large enough that things begin to go wrong as they are wont to. You ideally want to precisely hit the sweet spot of scale.
Maybe what this means is that instead of creating a pan-sub-Saharan African central government (remember that we have already cleaved northern Africa off), which would likely be far too large and unwieldy , and therefore suffer from the effects of too much scale, maybe what you want to do instead is regional integration (western Africa, sahelian Africa, central Africa [very large area, so maybe 2 subdivisions?], southern Africa, eastern Africa) between governing entities (countries). That likely gives you the right sort of scale you want without coming to face the downsides with it.
(iii) Coordinating as a castigated people
Getting some goddamn dignity. Since you do need collaboration with other people, why not collaborate with fellow undesirables?
Black African people (even if there are differences between them and there might be multiple races within the "black race" are reviled everywhere... including in northern Africa. So.. why continue seeking the approval of people who despise you?
And no, this isn't contradictory to the above argument against "uniting based on mutual colonial history". It's a losers' club alright. But you aren't uniting to spite or to prove any point to anyone. It's just undesirables choosing to look less to people who consider them detestable.
How might you do pan-sub-Saharan Africanism?
What might it actually look like?
— In the long term
A strong integration between the regions. Why not?
They are ethnically related anyway. Maybe smaller enthnicities can be integrated into related, larger ones (genes, phenotypes and language). They probably originate from them anyway. Problem with that might be classes within tribes (my God, why do humans love the ingroup vs outgroup thingy so so much?). To avoid that, maybe you want to create supra-ethnic groups of related tribes (genes, phenotypes and language) instead, and eliminate the existing ethnic groups. For example, if you realize that Itsekiris are in fact a branched-off Yourba people, you can eliminate the idea of both "Yorubaness" and "Itsekiriness" and create a "new_all_encompassing_supra_ethnic_group" with a new name, taking all of the best elements of both groups which you find culturally desirable at the time and indefinitely going forward into the future.
By the time you are done with all of your merging/supra-creating, you are likely to have reduced the thousands of ethnic groups into.. what? 20 - 30 total? I don't know any ethnography. I have no idea how many distinct ethnicities you would carve out of sub-Saharan Africa if you did the work. Probably not that many though.
Most people would be quick to claim that this is impossible to achieve. That the ethnic groups will always remember what they used to be, and never accept the new ethnicities. But that's not true. Unless you are an African archaeologist, or work in a related field, or particularly are an African history enthusiast, and aside "we waz kangz" bullshitry — do you know anything about ancient times when black Africans had thriving civilizations and empires? Probably not. That's because all of the media you consume and all of the information readily available to you are about black Africans being slaves shipped off across the Atlantic, or their being colonized by cleverer Europeans.
(we're yet going to discuss in a later issue the effects of modern black African misery media porn on the psychology of black Africans, subscribe to this newsletter and, or OrbitSSA to not miss that.)
People only know about things that happened in the past based on (i) recorded media (text, video, audio) and (ii) oral messaging by people around them. If there's no information around to inform people, they don't get to know anything.
There aren't a lot of existing media about existing black African ethnicities in the first place. If all your media going forward is replete with the new larger ethnicities only as the ethnicities that are real, and you make it clear that the fractioning of ethnicities in the first place was an unfortunate event, and that not only is it better (ease of coordination) that they eventually came back together, but that it was probably inevitable anyway (both of which are true), no one in the future will obsess too much about the old, sparse, disparate ethnicities.
In the first place, hardly is anyone going to give it much thought. Most people do not to stress themselves over things they have not much control over.
But of course, as always, there are going to be some fringe, devoted groups who want to bring back the old ethnicities for absolutely no legitimate reasons. Some people really are just sociopathicly disruptive. Because of that, you will probably have to make it illegal to renounce one's current ethnicity for an old one and ,or advocate for a return to the old ethnicities.
Lots of things will have to change over time, but eventually, everyone will get with the new program.
— In the now
(i) Countries with what seem to be competent governments on the sub-continent can collaborate a lot more. They are very few of them and they are far apart, which would make things very difficult, but they should probably do it anyway. They only have themselves after all.
(ii) On an individual level, people from different places from the sub-continent building alliances between one another to seek progress, like the goal is with OrbitSSA.
For example, since governments entirely determine if and how development happens in a country, people from countries with currently incompetent governments can move to countries with more competent governments to help those countries develop. If you do choose a country in your region (similar ethnicities), then they are your people and it's likely not very different from helping your country of origin develop. If it instead happens to be a country in a different region, it is at least a black African country whose development accrues to you and your countrymen too (at the very least, psychologically). It is a whole lot better than migrating to some western nation which reviles you and your people.
Important: pan-sub-Saharan Africanism probably does need a real name of its own. As it currently is, It is blemished from an association with "pan-Africanism". Suggestions?
Next up: Why aren't black Africans embarrassed by their own migration to the west?
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2023.06.04 16:49 Andoni95 N5 from zero in 30 days (Reflections, methodologies, and pedagogy)

