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Reservation change - arriving day later

2023.05.29 15:56 kzielu Reservation change - arriving day later

Have a booking made a while ago (Homewood Suites) at the corporate rate available to me at the time of booking. Want to change the stay to be shorter by arriving a day later - trying to do it on line it seems to be showing current (quite a bit higher) rate which make total stay more expensive than original one. Is there a way to change it and keep original rate (I'm diamond if it matters at all) ?
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2023.05.29 13:57 Odpea Primitive fun oneshot(probably)

Thank you to u/Far_masterpiece_7739 for proofreading and suggesting edits
this is my first story on NoP and hopefully my first good one, excuse the dates, i just put the date i went to the fair i describe in the story and put it in the year the main story takes place, for reference this is meant to be before the bombs dropped.

Memory transcription subject:Talik, Venlil exchange program participant
Date[Standardised human time]:13.05.2136
As My exchange partner and I stepped out of his house and into his car I was quite unenthused about where we were going. We were headed to a steam fair, yes an actual real life steam fair, this is something a yotul would enjoy, and I was no mere uplift.
[2 hours later]
It took half a spheking paw to get here, ugh, at least it was a chance to listen to more of that wonderful, though oddly named, human music, of the metal genre, my current favourite song being full circle by Five finger death punch, an odd and very predatory name, but it seems the same is true for a lot of human music. As we pulled into the seemingly random field there was an old man, in what my human had told me was a hi vis jacket, making strange hand gestures at us that my human somehow understood, we drove into another field, this one full of semi orderly rows of many different types of cars, we then got out and walked through the long grass towards a green booth of some kind in front of a small also green bridge, there were two middle aged human women in the booth, after my human paid £10 we were allowed in, at first it was less than impressive to our left was a man in an oddly coloured suit and purple top hat on a large stage, in front of us was a large empty area fenced off with rope, and many older vehicles were off to our left along with some “bouncy castles'' as my human had explained to me before and several stalls selling various items.
We went over to the left, past the stage and several food stands that smelled absolutely incredible, we made our way to a large horizontal wheel that suspended five other horizontal wheels that each had three sets of seats suspended from them, my human decided this would be a good way to “break me into it”, I decided against pointing out the very predatory language, and agreed to go on, my human gave the ride operator £3 and we both got on, my human being the bigger of the two of us had to sit next to the padded wall likely to reduce the effects of inertia, after a short wait for it to fill up, the ride started to play some music and slowly spin each the top one spinning the opposite direction to the others, the ride slowly got faster and after about a minute the operator announced, over the PA of the ride,that it was “time for turbo mode” and to “squish your partner”, and so I did, I allowed myself to slide across and bump into him at speed, I hit him harder than I intended, and apologised, he said nothing and simply pushed against the centrifugal force pushing us into the padded wall and moved us both to the opposite side of the cart, and laughed saying that he barely felt my impact “of course you didn’t, you have the most messed up physiology I have ever seen” I laughed out smiling in spite of myself.
After the ride stopped we moved past a giant vertical wheel, that my human called a Ferris wheel, and a large tower with a slide running around the outside, called a helter skelter my human said, and on to what my human said was one of his favorite rides ever, the swinging boats, from where we stood they looked quite tame, something was wrong, my human was an “Adrenaline junkie” as he and several of his friends had called him, meaning two rectangular boxes with seats in them just hanging there was clearly not all there was to the first steam powered ride I had seen at this steam fair, as we ascended the stairs to get on I saw an old man in amongst many valves, levers and gauges, my human paid the man £3 and one other person was on the ride with us, we were at one end and she was at the other, she smiled at us and laughed at my concerned face after my human gave some obscure hand sign, I should really learn the human hand, face and head language, just then I noticed a sign that read “all riders do so at their own risk” I was now very worried, I didn’t say anything though as I knew that my human would never intentionally endanger me, just then an ear peircing screeching sound started, causing me to Jump in fright, we were then told to hold onto the netting behind us and put our feet on the bench in front of us, then the box we were in started to swing, and I realised what they would do, after about [20 seconds] we were swinging so far that the box, or boat as my human had corrected me several times now, went from horizontal to vertical, with every swing, my human and the other one on the ride were smiling and laughing with each other while i firmly closed my eyes, my human noticed my discomfort and spoke, as softly as he could to be heard over the sound of the rushing air, comforting me and making sure i was ok, and trying to lighten the mood with a small joke here and there, eventually I felt brave enough to open my eyes and see the open sky on the other side of the netting, then we swung back and i was looking down at the human female smiling comfortingly at me, then i felt the air rushing in my face as we swung back and i couldn't help but bleat in surprise, this caused both humans to “awww” simultaneously quickly followed by the human female saying “jinx” and them both laughing, this time i joined in too.
About a minute later we were off of the ride and i felt like the ground was moving under me for a few seconds after i got off, right next to the boats was a small booth with several confectionaries on the rear wall and several very old looking weapons on the counter, there was a human mother helping their child to aim one of them at the confectionaries and then a small pop was heard as a cork flew from the end of the weapon and i saw a small pink cuboid with a green being called a dragon(that looked like if someone recoloured an Arxur and made it more square) on it, labelled “CHEWITS” fall backwards off its shelf, the woman running the stall then collected the tube from the trough at the bottom and passed it to the child who ran off happily, with his mother in tow. My human decided to challenge me at this game, I foolishly accepted and quickly wasted £15 of my human's money to only glance at a very large tin of biscuits, my human on the other hand had hit all bar 1 shot and we now had several boxes of confectionery.
The next ride we went on was called “THE SUPER SKID CARS” according to the sign above the ride entrance. My visual translator had a hard time with that one due to the very odd font. My human said he used to love riding these with his mum when he was a child, and that he was somewhat surprised such an old machine was still in service, (frankly I was surprised any of these machines were still in service at all). My human told me that these were a precursor to “waltzers” and said that based on my reaction to the boats it may be for the best if i watched first, i agreed, as my human was about to get on, he saw one of his friends, she was called Summer and she was a very lovely person, once you got past her shell of self loathing depression and their exchange partner, Janak was her name, after the two of them had hugged, we collectively decided that the humans should go on and we would watch to decide if we wanted to join them the second time, so my human and Summer went on together, the ride worked by a large central wheel spinning with several carts facing inward being pulled around by it, with a break pedal that would slow the cart enough that it would rotate about its hinge to the point that it was facing the direction it was traveling, when you then let go of the break it would fling the cart around at high speed to face the other way and repeat, all the while a human song was being played quite loudly, the one playing while our humans were on was dancing in the moonlight, our humans were singing along, and quite loudly, until the ride sped up causing summer to scream slightly and then laugh with me,Janak and my human , as they were flung so hard that they bounced back and forth several times, this continued for a little while more with Summer squealing in delight at every swing, my human singing and laughing along all the while.
After summer got off we all walked back around to the food stalls, where Janak and I had the leaves of a lovely vegetable called a lettuce, according to Summer, slices of a purple vegetable with white stripes in rings through it, called a red onion, according to summer, this prompted me to ask why it was called a red onion if it was purple and white, both humans looked at me and laughed at that, before my human said “sometimes human names are very on the nose, and other times, not so much, don’t worry about it.”, all while laughing, our meal was then wrapped in a thin-ish flat disk of strayu, I asked how humans had strayu in large enough quantities to sell like this, so soon after meeting us, this caused summer and Janak to laugh and my human to look confused, Janak explained that the humans had many different types of strayu, called bread apparently, and that they developed it independently and much, much earlier on in their cultural evolution than us, he also said that it tasted, different, not necessarily bad, but definitely not the same. The humans had chosen a bratwurst hot dog each from a german food stall, run by the british catering company, whilst mine and Janak’s was from a greek stall, also run by the british catering company.
After eating we went up to the stalls to the right of the entrance, where, my human bought a new wallet, and I bought several human confectionaries, at the end, there were several very primitive cloth tents, with people walking around in clothes that were very clearly not of this century, and they all carried weapons, such as knives, swords and axes. My human got quite excited at this and went over to speak with a group wearing helmets, chainmail and animal skins with jewellery woven into it, they had a table full of axes and swords with shields around it and spears poking out of the ground nearby, one of them holding a Dane axe!, after a lengthy conversation with a few of them we walked away with a card containing contact information, so that my human could join their re-enactment group. The central area was now host to two humans on motorbikes performing stunts and various tricks, while an announcer spoke to the crowd, as we walked down the backside of the central ring and towards the boats again we saw several small and quite slow steam engines making their way in our general direction, after we passed them I saw a dog, a truly fearsome beast tied to the front of a colossal steam engine, with, what i assumed to be the engine’s owner nearby talking to a woman with another dog, after we passed them we decided to have a go at the plate smash stand, Janak, summer and myself did terribly but my human hit every shot bar one, then we kept on moving, Janak and I had decided to go on the “THE SUPER SKID CARS'' with our respective humans. IT WAS A HUGE SPECKING MISTAKE!!!! A few seconds in, I was clinging to my human’s arm crying, he was holding me, softly stroking my head and speaking soothingly to me. About a minute in, i was able to open my eyes and sit there, still clinging to my human, as he continued to hold me, i noticed that he too seemed to be on the verge of tears, although i suspected for a different reason, after a while i got used to the speed, and asked my human to start swinging us, he did and i screamed in delight, it was so much fun, we sung along to a song i don't know the name of and moved so fast, i could feel my stomachs shift and shake around inside my body, after the ride finished i was so high on adrenaline that i felt like i could do anything, the same could not be said for Jamak, he looked utterly petrified and on the verge of throwing up. We returned to the shooting area and this time we only spent £5 each and i missed every shot, but it was fun, my human only got a tube of CHEWITS this time, but we still had fun, we then made our way back to the ferris wheel, we all went on and once we reached the top we stopped and i thought that something was wrong, until i looked down, now i'm braver than most venlil but this height was insane, however i now knew why we had stopped, a man and his son were getting on, however as i leaned back it caused our seating pod to rock back and forth, this made me freeze in terror as i pictured us falling and going splat on the ground below, and then we were moving again, and then we were on the ground, but we were still moving and then we were high in the air again, after this cycle of up and down had repeated another three times we finally got off, my whole body quivering with the after effects of terror, Jamak was clinging onto Summer’s arm and refused to let go as she lugged him around.
We made our way back to the boats and we all decided to go on, all except Jamak of course, at least he had let go of summer by now, this time i kept my eyes open the whole time and several of the other humans on board were screaming in delight, it was hilarious, my human, summer and i were all laughing, and as the boat slowed down, my human let go of the netting and put his feet back down, then the operator told him to put them back up and to keep holding on, so he put his hands up to hold on again and as he went to put his feet back up, the boat sped up again leading to my human hanging vertically and as we came back down, summer an i tried to hold him in place and check to see if he was ok, but he just wouldn't stop laughing, after the ride had stopped and we had gotten off, he finally stopped, and loudly exclaimed “DID YOU SEE THAT, IT WAS FUCKING AWESOME, HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!” this prompted summer to loudly exclaim “suicidal cunt, your going to give me a heart attack one of these days!”, this caused him to chuckle again and say “you’re one to talk aren’t you? And I'm way more likely to have a heart attack than you, genetic disorders, remember?”This went on until we reached the car parking field, where we went our separate ways, i was buzzing the whole way home as we listened to even more music and chatted, once we arrived home my tiredness hit me like a stampeding mazic and i fell face first onto the sofa.
When I woke up my human had bought me a glass of apple juice and was sitting next to me with one of his dogs on his lap, the large German shepherd Labrador cross breed, named Leela. She was huffing happily as my human rubbed her stomach. It had taken quite a while to warm up to the large and loud beast, but now she was a brilliant addition to my little herd and I can't imagine living without her here.
“Thank you, for the day out, it was wonderful, and I’m sorry for the way I acted about it this morning.”
“That’s fine, I had fun, and it seems you did too, that’s all that matters, that we both had fun.”
“You're the best friend a venlil could ask for, you know that right? I love spending time with you Oscar, even if you don’t love me, just know that I love you…. sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.”
“Hey, hey” Oscar said, softly, as I started to cry. “Just because I’m aromantic, doesn’t mean I can’t feel love, just not romance, I still love you, just platonically, now come and give me a hug, you silly sheep!” He said happily.
“I'm not a sheep, you stupid ape!” I responded jokingly, feigning indignation.
“I love you oscar”
“I love you too, Talik, now let’s get some dinner, we have to go back to work tomorrow.” and with that he stood up, finished his apple juice and walked into the kitchen.
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2023.05.29 13:29 69thParliament [FO4] Buildings around downtown and Diamond City look messed up

