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2023.05.29 17:03 Magolli [PC][NA] NBK Is Looking for Destiny 2 Players!

Natural Born Killers is expanding into Destiny 2, and we are looking for players from all levels and expertise. Currently raiding every Tuesday evening! We are an active, friendly, non-toxic community that will keep you engaged and active. We also play games like Warzone 2 and DMZ, Apex Legends, BF2042, Minecraft, and Diablo 4.
Our player base ranges from casuals to sweats, and you can group up with people that match your playstyle for a better gaming experience. Our mature community averages 26 years old, and most have full-time jobs and families. However, we dedicate a reasonable amount of time to gaming daily, and you'll see people playing throughout the day.
About Our Community:
- Monthly Gaming Nights
- Giveaways (Gift Cards, Merchandise, etc.)
- Level 3 Boost Discord Server
- StreameContent Creator Support
- Fun & Safe Environment
About You
- Be 21+ Years Old
- Have a good working microphone
- Be on PC, XBOX, or PS and in the North American Region
- Use Discord for Clan and Voice Communication
- Wants to participate in the community.
How to join?
Click on our Discord link to join NBK today!
You can learn more about our community at
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2023.05.29 17:03 jmobius 37M - Lifelong cardiac mystery I'd desperately like to understand

Primary complaint: Even very mild exertion sends my heart rate spiking alarmingly high.
Biographics: white, 5'11, 175lb
Existing Diagnosis: Depression and anxiety, as well as sleep apnea, but otherwise very healthy
Medications: propranolol, venlafaxine, buproprion, finasteride, pantoprozole (note that my issue has existed prior to taking any of these). The apnea is treated with a CPAP machine. I drink in moderation, and have taken up nicotine vaping in the last two years.
The Story
I had a very sedentary childhood, but in my early 20s I decided I wanted to get fit. I was hitting the gym 3-5 times a week, coupled with outdoor runs ~2 a week. I encountered a problem: any activity would tend to leave me feeling dizzy, tense (like my blood pressure was very high), and kind of faint. Running, in particular, seemed to trigger it. I figured this was a natural part of getting into shape, and I persevered, for years. I got a lot stronger, but my stamina never kept pace. In all that time, my single greatest athletic achievement was managing to run a treadmill exactly one mile, which I did exactly once; I felt like it damn near killed me to do so.
After a few years of this, I decided that this was not normal. I started seeing doctors, but I feel like I was not quite taken seriously. Here were the findings:
Cardiologist: After giving my complaint to my GP, he referred me to a cardiologist. There I was administered a treadmill test. His analysis was that I was just out of shape, with a demeanor that suggested he felt I was wasting his time.
Sports Medicine: After another period of trying to "get in shape", I sought out a sports medicine GP as I figured the problem might be up their alley. There I was administered another treadmill test, this time with respiratory equipment attached. His analysis was that something was really weird; as he described it, my "primary energy system" never activated, and my body was in running-on-fumes mode from the get-go. He actually remarked that it was impressive that I was able to endure as long as I did in that state. His recommendation was to take up cycling or a stationary bike, and aim to stay in a mid-range heartrate (130-150 bpm, IIRC) for 40 minutes.
I acquired a stationary bike, and adopted this practice a few times a week, eventually working my way up to an hour. I needed a fairly gentle pace to stay in this range, and while my endurance at this task in particular did improve, it did not seem to have any spillover benefits to anything else.
Other Data Point: Orange Theory: Orange Theory is a trendy gym chain which provides guided group classes. I started attending 1-2 times a week around age 30. Part of its schtick is everyone wearing heartrate monitoring equipment, with large monitors around the room displaying color-coded dashboards of where everyone is at. I was always extremely standout, the lone red-colored 180-190 bpm during a warmup exercise. I could rarely finish a full 50-minute class, often having to spend a quarter to a third of it outside desperately trying to cool down enough to continue.
At age 33, I moved to Denver, and the lower oxygen levels hit me hard. Between the increased difficulty and frustration over not feeling any progress after a decade of effort, I ended up abandoning any regular exercise routine.
I have discussed all of the above with my current GP, and her suggestion was anxiety; I've been on a regular dosage of propranolol since then, but it hasn't provided any benefit in this space.
This problem naturally spills over to sexual exertion. A recently particularly intense and exhausting experience had me thinking that I don't want to have a heart attack or something while I'm with a partner. I had recently tried a one-hour beginner yoga class, but I had to spend half of it on the mat resting, as I kept getting too weak and faint to keep up.
I'm willing to try to pick up an exercise routine again; I just want to be able to feel like I'm actually making progress, rather than just becoming more mentally girded to push through all the blaring warning signs my body is giving me.
If you are still reading this, thank you. If there's anything at all that you know that might be to help me understand this, it would mean so much to me.
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2023.05.29 17:02 BottomShelfVodka No fucking way, another goddamn wedding.

[June 2013]
On the Thursday following our return from Wyoming, my mother called me out of the blue to let me know she had forgotten to mention that my first cousin would be getting married soon...Soon, like that weekend. Saturday. The day after tomorrow. I told her there was no way we would get approved for leave within that amount of time. A leave request would have been denied anyway since we had literally just returned from Wyoming only a week ago.
We were 2 weeks away from our first anniversary, and nobody in my family had met my husband yet. My mom suggested it would be the only chance for me to see my whole family under one roof, and an opportunity to introduce Devon to absolutely everybody. All at once. Every single individual I had been painting horror scenes about to him would be at that wedding, eager to meet the guy Heather ran away to Mississippi with after only 3 months of knowing him.
I'm sure he will love that.
Just the thought of having to see Alan face to face again after our last encounter made my stomach curl. I could tolerate everybody else in my family, but I really dreaded having to formally introduce Devon to my asshole step father. Devon and Alan already hated each other, and they haven't even met yet.
I did want to take the opportunity to see my cousin and uncle again though. I really would like to introduce them to Devon.
My cousin is 8 years older than I am, and he had joined the military straight out of high school as well. I hadn't seen him in over 4 years. His name is Tyler, and he was from the minority side of my family that wasn't brainwashed. His father, Mike (my mom's brother, and my favorite uncle) raised Tyler to question everything and to never take anything at face value. Quite the opposite of my mother's approach to parenthood.
My mom has 2 brothers: Mike and Mark. Nana, Mom, Mark, Mark's wife, and all of his kids dove deep into religion. Mike and Tyler hung out on the shore of sanity and watched as their delusional family sank deeper into their cultish beliefs.
Tyler was the first person to insinuate to me that my mother and the rest of our family was a little batshit crazy. Anytime the family was around the holiday dinner table, someone, of course, would mention something off the wall about "god's love". Tyler and Mike would chuckle. Although they were the only two atheists in a large group of religious wackados, they were never afraid to rebuttal the family's goofy idea of god's grace. I always sat quietly observing as the family would get worked up and tongue tied.
Uncle Mike is highly educated in bible history, but also well educated in science and common fucking sense. He has always held his ground well in his religious debates. He made some pretty good points, and my family wasn't great at defending their beliefs. The things Mike said presented me with a completely opposing perspective from the echo chamber I had been surrounded by my whole life.
It would probably be another 4 years before I'd have the chance to see them together again. While we're visiting them, why not rip the Band-Aid off and introduce Devon to everyone else at once? It would absolutely be overwhelming and disappointing, but I think that's with anything relating to family.
The wedding would be held on Saturday evening in Nashville, Tennessee, about 8 hours from our home in Mississippi. We could leave Mississippi early in the morning, drive 8 hours to see the wedding, and still make it back in time for Devon to return to work on Monday, but goddamn, I really didn't want to spend any more hours in the passenger seat.
Devon had never been to Tennessee before, and I was not looking forward to going back so soon. We reluctantly told my mother that we would find a way to make it work, but we wouldn't be able to stay long. I don't understand how somebody who hates weddings as much as I do managed to experience 3 of those motherfuckers in less than a span of a year, but here we go on another goddamn road trip.
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2023.05.29 17:02 SinfulAbsorption Best RAM For Gaming in USA Available on Amazon

