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Braiding:the subreddit for those complicated hair things

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Ever want to know how they do those long complicated braids? Are you a forever aloner who has nobody to share their braids with? This subreddit is for you!

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A subreddit to discuss Thekla, Inc., the video game company responsible for The Witness and run by Jonathan Blow Other relevant subreddits: braid thewitness jai

2023.05.29 18:13 DreaGraham First trip to Florence

I'm travelling out to Italy for the first time on the 4th of July and looking for some good activities to do that are relatively inexpensive.
So far I fly out from the UK to Pisa on the 4th, arriving around 11am, to then travel by train to Florence(where I will be staying for 6 days)
We have a city tour in the 6th and a wine tour on the 8th. We do want to take a day trip at some point to Venice possibly on the 7th, my boyfriend also wants to visit Pisa properly rather than just passing through. We are staying right next to the Duomo and want to go to the top of the bell tower, how is best to book this?
Also want to visit some galleries and gardens while we are there, I had seen someone recently post about a museum passport, I did look this up but I'm wondering if that would be the best option?
Anywhere else in the city that is good to explore and good places to eat while we are there, I would really appreciate all recommendations! Do you have to book a reservation for restaurants or is it possible to just turn up? I just really want to work out an amazing trip but I am terrible with itineraries as we are pretty laid back about needing everything totally planned.
Thanks 😊
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2023.05.29 18:12 rrmmbb77 Need advice about repair

Our HVAC unit was working fine and the bi-annual service guy came to do routine maintenance. We’ve not had any troubles with it and our rooms are nice and cold when it’s on. During maintenance he told me the capacitor seemed like it was going bad soon and while it wasn’t broken yet, it might be good to replace it. I put trust in my service providers so I told him if he thinks it’s best then go for it. He changed it for a new one and then finished up and left. My system has not worked since before he turned it off.
I called them back out for which they wanted to charge 200 (which I told them I would not pay bc they left it in a non working state). They diagnosed that the blower motor is dead and gave me a $1,050 quote.
I am having a different company come out and do repairs because it just doesn’t seem right that they left it non working and that it’s broken after they changed that capacitor which wasn’t fully broken. I just feel like it wasn’t a good recommendation and above all that they made a repair to a working machine then didn’t verify it worked before leaving.
To everyone who knows about HVAC systems - does this seem right?
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2023.05.29 18:12 corvid_creature an INFP’s opinion of the 16 personalities (BRUTAL ROAST, NO HOLDS BARRED)

DISCLAIMER: i’m basing this off my personal experience so some sections might not be as thorough as others, please don’t be offended
INTJ/ENTJ: i don’t know a lot of XNTJs irl but i admire how smart and driven you all are! i appreciate that you can be calculated and ambitious while still being emotionally intelligent and caring :)
INTP: you all are great company and we compliment each other well. the INTPs i know are so unique and funny as hell. i just ask that you don’t make me play magic the gathering with you lol
ENTP: i really admire your boldness and how you’re unafraid to be yourselves. we have the best, most animated discussions and make each other laugh. even though i can’t always keep up with you for very long, know that i appreciate your positive energy
INFJ: you all give the best advice. the INFJs i know range from sweet and caring to bold and intrepid and i love how you contain multitudes. our outlooks might clash sometimes but talking with you is always insightful and refreshing
ENFJ: i ♥️ ENFJs! when you’re healthy, yall are truly inspiring and act as the glue holding a group of friends together. i love that you’re unafraid to reach out to people and make connections. very sweet and charismatic type
INFP: feels silly to include my own type here but i vibe hard with other INFPs :) yall make me feel understood and like i can be myself around you without holding back
ENFP: thank you for encouraging me to break out of my shell and not stay in my room all day lol. i love how attuned you are to other’s emotions and how it’s always a fun time hanging out with you
ISTJ: i appreciate you all being a voice of reason and keeping me grounded. the ISTJs i know taught me common sense and how to navigate the world like a grownup so i’m endlessly thankful for that
ESTJ: wowowow. my favorite fictional characters are often your type. you all are so strong willed and you tell it like you see it. i admire you greatly because you have so many qualities i wish i possessed
ESTP/ISTP: SO fun to talk to. yall are so funny and you always keep it real. you teach me how to have a thicker skin lol. we tend to clash sometimes but i know yall mean well and we just see things differently
ISFJ/ESFJ: you all are the sweetest people i know. whenever i need to bitch about something i know i can turn to you. it must be nice being so social and likeable, yall are wonderful company
ISFP: you’re the type i wish i was. you can be so down to earth and quietly funny. you seem effortlessly cool too. my roommate is an ISFP and i love being around her :)
ESFP: you all are so entertaining and make life more exciting. i can only handle you in small doses due to my introverted sensibilities but i laugh a lot around you and wish i had your charm
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2023.05.29 18:12 Deepanjan_Gupta Light weapons for nether