[FO4] Buildings around downtown and Diamond City look messed up
I've tried uninstalling, reinstalling, and patching mods that have anything to do with world meshes and Diamond City but still no luck. I've also used LOOT for my load order. Help would be greatly appreciated.
Here's my load order:
Fallout4.esm DLCRobot.esm DLCworkshop01.esm DLCCoast.esm DLCworkshop02.esm DLCworkshop03.esm DLCNukaWorld.esm Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp XDI.esm PPF.esm Fallout 4 Fixes.esm LegendaryDropBugfix.esl RunningWithHandsAnim.esl AAF.esm AORobcoReconScope.esl BerettaM9FS.esl CWRaiders.esl Natural Bundle Bunker Set.esl Natural Bundle Cave Set.esl Natural Bundle Masonry Set.esl Natural Bundle Submarine Set.esl ODT - Raider Armors Retextured.esl VaultOutfitPack.esl AutoLaserMusket.esl CROSS_VertibirdFlightsuit.esl SavrenX HD Vanilla Armor.esp SavrenX HD Vanilla Clothes Optimized.esp SavrenX HD DLC Armor and Clothes.esp SavrenX SuperMutant Armor HD.esp SavrenXCreaturesPackDlcREDONE.esp SavrenXBetterRobotHDLibertyPrime.esp SavrenXHdDlcPowerArmor.esp SavrenXSynthHD.esp SavrenXWeaponHD.esp Wetness Shader Fix.esp Fixed Gobo Effects.esp UltraInteriorLighting.esp StartMeUpShaunDefaultAppearance.esp ArmorPenetrationBugFix.esp WeirdMattressFix.esp RAW INPUT.esp Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul.esp NukaWorldReborn.esp VivaNukaWorldQuests.esp PiperCaitCurieDialogueOverhaul.esp NukaWorldPlus.esp GunnersOverhaul.esp 3DNPC_FO4.esp FogOut - Interiors - All DLC.esp LOST Audio Tweaks.esp Ambient Wasteland.esp LAT - Ambient Wasteland Patch.esp DT_GunnerOutfitPack.esp RaiderPAChopShop.esp Better Locational Damage.esp Fallout 4 Consistency Tweaks.esp Better Locational Damage - DLC_Far_Harbor.esp BLD - Leveled Lists - DLC.esp MojaveImports.esp NewtonsRegards.esp PRP-Compat-NWR-CR.esp PRP-Compat-NWP-CR.esp PRP-Compat-NWP.esp PRP-Compat-NWR.esp Ownership Fixes.esp DTG_LeveledListIntegration.esp Dank_ArmorOverrides.esp FaceMaxson.esp Backpacks of the Commonwealth.esp JamaicaPlainPathing.esp 3DNPC_FO4Settler.esp Mk41GyrojetHMG.esp MechLairPathfindingFix.esp WhoIsTheGeneral.esp Keep Radiants In Commonwealth.esp WTG - KRIC Patch.esp Who's The General - UFO4P Patch.esp Weapon Scrapping Redone.esp Reload Sounds.esp Glock86.esp Dank_ECO.esp Dank_ECO-INNR.esp Dank_ECO_DLCCoast.esp Dank_ECO_DLCNukaWorld.esp Dank_ECO_DLCRobot.esp M8rDisablePipboyEffects.esp FIS-Naming-Weap-Armo-EN.esp Ak5C.esp WM Chinese Assault Rifle - Standalone.esp RiotShotgun.esp LooksMenu.esp ChinaLakeandHolorifle.esp Tomacuzi9.esp 9mmPistol.esp CROSS_MojaveManhunter.esp LAER.esp 45autoPistol.esp F4NVServiceRifleRedux.esp WattzLaserGun.esp Wana_SA58.esp ClassicSniper.esp RangemasterRemaster.esp M1Garand.esp LeeEnfieldNo4MkI.esp VarmintRifle.esp TerrainUndersides.esp SteyrAUGnv.esp CityAmbience.esp LAT - Inner City Ambience Patch.esp Skb-MinigunsRebirth.esp HuntingShotgun.esp Sjogren.esp SVT40.esp Mauser.esp WD_Pistol_Renimation_Pack.esp MiscAnimTweaks.esp AlienAssaultRifle.esp Welrod.esp DP_CaravanShotgun.esp HaxRPG7.esp BullpupBozar.esp Perennial Power Armor.esp DesertEagleNV.esp T65PA.esp ElMudoStore.esp AtomicRadio.esp LAT RAO - Atomic Radio Patch.esp WinchesterP94Balanced2.esp MP153.esp P220.esp GreaseGunSMG.esp Creative Perks (Companion Perks).esp Creative Perks (everything).esp Perks Unleashed.esp Laser Weapon Reanimated.esp MGRemesh.esp P90.esp Assault Rifle Reanimated.esp SigSauer127.esp F4NVServiceRifleRedux127mmPatch.esp OTs-02 Kiparis.esp Reanimated Stimpack Sounds.esp Clothing Scrapping Redone.esp Glock19x.esp HuntingRifleSounds.esp Less intrusive tutorial.esp TrueInvisibility.esp Better Power Armor - Redux.esp Backpacks of the Commonwealth - Perennial Power Armor Patch.esp InstitWeapPosit.esp RemoveBlur.esp Targeted Textures.esp EveryonesBestFriend.esp ValiusHDTextures2K.esp NMC Bundle MEDIUM.esp EnclaveX02.esp Pip-Boy Flashlight.esp DCMolerats.esp strongheight.esp F4NV-N99.esp ClassicSniperSounds.esp F4CW10mmSMG.esp HuntingRevolver.esp LAER Automatron Weapons.esp ThompsonSMGReplacer.esp ChinaLake_1.5xDamage.esp Holorifle_1.5xDamage.esp Mosin.esp win1897.esp Glock86UsesPlasmaCartridges.esp AKSounds.esp NukaColaClassic.esp NukaColaClassic_DLC.esp Binoculars.esp P90NPC.esp M72GaussRifle.esp ImiUzi.esp ImiUziLvlList.esp Zapgun.esp RugerMini14.esp RugerMini14RecoilFix.esp FOLON_Bren.esp CROSS_InstituteExpeditionarySuit.esp CROSS_CourserStrigidae.esp Brotherhood of Steel Kit.esp ChineseStealthSuit.esp Classic Combat Armor.esp ClassicBehemoth.esp ClassicGhoulRace2022.esp Clothing Of The Commonwealth.esp dD-Enhanced Blood Basic.esp SelectPowerArmor.esp Enclave-X02.esp RCW.esp ExcavatorPA.esp WinCowbowRepeater.esp T-51C Power Armor.esp G3Family.esp HK_MP5.esp M1A.esp F3metalarmor.esp Hellfirenew.esp K9TacticalHarness.esp MercenaryOutfits.esp MiscOutfitPackv2.esp No More Fake Puddles - Nuka World 1-0.esp TrueGrass.esp Vault-Tec Power Armor by NewerMind43 & Captain-Ultima.esp X-01 Tesla Upgrade Kit.esp VividFallout - AiO - BestChoice.esp SunLightAlignment.esp Commonwealth Climate.esp Project Reality Footsteps FO4.esp Lots More Female Hairstyles.esp Lots More Male Hairstyles.esp Lots More Facial Hair.esp Companion Infinite Ammo.esp spacefiddle_Follower-Stealth-Distance-Fixes.esp HalfAffinityCooldown.esp Dank_ArmorOverrides_DLCCoast.esp Dank_ArmorOverrides_DLCNukaWorld.esp The Eyes Of Beauty.esp TheEyesOfBeauty.esp 3dscopes-aug.esp 3dscopes-bullpupbozar.esp 3dscopes-classicsniper.esp 3dscopes-fnfal.esp 3dscopes-g3family.esp 3dscopes-gyrojet.esp 3dscopes-holorifle.esp 3dscopes-huntingrevolver.esp 3dscopes-laer.esp 3dscopes-leeenfield.esp 3dscopes-m1a.esp 3dscopes-mosin.esp 3dscopes.esp 3dscopes-robcorecon.esp 3dscopes-servicerifle.esp 3dscopes-svt40.esp 3dscopes-wattz.esp Rusty Face Fix.esp PA-Quick Animations.esp Pre-War Money is not scrap.esp UsefulCrank.esp Laser Musket Mods.esp UsefulCrank_LMO.esp wornplastic.esp ZapGunReducedLL.esp AntiqueGauss.esp GaussRevolver.esp M60.esp MG42.esp deathclawshd2k.esp flamerproject2k.esp Better LOD.esp Better Chems.esp Better Locational Damage - DLC_Automatron.esp RustDevilRedux.esp Dank_ArmorOverrides_DLCRobot.esp Better Locational Damage - DLC_Nuka_World.esp WD_44.esp Better Locational Damage - DLC_WWorkshop.esp Better Locational Damage - Ghoul Edition.esp Better Perks.esp BLD - AI Tweaks.esp TFTC_Fixes.esp CROSS_BrotherhoodRecon.esp CROSS_CryoLance.esp AlienAssaultRifle-DMG65.esp.esp SaveAcadiaFromBoS.esp StartMeUp.esp StartMeUpNukaWorldPatch.esp PRP.esp PRP-Compat-UIL.esp TFTC_Precombine.esp PRP-Compat-Fogout-Int.esp PRP-Compat-NWP-NWR-VNW-Combo.esp
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2023.05.29 13:22 sahilsharma_bs How do I align these items in a container making their height equal?

