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2023.05.29 17:41 jhpratt2 $nwbo-Pakistan

Currently, NWBO's Sawston plant is the only visible global hub for DC VAX L manufacturing and distribution (MHRA MIA approval 3/20/23) . For $400 , FED EX (https://www.fedex.com/en-us/custom-critical.html) ships anywhere globally within the required timeframes.A SAGE (https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1177/20363613231179541) 5/26/23 scientific publication demonstrates intent by Pakistani neurosurgeons to treat and cure their GBM patients. Looks like the DC VAX L JAMA paper and LIAU- Bosch presentations since 10/26/22 have created global awareness that DCVAX L will be is a major global cell based biotech therapy, addressing GBM , and all solid tumors( https://conferences.asco.org/am/industry-expert-theater).
With 50% of LIAU-SPORE-UCLA combo patents living 10 years, DC VAX L has turned SOC's GBM treatment from a terminal (16.5) months disease into a chronic treatable malignancy .
Dr. Greg Zivic:
"This treatment can turn a Glioblastoma into a chronic treatable disease even after recurrence of the tumor . "
Monday, May 29, 2023 9:13:34 AM
Post# 596739 of 596755 4 Pakistani neurosurgeons endorsing the JAMA Liau dc vax l phase 3 study. Will the RA in Pakistan facilitate their patients' resected GBM tumors and lysate being sent to Sawston , with syringes of dc vax l sent back to Pakistan?
IMO,BB's consultant is a "legend ", as alleged.Therefore, I recommend reading every on of his posts, word for word.
Bright Boy Brian F Egolf Sr M: Bright Boy
Re: ae kusterer post# 593171
Sunday, May 14, 2023 2:22:21 PM
Post# 593185 of 593185 I am definitely not a biotech expert and what I've learned about Northwest and DCVax-l was shared with me by one of the legends in the biotech world !!! My biggest takeaway is this:
From 2018 forward, it became apparent that DCVax-L was a breakthrough, technological process for the treatment of nGBM and rGBM, but its true potential was only known by a "handful" of experts, and as such, the understanding of the broader market implications was a relative unknown. Early on, several of the comments that I heard from BP were," The GBM market is really not that big!" and " Personalized, Immunotherapy vaccines are not really in our 'Wheelhouse'. We sell compounds/pills!!" On and on! The comments didn't mean that BP wasn't paying attention! Quite the contrary, BP was watching like a hawk as results from Dr. Liau and the UCLA trials began to leak into the medical community suggesting a broader application of DCVax-L on a "stand alone" basis and in combination with CI's for all large tumor cancers ( mentioned in the latest 10Q for future trials), thus dramatically expanding market potentials!!! But the "Big Moment" occurred in late October of last year when the STADIUM LIGHTS turned on, shining bright lights on the latest nGBM/rGBM ,Dr. Liau trial data suggesting 50%to 65% OS for 8 years with emphasis on rGBM !!! That was the point in time when BP and the entire biotech world realized that GBM/rGBM would be treated and managed as a CHRONIC DISEASE!!! with unlimited PROMISE and HOPE for patients and unlimited marketing potential to finance existing vaccine production and the continuing development for improved treatments for all diseases!!!!!
So that's what I learned and that's my story and I'm stickin to it!!!!
Cheers especially to all the Mom's and to everyone !!!
Joseph H.Pratt: https://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=172010930
Bright Boy Re: None Saturday, March 18, 2023 12:38:55 PM Post# of 596750 Go People, People, People !!!!
The light switch just turned on for me !!! I'm not a doctor or scientist or a STEM concentration "rock star", but if I read something over and over again several times and look carefully at the pictures SOMETIMES, NOT ALL THE TIME, a major mental breakthrough occurs and I believe that I've discovered something very profound!!
In this case, I believe the main message from the slide deck is that DCVax-L, either by itself or in combination with CI's has turned the whole thing around for treating nGBM/rGBM from having to kill the tumor to a "management process" !! It looks like now with this new information, that GBM patients can receive vaccinations as needed with "Zero" side effects and live a long and happy life !!! A comment from a medical expert that DOES KNOW !!!:
Dr. Greg Zivic:
This treatment can turn a Glioblastoma into a chronic treatable disease even after recurrence of the tumor.
So help me out here. Does the above reasoning seem logical based on the slides all of us have just reviewed?? If it does or is, then little Team Northwest has just changed the healthcare landscape forever in the way that we treat disease!!!!!
Am I way off base or are all of onto to something that is fabulous beyond belief???
Bright Boy Re: thermopost# 591947 Tuesday, May 09, 2023 8:41:30 PM Post# of 596749 Go The UK is determined to be the world carrousel for use of immunotherapy vaccines to treat cancers and all forms of disease!!! From my friends in the UK, my use of the word "determined" grossly understates the effort behind the "Grand Plan"!!
So far, the MHRA has not only accepted and approved the MIA application (manufacturing license), but voluntarily offered the expansion to a GLOBAL MANUFACTURING" license allowing for the import of live cells and the export of vaccines to the far corners of the earth!!! People!!! That is huge!!!!! BUT as always 99.99% of the retail investors don't understand the significance of that license or anything else about the process and look to the screen to validate the importance/value of the license, where they are greeted by Citadel and Virtu and the rest of the gang that manipulate the price to new lows, confirming that, in spite of everything they just read from the greatest medical minds in the universe, is a bunch of crap!!!!
Fortunately for the cancer patients and shareholders of Northwest, the MHRA does not include in their decision making process the current SP of NWBO or the opinion of the "gutter filth" that manage those companies or any other companies that participate in the ordered destruction of small biotechs that are engaged in the development of immunotherapy vaccines!! So, it's on to the filing of the MAA (marketing license), the approval and the decisions that will guarantee swift treatment deliveries to patients!!
So Griffin and Cifu and Fuerstein and the rest can lie all they want , but the GREAT UNITED KINGDOM will not be denied the ultimate crown of being the WORLD CENTER for CANCER TREATMENT !!!!!
Bright Boy Re: hoffmann6383post# 578889 Tuesday, March 21, 2023 1:55:12 PM Post# of 596749 Go People, People, People!!! It's your friendly "hillbilly" here with some more great news!! Don't know if I can "one up" my earlier post about the "Dog eating the license", but I'll try. So here we go!!
I don't think everyone realizes how dynamic and important the manufacturing license really is so I'll take a shot at giving you my take on it. First of all, the marketing approval (MAA) and the government subsidy approval(NICE) are pretty much in the bag before the manufacturing team gets the "green light" to proceed. The MAA and NICE teams talk to the MIA team and say," This stuff looks really cool and we wanted to let you know before you run off and do a lot of work on something that we won't approve when you're finished!!" Okay! So that's the first part.
Now for the second part and this is the part that involves a lot of money so read very carefully!!! The MIA license allows for global export of the vaccines and global import of immune cells/tumor resected material. Anyone in the entire world that is diagnosed with GBM can NOW ship their tumor samples to Northwest/Advent/Sawston to have their personal vaccine made and stored, all to be shipped back to the patient/doctor on a prescribed injection schedule. The beauty of this process is that patients everywhere can NOW receive their vaccine on a compassionate care basis. No more waiting!! No more opportunities for the "dark forces" to delay or deny suffering cancer patients their desperately needed treatments !!!
People, as of yesterday, Northwest is now IN BUSINESS !!!! AND that opens the door for institutional investors and an uplist to the New York or Nasdaq exchanges!!!!
All of the above is as good as that first sip of ice cold buttermilk on a hot summer day!!!! AND for those unfortunate shorts and haters it adds a whole new description to the letters FTD and I'll let you guess what that might be!!!
Bright Boy Re: None Tuesday, March 21, 2023 9:05:54 PM Post# of 596749 Go The MIA allows for "International Immune Cell Imports" and "International Vaccine Exports" !!! That is big news and a big, big market and should access every cancer patient in need!!!!
ae kusterer
Re: None
Monday, May 29, 2023 9:13:34 AM
Post# 596739 of 596755 4 Pakistani neurosurgeons endorsing the JAMA Liau dc vax l phase 3 study. Will the RA in Pakistan facilitate their patients' resected GBM tumors and lysate being sent to Sawston , with syringes of dc vax l sent back to Pakistan?
Abstract Objective: To define the landscape of treatment patterns and current epidemiological data regarding gliomas in Pakistan.
Methods: As part of the Pakistan Brain Tumour Epidemiology Study (PBTES), data were collected from 32 neurosurgical centres across the country. Our retrospective study looked at patients who underwent surgical procedures for gliomas in 2019 in neurosurgical centres. The data was collated and analysed using STATA version 15.
