Jeep gladiator cb antenna mount

Breaker one-nine!

2011.02.27 22:09 RogerJRogerson Breaker one-nine!

A place to talk about CB radio: how to use them, how to install them, and how to get them working their best. Drop in to rag chew or just come check the mail. Either way drop by and say hi. That's a big 10-4, good buddy!!!

2023.05.29 17:34 Horlogear Apocalypse Hellfire 6X6 : un dangereux Jeep Gladiator boosté à plus de 700 ch

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2023.05.29 17:05 Timely_Foundation_81 Low RSSI with X6B and FS-i6

Low RSSI with X6B and FS-i6
Just updated my FS-i6 yesterday to be able to see RSSI on the OSD. RSSI doesn’t go above 80 when next to the transmitter, and then quickly drops to around 20 by around 150 metres away. I would have thought my antennae are mounted far away enough from the frame, but know some other people had issues meaning they had to wrap the receiver in foil and tape. I have ordered two new antennae for my transmitter already, so wonder if they might help. It is strange because I have seen other people achieve 1.5km range with all stock X6B and FS-i6 If anyone has any ideas that would be excellent
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2023.05.29 17:01 Overall-Investment68 WoW Gladiator boost Service!

Hello Adventurer!
Is it always a dream to get the coveted title of Gladiator and one of the most beautiful mounts in the game? Not enough time and energy, or no partners to get this achievement?
No need to suffer anymore, just contact us for help and become a Gladiator!
GLADIATOR TITLE for your WoW character
WoW Gladiator Boost Service!
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2023.05.29 13:32 Even-Excitement7610 Build up date

Build up date
Just a quick update on the hard park build moved servo back to accommodate a front bar with the treal gladiator mount unfortunately the lgrp limit strap set up doesn't fit the servo beast 2.0, oh well parts for another build. Running brass ring up front alloy down the back on +6mm brass spacers thanks mofo running mini komodo for now may go micro on the nexx trans still work out fin tuning when shes ready to run
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2023.05.29 07:28 Proletlariet Mikey 03


"The wise guy is Michelangelo"
Michelangelo is one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, mutant turtles taught the way of the ninja by their rat sensei, Hamato Splinter. Mikey is laid-back and impetuous, bringing a sense of levity to his family's fights against their enemies, including the ninja crime lord the Shredder.
Feats will be marked with the season and episode number (i.e. S3E5). Feats from Turtles Forever will be marked with F.







Against Projectiles
Against Melee


Mechanical/Metalworking Skill




Fast Forward

When the turtles and Splinter are brought into the year 2105, they are given special gear that provides them with a personal atmosphere, gravity regulators, and a universal translation device as well as futuristic versions of their traditional weapons


When the turtles enter cyberspace, they use special armor and vehicles


After training under the Ninja Tribunal, the turtles gain the ability to tap into their chi to enhance themselves

Enhancing Physicality

Michelangelo received the same training as the other turtles, and therefore should be capable of replicating their feats
Other Turtles

Dragon Form

By focusing his chi, Michelangelo is able to manifest and embody his spirit animal, the dragon, on the physical plane
Fire Breath


Inazuma is a mystical three-section staff and is the weapon that Michelangelo received from the Dragon Forge
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2023.05.29 07:26 rfantenna 5G HIGH GAIN MAGNETIC ANTENNA- eteily technologies india pvt. ltd

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2023.05.29 07:07 cars4starters Jeep Gladiator: Ready to rumble Jeep's Gladiator dual cab utility is well equipped for off-road adventures, but around town it could be thirsty, reports DEREK OGDEN.

Jeep Gladiator: Ready to rumble Jeep's Gladiator dual cab utility is well equipped for off-road adventures, but around town it could be thirsty, reports DEREK OGDEN. submitted by cars4starters to cars4starters [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 06:17 holyorifice skribbl word guide that i spent too much time on

3 5 5 is always ice cream truck
7 3 4 is always phineas and ferb
6 7 is either bungee jumping or sewing machine (i dont know if theres another word that is 6 7)
8 4 might also be swimming pool
6 2 is always thumbs up
6 4 is sometimes thumbs down
4 2 3 3 is corn on the cob (i dont know if its corn on cob or corn on the cob, if its more than 2 words try corn on the cob)
7 7 is virtual reality or michael jackson, the other 7 7 words are extremely uncommon but they're usually names of people
5 8 is almost always mount rushmore, havent seen any other word
5 9 is crash bandicoot
8 2 6 is always leonardo di caprio
6 3 4 is always winnie the pooh (i think)
6 2 7 is always statue of liberty
3 11 is air conditioner
4 4, 4 5, 5 5 and 6 5 are ridiculously difficult to guess, beware
(the words below are only the ones that appeared the most from my experience, i picked some of them from here) (i dont think the list is up to date but it's reliable)
most common 4 letter words (not including 3 letter words because i dont see a noticeable pattern) - tree, kite, road, boat, lamp, jeep, high, jump, ball, door, Dora, ramp, snow, scar, doll, shoe, noob, milk, nose, eyes, ears, Nike, Thor, star, xbox, wine, king, hair, girl, pray, line, halo
most common 5 letter words - cloud, salad, heels, pants, queen, train, kneel, dress, coach, chair, swing, skull, death, field, poker, wheel, space, squid, nurse, snake, angle, angel
most common 6 letter words - potato, cruise, coffin, bullet, valley, remote, cactus, pillow, window, noodle, orange, father, gender, reddit, scream, scythe, grinch, tomato, soccer throne, tetris, statue, cowboy, hiking
most common 7 letter words - factory, battery, giraffe, glasses, loading, virtual, reality, lasagna, penguin, pancake, gumball, hexagon, octagon, polygon, husband, nutella, panther, outside, rainbow, raccoon, quarter, vampire, android, whistle, weather, snowman, traffic, morning, explode, tsunami, volcano
(there are alot of 7 letter words and most of the games will be either 4 letter words and 7 letter words and they are hell to try and guess, good luck)
(it starts to get painful and dark when the word is more than 7 letters, beware)
(i'm also gonna start getting help from old skribbl words lists for 8+ letter words since my knowledge for them is abyssmal)
most common 8 letter words - language, addition, military, notebook, dinosaur, atlantis, murderer, olympics, band-aid, building, password, mercedes, airplane, espresso, champion, magician, princess, sandwich, calendar, chemical, computer, cupboard, revolver, distance, elephant, squirrel exercise, envelope, teaspoon, mosquito, minigolf, mountain
(then, from 9 - 12 letter words it'll usually be a mix of two words: ex: sword+fish(9), blue+berry(9), play+ground(10), micro+scope(10), thermo+meter(11), cauli+flower(11), photo+grapher (12), sledge+hammer (12))
most common 9 letter words - boomerang, swordfish, clubhouse, treehouse, blueberry, horseshoe, breakfast, champagne, furniture, detective, christmas, lightning, newspaper, sculpture, slingshot, waterfall, telescope, telephone, spongebob, rectangle, pineapple, microwave, fisherman, hairbrush, crocodile, president, chameleon, spaghetti, eyeshadow, pitchfork, sunflower, snowflake,
(10+ letter words have less letters, it should get easier, you just need a reliable vocabulary)
most common 10 letter words - cheesecake, fingernail, microscope, mayonnaise, photograph, overweight, playground, television, sunglasses, toothpaste, toothbrush, tablecloth, skateboard, lightsaber, lighthouse, microphone, semicircle, helicopter,, surfboard, cappuccino
most common 11 letter words - electricity, underground, temperature, cheerleader, cauliflower, imagination, thermometer
most common 12 letter words - photographer, relationship, neighborhood, intersection, flamethrower, cheeseburger, velociraptor, skateboarder, sledgehammer
----------------‐----------------------------------------------------------------------------- for the very rare and vintage 13 letter words - advertisement, archaeologist and demonstration (i think they added new 13 letter words but havent seen them)
edit: I'm just gonna make a dedicated word list for 6 3, there's not alot of them but i had trouble with them - bubble gum, cookie jar, tissue box, litter box, flying pig, London Eye (i literally only had this word once in all of my hours of skribbl lmao)
edit 2: forgot crash bandicoot is 5 9 and not 5 8, changed.
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2023.05.29 06:11 trapspeed Selling my Tesla. Want to get back into Overlanding. What advice would you give someone searching for a Rubicon Glad.

