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California's Central Valley

2009.03.21 19:57 California's Central Valley

California's Central Valley

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2008.12.23 08:18 Viva San Antonio!

For everything you want to see, do, eat, and buy in the Alamo City, and places you can drive to within an hour of SA! Visit us for The Alamo, The Missions world heritage site, Six Flags and Sea World. Interesting posts about nearby places like Boerne, Poteet and New Braunfels are welcome, too. Stay for the tacos, the friendly locals, and Fiesta!

2023.06.04 16:01 Lonely_Dad_379 Need any advice with helping choose between 2 therapists.

I have (what I believe to be) a bit of a unique situation picking a therapist. (XPost from therapy) I have been in therapy for years. I had a therapist at one practice (T1) , then I joined a PHP over last summer and fell off her schedule. So I obtained a new therapist (T2) where I was completing my PHP program. At the beginning of this year my newer therapist (T2) took a leave of absence (I wasnt told why, it isnt my business) very suddenly without a heads up. I had waited about 4 months of really struggling without a therapist, so I called a few places and put in paperwork. I just heard I found placement this week (Same practice as T1). However, 2 days before my placement, I heard my previous Therapist (T2) just came back from leave. I worked really well with T2. However, I also did well at the original (T1) practice as well. There was an odd part of me that just this last week made peace with not being able to see T2 again and allowing that closure. No hard feelings. People have emergencies, I waited as long as I could. I wish T1 Placement and T2 placement didn't happen the same week. So I am a bit at odds. Do I allow that closure to occur and just move on to a new therapist? Or should I go back to the T2 that I had a good relationship with. The one perk of choosing T2 is not having to retread some of the trauma I already went over. A perk from starting a new therapist is fresh beginnings. Anyone have any guidance here? I am happy to answer questions if that helps.
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2023.06.04 16:01 Dittro Where to go before a late departure from Haneda?

Hi guys, I will be solo travelling in Tokyo in July, and on my last day I will be boarding my flight back home at around midnight. As I'd have to check out from my Airbnb around 11am, I was wondering if you guys would have any suggestions on what I could do within that long time frame before I head to the airport? Of course I would assume a 3 hour time gap before my flight, so assuming I reach the airport by 9pm, what else do you guys suggest I do? I did read online about maybe taking a trip to Shinagawa to check out the area, but I don't think I can stay there for 10 hours haha
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2023.06.04 16:00 Dolphintrout Food Truck Suggestion . . .

Been thinking about this for a while and thought I’d throw it out there.
We have some great food trucks here in Ottawa, but they’re also spread out all over the place and sometimes not everyone feels like the same thing.
What if the city set aside some designated land in various sections of city, paved it nice, put out some picnic tables, etc., and zoned it so that you could have multiple food trucks service the area?
You could set up rules so that there were only so many vendors of a certain style of food, ensure there was enough seating to accommodate people, etc. I was thinking enough space for maybe 10 trucks at each spot? Not sure, just thinking out loud.
I think it would be amazing to have spots like that to go to.
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2023.06.04 16:00 friendlyassh0le No Stupid Questions

Have a simple, silly, or just plain basic question that really doesn't need its own thread? Maybe it's a repeat question you forgot the answer to or you just need some general advice. Got questions about apostilles, visas, quarantine, health checks, your embassy, k-pop, the best chicken places in Korea, and more? They all belong here!
Want to ask about a school? Please see this post.
The guidelines for using academy/school names are as follows:
*This thread is stickied and rotates weekly. Please browse previous threads by clicking on the "NSQ" flair.*
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2023.06.04 16:00 SuddenlyWolf SGDQ 2023 "Best Runs" Megathread

Similar to last year, I want to use this thread as a "ranker" for the best runs of the marathon, to help shine some light on the best of the best in a single place.
Basically: Comment with a run you loved (with or without an explanation, though make sure the name of the run is right at the start of the comment, and that each comment is only one run). Others who loved the run can upvote it, or reply with why they loved it.
Once it's all said in done, we'll have top comments filled with some of the best runs of the marathon and people giving thoughts on why! Make sure to include comments for those you loved but that might've been at hours when not as many people were watching.
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2023.06.04 16:00 Global-Letterhead-88 Request to validate the medicine

I am 29M from India, Last week i feel down from the bicycle, And got wounded in multiple places, i went to a doctor, he advised to get X-ray, then a CT scan, though i don't have any fractures, he advised me for a elbow slab and medicine for 2 weeks.
I literally felt like hospital is trying to achieve their revenue target with my insurance, i have doubt on the prescribed medicine whether it is really required, can someone please validate the below medicine.
1.Myospaz (chloroxazone) - 30pcs
2.Pantoprazole 40mg - 15pcs
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2023.06.04 16:00 StripeyTiger1 59 [M4F] #UK, England, (Northants) - seeking young breeding partner (long term)🍆💦🤰