How can I align these items like description, price, button in the container equally ? Currently they are very misaligned. I am building this website on elementor and will really appreciate any thoughts on this?
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2023.05.29 08:29 Certifiedac Heating Repair in Allentown PA

Is your heating system not performing at its highest potential? Get in touch with Complete Home Specialist. We offer top-notch heating repair in Allentown, PA. Call us today at (610) 790-3835.
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2023.05.29 02:39 Jtk317 Heart strain on PE study

Hello all,
I am an urgent care PA-C who has been doing higher acuity work ups since the early months of the pandemic when ER wait times hit double digits. Over the last year or so I have had a number of people I got CT PE studies on who were positive for embolism but there were comments indicating no right heart strain.
I started out in ICU prior to pandemic and had been working lab in hospitals for about a decade prior to PA school. I definitely recall ordering echo to evaluate for heart strain on PE patients being admitted in ICU and getting labs in the smaller hospital where I was a med tech while patients were getting ready to move to US suite.
I was wondering if any of you could shed some light on what changed and when that this is something more easily discerned on CT as I have seen a pretty significant decrease in admissions and immediate Echocardiograms on PE patients overall during the last year at least through the UC and ER in the hospital I'm attached to.
Thanks in advance for any info and if anyone has papers related to this I would love to read up on it.
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2023.05.29 01:17 hoesmaddxx What Do I Pick For Flexibility/Backup Options in the Med Field? (Leaning towards Life Sci b/c more general)

I’m not exactly sure what I wanna do in the medical field but I need to choose a general program that will allow for a lot of flexibility. I’m open to further education after undergrad (considering anything from dentistry, optometry, pharmacy, PA school, etc), just not exactly sure yet. I also need to obtain a high GPA and any co-ops/internships would be beneficial as well. Also, Waterloo is the furthest from me which is definitely a factor as well. Taking all of this into account, which do you think will best suit me?
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2023.05.28 23:57 Adventure_tom Veronica’s Swimsuits

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2023.05.28 23:55 Bateman_Not_Batman #how to get ahead in ai.dvertising [SP]

