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A subreddit for people who had their shit stolen.

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okbuddyblackadam is for the biggest blackadam fans ever (me) to talk about dwayne the rock johnson in his new hit movie 2022 black adam out now in cinema near you i love black adam

2023.06.04 16:08 Munch1993 29M. Dead inside. Feel like suicide is a certainty.

For virtually my entire life I feel like I've suffered from depression, even as a child. My childhood came fully loaded with features such as:
Fast forward, I'm now 29 years old. I just went through a shitty break up where my gf of 8 months didn't communicate anything with me that she had a problem with. Always told me she loved me, and wanted a house and children together, only to ghost me. Later found out I was just a rebound and she was never over her ex the whole time we were together.
I have a handful of good friends, but I can't even contribute to a fun time with them anymore. They're always joking around and well, I'm just dead inside. I don't find much worth smiling or laughing about at all.
I am a single father of a 3 year old girl. I love this little girl so much. She is nonverbal autistic and was born with radial dysplasia so it has been nothing short of a challenge being a dad, nevermind a single dad. She is literally the only reason I have not killed myself.
But lately I've been starting to convince myself its still okay to go through with it. I have no goals anymore. I don't think I can ever be happy with all the shit I've dealt with in my life, and trust me I've barely scratched the surface in this post. This disease has gotten the best of me and I'm ready to hang it up.
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2023.06.04 16:07 Happy-Pangolin-8160 Cycle training

Hi, I would like get your opinion on my cycle training and team potential.
So I started cycle training 6seasons ago, with wingers, now they all are 23 year age. I 2 of them I will use wingers towards middle, ant other 2 as IM towards wing, as age of 27 they will be 17playmaking, 17 crossing, and 9 defense.Noe I bought 2 forwards17 with 10 crossing and all 6 getting playmaking training till the end, till they reach 27 age. All of them are with perfect spec, from rare country and potential+2100, so it means they will most likely play for NT, and give me plenty of exp. So at age of 27 I will have monsters forwards, wings and I'm, I just would need to buy all defense lineup which will cost around 45 millions. Just checked market. So at age 27 I could start to play for results.ofcourse at age 27 I will starts train them short passing for 2-3 seasons and sp, so the real my team potential would be at around 30 age.
What do you think? Does this team could chance to compete in hattrick masters?
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2023.06.04 16:07 somanyratslikesomany very hungover

I sit here at my hotel lobby-esque bartending job waiting for anyone to walk in, no one will. My heads pounding from last night. I went to a house show which was actually more of a yard show or even a shed show as a matter of fact. It was full of alternatives that make me question why the alternatives in my city are so different from the one i was in 16 hours ago. peculiar isnt it. I think its because the city kids who i saw last night are the only remaining culture of a dying metropolis where as my city now has a “keep X weird vibe”. i digress. im hungover and bored. wassup w u?
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2023.06.04 16:07 TallDR Model 1894

My grandfather gifted me this Model 1894 30 WCF a few years ago. My dad had to store it for me while I was serving overseas, but now that I’m back, I get to look at it daily. I googled the serial number and it falls in the 1943-1947 gap where Winchester wasn’t recording yearly numbers, presumably due to the war. My grandfather gave it to me under the condition that it never leave the family and I couldn’t be more honored to care for this piece of family history. My grandfather told me his uncle used it to literally put food on their table when he was growing up.
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2023.06.04 16:07 nbluey Got a code for the quickest shoppers east side of r/ar15

Got a code for the quickest shoppers east side of ar15
Enjoy! I really don’t need another reason to buy gun stuff right now lol
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2023.06.04 16:07 Internalproject My F27 partner M30 confided/kissed another girl who he works with

