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2023.06.04 16:47 HadjiChippoSafri EVENTS: What's On in Coventry this week (Monday 5th - Sunday 11th June)

⭐️ Featured image on this post is from: In The City Festival (Refugee Week) - Broadgate

🎨 Art & Exhibitions

Event Date Venue
Environments In Arcadia: Student Exhibition Until 10th Jun City Arcade
The Reason For Painting Until 25th Jun Warwick Arts Centre
Memorial to Lost Words Until 27th Jul Coventry Cathedral
Divided Selves: Legacies, Memories, Belonging Until 24th Sep Herbert Art Gallery & Museum
Warwickshire's Jurassic Sea Until Feb 2024 Herbert Art Gallery & Museum
Dippy In Coventry: The Nation's Favourite Dinosaur Until Feb 2026 Herbert Art Gallery & Museum

🎤 Comedy

Event Date Venue
Rich Hall: Shot From Cannons Fri 9th Jun 7:30pm Warwick Arts Centre
Closeup Comedy with Helen Bauer Sat 10th Jun 7pm Fargo Village

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Family

Event Date Venue
Mini Museum Engineers Play Wed 7th Jun Coventry Transport Museum
Let's Watch and Make: Wall-E Sat 10th Jun 10am Coventry Cathedral
Family Museum Engineers Saturday Play Day Sat 10th Jun Coventry Transport Museum
Divided Selves: Zine-Making Workshop Sat 10th Jun Herbert Art Gallery & Museum
In The City Festival (Refugee Week) Sat 10th June Broadgate

🎥 Film

Event Date Venue
Inland Empire Until 7th Jun Warwick Arts Centre
The Eight Mountains Until 8th Jun Warwick Arts Centre
Thelma & Louise Until 11th Jun Warwick Arts Centre
Chevalier Until 15th Jun Warwick Arts Centre
Master Gardener Until 15th Jun Warwick Arts Centre

🍔 Food, Markets & Socials

Event Date Venue
Coventry Dining Club Fri 9th & Sat 10th Jun Fargo Village
Summer Vegan Festival Sat 10th & Sun 11th Jun Fargo Village

🎵 Music

Event Date Venue
Bassekou Kouyate and Ngoni Ba Mon 5th Jun 7:30pm HMV Empire
Lunchtime Concert Wed 7th Jun 1pm Warwick Arts Centre
Mostly Piano: Linda Merrick and Julian Hellaby Wed 7th Jun 1pm Drapers' Hall
Sessions: Dept of Misinformation Fri 9th Jun 7pm HMV Empire
Friday Night / Saturday Morning: David Holmes & Paul Toller Fri 9th Jun 7pm The Tin
Exotic Suite Fri 9th Jun 8pm The Arches Venue
Country Superstars Fri 9th Jun 8pm Rialto Plaza
Amy: A Tribute Sat 10th Jun 7pm HMV Empire
Rodney Cromwell & roman Angelos Sat 10th Jun 7pm Just Dropped In Records, Fargo Village
Rob Lamberti: Celebrating the Music of George Michael Sat 10th Jun 8pm Rialto Plaza
Kitchen Club Indie Disco Sat 10th Jun 9pm The Tin
Bollywood & South Indian Night Sat 10th Jun 10:30pm HMV Empire
CVFolk: Wes finch & The Mechanics Sun 11th Jun 7:30pm Albany Theatre

🗣 Poetry, Writing & Talks

Event Date Venue
Artist Talk: Zarah Hussain Wed 7th Jun 1pm Warwick Arts Centre
War & Peace: Can civic society make a difference? (panel discussion) Thu 8th Jun 10am The Nest
Windrush 75 Festival Sat 10th Jun 11am Coventry Caribbean Association, Spon Street

⚽️ Sport


🎭 Theatre & Performance

Event Date Venue
Rock On Tommy Wed 7th Jun 1pm Belgrade Theatre
The Complete Works of Shakespeare (abridged) Fri 9th Jun 7:30pm Albany Theatre
Midlands Best Dance Crew Sat 10th Jun 7pm Belgrade Theatre

🛠 Workshops & Classes

Event Date Venue
Open Mic: Words & Music Thu 8th Jun 8pm Warwick Arts Centre

Any events that we've missed? Drop them in the comments below!
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2023.06.04 16:46 co-wmh-ojh Do kids just hate clean spaces??

After I put my 2.5 year old to bed last night, I picked up the play room. Everything back where it goes so there is a wide open space to play on his toy truck. First thing this morning, this tiny terrorist came downstairs and immediately dumped all the blocks, magnitiles, and toy food all over the floor. Now he’s upset that he doesn’t have room to ride his truck. 🤦‍♀️
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2023.06.04 16:05 IncreaseOk3536 Is extreme cheapskate tendencies common for hoarders?

I have known I had hoarding tendencies for a while, but I just realized after seeking out treatment for financial anxiety that I am a legit and likely diagnoseable hoarder. But I am also frugal to a point of likely being able to be on that extreme cheapskate show.
But I can't pass up a deal. I have serious issues wasting anything, especially food. I check goodwill, deals forums online, and stores in my area that sell expired or near expired food at steep discounts. I load up on any food that I think is a really good deal. I see my hoarding as "well if I don't keep this, I might need it in the future, and then I will have to spend money, which I don't want to do." Part of me has always thought if I had a ton of money I could throw stuff out, but when I really imagined myself with tons of money I still felt like I shouldn't get rid of stuff as it might be wasteful.
I am trying to reserve resources. I shower somewhat less than I would because it uses soap. I try to use as little soap as possible when doing the dishes. Every time I drive places I think of the gas. I don't eat any food at restaurants and actually eat the cheapest diet. I basically say no to any food or treats my kids want when out. I actually will only go out to something if it is free.
I don't mind this way of living. In some ways I like it. But I think my kids probably would want an ice cream when the truck comes around or something like that.
But is what I am describing typical of hoarders? Or maybe some hoarders? Is it atypical? It all seems a bit overwhelming realizing all this stuff is wrong with how my mind works lol.
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2023.06.04 16:00 Dolphintrout Food Truck Suggestion . . .

Been thinking about this for a while and thought I’d throw it out there.
We have some great food trucks here in Ottawa, but they’re also spread out all over the place and sometimes not everyone feels like the same thing.
What if the city set aside some designated land in various sections of city, paved it nice, put out some picnic tables, etc., and zoned it so that you could have multiple food trucks service the area?
You could set up rules so that there were only so many vendors of a certain style of food, ensure there was enough seating to accommodate people, etc. I was thinking enough space for maybe 10 trucks at each spot? Not sure, just thinking out loud.
I think it would be amazing to have spots like that to go to.
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2023.06.04 15:45 ExaminationNice616 Cuban food restaurant recommendations

Hello all! I was born in Cuba, but lived my whole life in the US in Miami, so I always had lots of Cuban food options around. I moved to Greenville last year and I love the food scene here, but I still haven't found a decent Cuban restaurant. I found an older thread in the sub that recommended a food truck but when I drove there a Venezuelan dude had bought it and changed the menu :(. Yes, I've tried tropical grille and it's honestly subpar quality especially for the price. The location closest to me is the one in the Publix plaza in Pelham. Do you guys recommend any restaurants with good Cuban food? Also, Puerto Rican and Domincan food are fairly similar so I'm open to trying those as well. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.04 15:43 daryyyl My Personal Experience: A Singaporean Living in Bangkok

TL;DR: A Singaporean’s comparison and experience of living in Bangkok, AMA.
Recently seen a lot of posts about moving from Singapore to another country and thought I would share my own experiences about moving from Singapore to Bangkok and some pros and cons of each location.
Please kindly take note that this is all from my personal experience and knowledge and may not apply to everyone.