Results: A total of 781 patients with gliomas were identified 479(61.8%) in public sector hospitals, 302(39.1%) in the private sector). The most common histopathological subtypes were glioblastoma 262 (33.5%), followed by astrocytoma 147(18.8%) and oligodendroglioma 93(11.9%). Gender distribution was skewed towards men 508(65%). Private institution hospitals performed surgical biopsies as the first surgical procedure 75(23%) more often than public hospitals 38(9%). Chemotherapy was given to 115(29.8%) patients, and there was no data regarding 467(53%) of patients. Similarly, only 202(43.9%) patients received radiation therapy, and there was no data for 469(60%) of patients. For high-grade gliomas specifically, only 95(31.8%) patients with HGG have a record of receiving radiation therapy, and only 57(18.9%) had a record of being started on chemotherapy.
DCvax: A promising advancement in oncology for the treatment of glioblastoma Areeba Fareed https://orcid.org/0000-0001-5906-9852 [email protected], Samia Rohail https://orcid.org/0000-0003-1488-0080, […], and Abdul Moiz Khan https://orcid.org/0000-0001-9796-8867+1View all authors and affiliations All Articles https://doi.org/10.1177/20363613231179541
Contents Declaration of conflicting interests Funding ORCID iDs Footnotes References PDF / ePub More Dear Editor, Glioblastoma is a malignant neoplasm of the central nervous system that arises from glial cells, primarily astrocyctes and is characterized by poorly differentiated, fusiform, round or pleomorphic astrocyctic cells with marked nuclear atypical and brisk mitotic activity.1 Despite advances in early diagnosis and comprehensive treatments, there is nearly 100% recurrence rate and dismal patient survival.2 According to researchers, more than 13,000 Americans are diagnosed with Glioblastoma annually, causing significant morbidity and mortality. There has been no cure for Glioblastoma so far.3 Treatment options often include surgical removal of the tumor followed by concomitant radiation and adjuvant temozolomide TMZ chemotherapy which has been the standard of care for glioblastoma since decades, but exposure to high doses of ionizing radiation is a well-known exogenous risk factor for glioblastoma. The inability to cross the BBB is the major obstacle in achieving remission after surgical resection followed by chemotherapy and radiation.4 As a result, glioblastoma typically recurs within six to 8 months and the survival rate is generally less than 5%.2 Despite the development of novel, complex, multidisciplinary, and targeted therapies the outcome for patients remains almost universally lethal.5 Therefore, the need for effective treatment is undeniable. For this reason, it has been a priority area in cancer research. Recently, US biotech company Northwest Biotherapeutics has developed a brain cancer vaccine, called DCVax, which is designed to help patients' immune system to target their tumors that may prolong their life by months or, in some cases, years.5 Thus, opening a door for the development of innovative therapy for targeting glioblastoma. The vaccine is created for each patient individually by isolating dendritic cells, from their blood which is then primed with biomarkers from a sample of the patient’s tumor.6 Dendritic cells present tumor antigens to the immune system, prime T cells, and mobilize antitumor responses.6 To evaluate the safety of the vaccine and its impact on survival time in patients with Glioblastoma, a phase 3 randomized control trial was conducted.7 In this trial, 348 patients newly diagnosed with Glioblastoma were tested at King’s College Hospital and other centers around the world for 8 years.7 Patients had surgery to remove their tumors as much as possible, followed by radiation and chemotherapy as the standard treatment for Glioblastoma.7 Among these patients, two out of three were treated with the vaccine, DCVax-L, with the remaining one-third receiving a placebo.7 The astonishing result of the trial has shown that newly diagnosed patients who received the vaccine survived for 19.3 months compared to 16.5 months for those who received a placebo.8 Overall 13% of all trial participants treated with DCVax lived more than 5 years after diagnosis compared with 5.7% in the comparison group who did so.8 Moreover, this is the first time in 17 years that such a significant result has been achieved in a Phase 3 trial of a systemic treatment for newly diagnosed Glioblastoma, and it’s the first treatment in 27 years for patients with GBM recurrence.9 Thus, this development represents a major step forward in our efforts to combat this devastating disease. Based on the findings of the trials evaluating the drug’s efficacy, it has the potential to improve the quality of life for patients, especially for the elderly and those unable to have surgery. A global clinical trial has concluded that the DCVax is the world’s first vaccine to treat deadly cancerous brain tumors that could help patients to live for years.9 This breakthrough could benefit 2500 people a year in the UK being diagnosed with Glioblastoma.9 It has also been shown that this therapy can be used to treat cancers other than Glioblastoma.9 However, due to high recurrence rate and lethal outcomes, the treatment of gliblastoma has seen significant transformation, switching from an aggressive surgical strategy to a more cautious one. The endorsement of the vaccine is a commendable achievement, and it demonstrates the unwavering commitment of researchers and healthcare professionals to discovering effective treatments for such lethal disease. Furthermore, vaccine may enhance the quality of life of a patient and provides a new hope for patients and their families Thus, it is crucial that we continue to support research into Glioblastoma and the development of novel treatments so that we can envision a future where this disease is eradicated. Declaration of conflicting interests The author(s) declared no potential conflicts of interest with respect to the research, authorship, and/or publication of this article. Funding The author(s) received no financial support for the research, authorship, and/or publication of this article. ORCID iDs Areeba Fareed https://orcid.org/0000-0001-5906-9852 Samia Rohail https://orcid.org/0000-0003-1488-0080 Alishba Adnan https://orcid.org/0000-0003-1238-6687 Abdul Moiz Khan https://orcid.org/0000-0001-9796-8867 Footnotes Author’s noteNot commissioned, externally peer reviewed. ContributorshipAreeba Fareed and Samia Rohail wrote the draft. Alishba Adnan and Abdul Moiz Khan proofread it. All authors reviewed and edited the manuscript and approved the final version of the manuscript. Data availabilityNo new dataset generated. References 1. Aans.org. Available from: https://www.aans.org/Patients/Neurosurgical-Conditions-and-Treatments/Glioblastoma-Multiforme%5d (cited 9 April 2023). GO TO REFERENCE Google Scholar 2. Liau LM, Ashkan K, Brem S, et al. Association of autologous tumor lysate-loaded dendritic cell vaccination with extension of survival among patients with newly diagnosed and recurrent glioblastoma: a phase 3 prospective externally controlled cohort trial: a phase 3 prospective externally controlled cohort trial. JAMA Oncol 2023; 9(1): 112–121. Available from: https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamaoncology/fullarticle/2798847 (cited 9 April 2023).
PubMed Google Scholar 3. Pelc C. Experimental cancer vaccine both treats and prevents brain cancer in mice [Internet]. East Sussex, UK: Medical News Today, 2023. Available from: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/experimental-cancer-vaccine-both-treats-and-prevents-brain-cancer-in-mice (cited 9 April 2023). GO TO REFERENCE Google Scholar 4. Rong L, Li N, Zhang Z. Emerging therapies for glioblastoma: current state and future directions. J Exp Clin Cancer Res 2022; 41(1): 142. (cited 9 April 2023). GO TO REFERENCE Crossref PubMed Google Scholar 5. Aldape K, Brindle KM, Chesler L, et al. Challenges to curing primary brain tumours. Nat Rev Clin Oncol 2019; 16(8): 509–520. Available from: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41571-019-0177-5 (cited 9 April 2023).
Crossref PubMed Google Scholar 6. Technology Networks. Brain cancer vaccine shown to extend patient survival [Internet]. Sudbury, UK: Technology Networks, 2022. Available from: https://www.technologynetworks.com/vaccines/news/brain-cancer-vaccine-shown-to-extend-patient-survival-367721 (cited 9 April 2023).
Google Scholar 7. Clinicaltrials.gov. Study of a drug [DCVax®-L] to treat newly diagnosed GBM brain cancer - full text view - Clinicaltrials.gov [internet]. Bethesda, MD: Clinicaltrials.gov, 2023. Available from: https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT00045968 (cited 9 April 2023).
Google Scholar 8. Campbell D. Vaccine shown to prolong life of patients with aggressive brain cancer. London, UK: The guardian [Internet], 2022. Available from: https://www.theguardian.com/science/2022/nov/17/vaccine-shown-to-prolong-life-patients-aggressive-brain-cancer-trial-glioblastoma (cited 9 April 2023).
Google Scholar 9. Delgado-Martín B, Medina MÁ. Advances in the knowledge of the molecular biology of glioblastoma and its impact in patient diagnosis, stratification, and treatment. Adv Sci 2020; 7(9): 1902971.
Crossref Google Scholar📷 0 Share Reply/Post Keep Last Read More Next 10 Prev NextNWBONorthwest Biotherapeutics Inc (QB)0.615 0.011 (1.82%)Volume:1,013,957Day Range:0.6011 - 0.62Bid:0.61Ask:0.615Last Trade Time:3:59:10 PM EDTTotal Trades:378
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2023.05.29 12:00 milb_bot 05/28/2023 Daily Minor League Hitter Standouts