Best RAM For Gaming in USA Available on Amazon
When it comes to gaming, having enough RAM is important because games typically require a lot of memory to run smoothly. The more RAM your PC has, the more data it can store in this temporary storage area, which means that it can access information faster and improve overall performance.
In addition, having fast and reliable RAM is crucial for gaming as it can reduce loading times and ensure that your computer processes information quickly. This is particularly important for online multiplayer games where split-second reactions can mean the difference between winning and losing.

G.Skill Trident Z5 Neo RGB DDR5-6000
G.Skill Trident Z5 Neo RGB DDR5-6000 is a high-performance memory module that offers impressive speed and reliability for gaming enthusiasts, professionals, and power users. With its cutting-edge technology and sleek design, this RAM unit provides a seamless experience for gamers and content creators alike.
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Crucial RAM 64GB Kit DDR5 4800MHz
The Crucial RAM 64GB Kit DDR5 4800MHz is an impressive piece of hardware that delivers exceptional performance and value. As a tech enthusiast and system builder, I was excited to get my hands on this kit and put it through its paces.
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Kingston FURY Beast RGB 64GB 3600MT/s DDR4
Kingston FURY Beast RGB 64GB 3600MT/s DDR4 is one of the best RAM modules currently available on the market. It offers superior performance and impressive features that cater to gamers, content creators, and professionals alike. In this review, we will take an in-depth look at the specifications, performance, features, reasons to buy, value, and conclusion of the Kingston FURY Beast RGB 64GB 3600MT/s DDR4.
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TEAMGROUP T-Force Xtreem ARGB 3600MHz
TeamGroup's T-Force Xtreem ARGB 3600MHz is a high-performance DDR4 memory kit that boasts impressive specifications and features. In this review, we'll take a closer look at what the Xtreem ARGB has to offer and determine whether it's worth your investment.

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Corsair Vengeance DDR5 RAM 32GB 5600MHz is one of the latest and most impressive memory modules to hit the market. This high-performance RAM boasts exceptional specifications, features, and value that make it an excellent choice for gamers, content creators, and professionals looking to push their systems to the limit.
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2023.05.29 17:02 Magolli [PC][NA] NBK Is Recruiting Today!

Natural Born Killers is an exclusive, friendly, and active community of Warzone and DMZ, Apex Legends, Battlefield 2042, Destiny 2, Minecraft, and Diablo 4 players that keep you engaged and active, so you don't have to jump from discord server to discord server to find people to play with. We are active all day throughout the week and on weekends and run 4 to 6+ squads daily.
Our player base ranges from casuals to sweats, and you can group up with people that match your playstyle for a better gaming experience. Our mature community averages 26 years old, and most have full-time jobs and families. However, we dedicate a reasonable amount of time to gaming every day.
About Our Community - Nuke Verified Role (Warzone 2 only) - Monthly Gaming Nights - Giveaways (Gift Cards, Merchandise, etc.) - Level 3 Boost Discord Server - StreameContent Creator Support - Fun & Safe Environment - Our own dedicated Minecraft Server
About You - Be 21+ Years Old - Have a good working microphone - Be on PC, XBOX, or PS and in the North American Region - Use Discord for Clan and Voice Communication - Wants to participate in the community
How to join? Click on our Discord link to join NBK today! You can learn more about our community at
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2023.05.29 17:02 AutoModerator start !

start !

on this group you can show your records to other players! games: amir's time records
gobdev's time records
time records
time runners
era's time trial
jadon's time trial
if you want more games make a post for more
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2023.05.29 17:01 Magolli [PC][NA] Looking for Apex Players from all Levels!

Natural Born Killers is an exclusive, friendly, and active community of Apex Legends players that keep you engaged and active, so you don't have to jump from discord server to discord server to find people to play with. We play other games like Warzone 2, DMZ, Destiny 2, BF2042, Minecraft, and Diablo 4.
Our player base ranges from casuals to sweats, and you can group up with people that match your playstyle for a better gaming experience. Our mature community averages 26 years old, and most have full-time jobs and families. However, we dedicate a reasonable amount of time to gaming every day.
About Our Community
- Monthly Gaming Nights
- Giveaways (Gift Cards, Merchandise, etc.)
- Level 3 Boost Discord Server
- StreameContent Creator Support
- Fun & Safe Environment
About You
- Be 21+ Years Old
- Have a good working microphone
- Be on PC, XBOX, or PS and in the North American Region
- Use Discord for Clan and Voice Communication
- Wants to participate in the community
How to join?
discord .gg/nbkclan
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2023.05.29 17:01 zendi_lyon PCOS but not quite.. What else could be at play?