My F27 partner M30 confided/kissed another girl who he works with Hi everyone, I F27 just found out two days ago that my partner M30 of five years kissed another girl while he was staying at his dads. A little backstory: Middle of April my partner started showing signs that he was depressed by being distant, avoiding eye contact with me, not seeming happy during family time spent with our son M4. For the first week that I noticed I would try to involve him in activities that we would do (playing outside, dinners etc), not holding him to daily responsibilities (housekeeping, waking up with our son, school drop offs, dinner, etc). It got to the point that he wasn’t communicating with me at all on any level and only staying in another room at all times. I started to blame myself and wonder if it was something that I did. I expressed my concerns, hoping that he would reassure me that he’s just dealing with something, instead I got told that he wasn’t sure what he wanted in life anymore or if he was happy being with me. I asked him to get into contact with his therapist which was booked a month out. I have always given him room to stop bad habits, start new hobbies, see his friends etc without making him feel like he couldn’t. My only request has been that he does it while also holding any responsibilities we have as a household/parents. The weekend after that first week I mentioned before he had told me he wanted to spend the Saturday with me and would help with yard work(something I enjoy). That Saturday he didn’t wake up until 11am and stayed in the room still. I was doing yard work and he came out and told me that him and our son were going to his moms to give me a break. He later called and told me that he was dropping our son off to go skateboard with his friend. I was hurt by this because he lied and bailed on me. I stopped what I was doing and went and picked up our son, I didn’t need a break from him. The behavior continued to confirm(in my mind) that he was unhappy with me. The next weekend comes and I’m spiraling into a depression of my own, feeling unsure of anything in the relationship prior to this i thought was happy/healthy. With no reassurance given to me, I asked him if it would be possible for him to go stay at his dads until he figures out what he wants. He does so and was gone for a month and a half. Only helping with our son on days that I worked and he didn’t have school. During that time he confided in a girl at his work and they began to talk sexually. The week before he decided he wanted to come home he met with her to tell her that he wanted to come back to me. She asked for a kiss and he gave it to her. He stopped talking to her the night before he came home. I asked him why he would confide/kiss another woman and he told me that I had not been there for him emotionally and he hadn’t felt connected to me (conversation, hanging out, etc) and that she was able to give him that. She cared about what he had to say. Before all of this happened we would still talk, I started playing video games he did with his friends etc. I thought that everything felt good and was only getting better. I’m now finding myself worrying that the moment I’m not able to give him what he needs emotionally and connection wise he will welcome it elsewhere. I’m still finding it hard for myself to ask him how he’s doing and talking to him. I feel that he hasn’t given me any emotional support in the past month and betrayed me. And now he’s expecting me to be able to give it to him during this time.. While he was out I was expressing my emotions during the time and it might have even been to the point of begging, did that push him away? Did that minimize his emotions?
What are ways that I can be there for him without feeling like I’m putting myself out?
What is something that I can do to make him feel heard?
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2023.06.04 16:07 DamnZellinthisdress Is Leipzig a safe place for queer people?

I have been offered an internship in Leipzig and it suddenly dawned on me that I will be moving there. But with this realisation I’m now scared I won’t find a safe queer community with which I can feel a sense of belonging. I’m also worried about dating opportunities as a 24year old gay man.
Please someone say something to ease my overthinking ruminating mind, thank you 🙏
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2023.06.04 16:07 melted_k1tk4t I hit a small child in the face with a golf club..

This sounds really bad I know but it’s true.
During lock down me and my brothers would still have to go to school as our mom was a key worker. I was in my last year of primary school so I was about 11. My younger brother was only in his first year (age 4-5) which meant that I knew a lot of the younger kids. Anyways my best friends mom wasn’t at work today so she was aloud to stay home so I had no one my age to talk to/play with and decided I would play with my brother and his friends. It was kinda boring and I only really wanted to play with my brother but the other kids all wanted to join in. One of them suggested we play a zombie game where certain people are zombies and if they catch you then you become one. Everyone else agreed and another kid came up with he idea of having weapons… all the kids picked up golf clubs and baseball bats, tennis rackets, stuff like that and went to hide, I stood on a skinny stool that when you stood on it it would spin round. It was a very windy day and stupidly I decided to stand on it holding the golf club out. I started to spin uncontrollably and at that moment a 4 year old boy came running to his doom.
I smacked him right in the nose with the golf club knocking him over. He cried and I knew at that point I was in deep shit. You know when you make your siblings cry and you try to stop them from crying before your mom sees? Well I did that except it didn’t work and there was now a crowd of teachers around us.
The kid had a broken nose and had to get sent home. I was then dealt with by my mom later on.
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2023.06.04 16:07 shaquilleoatmeal60 Pondered life earlier