Can't really explain why, but I feel much more attracted and devoted to someone much younger than me, so I really want to find someone who is okay with having an older long term partner. As far as I'm concerned the younger you are (legally of course) the better, so I'd like to find someone under about 25 to live with me for mutual breeding
I'm open to various styles of relationship. I'd quite like to find someone who wants to be a "homemaker" and look after the house (and me!) whilst I work, but if you want a part time job, career or to continue education I'm open to discussion.
I live in a large village but it has a railway station just 5 mins away on a direct line to London.
I believe that in a relationship I should help you achieve your goal in life, whether it's a career or being a stay at home parent, but I'm there to be a partner, not baby you 24/7. Similarly, although I want someone younger, you're not my slave (except in fun roleplay!).
I'm quite vanilla sexually and my primary kinks are the age difference and potential breeding (with associated kinks such as cream-pies, breastfeeding etc). I'm not an exhibitionist but if you want to have sex in the woods, fields or anywhere else its certainly up for discussion. I'm not really into anal sex but butt plugs and other sex toys are fine with me.
I'm really turned on by the idea of filling your young fertile pussy with my seed and whilst I won't push you about it, I'd really like you to stop birth control and hopefully get pregnant so I can enjoy feeling our baby grow inside you and your breasts fill (which I hope you'll let me milk too). I'm not looking to use condoms, so whether you get pregnant or not will be entirely your decision. If you're horny and your partner is asleep, its okay to start things unless they tell you to let them get some sleep. I like spooning, ideally with my cock at the entrance to your wet full pussy. Whether you do it deliberately or have a birth control failure I will be happy if you get pregnant. I am pro-choice, so all decisions on whether to have a baby are entirely yours.
I believe in spontaneity and "free use", so after agreeing to have sex the first time, you don't have to ask to start things next time, however "Stop" and "Not Right Now" are valid! Also valid is "OMG, This team meeting is so much better with you playing with my cock!" 😈

Due to the prevalence of people who are just looking for fun {fine 👍} or fake 👎, I apologise to those who are seriously interested in that I will have to continue looking until I am in a committed physical relationship with someone!
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2023.06.04 16:00 YellowShapedBox Marriage is not a mere contract.

Quoting a man who framed it more clearly than I ever could:
"Suppose Mr. A makes a deal with Mr. B that, starting noon on Monday, Mr. A will buy lumber from and only from the lumberyard of Mr. B, forsaking all others. Mr. A buys a load of lumber from yard C that same Monday, but at eleven o’clock. Is he in violation of any provision of the contract, or by the word or the spirit? Has he betrayed or wounded Mr. B in any way? Can Mr. B make any claim for which relief at law can be granted? The answer is no.
By coincidence, this same Mr. A was planning to marry Miss D that same day, also at noon. Five minutes before the wedding is scheduled to take place, Miss D walks in on her promised bridegroom. He is standing with his trousers around his ankles vigorously coupling with one of the bridesmaids, Miss E, whose skirts are about her ears and her ankles about his ears. If the marriage were a contract, Miss D would have no more right to criticize or condemn his behavior than Mr. B the lumberman. And yet no one of ordinary prudence would suggest she continue with the wedding at this point: we might even think her emotions insincere or unrelated to reality if her reaction were calm and understated.
No sober argument can be raised that Mr. A is not betraying Miss D in this case, assuming the marriage was sincere to begin with. I will return to this point later, but for the moment, let us merely observe that an injustice has been done Miss D, even if she herself is completely nonchalant. As his fiancée, it would not be in her best interest to consent to the copulation between Mr. A and the bridesmaid, even if she had been consulted: nor is the matter neutral and unrelated to her interests. Mr. A cannot in good faith say (while he gasps in his pleasures) “We are not married yet; this is none of your business.”
Something other than merely consensual provision is involved here."
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2023.06.04 16:00 ConversationSuper785 36 [M4F] - Active and Fun-loving Scotsman Seeking Engaging Conversations on Kik!