Sold my Tacoma.. got a Tesla Model 3 Performance. I miss offroading and truck camping. So I want to sell the Tesla and go with a Rubicon Gladiator.
Is there anything you wish you would have known before you bought it? Annoying quirks? Hate you would get? (Is this considered the bastard Jeep child?) Compliments you get?
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2023.05.29 03:58 skatetemp904 [WTS/WTT] 2006 Super Duty 4WD

Willing to meet within reasonable distance of NE Florida. 20K on the Motor.
Trade/Sale value: $15000
Trade Interests: NODZ with helmet Thermal scopes HighCom ceramics LMT/Radian/KAC uppers T2 🔴
Overall truck is great. Havnt had any breakdown or issues since I bought it. Have receipts for all repairs since 2017. Truck has been serviced at the same shop. Only selling to downgrade to smaller truck. Gas isn’t to bad. $120 or so to fill it up. 30gal tank. Has only had full synthetic oil and changed every 4500 miles. I would trust this truck to drive cross country. Has safariland QLS plate mounted in custom middle console.
Mileage 96500
New Crate Motor installed at 74690. 5.4L gas engine. Yes, you read that right. Only 20K on the motor. Jasper crate motor Installed. ($7026)
A/C Works and blows cold. No known leaks or issues. Last known service was evacuated and recharged 10/17.
4WD works great. Last service 9/21. Check over and diagnostic.
Tires and Lift kit done by 4 Wheel parts 11/20. ($4577)
Transmission and diff flush done 9/17.
Upper and lower ball joints done 9/22.
Fuel pump replaced 7/22.
Custom Stereo with speakers and amps. Thumps.
Lariat seats and interior.
CB radio and touch screen radio. Bluetooth capable.
If you have any questions that you need answered that are not addressed here, feel free to Pm me.
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2023.05.29 03:34 ivychen300 Outdoor Tower Mounted Amplifier Market Size, Share, Development by 2023

LPI (LP Information)' newest research report, the “Outdoor Tower Mounted Amplifier Industry Forecast” looks at past sales and reviews total world Outdoor Tower Mounted Amplifier sales in 2022, providing a comprehensive analysis by region and market sector of projected Outdoor Tower Mounted Amplifier sales for 2023 through 2029. With Outdoor Tower Mounted Amplifier sales broken down by region, market sector and sub-sector, this report provides a detailed analysis in US$ millions of the world Outdoor Tower Mounted Amplifier industry.
This Insight Report provides a comprehensive analysis of the global Outdoor Tower Mounted Amplifier landscape and highlights key trends related to product segmentation, company formation, revenue, and market share, latest development, and M&A activity. This report also analyzes the strategies of leading global companies with a focus on Outdoor Tower Mounted Amplifier portfolios and capabilities, market entry strategies, market positions, and geographic footprints, to better understand these firms' unique position in an accelerating global Outdoor Tower Mounted Amplifier market.
This report presents a comprehensive overview, market shares, and growth opportunities of Outdoor Tower Mounted Amplifier market by product type, application, key manufacturers and key regions and countries.
The main participants
Westell Technologies
Amphenol Antenna Solutions
Comba Telecom
Anhui Tatfook Technology
Mobi antenna
Action Technologies
Eyecom Telecommunications
Combilent Group
Radio Design
Segmentation by type
Single Band
Dual Band
Tri Band
Segmentation by application
4G Base Station
5G Base Station
Key Questions Addressed in this Report
What is the 10-year outlook for the global Outdoor Tower Mounted Amplifier market?
What factors are driving Outdoor Tower Mounted Amplifier market growth, globally and by region?
Which technologies are poised for the fastest growth by market and region?
How do Outdoor Tower Mounted Amplifier market opportunities vary by end market size?
How does Outdoor Tower Mounted Amplifier break out type, application?
What are the influences of COVID-19 and Russia-Ukraine war?
LP INFORMATION (LPI) is a professional market report publisher based in America, providing high quality market research reports with competitive prices to help decision makers make informed decisions and take strategic actions to achieve excellent outcomes.We have an extensive library of reports on hundreds of technologies.Search for a specific term, or click on an industry to browse our reports by subject. Narrow down your results using our filters or sort by what’s important to you, such as publication date, price, or name.
E-mail: [email protected]
Add: 17890 Castleton St. Suite 369 City of Industry, CA 91748 US
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2023.05.29 02:37 stueh 2 x Questions - Dual Aerial UHF and Wheels

G'day, we have a new 2023 Triton GLS, which replaced the old 2007 X-Trail with 300,000km and that we took places it had no business going whatsoever. I'm sorting out the bare basics for going out again, and a couple of things I'm stuck on regarding choices:
UHF\ Out trips vary a lot, and can be anything from flatlands of far north SA/south NT through to Southern Highlands, Snowy's, whole of Tassie, etc.
Looking at in car UHF options, I notice that these days there's a Oricom model which has dual antennae Oricom UHF182X.
My question is, can anyone help give me cons of using the above unit, over the old way of just switching the antennae itself between terrain? I feel like the pros are obvious, but the cons not so much.
Wheels\ Here we go. AT full time, or HT and a set of wheels with AT/MT on them for going away?
I'm hearing people say that the modern AT's are pretty quiet as long as you get the right brand/model - the AT's on our X-Trail were atrocious. My concern is that I drive at least 500km a week on bitumen, and we go away maybe every two to three months.
With that in mind, is having AT's installed full time still reasonable, or should I be looking at a spare set of wheels with AT's or MT's on them for when we go away, so that I get more life out of them and they're not wasted on bitumen roads doing the 100km round trip to work on the highway?
Thanks in advanced for any advice.
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2023.05.29 01:11 left_lane_leonard Wilson gumdrop causing high swr?

