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Anything and everything related to Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

2017.10.16 13:47 bowheadcommunity Beluga Pay

Beluga Pay is a mobile point of sale system that will accept crypto, credit and debit. In Mexico, Beluga are called “Espiral” and have over 200 live merchants, a partnership with Banorte (Mexico’s largest domestic bank) and live card processing certification.

2008.11.01 23:06 Domaining - domain name industry news, guides and resources for domainers

Domaining - domain name industry news, guides and resources for domainers.

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2023.06.04 16:10 Hook_or_crook [WTS] Nunatak 3D 25*, Yama Swiftline 2P, GoNorth The Stance Packraft

For sale:
1) Nunatak 3D 25*. Bought new from Nunatak in spring of 21. Used for for about 100 nights, has been washed after about 80 nights. Fantastic quilt, recently got a sastrugi and it’s going to replace this bag.
70” long
60” wide
40” footbox
Overstuff throughout, so closer to 20* rating
10d forest green torso
7D black weatherproof footbox and draft collar
Hyper dry down
Draft tube along zipper
Number 5 zipper
Will include storage sack
Price: $400
2) Yama Mountain Gear Swiftline 2P
Blue/Grey color
Bought off here brand new, I used it 2 nights
Seam sealed by Yama
Weight: 34oz in stuff sack
Price: $325
  1. GoNorth The Stance Packraft
Details/comes with:
Used 4 times on the Sandy river in Oregon. Class 1-2 water. No damage, no repairs.
Price: $800
All prices include shipping to the conus. Please include 3% for g&s PayPal.
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2023.06.04 16:10 greycaribou9 When is the right time to try botox?

Hi, First, I want to say how grateful I am for this sub, it has given me so much information and confidence to ask for help to actually figure out my migraines and face the impact they’ve had on my life. I have been getting migraines since I can remember, but they have become more and more frequent as I’ve gotten older. I use sumatriptan, but I’m having them so often I end up using all of it every month (I do my best to basically guess how bad the migraine will be and use other methods when I can to try and avoid rebound related to overuse). I have tried nortiptyline which didn’t work and I’m now on propranolol daily, but I just made it through my last sumatriptan of the month. . I have heard from a few people that Botox helped them, but for some reason I’m nervous. Am I at the point in my treatment where I should request it or are there other things I should try first? Also how long did you try a treatment before moving to the next?
Edit: I take 800 magnesium, 800 coq1, b2, b12, iron, and vitamin c.
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2023.06.04 16:10 scinitta My (F18) life has turned into a story from episode, and i’m torn between the two closest people I have, (both M18)

When I said I wanted my life to be like a romance movie, this is definitely not what I had in mind. Do I pick my heart or my mind?
I (F18) have had my best friend (M18) (who we’ll call Mark) for two years now, and he’s the closest any human-being has gotten to me.
Mark and I started talking in grade 11 when he joined my school, we instantly clicked and were on call every night for 5+ hours, night till morning, even saw each other at our worst points in life and were each others only friend.
At the start, I developed feelings for him due to our perfect chemistry, but he had established how once he sees someone as a friend, there is no possibility for anything else. So all the moments I deemed odd for friends to have and all the times of slight tension, I conditioned myself to view as 100% platonic.
For a year and a half, I was on the search for the perfect man for me, Mark beside me having to hear about all the trial and error, until I met my boyfriend (M18) (We’ll call him Trevor).
Trevor and I also became friends instantly, but the friendship didn’t last for long as we ended up kissing the third time we met. For 5 months this wasn’t a labelled relationship, which frustrated me, but in January we made it official. I have never been this in love and comfortable with someone before, I put every ounce of my ego aside for this man.
Mark supported Trevor and I completely at the start, but as the relationship progressed and Trevor displayed emotionally neglectful behaviours towards me, Mark was against it. I explained to Mark how it was just because Trevor is not used to being emotional and that’s just his upbringing, Mark never told me I should leave Trevor but just told me that it wasn’t a healthy relationship.
One day when I was venting to Mark about my relationship (as friends do) and expressing how it was at its worst point, he cut me off and confessed his feelings for me. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, Mark, the one man in my life who I was sure i’d always maintain a platonic relationship with and have as my best friend, was confessing his feelings of love towards me. The irony of this situation was he told me he liked me all those years ago when I did also, he just never said anything. I was furious, the time he did say something was when I finally let myself love another man? regardless of how poorly our relationship was progressing then, the only time he deemed valid was when I was with another man?
Mark said he couldn’t suppress these feelings he had for me anymore, and told me now in hopes that I would block him instantly because of what I have with Trevor, but he also expressed how he couldn’t stand to see me settle for such neglect and that he wanted to be the man I deserve.
I was speechless, I didn’t feel anything for Mark as I was so used to everything between us just being platonic, and we decided to halt that conversation there.
I proceeded to talk to Trevor about how neglected I felt and he was truly apologetic and has genuinely worked towards his behaviour.
But for the months Trevor and I were together and I was too hesitant to approach him with something emotional bothering me because he either wouldn’t know how to respond, ignore it, or label it as me making it seem deeper than it was, Mark always comforted me.
Mark and I saved each others lives when we went through dark times, we were always there for each other.
Recently my relationship with Trevor has been great, he has been very open with his emotions and takes mine into account, he made himself genuinely care for someone more than his career and himself, just for me.
But one day I ran into Mark during our school reunion, the air was awkward but we both kept a facade on. He handed me an envelope and I was perplexed.
The cover read “you said effort was the benchmark” I was frozen in place for a minute because that quote referred to when I said all I wanted in a loving relationship was effort, it was my love language.
Inside the envelope was the best letter i’ve received in my life highlighting in depth every moment of our friendship and how much we both meant to each other, times where it was us against the world.
My heart was ablaze. We weren’t friends anymore.
The worst part about all of this is that i’m leaving the country in 3 months with a 10 hour timezone difference.
I’m torn between working on my relationship with Trevor, a man I very much love, who brings out the rationality in me.
Or do I get with Mark, a man who has seen me in my truest forms and brings out my emotional side.
I either go the rational route and work on my current relationship, because I want a long-term relationship, i’ve never been about casual ones. Or I listen to my impulse and experiment with the potential between Mark and I.
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2023.06.04 16:10 successXX Pathfinder Kingmaker PS4 $7.99 80% sale until 6/13/23 PSN Store