Since i don't have any new weapons like stake and spear, I want to campare the weapons i already have and see what works best but i don't have any leveled up so im looking for suggestions as to what are the best options. I am using claws and crudels on other robots so that's out of option
View Poll
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2023.05.29 18:12 topCSjobs D-ID - Customer Success Manager - Tel Aviv, Israel

D-ID - Customer Success Manager
D-ID is on a mission to help businesses and creators put their best face forward. With our self-service studio and API, we enable users to generate videos featuring an endless selection of AI-powered presenters for a wide range of uses.
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2023.05.29 18:12 Wee-Bit-Sketchy Stack effect?

Hi all! I'm an owner of an ordinary home with a question that's been bugging me.
I do my best to minimize the use of my heat pump for cooling by strategically opening my windows at night, closing them during the day, and operating my blinds to minimize solar heat gain.
One thing I've always wondered: at night when the outside temperature is several degrees lower than the interior, is it more effective to open one large window on the ground floor and another on the top floor to try to take advantage of the stack effect, or to instead open as many windows as practical?
My thought is that the former might be more effective because the airflow would be more organized and "drag" the warm air outside, versus opening more windows, which might result in more chaotic air movement that might not ventilate as well despite the fact that there are more openings in the building.
I figure if anybody has looked into this question, it would LEED building designers, so I hope this is the right subreddit for it!
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2023.05.29 18:12 DustingMop Education pathway to becoming a nurse?

Hello, my wife has informed me today that she wants to become a nurse. This came as a great shock to me since, in the 5 years I've been with her, I've never heard her talk about this. With that said, I'm wanting to be as supportive as possible and help her with this path that she has chosen.
In my online reading, I see there are a few different paths that can be taken and that some people are quite opinionated about it. However, I want to understand the feasibility of these options.
In particular, we believe the best option for us would be for my spouse to begin their journey in a Community College by working towards an ADN. The college offers a "bridge" pathway, so we can be assured that the credits are aimed towards advancing your degree later.
Where my understanding breaks down is when it comes to what level of degree you actually need. It seems online that it is stated you can get into the field with an ADN. However, many people online say you need to then go for your BSN and that you should aim to have your employer pay for it. Is this a normal option? Does it actually happen? Or is it a pipedream?
Should my spouse aim to finish their BSN before entering the field? Or is it a more viable option enter the field with your ADN and continue to your BSN at that point?
My understanding of nursing ends where George O'Malley died, so I have no idea how any of this works. I want to help my spouse make the right decision, though. I also don't want them to panic and shy away from this if it's something they really want to do.
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2023.05.29 18:11 TigerDriverCentral Serious question, but what are some of the most valid and pointed criticisms of AEW?