I (30M) first experienced living and working in Bangkok due to an internship. The internship was mandatory but the location was not specified. I chose Bangkok having never lived there before and ended up liking it so decided to do another internship in Bangkok the following year. After completion, I managed to land a full time job in Bangkok and have been living in Bangkok for 7.5 years now. I am in the hospitality industry.

In order to stay legally in Thailand, you’ll need to be on the proper visa. You could come in on visa exemption and then do visa runs, but in the long run, it is not a viable option especially since immigration is cracking down on visa runs.
I have listed essentially the easiest visa’s to obtain to live in Thailand legally.
- Non-Immigrant B: Get hired by a company in Thailand, where they will issue you with a work permit and you are allowed to legally work in the role that is written in the work permit. The visa will be valid so long as you are employed.
- Non-Immigrant ED: Enroll into a language school to learn Thai or join a Muay Thai gym. Typically the visa lasts for a year. Working on this visa is illegal.
- Non-Immigrant O-A & O-X: Retirement visa, you need to be 50 years and above. Working on this visa is illegal.
- Non-Immigrant O (Thai Spouse): Get married to a Thai national. The visa is valid as long as you are legally married. Working on this visa is legal.
- Elite Visa: Essentially a paid visa that allows you to stay legally from 5 years up to 20 years. The price starts at THB 600K (one-time fee) up to THB 2M. Working on this visa is illegal.

Work Opportunities:
From the above mentioned visas, I only have experience with the Non-Immigrant B visa as I am employed in Bangkok. I may decide to change to the Non-Immigrant O (Thai Spouse) visa when I get married to my Thai partner next year.
Getting employed in Thailand is a route that a lot of people choose when first deciding to move to Thailand. There are essentially 2 options that someone could choose:
- Employee: Get hired by a Thai company. There are a list of prohibited jobs for foreigners in Thailand such as hairdresser, Thai massage, tour guide, legal services (you can be a consultant though). Legally there is also a minimum salary for foreigners to earn. For Singaporeans, the minimum salary / month is THB 45K however there are also loopholes in order for employees to avoid paying this much. This minimum salary does not apply to teaching. Some of the most popular jobs for foreigners are in education (teacher), tech, marketing, consulate / embassy, diving instructor, hospitality and work for an MNC.
- Business Owner: Opening your own business is another way to work in Thailand. The most popular registration choice for foreigners is to open a limited company. You will only have ownership of 49% of the company, and the remaining 51% needs to be owned by a Thai person. Many foreigners will put the 51% in their Thai spouse’s name. It is also possible to have 2 Thai’s own the 51% (25.5% each) so that the foreigner still has majority ownership. You can also then apply for a work permit however need to have four Thai workers per foreigner employed and THB 2 M in capital.

Salary & Income:
In general, the salary in Thailand is significantly lower than in Singapore, however the cost of living is also more expensive. My first salary in Bangkok was gross THB 45K / month, take home pay was around THB 38K. That is roughly S$1,500. I lived a mostly Thai lifestyle, with little to no savings each month. Thankfully I am now on a salary higher than if I was in the same position in Singapore. I would advise that a salary of THB 50K / month is the minimum that any Singaporean should be willing to take in order to move to Bangkok. Anything THB 100K / month and you’ll be able to live comfortably on a mixed of local + foreigner lifestyle so long as you have no kids or don’t intend to send them to international school.
The best is if you end up on an expat contract and you will have your basic salary (usually paid in USD) + housing allowance + yearly flight tickets back home + international school fees for your kids paid for. Obviously this is subject to the company but I have heard of people also getting transport allowance, grocery shopping allowance, company car and driver, live-in maid, etc.

Working Life:
Tasks in Singapore get done. And they get done fast. Singapore is efficient and as much as Singaporeans love queuing (for food), they also don’t like waiting. However, working in Singapore can be very competitive. The so called ‘rat race’ starts the moment you enter working life. Depending on the industry, overtime is often expected. The “kiasu” mentality in Singaporeans often causes the over-competitiveness at the workplace.
Working life in Thailand is quite the opposite of Singapore. Thai employees generally take things slower. Decisions that can be made in 1 day in Singapore, can take 1 month in Thailand. Many Thai workers just want to do their 8-10 hours a day, grab a beer after work, go home to sleep and then repeat the next day. Thai employees are also generally less competitive compared to Singaporeans, thus as a Singaporean working in Bangkok, I am able to stand out amongst my Thai colleagues and was able to progress much faster in my career compared to if I was working in the competitive Singaporean environment. In Thailand, “saving face” is very important especially at the management level. The practice of “saving face” is not something that many westerners understand and are used to, thus is often a disadvantage to them.

Condo, Apartments & Houses:
To be honest, I cannot speak about the Singapore property market and prices because I have no firsthand experience. I have never bought or rented any property in Singapore before. I can only share the prices in Bangkok for you guys to compare.
In Bangkok, a typical 1 bedroom condo (30 SQM to 35 SQM) can be found for THB 10K (S$388) to THB 15K (S$582) per month. These condos are typically within a 10 – 20 minute BTS/MRT ride into the city center. The further out you go, the cheaper condos are. Alternatively, the closer you are to the city center, the more expensive the condo’s get.
Local apartments are even cheaper and can be rented under THB10K per month. Some apartments even have rooms for rent that are THB 3000 (S$116) per month, however the room is usually quite small (20 SQM), has no kitchen, sometimes no hot water, sometimes no AC, and is in a very local area of Bangkok. It is literally a room with a bed and a bathroom inside.
There are also houses for rent in Bangkok. There are 2 major types of houses: the first are standalone houses and the second are called townhouses (essentially a house in a gated community). These can range from THB 25K (S$970) to more than THB 100K (S$3880) per month depending on the size, location, age, etc.
Alternatively, if you decide to, foreigners can also legally purchase condos under certain regulations. Every condo has a foreigner quota which essentially every condo need to be 51% majority owned by a Thai national. So if a condo has 100 units, minimum 51 units need to be owned by a Thai national. If the current condo only has 50 units owned by a Thai, then a foreigner is unable to purchase a unit in that condo project until 1 more unit is owned by a Thai. Condos can be bought starting from THB 1M (S$38.8K) to THB 100M (S$3.8M) depending on the size and location.
Owning land in Thailand by foreigners is not allowed. There are some ways and loopholes of getting around it such as setting up a business in Thailand. Lots of foreigners who marry a Thai national end up putting the land under their partners name and by getting a usufruct / right of superficies, it protects the foreigners in the sense that their partner would be unable to sell the land without the permission of the foreigner. It is honestly quite complicated and I personally went through this route.
The townhouse that I purchased cost around THB 12.5M (S$485K) and is roughly 250 SQM (2690 SQFT), with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, with a decent sized garden and garage large enough for 2 cars. It is in a good location (not in the city center) with a 20 minute drive into the city center. With S$485K, I am not sure if you could even buy a 2 or 3 bedroom HDB in a not so desired district in Singapore.

Singapore has hawker centers while Bangkok has street food. Street food in Bangkok is cheap, usually starting from THB 40. Singapore hawker centers are relatively affordable although there have been a significant increase in prices over the past couple of years. There are also a wide variety of eateries from food courts to Michelin Starred restaurants, with lots of different types of cuisines in both cities. Prices in both cities can range from cheap to crazy expensive, so it really depends on what kind of budget and lifestyle you have.