Hey there, lovely people of Reddit! I'm a sporty and adventurous guy from Scotland looking to make new connections and engage in exciting conversations on Kik. If you're into sports, fitness, and the great outdoors, we're off to a great start! Here are a few things about me that might pique your interest:
  1. Passion for Sports and Fitness: As a PE teacher and personal trainer, my life revolves around all things physical. I love discussing different sports, sharing workout tips, and motivating each other to stay active.
  2. Casual Chats and Genuine Connections: I'm not here for small talk; I'm here to have meaningful conversations whenever we have some free time. Let's delve into topics that matter to us and create a genuine bond.
  3. Chatty and Interesting: If you're looking for someone who can hold a conversation and has lived a life full of experiences, you've come to the right place. I love sharing stories, listening to yours, and learning from one another.
  4. Friendship or More: Whether you're seeking a new friend to chat with or open to exploring a potential romantic connection, I'm open to both. Let's see where our conversations lead us!
  5. A World of Cultures: While I'm based in Scotland, I'm open to connecting with people from anywhere in the world. I believe there's so much we can learn from different cultures, and I'm excited to explore diverse perspectives.
  6. Rugby Enthusiast: As a fan of rugby union, I'm always up for discussing the latest games, sharing my favorite moments, and analyzing tactics. If you share this passion or are curious to learn more about the sport, let's chat!
  7. No Judgement Zone: Sometimes, we all have things we want to talk about but don't feel comfortable sharing with friends or family. Consider me your non-judgmental confidant, ready to lend an ear and provide support whenever you need it.
  8. Joining Communities: I'm also open to joining specific groups or communities on Kik that align with our interests or values. Let's explore new communities together and expand our horizons.
  9. Outrageously Funny: Laughter is a key ingredient in life, and I love injecting humor into our conversations. Prepare yourself for some funny stories, outrageous jokes, and guaranteed smiles!
So, if you're looking for an active, funny, and engaging Scotsman to add to your Kik, don't hesitate to reach out! Let's start chatting, discovering new perspectives, and creating lasting connections. I can't wait to meet you all!
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2023.06.04 16:00 Iwamiyama What is a reasonable offer to make on a car quoted at $32,000?

First time poster and buyer -- please be kind. I come from a place where we don't haggle over cars and have no idea how to proceed in a situation like this. I've been quoted $32,000 for a brand new Honda H-RV with an MSRP of around $26,500. Ideally I'd like to get it for around $28,500. Is this reasonable? If not, what is? What sort of an offer should I make to get started?
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2023.06.04 16:00 _Anonymous_one Your favourite Past Corrie Character or Pet (2000s and 2010s)- Semi final 2! (Part 1)

Thank you for your votes! :)
Semi final 1 results
1st- Hayley Cropper- 60 points (1 bonus from double vote)
2nd- Deirdre Barlow- 44 points (1 bonus from double vote)
3rd- Jack Duckworth- 43 points
4th- Mike Baldwin- 39 points (1 bonus from double vote)
5th- Cerberus the Greyhound- 30 points (1 bonus from double vote)- scored before Tina
6th- Tina McIntyre- 30 points
7th- Fred Elliott- 29 points
8th- Schmeichel the Great Dane- 18 points
9th- Vera Duckworth- 17 points
10th- Rosie Webster- 16 points
11th- Liz McDonald- 13 points
12th- Martin Platt- 12 points
Big massive congratulations to Hayley, Deirdre, Jack, Mike, Cerberus, and Tina!
They are the first 6 guaranteed a place in the final and nothing and no one can take that away from them! Let’s look at how they all did :)
In this nail biting and action packed first semi that kept us on tenterhooks from start to finish, Hayley made a full and fast recovery after her sudden fall last round, to win back top spot for the third time, just in time for the Final. She was a dead cert to win from the start, but then when Deirdre caught her up, it was game on for the pair! By halfway through though, Hayley was running wild on her and easily finished her off, sitting Deirdre in runner up as a result of this. Jack found his feet as he kept a tight grip on third after a sudden rise, and Mike was floating around all over the place after dropping in the early days, before he pulled it back and ended up fourth, his lowest ranking yet. With just two spaces left in this stacked group, Cerberus put his best paw forward, getting enough to guarantee at least one pet in the Final, as he made it in fifth, just ahead of 6th! And after getting herself going, Tina made Fred feel the heat and squeezed him out of the game, with Tina landing the final place of the first semi
On the losing side, Fred was the only hopeful to ever come close to making the Final, comfortably settled in the top 3 early on before being ejected, losing out by a single point, with Schmeichel, Vera, Rosie, Liz, and Martin never standing a chance as they also bow out before the Final. The biggest surprise elimination here for me is Liz, who came well and truly undone, bringing her perfect game to an abrupt halt as she crashed and burned out of the game
Hayley Cropper, Deirdre Barlow, Jack Duckworth, Mike Baldwin, Cerberus the Greyhound, Tina McIntyre….
How are you feeling about the finalists so far?Here is your final chance to choose the rest, with just 6 places still up for grabs! This one is mainly newer characters and pets, with a few legends and classics here too! The top 6 will be the final 6 finalists!
So get ready for the penultimate heat of the whole game
Link to part 2:
Voting ends on Tuesday at 3pm. When we return, the Final will start! Happy voting! :)
View Poll
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2023.06.04 15:59 Gloryinwar How does one make a "smooth" transition from a Democratic nation to a nation that is run by a dynastic family?