Since AEW debuted, I have spent way more time watching them than WWE (maybe I’ll watch a few big PPV matches and the very occasional, especially since the NXT 2.0 rebrand, NXT PPV) and as a diehard wrestling fan for the last 15 years, I finally found them as a viable alternative to the ‘E who on a fundamental level I could respect more, and which in my eyes synthesized all the best parts of Indy wrestling, NJPW & puroresu, and even the best of WCW during the Nitro era, into an actual “mainstream” product. It seemed like they gave more of a shit about their employees, they signed up most of the independent/international greats, and they didn’t isolate themselves as a professional wrestling Island, like WWE (although they can afford to do that, financially and because of the strength of their brand)
I think there have definitely been quite a few growing pains, but I also believe that with every year since the first DoN show, and the subsequent debut of Dynamite, they have more and more been finding their stride, while in my eyes, on their best nights, still delivering those things that drew many hardcore fans like myself towards them in the first place.
But, like many, it seems to me like they have hit a sort of plateau. Khans golden hits; from “major announcements” each month, to signing “international stars” from a talent pool that only gets smaller and smaller every year since the cream gets skimmed off the top much quicker now in wrestling (thanks in part not just to him, but the WWE also), to “dream matches” that hardly ever play out like the 45 minute classics we expect them to, since they are inevitably only a small piece of some bigger feud and used as heat magnets, don’t seem to hit the same high notes they used to. I’m not being fatalistic about these faults, because again, growing pains for a company that isn’t even in its fifth year and yet has major multi-million dollar TV deals and multiple shows to fill time slots in, while also appeasing their investors, are definitely to be expected, however it’s worth talking about since ultimately we are the ones consuming the cumulative tail end of all these factors.
I am still a do or die fan of theirs, and will be until Tony spends all of his fathers fortune on coke and signing as many talented people with big name value as he can to massive, probably not always justified deals, but at this point the tone of the company has been set, and it’s growing into what it probably will be for the next decade (hoping it makes it that far) and that justifies open dialogues of constructive criticism, since we now have a clearer picture of where to address those critiques.
So, what are some things you believe are holding the company back, or that you think they need to do more or less of given their current trajectory? As a side question, how viable do you think the company is moving forward and do you still see them as growing more and more as a legitimate threat to the WWE brand, or just fizzling out as a well-produced alternative?
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2023.05.29 18:11 goddlessanarchist Acceptance

I have been seeking help for other things when this subject was brought up. If I am being honest I rejected it at first because it felt like a weakness. I also despise having a label which was also causing negative feelings about this topic. and myself.
With my experience as a male I never fully felt like the other boys and men around me. Especially as society standards are now as current. I can be that go getter, hyper aggressive and slightly ruthless. While also being extremely empathetic, compassionate, and caring. It depends on the situation, but none of these describing factors that I just listed are always present. They seem to appear as needed. I correlate this to my fight or flight response just being hyper active and sensitive.
That word sensitive, really bothered me honestly up until two days ago. I have been aware of the term HSP for a few months now but have had such a bias towards the word sensitive, it was stopping me from learning more about HSP and myself. After taking the time researching what a HSP is I can certainly see how I fit into this category of a person.
I want to talk about feelings or emotions first because I feel like I relate the most to the rest of this community in this way. Most my life I have always felt more connected to the people/ environment around me. When someone is in pain, whether that be emotional or physical I almost feel their pain as well and become somewhat distressed. I want to just help this person feel better, one because I do genuinely care and because I think subconsciously if I help them resolve the issue I will feel like myself again or begin to start to feel better. Anger is a BIG one for me. I know, I just know when someone is angry, frustrated, and sometimes I can feel the intention of the other person to do harm whether that is physically, emotional, or psychological harm. I don't even have to be interacting with the person to sense this or feels this. Could be two random people I just happened to be around.
My mind can feel like a door wide open sometimes. As I have learned, I can get over stimulated and just start to react or shut down. I feel as though this is a obvious response for most people but it is always SO intense. Simple situations sometimes feel like life or death. An example of when I become overstimulated and have to react is mainly at work. I work in an environment that goes from steady and mellow to within seconds 50 plus people need something from me. It comes at me from my work phone ringing nonstop, patients, therapist and management all deciding to be needy at that exact time, it happens every time. In these instances rather than shutting down all the information just continuously comes in nonstop and I react to this information as it comes in. I actually make it work very well am very successful with converting my nervous energy and stress into efficiency. I am usually a little tired once the craziness ends but I don't have much time to think or reflect on it because I have my administrative work to keep doing.
I can also recall times when I was younger and my little brother would wonder off or get lost in public and everyone was showing panic and freaking out. I had my mind wide open just accepting every bit of information trying to catch a glimpse of my brother or to hear him call out. A funny connection to me would be like when a cat gets startled and their pupils go from tiny dots to their whole eyes. I always found my brother or whatever we are looking for. You bet I was the one that lead us back through cities to where we parked. Again generally after these experiences I feel exhausted.
Now if I continuously am surrounded in any type of environment my mood really starts to shift and adapt to those around me. Last week at work, EVERYONE was in a bad mood the entire day/ Week. Well guess what, it started to affect me, and I know it did because I started to care less about things. My quality of work, my appearance and how I communicated. Everything about me was screaming negativity which is what I was surrounded by for the largest portion of my day. Home is not to good either, rarely is anyone in the best of moods and it feels as though I'm walking around on Legos. Legos because they hurt more than stepping on glass... A joke lol.
With all my thoughts now out on the table I am trying to learn to navigate the world in a way where I am not just going to shelter myself but be successful while still having healthy boundaries. I really feel as though being this way feels like either being a super hero or super villain. The hero aspect is I connect with people more easily and can find common ground regardless of the demographics of the person. For the first time the other day I used my I guess knowledge for something not so good? I don't know, but the person I was talking with I could sense weakness, I don't mean weak in the mind or body but what we were talking about I could sense they were uncomortable and not very well informed on the subject. I could tell they wanted to stop talking about it but they made no move to stop the conversation or change subjects... So I pushed a bit and what I found was interesting. I felt like I really understood the person and from there started to slowly understand some of their flaws or insecurities they saw in themselves. I felt as though I had immense power over them and the conversation. I did enjoy this feeling but them found myself sick to the stomach, I was able to understand someones feelings and not act on it with a good intent. Now this may sound dramatic but the conversation was just about a "controversial" subject that I feel is stupid and blown out of proportion so I played ignorant asking her to explain herself and her view. I could slowly see the realization on her face that she was realizing how stupid she sounded and that she wasn't fully invested in what she was saying. I allowed the conversation to end and shared my appreciation to her for sharing her views or points on the subject at hand. But I did not feel right about what I did.
A lot of rambling here, so if you made it this far comment your favorite type of ice cream! Thank you for tagging along my rant/ discussion.
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2023.05.29 18:11 Long-Dare8861 Advice needed on cycling a tank for newbie…