Yesterday's Standout Hitters

stats for games since 04/19/2023

AAA Standouts

Jordan Walker 2/4 2B K SB -- [RF, 21, INT - STL] - [F] [T] .238 BA .352 OBP .143 ISO 105 AB 3 HR 4 SB 12 BB% 21 K%
Masyn Winn 1/4 3B -- [SS, 21, INT - STL] - [F] [T] .270 BA .352 OBP .121 ISO 141 AB 4 HR 4 SB 10 BB% 16 K%
Luis Matos 1/4 2B BB -- [CF, 21, PCL - SF] - [F] [T] .292 BA .346 OBP .104 ISO 48 AB 2 SB 7 BB% 3 K%
Jorge Barrosa 2/5 HR BB K -- [LF, 22, PCL - ARI] - [F] [T] .252 BA .383 OBP .215 ISO 107 AB 5 HR 4 SB 17 BB% 14 K%
Osleivis Basabe 2/3 BB SB -- [SS, 22, INT - TB] - [F] [T] .314 BA .392 OBP .098 ISO 102 AB 1 HR 7 SB 10 BB% 17 K%
Jordan Diaz 1/1 HR -- [PH, 22, PCL - OAK] - [F] [T] .333 BA .429 OBP .333 ISO 18 AB 2 HR 14 BB% 14 K%
Ivan Herrera 2/4 2B BB SB -- [C, 22, INT - STL] - [F] [T] .325 BA .455 OBP .250 ISO 80 AB 2 HR 2 SB 18 BB% 19 K%
Bo Naylor 3/3 BB -- [C, 23, INT - CLE] - [F] [T] .259 BA .382 OBP .205 ISO 112 AB 5 HR 16 BB% 18 K%
Christian Encarnacion-Strand 2/4 2B HR BB -- [1B, 23, INT - CIN] - [F] [T] .346 BA .384 OBP .375 ISO 136 AB 13 HR 4 BB% 26 K%
Jair Camargo 2/4 HR 2K -- [DH, 23, INT - MIN] - [F] [T] .270 BA .313 OBP .270 ISO 63 AB 5 HR 4 BB% 43 K%
Simon Muzziotti 1/3 2BB 2 SB -- [CF, 24, INT - PHI] - [F] [T] .379 BA .431 OBP .145 ISO 124 AB 3 HR 10 SB 8 BB% 10 K%
Yonathan Perlaza 3/4 2B HR BB -- [LF, 24, INT - CHC] - [F] [T] .307 BA .419 OBP .239 ISO 88 AB 3 HR 5 SB 15 BB% 22 K%
Jacob Amaya 3/5 HR K -- [SS, 24, INT - MIA] - [F] [T] .357 BA .420 OBP .245 ISO 98 AB 5 HR 8 BB% 16 K%
Estevan Florial 3/5 2B HR K -- [CF, 25, INT - NYY] - [F] [T] .331 BA .421 OBP .308 ISO 130 AB 10 HR 9 SB 13 BB% 32 K%
Jesus Sanchez 3/5 HR -- [DH, 25, INT - MIA] - [F] [T] .250 BA .308 OBP .250 ISO 12 AB 1 HR 7 BB% 23 K%
Jonah Bride 4/4 2B HR SB -- [3B, 27, PCL - OAK] - [F] [T] .355 BA .457 OBP .374 ISO 107 AB 8 HR 4 SB 13 BB% 10 K%
Kyle Lewis 2/5 2 HR BB 2K -- [DH, 27, PCL - ARI] - [F] [T] .261 BA .320 OBP .435 ISO 23 AB 3 HR 4 BB% 32 K%