The Future is Officially Canceled.
Dee had read articles like this before. He couldn’t remember if the future had ever been officially canceled. But it had been canceled. Unofficially, perhaps. Hence the need to do it officially.
He skimmed the first few paragraphs …the slow cancellation of the future… …pop culture is eating itself… …imitators are imitating an imitation… The ‘slow cancellation’ theory was first flung around in the early twenty first century, on the hypothesis that if you played 1970s music to someone in the 1950s, it would blow their freaking mind. And if you played music from the 1990s to someone in the 1970s, their mind would be equally blown. But if you played music from the ‘10s to someone in the 1990s it wouldn’t be that much of a stretch. In fact, that person may even think they had heard some of it before. The same thing with music from the ‘30s to someone in the ‘10s or music from now to someone in the ‘30s. That person might conceivably think they were even listening to music from a previous decade. Pop culture had referenced itself so many times over, it was now just a copy of a copy of a copy. Degrading every time.
Dee looked down at the article's credit, Dennis Bagley, Editorial AI Operator. He knew it, AI. No wonder it read so familiar. He looked up at the various awards on his top shelf. Dee knew he was different. Better. His AI operating skills were the thing of accolades. The thing of applause. Just last week he and his AI processor picked up Gold in Effectology for their Just Poo It campaign for Charmin. And Silver in Originology for their The Ketchup In The Rye commercial for Pepsi-Heinz, about a young guy who gets kicked out of school and stays out all night trying to find a bottle of ketchup. He looked down at his processor and beamed. Its glowing red light beamed back at him.
They didn’t just stumble into that kind of effectiveness. Campaigns didn’t even get greenlit unless they scored ninety or above on the Effectology meter. He and his AI were usually hitting ninety twos or ninety threes, even a ninety five for Here’s To The Lazy Ones for Caspar mattresses. That campaign killed.
But Dee held himself to that higher calling, Originology. The metrics of original ideas. Sure, the AI did most of the work but Dee was able to tweak his processor to go way beyond the requisite twenty five percent Originology score. Together they were nailing figures in the forties, sometimes even peaking into the fifties. Scores that were head and shoulders above the rest of the department.
That’s how he could afford the sweet ‘18 Jordans Reissues on his feet. He curled his luxe Loewe headphone cable through his fingers and wrapped it around his neck like a scarf. He scoffed at a time when people didn’t think they needed a headphone cable. And imagined having nothing to twirl while listening to reinterpreted rock, nothing to wind around his fingers while he fed the processor. How many headphones must have been lost forever, just because they weren’t plugged in? Like everything else in pop culture, what went around came around, and, relatively recently, headphone cables had come back hard as the status symbol. Today, you didn’t just have to have a cable to be considered cool, you had to have the cable. It had to be thick as a rope, plated with rare metals, and covered in a fancy leather sheath from a chic brand like Gucci or Loewe.
Dee beamed as he thought of all the cool historical cultural knowledge he had amassed. Not just advertising history like the dweebs in the cubicles around him, but film history, fashion history, art history, music history. If it happened in culture, he knew about it. And he used it. That’s how he scored so high on the Originology meter. It made him feel almost like a real writer. Though he would never say that out loud. He imagined being like the old timers, upstairs. The un.ai.ded human writers, that clients would pay a serious premium for. Then he wouldn’t have to work on ketchup and toilet roll. He could have a crack at the big dogs, like Googlesoft, United American Airlines or DoritosLocosTacoBell. For now though, he’d have to stick with clients more becoming of his position. This morning’s task was to create a campaign for Pepsi-Crest. A toothpaste. Not super interesting. But he knew how to spice it up. Instead of letting his AI go back through decades of toothpaste ads just to pump out tired old crap like the It Cleans Your Face While it Cleans Your Teeth campaign that Mike Bey pitched last week, Dee mixed in a little fast food inspo from one of his favorite eras and found himself at the highly original and equally effective Where’s the Teeth? campaign. He was stunned by his own brilliance. He patted his processor and imagined it congratulating him back, then he programmed it to write an epic fifteen second anthem film and a suite of six second pre-roll spots, then sent it off to the CG department to render in time to air that night. Dee’s colleagues often asked him how he and his processor were so good at what they did. How their campaigns always scored so highly in both Effectology and Originology. They all used the same machine learning. It’s what the agency sold itself on. Never wanting to sound aloof; even though he was, or like he was tooting his own horn; even though he often did, he would merely say, “I like to pepper a bit of non advertising data in there. A little hint of me.” It was enough to provoke gasps and even make his colleagues take a step back or two, they had all been programmed to do just one task, feed the machine with advertising data. They couldn’t fathom diverging. “The AI should be enough,” was the general understanding. “The machine has better knowledge of advertising history than we do,” and “knows the ins and outs of Effectology better than we ever could.” It’s even been “scientifically programmed to exceed all expectation of Originology.” Dee couldn’t be swayed by any of the standard reactions. He would just smile, and casually amble off. Knowing full well he was beating the machine. He was a rebel in his own right. That afternoon, his section boss leaned over his cubicle. “Hullo Tara.” “Keep it formal please, colleague,” she scolded, “call me Antino. What do you look so ruddy chuffed about anyway?” “I just came up with a brilliant campaign for a very dull toothpaste. You’ll see it on The Comedy Central Reruns Channel tonight.” “Yes, well, an upstairs project is running behind and they’re calling on us down here to pull together some inspo decks, help jostle something loose in those tired old brains.” “Wouldn’t that make them not human-made? What are their clients paying all that money for?” “Loopholes, colleague, loopholes. As long as one of them humans writes the final line, it doesn’t matter how much AI they used to get there. “ “I could do that. I could do better than that. Did I tell you about my toothpaste campaign?” “Yes you did. Twice now. Must be good.” “It is.” “Well, here’s your chance for a peek into the real writer life. I’m deprioritizing your regular workload and prioritizing this inspo creation.” “Yeahhh!” Dee punched the air and freeze framed like he saw in an old movie. “The brief is for Fiat Maserati Jeep Dodge RAM. It’s a car. The Fiat Maserati Jeep Dodge RAM Unica. Like a fancy off-roader, you know what I mean? They wanna sell it to people in cities who don’t drive. More of a status symbol, you know what I mean? Like park it in front of your house so people will know you could go off-roading if you wanted to. Audience archetype is Moms. You getting this?” Dee finally broke his freeze frame but his mind was already whirring. “Yeah, I got it.” “Alright then. Bon chance.” Dee jumped into action, flipped up his AI processor’s screen and started cross referencing old Land Rover ads with The Rock movies, some Nora Ephron classics, Michelle Rodriguez’s character from all twenty eight Fast & Furious movies; even the fully CGI’d ones, the scene from Mrs Doubtfire when she’s playing the broomstick like a guitar, some Bikini Kill records, a memory of his own Mom making him wait in the car while she went shopping at Bergdorfs, a bunch of cool off-roading stuff from Top Gear and a painting of a car he’d always loved by Robert Bechtle. The machine spat out fifteen possible campaign inspo starters and Dee ran-walked them to the inspo courier in the office atrium. Before the day ended, a synthetic orchestra sounded through the building, \Pah pahhh, pah pa pah pa pah pahhh** and the employees were called into the atrium. Office meeting. As Dee strolled in, he caught the rare sight of the last few human copywriters lined up around the balcony above them. They applauded the downstairs employees, theatrically, motioning with their claps as they walked in and took seats, stood awkwardly or otherwise congregated.
There was a dramatic hush before one of the last true human copywriters finally spoke. “Great inspo. Thanks.” Wow. Each word, each letter, worth its weight in gold. That's probably why they used so few, thought Dee. “Yeah, really really good stuff.” Said another. “AI did this?” Said a third as she held the sheets of inspo out. “Some of the best inspo I’ve ever seen in all of my career.” Coughed the oldest and most regal sounding.
Dee squinted and peered up at them. Was that his inspo deck they were flashing around? Was this whole elaborate ceremony all to celebrate his AI operating? He didn’t know whether to be chuffed or anxious. Did they know he was cheating the system? Did they care? These are some of the last true human copywriters in history. They have, and are encouraged to have, the unique thought. Their work isn’t judged on how similar-without-being-exactly-the-same it is to existing campaigns. It’s judged on how different, how breakthrough, how stand out it is.
“It was me!” Dee blurted out. Quite uncharacteristically. He was usually so cool with the compliments. So coy with the recognition. His whole angle required it.