I bought some Wilson gumdrop mounts. I'm running all new equipment in my truck (2002 Kenworth w900 day cab) fire stick 3' fiber glass antennas, fire stick 18' coax (excess put into a long figure 8) hooked to a cobra 29 lx. My problem is swr's in the 3.0 range. Properly tuned antennas. I have good grounds and every checks out and the only thing I did different than any other time was use these mounts. Has anyone had trouble with these Wilson mounts?
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2023.05.29 01:04 YotaTota07 Gonna shove some 35’s

In laws bought a Jeep that has 35” KO2’s on it, and they think they’re too loud and offered them to me. 17” wheel so that’s good.
I’m going to have a shop do the body mount chop, pinch weld smashing, and regear it.
What else should I be prepared for?
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2023.05.29 00:56 mwvwca NEW - Alu-Cab Canopy Camper for 2019+ Jeep Gladiator JT

Due to unfortunate circumstances, I am helping my father sell this camper. It is currently in Westminister, CA, ready for a fresh install. Asking $26,000 or OBO. This is all very new to me and outside my expertise.
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2023.05.29 00:11 ubiquitibot [CA] Universal Antenna Mount

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2023.05.28 23:42 stork1998 Gladiator

Anyone have experience with the gladiator diesel? Wondering what the benefits vs gas are in a jeep since I don’t need it to tow anything heavy.
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2023.05.28 23:21 bridge_brigade Update: She’s all mine!!

Update: She’s all mine!!
I’m absolutely shocked at how smooth and clean this little Jeep is inside and out. Driving it is such a joy and I can’t get enough of it. Next step is to make it mine. What are some of your first updates when you get a clean slate? Currently I’m looking for a few things such as a roof rack, rear tire mount (or rack w/tire mount), and some bigger tires w/ black rims. (Love the 10 holes though, should I hang on to them?). Also going to paint the silver trim along the bottom to green or black, haven’t decided which yet, and maybe return the grill back to its og chrome.
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2023.05.28 21:36 Arandomglitchtalefan Part four of ep 4 s2. (Other parts linked in replys)