AA Standouts

🔥​ Jackson Chourio​ 2/3 2B HR K -- [CF, 19, SOU - MIL] - [F] [T] .279 BA .333 OBP .140 ISO 129 AB 4 HR 11 SB 6 BB% 22 K%
Owen Caissie 1/4 HR K -- [LF, 20, SOU - CHC] - [F] [T] .278 BA .365 OBP .213 ISO 108 AB 6 HR 3 SB 11 BB% 34 K%
Jonatan Clase 1/5 HR K -- [CF, 21, TEX - SEA] - [F] [T] .244 BA .350 OBP .279 ISO 86 AB 6 HR 16 SB 13 BB% 33 K%
Orelvis Martinez 1/4 HR BB K -- [DH, 21, EAS - TOR] - [F] [T] .212 BA .320 OBP .385 ISO 104 AB 12 HR 13 BB% 22 K%
Noelvi Marte 3/4 2B BB -- [3B, 21, SOU - CIN] - [F] [T] .312 BA .392 OBP .232 ISO 125 AB 7 HR 7 SB 11 BB% 12 K%
Marco Luciano 2/4 2B BB -- [DH, 21, EAS - SF] - [F] [T] .176 BA .284 OBP .230 ISO 74 AB 4 HR 2 SB 13 BB% 31 K%
Victor Mesa Jr. 1/3 2B 2BB SB -- [CF, 21, SOU - MIA] - [F] [T] .224 BA .318 OBP .134 ISO 134 AB 4 HR 8 SB 11 BB% 29 K%
Diego Cartaya 2/4 HR K -- [C, 21, TEX - LAD] - [F] [T] .176 BA .311 OBP .153 ISO 85 AB 3 HR 11 BB% 34 K%
Leo Jimenez 3/5 2B HR -- [SS, 22, EAS - TOR] - [F] [T] .311 BA .382 OBP .082 ISO 61 AB 1 HR 2 SB 8 BB% 16 K%
Miguel Hiraldo 2/5 2K 2 SB -- [2B, 22, EAS - TOR] - [F] [T] .323 BA .359 OBP .167 ISO 96 AB 3 HR 6 SB 4 BB% 32 K%
🔥​ Johan Rojas​ 2/4 2 HR -- [CF, 22, EAS - PHI] - [F] [T] .293 BA .358 OBP .150 ISO 133 AB 3 HR 11 SB 8 BB% 13 K%
Noah Mendlinger 3/5 HR K -- [2B, 22, TEX - STL] - [F] [T] .409 BA .490 OBP .227 ISO 44 AB 2 HR 5 BB% 9 K%
Kenedy Corona 3/4 HR -- [CF, 23, TEX - HOU] - [F] [T] .244 BA .292 OBP .181 ISO 127 AB 5 HR 12 SB 5 BB% 26 K%
Korey Holland 2/2 2BB SB -- [RF, 23, EAS - CLE] - [F] [T] .341 BA .453 OBP .227 ISO 44 AB 2 HR 1 SB 15 BB% 30 K%
Heriberto Hernandez 2/5 HR -- [DH, 23, SOU - TB] - [F] [T] .225 BA .331 OBP .162 ISO 111 AB 5 HR 2 SB 12 BB% 33 K%
Connor Scott 2/4 3B HR -- [LF, 23, EAS - PIT] - [F] [T] .179 BA .226 OBP .141 ISO 78 AB 1 HR 3 SB 5 BB% 21 K%
Donta' Williams 1/3 HR BB K SB -- [CF, 23, EAS - BAL] - [F] [T] .128 BA .267 OBP .116 ISO 86 AB 2 HR 5 SB 15 BB% 29 K%
Steward Berroa 2/4 2 2B K SB -- [CF, 23, EAS - TOR] - [F] [T] .221 BA .393 OBP .128 ISO 86 AB 1 HR 14 SB 21 BB% 24 K%
Tim Tawa 2/5 2B HR -- [2B, 24, TEX - ARI] - [F] [T] .214 BA .305 OBP .155 ISO 103 AB 3 HR 1 SB 11 BB% 26 K%
Spencer Packard 2/2 HR 3BB -- [LF, 25, TEX - SEA] - [F] [T] .235 BA .374 OBP .153 ISO 85 AB 3 HR 1 SB 16 BB% 20 K%
Jacob Buchberger 3/4 2B HR K SB -- [3B, 25, TEX - STL] - [F] [T] .274 BA .347 OBP .236 ISO 106 AB 7 HR 5 SB 8 BB% 18 K%