Primary Symptoms: Hairloss, Hiruitisim, (and one point acne but I did a round of accutane and have been fine on that front).. I noticed all of these started to develop around 3 years ago.) .
Never had issues with my period until this past year and even still it was just a few episodes of very light spotting between cycles.
I just had bloodwork done and my Labs came back fine..- Thyroid: good.- A1C: perfect- hormones all within normal ranges.- the only thing that came up was Vitamin D and B12 being low.
- I've also been under significant stress and mental health issues for... ever..(chronic) I talked to him about being worried with how that could be playing apart in it all as well.
BUT my doctor pointed out that I'm in this weird grey zone with DHEA (136). He said Above 200 is definite PCOS.. and below 100 is definitely not... but because I'm at 136 and my primary concerns.. he said I wasn't his only patient struggling with it but admitted we were a group he wasn't sure how to help. It would really just be trial and error with various treatments.
Spironolactone wasn't effective. (I think it could have been the culprit causing the spotting)
He mentioned a potential cause of something being converted too quickly... Does anyone know what that or other causes could be and how I should go about methodically trying to figure out the cause and proper treatment?
I don't want to do anything that just slaps a bandaid on the symptom..(which I admittedly felt like spiro was trying to do)... I'd rather treat it.. holistically. (I also don't want to be on a longterm med that suppresses the symptom while at the same time destroying something else like my heart or liver. another reason i didn't like spiro was that if the spotting was a side effect then it was creating issues that were throwing off my ability to read my body. i.e thinking I suddenly had irregular period, another new symptoms, which means somethings wrong, only to learn the rx caused it.. )
\I was fine with the internal hiroshima bombing of accutane because it was a short term treatment*.*
  1. As of right now I'm adjusting my vitamin supplements and going to try Saw Palmetto.....Should I wait a few months to see how the vitamin adjustment effects anything or jump into the SP?...
  2. if that dosn't work what should I try next? Isn't finastride technically the the same as Saw palmetto?
(tried to ask on women's health but no response..Hoping someone can offer more insight here.)
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2023.05.29 17:01 BeLLiSSiM0_ THC induced Psychosis or really bad OCD. Please respond.

Hello guys. 2 months ago a friend of mine played a joke on me by giving me a 98% HHC vape (milder form of THC) while telling me it is a CBD vape. I made a few huge vapes and I mean like 10 puffs but very big ones. After a few minutes I was in a severe Panic attack, which I experienced for a first time in my life. Brutal heartbeat , nausea, chills in my body, legs and hands numb. I asked him what he really gave me , but he kept insisting it is just cbd. I called my gf to come and pick me up. On the way home I experienced paranoia about this one friend giving me something which is not cbd on purpose and that he is doing it because he might be friend with a very bad person I was having problems with recently. But for the second part i was almost sure that is impossible. No hallucinations or any other form of paranoia/delusion. I’ve been having harm intrusive thoughts which scared me (the thought i might snap and act on them). The next morning i called him and he admitted about what he really gave me. After that I kept having panic attacks and disturbed sleep, zero appetite and dpdr for a few days. No hallucinations or delusions or strange thoughts except the one that gave me fear and panic - that i have broken my brain forever. I’ve had racing thoughts when falling asleep which were absolutely chaotic and irrational, making 0 sense and jumping rapidly from a topic to topic, but only when just falling asleep. If I opened my eyes and was fully awake, they immediately disappeared. I’ve read on google the day after the incident that there is connection between weed and schizo and that is what caused me extreme distress but I didn’t read any symptoms. The next 1-2 weeks things were getting better day after day and I decided I would do some online tests for schizo and read symptoms. After doing every single test I found I was immediately calmer , because I’ve never experienced even one symptom from the mentioned EVER. But I continued reassuring myself by reading and doing tests for the next 7-10 days, literally doing it all day. I was getting more and more concerned until I ended up in a new panic attack. I started constantly looking around and wondering if everything I saw or heard is real or am I hallucinating. Something with the corner of my eye or a momentary random sound. After a few days I decided I would swallow up my pride and start asking. Every time I’ve asked (hundreds of times) everyone else was seeing or hearing everything I did. So that wore off almost completely. Then the obsession with delusional thinking kicked in very hard. After everything I’ve read , all the examples of delusions that people have, I developed similar thought patterns. Some random neighbour would greet me with “hello” and i would think “wait, what if that person has some hidden meaning towards me in his mind?”. Which literally puts me in another anxiety attack, because I am terrified why would I consider such thing, why would even such a thought pass my mind as it is absolutely irrational. It’s been 2 months now. My sleep has greatly improved generally. The obsession comes and goes. Sometimes I will be happy and obsession free for days, laughing at my previous experiences and thinking it won’t come back. Then it comes back again for a few days causing me extreme distress. I lose my appetite again, lose motivation and enjoyment in life. In those days only very pleasurable activities with friends bring me out of this, sometimes completely and for hours I forget about it. I am almost 27 years old male. No family history of mental illnesses of any sort, no drug use of any sort, and most of all not a single similar experience of any sort my whole life. Quite the opposite. I was the most happy, motivated , cheerful and funny person in my circle. Except for a depression episode 12 years ago when I moved to a new city with my family, my life has been always very satisfying. 3 different psychologists told me that I can be sure I don’t have psychosis and it is GAD or ocd combined with medium depression. I’ve also went to a psychiatrist who didn’t quite have the time to listen to everything i wanted to say (for example the delusional thoughts) and he told me that nothing could happen from one time overdosing any drug. He pointed my age to be way above the age in which people get psychotic illnesses and said that I would have shown many signs of such much earlier in my life. I called him later that day for reassurance and he told me that he has more than 40 years of practice and is specialised in diagnosis of psychotic illnesses. He said he would have known if something isn’t right minutes after I’ve entered the room. He told me to remember this: “ i am absolutely and undoubtedly sure that the isn’t even a slightest chance of such thing”. This helped me get out of the circle for more than a week. And then I’ve read about prodrome and freaked out again.
What do you think guys? Anyone suffered or suffering from a similar situation? Any advices? I go to gym every day and see my friends all the time, i hate being alone. I started to regain some part of my motivation to work (much more to be regained as I am very motivated usually).
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2023.05.29 17:01 throw_away1204 Suggestions for 4 hours of daily commute to work/ looking for a driver

Currently my new job requires me to travel all the way from CCK to the east (changi air base west). I am already trying my best to get my license and a car but the fastest it will take is probably a year.
1) bus to bukit panjang -> Downtown line to botanic garden -> circle line to macpherson -> Downtown line to tampines east -> bus to camp
2) bus to bukit panjang -> downtown line to Rochor -> walk to jalan besar -> downtown line to tampines east -> bus to camp
3) bus to bukit panjang -> downtown line all the way to tampines east -> bus to camp
Method 1 & 2 take 2 hours. Method 3 takes 2h 15 mins but I can sleep on the train.
If you read up to this point, all I can say is thank you and I hope you have some suggestions or advice on how I can improve on my commute situation. And if you happen to commute from the west (preferably cck/keat hong) to changi air base west in the mornings. Please pm me. I will be your best friend.
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2023.05.29 17:00 _call-me-al_ [Mon, May 29 2023] TL;DR — This is what you missed in the last 24 hours on Reddit