I need some feedback on an idea I had.
As mentioned in the title, I need some feedback on how a Democratic Nation would revert back to Dynastic rule following the collapse and failure of Democracy.
By "Smooth" I mean a transition from one political system to another, while still having some bloodshed is mostly contained to small-scale fighting, and some assassinations, but otherwise completely avoids civil war.
This is for a Science Fantasy world of mine.
The context here is that this is a Nation of some 2 Million inhabited worlds. And Democracy has failed here in this Nation, being rendered functionally incapable of managing the State due to the circumstances.
Being overthrown by the common people, assisted by a royally enranged military who had just about had it with them.
You see, the Democratic Government didn't really do a good job protecting the Nation from Alien Pirates and foreign invaders. The Military, while well funded, found that most of its plans for defense were constantly being looked at and rejected by the civil government, with the Officer Corps, in particular, being forced to operate under strict oversight.
You see, this is a very young nation that has had many civil wars and has had to deal with many non-Democratic powers at play.
They feared that since their Democracy was only 10 years old, the military still had sympathetic leanings to their political opponents.
And so the Military was essentially limited in its actions by the Party, which made them mad due to it preventing them from taking effective action.
Another reason it failed was due to distrust between people and the government, as well as a systematic issue with the government causing mass corruption.
You see... In prior centuries, back before the great expansion into the stars, the People have known nothing but centralized, powerful governments. They had supported Democracy at first, but now didn't due to rampant corruption and incompetence.
While the non-democratic powers that came before them had no freedom to vote, they had Stability, security, and strong administrative apparatus in the form of the "Civil service examinations" Which would be used to pick out future administrators and members of government, both local and National.
The Republic had abolished the Civil Service exams due to Political and Ideological reasons, fearing that these Exams are breeding grounds for anti-government thought.
Instead, it resulted in a massive shortage of administrators, which in turn caused governing to be harder especially once the older administrators retired out of old age or protest, so to fix it, the government began giving these positions out to members of government.
Which resulted in rampant corruption and miss management, as people began placing political allies and loyal people in these administrative positions.
(It also made the people made, since oftentimes, educated students are encouraged by the old regimes to join the Civil service exams, which often became a desirable job due to the power, status, and good salary that comes with it... Now that was also locked away from these Students who studied specifically to join the State administration.)
Lastly, the fact that people are more accustomed to and accepting of Monarchies, etc.
Because in all of the non-democratic governments in their history, the common people had more stability and security than in their current ones. Not only Stability and security but also a means of joining in the power structure themselves via the Civil service exams.
Overall, the tale of this Nation's first trial at Democracy was a failure.
Which eventually resulted in one President, President "Vlad" A former Army intelligence officer launched a coup with the aid of the Military and the Populace.
Abolishing the Democracy that had failed its people and establishing a new Dynastic rule, reminiscent of the old Monarchies that had come in decades prior.
Any thoughts? Suggestions?
So to sum it all up; Incompetence, corruption, an abolishment of the Civil service exams and tying down the hands of the military due to Paranoia made it doomed to fail.
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2023.06.04 15:59 that_bermudian What’s with all of these “people” coming out of the woodwork now saying they’ll stop using Reddit if the 3rd party support drops?

Seems extremely suspicious to me that now of all times, people start to “consider” leaving Reddit entirely.
MOASS happens with or without this sub existing, but one of the main goals of SHFs from the beginning was to try and divide us as much as possible.
IMHO, regardless of if 3rd party gets dropped or not, we stay.
I’ve never used a 3rd party app for Reddit, but if you seriously can’t handle the OG app, then how are you going to be a true diamond hand when shit hits the fan in the markets finally?
SHFs want this community gone so badly. This is their next attempt.
Any suggestions or comments saying “I might leave Reddit” are pure FUD. Don’t be a FUDster. Don’t do SHFs job for them.
Buy. Hold. DRS.
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2023.06.04 15:59 eluviian Found this message raiding a Scav hideout, thought it'd be cool to share!

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2023.06.04 15:59 Ok-Independent-4239 New DM and players!