A+ Standouts

Carter Jensen 2/4 2B BB K -- [DH, 19, MID - KC] - [F] [T] .208 BA .413 OBP .151 ISO 106 AB 3 HR 6 SB 25 BB% 21 K%
Adael Amador 1/3 2B BB -- [2B, 20, NWL - COL] - [F] [T] .293 BA .358 OBP .218 ISO 147 AB 8 HR 8 SB 8 BB% 10 K%
Harry Ford 1/3 HR BB K -- [DH, 20, NWL - SEA] - [F] [T] .275 BA .426 OBP .192 ISO 120 AB 6 HR 4 SB 18 BB% 18 K%
Jake Fox 1/3 2B BB -- [CF, 20, MID - CLE] - [F] [T] .222 BA .305 OBP .083 ISO 72 AB 1 HR 1 SB 10 BB% 21 K%
Blaze Jordan 2/4 2B -- [1B, 20, SAL - BOS] - [F] [T] .346 BA .380 OBP .238 ISO 130 AB 6 HR 1 SB 6 BB% 13 K%
Marcelo Mayer 1/4 BB SB -- [DH, 20, SAL - BOS] - [F] [T] .304 BA .373 OBP .250 ISO 112 AB 6 HR 4 SB 9 BB% 22 K%
Izaac Pacheco 2/4 2B BB K -- [3B, 20, MID - DET] - [F] [T] .230 BA .290 OBP .095 ISO 126 AB 2 HR 7 BB% 31 K%
Wilfred Veras 2/4 K SB -- [DH, 20, SAL - CWS] - [F] [T] .331 BA .354 OBP .176 ISO 136 AB 3 HR 11 SB 3 BB% 26 K%
Noah Miller 3/4 2B SB -- [SS, 20, MID - MIN] - [F] [T] .185 BA .252 OBP .077 ISO 130 AB 1 HR 6 SB 7 BB% 23 K%
Yiddi Cappe 2/4 K 2 SB -- [2B, 20, MID - MIA] - [F] [T] .226 BA .269 OBP .066 ISO 137 AB 1 HR 9 SB 4 BB% 20 K%
Benny Montgomery 2/4 HR -- [CF, 20, NWL - COL] - [F] [T] .263 BA .351 OBP .121 ISO 99 AB 2 HR 11 BB% 21 K%
Brainer Bonaci 1/4 3B BB SB -- [SS, 20, SAL - BOS] - [F] [T] .318 BA .375 OBP .170 ISO 88 AB 2 HR 3 SB 8 BB% 19 K%
Eddinson Paulino 1/3 3B BB -- [2B, 20, SAL - BOS] - [F] [T] .281 BA .379 OBP .167 ISO 114 AB 2 HR 9 SB 10 BB% 22 K%
🔥​ Dayan Frias​ 3/4 2B HR -- [3B, 20, MID - CLE] - [F] [T] .338 BA .432 OBP .113 ISO 71 AB 1 HR 3 SB 15 BB% 12 K%
Marcos Cabrera 1/3 HR BB 2K -- [3B, 21, SAL - NYY] - [F] [T] .214 BA .295 OBP .114 ISO 70 AB 2 HR 1 SB 10 BB% 30 K%
Isaiah Greene 1/2 2BB SB -- [LF, 21, MID - CLE] - [F] [T] .222 BA .352 OBP .139 ISO 72 AB 2 HR 5 SB 17 BB% 30 K%
Cayden Wallace 1/4 2B BB K SB -- [3B, 21, MID - KC] - [F] [T] .237 BA .327 OBP .193 ISO 135 AB 4 HR 8 SB 10 BB% 23 K%
Kevin Parada 2/3 2B BB -- [C, 21, SAL - NYM] - [F] [T] .241 BA .317 OBP .179 ISO 112 AB 2 HR 6 BB% 24 K%
Tanner Schobel 2/4 BB 2 SB -- [3B, 21, MID - MIN] - [F] [T] .250 BA .343 OBP .100 ISO 120 AB 1 HR 7 SB 11 BB% 19 K%
Spencer Jones 2/4 2B BB SB -- [CF, 22, SAL - NYY] - [F] [T] .246 BA .290 OBP .213 ISO 122 AB 4 HR 9 SB 5 BB% 34 K%
Cade Doughty 3/5 HR K -- [2B, 22, NWL - TOR] - [F] [T] .245 BA .345 OBP .206 ISO 102 AB 5 HR 11 BB% 31 K%
Tyler Locklear 3/5 2B HR K -- [1B, 22, NWL - SEA] - [F] [T] .338 BA .434 OBP .316 ISO 133 AB 10 HR 4 SB 10 BB% 23 K%
Alberto Rodriguez 2/5 2B 3B -- [RF, 22, NWL - SEA] - [F] [T] .355 BA .408 OBP .382 ISO 110 AB 8 HR 5 BB% 26 K%
Walking Cabrera 2/5 2B HR K -- [CF, 22, NWL - SEA] - [F] [T] .248 BA .282 OBP .186 ISO 113 AB 5 HR 3 SB 5 BB% 29 K%
Trey Lipscomb 2/4 HR -- [3B, 22, SAL - WSH] - [F] [T] .220 BA .304 OBP .136 ISO 118 AB 3 HR 4 SB 9 BB% 21 K%
Hayden Jones 3/4 3 2B -- [C, 23, MID - CIN] - [F] [T] .400 BA .400 OBP .200 ISO 15 AB 0 BB% 13 K%
🔥​ Joe Gray Jr.​ 3/4 2B 2 HR -- [CF, 23, MID - MIL] - [F] [T] .175 BA .209 OBP .175 ISO 80 AB 3 HR 4 SB 2 BB% 27 K%
Noah Cardenas 2/4 2B BB 3 SB -- [1B, 23, MID - MIN] - [F] [T] .289 BA .429 OBP .122 ISO 90 AB 6 SB 16 BB% 19 K%
Gustavo Campero 1/3 HR BB 2 SB -- [LF, 25, NWL - LAA] - [F] [T] .327 BA .393 OBP .327 ISO 55 AB 4 HR 6 SB 8 BB% 21 K%