Been an absolutely beautiful day, yet I was pondering my life. so take this as a brain dump because it may not be positive as I hope the ending will be.
Career: I want to study a finance T-level upon my return to college (I'm 17, had to leave first year), With this I will get work experience that can leverage me into a relatively good job that can eventually be used to put solid ground beneath me from a financial perspective and most importantly provide me some security and independence.
Physical Health: Jesus christ, get ready for this: GERD, IBS-C, TMJ, Supra-patellar bursitis, Muscle atrophy/neck injury and now an enlarged spleen. all of these are incredibly painful and I manage them with medication. We don't know why my spleen is enlarged and it scares the shit out of me because losing my spleen won't kill me instantly, but opens me up to dying in a variety of different ways and furthermore hinders my life prospects. The surgery for GERD is £12,000 because the NHS is slow and I need to qualify first. I refuse the lynx surgery. This was my main gripe with pondering life, a couple of these are deadly in the long run and excruciating in the short run. I might want kids one day and how can I provide in this state?
Physical health Part 2: I've actually been getting back into working out consistently, I need to focus on it for my bursitis and neck injury, so there's some good news here
Mental health: Back to shit. I'm excessively stressed, anxious, angry and paranoid, I'm neurotic because of my childhood and home life. Something must be wrong because it's not often that people "break", smash a hole in the wall, threaten to kill themselves and then call every number in the book to stop themselves as a last-ditch effort. My brother is incredibly abusive to me but apparently that's my fault and I should stop complaining. he's even got a mate in on it and the ganging-up and mistreatment is a lot for me to take.
I have no idea how I bumble through life, all of this is manageable and I don't want to complain. But it scares the shit out of me because I could die at worst and be trapped in a life I hate at best. I've been taking steps to better my situation and life circumstance as a positive but there's only so much I can do. I dodge a lot of responsibility for the bad that I do and I acknowledge that.
I have hope. but it's dwindling.
I wish I had good news, I certainly did in my last post on here :) remember kids, no matter how shit my life has been, my bed has been made and my Duolingo been done ;)
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2023.06.04 16:07 rubberduck639 Friendly and Gimmicks

Ive heard uncletopia is an alternative to casual, and ive played it, its fun, but i was wondering if doing gimmicks and being a friendly are against the rules, i checked and it never said otherwise, but i once did a gimmick where i play gun spy and someone tried to kick me, luckily i didnt get kicked, but now i am afraid that ill probably get kicked if i try anything more. Gimmicks arent really that fun without anyone in the voice chat and that doesnt happen on casual, which is why i would want to do it on uncletopia but idk because i might get kicked
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2023.06.04 16:07 BaseballDazzling457 My partner said terrible things to my daughter and I'm devastated

TW/CW - suicide, family conflict
My daughter has some mental health issues that result in her being very irritable and reactive. The other day, she got upset with something that he did (he pretended to take $4 that she left out) and she got angry and told him he was fat. This is not the first time she's been nasty and disrespectful to him. In the past, he's been unfailingly kind and generous to her, so there's no history of beef between them. He and I have been together for 5 years or so and we don't live together.
What she said touched a nerve and he lit into her and said a bunch of awful and frankly, cruel things to her. I am so upset about this. I have pretty bad PTSD from domestic violence and relationship trauma from my daughter's dad and my reaction whenever there is conflict is to freeze and I didn't intervene as much as I should have. I did yell at them both to stop. He left and eventually she and I talked and are ok more. She was angry with me because I didn't defend her and she told me I have to break up with him. I don't want to do that, but I want to there to be a cooling off time between them and I want him to apologize to her and I want her to own her part in starting the incident. Obviously, he's the adult and has more to apologize for here. And I love my kid - she's a pain and she's difficult, but she's still my kid. I love him too - this is way out of character for him. I spent the day yesterday with her and I'd like to go over to his place to speak to him about what happened but now she's furious with me again. I'm caught in the middle between the two people I love most in the world.
I don't know if there is a way back from this and I'm just so fucking sad. I really thought about unaliving myself last night because I'm so tired of everything being so hard. Dealing with a kid who has mental health issues entirely on my own has been wearing me down for so long. Like she's been in and out of hospitals, attempted suicide, self harm, ODD, etc. This relationship is one of the only things (maybe the only thing) that's been a source of joy and a support for me. I'm all alone out here. Don't get me wrong, my kid also gives me joy but I've been through so much heartache with her over the years.
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2023.06.04 16:06 MadMatt339 Butcher Thoughts