Hey hey! So I’ve played a few table top RPGs, but never DND. Me and some friends are going to give it a whirl, however no one else has ever played DND either. We did get the starter packs, but any advice for a fully noob party and DM? We want to play a less serious game (all of us are jokesters) but want to also stay true to the campaign and mechanics. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.04 15:59 abhi321198 Suzune will defeat Kiyotaka it's invertible at this point!

Before laughing at this post , take a time to read the post , it's very short and simple
Current Horikita is pretty much under-estimated in terms of influence and power
In Y3 , due to Suzune setting up her allies like Kushida and many other , even many we just don't see yet
Suzune understands that she is not perfect , Suzune is creating power and influence over ANHS , with her being president, you can guarantee how powerful and op would be due to her skills and manipulation , Suzune will rigg rules over ANHS , and her Ally like Kushida etc will be stay loyal to her due to their past and how Suzune convience (Manipulated with power and friendship) them
In ANHS, Suzune has image of playing fair and square, but in reality Suzune didn't believe in any of those , Suzune likely will create chaos on ANHS in Y3 , her goal will be make more targets behind Ayanokoji's back , and rigg rules and class battles , with her like minded allies ,she will be untouchable , even for Ayanokoji to do anything just because of that influence that Suzune is creating ,not by herself but from her loyal allies which indeed manipulated by Suzune at some degree.
Kiyo is no doubt masterpiece , but how many people he can take simulatenously ,there must be limit due to being human.
That's where he will lose , sure he definitely will have allies but Suzune will limit his influence due to her position at SC.
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2023.06.04 15:59 ProfessionRealistic1 Come fight my Plesiomon

Come fight my Plesiomon
Need more Vital HERO players to enter or the bracket gets dropped 😭 I put a lot of effort into my Plesiomon I want to use him 🥺 I know I'm not the only one here with a Vital Hero...
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2023.06.04 15:59 le-red-red Can Anki always ask certain cards in the same order?

I use the cloze Question type a lot, is it possible to always have the cards in the same order? So that the cloze at the beginning of the sentence actually stays at the beginning?
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2023.06.04 15:59 cancerdancer Sysco no longer offer samples?

My rep told me they can no longer give samples of products. Is this real? Is he full of shit? He's not good rep in the first place. I just wanted to test some frozen waffles.
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2023.06.04 15:59 Stripclubkiller I stopped taking my levo

I wasn’t able to fill my prescription for over a week thanks to my insurance, and I don’t feel literally any different. What are the consequences? I’ve been off for over 2 weeks and have refilled my script just in case, but will it take longer to notice? Or should I just stay off and see my dr?
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2023.06.04 15:59 throwawayaccout333 my boyfriend of 1.5 years broke up with me and i feel lost

my boyfriend had broken up with me because he didn’t know what he wanted in a relationship and felt like he sacrificed all of his freedom since dating me. the breakup feels so sudden and i am honestly lost for words. my mind can’t comprehend that what’s happening is reality and not some weird dream. i love him and honestly saw everything with him and finding out it wasn’t the same makes me feel sick to my stomach. he still wants to be friends and he’s been messaging me ever since he left yesterday and responding to him has been hard. im trying to handle this breakup different from my other ones because i love him more than i have ever loved anyone and want to be respectful in hopes that him and i could get back together. but im seriously losing myself in the process, even though it hasn’t even been a full day since him and i broke up. i don’t want to hurt anymore and im so used to begging for people to stay, but this situation feels so different than the rest because i know i can’t change how he feels and what he wants.
i need help and guidance, i feel lost without him. i want to take this opportunity to grieve and love him from a distance but it hurts so much. i just want to feel okay
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2023.06.04 15:59 Embarrassed-Table-80 Beware of LinkedIn Job Scams!

I found a scam job on LinkedIn yesterday. I caught it because “The recruiter” texted me on a Saturday saying that she wanted to conduct the interview by text. I didn’t reply because that’s a red flag. No recruiter works on weekends, and interviews aren’t conducted via text. Then 2 hours later I get a text from the same “recruiter” saying that my resume was exactly what they were looking for and they are willing to offer me $40 an hour! 100% remote work. This was for a DATA ENTRY position. I’ve never known a data entry position pay that high. I went to google the company and they dont even exist in my country. They’re based in Canada. Even though the LinkedIn description says they’re based in Houston, Tx. On the company website that I found, a data entry position is not even listed on their career page smh. I did report the job post but it’s still up.
Also on the text there was a link. If you get a text like this DONT CLICK THE LINK. No telling what type of malware will be downloaded on your phone after that. They’ll probably collect all your information like your street address and do God knows what with it.
Very predatory behavior. Stay safe on your job hunt journey!
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