found a great sale. hey does this PS4 version have great camera zoom options? how would you compare it to Pillars of Eternity camera control? oh yea, is wasn't until Wrath of the Righteous that camera /view/map can be rotated? ah well, zoom is a bigger deal to me. though yea, this could be great timing for newcomers. was originally gotta get Wrath first, but it was on a yellow sale and prefer getting games not tied to PS Plus service. so the sale for the first one is a blue number sale, so its not tied to PS Plus and should be usable offline even without subscription.
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2023.06.04 16:10 Alfalfa-Acrobatic Sleep study question

Hi everyone,
Do you know if it's the norm for at home sleep study to be done via re-used equipment ( people use it then send it back foe next study) ?
I was kinda shocked when the center told me that is how they do it and just disinfect between users. Not sure why, but I was under the automatic impression that each time a study is done that person gets brand new equipment.
Thoughts? Thanks.
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2023.06.04 16:10 CupOJoe101 One of the best feelings as a DM

I'm still a pretty new DM. I've run nearly 20 sessions for some of my best friends, but I still doubt my DM abilities. A lot. I think about my mistakes way more often than the good stuff. But yesterday my players made me so happy, and I'm going to try to think of this moment every time I start having doubts.
I'm constantly monitoring my players during play, reading them - are they engaged and having fun? Am I incorporating their backstories enough? Do they hate me and never want to be my friend ever again? Do they like what I've created?
Yesterday, the party fought a young blue dragon and some merfolk grunts on a beach. They made a plan. Of course it went to shit, as all D&D plans do. It was their hardest fight yet and lasted the entire session. Players nearly died, but all of them contributed and all of them were creative. They all managed to roleplay during their turns, too, something I still have trouble with!
The dragon was on death's door and started to fly away. My players got pissed. This dragon was theirs to kill! Only one of them was close enough to even attempt a ranged attack. Magic missile at first level. I said go ahead. He raised his hands and casted the spell. The missles struck true, 11 damage. I paused, acting like I was calculating the math even though I new the answer already. All of them were leaned in. Quietly I said "so.... how do you want to do this?"
They SCREAMED in celebration. After they screamed they clapped and cheered. The wizard described his kill. I had a huge smile on my face. In that moment I realized that this is what a DM works for. Their victory felt earned and it tasted sweet. It's D&D events like these that tell me I shouldn't worry so much.
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2023.06.04 16:10 saiicookies How to restore this old wooden box?

How to restore this old wooden box?
Hello, I just bought this cute little wooden box in a (french) garage sale for 1€. The old man who sold it to me said it was from around 1900 and, even though I have no way of verifying that, I would like to take care of it properly (I just think it's adorable!). It's definitely been "loved", with traces of wood glue in some places and some scratches as well, and the top of the box does look a little bit tired. How would you go about cleaning/"restoring" it?
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2023.06.04 16:09 Los_pipis Can Rituxan stop working?