I know the Butcher is suppose to be tough but as a necro... I mean come on! My minions wouldn't attack him and taunts from the golem did nothing. The butcher focused on me and doesn't even try to hit the minions when I was able to get some distance from him and he was stuck for a sec in my middle of my minions. The skeleton mages simply chased after me instead of turning focus on the butcher. So we need a fix Blizzard.. Either fix the minions to do their job and actually attack when enemies are near or let taunts from the golem and the minion presence get the butchers attention. I ran around a bush for 2 minutes trying to get something going but ran out of potions and eventually died.
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2023.06.04 16:06 Hell212 I'm so damn pissed

Pardon me for the following random rage-fuelled vent.
What the fuck is this man!? I'm only on Day 2 and I'm so fucking pissed at myself for having these goddam urges. I spend most of the days playing game and listening to music to satiate my dopamine thirst.
When I wasn't doing any of the two, all that my fucking little brain could think of was having sex with someone. Honestly, this is so sickening. This makes me really sick.
For once, why the fuck can't I be normal? Why the fuck do I have these thoughts so frequently and have to put in so much efforts to distract myself from such them?
Everytime I do this nofap, I end up having these urges to have sex with someone and become really desperate. This makes me so sick of myself. I feel like an animal. I'm 23 and really, PMO has fucked me up. I'm so anxious, so insecure about myself, have got these fucked up unrealistic facial looks expectation about my future partner, worried about my future wife cheating on me and so on! I keep wasting hours on this curse that is PMO! It's no more self-pleasuring for me, it's rather a compulsive, a self-destructive, a self-sabotaging act that I keep longing for!
It's been 3 years since I started on this journey of nofap but the best I've gone without PMO is 24 days! Read books and also watched videos but to no avail.
I feel so diffident and have no hope of ever being able to get out of this abyss. I future seems very mediocre and bleak to me.
Has anyone here been in the same place but is now in a much much better place after overpowering this addiction? I'd love to get some advice and help.
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2023.06.04 16:06 Stryker12x New to the series

New to the series
The Gundam anime that hook me to this franchise is Gundam Unicorn. Wanted to play this game badly when it was still on Console. But now Its on PC and I am loving it. I tried pulling at the special banner to get Unicorn and long and behold I got it.
I am just wondering if we will get the other Unicorn versions like the Full armor or Banshee Norn and also just recently watched Gundam Hathaway and was also wondering if they'll add Xi and Penelope as I love their designs and wanted to use them.
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2023.06.04 16:06 ThrowRArazoolder advice on girls

advice on girls
i’m not going to give a lot of context but i’m diagnosed autistic and i’ve met a girl twice, we never met before or spoke we was just out with mutuals and continued being out together and it’s been great, both of us enjoyed the time together however i feel like now i can’t really talk to her i’m struggling to talk and everything feels weird i also feel like if i try speak i’d just be annoying her or pestering her and i think she’s just going to find someone else or doesn’t even like me much anyway
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2023.06.04 16:06 Vivid_Delay_7010 Selling my bike help

Long story short, my car is in the shop with a repair bill I cannot afford. My only option at this point is to sell my full suspension mtb.
I don't know if this sub allows this but I am desperate as I have not been able to work in a week with no vehicle.
Craigslist and Pinkbike have been slow. If anyone can help point me in the right direction or is looking for a bike, I'd appreciate it.
Bike is a 2021 Polygon Siskiu T8 with upgrades and has been well maintained. Asking $1,450. DM for any details or you can view the ad on CL.
Thank you, M
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2023.06.04 16:06 TheNootropicist Do antipsychotics have a net negative effect on that many people?