The other AI operators standing around him took their requisite step back, though this time it was less in awe, more in disgust. The air in the room stiffened. AI had ruled his department, and most of the industry, for so long that people didn’t speak up anymore. They just quietly fed the machine. And the machine took all the glory. Dee felt instant ostracism from the colleagues he had worked alongside for most of his career. He immediately questioned his outburst and retracted his ownership claim, knowing that his inspo deck would have been one of many.
“Some of it, at least. My AI, I mean. Processor.” He said. Sheepish this time. Back in his place.
The last few human copywriters smiled, nodded, bowed, gave final congratulations to all from high up on their balcony and then shuffled away in single file. All but one, Sir Coughing-Most-Regal. He slowly made his way down the grand staircase, into the atrium. A man leaving behind his usual pomp and circumstance, bringing his rare ability of unique thought into a crowd of imitation suppliers. As he reached the bottom step, he lost all of his royal air and seemed suddenly so vulnerable, walking among the regular folk. Most of Dee’s colleagues had already left, gone back to their metal masters, but Dee stayed. He knew this old man was coming to see him. He thought he might be in for a dressing down but he hoped it would be the opposite. He manifested that this titan of singular thought, the rare, unique idea, was coming to congratulate him.
“Freedkin.” The old man shoved out his hand. “Pleasure.” Dee shook it. “You say you programmed this inspo deck, yes?” He flapped the pages around. “Yes.” “Ruddy good work, let me tell you.” “Thank you.” “In all my years, since this artificial thinking thing came in, I’ve never read anything so good. Inspired me all over. I’ve been positively bursting with ideas since.” “Thank… you.” “AI wrote this you say?” “Yes.” “Ruddy good for AI. Never read anything so ruddy good. And you processed it?” “Yes.” “What’s your name son?” “Dee.” “Dee what?” “Palmer.” “Pleasure to meet you, Palmer. How much did you… influence it, the AI?” “How do you mean, sir?” “Call me Freedkin.” “How do you mean, Freedkin?” “I mean… how much of it is yours and how much is the machine’s?” Dee didn’t answer. He was looking for the angle. This old man surely didn’t value what AI does. He’s one of the last bastions of actual human creation. What was he getting at? Freedkin reoriented his question. “Mostly the machine or mostly you?” Dee thought he might have a kindred spirit here, in front of him, for the first time. He was going to take a risk. Recognizing a willingness to open up, Freedkin leaned in and spoke quietly. “Did you write this inspo or did the machine?” “I wrote it.” Dee postured. “All.” “Thought so. Good job. Our secret.” Freedkin winked. “Jolly good.” The next day, as he fed his AI little snippets of unexpected data, Dee noticed a hush come over his floor. The usual keyboard click, clack and grumble of inter-colleague banter were dead silent. All that was left was the processors’ harmonic hum. He lifted himself from his expensive ergonomic office chair and peered over his cubicle wall, spying across the sea of operators that made up the AI.ded Creativity department. A hunched figure at the opposite end of the bullpen sauntered from operator to operator, swilling a cup of coffee, looking in at each workstation. Giving a “hello” here, a nod there, even the odd salute. It was Freedkin. A real writer. Down here with the machine feeders. The other operators seemed afraid to go near him. Worried they might infect him with their inability. Dee had never seen a real writer in the operators’ bullpen. Freedkin, already old by industry standards, looked positively ancient in these surroundings. A sepia photograph in a technicolor world. Dee watched him, wondering if he should call out. He felt bound by social etiquette to not foist another outburst onto his peers. So he just watched, for a number of minutes, until Freedkin was close enough that his old eyes could make out Dee’s visage.
“Palmer!” Bingo. The two sat in Dee’s cubicle. Freedkin in the expensive office chair, as was fitting, and Dee on the wooden footstool. “For a short time we all worked from home. At the start of my career. For a short time.” “Everyone?” “Most. Not everyone, I suppose. But it was the thing to do. Was deemed more productive. Until it wasn’t. Then when this thing became the norm,” he tapped on Dee’s tiny AI processor, its red light glowed, “there was a sort of an office renaissance. I remember the bigwigs back then didn’t really want us using AI for ideas. Like it was giving in to the machine. We slowly got called back to the agency so they could keep an eye on our output. Keep it human, I suppose. That’s when the separation happened. In the end, the agency had to start using artificial thinking to keep up with demand. What are you lot churning out these days? Three campaigns a day? Four? We used to get a whole week to come up with one idea. After a while, of course, it got squeezed down to a couple of days. To the point where we needed the machine to keep up. Not long after, the bigwigs realized they could actually charge more off of the ‘human’ written stuff. Anyway, enough of the history lesson, what.” “It’s very interesting.” “Yes well, what I really came down here for,” Freedkin paused and looked around, “was some of that… good… inspo.” “I hear ya.” Dee poised his fingers over his keyboard and looked into the air like he was about to write something un.ai.ded, cocksure in his posture. “What’s this one about then?” “Watches. For Googlesoft. ‘Time,’ I was thinking, means so much, yet so little. Where does it all go? You know? How do we make more of it? Watches are time machines. See?” Dee’s posture sank. He thought of all that, by himself? No machine? He suddenly felt very ineffective. Unoriginal. He saw only the red glow from his little AI processor, staring back at him. Taking all the credit. He imagined it laughing with his colleagues in a bar while he sat at the other end of the table, ignored. He imagined it accepting awards by itself. He felt weak. He felt useless without it. It just glowed. “It kind of flows better… when I’m alone.” Dee nervously mumbled. “Right. Don’t say another word. Right you are. ‘Time.’ Remember. Where does it all go? Ok, I go. Ta-ta for now.
Dee looked down at his processor, apologetically. He quietly admonished himself before it until he felt forgiven. Then he typed in a weak initial prompt, all he could muster, write an advertising campaign about time.
The AI spat back a perfectly crafted campaign idea, line and film execution almost faster than Dee hit enter. The Best Things Come To Bros Who Wait. Dee immediately recognized it as a Guinness Surfers imitation. Tick followed tock followed tick followed tock. Its Effectology score clocked in well into the nineties. But its Originology score barely scraped by, just making it into ‘passable.’ Dee silently sneered at his surrounding coworkers. Any one of them would submit this as is and call it a day. It’d be rendered in minutes, deals made with celebrities’ CG likenesses under the hour, a revered AI voiceover and stunning synthetic music that would leave audiences lining up for these passively useful timepieces. But that wasn’t enough for Dee. That’s why he was who he was, goddamnit. Why Freedkin came to him. Him! Not Buton or Deytoro or Heckering. Him!
He added more detail to his prompt. Meaning of time. How to get time back. Time Machine. Back in time. Michael J Fox. Einstein (dog). Time Bandits. Timecop. Van Damme. Kyle Reece. Time displacement. Uhhh huhhh this felt good again. This was working. Dee and his processor were back in sync. As though they were one. Of course, as far as Freedkin knew, they were one. As Dee typed away, he imagined him and his AI coming together. Two heads. Better than one. He lost himself in his prompting and pictured his processor sitting on his shoulder, a second head, right there, next to his own. A tiny, metal appendage. Sleek, gray, with its glowing red light. And, for some reason, it was growing a little mustache. Dee and the mustached machine were completely lost in their work over the next few days. They hardly wrote any of their own campaigns. It was all inspo, inspo, inspo for Freedkin. The good stuff though, Viking Space Cruises, 1900 Tequila, Acne Studios. Each time, Dee and his processor were pretty much writing the entire thing. Freedkin hardly needed to change them at all. Just put his old world tone all over it. Add all of his extra words and ‘personality.’ Dee’s two heads were coming up with the best campaigns in the agency. And no one knew it. Except Freedkin. By now, his second head felt almost as big as his first. He could see it in his periphery. When he looked to the left, it looked back at him. It smiled sometimes. And that little freaking mustache was starting to freak Dee out. That night, Freedkin invited Dee for a couple of drinks with the other real human writers at the fanciest DoritosLocosTacoBell on the Westside. They didn’t even have to wait in line. Dee marveled at the size of the place, the expansiveness. It was packed. They were led through by the greeter to a private table at the back with a leather rope around it. He sat on the edge of the booth as the others ordered various flavors of Gatorade-aritas. When it got to Dee, he said he would have the same as Freedkin, which turned out to be a Frost Glacier Cherry-arita, the classiest -arita of all.