I recently tested for heterozygous (Pi*MZ) alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, which means that I have a decreased amount of the protein and puts me at a higher risk for liver cirrhosis and injury. I'm also in the process of getting diagnosed with Wegener's GPA and many of the maintenance medications can be damaging to the liver.
I was wondering if anyone had experience using Rituxan for several years as maintenance and if it is possible for it to stop working? My treatment options are limited, so if Rituxan can be used life long, that would be great.
Any advice is welcome. Thank you!
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2023.06.04 16:09 tropicalasparagus Who Owns The Polynesian Cultural Center In Hawaii Deals & Sale

Click the link for Who Owns The Polynesian Cultural Center In Hawaii Deals & Sale. Save some money by selecting one of the current promo codes or coupons on that page. That page is updated regularly with the latest coupons, promo codes, and deals. Take advantage of the discounts by selecting one to use.
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2023.06.04 16:09 whoohaaah1 [FS/FT] IE, LA, OC (California) - Final Girl S1/S2 All-In, Millenium Blades with Extras, Roll Player Big Box (All-In), Too Many Bones with Extras, Yamatai (Out of Print)

Prefer local (LA, OC, IE), otherwise shipping will be paid for by buyer. PM me your offers (price-wise and/or trades). Extra pictures available upon request. New games will be shrink-wrapped, unless otherwise noted. Opened games will have small velcro dots on the sides of the box to keep them from opening when stored vertically. For Sale/For Trade Final Girl Series 1 KS w/ extras- (4.5) Opened and sorted and sleeved. Contains Core and 5 Series 1 (S1) Feature Films, plus S1 game mats, bonus features box, and cast and crew box. Miniatures for all S1 pieces, including Terror from Above vignette expansion and minis. $200 + shipping (prefer local to avoid shipping charges)
Final Girl Series 2 KS w/ extras - (5) Brand new, still sealed. Series 2 storage box w/ ALL Series 2 (S2) Feature Films and Box of Props, S2 game mats, S2 miniatures box, S2 vehicle miniatures, Terror from the Grave vignette and miniatures, S2 mystery box. $200 + shipping (prefer local to avoid shipping charges)
Final Girl Complete S1/S2 All-In - (4.5/5) See above for descriptions on each set. Buy both/complete set. Includes EVERYTHING currently out for this game, including promo and other extras. $350 + shipping (prefer local to avoid shipping charges)
Millenium Blades w/ Set Rotation - (3.5) Box has some dings/dents. Base game with Set Rotation for solo, comes with wooden insert, and all cards sleeved, as well as couple of mini expansions. $180 + shipping (prefer local to avoid shipping charges)
Roll Player Big Box - (4) Comes with lenticular monster cards, Frogkin and Minotaur player boards, 3 card promo pack (Cursed Ring, Ring of Clarity, Cartographer backstory), metal coins, wooden insert, Lock Up pack: mini expansion (Ancestral Blade, Transmute, Flayer minion, Insectoid minion, Nightmare minion, Ratman minion). All cards sleeved. $180 + shipping (prefer local to avoid shipping charges)
Too Many Bones w/ Extras - (4) - Includes 40 Days of Daelore, Age of Tyranny, Nugget, Ghillie, and Premium Health Chips/Tokens. $220 + shipping (prefer local to avoid shipping charges)
Yamatai - (3.5) Out of print. I have marked some of the boards and tokens with dots to assist with colorblindness. Boat tokens are stored in 3D-printed holders. $50 + shipping Wanted Cash/PayPal/Venmo Kanban EV Darwins Journey Complete
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2023.06.04 16:09 Introverted_gal I am afraid that I might kill my mother