First of all I wish to say that I do not have schizophrenia, but I did have a psychosis and take antipsychotics.
What I do feel is that even know the antipsychotics have reduced delusions for me, all but one (Abilify) have a net negative effect on me. Sure, I am not delusional, but I sleep all day my memory sucks and my anhedonia is worse. Now since I don't have schizophrenia I will be asking to get off these drugs.
But if you do suffer from schizophrenia, you probably do need to take these drugs for a long time. And my question is: is it really a good idea for so many people? If schizophrenia already presents with cognitive dysfunction and anhedonia, why give drugs that worsen it? Either way, you won't be functional, either because of positive symtoms or because of cognitive impairment/anhedonia/hypersomnia.
Now I know that a lot of people with Bipolar report becoming more functional after stabilization with antipsychotics, but for schizophrenia, the unemployment rate is so high already and is it really made any better by antipsychotics (aside from Clozapine apparently?) ? I mean sure, they for most people will make them more manageable and less of a threat to themselves and others, but they're still going to be sleeping all day and having memory loss. Or not? I really don't know. If functionality is so impaired by antipsychotics, why are there no adjunct medications to try and help with this? For Bipolar, polypharmacy is very common. But for schizophrenia, usually at most I've heard is prescribing anticholinergics like Akineton or Cogentin for movement disorders (also they both further worsen memory).
Personally for me, my psychosis and cognition were both markedly improved by oral Abilify. But I was taken off it because it proven to be insufficient for my manic episodes so I had to take Seroquel and Haldol. Seroquel makes me insanely tired and worsens my cognition and Haldol gave me the worst anhedonia since the psychosis.
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2023.06.04 16:06 No-Community1833 Help

I’ve had a really rough week and I’m at my friends house for tonight and tomorrow night (to just hang out with her and also have a break from people) I’m having so many urges to self harm right now though, like I’m almost about to but just before I do I stop myself. She is at work right now and will be back in half an hour (her mum is home but she’s in bed I think). Idk what to do right now. She knows that I sh but idk if I’ll be able to talk to her about it in person but at the same time I feel like I will have to because I’m not safe from myself at all right now. I also worry that she might think that I’m weak and not a man or just trying to get attention.
If she gives me a hug I’ll probably end up crying because I’m so scared of myself right now.
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2023.06.04 16:06 Single-Turnover3016 Is the Relationship Really “Over”?

Me (28F) and him (28M) have been dating for two years and the majority of the time he was being an alcoholic
He would end things with me after drinking or after a fight with me, told me it’s over and he will never see me again
But then the next day, he would completely forget about it, restart texting me and arranging future dates
This same thing has been happening over and over in the past two years. When I asked him in the next morning about why he is still contacting me if everything is over, he would usually ignore my question and go on other conversation with me
I’m really confused by this repeated “over” conversation, what should I do now?
TL;DR: Long-term partner has been telling me things are “over” numerous times after drinking/fight, then restart the relationship as if the “over” discussion never happened. I’m confused by this, what should I do?
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2023.06.04 16:05 StreetwiseHercules07 41 [M4F] #Jacksonville, NC. Looking for a younger woman interested in CNC.