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Belarus official: West left us no choice but to deploy nuclear arms
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Wagner boss attacks Russia's defense minister, says his daughter and son-in-law live in luxury while thousands are sent to die in Ukraine
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French medical bodies on Sunday called on authorities to punish researcher Didier Raoult for "the largest 'unauthorized' clinical trial ever seen" into the use of hydroxychloroquine to treat Covid-19
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Illinois to Become First State to Ban Book Bans
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Man dies after going days in Duval County jail without medication, family says
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Cleveland 19 News receives bomb threat against 5 Targets as stores face LGBTQ+ controversy
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Stem cells from the human stomach can be converted into cells that secrete insulin in response to rising blood sugar levels, offering a promising approach to treating diabetes, according to a preclinical study
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For the first time, astronomers have detected a cyclone on the north pole of Uranus.
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The brain’s protein-destruction machine learns new tricks at synapses, revealing a potential target for treating neurological disorders
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I discovered this planetary nebula using a $500 camera lens, now it carries my name
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Milky Way framed by Delicate Arch in Arches National Park in Utah
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Almost 11 years ago precisely, my crewmates and I captured and docked the very first SpaceX Dragon capsule. Here are some photos I took during the approach. More details in comments.
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Nvidia CEO Says Those Without AI Expertise Will Be Left Behind
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Study: GPT-4 didn't really score 90th percentile on the bar exam. Implications for the future of the legal profession and AI are discussed.
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NVIDIA creates a Minecraft AI that codes and self-improves (using ChatGPT)
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What simple mistake has ended lives?
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What is something that young people love that you don’t understand?
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You can permanently change the price of one item to $1. What is it?
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TIL of the Jim twins, separated at birth and reunited at 39: both had married and divorced someone named Linda, were currently married to a Betty, had sons named James Allan, had dogs named Toy, drove the same car, had jobs in security, and regularly vacationed at the same beach in Florida
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TIL that in 67 C.E, Emperor Nero found a Boy named Sporus Who looked Like his deceased Wife, so he had him Castrated, Put in female attire, and made his entire Court play along with the act
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TIL Stanford engineers made a folding origami microscope that costs less than $1 to make. 50,000 microscopes were shipped to 130 countries in 2014 to see what people will do with it
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Indy 500 Advertisements vs Racing [OC]
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[OC] Premier League 22/23 table by matchday.
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[OC] Some of the top revenue sources for big tech firms
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Is cooking your Love Language?
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Rant: I always mess up the food when I’m cooking for larger groups.
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What accidental purchase have you made that in now a regular purchase?
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[homemade] Esquites sweet corn salad (Elote derivative)
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[homemade] Lasagna
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[I ate] Canadian Poutine
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A rare 1914 silent film called "The Oath of the Sword" was considered lost forever. A professor rescued it from a vault.
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Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross Scoring 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem’
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What’s a movie that you absolutely love but know will never ever get a sequel or reboot?
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How May I Help You?, Jon Silent, Ink and Acrylic, 2023
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Eat your water, Alai Ganuza, oil painting, 2023
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Vineyard, Olga Rodina, Oils, 2023
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Phil Hartman: 25 years after the actor's tragic death, his work still resonates
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George Maharis Dies: ‘Route 66’ & ‘Fantasy Island’ Actor Was 94
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A bittersweet goodbye to ‘Barry’: The cast on the dramatic turns of the hit man comedy
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Somebody went full math at a casino stairwell
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Sandra Bullock wore “the dress” before JLo did.
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Just some finishing touches before we close in the void
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Good kid spots neighbor's dropped wallet in driveway, returns it.
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King Cobra vs. Mongoose
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Ship Is Destroyed By Huge Wave During Coastguard Rescue
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Geological evolution of North America in the last 550 millon years
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The core of this rope is made of diapers
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This green stop sign
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This vehicle had an extra set of wheels that weren’t touching the ground
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A full 360 swing
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*Fruit and Vegetable Decomposition Timelapse *
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Dry Squirrel Asks Human for a Drink of Water.
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Well that mall doesn’t have to mop. The floor is getting done.
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An old Cricket Wireless was turned into a chicken restaurant in possibly the most lazy/ingenious way possible…
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Jesus Christ!
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What’s this?
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Family of racoons in my yard.
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I forgot to lock my dorm room and this cat casually opened the door, climbed into my bed and made herself at home
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2023.05.29 17:00 Lost_And_Found66 Had my first "Bad" trip that wasn't caused by outside events last night. But in breaking myself down I was able to support a friend in need.

So I don't normally post too much about my experiences with mind altering substances just on the off chance someone connects my account back to me but I was so happy with how this trip turned out.
I planned on dropping two days ago but was invited to a cookout with a friend group I hadn't seen in a couple months. Now this particular friend group is one where we rarely discuss feelings and all of them are very successful in their careers/personal lives. I'm usually the "down bad" one in that group. Well, when I went to the party I found out that the two friends in that group that are the most traditionally "masculine" and talk about their feelings the least had both gone through some really heartbreaking shit recently and I found it strange that we were all just carrying on like nothing was going on but they both seemed fine so whatever.
Anyway I go home and then the next day decide it's time to trip. I haven't done shrooms in quite some time because I prefer LSD because it's easier and a prettier experience to me but another friend of mine expressed interest in trying shrooms and I wanted to refresh the experience in my mind before giving him my opinion on it.
It was miserable, I'm a firm believer in the benefits of psychedelics and the spirituality of it all but I personally feel like I can get those benefits laughing like an idiot and watching animated shows and such. So that was my goal, not the dark twisted world I entered into. Many people talk about the experience of peeling the mask back and that's what happened. The big theme was the mask of all my self deprecating humor and how I use that to protect or deflect from criticism "You can't call me out for not putting in the work to fix my life if I make a mean joke about myself first". The worst part was realizing I not only make jokes to avoid real things but also to avoid uncomfortable conversations with people i care about.
Then it hit me, if I'm doing this so might people I care about. I flashed back to the party and remembered that one of my friends who was dealing with some shit, couldn't finish his food. Kept walking away for a bit and stuff and so I had a hunch that despite him joking and acting fine that he might not be doing as well as I thought. He might have had his own mask on.
I reached out to him (still coming down so I was a little messy) and asked him how he was "REALLY" feeling about everything and this man, who has never talked about feelings very deeply completely broke down his walls and thanked me so much for noticing and checking in because he was really struggling. Like I mentioned before, this friend group has done very well for themselves and I'm usually the one in a bad place. So I was able to talk to him and give him advice from a place of experience and just listen and then I thanked him for letting his walls down to tell me he wasn't doing okay.
Is it fucked up that I had to take a mind altering substance to piece together that a close friend was really hurting? Kinda yeah, it's not that hard to ask people how they are really doing instead of just quipping back and forth like a Marvel movie but also... if this "bad" experience lead to something good for me and a dear friend, who cares?
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2023.05.29 17:00 mentalheaIthmatters New Therapist Peer Support Chat Mondays 7:00 EST