Some hours later, the colony’s power was back on as everything had mostly been cleaned up. Everyone was still a little shaken, especially as heavily armed soldiers patrolled through the halls, however now Khan was holding a meeting in the multipurpose room. Uzi, Thad, N and V were in the audience as the MTF team stood to the side with Red. Clef and Shaw were standing on the stage next to Khan.
Khan went to the mic on top of a stage before he spoke. “Hello everyone, as you know things have been…. Well you know. Anyways because our lovely colony is currently being cleaned and patrolled by our…. Hold on.” Khan then pulled out a piece of paper and read it aloud. “Benevolent benefactors…. Huh.”
Jane looked towards Aron who was smiling. “Did you give him a script?” Jane said.
“Yep. Best decision I ever made.” Aron replied. Jane rolled her eyes.
“Hmmm…. Pass the mic to Clef…. OH right sorry.” Khan said as he looked at the paper and gave Clef the mic.
“So what me and the foundation have decided is that now you will all be sent on a nice campaign trip to one of the few woods that isn’t infested with 939 instances…. Mostly. Just keep out of the nearby caves and ignore the voices and you’ll be fine. Anyway we already have the jeeps set up, mostly because the bus you were using is actually an instance of scp 2086…. I personally don’t know how any of you are still alive. Damn thing killed twelve men.” Clef said as he handed the mic to Shaw.
“Howdy everybody!” Shaw started in an enthusiastic voice. He waited for the crowd to say something as everyone stayed silent. “Ok…. We’ll Clef told you what you're doing, however I wanted to add something! The brave MTF at Alpha 1 will be your councilors! Mostly because they're the only ones qualified to deal with the things in there but hey that’s not important! Anyway back to the point, your councilors will be alpha 1 like I said, however because we don’t have enough people volunteering, N and V have graciously decided to step up!”
“WHAT!” V said as she stood up. “I NEVER AGREED TO THIS!”
“You're right! You didn’t! I made the decision for you!” Shaw said.
“Ummm…. Mr Shaw, I also didn’t get news of this.” N said as he raised his hand.
“It’s ok! You don't even have to do anything! I already made your outfits!!!!” Shaw said enthusiastically as he held out two camp uniforms.
“He got them from a couple of skeletons by the way, so if you feel wet while in them just know it’s because said skeletons were inside a 939.” Clef said.
“THAT'S NOT IMPORTANT!” Shaw yelled. “Just have fun! Now get on those buses people! Yaaaaaaa! This is gonna be so much fun for you, aren't you excited?!?”
“Not at all.” Uzi said.
“Same here, this whole camp thing seems a little too excessive.” Red replied.
“Did I mention there’s a reward for whoever keeps the most WD’s alive- I mean uhhh…. Happy?” Shaw said.
“What kind of reward are we talking about….” V said as she sat back down.
“Ahhh…. You know…. Stuff.” Shaw said with a smile.
“A ton of motor oil.” Clef said. “For humans a ton of cash.”
“So wait…. Why motor oil?” Cole asked as he turned to Gram.
“Motor oil is, In simple terms, beer for MD’s and WD’s. Highly intoxicating.” Gram replied.
“Huh, no wonder V is suddenly all for this.” Aron said. “She probably drinks a lot of it I bet.”
“Hey! I heard that!” V said from the audience. “Just so you know I’ve only drank it once! It was pretty sweet…. Wait, that reminds me…. Where is that other drone…. Fennec?” V looked around.
“She’s in the truck, she called the one with N in it and refuses to leave it until he gets on for some reason. No one can get her out so we’re rolling with it.” Jane replied.
“H-Hey, can I speak?” Thad said.
“Yes you can. Do you have a question?” Shaw said.
“Uh ya. What's 939?” Thad said.
“Oh golly I was hoping you would say that!” Shaw said now practically beaming.
“Dammit what have you done?!?” Clef said, annoyed. “Now we're gonna be here for thirty minutes….”
A half hour later, and everyone had packed their things and we’re going into one of the trucks, it was the middle of the night, the trucks had open canopies above them. The trucks were also colored black with the foundation logo on their sides. They were driven by one of the MTF, or N and V. When N got into his truck Fennec was already in the passenger side.
“Hellllloooo!” Fennec said enthusiastically. “We’re going camping!!!!”
“Yes we are! I’m a little nervous. I've never camped before….” N said as he put his hands on the steering wheel. “Or maybe it’s because I’ve never driven anything before….”
Meanwhile Uzi got on her truck with Thad and a couple more WD’s. However Lizzy was also on board.
“Wait…. Aren’t you supposed to be in the prison sector?” Thad said as he looked at Lizzy.
“She was let out for good behavior, and proving that she wasn’t a threat.” Jane said over the integrated intercom as she was about to drive the truck.
“We’ll…. Don’t try anything. Got it.” Uzi said, trying to intimidate Lizzy.
“I know.” Lizzy said as she set her backpack beside her.
“So is everyone ready?” Jane said as she spoke over the intercom.
“Yea. We’re ready.” Uzi said with a sigh as she tried to get comfortable.
“Then off we go.” Jane replied.
Red was in her own truck with a bunch of WD’s, Aron and Cole were driving it. The trucks had already started on the road. Gram was also in the back doing something on his tablet.
“So…. Cards?” Red said as she pulled out a deck of cards.
“Yea!” One WD said.
“Ohh! Are we doing Uno or Go fish?” A female WD piped up.
“I'll call first!” Another said.
“Slow down guys, geez, anyway it's Uno, I have enough cards for everyone so let’s get started!” Red said as she started to pass out the cards to the delight of the WD’s.
As the trucks drove through the harsh night of copper 9. Snow blew all around the trucks as curious WD’s peaked and saw the many sights of the planet.
Uzi’s truck saw a group of 745’s as Jane had called them, they were watching the truck from a building. As the truck went past,
One WD said. “Wow! Why do their heads glow like that?”
“They glow because their heads are bioluminescent, on earth it was to mimic the headlights of a car before ramming a person off the road and most likely eating them. However there is some evidence they just hunt for sport.” Jane said over the intercom.
“Cool!” Another WD, said.
On N, V, and Fennec’s truck they were barely keeping steady as V was squished between N and Fennec.
“Just keep your eyes on the road and drive ok?” V said, sighing.
“I-I know! I think…. Hold on, I got this!” N said.
“I believe in you!” Fennec said.
As N drove, the truck ran over tons of small hills, it even went into the air a couple times. However all was good as they finally made it to the outskirts of the city and into a smoother road.
After a long time of driving, all the trucks finally made it to the woods. Uzi was sleeping on Thad’s shoulder as everyone else in her truck was also sound asleep. Until suddenly a gunshot awoke all of them. As Uzi grabbed her railgun and looked widely, the other WD’s ducked for cover. However Uzi heard laughter behind her, looking behind herself to see Jane wielding a smoking pistol.
“UGH BITE ME!” Uzi said in annoyance as she got off the truck, the other now wide awake WD’s did the same. “What? It was funny!” Jane said, still chuckling to herself.
Meanwhile the WD’s in N, V, and Fennec’s truck were already awake and shaken, they got off as quickly as possible as N had managed to drive into a tree. He got off holding his head as V got off and slapped him.
“Hey! Don’t yell at him like that! He was trying his best!” Fennec replied to V.
“Ya, his best to kill us!” V said.
“Hmph! Let’s go N she obviously doesn’t want us here!” Fennec said as she forcefully grabbed N’s wrist, V followed them anyway as she rolled her eyes.
Meanwhile Red had gotten off her truck laughing and joking with a female WD named Rebecca.
“Oh man I can’t believe you beat me!” Red said as she looked at Rebecca.
“Yea, I’m pretty good at cards.” She replied. “Oh also, just so you know this is my boyfriend!” Rebecca then pulled a male WD with sunglasses closer to her. He waved at Red.
“Aww you are so cute together!” Red said.
“Thanks!” Darren replied as Rebecca smiled.
“Hey, before we go our separate ways, I just wanted to say that if you need to go outside the camp for some ‘alone time’ I’ll be happy to help.” Red said with a wink before she left with a smile.
After five minutes, all the WDs, Red, Jane, Aron, Cole, and Gram had gathered in front of the lodges waiting and wondering wherever the MDs had walked off to while the wind and snow blew around them and the snow slightly building up on everyone’s clothes as they stood there.
“So uhhh, do we just start or….” Aron said.
“No, we have to wait for them. Orders from Shaw, we have to make sure everyone is here.” Jane replied. Red was considering pulling out one of the sets of cards again when suddenly three figures slammed down onto the ground in front of everyone, wings out along with their blades extended. It was N, V and Fennec, they were wearing camping uniforms Shaw had given them. They turned around to look at everyone, the yellow MD > “Jesus, could any of you be more threatening?!?” Red said.
“It was Fennec's idea.” V said.
“Welcome campers! Let’s sound off!” Said N as he looked up at everyone. “One, two….” N started as he counted the WD’s.
All the WD’s looked terrified. As none of them spoke. Suddenly V turned her right hand into a SMG and was about to shoot one of the WD’s, however before she could, Red tackled the WD down and out of the way of the bullet.
“WOAH WHAT THE FUCK!” Yelled Aron as he starred at V.
“…. What? I was just getting their attention.” V said as she looked around everyone.