I’m about to set up my new 5.4 gallon tank and I’m a bit confused about cycling. I read the wiki about it (the one attached to this sub) and I also read about it on aquarium co-op. I’m confused. The wiki seems to recommend fishless cycling using ammonia and fish food as the best method, while aquarium co-op says fish-in cycling is the most common and if you’re doing a planted tank (which I am) that would be best way to cycle. But I read something somewhere else saying that plants should be added after the tank is cycled. I’m not clear on which way to go to start cycling a small tank that I intend to plant. Can people give me some advice on what has worked for them and what might be the best route for a beginner to go?
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2023.05.29 18:11 Finding_Awkward I think Mary is not a good leader and Jason was right in being pissed at her?

Here me out before u get pissed. This is about Jason being pissed at Mary and her husband for shody job on a project clearly imp. What I could guage m also agreeing to Jason this house def is not going to be ready in 2 weeks. Also Mary is very smart at making him feel guilty of taking 3 weeks off and how she kept her personal life at stake when he was partying to get it done. Tbh he employees u as a leadership position so she could handle, manage and get it delivered. Be it from her best friend colleagues or her husband.....she clearly failed. If he needs to do the job why will he hire her with higher pay. If I am working as ceo or vp in a company my boss will expect me to act like one. That comes with high responsibility...bigger challgenges...high targets and power. Somewhere I read Jason is a villain and Mary is used. I think it's contrary. As leader she should have solved the issues girls have and resolve botle nech situations.
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2023.05.29 18:11 kneumannpeepo If its your daily or only set of wheels, don't go stage 1. Just sharing my experience.