Rant & long post ahead Trigger warning - Elder Abuse
A bit background - I 32F have been taking care of my mother (55F) who has kidney & heart failure & on Hemodialysis thrice a week & also a mentally ill person. No siblings or any relatives who are even bothered to even listen to our problems leave alone helping us! I lost my father in 2018 to an illness. My mother is frail , weights only 39kgs & was hospitalized atleast 18 times in last 3-4 years for both her physical & mental illness.
I have reached a simmering point when dealing with her behavioral issues. I am very patient & I love my mom dearly & I can manage her physical health conditions. But I have reached a point where I can no longer deal with her behavioral issues. My mother is docile person but I have to shout a bunch of times to get her to wake up , then make her brush teeth, then go to toilet. Each of these steps requires me to shout & drag her....she is very messy & lacks hygiene & we only manage to make her take bath on alternate days. Throughout the day....I just have to do things for her...then shout at her to do things that I cannot do for putting food in mouth etc . My mother constantly repeats the same words again & I won't take bath today or I don't want to eat etc like a 50-100 times continuously & if I don't listen she would repeat my name untill I get irritated & threaten to punch her. Everyday I have to shout a few hundred times for basic things.
Things have escalated to such an extent that I burned her skin with a spoon I heated on stove top , hit her on the face , almost poked her eye & stomped on her feet which caused purple discoloration. I have been dealing very heavy handed with her a lot & also blacking out throughout the day due to stress. I am constantly losing things & not able to recall recent events. I have been seeing a psychiatrist since last year & have been put on three different anti-depressants/SSRI and sleep medications.
I am a calm & very Introverted person by nature , always avoided confrontations & rarely ever raised my voice but I am noticing my behavior changing a lot in last 3 years after dealing with my mother. Everytime I hurt her...I regret immediately & try to be overly affectionate to make up for my guilt.
I recently attended a relatives wedding & my aunts were literally irritated dealing with my mother for 1 day! Meanwhile my career has gone downhill & I have been barely holding on to my job.
I cannot detail the amount of PTSD I had trying to manage job , visiting mom at the hospital where she used to be hospitalized for weeks , talk to the doctors for updates & then going to office by afternoon for 10 hrs & barely surviving on biscuits for meals. All my life I have saved every penny I could, took trains/buses to travel all the time , never bought any expensive phone or a vacation since I started working. We live in a rundown house without ac or even geyser. I don't remember the last time i went to a restaurant!
Coming mother just takes the abuse. She just behaves like a helpless little child. Also If I were to fall down & hurt myself in front of her....she doesn't react or show any concern.
I go through moments where I am extremely concerned about her well being & bending over backwards to make her safe & comfortable & also those moments where I am raging at her. My grandma also gets fed up & tries to occasionally slap my mother. This same grandma wouldn't even hurt tip of my mother's nail a few years back!
I am literally in tears typing this but I just wanted to rant. I have no one to share my burdens & I just wanted to confess this. I am also afraid I might do something that would injure her seriously or even kill her. I would never do such thing but there are moments where I actually imagine doing such thing & get horrified about it a moment later.
Note - I hire a stay at home maid for 3-4 months in a year but can't have them all the time does to financial reasons. Even when we had a maid...I had to step in all the time in helping them handle my mother as she is stubborn. Rest of the year it's just me with a little help from my 75yr old grandma who stays with us. I have already started therapy...I just wanted to rant here.
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2023.06.04 16:09 throwawayel2002 Cat is consistently pooping outside of the litter box

My husband and I have a three year old bengal/tabby cat who is very mischievous and also loves just pissing off her owners by any means possible. We love her to death and treat her as such but she’s overall just an ass sometimes.
For the past couple of months our cat has been pooping outside of the litter box, right beside it on the mat that is underneath the litter box. At first, it was on a rare occasion, like maybe once every few weeks to every two weeks. So it wasn’t all that bad to take care of because it happened on such a rare occasion. We brought this up to the vet though maybe two months ago and he said it could be a behavioral thing or something that is wrong with the litter or the box or both. So we clean it daily now and we also monitor her behaviors to see what’s up. Nothing has really caught our attention to see what’s wrong.
Anyways, now we have been seeing her pooping outside the box a lot more frequently. We’re talking like every other day now she does this. She’s now refusing to go inside the litter box most of the time. She sometimes goes into the litter box but not frequently and now she’s doing it on the mat. Which we are really confused about. She’s becoming more picky and her behavior is taking a turn. Most of the time she does this to spite us for not feeding her as much as she wants, she literally wants her wet food 24/7, 8 times a day, she’s always going into the kitchen when we go into the kitchen because she’s expecting to be fed, and she also will literally break a bag of treats open with her own teeth if we leave them out. She’s also become aggressive lately when it comes to not feeding her when she wants food. Every time we tell her no, it isn’t time (we keep her on a schedule), she hisses at us and bats at our feet or legs. This is the time we normally see her pooping outside the box.
She also does this even when she’s being fed, she eats and then an hour later goes and poops on the mat again. So I don’t know if this behavior of hers is related to her food aggression and wanting food 24/7, or she’s just being an ass in general.
What also makes me more confused is she’s always had a second litter box upstairs in the hallway bathroom. We keep it clean but lately she hasn’t been using it and she thinks it isn’t there anymore. She hasn’t used that box in months. I don’t know if it’s something to do with its upstairs and the downstairs one is just more convenient to her, or she just has forgotten about it entirely for some reason even though before she forgot about it, she was using it just as much as she used the downstairs one.
Can someone please help us determine what is the best course of action here in seeing how we can get her to stop using the mat as a personal bathroom? And can someone recommend any tips on how to get her to remember the upstairs litter box again?
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2023.06.04 16:09 eres29 How to deal with my [23F] jealous feelings concerning my boyfriend [21M]?