Are you a new therapist in search of a supportive group of peers to talk to? Join us on the therapists Discord channel every Monday at 7:00PM EST! All new therapists are welcome, whether it's your first time logging on or you've been with us since the beginning.
For those not in the know, Discord is a chat app that has voice and video capabilities. It can be accessed via app or web browser. Our Peer Support Chat takes place on the New Therapist voice channel (you will need to request access if it's your first time logging on, which you can do in general-talk or introduce-yourself). Here is the Discord link:
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2023.05.29 17:00 cubevoidd Eusoff or RVRC

hi guys ,, I'm kinda torn between eusoff hall or rvrc but I js know that I really need to reside on campus as I live super far from uni (1.5hrs commute)
here r some things I've taken into consideration for the two
Eusoff pros: - more vibrant student life (block events, sports, etc) - more interesting student leader committees (JCRC) - cheaper hostel rates - closer to the FASS building - I'm interested in joining their band to expand my experience in music & performing live
Eusoff cons: - I heard the food is worse than rcs + limited variety - high CCA commitments (minimum 5 CCAs to secure stay in 2nd year) - may not be able to secure a place in y2 due to limited slots - late night suppers (affect studies ?) - heard of lesser sleeping hours (3am)
RVRC pros: - secured 2 years stay - better food, more variety - seminar based modules, workplace readiness - outdoor learning - low commitment, hence more time dedicated to personal time + studies - wholesome group of ppl - convenient place for getting to places
RVRC cons: - higher hostel rates - heard that there's a lack of culture there - focus on sustainability which I'm not particularly interested in (?) - heard that the GE mods are harder (SU) - the student leaders committee doesn't seem to be very active (correct me if I'm wrong!) - there seems to be an insect problem due to being surrounded by nature - worried that their interest groups (IG) may not be as competitive/active as halls due to the low commitment
For context: I was very active in JC activities and CCA (had an external CCA as well) and I'm super hyped for sports. I'm also very interested in taking on leadership positions in uni for the experience and rigour. My time management was relatively good in JC but I'm just worried about the sheer amt of competition for the halls esp for y2.
Any advice would be appreciated!! Thank you for reading this far!
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2023.05.29 17:00 Akitra_Inc What Should You Know About ISO 27001 Internal and External Audits?

What Should You Know About ISO 27001 Internal and External Audits?
The ISO 27001 compliance framework is one of the most well-established data security standards worldwide. To maintain growth, SaaS companies must promote trust and confidence amongst their customers about their ability to secure and manage data.
Getting accredited by the International Organization for Standardization and its compliance protocols (for instance, ISO 27001) is one of the best approaches to demonstrate their credibility. It can help these businesses foster long-lasting relationships with clients, leading to an unimpeachable reputation and an ever-increasing growth in business revenue.
ISO 27001 works with an ISMS (Information Security Management System), which requires frequent audits to ensure that the data infrastructure is functioning optimally. An ISO 27001 audit ensures that your company’s security systems adhere to the standard’s requirements and your organization’s business objectives.
But what are an ISO 27001 audit’s requirements? What do auditors essentially look for? If you are considering compliance with ISO 27001 framework, you must know what it takes to be audit-ready. But be calm if you are not. In this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know about ISO 27001 audits, including why they are important, their frequency, who can make an ISMS audit, and the exact steps involved in a successful audit.

What is an ISO 27001 Audit?

An ISO 27001 audit is an assessment of your data systems, where a qualified and unbiased auditor looks at the three criteria outlined below to draw up a report that details how your organization is faring in its data security measures and which areas can be improved upon —
  • the ISMS or components of it being tested to see if they comply with the requirements of the standard;
  • the organization’s own information needs and goals for their ISMS; and,
  • the usefulness and efficiency of the controls, procedures, and other measures involved.
As the ISO 27001 compliance standard was created to help an organization reduce its information security risks to a manageable level, it is necessary to verify that the implemented controls do, in fact, decrease risks to a point where the risk owner(s) are satisfied and capable of tolerating the residual risk, in addition to the overall compliance and effectiveness of the ISMS.

What are the Different Types of ISO 27001 Audits?

There are two types of ISO 27001 audits—internal and external.
  • Internal audits are the ones that are conducted using the organization’s resources. A hired supplier can perform these audits if the company needs more skilled and impartial auditors on staff. These are frequently called “second-party audits” because the supplier serves as an “internal resource.”
  • External audits are the ones that are most frequently conducted by a certifying organization to get or maintain. To get their assurance of the organization’s ISMS, other interested parties (such as partners or customers) may conduct their audits, which are also included in this definition of the term. This is particularly valid when the needs of such a customer or vendor party go above and beyond the norm.

Why are ISO 27001 Audits Important?

Both internal and external audits pertaining to the ISO 27001 compliance standard are important.
External auditors independently validate your security posture During the external audit. An auditor may provide a knowledgeable and more unbiased view of existing security policies and controls and smart suggestions for further enhancing your overall security posture. Certification audits are particularly crucial since they demonstrate your dedication to security. A well-regarded third-party certification, such as ISO 27001, can provide a significant competitive edge. Additionally, it can shorten the sales cycle and let you quickly advance your business growth.
On the other hand, Clause 9.2 of the ISO 27001 standard requires an internal audit program to demonstrate that an ISMS is compliant and operating efficiently. In addition to being necessary, they also provide businesses with several advantages, such as identifying non-conformities and fixing them before a certifying authority does.
Additional advantages of both internal and external ISO 27001 audits may include the following:
  • It assures that your ISMS is properly implemented and complies with the ISO 27001 standard.
  • It gives you certified confirmation that your ISMS successfully lowers information security threats.
  • An audit also provides a comprehensive understanding of how non-conformities are promptly fixed.
  • It assures that all information security issues, occurrences, and incidents are thoroughly documented so that updates and adjustments can be made seamlessly to reinforce the ISMS.
  • It also guarantees your organization’s dedication to ongoing progress in security matters.

How Frequently Should You Conduct an ISO 27001 Audit?

To help ensure that controls are closely monitored over the long term and your ISMS is always improving, ISO 27001 compliance calls for an internal audit once every 12 months. Customers will find it much easier to trust you with their information and business.
For external audits, your organization undergoes a certification audit right at the beginning when your certificate is awarded to you upon passing the audit. Your company must undergo surveillance audits in the first and second years following your certification audit to receive your certification. Lastly, you will need a re-certification audit once every three years.