N5 from zero in 30 days (Reflections, methodologies, and pedagogy)


I started learning Japanese on March 22 2023. At the time of writing, It has been about 70-80 days since. Currently I would place myself at N4 level (now studying N3). I became very inspired to study Japanese after (a) visiting Niseko (Hokkaido) and (b) reading a post on Reddit about someone who claims to pass N1 from zero in 8.5 months.
The purpose of this post is to offer (a) alternative perspectives to learning Japanese, (b) prove that it is possible to learn quickly, (c) challenge some of the existing recommendations. This post is part one out of eight articles detailing my journey to N1 from zero in 8 months. Disclaimer, this post will be very long and ranty!
This post will cover some of the study techniques and experiments I’ve conducted for the first month, as well as the results of my experimentation and insights. As for the elephant in the room, I’m currently studying N3 after 60+ days into my Japanese learning journey. I’m sure many are skeptical or might presume that I have bad mastery of N5 and N4 content, but by the end of the post, I’m confident that I would have responded to them. This post is not created to discouarge anyone >< I just wanted to see if my studying tips can inspire or resonate with other people.

Prior Knowledge

I started watching anime since Naruto. I think that was 15 years ago. I’m not particularly obsessed with Japanese culture but I do follow the mainstream anime like Bleach, Tokyo Ghoul, My Hero Academia, Attack on Titan, and most recently Demon Slayer. So I do possess 15 years of acclimatising to the sound of Japanese anime speech. However my Vocab is very limited. I know how to count from 1-99, konnichiwa and itadakemasu, and a couple more words that I might remember if I was prompted. I also know the hand signs from Naruto. Apart from that, I consider myself truly zero in Japanese knowledge.

While your brain can only hold 7-9 items in the short term memory at once, it does not mean you cannot study more than 9 items in a day.

I see most people on Reddit recommending 15-20 new cards on Anki. Personally I think this pace is way too slow, especially for the beginner. Most typical N5 vocab deck would have about 600-700 cards. 15cards/day means that it would take 40-50 days just to see all the cards. I also came across a study that says our short term brain cannot store more than 9 items at a time. This would seem to support support the recommendation of 15-20 vocabulary cards a day. While reading Moonwalking with Einstein, a book on the capabilities of the human memory, I read about a story of a guy who could draw the landscape of New York with shocking precision after flying pass the city on a helicopter once. The book also hinted at the idea that we possess some form of photographic memory.
And so, i tried to do about 50-100 new cards a day. Within 10 days, I’ve seen all the N5 Vocab. Around day 15 or so, i became concerned that cramming so many words in a day would mean that the retention rate will be low. So I tested myself on those 700 words and I think I got about 85% correct.
Personally i was very happy with that score. I thought I could do a lot worse. So clearly, trying to learn 100 new cards a day wasn’t detrimental to retention rate (I will address my thoughts on burnout on a later point). What is happening?
My hypothesis is that while we can’t store more 6-9 items in our short term memory, it doesn’t mean that when we study our 10th,11th, 20th or 100th item, our brain would completely reject the input. You are still imprinting something onto the brain. What this means is that while you should not expect to see a word once and remember it forever, it says nothing about the upper limit of how many words you can simultaneously start on the first stage of the SRS system. We all know that SRS takes time to turn short term memory into long term memory. It could take weeks or a few months. But if we can start 100 words on the SRS system vs 15-20 words, and there is no significant cost to doing more words, then starting 100 new cards a day will bring us to our destination much faster.

Self-fulfilling prophecy

When you read about many people agreeing that 15-20 new Anki card a day is a good pace, or that it takes 300-500 hours to pass N5, then it sets the expectation of what is normal. The reason I was able to Master N5 in approximately 150-200 hours and learn all its vocab a couple of weeks is because I did not pay attention to what other people can achieve.