A Standouts

Nelson Rada 1/2 2BB K -- [CF, 17, CAL - LAA] - [F] [T] .262 BA .406 OBP .056 ISO 107 AB 12 SB 15 BB% 16 K%
Jorge Ruiz 1/4 3B K -- [LF, 18, CAL - LAA] - [F] [T] .310 BA .425 OBP .143 ISO 126 AB 2 HR 6 SB 12 BB% 13 K%
Manuel Beltre 1/3 HR -- [2B, 18, FSL - TOR] - [F] [T] .244 BA .337 OBP .090 ISO 78 AB 1 HR 1 SB 11 BB% 19 K%
Manuel Beltre 2/4 -- [SS, 18, FSL - TOR] - [F] [T] .244 BA .337 OBP .090 ISO 78 AB 1 HR 1 SB 11 BB% 19 K%
Andy Perez 3/4 -- [3B, 18, CAL - COL] - [F] [T] .240 BA .254 OBP .088 ISO 125 AB 1 HR 3 SB 2 BB% 15 K%
Shalin Polanco 1/3 HR BB K SB -- [DH, 19, FSL - PIT] - [F] [T] .209 BA .283 OBP .209 ISO 115 AB 6 HR 5 SB 7 BB% 32 K%
Gabriel Gonzalez 2/5 SB -- [RF, 19, CAL - SEA] - [F] [T] .337 BA .402 OBP .129 ISO 101 AB 2 HR 1 SB 5 BB% 12 K%
Xavier Isaac 1/4 HR K -- [1B, 19, CAR - TB] - [F] [T] .231 BA .409 OBP .154 ISO 65 AB 3 HR 1 SB 20 BB% 15 K%
Moises Ballesteros 2/3 2B BB -- [1B, 19, CAR - CHC] - [F] [T] .262 BA .375 OBP .121 ISO 107 AB 2 HR 4 SB 15 BB% 10 K%
🔥​ Carlos Jorge​ 2/3 2B BB 2 SB -- [2B, 19, FSL - CIN] - [F] [T] .336 BA .402 OBP .150 ISO 113 AB 3 HR 13 SB 8 BB% 22 K%
Luis Garcia 1/3 BB K SB -- [2B, 19, FSL - TOR] - [F] [T] .333 BA .455 OBP .000 ISO 9 AB 1 SB 18 BB% 45 K%
Cole Young 2/3 2BB SB -- [SS, 19, CAL - SEA] - [F] [T] .260 BA .399 OBP .102 ISO 127 AB 8 SB 13 BB% 15 K%
Santiago Millan 2/3 2B SB -- [LF, 20, CAR - TB] - [F] [T] .200 BA .238 OBP .050 ISO 20 AB 1 SB 4 BB% 42 K%
Ryan Spikes 1/2 BB 2 SB -- [2B, 20, CAR - TB] - [F] [T] .200 BA .294 OBP .092 ISO 120 AB 2 HR 6 SB 11 BB% 27 K%
Luis Mendez 2/3 BB K SB -- [2B, 20, CAL - COL] - [F] [T] .211 BA .368 OBP .039 ISO 76 AB 4 SB 17 BB% 29 K%
Alexander Suarez 4/5 2B HR -- [CF, 21, CAL - SF] - [F] [T] .301 BA .400 OBP .164 ISO 73 AB 2 HR 5 SB 8 BB% 23 K%
T.J. Schofield-Sam 3/5 2B HR K -- [3B, 21, CAL - OAK] - [F] [T] .287 BA .350 OBP .178 ISO 101 AB 2 HR 2 SB 8 BB% 17 K%
Brennan Milone 2/5 2B HR -- [DH, 22, CAL - OAK] - [F] [T] .294 BA .413 OBP .225 ISO 102 AB 5 HR 1 SB 16 BB% 20 K%
Jorel Ortega 2/3 HR BB SB -- [2B, 22, FSL - MIN] - [F] [T] .312 BA .425 OBP .211 ISO 128 AB 3 HR 8 SB 15 BB% 24 K%
EJ Andrews Jr. 1/4 HR BB K SB -- [CF, 22, CAL - COL] - [F] [T] .258 BA .385 OBP .247 ISO 93 AB 4 HR 3 SB 17 BB% 28 K%
Peyton Williams 2/3 2 HR -- [1B, 22, FSL - TOR] - [F] [T] .325 BA .412 OBP .248 ISO 117 AB 7 HR 2 SB 9 BB% 16 K%
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2023.05.29 05:37 hcaz__ Does anyone have any info?

Does anyone have any info?
Found this hobby box in an old storage box in the house. Can’t find anything online about them. This box has (24 packs) with (3 cards each).
All I can find online is the (18 pack) hobby box.
The only (24 pack) box I can find includes (10 cards) in each pack which isn’t the same as mine. Any info would be appreciated!! Thanks!
submitted by hcaz__ to footballcards [link] [comments]

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2023.05.28 02:30 sleepingtree_ Caring for an infant alone

Just a total rant. My FIL is sick with liver cancer and his health has declined in the past week. My husband has been away for 4 straight days to take my FIL to the hospital and be with him overnight. We have a 3 month old who only contact naps (trust me, I’ve tried many different things to try to put her down for naps - she refuses and I end up having to do the whole soothing process all over again. So now I just let her sleep). It is insane how little you can get done when a baby is on you, and you have zero help. I’m barely eating because it’s so hard to get food when the baby is crying or needs to be held. Of course the last few days, the baby has been spitting up/blowing out/leaking pee multiple times a day, when that didn’t used to happen before. It’s so hard when you’ve run out of clothes, the bouncer is dirty with poo and needed to be washed but it needs to be air dried, the carrier has spit up and is in the washer… everything happening at once. I know many moms have said it before, but why doesn’t postpartum come with a new set of arms??
I know my husband is overwhelmed and stressed. But today he can come home, and he decides to stop by the spa (Korean spa, you pay like $30 and you can showebathe and use the saunas+common area to lie down etc) to ‘rest’ before a ONE hour drive back home from his dads hospital. After saying continuously how much he misses us and can’t wait to see us. I’ve been drowning for 4 days trying to hold down the fort. I haven’t been anywhere because the baby’s car seat base is in my husbands truck and I physically can’t lift the baby+car seat that high. Plus the baby hates car rides so it’s not worth risking getting in an accident due to being distracted from the screaming + sleep deprivation. I don’t sleep well because the baby still wakes up multiple times a night.
I just can’t help but feel resentful. Especially because my FIL was a terrible father and husband. He gambled away his family’s money, almost forced them into eviction multiple times, was totally MIA from my husbands life after his mom and him got divorced, and later on, only called my husband to get money from us because he would frequently gamble away his rent money. My husband is dutiful and in the end still loves his father, but I selfishly feel like it’s just so unfair. I’m having the hardest time at home, no family around to help. These 4 days have felt like an eternity, and now my husband choosing not to come home right away but go enjoy a nice At a spa feels like total shit. I know I’m supposed to be patient and understanding because my husband is sad his dad is dying, but me and my daughter just feel so deprioritized.
submitted by sleepingtree_ to beyondthebump [link] [comments]

2023.05.27 23:27 Crow621621 My Ideal Yakuza Game

I want to start off this post by saying that these are just my raw ideas for what I would see in a Yakuza game and I write this just have the idea out there. Although I would interested see what y'all think. As of this I have only ever played the mainline games and I do plan on getting to spin-offs like Judgement and Ishin soon, so keep that in mind for I'll be referencing the I have played games and no close to zero about the games I haven't played. Oh and spoilers for the mainline series obviously. The stuff I want in my ideal game I would put in bold so if you wanted quickly read through that's an option.

So as you know from the Yakuza games, there are a bunch of stuff that is one game but not in another and with that there is stuff taken away from one entry that leaves you wondering why would RGG Studios decided to do that.


Although I do not mind Dragon Engine (K2/Y6) combat, I much preferred pre-DE combat. Everything feels like everyone is made of rubber with how enemies fly like ragdolls and it's such a slog anytime Kiryu gets knocked down or gets his combos interrupt. Plus a lot of combos felt more clunky. The biggest crime of them is how badly Tiger Drop got nerfed like not only is the timing harder but it does so little damage that it's not worth going for. Though one thing I did enjoy about DE combat and I would like in my ideal Yakuza game is the ability to bring fights into certain restaurants and convivence stores and trash the place.