“THAT'S how you get attention from people?!?” Red said as she stood up.
“…. Yes?….” V shrugged in confusion.
“Listen, I’m trying to get that prize alright? Just don’t go killing WD’s everywhere you look. Ok?” Red said.
“Jeez ok.” V said, rolling her eyes.
Every WD was stunned, however V just pointed her MP5SD at them again and without hesitation they all stood at full attention and said. “Present!”
“Ok! Great! That’s everyone! We have tons of activities planned! So don’t go sneaking off to investigate stuff!” N said as he slowly looked at Uzi a little.
“Also, you REALLY shouldn’t go out, trust me. The 939’s out here can and will eat you.” Aron said, stepping in front of the crowd. “As long as you don’t go out by yourself or listen to the voices at night you’ll be fine.”
“Wait, you didn’t clear them out?” Red said as she looked at Aron.
“We tried, lost an entire squad to one of them. So now we just decided to hand out rules…. It’s simple, just don’t go outside…. At all…. I’m serious, you will die a horrible drawn out death.” Aron said as he stared at all the WD’s.
All the WD’s stood still. However then Thad and Lizzie came from the crowd and stood with N, V and Fennec.
“See, if those two are going with them, you can trust them as well! Sorta. Actually never mind, that's a horrible idea.” Cole said.
After a long and drawn out ten minutes of getting everyone organized. Jane, Aron, Cole, Gram, N, and V had their groups, Fennec was never assigned one so she went with N’s group.
Meanwhile Uzi was going by herself, she had a backpack with her as she went off into the woods, as she walked the snowy paths, trees surrounding her with the night sky above her. Suddenly she looked to her right to see a pack of 745’s were starting to surround her, Uzi however simply waved her hand at them as the strange symbol that marked her powers surrounded her hand. Suddenly the 745’s became much more calm as they all left as Uzi went back to walking. Continuing to walk through the Forest each footstep leaving a mark in the snow and a crunch from each one as well as the noise of wind blowing snow through the trees. Then Uzi noticed something odd. A pair of red glowing eyes were staring at her from the darkness. As she looked back to confirm their existence they were gone. Uzi shivered and seemed to disregard the sighting as she went towards the cabin.
As Uzi walked, the campgrounds were doing surprisingly fine, each cabin held one of the councilors doing a ‘fun’ activity with their group of WD’s.
Inside one was Jane’s group. Jane held her sniper rifle and had set up a makeshift shooting range, Jane was seemingly demonstrating something by hitting every target with a perfect headshot. Each target was a paper cut out of a silhouette with a Anderson robotics logo on its head.
“Ok so, does anyone else want to try their hand?” Jane said as her rifle smoked.
“Every WD in her group stayed silent before one raised their hand, it was Darren.
“You can do this!” Rebecca said.
Darren smiled as he took the rifle from Jane. He steadied himself and fired, however instead of hitting a target like he hoped. He instead fired the rifle directly out of his hands into the air. Jane caught the rifle mid air and shook her head as every other WD laughed. Darren quietly went back embarrassed.
Cole’s group was also inside their cabin, however, instead of doing any activities. Cole just sat in a chair at the corner.
“So…. What do we do?” One WD said.
“Hell if I know. I'm a soldier not a counselor, you know what screw this i'm going on patrol. You just do whatever you want.” Cole said as he got up and walked out with his shotgun.
As soon as Cole left, his cabin went into anarchy as every WD got up and started doing, as Cole said, whatever.
In Grams cabin the WD’s were disgusted to see a dead 745 flop down onto a table in the middle of the room.
“Today, we will be dissecting this 745 instance. Freshly killed by Jane when we got here. I’ll pass out the scalpels soon enough, make sure to get its organs and lay them out beside the body. Work as a team.” Gram said.
The WD’s looked at the body with disgust.
“If I can get sick…. Then I’m getting sick….” One WD said.
In Aron’s cabin it was something out of a boot camp. WD’s held up wooden sticks as they marched around the cabin, Aron walked around them yelling orders.
“Come on! Pick up the pace, green eyes! When I’m finished with you, you’ll all be considered foundation recruits! Be glad I haven't set up the course, yet!” Aron said.
“Y-Yes sir!” The WD’s said in perfect unison.
In N, V and Fennec's cabin. Which Red was also a part of. Red was exhausted and annoyed.
“Please…. STOP TRYING TO KILL THEM!” Red yelled at V.
“It’s the only way they’ll learn.” V replied.
“LIKE HELL! Sometimes I wonder why I even snuck on the truck…. I’m not even supposed to be here….” Red said.
“Wait, you weren't?” Fennec said before stumbling. “Then why are you here anyway?”
“Maybe it’s because she wanted to have fun! Like us! Right guys!” N said as he looked at the WD’s hiding in the corner, their eyes trained on V in fear.
“No, it’s because I snuck on. I was supposed to help out with repairs but hey, screw that. Connor managed to get me on board the trucks without much trouble.” Red replied.
“Wait, Connor? I haven’t heard from him in a long time.” V said, suddenly interested.
“Ya actually what has he been doing?” N said.
“Nothing really, he’s been in the back of the ship working on a pet project of his. I have no idea what that is but he says it’s too important to really say anything about it.” Red replied, shrugging.
“Huh, neat!” N said.
Meanwhile Fennec was in the corner with the WD’s, the WD’s looked terrified of her. Fennec then reached into her shirt to pull something out, as the WD’s prepared for the worst, Fennec then pulled out a green lizard-like animal, it looked two meters long from head to tail. It also had a long, thin body with eight pairs of narrow limbs. It looked to have compound eyes. It didn’t seem to mind as Fennec got it out of her coat as she held it in her arms.
“Hey Fennec, wait…. What’s that!” V yelled in surprise as she turned towards Fennec.
“Oh, I found him a couple years ago! I like him so I keep in my coat and let him rest there. He doesn’t seem to mind.” Fennec said.
“Huh, it looks kind of cute!” N said as he got closer. The WD’s also did the same in curiosity.
“You know, with the things I’ve seen, this is pretty normal. Somehow.” Red said as she shrugged.
N got closer to the green lizard thing, it then liked his visor. N backed his head away a little in shock. However he then giggled and said. “I like this thing. Can I hold him?”
“Sure!” Fennec said. “Anything for you!”
N then took the lizard from Fennec and held it in his arms as it liked his visor again to N’s delight, even V was intrigued by it even if her face didn’t show it.
Uzi however was dealing with things no man could explain. She was inside an abandoned cabin deeper in the woods. As she looked around, it was seemingly empty. There were little robotic bugs running around, doing things such as running away every time Uzi walked over.
Uzi rolled her eyes as she used her abilities to raise a flashlight above her head and turn it on. As she looked around everything looked mostly the same. Suddenly a noise from deeper inside the cabin suddenly resonated. Uzi switched her light to where the noise came from, as she watched. She suddenly saw a glimpse of what looked like a hand going back inside a corner. Uzi suddenly got startled and her flashlight dropped. As she caught it she heard another noise that sounded like a scream from outside. Uzi slowly went to the window and looked out of it.
However, it was just everyone else on the frozen lake, even though it was frozen Uzi could still see everyone one the ice messing around, some of the groups even had boats on the ice.
“This is…. Very underwhelming….” Red said as she was in a boat on the ice with N.
“We'll have to do something! Plus this is very cool!” N said as he went to the front of the boat and stood on it.
“And this is very cool!!” Fennec said as she sat on the back of the boat, the lizard keeping the WD’s happy as they played with it.
On N’s boat there were some more WD’s who were seemingly having fun, rowing the boat along the ice with oar’s. V’s boat also came up to N’s, her boat had a different strategy of doing things. V’s boat had her WD group holding it up. V along with Lizzie was on the top of it.
“Sabotage my minions! Plan X!” V yelled as one of the WD’s below her boat kicked N’s boat off course.
“As the WD’s in N’s boat started to rock. Rebecca suddenly said. “I-I can’t swim!” As she was about to fall onto the ice.
“…. It’s ice.” Red said as she looked at Rebecca. “You can’t swim on ice….” Red sounded a mix of disappointed and confused.
“Oh…. Right.” Rebecca said as she stedied herself on the boat. A little embarrassed.
“I should have never gone on this trip….” Red said to herself as she sighed.
Meanwhile V’s boat was starting to get ahead, however Red simply rolled her eyes and threw a coin she had in her pocket in front of V's boat. The WD holding it up in the front saw the coin and immediately went to pick it up.
“Ohhhh shiny!” He said as he bent down. However then the entire boat lost balance and fell.
V immediately used her wings to float above the crash as she rolled her eyes and looked at Red. Red had a smug expression on her face.
Then suddenly from the right came Aron’s boat, it was painted fully black with a white foundation insignia on its sides. The WD’s now wore wooden helmets, also painted black with the foundation insignia on them.