How I use Anki
From my survey on Reddit, it seems that people get overwhelm by the amount of reviews on Anki. And I think this reveals that the are doing reviews differently from how I do it.
When I do my Anki reviews, I only entertain two state of minds when marking the flash cards. The first is I know the answer (the answer pops into my brain instantaneously) and the second is I don’t know the answer (mind is blank). I do not try to recall the answer. Recalling takes time. If I try to recall the answer, it might take me upwards of a minute or two to remember it (and even then, I might still be wrong). Instead i like my Anki reviews to be snappy. It feels like I take about a fraction of a second to answer my Anki cards, although the Anki statistics tells me that I take 4second per card. Still fast either way. At 4s/card I can do 900 reviews in one hour.
Next is how I use Easy, Good, Again and Hard. The rule of thumb is to be more liberal than strict. I try to use Easy, instead of Good as much as I can because I don’t want my reviews to pile up. I almost never use Hard even if I get the card completely wrong. Speaking of reviews pilling up, we need to define what marking an Anki item as Good or Easy means to me.
For a lot of people it means aiming for perfection. That means that the person only click Easy or Good if his answer exactly matches the back side of the card. For myself I set an extremely low bar, as long the vague feeling of what I think the answer is somewhat matches the answer on the back side, I’m happy to give it a Good at least. Why? Because it’s the nature of Anki or SRS system to return cards you previously click Easy and Good. I don’t have to worry about being too forgiving on myself and being ignorant about the fact because I can always count on the card to return eventually. And if I a card I previously marked as Good, came back, and feels difficult, I would then make a mental note to study it in greater detail. Secondly, a lot of the 700 words in a typical N5 vocab deck are so common that you will encounter them all the time in the wild. This is called organic or natural SRS. If you are strict on your Anki at this stage, it can be quite an overkill in hindsight. Of course it may not feel like an overkill in the beginning because you are still gettting cards wrong.

Burnt out

Okay what about burnout. Surely I might be overdoing it, and wouldn’t burnout eventually catch up to me. Yes and no. I think the phenomenon of burnout is highly exaggerated. I don’t like to use the word burnt out whenever I’m feeling “burnt out” because it has a lot of negative connotations and because negative connotations can lead to self-fulfilling prophecies. Instead, I prefer to use the phrase, “I’m tired now”. I kind of compare myself to Shonen protagonists where there’s this big villain coming up and then some special training to level up. The special training is usually quite intense, and sometimes dangerous, and they will eventually be quite tired by the end of the training. But these protagonists always reemerge stronger with new abilities and can now overcome stronger foes.
Similarly, whenever I study too much, I would just acknowledge that I’m tired, watch some anime and something different. I’m usually okay by the next morning. I attribute my ability to resist burn out my thoughts and attitude.

Consistency, multimodality learning, and resourcefulness

Okay the N1 tango book is really too difficult for me. I bought it thinking i could get a headstart on N1 while concurrently studying N3. Its just too much at this point.
I only believe in one kind of consistency, and that is that you have to show up almost every day. But I don’t believe in the kind of consistency that requires me to be on a 365-day Anki/wanikani/immersion streak. This is also one factor that helps to protect burn out. When I feel like doing textbook learning, that’s what I’m going to do. If want to do pure Bunpro and Anki for the next 3 days without reading any textbook, that’s what I’ll do.
I also believe in the idea of multimodality learning. I use everything at my disposal:
All the textbooks (Genki, Minna no nihongo, Tae Kim)
YouTube videos (Misa ammo, game gengo, tokiniandy)
Doing active immersion with anime
Changing my phone language to Japanese (this one unfortunately is a bad advice. I recommend to stay away from this if you are still at N5)
Instagram and TikTok accounts of Japanese tutors
Websites (tofugu, human Japanese, Japanese tutors’ blogs)
Apps (wanikani, language reactor, bunpro)
Japanese grammar dictionaries
Assessment books
Discord or Reddit or forums
Japanese classes
There’s often this debate on which is better, Genki vs Minna vs Tae kim. If cost or ability to procure them is not an issue, why not use all of them? It’s okay to have one source as your primary source. Mine was Genki 1. But when I wanted to understand a nuance that Genki does not explain well enough, I’ll usually consult my other sources. And if I’m bored of Genki, I can easily switch to Tae Kim, for a change of scenery. If I don’t feel like reading, Misa or Tokiniandy is there for me.
My observation is that many people are usually only using one modality to acquire a new skill. This is causing their journey to be unnecessarily monotonous.