Cost Of Living:
It is well known that Singapore has an expensive cost of living, while the cost of living in Bangkok is cheaper. It is not S$1 for a one beer kind of cheap, but it’s definitely cheaper than Singapore. I have not lived in Singapore for the past 9 years so I am not in touch with the current prices in Singapore. So I will just share the prices in Bangkok.
Gym memberships in Bangkok are usually around THB 1000 (S$38) to THB 1500 (S$58) a month. A foot / Thai massage cost THB 250 (S$10) to THB 350 (S$13) per hour, a ticket in the cinema is about THB 250 (S$10). A drink in a bar is around THB 150 (S$6) to THB 250 (S$10) depending on the type of establishment. I could go on and on but in generally most things are cheaper in Bangkok than in Singapore.

- Public Transport: Public transport in Singapore is reliable. Living in Singapore, it is generally convenient to take the bus and MRT for transport.
In Bangkok, if you live in the city center you will have no issue using only the BTS & MRT to get around. Buses are not reliable due to the sheer amount of traffic. Alternatively, using motorcycle taxis are also a viable option for short to medium distances. If you lived in the suburbs or even other provinces such as Chiang Mai & Phuket, you’ll either have to buy / rent a car or motorcycle, use Grab or a songthaew (shared pickup truck).
- Motorcycle Ownership: Purchasing your own motorcycle is also a popular option. A new Honda Click 150 can be bought for around THB 61K (S$2.3k).
- Car Ownership: The cheapest first hand car in Singapore is roughly around S$80,000 to S$90,000 (THB 2M to THB 2.3M). On top of that, Singapore’s COE in May (1st bidding) for CAT A closed at S$101,001 (THB 2.5M).
In Thailand, cars start around THB 500K. An entry level Mercedes Benz A-Class will cost around THB 1.9 M (S$74,000). Cheaper cars in Thailand do come with a price and that is the traffic in Bangkok. During peak period, expect your 15 minute car ride to extend to 1 hour or even more depending on your location within the city. Traffic in other provinces is generally much better compared to Bangkok.

Social Circle:
In Singapore, you generally already have a group of friends that you met since high school / university / army (for guys).
Unless you have family or friends already living in Thailand, you’ll need to start from scratch. The easiest way to make friends is usually from your workplace. Another popular option is to use apps such as and Tinder for dating. Some may find it hard at first to make friends with Thai people due to the language barrier if you do not speak Thai and they do not speak much English.

In Singapore, English is widely spoken. Mandarin Chinese, Tamil and Malay are also used. It is easy to communicate with 99% of the population.
In Thailand, English is not widely used by everyone especially in the areas where there are no/less tourists. Signs (food, road, etc) can often be only written in Thai.

Domestic Travel:
Unless you consider taking the MRT to Sentosa domestic travelling, Singapore does not offer much domestic travel. In Thailand, a 1.5 hour plane ride can take you to Chiang Mai, Phuket, Koh Samui, Khon Kaen, etc. While a 2 hour car drive can take you to Pattaya, Hua Hin, Kanchanaburi, Ayutthaya, etc for quick weekend getaways. Singapore however, is a major hub in Asia and many international flights use Changi Airport as a hub. I also personally prefer Singapore Airlines to Thai Airways.

Safety & Crime:
Singapore is generally extremely safe. Chances of you getting robbed by knife are slim to none. In Thailand, it is also generally safe. Be smart and do not put yourself into dangerous situations and you’ll generally be fine. I have never gotten pickpocketed or robbed or scammed or anything of similarity over my years of living here.

This is the topic that I prefer not to talk about. In short:
- The Singapore government is stable.
- I have no comment regarding the Thai government, except let’s see what happens in the next couple of months.

TL;DR: A Singaporean’s comparison and experience of living in Bangkok, AMA.

And that’s pretty much it. I do apologize for this being so long. I tried my best to share as much as possible without overdoing it. This post got taken down in askSingapore , so hopefully it doesn't break any rules of this subreddit.
If anyone has any further questions, please feel free to AMA.
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2023.06.04 15:24 NicksDynasty_ The Nicest Food Truck I've Seen So Far

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2023.06.04 13:55 Hayate-kun 60 most-viewed Mukbang videos on YouTube last week (2023-05-21 to 2023-05-27)

Views Channel Video
21457136 HUBA후바 Spicy Sauce vs Honey sauce Emoji food Challenge | Sweet Rice Donuts Mukbang Funny Video #shorts
7741585 SchizoDiesel Banana Cat Mukbang | Whiny Eater 🍔💦
6228617 Bader Al Safar Food ASMR 😍 What day is the most satisfying? #asmr #food #eating #mukbang #eatingsound #foodasmr
5463778 CuRe 구래 Random Black food MUKBANG💀 #shorts
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4027966 Bader Al Safar Food ASMR 😍 What day is the most satisfying? #asmr #food #eating #mukbang #eatingsound #foodasmr
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1846840 한혜진 Han Hye Jin "남친 공개해요" 기안84 충격 발언에 뒷목 잡는 한혜진|술자리 토크, 조개구이 먹방🦪🍻, 고민상담📢, xx스포 🚫
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922284 문복희 Eat with Boki SUB)갓 튀긴 시장 후라이드 치킨에 매운 국물닭발 먹방! 시원한 맥주까지 치맥 꿀조합 리얼사운드 Chicken & Beer Mukbang Asmr
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2023.06.04 13:24 tropicalasparagus Polynesian Cultural Center Food Trucks Discount Code

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2023.06.04 13:19 saintsweatshirt [RF] A Man of Some Renown

The Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise, fifth class, is the highest rank a Ukrainian foreign national can achieve. Its newest inductee is back home in Florida and has been in the shower so long he’s lost track of time. His feel for the present moment will return in about thirty seconds when the hot water runs out. His hair has been both shampooed and conditioned. His body throughly soaped. It’s the shower’s warm solitude he cannot leave. There is plenty to do today; an interview at a radio station at eleven, lunch with his sponsor, an early dinner at his mom’s pastor’s. All of them want to know more about his experience overseas, they want to know how the war is progressing, they want to hear how he went from Highland Hills High School to war hero. What they don’t want to hear, what David does not want to hear, is how cold his new found notoriety makes him feel. Before can explore his melancholy any further, the hot water goes. The steam rising above the shower clears as a lukewarm solution rinses the remaining soap and warmth off David’s body. He remembers taking similarly cold showers in Ukraine, and how happy he was to have them. It’s shocking how clean a man can get with a half full bucket of water and a couple of towels.
“Ah look at Abie! Clean enough for a Russian bitch.” says Bone in his thick provincial accent. Words David can’t remember Bone actually saying or they only sound like something he would say. Sitting around waiting for mechanics, waiting on orders, waiting on food, waiting on the Russians to start shooting, David didn’t know war could be so boring. The only thing Bone said he liked more than killing Russians was fucking them. The rest of the guys in the platoon knew Bone was probably lying, but he was their instructor, and they were the international volunteers, so he was never questioned. He was the only person in their platoon who spoke Russian and Ukrainian and English. One guy, this kid from Belgium, called Bone a cunt after failing to pull the pen on a grenade during a training exercise, and Bone gave it to him.
“What is this? You do not have to pull pens in Belgium? Or do you like to give your enemies the grenade so they can throw it back?” said Bone. He then effeminately ran around the kid saying, “Here Mr. German. Take my grenade. They are loud and I am afraid.” Bone comes back to his real voice. “Killing Russians is no different than driving a truck. It is your job. Don’t think. Don’t be like this Belgian. Pull the pin. Kill Russians.” The Belgian kid said something to Bone but no one knew what it was because no one spoke French. This didn’t stop Bone from hitting him in the face so hard it broke his nose. The kid quit later that day, and Bone got written up which David told him is like a kid being put in timeout during a house invasion.
“What is this time out?” Bone asked.
The water is cold so David gets out. In the kitchen his mother goes over the day’s itinerary again, just to be thorough she adds.
“Do you know where you are going David? No, sorry. Do you know where you are going Abie?” she asks as David grabs a breakfast banana.
“Yes ma’am.”
“You know parking can be difficult downtown. Be sure to take quarters for the meter.”
“Yes ma’am.”
“And be sure to be yourself. I hope they are nice to you. You know how the media likes to spin things these days. I don’t think they are too liberal but don’t let them put words in your mouth. If they ask you something you don’t want to answer, you just say ‘No comment'. You just tell your story. You are a hero. And then you’ll meet with Fred, and then dinner at Pastor's. Be there at four. If it’s ok with you I’m going to bring the medal. Pastor will want to see it. He’s a big fan of Zelensky.”
“Yes ma’am.”
“Ok. Enough doting. That’s all you’re getting out to me today. Are you excited? Isn’t this exciting? News Radio 950 is doing a story about you. They want to hear about their local war hero…and that’s you. Give me a hug and get going before you are late.”
“Yes ma’am.”
In his car, David listens to Domination by Pantera at full volume. The heavy riffs, screaming and terrifying drums raise his spirit. Bone used to play it all the time. David hasn’t prepared anything for save his memory of his time in Ukraine. Perhaps Bone is giving an interview somewhere? You didn’t do anything wrong, he tells himself as he opens the station’s door. Inside he finds an attractive, young woman named Sara who has been emailing him for the past several weeks.
“Nice to officially meet. Right this way.”
David does his best not to stare at her as she leads him through corridor of offices and hallways.
“She looks nice. Go into an office with her.” says Bone.
“We’ve all been looking forward to having a more in-depth conversation with you. Our programming producer, who is also named David, will be asking you most of the questions. But I begged him to let me ask some too, so you might say I will also be interviewing you. I hope that’s ok?”
Sara’s blonde hair folds into a neat part on the left side of her head. David pictures her styling it in her bathroom, in a bathrobe. It’s been a while since he has smelled perfume. He found a bottle in an abandoned apartment in Zaporizhzhia and kept it. It had some Chinese lettering he couldn’t read, but it smelt nice. Some of the guys teased him when they found it saying he was going to attract Russian because he smelt like an Asian. Sara’s perfume smells expensive and French. She introduces him to David the producer and the three of them find three seats on the end of a conference room table. Sara sits on the same side as David. After introductions, David starts the interview by saying even though he is not sure exactly when the piece will air, he is certain it will before the end of the month. He then adds something about how David is a hero for doing what he did.
“So tell us how you found yourself in Ukraine?”
“Well it was pretty easy really. I went online and volunteered for the IVB, that was the name of my unit, the International Volunteer Brigade. I don’t think I talked to a real person until I booked my flight to Poland. It was mostly just forms I was filling out online. So yeah it was pretty easy. So I landed in Krakow and my recruiter picked me up. I stayed in a hotel for a few days while we waited on a couple more guys to show up. One was from Spain, another from Portugal. The Portuguese guy never showed, or if he did he didn’t come with us. I guess he could have volunteered with another outfit. I guess that’s the thing about the war I didn’t really expect. We were always just kinda losing people. And I don’t mean they were killed, although a lot of them were. I mean guys would just be with you one minute and gone the next. And then you’d find them a week later and I go, ‘Where have you been?’ ‘Oh I’ve been in Dnipro’ or ‘Oh I got picked up by the Regs.’ It was crazy. The only place where that didn’t happen was the front.”
“Who do you mean by ‘the Regs?’” asks David.
“The regular army. The Ukrainians. The good guys we were there to help. Sometimes they would be short a man so they’d just nab one of the volunteers. That was a bad gig. The Ukrainians wanted their most motivated guys fighting in the worst places. I only had to do it a couple of times, but…it was not something I did and wanted to do again. ”
David rubs his hand over his arm. He can’t smell the hot blonde anymore, only trench dirt and gun oil. The soil of Donetsk had a deep brown color to it he always enjoyed. Even with snipers supposedly in the area, digging was one of his favorite jobs. The earth smelled vibrant, full of worms and nitrogen and reminded him of his granddad, coming in from a day of field work, his jeans and boots caked in a rich layer of his land.
“So tell us what is it like being a hometown celebrity?” asks Sara. “You’re from here so people already know you, but what’s it like now? I mean now, gosh, everyone i know has been talking about this kid from Highland who won a medal from Zelensky. Did you get to bring it by the way? You were on the national news. It was NBC, but still…”
A bouquet of scents and questions. David looks across the room and sees Bone sitting with a heavy slouch in a chair at the other end of the conference table. He looks rough; still alive but not by much. He sits holding his side, his chin on his chest.
“It’s neat I guess. I walk down the street and people call my name. I take lots of pictures with people. Everyone is really nice. I felt like I was kinda a wallflower before.It’s something I think lots of people think about experiencing. I know I did, I just never thought it would be for this.”
“What did you want to be when you were a boy?” asks Sara.
“I don’t know. The normal stuff; doctor, fireman, my Dad was in sales, so not that. I think about it a lot. I think mostly I just wanted to be good. I didn’t like getting into trouble.”
“Oh my gosh, I was the exact same.” says Sara. Then durning her boss she adds “David, I don’t know if you knew this about me and this David, but we actually went to Highland High at the same time. I was a senior when you would have been a freshman, but I swear I remember you. I thought you were cute.”
“Don’t be trying to steal my assistant Dave. Can I call you Dave?”
“David’s fine.”
Bone perks up and tells them to call him Abie
“Ok so let’s get back on track. You’re over there, you’re fighting Russians, you’re helping the Ukrainians, can you tell us, what was that like?”
“What is war like?”
“Yeah the war, but you’re doing a good thing. You volunteered to help an oppressed people, to fight against tyranny, something I think our listeners think our government should have done a long time ago. But while our President sits on his ass, you bravely go do the thing that needs be done. God it must have been exhilarating, but I don’t know, I don’t want to put words in your mouth.”
Bone lays his head back on the desk and says something David can’t quite make out but thinks he knows what his commander is saying.
“What?” asks David.
“It’s a Ukrainian word I learned while over there. It means purpose, but more than just doing a job, it’s your calling. It’s a word the priests with the beards use a lot. Everyday I knew exactly what was expected of me and what I could expect from everyone around me. I had clarity for the first time in my life. I felt like I could see for miles in every direction, like sitting on the roof watching all the cars going by.”
Bone stands up out of his chair and walks out of the office.
“Even when I was scared I knew that was to be expected. And when I was tired, I knew that too was to be expected. And when I was hungry, and wet, and cold, and angry enough to kill. I knew that too was to be expected because war is a cauldron. Everything gets boiled into a singularity. It’s terrifying but also pretty damn motivating. What sucks is that I can already feel everything starting to get cloudy again.”