“I love working for the council!” Aron yelled from the front of the boat as the WD’s rowed with expert precision.
“I love working for the council!” The WD’s yelled back, also in perfect precision.
“Lets me know just who I am!” Aron said again.
“Let’s me know just who I am!” The WD’s said, repeating after Aron.
As Aron’s group passed N, and V’s groups they could only watch as they rowed their boat with military accuracy.
“Did you train them to be soldier’s or something?” V asked Aron as she flew closer.
“Your goddamn right! I’ve trained these WD’s to be soldier’s! When I get back I’ll be leading the first team of WD soldier’s the foundation has ever seen! Now repeat after me maggots!” Aron yelled back to his WD’s as he started the song over again.
All of a sudden, from behind Aron came a noise of what sounded like a car. As Aron turned around to the WD’s he saw Grams boat, it was not really a boat anymore.
Grams boat was now fully fitted with tires and all of the like. It was fully made and fully operational. It was more car than boat.
“Hello Aron.” Gram said as his car-boat passed Aron’s astonished group. N, Fennec and even V watched in awe as Grams' boat practically started to zoom around them in circles.
“H-How?!?” V said.
“Simple, intelligence.” Gram replied.
“Wait…. Where’s Cole?” N said as he looked around.
“Back at the bank of the river. They're still setting up.” Lizzy said with a chuckle as she pointed all the way to the bank, where Cole was trying his best to make his boat.
“It turns out anarchy isn’t a way to run something like that.” Lizzy said.
Meanwhile Uzi watched from the cabin window. Suddenly her face had the symbol of her powers for a split second on her right eye. The window shattered, Uzi immediately backed away, her visor showing a caution sign as she did so.
Uzi’s caution sign then had the words, ‘high heat’ on it as Uzi put down her backpack and looked inside. Inside it was a WD arm, as Uzi looked at the arm she was hyperventilating
Then all of a sudden an all too familiar voice came from behind Uzi.
“Uzi doorman, such a surprise seeing you here.” It said from behind her.
“W-Who-“ Uzi started as she turned around, however was shocked to see not N, V or anyone else. She saw Klen standing behind her, his hands in his coat as his eyes glowed a sickly red.
“Y-You!” Uzi said as she held out her hand with the symbol on it to fight Klen. However Klen just shook his head.
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you, heretic.” Klen said as he looked behind Uzi.
Uzi looked behind her to see what looked like a horde of fleshy abominations, they looked like they were once human, they all looked at Uzi. They made horrific noises as their flesh had seemingly been torn off. There was no sign of any kind of skin on any of their bodies.
“What do you want?” Uzi said as she looked back to Klen with some hints of fear.
“No no. It’s what you want my dear Uzi. For I have these that may interest you.” Klen then put his hand to its palm as he held it out, suddenly some tentacles came from the ground making a sizable hole, they rose holding up a WD corpse, the tentacles threw it aside as they went back down into the hole in the ground and pulled out three papers.
“This poor WD died alone, it’s a shame. I don’t even remember killing her. However she did write these. Read them, Uzi doorman.” Klen said as the tentacles passed the papers to Uzi.
The papers looked like drawings of a madman, however one of them was a paper from Anderson robotics. Uzi read it carefully and saw it was a notice of some kind. However there was another thing on it written in oil that said. ‘Lights from below’
Uzi turned it around to see a finger from something, perhaps a MD. Uzi took it off and studied it before Klen laughed.
“Enjoy your reading? heretic?” Klen said with a smile.
“Bite me!” Uzi said, looking at Klen with anger.
“Well that is no way to treat an old friend? Well I’ll have to punish you!” Klen said with a sneer.
Uzi started to prepare for the worst as she backed away from both Klen and his flesh creatures.
“Don't worry, I won’t do it myself, for that deed has already been taken. It will arrive shortly. Now Uzi, I hope to see your body in the snow, begging for mercy from yaldabaoth. However, you shall gain none!” Klen said with yet another sneer. Suddenly he and all his flesh creatures sunk into the ground, disappearing from view. As Uzi stared in disbelief at what just happened. She didn’t notice Doll behind her, watching her. Suddenly Doll disappeared before Uzi could even notice.
Then Uzi was suddenly knocked back by something plowing through the wall, knocking Uzi back into the front wall as she turned herself around to see what had happened.
In front of Uzi was a robot of some kind, it was bulky and had two Miniguns for its arms, its shoulders had what looked like small middle silos and it had large legs. As Uzi stared at this robot, it stared back at her with its head being a yellow light camera. Its head was mounted between its shoulder missile silos. Its shoulders had a strange logo Uzi had never seen before. They had the globe of earth colored a light blue on them with the words ‘Protection, Concealment, survival, education, destruction.’ In a circle around the blue globe.
“Absolute solver detected, calculating.” The robot said as it stared at Uzi. “Threat to sapient life if allowed to live. 70%. Course of action…. TERMINATION.” Its eye then glowed a menacing red.
“OH SH-“ Uzi was about to yell when suddenly the robot activated some kind of thrusters and charged at Uzi directly, Uzi reacted fast and activated her powers once again to make a shield with a large version of that symbol blocking in front of her.
However, that did almost nothing as the robot simply charged into the shield, knocking Uzi through the wall of the cabin. Uzi was knocked some ways away from the cabin as she got up from the snow, spitting some out and holding her head as she got up, she looked around and saw trees for miles and the cabin the distance, she must've been hit a mile away from it. Then she noticed the robot was already on its way surprisingly fast, in just a few short moments it was already in front of her.
Uzi immediately used her powers to try to directly target it. However when she tried her visor simply flashed a message. ‘Warning, cannot target.’
“Oh you have to be kidding me-“ Uzi said as suddenly the robot started to fire its miniguns at Uzi without any sense of remorse or emotion.
Uzi immediately used her powers to make a shield around herself as she fled behind a large boulder nearby. The robot started to slowly march to the other side of the boulder as it continued pelting it with its miniguns, slowly destroying Uzi’s cover.
As Uzi tried to think and started to panic, she looked around and saw a large tree nearby, Uzi had an idea. Uzi immediately used her powers to target the tree and with some effort managed to uproot it. As it floated Uzi was surprised even with herself, it was the largest thing she had lifted and she was doing it with ease like it was a metal pipe.
Uzi had no time to think as the robot finally got to the other side and started to fire on Uzi, however she thought quickly and threw the tree at the robot, it knocked it off balance and even somewhat dented it. However other than that it was unaffected.
Uzi immediately put her shield up just in time for the robot to start pelting her with bullets again as it walked closer to her. Suddenly it stopped to Uzi’s surprise. Instead its missile silos then fired what seemed like at least twenty small missiles at Uzi that looked like they were going around the shield.
Uzi immediately panicked and started to try to target the missiles with her other hand. Spikes came from the ground and pre-exploded almost every missile a safe distance away from Uzi, however a couple of them were going straight at Uzi, she was forced to tank them with her shield which immediately broke it and sent Uzi a few feet backwards. The robot wasted no time in firing again, as the bullets were about to hit Uzi she felt fear and panic for her life. Just then she started to fly in the air to dodge the bullets and started to fly away.
Uzi was surprised that she just did that, however she had no time to think as she looked behind herself and saw the robot also flying directly after her, worst of all it was aiming its miniguns and preparing to fire.
“DAMMIT, GO AWAY!” Uzi yelled as she uprooted multiple trees in the area and flung them at the robot, it was knocked down to the ground and, however that did little to stop it from going in the air again, however this time it must’ve put its thrusters to full because it flew faster than Uzi and charged directly into her like a charging bull.
As Uzi was flung out of the air even further away. She was knocked so far she made it to another building, this one was larger and made of actual concrete. It had a sign at the front that said ‘Visitor center’ but Uzi could care less at this moment.
As Uzi fled into the building landed outside and fired its missiles at Uzi to chase her within the building. As Uzi ran through the walls, making sure to knock things down behind her to stop the missiles. They kept coming expertly dodging whatever she threw at them. Then one of the missiles accidentally ran into a pillar as Uzi went around a corner fast into a large open area with a lot of support pillars. Its explosion took out the last few missiles as well as the tower. However it gave Uzi an idea as she looked at the building now shaking from it. Uzi started to smile.
As the robot came into a large open area with all the pillars, it looked around for Uzi and didn’t see her. It seemed confused as it looked again and scanned the area.