Sloppy learning and conjugations

One very integral component of the Japanese language is conjugation. It’s especially important for the N5. Conjugations can allow you to express many meaning in Japanese. Learning how to conjugate accurately is going to be a struggle for any beginner(think godan and ichidan verbs and conjugating to masu, te, negative forms, etc).
A lot of Japanese textbook and assessment will make you do drills. I skipped all of them. Rather than trying to brute force your way to memorizing conjugations I employ a technique called sloppy learning(this phrase is borrowed from “Japan Like A Breeze” on patreon). I define sloppy learning as learning just enough to acquire the essence of the concept.
For example, ,whether the verbs is in its polite form, short form, negative form or past tense form etc, can be easily recognised by looking at the last few syllabus of a word. If a words end on a “ta”, it must be past tense form. If it ends on a “masu” it must be the polite/long form. This concept can literally be understood in 5 mins.
Thus for me. When conjugating oyogu (泳ぐ)into past tense form, I just conjugate it as oyogu-ta (oyogu +ta) Or sometimes oyota. Now oyota is wrong of course. But that’s all I need at this stage. I desire to understand Japanese, not to get full marks on conjugation drill table. You must always try to look at the big picture. Trying to do well on conjugation drills is an opportunity cost. Ultimately one needs to judge what is worth spending effort on. Hence the idea of sloppy learning is to be deliberate about what to focus on.
Once I can consistently remember that masu means polite and ta meant past, this is where I try to conjugate them correctly. Conjugations is difficult because they all don’t behave like ru verbs. You cannot simply drop the ru at the end of a word and append ta or masu to them. Oyogu for example doesn’t even have a ru ending.
The path I chose was to hope that I can organically (I like this word a lot, but it also sometimes means magically) , know how to conjugate correctly one day. And to a certain extent I acquired some intuition on conjugations without any active involvement from my part. I soon became aware that if a word ends in a gu or a ku, then instead of a ta, it might be ita or ida.
The break through came on day 35. When I couldn’t endure the fact that I wasn’t able to magically acquire conjugation intuition for free. So i goggled “why are godan verbs conjugate the way they are”. And Tofugu came to the rescue.
Essentially they introduced three concepts (a) double consanent with small tsu, (b) assimilation with n, and (c)consonant removal. After that article, conjugating became a breeze. In hindsight, my ability to conjugate only costed me the time to read one tofugu article (and one month of passively intuiting the conjugation patterns) Because I did not spend time on conjugation drills, i was able to progress to the other grammatical points in Genki 1. I didn’t remain stuck in one place for too long.And this is another aspect of sloppy learning. You learn just enough to move on to the next level, you don’t aim for perfection.
Your brain can’t do everything at once. Your brain cannot remember that masu means polite form, and all the rules for conjugating verbs to masu in one sitting. If you try to do that, you can remain stuck, despite already understanding the general idea of conjugation. Better to move on and let the intuition develop. If you judge that the intuition is not going to progress or progress quickly enough, you can always intervene later by supplementing with new knowledge.

Mnemonics when I get something wrong too often

Often there will be a vocab or grammar point that I always can’t seem to latch on. No vague feelings, no guesses, just an empty mind. When this happens, it can be a scary feeling. It may feel like you are not good enough.
Really the solution is very simple. Just add one more inferential step. When I first encountered the word bengoshi(弁護士) , my mind does not produce any intuition or pictures or feelings. What I did was to create a mnemonic, a story. How to relate a lawyer to the sound ben go shi? I managed to came up with “when the judge announces his judgement, the bench(jury) goes “shhhh””Sorry, I know it’s really bad. But when I created that story, bengoshi never stumped me again.I’ve seen a lot of criticism of mnemonics that I don’t agree with
  1. ‘they are not for me”>>I’ve seen people said that Anki is not for me. Srs is not for me. While I believe in individual differences and effectiveness in different methodologies, I feel that sometimes people decide too quickly what is or isn’t for them. What is optimal may first have a learning curve in the beginning. And instead of saying that something is not for me and moving on to the next thing, we need to consider if it isn’t we ourselves that should change to make it fit for us.
  2. “If I’m trying to memorize something, how does adding more things to remember help. Now I not only have to remember the word, but I need to remember the story to remember the word.”>> Between a story and a random string of number “89779012879” , the brain can remember the short story more easily than the string of number despite the story consisting of more words. It’s just how our brain works.