2-month relationship. My bf is an extroverted guy with many girl friends, including a couple of best friends, one of which is a childhood best friend he dated in middle school. I knew he had many girl friends going into the relationship (although he did not reveal to me his dating history with his best friend; I had to find that out from her; while he did not deny it when I brought it up, he has since downplayed it saying it was "just middle school"). I decided to move forward with him anyway, although I was a bit skeptical. Now I'm not sure how to navigate the jealous feelings that result.
For example, I've had consecutive nightmares recently about him cheating on me with his girl friends. Never the same girl. I feel hurt in my dreams, but not surprised. It kills me inside because I want to trust him; I really do. We've had explicit conversations about what cheating means to us. We've set boundaries for each other (e.g. not hanging out alone with members of the opposite sex). He's verbally reassured me that he doesn't have feelings for his girl friends. He's offered to let me go through his phone (which I've declined) and given me his phone password (which I've forgotten since because I have no reason to use his phone with my own consistently available).
But these jealous feelings persist, and I can't even tell whether the jealousy is valid / warranted or just an overreaction due to my own insecurities. Regardless of root cause, these jealous feelings detract from the trust I have in him and our relationship. I'd rather they stop haunting me -- so I can at least get a peaceful night's sleep.
If he cheats on me one day, then he cheats on me one day, I hurt over it, and we part ways to find more compatible partners; torturing myself in the meantime with 'what ifs' is only detracting from my present enjoyment of the relationship, and potentially punishing an innocent person for something they haven't done. So what can I do to cope with, or mitigate, these jealous feelings?
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2023.06.04 16:09 tropicalasparagus Hotels Near Polynesian Cultural Center Hawaii Deals & Sale

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2023.06.04 16:09 Theder__ Error after creating a wine prefix using Lutris.

Hello, I recently wanted to install League on my EndeavourOS using Lutris, but after its creating a wine prefix it gives me this error:
,,RuntimeError("No patch can be generated for VKD3D because no information is available.")"
I tried installing VKD3D using AUR but it still doesn't work.
My Specs: [System]
OS: EndeavourOS
Arch: x86_64
Kernel: 6.3.5-arch1-1
Desktop: X-Cinnamon
Display Server: x11
Vendor: GenuineIntel
Model: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-9300H CPU @ 2.40GHz
Physical cores: 4
Logical cores: 8
RAM: 7.6 GB
Swap: 0.0 GB
Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
OpenGL Renderer: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050/PCIe/SSE2
OpenGL Version: 4.6.0 NVIDIA 530.41.03
OpenGL Core: 4.6.0 NVIDIA 530.41.03
OpenGL ES: OpenGL ES 3.2 NVIDIA 530.41.03
Vulkan Version: 1.3.246
Vulkan Drivers: Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630 (CFL GT2) (1.3.246), NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 (1.3.236)
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2023.06.04 16:08 Ryan1234543211 Laptop for Moderate Working and Supports 2 External Monitors US $600-1100

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2023.06.04 16:08 4mless-deva Is this too good to be true?

Is this too good to be true?
Recently unemployed, and got an email for my first potential freelance gig. Unfortunately I have already been a scammed from a previous employment fraud (that I’m dealing with rn) involving a work from home position, I really just need some insight if this is how things are usually done. Is there a certified way to make sure the checks arent fraud? Does this seem real in your opinion? Again I’m new to this and I don’t want a repeat of what happened last time? How do you make sure you get paid for your work? etc
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2023.06.04 16:08 bakecakes12 Update system with new heat pump

Going to do my best here to explain everything, but I’m here because I’m clueless so bare with me.
We purchased a home that has a 5-6 year old very basic construction grade furnace. Duct work has been installed (previous owner switched from oil to gas) but there is no central air. Had the HVAC guy I’ve been using for years come out to give us a quote to add the air.
He wanted to let me know that while the system is in good condition, knowing this is our ‘forever home’ he recommends replacing the whole system with an efficient heat pump when doing the AC install. With the new system, gas doesn’t kick in until you get to 0 degrees (we’re in southeastern PA so some winters are cold but getting that low isn’t the norm these days). He said this is where the world is going (away from gas) and we’d be eligible for the tax credit, rebates, etc.
Are you recommending this your customers? Interested to learn more about these systems.
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