Who Does an ISMS Audit?

Your organization will need a certifying body to carry out external audits.
Meanwhile, internal audits can be performed within the organization by hiring a third party that is independent and skilled enough to handle it; as long as they are unbiased and are not auditing functions or processes that they supervise or helped build, this party may be an internal or external resource. If you need someone in your organization to meet these requirements, you must hire an outside auditor to assist you in conducting an internal audit.
In this next section, we will outline five simple steps you can out to use to conduct an ISO 27001 internal audit.

Five Steps to Conduct an ISO 27001 Internal Audit

Internal audits are generally customizable to suit the particular organization’s needs and objectives, but here are five core steps to help you get started:
  1. Reviewing documents
The documentation of how the ISMS was generated should be reviewed by your designated auditor, whether internal or external. Since it is what the internal audit entails, this will assist in aligning the scope of the internal audit with the ISMS.
The key people in charge of the ISMS’s processes and controls should also be named in the documentation. This step is very helpful, especially when the auditor has to ask for more information about the intricacies of the ISMS.
  1. Preparing for the assessment
The auditor(s), with help from the management, should develop a thorough ISO 27001 internal audit checklist of what has to be done during this phase. The time frame and the resources required to finish the audit should be considered.
  1. Gathering evidence
This audit activity actively samples data to demonstrate that policies are being followed, procedures and standards are being adhered to, and guidance is being considered.
  1. Analyzing data
The audit evidence needs to be organized, filed, and examined in light of the risks and control goals established by your organization and the ISO 27001 standard.
The evidence must be organized and checked against the ISO 27001 standard after gathering it. This procedure might show where further audit tests are needed and highlight evidence-gathering shortcomings.
  1. Reporting to management
Once the fieldwork testing and analysis are finished, your audit team will present management with a report. Results should be kept on file as a performance history and evidence that your business complies with the standard’s ISMS requirements. This report mostly includes:
  • An introduction that details the purpose, goals, schedule, and summation of the work completed;
  • The key findings, a synopsis of the analysis, and a conclusion;
  • Results and analysis in detail; and,
  • An explanation of the suggestions and scope restrictions from the auditor(s).
From there, it is the responsibility of the management to monitor the rectification of non-conformities discovered during the audit after receiving the report.

ISO 27001 Compliance Certification With Akitra!

Establishing trust is a crucial competitive differentiator when prospecting new SaaS businesses in today’s era of data breaches and compromised privacy. Customers and partners want assurances that their organizations are doing everything possible to prevent disclosing sensitive data and putting them at risk, and compliance certification fills that need.
Akitra offers an industry-leading, AI-powered Compliance Automation platform for SaaS companies. Using automated evidence collection and continuous monitoring, together with a full suite of customizable policies and controls as a compliance foundation, our compliance automation platform and service help our customers prepare readiness for the ISO 27001 compliance standard, along with other security frameworks like SOC 1, SOC 2, HIPAA, ISO 27701, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, PCI DSS, GDPR, NIST 800-53, NIST 800-171, CMMC, FedRAMP, and more such as CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark, etc. In addition, companies can use Akitra’s automated questionnaire product to streamline and expedite security questionnaire response processes delivering huge cost savings. Our compliance and security experts will provide customized guidance to navigate the end-to-end compliance process confidently.
The benefits of our solution include enormous savings in time, human resources, and cost savings, including discounted audit fees with our audit firm partners. Customers achieve compliance certification fast and cost-effectively, stay continuously compliant as they grow, and can become certified under additional frameworks using a single compliance automation platform.
Build customer trust. Choose Akitra TODAY!‍
To book your FREE DEMO, contact us right here.
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2023.05.29 16:58 GrauZa Leaking gasket seal ring in BES740 fixed

Leaking gasket seal ring in BES740 fixed
After a year of using my BBE, it started leaking while I was making espresso. Turns out, a part of the silicon ring popped out from the group head due to high pressure. I tried buying new gasket seal rings, but no luck – my BBE kept leaking every time I made espresso. Frustrated, I took it to a repair service, and they added another ring (from DeLonghi) between the silicon ring and the group head. It worked for a short while, but then the leaking problem resurfaced.
Damaged silicone ring in the group head
Luckily, I found somewhere here in comments this video: It had the solution I needed. I disassembled my BES and tightened two out loose screws on the group head. It was a bit tricky, but I managed to do it. I highly recommend this video to anyone who's facing the same issue. Don't forget to check out the comments too!
Dissasembled BES. Back view.
The trickiest part was shifting the front panel, just like the video author showed. I wouldn't advise pulling out the pipe from the pressure gauge – it doesn't make sense. Also, don't bother unscrewing the screws that hold the relays, as it's just unnecessary work. Everything else in the video is really helpful.
In the end, I decided to make four holes so that accessing those screws would be easier next time around.
New 3 of 4 holes in my BES.
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2023.05.29 16:57 Lumptyspace_princess lf: id 123 mgt friends

helloo! is there any messenger gc/ tg gc or even a dc server that i can join for bs mgt students or just plain cob students? i’m having a hard time finding id 123 friends kase puro homegrown w friend groups na nakikita ko tsaka i’m mahiyain pa 😭
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2023.05.29 16:57 Temporary-Emotion-96 Salvaging a bad second impression?