Leaning his belly against the table, David leans in to ask his next question as if he does not want to be heard.
“Did you, you know…and this will be off the record…did you kill anyone else?”
Sara places her empty hand on the table, an offering for David to hold should his answer prove too much. But David knows the answer is not too much for his has thought of little else.
“Nope. Just the one.”
After another few minutes of hearing how brave he has been, how proud his family must be and how grateful the station is to have him come in, the interview is over. The producer shakes David’s hand and Sara walks him out. She mentions that friends of her’s are going to a new bar in the Depot and suggests David should come too. He says he can come but it will be late because he has dinner plans. “That’s ok. I’ll be there pretty late.”
Only a few blocks from the radio station, David pulls into a Waffle House parking lot. There is condensation on the windows of the building and cigarette butts near the door. Nothing here breathes well, David notes. Inside he finds his old sponsor sitting at booth by himself. David sees Fred before Fred sees him and for a moment considers leaving. However, he sees Bone sits in the corner of the restaurant, smiling and looking to flirt with a chubby waitress with grown sons.
“How the hell are you Abie?” says Fred. No turning back now.
“Sober for today.”
“Me too.”
The pair order eggs, toast and bacon. The cook makes each of them a waffle on the house after recognizing David. He finishes his plate before Fred can finish a piece of toast. Meals happen quick on the battlefield and David can’t seem to slow himself down long to enjoy his food. Bone is no longer in the corner. David sees him moving around the room; following an old lady into the restroom. He comes out with a grotesque look on his face. “That little woman took the biggest shit I’ve ever seen! Abie, come and look at it. It won’t flush. Call in a drone strike. We are going to have to pull back!”
“So” says Fred, “Mr. War Hero, how are you really? You’ve got recognition, a war recommendation, you’re doing interviews, you still got your sobriety. Life seems to be going well, but…”
“How I am really?” When he was in NA Fred could always sniff out if he was high. As his sponsor that was his job, but David never liked it. I know you say you’re fine, but how are your really. Effective, but crude. Fred taps his finger to the tip of his nose. Bingo kid. David looks around the room for Bone but doesn’t find him.
“I’m good man. Things are going well. Everyone always asks me how I’m doing, but I’m really fine. I honestly don’t feel much different than when I left. Same shit different day you know? Girls come up to me now, so that’s different I guess. So…yeah…things are good. Still sober. No real temptation to go back down that road. Been working the Steps since I got back. Doing the work. I didn’t even think about getting high when I was over there. I’m serious. Not once. I’ve got a therapist that I’m seeing. She’s really smart. And I get to see her for free. It’s part of some rehabilitation program from the federal government. I’m moving out of my Mom’s soon. I found an apartment through the church she goes to. There is a guy there who owns a bunch of places and he hooked me up with a really nice place for really cheap. He gave us a really good deal on it. The same guy said I could come work for him too when I felt I was ready. He has a real estate business and said he is always looking for new realtors. With my story, he told me, he thinks I could to really well.”
Bone sits in the booth next to Fred. His face his clean, empty. Without blinking, moving or saying anything he stares at David; human mirror he is unsure is alive or dead, in a Waffle House in Florida or an expensive dirty tank in Ukraine.
“But then I think, do I really wanna use my story to sell real estate? Some douchebag buys an apartment I’m selling him because I killed a Russian general. That’s not why I went over there. And who would even ask me to that? They don’t know what it was like. They make it seem like going over there was no big deal, that killing generals is something that happens all the time, or that the war is going well. Really man, I got so lucky with that shot. I’ve had trained snipers tell me they probably couldn’t hit a target at that range. But I did. I did that and I know I could never do it again. Even if I could, I don’t know if I’d want to. I didn’t know that guy. I mean I now know a bunch of stuff about him, but it’s only what I’ve been told. They told me that he supported Putin from the beginning and that a lot of the war planning was his idea. Ok. If you say so Bone. But I looked this guy up, he has a wikipedia page, and a wife, and kids, probably grandkids. I don’t know if his family is proud of him or not, but I know they will never see him again. And then just the charade of it all. So I got to meet the Ukrainian War Minister, Zelensky’s right hand man. Still not worth it. There’s just nothing noble or romantic about it. It’s all just a cold, black hole that runs on death and killing and for some reason you have to look at it…at least I do. I suppose I thought at some point I would see something. Never did though.”
Bone breaks his stare and cracks a smile.
“And for who, for what Fred? What is going to happen when all of this is over other than the same thing that happens after every war. A cabal of erudite assholes are going to meet in an overly secure room in the Netherlands and draw a new line in between Ukraine and Russia which is exactly what those same assholes did seventy years ago, and seventy years before that, and in seventy years we’ll do the same thing all over again. Wash, rinse and repeat. That line makes about as much sense as the first day of Spring. Sure, there is an official first day of Spring, March 20th or whatever, but we all know that there was some really warm days before the 20th and there is going to be some real cold days afterwards. But the 20th is the official day. It doesn’t make Spring happen. It just kinda helps sense out of a blurry situation. It wasn’t two days after getting there I realized the whole thing is so complicated. Half the regs were guys who had either lived in Russia at some point, gone to school there mostly, or had family living there. It felt like trying to break up a fight at a family reunion, only everyone is holding ARs as they argue about whether or not the 20th is the first day of Spring. The conflict goes back so far you can’t make out the start. And the profiteering my god, that’s what really gets me. Just like that asshole who wants to use the war to sell real estate, all the arms manufacturers who are pouring guns and bullets and tanks into Ukraine, propping this war machine so they can win another government contract. It’s sick. The people running those companies have the first available seat in hell. And Putin too. He started this whole mess. First him, then a nice row of CEOs and shareholders, that’s who I want to in hell. And there is never talk of any alternative. None. Not even a whisper. Just two sides trying to exhaust the other for a better seat at the bargaining table.”
Bone gets up to leave, but not before stretching his back, revealing a large, dark red stain in his uniform, just above his waist line.
“So here I am in all my hometown glory.” says David, “The renown Prince of the Order of the Ukrainian Shit-Show.”
There is a wet spot on David’s pants which he is not sure how it got there. He looks at Bone who is already out the door and running down the street. It’s ok, David thinks to himself, I know where he is going. ———————————————— At the 7-11 next to Waffle House David buys two tall boys and two shots of Jack. He pours the whiskey into the cans and kills the second one as he pulls into Pastor’s driveway where several Mercedes, Teslas and BMWs are parked. David clears his throat, spits into the bushes and unwraps a stick of gum. He enters the house after two hard knocks.
“Oh I think that is him.” David hears his mom say after shutting the large, dark front door. She comes around the corner of the corridor to tell him he is late and to take his shoes off.
“But my socks don’t match.”
“Well take those off too! Pastor just put down new carpet.”
“Ah well, since there is new carpet involved. Let’s not walk on the new carpet.”
The rest of the dinner party comes around the corridor in their socks. Each of them personally thanks David for coming and for his service. The men shake his hand. The women all give him hugs. By the end of introductions David has met two bankers, two retirees, and handful of housewives, as well as two more pastors and their wives. Bone is the last to shake his hand. He tells Abie he smells like old lady perfume. Elenor, Pastor’s wife, takes David’s arm, sliding her’s underneath his, leading him into their recently renovated kitchen. The rest of the group follows.
“Well dinner is almost ready. As we wait, why don’t you tell us about Ukraine.”
“Leave him alone Ellie,” says Pastor, “maybe he’s tired of talking about it.”
“I don’t mind.” says Abie. “I don’t mind telling people about blowing some Russian guy’s head off.”
“David Absalom!”
“It’s ok Mom. Yeah so I saw this column of tanks approaching our trench, which ran parallel to this road running west outta Horlivka. I don’t think they knew it was there, or if they did know, they sure as shit didn’t know we were in it, which was weird because we’d been trading fire with them all day. We were all scared shitless. It was only me and Jizzy and Bone. Right Bone? Oh yeah, it wasn’t Jizz it was that kid from Croatia. The one who fucking just ran off one day. I don’t remember his name. Anyways, Bone tells us to all be real still, play like we are dead. So this entire tank column passes by us. Takes for fucking ever. Couldn’t have been more than an hour, but it felt like ten. Finally it starts to let up you know, the last tank passes. So Bone takes the radio and tries to find a spot to call it in. As he is doing that I see the last tank, which was what Bone, about four hundred yards from us? Anyway, he comes to a stop, and out pops the unluckiest son of bitch in the whole war. The General gets out to take a piss, I take aim, figuring I’ll just scare him. And yeah. Bam. Headshot. He didn’t feel a thing; killed him with his dick in his hand. Speaking of which…if you will excuse me.”
“The bathroom is back down the hallway, first door on your left.” says Pastor.
“Is it a full bath?” ask Abie.
“Close enough.”
No one looks him in the eye, no one except Bone and Pastor. The bathroom has been redone in the same tile as the kitchen. David takes off his clothes, turns the steel knob in the shower to red, sits one floor and waits for the water to get warm.
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2023.06.04 12:46 deliriations The forest where the deer cry blood.