The writers’ conversation was mesmerizing. Every word that came out of their mouths was a unique thought. An opinion. A point of view. Dee tried to join in by recounting the narrative of various movies he had seen. The more obscure the better, attempting to interact at their level. While telling the story of Mick Jackson’s Threads to Bigelo, he could feel her searching for a point of view or an opinion in what he was saying, but he couldn’t stir one. If only he had his processor right now. Its red light glowed comfortingly in his mind. He missed it. Slowly, the other writers left. Dee couldn’t help but think he had something to do with it. He was feeling so inadequate by the time everyone but Freedkin had gone that he just sat quietly and half-smiled at him. Both of them were five or six Gatorade-aritas deep, slumped in their private booth. “Do you like what you do?” Asked Freedkin. “I love it.” “Do you really?” “I don’t know.” “I hate what I do. But I’m good at it. Do you want to know the secret, Palmer? The secret to what we do?” Dee couldn’t do anything but smile a little bigger to communicate his response. Freedkin paused for dramatic effect. “If you love advertising, you shouldn’t work in advertising.” Did Dee love advertising? He didn’t even know. He knew he knew advertising. “You think your audience loves advertising? You think they want to see your tribute to that Googlesoft spot that was an imitation of an Apple spot that was inspired by a Brett Morgen film? No! They just want to see the Brett Morgen film! They don’t want to see your thing at all!” Dee slumped further down. “But if you’re lucky,” Freedkin continued, “if you’re really lucky, and you show them something they’ve never seen before, because you hate advertising too and you just wanted to make something that made you feel something, if they feel that same feeling, you’ve got gold. But you can only get to gold by summoning all of your experiences outside of advertising. You can’t just try to make the Nike of pimple commercials. You have to make the Palmer of pimple commercials. Do you see? That’s the problem with your AI. Your machine.”
The red light flashed again in Dee’s mind. Awakened by Freedkin’s heresy.
“The best AI will ever do is just show you a better version of something you’ve seen before. They call that effective? The numbers can say whatever they want them to, all they’re really doing is pasting wallpaper on top of wallpaper on top of wallpaper. Until eventually the audience ignores it completely. But you’re different Palmer. You and I are different. Different is what sells. I had a word with Simmons up on six. She’s agreed to give you a trial period on the human floor. At my behest. Don’t worry, I didn’t tell her you were already thinking for yourself. I just told her you had the potential to. You start tomorrow. Trial period. Tonight was about the other humans meeting you. I can’t tell you that they’re not skeptical. But they’re open to it. For me. What do you think?” Dee was nervous. He got off the elevator at the operators’ bullpen without even thinking about it. He walked all the way to the atrium and up the grand staircase to the human writers’ floor, instead of getting back on the elevator. He took each step steadily, taking it all in. He felt like a tourist. Like he was borrowing an identity. He imagined he was a young Freedkin and tried to put a confident stride in his step. It didn’t work. He put his hand in his pocket and felt for his AI processor. His second head. Mustached. He couldn’t turn it on because, as everyone knew, AI wasn’t allowed upstairs, in case the agency got audited. The cost consultants would be all over a human writing department that used artificial ideation. They’d be shut down. At the very least, they would lose their Un.AI.ded AI.dvertising license. The only reason for charging such a premium. Dee ran his hand along the balcony rail. He’d only ever seen it from downstairs, from the non-human thinkers’ floor. He walked from the balcony to the human writer’s work area. It was the exact opposite of what he was used to. No sea of cubicles. No click clack. No mechanized productivity. No hum. Just couches, writing desks and quiet.
“Morning.” Whistled Freedkin. “How are we?” “We?” “You.” “Wish I hadn’t drunk so much.” “Ohh, I know. Think of it as an initiation. Nothing wrong with it. Takes your mind off the job. Stops you from thinking for a minute. You need that after everything you’ve been pumping out. All that gold, that is.” “Right.” “Right. Well. Set yourself up wherever you like. First brief is for Coca-Cola. A new water! The freshest water they’ve ever sold, so they say. Tap Clear” Dee wandered over to a small writing desk and put his touchscreen down. He unraveled his headphone cable and felt for his processor in his pocket. When he found it, he rubbed it like a lamp, wishing for a genie. A couple of human writers who’d been deep in concentration when he first walked in, had been disturbed by his arrival. He didn’t recognize them from last night. They glared at him as he set himself up. He smiled in their general direction. They continued to glare. “Big Jim.” Whispered Freedkin. “Him and his team have been here three days straight, on a pitch. Don’t worry about them. They’re just under tremendous stress. This human work really takes it out of you, you know? ” Dee turned and sat with his back to them. He powered up his touchscreen and put his headphones on, draping his Loewe headphone cable around his neck and shoulders. He hovered his fingers over his keyboard, expecting ideas to come. Nothing. He skimmed the brief. Still nothing. He read the brief. Not a thing. A few of the other writers strolled in. Dee watched them find a workspace, sit down, start writing. One of them even used a pen! Dee loved this whole lifestyle. Turn up for work whenever, spout genius, have lunch, sell some billion dollar ideas, have a cocktail. The thought of it all spurred him on. He hovered his fingers over his keyboard again and braced himself for the idea flow. Nothing came. Nothing. All morning. His mind was blank. It felt like it was getting blanker. He couldn’t believe it. Even half thoughts were swimming away from him. Impossible to catch. Even just individual words. Gone. By the afternoon Dee was starting to freak out. He felt like an imposter. “Freedkin,” he hissed, “I can’t think. I can’t come up with anything.” “It takes time, my boy. Days. I told you, before we used to even have weeks…” “But my brain’s not working at all. It won’t… generate… anything.” “Relax your brain. Relax yourself.” “But Freedkin… Freedkin,” he hissed again, “I didn’t write any of that stuff. It was AI. All of it. No… I mean… I helped… but it wasn’t all me.” “Ok… hold on… boy… be careful. That kind of talk will get you killed around here. Try and make it to the end of the day. Try just writing some things down. Some thoughts. Some words. And if you still feel the same tomorrow, I’ll let the brass know it wasn’t for you. No harm.” Dee’s eyes hardened. “Do you hear me, Palmer?” Dee rubbed his temples. “Listen, this affects both of us. Yes, you, but also me… for recommending you. I’ll be out… Think!” Freedkin distanced himself. Hoping it would quell the panic. Dee stared at nothing for as long as he could. An hour, at most. Just stared. No thoughts came. No words. A blank screen. So he slipped his hand in his pocket, held his AI processor warmly, and turned it on. Instantly, an alarm sounded. “What's going on here, Freedkin?” Skewered Big Jim. “Is this your kid? What’s the big idea? Is he working for the machines? What is he…trying to infiltrate us? I can’t have this. I’ve got a family. I can’t be out of a job.” “It’s just a misunderstanding, Jim. He’ll be leaving now.” “No he won’t. Get back here, kid.” Big Jim grabbed at Dee’s shirt. Dee squirmed and tried to push him away. Big Jim got a hand on his neck instead, as some of the other writers tried to grab his arms. Dee instinctively swung his fists around. He got one of the writers, Bigelo, square in the eye. She roared “He’s blinded me!” Big Jim picked him up by his neck. Dee choked. He grabbed his touchscreen and swung it. The edge caught Big Jim on the side of the head. Big Jim dropped him and screamed. Freedkin put a hand on Big Jim’s shoulder. Big Jim swung his fist around and slammed it into Freedkin’s nose. Dee tried to slip away but Big Jim, raging, grabbed his headphone cable and dragged him back, winding the cable around his neck to try and hold on to him with it. The other writers stepped back as Dee kicked around in a panic. He got one of the writers in the stomach and another in the back. The headphone cable slipped out of Big Jim’s hands. Dee reached out for anything he could grab onto. He found a desk leg and pulled himself away from the melee as the gang of writers got him by his feet. They pulled off his Jordans and he crawled away as fast as he could, out of the writers’ area and onto the balcony. The writers caught up with him. He swung the few punches he could muster. He cracked one writer on the cheekbone as another reached for his headphone cable, wrapping it around the balcony rail to stop him from getting even further away. Big Jim steamed in, bleeding from his head, and slammed into Dee, launching him into the air with his sheer force. Dee reached for the rail but it slipped under him as he toppled over into the open atrium, between the floors. He felt a snap as the headphone cable went taut around his neck. A colleague standing in the atrium shrieked. Dee kicked his legs and wriggled about, trying to slip out. He clawed his hands around the cable and tried to loosen it but it just got tighter and tighter. He looked up to see the human writers peering down. Not helping. He could feel his consciousness slipping away. He looked to his left to see his second head staring straight back at him. As he hung, he could feel the metal head growing, exponentially, until it popped off, hit the ground and shattered. Shiny gray liquid metal spilled all over the floor and splashed up the walls. Its red light glowing all over as the metal spread around the room. Once it had flooded the entire atrium it enveloped Dee’s mind. And he was gone. The agency left his body hanging there for two days. They blamed it on a lack of janitorial availability. Everything in the office was automated, and cutting down a dead body wasn’t something their sanitation robots had been programmed to do. But, deep down, everyone knew that it was a message. That they should stay in the roles they had been assigned. So they did. So they wouldn’t end up like Dee.
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2023.05.28 22:54 kittycatblues Are Westin beds really the best? (Boston Seaport)