I(35f) met this guy(28m) through mutual friends, a married couple. The four of us met up for drinks last Wednesday. The couple retired early and we stuck around and got to know each other better. He ended up sleeping over at mine. I hadn't been laid in three months so it was much needed, lol. He texted me after we parted ways, and thanked me for a lovely evening, etc. We continued chatting for the next couple of days. I had a birthday thing to go to on Saturday and said he could come along, and he eventually joined us and met a few of my friends. The thing is, I was pretty drunk by the time he arrived and I don't remember if I was jolly/fun drunk or obnoxious/bratty drunk. We separated from the group at some point, had a drink at another bar, and then he was walking me home. I think I was expecting him to come over and he said he'll go back to his, to which I responded something along the lines of: that's clearly an inferior choice. He just moved from Europe to my city in North America, and is staying on his cousin's couch while he gets settled. The cousin's long distance boyfriend is visiting so I argued that wouldn't he rather sleep at mine and give them some privacy? He said that even though we slept together the first night, he'd rather not again anytime soon and that he wants to take it slow. I don't remember how I responded to that. Right now, I actually really love that he wants a steady pace, and that this will be good for both of us. But what did drunk-me do? I vaguely remember agreeing that that's a good idea, though not immediately perhaps. I think it was a does-not-compute moment for me. I also shared with him that I'm on anti-anxiety meds, which isn't a big deal but still private and if I could go back in time I'd keep it to myself for a few more weeks/months.
Anyway, this was our conversation the next morning
Me: Hey good morning Me: Thank you for walking me home Him: Hellooo it’s normal I’d never let you go there alone ahaha. Even if it’s X-city(we live in a safe city). Me: 😊 The world could use more gentlemen like you [he hearted this message]. Me: Did you get home okay? Was I very drunk 🙈 Him: Yes you were but it was your Saturday night Me: Haha yes. How's your day going, what do you all have planned? Him: Everything’s on track like foreseen. I’m not gonna lie it’s quite difficult since I’m still half asleep ahahaha Him: You ? Me: My friend and her husband are hosting a picnic/bbq in the park with their new baby, I might go over and say Hi
And that was it. It's been almost 24 hours and we haven't been talking, so I'm gonna take that as a hint that he's not interested anymore. On the one hand, I can choose not to care. On the other, I do see potential in us, and do we give up on things too easily these days? Dating is so hard and it's so difficult for me to like someone. Should I send a text in a few days if I don't hear from him? Either, "Could you remind me what we talked about that night?" or "Apologies if I was being annoying that night, I'm not usually like that. I'd like to get to know you better as you said, at a pace that's comfortable for the both of us. I'd love it if we gave us a chance but wish you best if you feel otherwise. Thanks for everything."
Please I request you not to lecture me on my drinking, I already know and am working on it. I'm usually good at handling it well. I think it was a combination of that one specific evening and my upcoming period that can tend to make me like that a bit. I wasn't even sure he was coming, it was kind of a last-minute show-up from his end. We'd been talking about it earlier in the day and when he said he'll be in touch with me after eh's done hanging out with the cousin and her bf. When it's a play-it-by-ear situation, I usually (rightfully-so) assume that it's not gonna happen so him showing up was a pleasant surprise, in a way.
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2023.05.29 16:56 YouAreSrslyKittenMe GYN Question: Provena for Abnormal Bleeding

Hey there! Ive been prescribed a 10-Day course of Provena for abnormal bleeding between periods. Any insight into Provena for this purpose would be so helpful. I've listed more info below!
TLDR: I've had 3 mo of abnormal bleeding between periods. A pap smear & U/S were normal except for endometrium thinning (2cm).
I'm looking for a more in depth understanding of Provena & when to take it. I got some answers from my doctor but I want to know more than "here just take this pill".
History: I'm a 32F G0P000, sexually active (husband only) & IUD for birth control (no other PMH). Skyla IUD placed for 2 yrs, Morena IUD for 5 yrs prior to skyla. LMP: May 8-21, current cervical fluid is creamy.
Of note: I work in healthcare as an ICU nurse but I'll admit my understanding of female hormones & cycles is poor.
Situation: I've been seeing my GYN doctor for 3 months of abnormal bleeding (repeating cycles of: 2-3wks of bleeding & 7-10 days of no bleeding). Cramps were more intense during the first month but have since lessened.
I saw my GYN and she ordered: - pap smear (wnl/neg for abnormalities, IUD position confirmed) - urine sample (neg) - transvaginal ultrasound (wnl except for thin endometrium (2cm))
My doctor said she thinks the thinness of my endometrial lining could cause it to be friable and induce bleeding. Her theory was that long term use of IUDs could have caused this.
She prescribed a 10-Day course of 10mg Provena PO to be taken "the next time I bleed". Her rationale was that "it could prevent the lining from becoming thinner". But she didn't say that I should take it on a certain cycle day despite instructions saying to take on cycle day 16-21.
Questions: - Does it make sense to take this medicine after the bleeding has started? - I'm worried that I'll mess up my hormones by taking this at a time I may not have even ovulated. Is that a valid concern? - I'm struggling to understand how Provena helps in the long term since it's a single course. I've read something about Provena "resetting" your cycle. How does that work? -With my irregular periods how can we know the best time to start this medicine?
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2023.05.29 16:55 A7laz TPK using Roll20 - Statistically it shouldn’t have happened.

I have been the forever DM for several years with this particular group. We recently finished our first Campaign in a homebrew world and are about 4 months (real world time) into our second campaign. They have just reached level 4 and decided to take a Hags offer to “play her game” for a possible boon at the end. I, thankfully, established prior to them entering the game that death within was not permanent, but that every death came with long lasting consequences. So here’s what happened.
They take a carrousel ride into a pocket plane and instantly are met with a fight. The Carrousel is a trap (but does not do damage) the enemies are 2 fighter (35hp each with 2 attacks per round and a plus 3 to hit) and a Wizard (30hp and spells up to level 3 and a spell DC13) I have seen this group of PC’s deal with significantly harder encounters and assumed this would be a quick fight for them. It is well established that death is a very real possibility in my world and they are all aware of this, but the dice gods were not on their side this day.
Round 1: Athletics check against being grappled by the carrousel’s mechanics DC12. The Druid rolls a 13 and escapes wild shaping into a bear. The fighter, sorcerer, cleric & artificer all fail and are restrained. Roll20 rolls do not improve for them and they do 0 damage and No one escapes through this round of combat. The enemy fighter roll nat 17-19 on all attacks against the group.
Round 2: still restrained by the Carrousel it quick spins the 4 PC’s requiring a Con-save DC10. The Artificer and Cleric fail and are stunned until the end of their next turns. The Fighter manages to break free of the carrousel with the only PC Roll above 7 for the round. The enemy wizard cast a homebrew version of entangle with an AOE effect as a 3rd level spell (20 foot area with a dex save DC13 and the area becomes difficult terrain. On a fail it does 3d8 damage, The Fighter, Druid and Artificer all fail and Roll20 rolled max damage (8+8+8=24) The 2 enemy fighters then took there attacks 1 crit and 3 rolls all 17 or higher + modifiers. By the end of round 2 the Druid, Artificer and Cleric were all down, the fighter was low HP and the sorcerer was still restrained.
Round 3 the Bad guys cleaned house killing the remaining player with relative ease including another Critical Hit on the Sorcerer
As stated above death was not permanent, but there are consequences. Every time they die the Hag gets a little more of them.
TLDR: In 3 rounds of combat using roll20: My 5 Player managed to roll above a 10 on the dice 5 times. The DM’s lowest rolls were two 15 with all other rolls being a 17+ which included 3 natural 20. Resulting in a TPK against what should have been a relatively simple combat encounter for 5 level 4 PCs
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2023.05.29 16:55 Oriskana [ARMA 3][PRIMARY REPO][MAP+MOD DOWNLOAD] Saturday 03/06/2023 - UTC 19:00 - Operation Broadcast Licence