I had been a hunter for most of my life leading up to this incident. The smell of the warm air and the beauty of nature always had me at ease. I never felt scared alone at night because I have seen everything there is to be scared of. I have seen bears the size of a small car and animals so vicious they would kill anything that moved.
The one thing I was never scared of was deer. I had heard the tales of the Skinwalker, The Wendigo and pretty much anything in-between. My uncle was an expert in tracking and hunting, We always went on trips together and would always come back with a fresh kill. He had something about him, It was a rule. I remember it so vividly because it was weird. He never wanted to go hunting in winter. I never asked why. I don't know but something about it always had me on edge.
One day it was winter and I was about to go deer hunting when my uncle stopped at my front door. When he came in he saw my packed supplies and my rifle and knew I was about to go hunting. He immediately burst into a wrath of anger as he dragged me to a wall and got into my face. "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING?" His spit went all over my face as he looked crazy, He looked primal as if he was fearful of something that he did not want to share, It's the same face you would expect a child to make if they were dumped in the middle of nowhere, The same face of fear you see in people who have PTSD.
I calmly brushed him off and got to the door saying I was going hunting. I was not about to fight with my uncle and ruin this trip as I hadn't gone hunting for close to a month. When you hunt you get adjusted to it and when you go on breaks you actually miss it.
As I got into my truck my uncle peered at me out the window. He was there to take care of my house but before I reversed he left with the door open. My uncle is prone to outbursts. As I should mention, He's only ever done it a few times and it's always in a situation where the reaction suits it. Not this one however. What was so bad about hunting in the winter?
The spot I had planned was an isolated one. It was a very heavily forested area which I had not been to before. I obviously had mapped the area out and brought essential survival tools in case the worst came. But I never thought I would have to use it after all those years out in the forest.
When I arrived the crisp cold air immediately saturated me in discomfort, I quickly got another layer of clothes on before I started to walk to where I would set up camp for the night. The clearing I had chosen was a pretty tight one, There was a big tree in the center that stood tall above the rest. It was called the forest star which suited it. Around the clearing the forest was extremely dense, Almost no sun shone through the top. There was a small hunting tower north of the entrance of the clearing so it was a direct walk from camp.
As I walked ahead I noticed something. There were small droplets of blood littering the ground. My first thought was that it must have been an injured animal or something like that but the droplets were small and almost even. I shook the thought out of my head and made it to my setup and I started to pin my tent. When I was done I checked my watch. It was around 5:30 pm. I had around 2 hours for hunting before it was pitch black and so I made it to the tower.
When I undid my rifle from its case I heard scampering. Shaking it off I took position and waited. As I stood there time almost slowed down, I was in a precise focus and was ready for anything. I wasn't ready for what I saw. Out came 2 small bucks that seemed injured, There were small droplets of blood coming from their eyes. As I focused in I saw that it wasn't dried blood, It was fresh and it was oozing from their eyes.
I was shocked, I had never seen anything like it. Multiple scenarios ran through my head. I was thinking "Had a hunter shot both of them in the eyes and managed to not kill them" But each scenario seemed more unlikely then the last.
I took aim at the closest one and shot it. It stood there for a second just not moving. Then they trotted off as if nothing had happened. Blood was running from the wound so I had obviously hit it, But it didn't seem scared nor phased. I decided that was enough and sort of jogged to my site. I was freaked out and decided that I'd cook dinner and go to bed early.
When I scampered around my pack I pulled out a tin of beans. I grabbed a pot and started a fire and began cooking them. As I cracked open a beer the familiar sound of a branch snapping sounded off next to me. I thought it was probably just a small deer and I brushed it off as I sat and relaxed. I was thinking about the deer and I started to chalk it up to the fact I must not have hit deep and the deer were shocked.
When I finished eating I went to bed. I was shivering in the night cold and I could feel my body shaking uncontrollably. As I dozed off after a brutal 2 hours of cold I heard another snap. This time however, It was a-lot louder. Like a bear. I immediately grabbed my rifle and went out of my tent. My fire burned low and in the distance I saw 2 red lights. I walked towards it when my mind started to race. Something felt wrong.
As I closed the distance my gut was literally twisted, My mind was anxious and I felt like I was about to break down. Then I realized what was wrong. Those weren't lights. They were 2 big beady solid red eyes. There were no pupils, They were just orbs hovering.
When I realized I stood frozen, I thought it was a big cat but what emerged was so much worse. Its fur was black, Darker than the night around us, Its antlers grew twisted and uneven. But the worst part? It was crying blood. Deep red droplets were pelting down its unnatural eyes. I couldn't make a sound, I was frozen in fear.
Then it started to make sounds, The sounds of a baby crying. It was horrible. The sounds of unnatural wails filled the cold air making it worse. My body felt crumpled and so I finally broke out into a sprint. When I looked back it stood there. It wasn't even breathing. But the sounds of that baby crying weren't fading. It was like a speaker was attached to my ear.
When I made it back to camp I rushed to pack my stuff. In a hurry I ran leaving the tent behind and I rushed to my truck. As I fumbled with the keys I saw that something was walking slowly towards me. That's when the whispering started. Terrible faint voices echoed throughout the forest as my mind started to close. I felt my cerebral melting as anything I tried to do would not happen, It was like sleep paralysis.
As I stood there I found the strength to finally open the door and get in my car. I slammed the door shut and that thing was right at the window. I started to sob as I jammed the keys in the ignition. My mind felt fried as I swerved out of there. I didn't care if I hit anything, I just wanted to be away from that thing.
Before I could properly back out it stood up on its legs and it repeated a voice I recognised “You… You do not escape thee.. The forests are.. Mine..” It was my grandpa's voice. He died when I was 6 and I never knew any of the details.
The thing then made a howl, a terrible shrieking howl that hurt my entire body. As it did so I heard scampering as more of those things came out. They had blood running from their eyes as well. The baby cries started again and thats when i finally drove out of that fucking place.
When I raced home I immediately barged into the door. My shoulder ached but I didn't care. I shoved my door and locked it and ran into my kitchen. That's when I saw my uncle sitting at the table enjoying a small glass of scotch.
"So.. You saw what I did , didn't you Anthony?"
"I..I" I couldn't form words. I was so shocked. My uncle came up to me and said "What you saw out there is my rule I abide by. There are things in those forests in winter that are so horrible even the most seasoned can't handle it. I saw it when I was a boy and since then I don't hunt during winter."
I finally mustered a sentence "W-What was it." He took a small sip before sitting me down "You saw something called Urburak, It is an ancient being that dwells in the forests during these winters. Hunters who see it usually never are the same again but some never come home. I was lucky."
My uncle sort of sniffled as he told me about his encounter with Urburak.
"When I was 23 my father and I went out into the woods on a very cold winter to hunt. Our family was struggling so we didn't have much food. When we were hunting my father called out to me but before I could even get to him I heard him yell out before he fell silent. I never saw him again. But what stood there was worse than the loss of my own. A deer with red eyes, Black fur and twisted antlers stood there. Blood was running from its eyes. Then it started to cry like a baby."
My uncle broke down and had to take a second before continuing. I comforted him as I was teary eyed.
"It.. It ran after me Anthony. On 2 legs. It was like a human and I rushed to get away from it. I managed to get myself." He rolled up his sleeve to reveal a terrible red scar that ran across the entire underside of his arm. "It was trying to feast on me, It knew I feared it. But eventually I managed to lose it."
He finally finished his scotch before continuing.
"I was stuck in those forests for 3 days fighting to survive. I heard its cries and whispers all around as I tried to make it out, I finally arrived at a road and was taken in by the police. No trace was found of my father except for one thing. They found blood at the scene and tested it. It was my fathers. What was strange about it? It was mixed with his tears."
My uncle finally stood up. "Fear it for it knows who you are." Those were his last words. He left my house and the police found him wrapped up in a noose 2 days later. It broke me. My hunting buddy and best friend was gone.
There was 1 detail about his suicide that was never resolved. He had droplets of blood coming from his eyes. The coroner's inspection said it was an aneurysm. But I'm not so sure that is the truth. I am 50 now and I haven't been hunting in 2 decades, I can’t even go into the forests anymore. I'm thinking about going back and seeing what Urburak is. Maybe I can kill him..
Beware Urburak, For he lurks in the cold.
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2023.06.04 12:44 whatthedeak The Flash (2023) full plot leak