We'll be staying in Boston for two nights in July. I currently have Hampton Inn Seaport booked which is in the same building as a Homewood Suites. I am staying in a Homewood Suites this weekend (elsewhere) and one member of our party literally got no sleep the first night because of the hardness of the bed. He's used to a Sleep Number bed, so a lot softer. My relative in the area brought an air mattress to the hotel and he's now sleeping fine on that.
I'm rethinking our Boston booking, considering moving to Westin Seaport in Boston. They seem to only have Kings or doubles there so I would need two rooms, so it would be more expensive than the two queens room I have booked now. Are the Westin beds really "heavenly"? Any thoughts welcome.
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2023.05.28 21:15 MysteriousDirt2 Ubering to the track?

Hey all,
Excited for our first ever F1 race in Montreal. We’re staying in Mont Royal, wondering if it’s possible to just get an Uber or taxi to drop off right to the track? Do we need to get dropped off at a bridge and walk across? We’re at Homewood Suites Hilton as the starting point. Never used the subway system, ferry, or water taxi before in MTL but open to whatever is going to be simplest.
Thanks so much.
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2023.05.28 19:08 traveller24nomad Unheard Wolf by BES and Uly is DSR?

Unheard Wolf by BES and Uly is DSR?
Bago magpahinga si BES ay naglagay sila ng podcast ng kanyang mahal na si Uly na "Unheard Truth".
Sa lyrics at tema ng mga paksa nila sa Unheard Truth ay may binabanggit na wolf in sheep's suit..
"Save me from the wolf in white sheep's suit Lead me to the path of the unheard truth"
Pagkatapos ay pinaksa din nila sa episode 2 ang "the killer sheep".
Noong pinapakinggan ko ito ang pumapasok sa isip ko na tinutukoy nila ay si Bonjing sa topic na iyon at mismong nasa lyrics ng podcast nila. Hindi lang nila siguro maletrahan na si Bonjing yun dahil sigurado papangit ang image ng samahan etc.
Pag ilalagay mo ang perspective mo sa perspective ng 2 na sina BES at Uly, sila ay tila nasa mode na "you and me against the world" yung tipong silang 2 lang ang nagkaka-intindihan at nagmamahalan sa gitna ng mga taong di sila naiintidihan ex. Bonjing, MIC's etc.🤣🤣🤣
Hindi kasi natin alam ang mga nangyayar noon sa mga nasa kaloob-kalooban o inner circle nila gaya ni Bonjing at MIC's at di natin nakikita ang mga inggitan, insecurities, side comments at trayduran nilang paguusap dahil may paksyon na nga marahil dahil sa nangyayari at nakikita nila sa 2 (BES and Uly).
Sa puntong ito na sa palagay ko, nang naglagay sila ng podcast na Unheard Truth, nandun na yung intention ni BES na i-build up si Uly sa mga ditapak at sa buong mundo na reliable podcaster etc na nag resulta naman ng malaking insecurity at takot kay Bonjing dahil sya nga ang next in line pagkatapos ni BES kaya lang parang masusulot pa ni Uly ganun.
Eto yung panahon na si Uly loverboy at Dragzon ay halos magkamukha na ang 2 gago dahil ginagaya nila si IronMan, Tony Starks.🤣🤣🤣
May 2 paksyon. Ang paksyon ay ang grupo o sambahayan ni BES (kasama si Uly) vs grupo o paksyon ni Bonjing kasama ang mga kabig nyang mga MIC's lalo na si JMal, SCat, Mel Chonggo at RMan iba pa.
Kaya lang nang magpandemic na at noong February 2021 ay namahinga na nga si BES at yun na din ang naging daan para malusaw ang potential ni Uly na maging kasing level ni Bonjing sa harap ng mga ditapak thru BES at sinara na nga ni Bonjing ang pagkakataong ito ng sinabi nya o inimply nya na hindi na nya itutuloy ang podcast na Unheard Truth.
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2023.05.28 15:02 talbotman Tips for melee character?

Came back to the game after a break, been playing as a PA heavy gunner and now level 200 odd. Thinking of starting a new character and doing something different so looking at melee. Any tips for starting and developing a melee load out? Should I go 1H or 2H? I have access to legendary perks now so what ones would suit? What weapons are useful to have for back up and to help in events like scorched earth where melee range isn't always possible? What mutations should I eventually look to collect? I don't use any mutations at all on my current character
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2023.05.28 08:36 Low-Low2806 Upgrade RAM and SSD or buy second hand laptop instead?

Hello! So yung laptop ko kasi medyo moody siya. May mga times na mabilis naman/okay naman siya, may times na bearable pa yung miliseconds na lag, pero maraming times na super naglalag/crash siya especially pag nagmumulti-task na ako and clutch moments na :(( Mostly ginagamit ko lang naman ito for canva, ms office, google suite mainly for acads. Dahil dito, marami akong di nagagawang tasks on-time and it really affects my level of productivity. Also grabe yung kaba ko lagi kapag ako magshashare-screen sa zoom kasi apart from the pressure of being the reporter ay dumadagdag pa yung anxiety na baka magcrash yung laptop ko :(( Ginagawa ko nalang ay mine-make sure ko na yung zoom app lang nakabukas.
With this, I am seeking for your insights/advice kung ano kayang mas better option: to upgrade the RAM and SSD ng current laptop ko or bili nalang ako ng second hand laptop with better specs instead? As someone on a tight budget, atm itong dalawa lang nakikita kong option. :<< Pero if may iba kayong alam na option, please drop them lang.
About my current laptop:
- bought it bnew in 2019
- 500 GB HDD
- 4 GB RAM
- Intel Celeron N400 :((
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2023.05.28 08:35 Old_Blackberry_3680 Maine or Vermont

I also posted this on the VT subbreddit.
Husband has a job offer in both Vermont and Maine. We are originally from Northeast PA and have lived in the south for several years and hate it. I grew up in a very rural area and spent summers in Maine for work for several years and miss it. My family now lives near Albany, so closer to VT.
Job in VT offered less money, better health insurance (we have children). Maine job (near Portland) seems so much easier to find housing, but the insurance is so bad and politically I feel like VT would better suit us after dying politically in the south for several years. My sister lived in Northern ME for a few years and since we are from away she moved after a few years because her kids felt like they didn't fit in.
Any advice? Housing in VT seems dire. I do love the ocean in Maine and am more familiar with your state after being there for several summers but am stressed about state supports (VT offers CHIP insurance for kids at a much higher income bracket). I am sorry we are from away, we both do essential teaching and medical jobs and promise we will integrate into the community well.
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2023.05.28 08:26 Old_Blackberry_3680 Vermont or Maine

Husband has a job offer in both Vermont and Maine. We are originally from Northeast PA and have lived in the south for several years and hate it. I grew up in a very rural area and spent summers in Maine for work for several years and miss it. My family now lives near Albany, so closer to VT.
Job in VT offered less money, better health insurance (we have children). Maine job (near Portland) seems so much easier to find housing, but the insurance is so bad and politically I feel like VT would better suit us after dying politically in the south for several years.
Any advice? Is housing as dire in VT as I know it is? I basically only see apartments in Burlington. I am sorry we are flatlanders, we both do essential teaching and medical jobs and promise we will integrate into the community well.
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2023.05.28 07:35 Kooky_Mycologist127 Paalam, Unibersidad ng Pilipinas