“Hey! You! I’m over here!” Uzi yelled as she came out from a pillar and waved her hands with a smirk. The robot didn’t hesitate as it fired its miniguns at her. Uzi however just ran back to the pillar and stayed behind it as the robot destroyed it with the hail of bullets. Then she moved into the next, and the next, and the next.
Uzi’s smile grew larger as more pillars started to fall and the building started to slowly crumble. Then she went behind one of the few pillar’s remaining as the robot fired at it, just as Uzi had hoped.
As the pillar was destroyed, it was the straw that broke the camel's back as all the other pillars started to collapse from the weight of the building practically falling on top of them.
Uzi immediately flew out of the building as fast as she could, the robot was about to follow when the building collapsed on top of it. Outside, Uzi barely made it. She looked behind herself, and after a few seconds of silence.
“HELL YA! I JUST DID THAT! THAT WAS ME!” Uzi yelled as she celebrated.
Just as Uzi was about to go back with a smile on her face. The robot started to slowly crawl from the rubble unnoticed, it was heavily damaged, wires were poking out as one of its arms was gone, it’s legs were missing and dents were all over its body.
“T-TTT-TT-TT-TTERMINATE.” It said as it glitched and sparked.
Uzi turned around just in time to see it just as it fired everything it had at Uzi, its minigun fired one last salvo as it fired whatever missiles it had left. Uzi could barely react In time as she set up her shield. However some bullets made it through and pierced her body, spilling oil on the snow as the missiles hit it and flung Uzi a few feet back as more bullets went into her. As Uzi laid on the ground now seemingly dead. The robot’s eye turned back to yellow.
“M-MM-MMMISSION CCCCCCC-CCCOMPLET. REEEETURRNING TO BASE.” It said as it started to crawl in a direction slowly.
However, Uzi's body started to change. She grew large black organic wings as she screamed in pure rage, the robot turned back confused. Standing over it was Uzi, but that was impossible, its calculations had said nothing could survive a salvo like that.
Uzi stared at the robot with uncaring eyes as her visor turned into a purple >< symbol. She immediately grabbed the robot's head and with strength she should’ve never had. She ripped it off, killing the robot instantly. She then flew back with her wings to the camp.
Meanwhile back at the camp everyone had finished the activities and were back in their cabins, surprising everyone had stayed alive. Mostly thanks to Red’s constant vigilance.
“I. Hate. You.” Red said exhausted as she looked at V.
V shrugged and said. “What? I was only doing what I know.”
“We’ll I had a great time!” Fennec said.
“Same here!” N said as he looked around.
“However I keep counting everyone and yet I don’t see Uzi…. Hmmm…. Wonder where she went?” N said as he looked around.
Meanwhile Rebbeca and Darren were going into the woods, Red had told them this path would lead them to a secluded place free of 939 or 745’s where they could make out peacefully.
“Wow, that Red girl sure knows her stuff.” Darren said as they made it to a small log house.
“I know right?!? She’s my new bestie hands down. Anyway, let's not waste anymore time.”
As they went inside it looked strange. There were some kind of black things on the walls and a flashlight on the ground. As Rebbeca went to pick it up. She suddenly felt a presence from above her. As she and Darren looked above themselves they saw what looked to be Uzi, however she had black organic wings and even a black organic tail that seemed to be alive as it had a face and jaws.
As Rebbeca and Darren starred in absolute horror at Uzi’s new form. Uzi was seemingly about to pounce and kill them, when suddenly a roar was heard from the opposite side of the room. Uzi, Darren and Rebbeca looked over and saw a creature, it looked quadrupedal and had a frog-like stance. It was blood red and had spikes running along its back, its snout was like an alligator and it seemed to have no eyes.
It looked at Uzi and roared again as it swiped in a show of force at Uzi. Uzi put her attention away from Darren and Rebbeca as they fled and instead towards this new foe. Uzi chuckled as it started to charge.
Meanwhile back at camp, N was recounting everyone, not only that but strangest of all was that now the MTF were gone as well.
“You're really bad at this….” V said.
“N-Now hold on! I…. Uhhh…. I can fix this!” N said, now panicking a bit.
Red rolled her eyes and said. “This is why I never should’ve come….”
Suddenly Darren and Rebbeca came running from over a nearby hill and through the trees, they were seemingly running from something.
“Hey guys? What’s wrong? Run into a 939?” Red said confused as she went up first to meet the exhausted pair.
“I-It’s Uzi! She’s gone feral!” Rebbeca said out of breath.
“Oh Uzi would never go feral! That’s crazy talk from a crazy girl!” Fennec said as she patted Rebbeca on the head.
“I-It’s true! She tried to eat us!” Darren replied.
“No slow done, I’m sure Uzi was just trying to scare you-“ N started before being cut off by a head of a 939 suddenly dropping from the sky right next to them as its blood sprayed everywhere.
Suddenly Uzi came flying down with blood on her lips as she crashed on the head, spilling its brains and gore everywhere.
“We’ll…. That’s new-“ Red said before suddenly being flung away by Uzi’s power’s.
N was also about to say something when he was suddenly flung away by Uzi.
Fennec was about to say something but as she saw Uzi her eyes widened into Ovals, and starting to shake and hyperventilate again as she fell onto her knees and then got magically tossed aside like the others.
V however was faster and charged directly. At Uzi, however, just as she was about to stab her. Uzi’s tail grabbed V and flung her deeper into the woods, Uzi flew after her. Uzi cut off V’s right arm and then used her powers to push her into a tree. V tried to shoot Uzi but Uzi just forced her hand up and the missile V shot missed horribly. Uzi then threw V to the ground and was about to stab her with her own syringe tail. When suddenly N came and grabbed Uzi by her coat along with Red who put her sword to Uzi’s neck, Fennec was also there helping V up.
“Woah, easy there.” N said, trying to calm down Uzi. However she just used her powers to hit Red with a nearby tree and stabbed N’s hand with V’s syringe.
“Ow, ok up we go!” N said as he tossed Uzi into the air above the very clouds.
“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!” Red yelled as she got back up.
“No idea, but we’re trying to fix it.” V said as she regenerated herself.
Fennec said nothing as she lay on the ground curling her arms into her knees still shaking, repeating to herself no over and over again. Almost like she had seen this before.
“Ya…. I’ll go talk to her. Be right back!” N said as he flew up as well.
“…. Where’s those MTF when you need them?” Red said, sitting down next to V.
“I know, it’s infuriating sometimes.” V said, agreeing with Red.
Meanwhile the MTF team watched from a watchtower as Jane pressed a button on her radio and spoke into it.
“It’s happening, send everybody in, heavy and medium vehicles recommend and out down reality anchors. We got her.” Jane said as they started to go down from their watchtower.
From just outside the woods a large force of MTF operatives, tanks, APC’s, helicopters, and even some jets overhead started to move into the woods with utmost haste.
After some time with Red and V successfully making a snowman, N and Uzi suddenly crashed back down and crushed the snowman.
“God Dammit!” Red said, annoyed.
“Oh come on! That took us a few seconds to set up!” V said also annoyed.
“MY SNOWMANNN NOOOOO!” Fennec said as she started to cry a bit.
N was now holding Uzi who had lost her wings and tail.
“Accent was a bad idea anyway….” Uzi said as N was still holding her.
“N…. I’m also sorry….” Uzi said to N.
“Ehhh, not like you killed anyone! Except that 939…. But does that really count as anyone?” N said, looking at Red.
“Maybe, I don’t know I’m not a foundation researcher, why are you looking at me?!?” Red said.
“Hey, is it safe to come out now?” Rebbeca said as she came out from behind a tree. A lot of other WD’s did the same, some were hiding in the snow while others were literally in the trees.
“Wow, that was…. AWESOME! I’d like to see that again with my besties.” Lizzy said as she came out.
“Hey guys! I have returned with a bunch of snacks! As it turns out I left them in the trucks!…. What did I miss?” Thad said as he came out of the woods holding a load of chips and drinks.
Suddenly lights flashed on Uzi, N, V and Fennec as helicopters circled above. MTF ran out of APC’s as they charged into the area, with their guns all pointed to Uzi, their flashlights nearly blinding. Some of them even set up strange machines that glowed red and pulsated with red light.
Jane and the other MTF also came out from the crowd of MTF now gathering around and focusing on Uzi.
“Uzi, N, V, Red, and F. by order of the 05 council. You are all being detained for having abilities that can and will harm the people and things around you. Surrender yourselves or we will be forced to fire!” Jane said.
Uzi, N, V, Red, and Fennec looked around at the force of MTF and vehicles around them, the sound of helicopters above them and jet fighters circling like vultures above them.
“BITE ME!!!” Uzi yelled as she stared at Jane in anger and betrayal.
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2023.05.28 19:52 Souta95 Question regarding Cobweb Antennas