Calendar Details:2022-06-03 19:00 UTCArma 3 Operation Broadcast Licence

Operation Broadcast Licence


When? 19:00 UTC
Get the mods through our mod downloader, Swifty
Want more info? Our documentation
Join our Arma unit:
Recommended reading:
If you have any issues with mods or teamspeak, do not hesitate to contact the event host or any of the helpers on teamspeak or Discord. DM on Discord and Reddit PM are the easiest way to get a hold of the event host.
Map required:
North Takistan -
  • Cup core required
Mods required:
TV Guided missile (SPIKE NLOS)
Medical system tweaks:
tl;dr: Splints, stitching and PAKs enabled.
Settings Change
Limping Limp on open wounds
Fractures Splints fully heal fractures
Advanced Bandages Enabled and can reopen
Clear trauma after bandage Disabled
Epinephrine Anyone
Surgical kit Medics only; Anywhere + self surgery enabled
PAK Doctors only; Anywhere + self paking enabled
Blood Medics and Doctors
CPR success chance Increased to 55%
ACE Settings Change
ACE Fatigue Performance factor Increased to 1.8
ACE Fatigue Recovery factor Increased to 1.8
Pole settings:
  • Teleport to squads enabled.
Other changes from our usual mission setup:
  • Non-Zeused op - I will have access to Zeus, but will be only used for bug/ Arma fixing.
Non MC framework scripts used:
JEBUS by DreadPirate; Light Advanced Vehicle Respawn by Fiddi; Timber Corp Reinforcements by Geelik and Dagger



[Intel Package - TBD!]()
May 20xx, People's Khanate of North Takistan
MC PMC was hired to capture and bring HVT (codename Goblin Queen) from North Takistan. Easy smash and grab, unfortunately the HVT is surrounded by major Takistani forces, for that reason we have decided to import some fancy fireworks.
But someone had to tip off customs and all of our equipment got nabbed at Mantiq. So we need to get it first, before we can even attempt to capture HVT.
For that reason we've made deal with local camel merchants and got some basic stuff and little ace, called ION vics. These will allow us to get close to Mantiq without getting shot at sight.
Criticisms about historical accuracy should be shouted down an empty can of microwave noodles.

Enemy Forces

Takistani Army - Motorized, Mechanized Infantry. Boat assets. Air assets. Location: Takistani bases across AO, including HVT villa.
ION PMC - Infantry. Air assets. Drones. Location: Scattered across North Takistan.

Player Forces

PMC MC platoon

Friendly Forces

N/A = Resupply - rescue our stuff from Mantiq

Civil/Terrain/ Weather considerations

Terrain - Hills, sand, sand women, sand children. Urban areas
Civil - Civilians present across AO. Limit collateral damage
Current weather - overcast, mild wind, no fog, 17°C
Forecasted weather - overcast, mild wind, no fog 27°C

Mission Objectives

1) Recon Mantiq docks
Use the advantage of our ION cover, to scoop out the place before engaging.
2) Retrieve impounded MC equipment
Find it, gear up, load it up and fuck off before QRF swarm us.
3) Decimate Takistani forces around Villa
Use the TV guided missiles to take out Takistani heavy assets emplaced around HVT villa
4) Capture HVT Goblin Queen
Breach HVT Villa and capture HVT Goblin Queen alive.
5) Extract with HVT


Rules of Engagement: Avoid causing collateral damage. Do not kill HVT Goblin Queen!
Mission starting time: 06:00 (about 25 minutes to daylight)

Mission makers notes

The OpFor starts friendly to us. Until you enter restricted area or open fire on them. So use it wisely to plan your attack, as we start with relatively worse equipment than Takistani.


Use this in your slotting comment:
IGN: Discord Name: Slot: Alpha A1 AR 
CO, squad leaders and special roles (all roles in bold letters) should join the teamspeak 30 minutes before the event starts for planning the mission.
If this is your first event with us we would also like to ask you to join 30 minutes early for a quick introduction to MC.


This list is not guaranteed to be up to date! Do a quick look through the comments to make sure your slot hasn't already been claimed.
You need to have played at least three events with us for all leadership and special roles like pilots or vehicle crew.
Limited Arsenal provided at Starting Point.
Pilots - are trained paramedics and engineers. On top of that, their helicopter is designated medical vehicle.
Callsign/Role IGN
Zeuskana Oriskana
Group Alpha
Medic klausman
Operator aWeisGuy
Group Bravo
Group Charlie


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2023.05.29 16:54 lost_panties Study Seeking Research Volunteers! - Experiences of Self-harm in Autistic Women (UK, age 25+)

CW: mentions of self-harm
Hello, I am part of a group conducting a study for our Psychology Masters at the University of Edinburgh. The study aims to explore experiences of self-harm and service provision amongst adult autistic women in recovery. I am an autistic person and I have helped design the aims and methods of this study. I am helping to monitor the safety standards of this study, however, there are (not to my knowledge) any autistics / NDs on the external monitoring team. Only myself and my research team will be involved in analysis. We have been offered assistance with debrief space by the Scottish Women's Autistic Network (SWAN). There is no compensation for this study. Our supervisor has previously worked in / published autism research. (Here is a link to her previous publications ).
This study has received ethical approval by the University of Edinburgh and is supervised by Dr Ewelina Rydzewska ( [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) ).
We would appreciate your participation in this study if you meet the following criteria:
Cisgender woman
Clinical or self-diagnosed autism without a learning disability
Over 25 years old
History of self-harm within the past 10 years
No engagement in self-harm for at least the last 12 months
Have ever accessed or attempted to access services for self-harm in the UK
Participation will involve a strictly confidential interview of up to 90 minutes with questions relating to your experience of self-harm and service provision from your perspective as an autistic woman. This can be in person or online, depending on your preference. Participants can withdraw their consent up to 14 days after the interview.
If you are interested or have any questions, please get in touch with us by email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Full briefing, participant information, and consent documents will be provided over email upon statement of interest, but here is a brief description of what participation entails.
Participant information and consent:
You are not required to participate in this study.
You will be asked a number of questions regarding your experiences of self-harm, your interactions and communication with services and your opinion on how much these services met your needs. The interview will take place at a time that is convenient to you and you can choose whether you’d prefer to speak over Teams or in person. Please let us know of any adjustments we can make that you might find helpful. Ideally, we would like to audio record your responses (and will require your consent for this), so the location should be in a quiet area. You will also complete a short demographic questionnaire about age, gender, ethnicity, occupation and current post environment (e.g., community, inpatient, etc.).
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