Yakuza 3 combat, I'm with everyone who calls this game Blockuza 3 because it's no secret that enemies block more often than in the other games and it can be a bit annoying at times but also I would say people exaggerate how bad it actually is. Partly because Kiryu has a nice move set in Y3. First he has an ability called "Golden Dragon Spirit" that allows him to manually gain heat while standing next to enemies and holding the taunt button. He can also gain heat after a certain from holding charge kick which super useful during dungeons. Then there's two great heat moves: Essence of Smoking and Essence of Rolling. See a majority of heat requires come kind of special setup which is not always easy to pull off in certain situations but these two are always easy to off 99% of the time and I personally I think look really cool. Finally, finishers are also cool but I'm split between these Yakuza 4's and 5's Feel The Heat because Hell's Gauntlet is super satisfying to pull off but can always be repetitive when you're doing it on every boss because the other two finishers don't do as much as damage. Also I would like to mention Komaki's Parry it's in other games as well but I most notably remember it as a staple move to have in Y3 as well as Komaki's Knockback.

Yakuza 4 introduced multiple characters each with their own unique move sets and everyone seems have their own reservations about which character sucks to play as but I liked them all a game with them all would be fun. I would like to Akiyama and Saejima in my ideal game but I would prefer their Yakuza 5 versions because being able to fling enemies in the air and hit them mid-air like Dante from Devil May Cry with Akiyama was fun and having Tiger Dragon Drop on Saejima completes him as a fighter.

Speaking of Yakuza 5, there's also a lot of unique stuff that I'm surprise did not make it's way into Yakuza 0 and Yakuza Kiwami despite Yakuza 5's engine being the beta for the engine those games run on. Tiger Drop for one can hit multiple targets at once which I think is because in Y5 enemies do not take turns attacking you like they do in Y0 and YK. It can get annoying in parts of the game where you fighting 10+ guys at once but having multiple enemies attack at the same time added to Y5's difficulty. Enemies can flee from random encounters if get scared from you brutalizing their friends. I know other games have but off the top of my head I can't which games have it or don't but enemies would times get mad and become more aggressive (indicated by the red steam over their heads) or fall to the floor in fear (indicated by the purple cloud over their heads). Though exclusive to Y5 when they fall to the floor in fear you can stomp on their heads which is an instant knock out regardless of their health bar. Even though this can make a game considerable easier Tatsuya's training was pretty cool because it gave us temporary second health bar and along with it stat boost that increased our strength (STR), ability to maintain heat (FCS) and increased the power of heat moves (SPR) but only lasted until the second health bar was depleted. There's also Dragon Spirit which is basically K2/Y6's Extreme Heat Mode but visually I much preferred Dragon Spirit and I think it's activation was better. Weapons were also better than ever in this game each of them had their own upgrades the more you used them in battle and you could store away weapons you picked up in fights. Should also bring back Kamiyama Works.

As for learning abilities. I think most will agree but K2/Y6's method of leveling up is not the preferred method of learning abilities. Although a cool idea, having to level up the your Health, Attack, Defense, Evasion and Heat Gauge is not something I would like in my ideal game because if you are not careful with upgrading your stats you can become pretty OP quick and if you do not upgrade enough it's easy to fall behind in strength. Featured in every game before Y0 and aside from Y4 where you a set of Soul, Tech., Body, and Soul upgrades and in order to get a certain ability you need to upgrade a bunch of other abilities. This method is better but not ideal. Personally I'm split between K1/Y0's skill tree and Y4's letting upgrade whatever you want. I like Y4's method because it provided me with one of my most fun moments while playing a Yakuza game which was playing through Saejima's prison escape. Due to it's difficulty it forced me to strategically chose my upgrades wisely so that I could better adapt to the challenge. Though K1/Y0's method did a better job at making feel like I was getting progressively stronger over the course of the game game so I lean more towards the skill tree.

Heat Moves? Tbh every game as hundreds of heat moves and I have not keeping track of which games have which and which do not but in an ideal game I want every heat move there ever has been in one game. I though I would say I want tag team heat moves to be an option because I noticed that tag team heat moves something added in Y5 but isn't in any of the game's prior. Also I know people hated this from Kiwami but I liked those heat moves where you could punish a boss for healing during a battle.

Also I do like Yakuza 7 Like A Dragon's turn-based combat but seeing that I play a bunch of turn-based games as is and not many beat 'em up brawlers like Yakuza, I would prefer the brawler combat.

Dungeons. If you do not know what I'm referring to it's those parts of the game you go through an area fighting hoards of enemies, picking up healing items along the way, and usually there's boss a the end. Like Shangri-La in K1/6, Saejima's prison break in Y4, Tojo HQ in K1/0, etc. This usually where the game's combat is most exciting for me and I would like game to have a few of them (a lot more than two). As well as some kind of unique sequence like the car chases in K1/K2/0 or snowmobile chase in Y5.


To be honest I do not have many concrete ideas for a story but I know what I like and what I do not like.

One gripe I have about series are the villains. For me there's two types of villains which I'll dub, "the Rival " and "the Schemer". The Rival is a villain who if they met Kiryu/the protagonist under any other circumstances they could have been good friends and they're believably his equal or relatively close in strength to him. Some examples are this are Nishikiyama, Ryuji, Mine, Someya, and Ryo Aoki. The Schemer is villains who spend a majority of the game scheming behind the scenes and is later reveal to be responsible for all the bad stuff that happens during the game. Some examples are Jingu, Terada, Andre Richardson, the Omi's 7th Chairman, and Iwami Jr..

Generally I like the rivals and I dislike the schemers. Usually the schemer gets little to no screen time and the reveal feels cheap because of it. Sometimes they get the schemer right like in the case of Jingu, where it kind of adds to his character where he's this extremely corrupt and power hungry politician who would go as far to attempt to kill his own wife and daughter for that power. Putting him in the final chapter kind of added to his character more than it took away from because he alluded to a few times before with that MIA guy almost leaking Jingu's name before getting killed and the Snake Flower Triad their involvement with the MIA. The rivals on the other hand usually appear multiple times during the story and it finally comes time for the final face off, it's some of the most epic fights in the series. Aizawa is one character who I would call a rival but he kind of fails due him hiding his true intentions all the way to the finale.

Sagawa. He is one of my favorite villains in the series and rather than trying to articulate why that is this video (I linked the summary of video but you can watch the rest for added context) does a good job at explaining why I like him better than I could explain. Though one thing I would say I like how Sagawa does fall into one of the two categories and is unique. So what I'm saying is that I want a villain that could match Sagawa's uniqueness.

Yakuza 0 Story Beats. One thing I would praise for Yakuza 0 is objectively having the best story in the series, it's a culmination of the Yakuza writer's experience writing Yakuza 1-5 in the best way. I liked how they alternated between Kiryu's and Majima's story and how each of their sections ended in a cliff hanger or an extremely emotional scene. Like Chapter 4 where Majima contemplates killing Makoto and as he unsheathes his dagger the chapter ends or Chapter 6 where Nishikiyama drives Kiryu out of the city and attempts to give Kiryu a mercy kill but ultimately can't bring himself to kill his sworn brother. All these made wanting to get back into the sections exciting and made it so that there never was a dull moment. It's that level interest for a story that I would want in my ideal game. Plus I think the plot is not too convoluted like other games can be at times.