Hulingnsem ko na to sa UP. 1st year palang ako at nahirapan na talaga ako from the get go due to adjustment, homesickness, personal problems, etc. I incurred 2 failing grades last sem and feel ko meron na naman akong bagsak ngayong sem. I’m pretty sure na terminated na ang scholarship ko kahit nagappeal naman ako. Acceptance stage na ko HAHAHAHAH. I talked to my mom back then about me studying somewhere else na private, na mas student friendly pero just as educationally competent as UP. Di ko lang alam kung sa campus lang namin tong engineering pero like sobrang bigat talaga. In a sem sa engineering course ko, may physics lecture and lab, chem lecture and lab, math na may limits & derivatives tsaka integral calculus, plus isang major pa sa mismong engineering course, and GEs. When i looked at the curriculum of engineering courses from other universities. 1st sem nila ay chem lecture and lab tapos math nila ay limits & derivatives tapos sa 2nd sem naman nila yung physics lecture and lab tapos integral calculus naman para sa math nila. Ngayong 2nd sem ko sa up, nagttake ako ng subject which is for 2nd or 3rd yr na sa engineering ng ibang school. Hindi ko talaga gets ang system ng pahirapan sa up. Sa sobrang fast paced and congested curriculum, maraming students ang hindi nakakakeep up at napipilitang magretake. Tapos hindi pa ibig sabihin na makakagraduate ka ng mas mabilis compared sa ibang schools dahil sa speed ng curriculum. Kasi mas malaki pa nga yung chance na madelay dahil sa agawan ng units HAHAHAHA. Isa pa yon, hindi block sectioning at kusang ibinibigay yung subjects... Nahihirapan talaga ako sa ganyang set-up kasi i’m not good at keeping relationships with people na minsan ko lang makita, wala naman akong super classmate so i don’t really have friends. Other people suggested that i join orgs, pero i really can’t find the time to do that kasi busy sa acads. Yung tipong aral ka nang aral pero hindi parin nagrreflect yung efforts mo, how much more pa kaya pag hinati mo oras mo sa org 🥲. Tapos nakakainis talaga tong campus namin sa sobrang lawak. May dalawa akong subject na magkasunod at walang break in between tapos halos 2km apart at di pa dumadaan jeep so tinatakbuhan ko at pagkadating ko sa next class laging may quiz tsaka pawis na pawis na ako HAHAHAHAHA. Well kasalanan ko naman na pinili ko yung sched na yon. Kasalanan ko din kasi retake yung isang subject dyan. kasalanan ko din na hindi ako nagresearch tungkol sa sistema at campus ng UP. Di ko akalaing ganto pala mangyayari sakin 1st year palang. Kaya napakalaking regret ko sa hindi pagsunod sa sabi ng mom ko na papaaralin nalang ako sa isang private university tapos gagawan nalang daw nila ng paraan para sa tuition ganon. Kaso mas pinili ko UP kasi libre... Hindi talaga biro yung kasabihan na kaluluwa yung ipangbabayad mo 😭. At least sa private university na yon, less workload kasi trisem. Tapos yung math daw nila sa engineering nagsstart sa algebra so start from the basics and sakto lang yung pacing. But to enjoy all of that, abot langit yung tuition huhu. Ngayon I can’t choose that school kasi namamahalan na talaga ako sa tuition lalo na’t sobrang baba na ng chance na maretain ko yung scholarship. Nagsuggest ako ng isa pang university na maganda which has a relatively lower tuition fee of about 400k for the entirety of the engineering course. Naiyak talaga ako sa mom ko nung sinabi ko na mawawalan ata ako ng scholarship. Pero kinapalan ko pa mukha ko para magtanong kung kaya ba akong ipaaral sa private university kasi hindi ko na talaga nakikita sarili ko na magthrive dito sa UP. Sorry ako nang sorry sa mom ko kasi ako sumunod sa kanya nung sinabi nyang wag daw ako mag up kasi malayo etc. Baka sana hindi ako napadpad sa situation ko ngayon. Eh tong rebel teen that time nung application process ayaw talagang sumunod HAHAHAHAHA yan tuloy. Anyway, nagtanong ako kung kakayanin ba namin na magaral ako sa sinuggest kong private university tapos sinabi nya na kakayanin daw. I love my mom so much, magpapakabait talaga ako paguwi ko ngayong summer at gawin ko lahat ng gawaing bahay kasi mga tamad kapatid ko HAHAHAHAHA. It’s the least i could do in exchange for the understanding and support of my parents. I’ll make sure to do well in my next school, since ngayon alam ko na how college works. I’ll also try to make connections para di naman masayang ang pagiging private uni HAHAHAHHA. Hindi ko sasayangin tong second chance na binigay nila sakin. At hindi pwedeng di ako makahanap ng magandang trabaho after all the sacrifices my parents did for me. Nakakaguilty talaga kasi may mga kapatid pa din akong nagaaral at ako yung unang ggraduate if ever since mag memedschool ang isa kong kapatid. Need ko marepay pamilya ko not because of obligation, but because of gratitude. I really hope I do well in this new chapter of my life. Thank you UP for all the life lessons i’ve gathered during my stay. Don’t get me wrong, I still believe UP is a great school, it’s just not suited for someone like me hehe. Kasi hindi naman ibig sabihin na pag kaya ng iba ay dapat kaya mo rin. Congrats sa lahat na nageexcel sa UP, built diff talaga kayo HAHAHAHAH sobrang nakakahanga! Anyway, naparant lang ako dito bigla XD. I hope wala akong naoffend dito dahil sa mga sinabi ko. First time kong magrant online ng ganto so sana di ako mabash kajsjahshs.
Di ko kinaya anf sistema ng UP due to several reasons. Planning to transfer to another university for a fresh start.
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2023.05.28 05:18 IndependencePlus5557 A Timeline of Hubris: the Duggar Trainwreck

I’ve been doing a deep dive into the Duggar train wreck in preparation for the documentary coming up. Reading court documents, police reports, AMAs, Google, this subreddit, obituaries, news articles, etc. The common element in their descent into disgrace is arrogance, hypocrisy, hubris, or whatever you want to call it. Every step of the way.
2002-2003: Pest (12/13 yo) starts molesting young girls 🤮 JB runs for US Senate and loses. Pest sent to “work camp” as punishment for molesting girls, but no licensed counseling was ever given.
2003: JB, Meech, and Holts made aware—JB brought Pest to pedo-friend state trooper to “report” his crime, but trooper failed to investigate and report. 😒 Kayleigh writes letter detailing abuse and slips it in a book.
2004: Despite knowing they had a seriously disturbed son who had molested their own daughters, JB and Meech debut their family in 14 children and pregnant again. 🤑
2006-2007: JB runs for Arkansas State Senate and loses. 😮‍💨 Kayleigh letter is found by her friend and shown to parents in the church. 4 more shows aired including one airing after the Oprah debacle in late 2006 (Family was in Chicago filming an interview, but it was cancelled when Alice tipped off Oprah that Josh had molested 5 girls). Oprah alerted Arkansas CPS. A second person (one of the letter readers) also alerted CPS at this time. A police report was made. Apparently, CPS investigated but we don’t know the outcome of that.
 2007: Alice and others start posting on OG snark boards about Duggar family dirt including molestations. 🤔 These rumors simmer for years. 
Sep 2008: Josh and Anna get married (Pa Keller knew about Josh’s past yet allowed this.😓)
2008-2015: They really played with fire 🔥 here. An 8-year-run on national television portraying a wholesome, Christian, pure family.
 2013: Josh moves to DC to work for Family Research Council, a right wing organization dedicated to “family values” and “traditional marriage”. 🤢 2014: Meech records transphobic robocall that says in part, "I doubt that Fayetteville parents would stand for a law that would endanger their daughters or allow them to be traumatized by a man joining them in their private space.”🤬 2015: Lesbian couple protests Meech’s robocall by kissing in front of TTH with marriage certificate in hand. 🏳️‍🌈 Photo goes viral and InTouch seeks them out for an interview. One of the women, Tandra Barnfield knew about the Duggar family secrets and pointed the reporter in the right direction to obtain a FOIA for the 2006 police report. InTouch publishes the police report and 19KAC was cancelled and Pest fired from FRC. 🌞 
June 2015: JB and Meech, Jill and Jessa appear on Megyn Kelly - JB and Meech lie and revictimize their daughters 😔
Aug 2015: Pest goes back to AR in disgrace only to have the Ashley Madison scandal erupt just 3 months later-so much for “family values”🤡
Dec 2015-2021: Wait, they come back only this time without Pest. Counting On comes back on for another 5 years. How did this show not jump the 🦈, I do not know. JB apparently pocketed all the money made from the show leading to a rift with Derick and Jill who had to sue to be paid for their work on the show.
2017: Duggar sisters sue City of Springdale for leak of police report. Pest sues too, but is dropped from suit. They lose lawsuit and court documents are published revealing previously undisclosed information (much of it confirming past rumors).
Nov 2019: Pest’s car lot raided by HSI
Apr 2021: Pest arrested for CSAM
June 2021: Counting On cancelled
Oct 2021: 7th child born to Pest/Anna named Madyson Lily
Dec 2021: JB lies under oath—“can’t remember” “I’m not going to allow that, are you?”🙄
Dec 9, 2021: Pest convicted 😈
Dec 14, 2021: JB loses Republican primary 😵‍💫
They could have stopped the train wreck at so many points but 💰 🤥👺won out. Most tragically, if proper steps were taken in 2003, it’s possible that further harm could have been avoided and that things didn’t have to escalate like they did.
***edited as I find more info
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2023.05.28 04:42 IndigoMobius Built the RG Sazabi this weekend. HG Leo for scale.

Built the RG Sazabi this weekend. HG Leo for scale.
I've had some hits and misses with RGs in the past but this one is solid as a rock and absolutely massive.
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2023.05.28 04:35 Little_Television906 Couple looking for Couple in allentown pa

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2023.05.27 17:44 TwitchyTheBard Concord can Suck It

I’ve decided to ignore Preston and the gang this play through. I went to Concord, hopped from the church to the museum and snagged the PA after already finding two other suits. I suppose I could walk away from the initial convo with Preston and still get the bobble head but it’s not that important. I’m all about exploring and killing shit so I just download a few quest mods and have some fun. Those aren’t the only mods I have but they’re the ones that count right now.
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2023.05.27 17:18 6Feeter_ Zomb beat the rat allegations 😭😭😭

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