On active immersion

Active immersion means trying to pick up words or trying to understand what is being said in Japanese media like anime or novels. Passive immersion means enjoying the content without really worrying about improving your Japanese.
On day 21 I tried active immersion with Weathering with You. I came to the conclusion that active immersion is not efficient for the new learner. I can imagine myself doing a lot of sentence mining and active immersion in the future (spoiler, I’m now on day 70-80 and I’m immersing a lot more now). But definitely a hard no for me to recommend new comers as the only and primary form of learning Japanese.

Why textbook learning and structural learning is important for fast gains.

Textbook learning is great for fast gains because it prioritises for you. Textbooks are not prepared by a random person. They are usually prepared while respecting certain pedagogical principles in mind by a team of qualified academics. While appealing to authority doesn’t make it correct, we should at least be cognisant that the textbooks might be doing a few things right.
One of those pedagogical principles is incremental or progressive learning. Building knowledge upon what was previously learnt.
Another principle is foundational concepts. A textbook will usually introduce foundational concepts that act as a scaffold for everything else as early as possible. And because textbook learning is progressive, it means that the difficulty is always going to feel just about right. In active immersion the difficulty can be wild because it does not respect your level of Japanese proficiency.

Completing N5 in 30 days.

In this 30 days, I was not only learning Japanese, but also learning how to learn. They call it building a plane while flying it hahahah. The principles outlined here helped me to finish N5 content at an insane rate. I was spending about 6-8 hours a day on Japanese (in chunks). So one point not stated here is time. There's no way around time investment.
On the 30th day I did a lot of mock tests and I performed quite well (80-90% correct).When I started on N4 on day 31, I was really surprised by the bump in difficulty. I gave myself 30 days to clear N4. That was the hardest 30 days in my Japanese learning journey. I’m fact I had a better time when I was studying for N3 on day 65 onwards. In my next post I’ll share why N4 was harder than N5 and N3 for me and share some more insights. Hope this has been helpful in offering new perspectives. Thank you for reading this long rant of mine.
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2023.06.04 16:48 Pro-Rus Ru pov: Situational update of the Battle for Maryinka 15:00, 4 June 2023 - Rybar

Ru pov: Situational update of the Battle for Maryinka 15:00, 4 June 2023 - Rybar
⚡️🇷🇺🇺🇦⚔️ Battle for #Maryinka - Situation until 15:00 on 4 June 2023⚡️
🔹 For the past few days, after the rotation of fighters from the 150th Division of the RF Armed Forces to Akhmat units, there has been an active assault on the stronghold of the Ukrainian 79th Air Assault Forces' Separate Air Assault Brigade in #Maryinka.
Fighting supported by artillery and aviation continues unabated. The Russian servicemen have managed to advance deep into the low-rise buildings along Kashtanova and Poligraphicheskaya streets.
🔹 Also today, an AFU armoured group attacked Russian army positions south of #Maryinka, dislodging RF Armed Forces personnel from several positions, fighting is now underway. The AFU is supporting the advance with artillery from #Konstantinovka.
📌 Akhmat and 5th Brigade units are currently storming #Maryinka with fire support from the 150th Division artillerymen. ➖ At the same time to the south the AFU are trying to counterattack.
▪️ To the west in #Kurakhovo are the forces of the AFU's 23rd Mechanized Brigade, which is partially equipped with Western-style equipment. Its presence in the #Maryinka sector may indicate preparations for active combat operations near #Donetsk.
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2023.06.04 16:47 Pandemoniun_Boat2929 The second ML gives me such ick (Let's take a bath, Duke)

The second ML gives me such ick (Let's take a bath, Duke)
He doesn't look like a villain and they seem to be going for a cute thing with the loving family and the doctor with a crush who just cares so much. And it doesn't matter to me, I am so scared of that kind of "I know best, just take the mystery pill" kinda doctor. Ever since I nearly killed myself trying to follow my doctors advice to lose some weight and get more exercise if my apatite is gone (it turned out to be a wasting disease. I nearly gave myself a heart attack.) The first time he was like "does bathing help? Well then stop doing it" he has became one of the worst characters in anything ever. I hate him.
And side note, although European people were somewhat superstitious about baths they didn't think the baths themselves were poison. They thought rain/pond water wasn't very clean (but it was all most people had), heating bathwater was expensive and time consuming, and they thought sharing bathwater spread disease (which it does) and only a family with servants could afford to have separate baths. What they would have done was wash up with a bowl of warm water every morning and wear fresh linens under your clothes everyday which would be boiled sterile (cleaner than polyester), and bathe once a week or so to wash the daily powder out of their hair (think dry shampoo). Historical people probably wouldn't have smelled bad just conspicuously more like human skin than we do, in fact Historical reinactors say that after living that way modern people actually smell really badly of soap and perfumes. There is a cloying chemical smell that we think is neutral but there is no such thing as no smell and would actually be more offensive to a Historical person who is used to smelling a little of sweat. So I can't even forgive him on "it was the common wisdom" reasons, because unless there is an even sicker person in the bath with her he has no reason to object and should not smell this bad himself. I hope he turns into a twist villain.
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2023.06.04 16:47 Khan_Entertainment The geekiest campaign ever: The Eternal Cohort