I have an MFJ Cobweb antenna and would like to know if it would be realistic of me to be able to mound a J-Pole above it.
I figured I could put a piece of PVC on the mast and stick it up above the antenna to mount the J-Pole, but I am concerned that the coax running up thru the middle of the cobweb antenna would throw things off.
The reason I want to do this is that the XYL has a limit on how many masts I can put up. This would allow me an extra antenna. 😅
Has anyone already tried this? If nobody has, is it even work attempting?
Update: Thank you to those that answered the question! I will go ahead with the plan and add a J-pole above my Cobweb when I have a chance to work on updating my small antenna farm.
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2023.05.28 19:50 kev24680 [USA-NY] [H] B650 Motherboards, AMD Ryzen 7 7700x, G.Skill Flare DDR5-6000 [W] Local Cash, Ryzen 3600

Selling the following parts, individually or for $460 together (with 1 ram kit).
Also looking to buy a Ryzen 3600 for $60 Local/Shipped
7700x B650-P DDR5
Item Details Price
AMD Ryzen 7 7700x Brand New $250 Local
MSI Pro B650-P Wifi Brand New (Box didn't come with a seal) $170 Local
32 GB G.Skill Flare X5 DDR5-6000 CL 36 Brand New, 2 kits available $80 Each Local
Also Selling two Gigabyte B650 Aorus Elite AX Boards, both purchased from micro center, tested and in working condition, Bios updated to Version F4 on both boards
B650 Aorus Elite AX #1
B650 Aorus Elite AX #2
Item Details Price
Gigabyte B650 Aorus Elite AX #1 Like-New Condition, includes Wifi Antenna, all 3 M.2 EZ Latches and retail box $165 Local
Gigabyte B650 Aorus Elite AX #2 Used condition, No Wifi Antenna, Missing stock cooler mount for clipped coolers, Includes 1 M.2 Screw and retail box, no M.2 EZ Latches $150 Local
Local to Brooklyn NYC, Please comment before pming
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2023.05.28 19:17 Stampbearpig Cell service boosting recommendations?

I have a cabin in a Canadian rural area, that currently has an antenna/signal booster. It didn’t work at all until I cut down two trees in its direct path, now I do get a bar or two, but my phone needs to be literally inches from the ceiling-mounted booster or I have no service at all.
Is there a great antenna/inside booster combo that would perform better for my 16x24 cabin? I’ve heard of a system that has a phone app for tuning your antenna properly, but I don’t have a name or anything, or have any significant knowledge on communications, so some help would be greatly appreciated!
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