Protagonist. I really like Kiryu as a protagonist but part of the fun of Y4, Y5, and Y0 is that you get to experience different characters and see how they interact with the story. So ideally I would like game where you play as Kiryu, Akiyama, Majima, Saejima, Tanimura, and Shinada. Although I would say that might want to replace Tanimura and Shinada with other characters because with the way their stories ended in Y4 and Y5 I think there would not be much benefit from seeing them again even though I liked both of them. Instead I think Daigo with Tanimura's moveset and Ryuji whose somehow alive with Shinada's moveset if I wanted to go the route of different characters. Sidenote: I would give Majima his Mad Dog of Shimano style from Y0 and a new abilities. One thing I did not like about Y4 and Y5 is that each character was limited to 4 chapters of screen time because the writers did not want the game to be too long but had to fit in 4-5 characters. So think the way I would do it is that each part would be 5 chapters, focusing on 2 protagonist, alternating between the two of them, and the 5th chapter would be like Y5's finale where you choose which of the two you want to play as, as they team. So the first part could be 5 could be Kiryu & Akiyama, the second part could be Majima & Saejima and the third part could be Daigo & Ryuji or Tanimura & Shinada. With the finale being like Y5's where they each play a role in this massive fight at the end. So 16 chapters total.

Canon? Probably not because with how I would ideally want the story to be I do not see how it could integrated nicely into the current Yakuza plot or be sandwiched between older titles. Plus if it was a spin-off game, it would be able to take more creative liberties.

Side note: I would like see more of Joon-gi Han and what's up with his body doubles

Side Content

Substories. I think 78 substories is a perfect amount because it not too many where it could be overwhelming but not to little either. Each character would get 13 substories to be fair. I would some substories to be call backs to older substories like the Akimoto and Mizuki substory line from K1, K2, and Y3. I would like some substories that puts the protagonist personality on display like the ones in Y4 for Akiyama, Saejima and Tanimura. I also would like substories that are in direct relation to main story like the two from Yakuza Kiwami involving the assassin sent to kill Kiryu in prison and the one with Yayoi Dojima seeking revenge for Dojima's death. Of course I would like some silly and funny substories like the one with patriarch who has a fetish for being treated like baby and forces his family act as babies too because it's a classic staple of Yakuza games.
Also no substories that require you to spend time with and money on hostess or substories that require you to be really good at a specific minigame to complete because personally I do not like them. Although I would not eliminate hostess or the rewards for getting good a minigame because I like having options.

Minigames? Why not have them all. Some of the gambling minigames are not for me but again I like having options so I would keep them. It sucks that DE games do not have bowling but my game would of course have them. I would like Y4's ping pong sauna and Y5's table tennis air hockey sauna to return but maybe this time the sauna can feature both minigames. Y3 has a bad golf and fishing minigame but I think K2/6 made golf fun and Y5/Y0 made fishing fun so I would prefer those versions. Say what you want about song selections in DE but I think the karaoke UI is better in Y7 so I would Y7 karaoke with every song featured in a Yakuza game. Some standout minigames I would like to return is Y5's Winter Combat, Y0's Disco, Y6's Spearfishing and Y7's Dragon Cart. Sidenote I guess this game would have to take place during the winter.

Side Stories? It'd be cool if every character had their own side story. The cabaret club is a fan favorite so another one would be cool and I would like one too because I got a extremely good at it. Although I did not much hunting in Y5, the tutorial was pretty fun and I would like to one day complete it. Same as hunting I did not finish it and although the story did not quite grasp me the taxi racing from Y5 would be pretty cool. Aside from those 3 I would like 3 new side stories, of what I do not know. I would just hope they have an interesting story and that they are fun to play.

Y7's Drink Links, I like how they are an obvious reference to Persona another series I enjoy and I think they do a lot to give us insight on a character. Perhaps each duo could have drink links with other like imagine Kiryu and Akiyama grabbing drinks. Then maybe in finale each character could have one drink link with every other character. Then after completing a character's drink link, that characters gets a special new ability in combat.

Visuals, Sound and Overworld

One thing I have to appreciate the Dragon Engine for is the graphics. Sure it's not perfect, there have been weird textures and filters but generally the games featuring the DE look really good. They also make NPCs look more detailed whereas in pre-DE games NPCs looked kind of ugly and low poly when compared to main story characters. Though the visuals of heat I think Yakuza 5 did it best. I also like how during certain heat moves in Y5/Y0/K1 you see the protagonist fist change color as he is punching. As the health bars and heat bar, I do not have any preference just as long as the heat bar is not just one single bar like K2 or a bunch of orbs like Y6.

I also noticed that fighting sound effects varies from game to game and I think that once again Y5/Y0/YK had the most satisfying fighting sound effects especially the Tiger Drops. This might be a niche thing but in Y3 there's combo where Kiryu puts his hands together and smashes the bottom his fist on his opponent's heads, it makes such a satisfying sound. Here's a clip of that.

As for the music. I will like the upbeat battle themes as much as the next guy for me the highlight ost tracks always seem to be the unreleased tracks. Some of examples: Akiyama tells Lily he knows the truth, Saejima's re-arrest, Sagawa says Farewell, and Sugiuchi get caught. These osts such as these usually tend to be the most memorable which is always a bummer to find that their unreleased but ideal game would feature these among the other unreleased tracks and similar new osts tracks. Also like quite a few of battle osts as well but for the general I battle I would different ost tracks for each character kind of like how Yakuza 4 did it.

I miss being able to knock NPCs down when bumping into them which something the DE changed.

Even though I like the other cities I would like a bulk of the game to take place in Kamurocho as always. However one thing added in Y4 and was slowly phased out after Yakuza 5 & 6 are the new locations add to Kamurocho like the underground mall, underground parking lot, rooftops, the shortcut near the coin lockers, Saejima's hideout, the sewers, and Little Asia (Y6 messed this one up). These locations gave Kamurocho new feel and I missed them. Similar I really liked Sotenbori so imagine if they new locations in Sontenbori. Story wise it might not be possible to fit all the other cities but I like all of them except maybe Tsukimino (Saejima's Y5 city). I'm hesitant to add in Ijincho because on hand it would not quite fit into a story involving the six protagonist I mentioned but on the other hand it's such a big city with many attractions and it's a perfect hub for minigames and side content.


If you read any of that, I appreciate you. Again I just wanted to put my thoughts out there as a fan of the Yakuza series and go through stuff I enjoyed from playing it.
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