I have a 2015 Mk7 1.8L 5 speed transmission. I got apr stage 1 tune, only great benefits right? Everyone seems to claim so, but how about after 20k miles? I got a short shifter kit, intake, inlet pipe and other goodies to compliment it. Claims of better fuel milage are completely false, you won't get more than 300km to a tank if you drive your car somewhat hard. Clutch started slipping 2 months after tune, so I got a southbend stage 2 daily. Now 3 months later, transmission gave out. Shit happens when you try to make more power on these cars even with a stage 1 tune. Im not mad, Im just sharing my experience. Im a student and 3k for a new transmission would put me in debt, especially if other parts started breaking too since its getting up there in mileage, luckily I found one for a good price. These 1.8L and 5 speed transmission are not built for it and its not all smooth sailing when getting "just" a stage 1 tune. I forsee the next used transmission giving out too. Going to reflash back to stock and can tune it again in the future when I have a second daily, but yeah, what are your guys experience with stage 1 tune? Maybe I don't have the best of luck.
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2023.05.29 18:11 im_justlooking_ My son keeps lying

My son (8m) is awaiting assessment for autism. He has a good friendship group and seems to be comfortable at school.
He has a tendency to lie at home with silly things, basically a lot of "I didn't do that". We often talk about how honesty is best and it helps us to trust each other.
I've found out that he routinely lies to his friends, and they know, about things he's seen or experienced. Like watching films he hasn't or going to places we haven't visited.
When I spoke with him, he said he says stuff because he thinks he's boring. He wants to fit in. He also said he doesn't know what to say, so it's easier to just agree with stuff that's already happening around him rather than start and new conversation. I understand now why he's doing it, but how can I support him in situations where I'm not there? I don't want his friends to get fed up with being lied to, or for him to not be believed when he does tell the truth. Help??
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2023.05.29 18:10 Realistic_Ad2520 What type of flooring is this?

I want the same color and looks of this flooring in this photo, what is it called and where is the best place to look for it?
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2023.05.29 18:10 AutoModerator [Get] Dan Martell – 8 Week Growth Accelerator Download

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2023.05.29 18:10 leaguecitydentist Tuscan Lakes Family Dentistry: Offering Exceptional Dental Services in League City

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2023.05.29 18:10 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi Courses (bundle here)

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2023.05.29 18:10 sketchy_ppl A "fun" option to complement the HD6XX (w/ FiiO K5 Pro) - budget up to $2,000 CAD

My bedside setup is HD6XX w/ FiiO K5 Pro. I love them, but my one complaint has always been the lack of bass so I'm considering adding a second pair of "fun" headphones.
I also have the HD25-1 II but I don't find them comfortable anymore and I've out-listened to them and am looking for something new.
Here's what I'm considering:
  1. Sell the HD6XX, get the HD800s, and a cheaper 'fun' option like the ATH-M50x.
  2. Keep the HD6XX, save my money and get something budget friendly like the ATH-M50x
  3. Keep the HD6XX, use the rest of my budget to get a nice pair of fun headphones
If I go with Option #1, would I need to upgrade the K5 Pro to power the HD800s and bring out the best of them?
If I go with Option #3, what would the best recommendations be? I'd like to get something that doesn't need a dedicated DAC/AMP, but not against it if it's within budget.
\I selected Open Back for the flair but I'm fine with either Open or Closed*
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2023.05.29 18:10 tallycalorie UK visa in USA - process after biometrics

Hello, I reside in US but I am not a US citizen. I am applying for a UK visitor visa. Since my travel dates are coming up soon, I am trying my best to minimize delays from my end.
I have submitted my application in and scheduled my biometrics at an USCIS location. I will take my passport and requested additional documents to my biometrics appointment. But it is unclear to me what the next steps are after biometrics. So here are some questions.
  1. The document checklist only asks for passport, funds proof, US Visa/GreenCard. My question is should I also bring/upload flight reservations and hotel reservations ? Or is this not required ?
  2. What is the process after biometrics ? The last time I applied for a UK visa, after biometrics I had to mail all documents and wait for the passport to be returned to me. But I don’t see any mention of this process on the website or vfsglobal website.
  3. What timeline can I expect to get my passport back with UK visa after my biometrics appointment.
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2023.05.29 18:10 Fast_Ad7086 What’s the best way to start looking for work as a hgv driver?

I’ve recently passed my cat c license and have my tacho card and cpc card
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