Saw the flash twice, heres the full plot leak for the unfinished cut showed to us.
-The film begins with Barry Allen trying to buy a drink at a restaurant while an employee rants about his home life to Barry.
-Barry gets a call from Alfred alerting him that Batfleck is in need of help due to a robbery gone wrong.
-Barry begins to get ready and the title card of the film starts appearing on the screen but quickly cuts off as a group of Flash fans interrupt Barry for a moment to geek out. Barry speeds off in a thrilling run around the US to Gotham and emerges at a building thats collapsing.
-It cuts to Ben Affleck, who is chasing down an armored truck. Barry begins to complain about being “the justice league’s janitor” but is cut off when the building begins to collapse.
-Barry races up the building and eats a bunch of snacks to recharge his speed and slow time down further. Flash is able to save everyone in very creative and odd ways (he stuffs a baby in a microwave!).
-Batfleck has a chase scene on the highway and nearly dies but is saved by Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman cameo is brief.
-After that, Barry gets on the phone with Henry Allen who is positively never gonna see his way out of prison. Henry tells Barry to give up on it.
-Barry changes into suit while on the phone with Henry and he cries in front of his childhood home where he’s remembering the day his mother was murdered.
-Henry is disconnected from the line and in a fit of anger and despair, Barry accidentally runs so fast he realizes he can go back very far in time.
-A cgi henry cavill, gadot, affleck, and momoa shows up in this scene as its showing the events of justice league fighting superman.
-Barry meets up with Batfleck and has a discussion about grief and the possibility of changing the timeline. Barry asks Batfleck to maybe get a bite or hang out sometimes but Batfleck declines and states “Maybe another time” before riding off in his expensive car.
-Iris West shows up and asks barry to come inside and chat as friends. Barry races into his apartment and tidies it up but it all unfortunately comes apart into a giant mess as soon as Iris walks in.
-While talking to Iris, Barry realizes that he can change the past and get rid of all his grief. Barry changes the past by putting a can of tomatoes in the cart Nora is carrying so that Henry never has to leave their home to get more. Nora is saved and seemingly Barry has gotten his ideal life.
-Quickly, its revealed that Barry is actually in 2013, and that the real Barry of that timeline (Barry 2) is 18 years old. Barry 1 brings Barry 2 into his room and explains that there being 2 Barry’s is extremely catastrophic.
-Barry realizes its the date hes supposed to get his powers so he takes Barry 2 to the CCPD lab to make sure Barry 2 gets powers. Barry 1 loses his powers but Barry 2 gains them.
-Theres a really funny scene of Barry 1 trying to phase through walls but he just keeps repeatedly hitting his head on the wall and running like a crazy man until he realizes he has no powers.
-Barry 2 tries out his powers and ends up butt naked and responsible for multiple car crashes in a very funny scene. Barry 1 and 2 witness on the tv the arrival of General Zod and we see a flashback of Barry 1 trying to save people in the ground zero event.
-Barry 1 tries to assemble the justice league but realizes none of them exist in this timeline anymore. After discovering that this universe has a batman, both Barry’s set out to find him.
-They arrive in Keaton’s mansion but its empty. While talking about batman, the barry’s are ambushed by keaton batman who’s acting feral and is rocking a long white beard and hair.
-Barry 2 subdues Keaton who then hears the barry’s out. Keaton explains time travel via a food analogy (something about spaghetti).
-The Barry’s get into an argument about each other’s behavior and Barry 1 gives a speech to Keaton about how he was a real hero and he needs to help him save his mom. Keaton finally agrees to help and the team heads to siberia (?) to rescue supergirl.
-Theres a big fight scene thats amazing with michael keaton fighting like you’ve never seen before. They almost all die until supergirl is exposed to sunlight and kills/disarms the humans. They head back to the batcave where the team and supergirl has a conversation with Barry 2 about humanity on the top of wayne manor.
-Supergirl says humanity is evil and not worth saving, and that her one mission was to protect kal-el. Supergirl flies off to fight general zod. Meanwhile, Barry 1 asks keaton batman and barry 2 to help him get his powers back.
-They attach a rod into a batman weather balloon and Barry is struck twice by lighting but it fails leaving him all torn up. Supergirl returns to the batcave and brings Barry into the sky where hes hit by lightning and receives his powers back.
-Supergirl believes in humanity because the flash couldve left her to die but helped her. The team regroups, Barry 2 makes a suit out of keatons, and they fly off the fight Zod.
-Zod wins in every timeline, supergirl is killed numerous times, keaton batman dies twice (once by suicide and once by being killed in battle by a kryptonian). Keaton death scene is great, he gives up on fighting and thanks barry for saving him even one time before telling barry to go fix the timeline.
-Barry 2 doesn’t believe that they should strop trying to save supergirl and keaton and suddenly the black flash arrives in the speed force and attacks them.
-Black flash explains that hes Barry 2 after decades of trying to save the timeline and that hes so close to doing it. Black Flash also explains that he made himself exist by pushing barry into his world in the first place.
-Black flash tries to kill barry 1 but barry 2 kills himself to prevent Black flash from ever existing.
-The multiverse begins collapsing and we see glimpses of George Reeves superman (all cgi), Teddy sears Jay Garrick (cgi body but a real head), Adam West batman (pretty sure its a cgi rendition of a still frame), Chris Reeves superman and Helen Slater supergirl (all cgi), Nick Cage superman fighting a giant spider (nick cage im pretty sure actually is cgi in this scene but its passable).
-Flash runs back in time and runs to the very moment when he changed time. He puts the tomato can back and talks to Nora under the guise of someone who just misses his mom.
-He begins to cry and Nora hugs him and tells him that his mother would be so grateful to have a son like him. Barry pauses time and holds Nora and say his last words to her before placing the tomato can in a place that gets Henry Allen out of prison and cleared of all crimes.
-Barry returns to the future, Henry is free, Iris and him have a date, and then Bruce Wayne call him on the phone. Pretty sure the voice is George Clooney.
-Bruce Wayne pulls up and Barry gets very excited but the man who steps out of the car is not Affleck (they dont show who it is). Barry screams “Who the fuck are you?!” and the movie ends. Yes, they use the f-bomb.
Any further questions would be fine for me to answer.
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2023.06.04 11:48 tropicalasparagus Polynesian Cultural Center Food Trucks Promo Code