Looking for a young woman with an unfulfilled [email protected] Kink who is interested in IRL play.
Me: Dominant/Top, White, Straight, DDF, Veteran, 6' Tall, and much stronger than you. I'm single, live alone, and my kids are grown. I enjoy new people, and risky adventures, so if you have a crazy idea, we might be able to make it happen as long as it only involves consenting adults.
Chat me if you are enthusiastically curious. Please include your age and City/State in your first message if it's not obvious from your profile. If you send a pic, send one with clothes on. If I want to see you naked, I'll undress you myself.
The Safeword Is "Red".
1st Date Ideas. 🌹You're out way too late, you would worry about being robbed, but you're sure you don't have anything anyone would want to take. 🌹You take a wrong turn trail running, and now your lost, but it looks like someone might be living in this part of the park. 🌹You're stuck on the side of the road, no cell phone service, and no one to help you.
Kinks: ● 1950s Household ● Abduction ● Accomplice ● AgePlay ● Anonymous Sex ● Asphyxia Play ● BDSM ● Being Your Father's Age ● Blowing Your Husbands Boss To Get Him A Raise ● Bondage ● Breath Play ● Bruises ● CNC ● Coercion ● Creampie ● Crying ● Daddy/Daughter Roleplay ● DD/LG ● Degradation ● Domestic Abuse ● DubCon ● Exhibitionism ● Face Slapping ● Forced Orgasms ● Free Use ● Groping ●Orgasm Control ● Pain ● PainKink ● Physical Abuse ● Public Play ● Public Orgasms ● Rape Play ● RapeKink ● Rape Kink ● Remote Control Vibrators In Public ● Sexual Slavery ● Stuffing You Into A Duffel Bag ●
Cities In/Near Eastern North Carolina: ■ Albertson ■ Atlantic Beach ■ Beaufort ■ Bell Fork ■ Beulaville ■ Bogue ■ Bridgeton ■ Calypso ■ Camp Lejeune ■ Cape Carteret ■ Charlotte ■ Cherry Point ■ Clayton ■ Coastal Carolina Community College ■ Dover ■ Dunn ■ Durham ■ Emerald Isle ■ Fayetteville ■ Garner ■ Georgetown ■ Goldsboro ■ Greensboro ■ Greenville ■ Hampstead ■ Havelock ■ Holly Ridge ■ Hope Mills ■ Hubert ■ Jacksonville ■ Kenansville ■ Kings Grant ■ Kinston ■ Knightdale ■ Leland ■ Lumberton ■ Magnolia ■ Maysville ■ Midway Park ■ Morehead City ■ Murrysville ■ New Bern ■ New River ■ Newport ■ North Topsail Beach ■ Ocean View ■ Pelletier ■ Piney Green ■ Pink Hill ■ Pollocksville ■ Raleigh ■ Richlands ■ Rocky Mount ■ Rocky Point ■ Rose Hill ■ Salter Path ■ Smithfield ■ Snead's Ferry ■ Spring Lake ■ Stella ■ Surf City ■Swansboro ■ Tarboro ■ Trenton ■ University Of North Carolina at Wilmington ■ Vanceboro ■ Wallace ■ Warsaw ■ Washington ■ Watha ■ Whitakers ■ Wilmington ■ Wilson ■ Winston-Salem ■
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2023.06.04 16:05 New_Enthusiasm_261 Multi-threading suggestion for Python trading system

I am a software programmer fluent in Python and Javascript. I am in the process of building my own algo-trading system. I have already done some of the coding in Python.
Now, I have to connect to around 300 instruments using WebSockets. Will multi-threading/multi-processing be required after connecting to these instruments? Will multi-threading be required even after I deploy my strategy to the cloud?
Second question. Which programming language would be best to implement multi-threading? Python has its limitations in terms of GIL (Global Interpreter Lock). Will it be less scalable if I use Python? Will it be inefficient for CPU-intensive tasks?
Have you ever connected to this many instruments via WebSockets? If yes, how did you implement it? I am really curious to know.
I have never done something like this before so pardon me if my post reeks of inexperience.
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2023.06.04 16:05 vicke4 I built a website that rates games on luck, player interaction & replayability

I got into this hobby with Catan like most people. Even though one can strategically plan to mitigate the luck factor, I wasn't ready to play Catan more.
I started exploring & buying more games. I like games with less to no luck involved. People who played with me wanted good player interaction and didn't like long, heavy strategy games.
When I was trying to discover new games to play, I saw myself googling the luck, player interaction and several other things before making a decision and surprised to see there was no website that rates games on this key factors.
I started working on it 3 weeks back. Now, it's ready to be shared with others 😅. I want it to be a community-driven website like BGG. For now, the site has the top 1000 games from BGG.
Guys, give it a try and let me know what you think. Your feedback will mean a lot to me.
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