So, I basically made a multiverse-spanning campaign...enjoy!
Warning: This campaign incorporates elements from multiple universes and involves complex lore from sources such as Lord of the Rings, Michael Moorcock's Eternal Champion series, the Alien Anthology, Terminator (especially Terminator: Resistance), and Magic: The Gathering. To fully understand and appreciate the story, a significant amount of knowledge about these respective universes and their lore is required. Readers who are unfamiliar with the lore from these sources may find it challenging to follow the intricacies of the plot and the connections between different storylines. It is highly recommended to have a solid understanding of these universes to fully grasp the nuances of the campaign. If you are not well-versed in these sources or find complexinterwoven narratives overwhelming, this campaign may not be suitable for you. However, if you enjoy delving into intricate lore and relish the challenge of connecting multiple universes, this campaign may offer a rich and rewarding storytelling experience. Please consider your familiarity with the relevant lore before diving into this campaign, as it may greatly impact your ability to engage with and enjoy the story. I will explain the story the way it turned out for my party. This is a very basic rundown of the story, basically the core of the campaign.
Also, these might greatly help you:
One wiki to rule them all:
Moorcok's Multiverse Wiki:
MTG Wiki:
Terminator Wiki:

The Lord of the Rings: Where the Shadows Lie
The first part of the campaign takes the party to the year 2000 of the Third Age of Middle-Earth. The Realm of Angmar has been defeated and the Nazgûl are gathering in Mordor. The Elven Lord Glanduril of Mithlond, brother of Gildor Inglorion and wielder of the black sword Anguirel, recieves a message from a Stranger. It tells about the actions of the other Nazgûl during the Witch-King's campaign against Arnor, including third of the Nine, Gothmog, once a great Númenórean lord who fell to Sauron and led the black númenóreans to Dark Land, where they established a colony and became the Hyarmenóreans. Now, nothing is left of them but the city of Nazgkadar, led by a powerful necromancer named Mordu (who would much later become the Mouth of Sauron). And the elves suspect that Gothmog might have been preparing them for war. They also suspect a Nazgûl in Dol Guldur, Rhûn and Harad, who have recovered one of the remaining dwarven rings and unleashed the black plague upon Gondor. (yes, I made this)
Glanduril and Galadriel assemble a group of heroes to investigate this threat and the other Nazgûl's plans. (This and subsequently the next adventure are the only ones where I'll incorporate my players' characters into the summary, because they sometimes are key elements.) Among the group were Galadhorn, an elven lord of Doriath and brother of Celeborn who now lives in Lórien and posesses a ring gifted to him by Melian with the power to heal others, but it has been broken during the second Kinslaying at the hands of Fëanor's sons; Tauriël, the lost daughter of Eluréd, and therefore heir to the Kingdom of Doriath; Arathar, Brother of Aranarth and Prince of Arnor, a Dúnedain of the north; and Elethrond, an elf of Nargothrond and apprentice of Finrod, who now lives in Mithlond with Glanduril. He also carries the sword of Ecthelion.
With the exception of Ecthelion, they first meet in the Prancing Pony in Bree, where they also encounter a Stranger who ensures (in whatever way you see fit) that Tauriël and Arathar eventually fall in love. When the group travels to Dark Land and enter Nazgkadar, they have to avoid being spotted. They break into a Melkor temple/library and find out about the Hyarmenórean's history and that Gothmog had returned to recruit them for Sauron. After fleeing from the city, the group and Glanduril stop in Minas Ithil on their way to Dol Guldur, their next stop. Then the 2-year siege of Minas Ithil at the hands of the Nazgûl begins. After a fierce battle, the heroes depart. At the outskirts of Greenwood, while the others are sleeping, one of the player characters' wakes up and sees Glanduril talking to the Stranger they've encountered in Bree, a concerned expression on Glanduril's face. They can not understand what they're talking but they see that the Stranger carries a sword identical to that of Glanduril, on his finger shines a ring like the one Galadhorn possesses one if it wasn't broken and on his head sits a helm adorned with a dragon figure. The next morning Glanduril tells the group that what they thought to be a Nazgûl in Dol Guldur could be Sauron himself, according to the same Stranger that told him of the other Nazgûl, as he has encountered him last night. And that he will depart for a while to search for an ally that might be challenging to recruit. He sends the players north to the land of the Éothéod to help Fram slay the dragon Scatha and recover one of the dwarven rings of power from his hort to delay Sauron, if it is really him. (So this is kinda like a Hobbit scenario, including Fram's dragon sickness; Also, the ring tempts the players.) Following that adventure, Gildor arrives at Framsburg to give the group a message from Glanduril that tells them to investigate the ruins of Utumno in search for Sauron's past and maybe find a clue if he's hiding in Dol Guldur. They have to pass by the orc-infested Gundabad to reach the ruins in the far north. Once deep underground they encounter the fellbeasts, which would later become the mounts of the Nazgûl during the War of the Ring:
"Nonetheless the Valar did not discover all the mighty vaults and caverns hidden with deceit far under the fortresses of Angband and Utumno. Many evil things still lingered there, and others were dispersed and fled into the dark and roamed in the waste places of the world, awaiting a more evil hour; and Sauron they did not find."
But then they are confronted by a Balrog, and Glanduril comes to their aid, and they slay the balrog using Anguirel and Elethrond's sword, as it has slain many balrogs in the hands of Ecthelion and could wound their fire.
They then travel to Amon Ereb north of Mithlond, where once was the fortress of the sons of Fëanor. On their way, a group of Dúnedain bring Arathar a gift from a stranger: The Dragon helm of Dor-Lómin. Once they arrive at Amon Ereb, they are greeted by Maglor, last living son of Fëanor, who Glanduril has recruited for one final mission. Though he's first met with Suspicion and hatred from Galadhorn and Tauriël, Maglor wants to at least partly redeem himself and (as a son of Fëanor) repairs Galadhorn's ring and gifts the recovered treasure of Doriath to Tauriël and agrees to join them. Returning to Dark land, Maglor sings a song to recruit the huorns and ents of the forest, which is destroyed by the Hyarmenóreans for their industry. The ents destroy the city and the huorns kill any fleeing Hyarmenóreans, while the group (without Glanduril and Maglor) face Mordu in his palace. After this final boss fight, Mordu manages to escape and Gothmog turns up and takes the dwarven ring from the group, before Maglor and Glanduril arrive to drive him back. Afterwards, Glanduril offers the group to join him in searching for the legendary city of Tanelorn in the new lands in the west. With nothing holding him in Middle-Earth Maglor joins them.
Michael Moorcock’s The Eternal Champion: Stranger in a Strange World
Years later, Arathar and Tauriël have an adult son, Heledir, that lives with them in Tanelorn, Heledir is gifted Glanduril's sword Anguirel, as well as the dragon helm of Dor-Lómin.
One day, the black ship arrives at Tanelorn and the captain recruits the group. On the ship, they meet with Dakkon Blackblade from the MTG universe. They learn that Dakkon and Heledir (and Turin Turambar before him) are both incarnations of the eternal champion and wield incarnations of the black sword; and that Glanduril is Heledir's eternal companion. They also learn that the group is an incarnation of another archetype: the Eternal Cohort, which will always help the eternal champion in one way or another, if he himself is not able to fulfill his task. They don't have to be with the champion though. (Also, Heledir has a dream avatar: Valentine Michael Smith from "Stranger in a Strange Land")
They travel the second ether until they reach Elric's world. Their mission is to defeat the nemesis of Dakkon and chaos demon Geyadrone Dihada, who wants to disrupt a meeting between the lords of chaos and law. They travel to R'lin K'ren A'a, where Dihada's Unholy Citadel is located. Upon arriving on the jungle continent, they are ambushed by Mairon (Sauron), or rather his incarnation in Elric's world. Turns out, that Melkor is actually a chaos lord and Mairon a chaos demon in his service. But his power in this world isn't strong, and the players are able to drive him back. (Mairon)
After defeating some of the reptilian Olab, they meet with a man called J'osui C'reln Reyr and the departing royal family of R'lin K'ren A'a, as they made a deal with Arioch to leave for Melniboné and leave the gods their land for their meeting. (They also see the great jade statue of Arioch). Heledir and Dakkon forge their helmets together, creating a black shimmering helmet adorned with a dragon figure; they gift the helmet to the king, and it would later become the dragon helm of the melnibonéan emperors. Before they launch their attack on Dihada, they return to the ship, where they are met with a strange group of people, that kinda look like this:
They give Heledir a vial of a silver liquid, before the group must depart. They ultimately defeat Geyadrone Dihada by becoming The-Two-Who-Are-One and banish her with the black sword before Dakkon planeswalkes away. Then, Mairon returns and after this final fight, Heledir banishes him from Elric's world using Anguirel. But this evokes a bloodlust in the demon sword and kills all of Heledir's companions. Heledir curses Anguirel and swears to defeat Sauron once and for all. He takes Galadhorn's ring and travels the multiverse via the moonbeam roads... (the Two-Who-Are-One)
Aliens: Nemesis
These last two parts are played in the Alien RPG System by Free League
It's the year 2183, the USS Corum has been dispatched to locate survivors of the Hadley's Hope incident, that have crashed on the nearby moon of Lv-223, while trying to escape with the Onager. Among the crew is the android Evans.
Upon landing on the moon, they notice the jungle that has been created by the black goo emitted from the crashed Juggernaut. While investigating the terrain, one of the marines is infected with Neomorph spores. The Neomorph emerges from it's host in the shuttle's medbay but breaks out, so that it isn't safe to return to.
Soon they find a boy who has been surviving on the hostile moon (kinda like Eric Kirby in Jurassic Park 3): Timmy Jorden; Newt's brother. He then leads the group to the engineer temple, where Evans discovers that the engineers have created humanity and have created the black goo out of some sort of (phyrexian) oil that they have encountered during their travel around the multiverse, as they are a highly advanced species. He also finds out that the Deacon is an incarnation of the "Black Sword" and that the engineers worship it as a symbol of the cycle of sacrifice and creation, that drives the whole multiverse and the balance of chaos and order. Evans takes one of the black goo vials and creates a silver liquid out of it's nano-material, that david had already discovered; an alloy that can form into anything.
After several Xenomorph attacks, Timmy leads the group to the wreck of the Onager to get it's transmitter to call another shuttle, but it is now a xenomorph hive. The group eventually floods the hive with liquid nitrogen, but they only have a limited amount and not much zime. They place explosives within the hive, but don't make it out before the Xenomorphs attack them again. The group sacrifices themselves, destroying the hive with the queen for good. The last thing one of them sees is Evans rising from the flames, but his skin is gone, revealing that he is not a normal Weyland-Yutani android:
Suddenly, the group seems to wake up in a shattered city, dispersed, and with their memory of their adventure fading like a dream and being replaced with others...
Terminator: Renegades
The group awakes in the middle of a battle, they are part of the 124th, Colorado division. The group is marked for termination and an infiltrator tries to kill them but is then attacked by another terminator. Both get destroyed in the process. The group recoveres the chip of the other terminator and brings it back to the shelter to investigate why it saved them.
They find out that the chip has been altered using a mimetic polyalloy. Apparently, these "Renegades" have been appearing lately, sabotaging SkyNet's assets. But there are more pressing matters. After destroying a SkyNet train transporting titan for new terminators, they recieve the coordinates of the SkyNet central core from Jacob Rivers and John Connor gives the order for the final attack.
The 124th attacks the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, where the core is; But it is too heavily defended. Suddenly, the renegades launch a massive attack on SkyNet, diverting SkyNet's forces away from the complex and giving the 124th the chance to attack. The players place the explosives and hack the central computers before destroying the core. The resistance is victorious, but SkyNet has sent three terminators back in time, among them the "T-1000". After the battle, they are met by a figure who reveals himself to be a "Heledir", the creator of the renegades. He explains how he has used the polyalloy to alter the terminator's programming to defeat the servant of the singularity called SkyNet. But SkyNet has captured one of them and recreated the polyalloy, creating the T-1000. He then goes on to meet with John Connor together with the group. He explains that he has to go back in time using the captured time displacement equipment to ensure his own birth and defeat of Sauron: He is the Sranger from the first part. He also explains that the group is the Eternal Cohort and explains that they and a renegade (Evans) have to go back in time too and travel by the black ship, to ensure that he recieves the polyalloy.
Heledir would go on to inform Glanduril of the Hyarmenóreans, bring Arathar and Tauriël together and live by the Gladden Fields to ultimately ensure that Déagol and Sméagol would find the One ring, ultimately sealing Sauron's fate; before joining the warriors at the edge of time.
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