Click the link for Polynesian Cultural Center Food Trucks Promo Code. Save some money by selecting one of the current promo codes or coupons on that page. That page is updated regularly with the latest coupons, promo codes, and deals. Take advantage of the discounts by selecting one to use.
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2023.06.04 11:46 identitaetsberaubt Corndog food truck owners are trying to kill us

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2023.06.04 10:54 brazilian-ts Adult food truck !!!!

Newest community, come join and find ur date and then take him or her out to anywhere in oragecounty food spots !!!!
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2023.06.04 10:25 loathism Realisation and easing into myself.

Post final discard by my quiet upwBPD and ignoring his attempt to contact me during NC, I have spent a lot of time by myself. There were instances when I hung out with friends, familiarising myself with being in the company of people other than my ex's presence. And while it did wonders, I was left with a lot more questions about /who I am/ as a person of my own unique individuality.
The brain fogs have steadily reduced as I detach myself from the trauma bond more and more, so the memories gradually returned too. I remember waiting for hours to receive a text from him and days of hopeful dreams that I'll finally receive a special surprise from my former lover; to finally see him doing the efforts he promised me (eventhough I realise now that he never needed to because I was already going above and beyond for both of us). The waiting periods were always the worst for me with my ADHD, I remained in a frozen state while anticipating /something/ from him and the crushing disappointment when it never came, haha, utterly devastating.
But I remember now.. how I kept myself occupied while he made me wait for his manipulative ass. I watched a lot of cooking videos and shows, I listened to music all the time, oddly enough... I was also a volunteer for an online website where people would vent to me.
Today, I finally woke up without a panic attack, I didn't dream of him at all, I felt no inclination to check his social media whatsoever; instead, I put on a movie then made myself a steak sandwich before listening to some Cuban music. I am starting to recognise myself a little bit better this morning.
After our break-up, I received various offers (literally the day after he triangulated me with his therapist, lmao) .. the decision I made is to pursue double master's and hopefully, be absorbed into the PhD programme afterwards. In the meantime, I have stopped searching for my lost love in my ex because while I was trapped by his delusions, what kept me going and gave me strength was my love for cooking, music and helping people. I want to be around others and socialise with them, provide people with a safe place where they could feel comfortable while eating good food cooked from the heart and excellent music playing in the background that's hopeful with life.
My point of making this post is to give hope to the new members and even the ones who still struggle with finding the light in their tunnel. There's no need to choose one over the other; I can still pursue my academic path and on the side, pursue my passions. I don't need to strictly divide my time; I can cook when I have the energy and visit local street vendors or try out new restaurants when my academic workload is extra demanding. I don't have to choose between myself or someone else, I am free now!
There's hope, friends. I promise there will be an end to your suffering. Please give yourself a chance one more time! I promise that there is no better investment to make than in yourself, in self-love and personal growth. No more confusions, no more trying to decode the disordered mess! You can finally focus on your well-being and it feels so fucking amazing once you're taking care of yourself, once you become your own person again. I'm grateful to still be here. Eventhough I'm not fully recovered, I acknowledge that I may have relapses but I have hope again; to get back up the next time I'm knocked down.
I'm proud of you, thank you for still being here, thank you for trying.
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2023.06.04 10:07 tropicalasparagus Polynesian Cultural Center Food Trucks Coupon Code

Go to this page for Polynesian Cultural Center Food Trucks Coupon Code. If you're looking for the newest coupons and promo codes, that page is the place to go. They always have the latest offers available.
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2023.06.04 10:02 919hornet 18 miles round trip, guy texts me about how much longer it's going to take... no tip...

There's been a real slowdown this week vs last few weeks. So I've been taking some lesser offers and this is one of them. It puts me well out of the way of the hot spots, but there was really not much else going on.

I should have told the guy that a zero tip and being 9 miles from the restaurant, isn't going to get a lot of takers.

His house had to be worth about 1.2~1.5Mil, big new truck in the driveway, but not a dime for a worker getting your food.
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2023.06.04 09:40 This_is_the_end_22 I’m done

I’m giving up on all of this shit. I’m just a fucking fat piece of shit and that’s all I’ll ever be as long as Im alive. One day I’ll actually have the balls to kill myself and that will be the best day of my life. Until then, I look in the mirror and pray that I get hit by a semi truck while Im driving. I tried. I got a gym membership, went every day and I busted my ass for 6 months but food and alcohol always won. There’s nothing left to say other than I failed. It’s not a success story. Most aren’t. Good luck.
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2023.06.04 08:41 WTXRed June B.A.G.E.L.

Sorry its late, My phone died. I wasn't waiting for bail.

**Boring Assholes Guide to Everything in Lubbock**

* [The Wiki](

[**Stuff To Do**](


* [Juneteenth](

* [Lubbock Pride](

* [](
* [](
* [Keep Lubbock Beautiful](
* [Flea & Farmers Markets](
* [Nature](
* [Shopping](
* [Museums](

**Food Trucks Event Schedule**

* First Friday Art Trail @ LHUCA
* Third Friday MidNight Cravings @ Cardinals
* Last Sunday Food Truck for a Cause @ Aldersgate UMC
* TBA Food Truck Alley @ The Civic Center


* [Lubbock in the Loop](
* [Good Stuff Lubbock](
* [Lubbock Cultural District](
* [Visit Lubbock](

**Lubbock Cultural District**

* [Buddy Holly Hall](
* [Lubbock Symphony Orchestra](
* [Ballet Lubbock](
* [Lubbock Community Theater](
* [The Cactus Theater](
* [LHUCA]( & [ELAH](
* [Science Spectrum](


* [Lubbock Weekly Ads & deals](
* [Local Lubbock](
* [Downtown Lubbock](

**Event Centers**

* [USA Arena](
* [Civic Center Event Calendar](
* [Civic Center Events With Tickets Calendar](
* [Prima Vista Event](


**City of Lubbock**

[City Council Meetings & More](

* [Meetings]( [Events](
* Lubbock Library : [Events](
* [Parks & Recreation](
* [Municipal Garden & Arts Center](

**Lubbock County**

* [Commissioner Court Meetings](


* Not responsible for errors, omissions, blatant and obvious lies or death
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2023.06.04 08:35 jhayes88 Completely off the wall ideas for GTA 6?

What are some things you'd like to see that are wildly different than anything you've seen here so far? So no "golf", "bowling", "bring back gangs" type of ideas.. It can be an idea that brings life to the world, gameplay feature, or adds to the story. Out of the box ideas that you havent seen yet.
For me,
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2023.06.04 08:06 Van_Darklholme Left order at door because "cannot park"?

I tipped $8. something on a 8 mile order, which was 90% highway, the order was a sealed drink (not the kind with just tape over the lid) and a cardboard box. It was a 15 minutes drive according to apple map. The driver left my stuff outside of my building instead of the requested drop off at unit door.
The driver had a 95% rating with almost 20k deliveries, and picked up multiple orders on the way here -- nothing wrong with it, but my food wasn't in the best condition when it arrived.
What makes me confused is the choice to dismiss the delivery notes. He texted after arriving, I asked him if he minds dropping off at door, and he drops it off outside the building door saying that there's no parking. No other driver has been unable to complete a delivery because of a lack of parking, even in the morning hours when there may be trucks unloading packages. I have the following theories:
--Driver is from the suburbs and really didn't feel safe leaving the car without parking in a designated spot.
--Driver is tired and just want to go home
--The tip is actually still too low because of zoning (ik DD does this, but not sure about uber eats. I assume that the time was worth the money, since my order got accepted very quickly by an experienced driver.)
What do you think? Just a one-off thing or should I tip more?
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